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Fireside Chat Ep. 137 — The Issue Is Values, Not Systemic Racism

2020-06-04 | 🔗
Do you let your race, gender, or orientation define you? If you are on the left, everything is perceived through the lens of identity politics. Systemic racism is not the real issue plaguing America—it is our opposing values system. Dennis Prager offers some refreshing insight into how to heal our broken nation. Colorado Christian University is offering a $1,000 scholarship to PragerU subscribers for online classes through CCU Online. Go to https://www.prageru.com/ccu/ to learn more. 0:00 This Episode Is Sponsored By CCU 1:06 There Will Always Be Bad People 3:21 There’s Not Much Racism To Fight 4:25 Why Don’t Black Conservatives Agree? 6:10 “I See No Color” Is The Goal 9:06 Real Racists Think Race Is Important 10:18 Total Breakdown Of A Moral Standard 12:00 Blame Democrats For Loss Of Income 13:34 We Can Mourn Floyd & Condemn Theft 14:19 How To Teach Your Kids Not To Kill 15:40 Thou Shalt Not Steal... Unless Insured? 16:51 Black Firefighter’s Business Burned 17:14 Remember Protests Were Dangerous? 18:00 Do We Need To Reform The Police? 20:50 Where Is The Systemic Racism? 21:48 Better Answers Than Police Reform 23:48 Nazis Thought Race Was Important 25:26 Everyone Is Flawed
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Hi everybody Dennis Prager Fireside, chats, fireside, chats dog Is ready, just want to remind you, excited to tell you about a special skull. Should offer, through our partnership, with Colorado, Christian University Its offering a one thousand dollars scholarship to Prager you subscribers for online clay since through see see you online see offers over ninety degree programme options and all courses incorporate a christian centred. If you you, will religious centre God centred Christ Centre, Judeo Christian centred. You get my point, its value, It was a religious values basis Those classes are only five weeks. Long, and you can take one class at a time and still have time for the rest of life if you're interested
the advantage of this great offer visit rigour. You dot com, where see see you so As I talk to you now, there are, there are pro. Tests and there are riots taking place so and of course, since the last time I met with you was the was the death of George Floyd. So What has happened since is to me quite disturbing his his death is quite disturbing. The first, fisticuffs actually do not show that police are particularly racist We don't even know that George Floyd died because of his car are we don't know These things have not been established, he might have been. Maybe the policemen did not value black lives, that is, that is certainly possible. There are bad police
when there are bad doctors. I mean evil in the sense of good and bad. There are bad doctor There are big chiropractors. There are bad plumbers. There. Bad engineers. There are bad professors. Every every group on earth has bad people was in it. It is not possible not to have Bad people, the New York Times, had a headline. There will be protests until There's no more police brutality, then there will always be protests because they will always be some police brutality. You dont have angels as police the amount. The number of police who do not engage in brutality is astonishing, given our hard, their job is so I dont ever expect Utopia this expectation we will rooted out completely, doesn't exist on planet earth by the The people who say that they should these.
Usually the well educated, let their kids become policemen. This simple answer to this. If you believe that there are bad people going into police work go into police work, The children of graduating from Yale and stand for it and so on. Let them go into police work, see if they do better, when confronted with people every day want to kill them. It's it's sickening frankly, rhetoric that is taking place here before us is based on a lie: most police not racist. Most whites are not racist. I have TED for years. The greatest libel in my lifetime is that America's racist society, its debts, bad, it is it's a libel. This least racist society, where more The pull races live in the history,
of the world people get along great in this society. This is a manufactured crisis manufactured for political other reasons. People may meaning in life, so skills their meaning I'm fighting racism, that's beautiful, but the there's not much racism to fight. I'm sorry, that's just have to apologize. Saying how wonderful America is the I am being photograph right now by a young black man. Ok, we what about this earlier to us all the blacks in my life. I ask. I asked these questions. How can blackened Derivatives. Don't agree that Book America's racist. What's wrong with him, did they walk around with white face.
Really. How do you explain that the million at least black conservatives, people who celebrate America, they look around and interact the same way: blacks, hullo with America and the white to load America, that known as a k, a leftist? If you want to find a fence and evil keep looking for it, you always find it. I don't want it. I don't want to close my eyes to evil if a black man is killed by police because he's black that's evil it's a given, but the key statistics bill belie this charge. Also, what do you do? You know this? I mean just statistically. A white person is much more likely to be killed by a act in a blackest, is statistically gonna, be killed by a white. Should
what what do you say to that? That's a fact! That's a fact: it's not! It's not an opinion. What? What are you? So? What do you do with such facts? you more and the fact that an existing you try to improve life. That's what you do people are bored and they mean meaning they need a cause they need. To feel moral? Oh I'm gonna look inside and I'm gonna fight my racism. It's it's getting it's getting to the Point I have some stuff from from Instagram. Listen to this I would say his name right. It's not necessary. Some guy wrote this I see no color is not the goal he said is the goal. To see humans and not color is precisely the goal.
It is a racist to see the color, don't you get it? That's the whole point. That's racist you're defined by your car, Can you think of a more superficial way of being defined. I see your color I see. No color is not the goal, see or color and honor you resent mean. I owe you for being black. Do I are you for being white right. That's one of the colors Roger. Somebody said that I see that your white- and I are you. I value your input. I will be educated about your lived experiences? I will Against the racism that harms you, you are beautiful, tell me do better. That is the goal is a sickening problem,
first of all, I would see. Why are you beautiful? How do you know the guy's beautiful does he's not. Why is that conditional you're, not why you're beautiful you're beautiful if you're a good person. That's the world is divided, this is my motto in life from Viktor Frankl, who went through the nazi hell of of the of the death camps, ass, the you. Do you hate the german race right? If the World WAR too, and he said the only two races the decent and the indecent. That's how I look at it this way two races that matter to me? It's they're so little racism in the United States that people make up things that are racist. It is now races to say, I see no color, but it will Martin Luther king, you said it's the content of a person's character. That's his dream! Just judge people by the by their character, not their race
That is the whole dream. That is the purpose of what hereby racial. Do I honour your black and your white side? What do I do then, What, if you're great what, if you have all sorts of blood, this preoccupation with blood? is. It is wrong, it is evil, it is primitive. We are moving backwards. Concentration on race is a moral regression, not progress humans matter, not colors. There are a lot of evils in the world and they need to be fought. The amount of racism in the United States is wildly exaggerated. Wildly that's why they got things like the University of California? Has a list of micro aggressions on the internet. Things that you will say that you may not know are in fact racist, but our, for example. If you say
ready for a real racist line? I only think is one race, the human race, It's considered racist, so the entire racists idea that you could have right, Religious person or, I believe, were created in God's image- got up God's that White God has no color individual by definition. I can't be racist because I can't believe in re. If I don't think it's important, how could I possibly be racist? The cool cluck splendid things. Black is important. That's the irony. Real racists really do think raises important. So, though, west and the cool court clan both agree race defines you. He's another one from Instagram who Truly gives a f people are losing. You realize that government only gave some people twelve hundred dollars rife. No,
freeze, no mortgage freeze and people have been stuck at home, millions of lost jobs. Why are you more outraged over insured stores versus police killing us? So we So there are two things here, because of the lock down people are alluding. Ok, I don't believe that right number one. We are we. We have sunk. The left is so sunk, the moral status Americans that that there is now a large movement of people who think it is wrong to condemn, though, the looters and the arsonists And the window smashers, that's how it is. This is I've been railing against my whole life. There is a total breakdown of a moral standard total. The left.
Remember my motto, whatever the left touches, it destroys, it destroys the basic principles of morality, like thou shalt, not sleep. These are excuses to steal. It mind blowing what we are living through I have said so often if the world just loop by the ten commandments, it would be a utopia. That's right, there's an example: they don't want the ten commandments. And by the way I oppose the lock down that, may people lose jobs, the left is the biggest order of the lockdown blame them. Blame the despicable governors of democratic stew. Fruit for your loss of your income Republicans have wanted to open their states and have. There is no moral excuse for the for the length of this lock down, maybe two weeks. Maybe I
said from the beginning, it was hysteria. I've been proven right, I said from the beginning. This was the cure worse than the disease. I right and it's the left, that is the biggest advocate a way of taking away your job. You lost income. In Pennsylvania and in Michigan and in Washington and in Oregon and in California, because you have democratic leftists as governors and then and people say all they don't get their income because huge down in the name of some, you'll be spent benefit. When the media in age of people die buying from covert nineteen is about eighty, when here the deaths or nursing homes when it is, most impossible for a young person to die from this disease. More young people have died, this year from the flu than from covert nineteen? And we took it everybody's business.
Put the blame where it belongs? The stuff that's out. There is mine blowing. If claim to mourn the murder of George Floyd, whilst more tediously, showing more outrage for the loss of material things. You are not an ally and you have failed to understand the significance of what is happening in the world right now. I understand the significance: it total breakdown of a code of ethics. It's an excuse to steal, that's what's happening, were allowed to mourn. George fly and condemn theft, it's not hard, but in typical leftist. This manifesto ends nothing in this post is up for debate. They go. That's typical! Leftism, you don't! are with me use your scum. That's the attitude number one white people teach your kids not to kill black people.
What percentage of blacks who kill whites and we want don't. We have black people, teacher kids off to kill white people statistically. That would be more accurate, whiter walking killing black people, you want to teach people nothing. He'll People- Senator religious schools, I have a video up. Thou shall not murder. As you know, Google put it on the restricted list. Maybe you want to save some more lives of people could see it. Any family is that amazing to watch it? Might? the money in the? U S, Senate, and they the Google representative, why did you put this on the restrictive list because it has murderin it yeah, the ten commandments has murder in it. That's correct. I was taught not to murder, I was told, God said: do not murder, that's a good one as pretty powerful. I wasn't ought not to murder any specific group, not the murder humans,
We're living in a sick time, a sick time off. All of this confirms every value than I have ever believing ok, everything I've ever advocated is confirmed by the moral chaos, and I am watching now that people, not only stealing? Oh, oh, I love the one there insured. I get it so, that's it! The ten commandments is do not steal unless the people you steal from have insurance. I miss that part. God gave him ass the risk in the year in that one. We're in bad shape. Folks, we are in bad shape if, if people are poor we only if this is a popular sentiment. You can condemn the low life, the thugs that are Feeling and
making windows and putting I'm making these play. Puddings play some fire. That's a this is the lowest one of the lowest moral points in american history. I'm not surprised so there's been no moral education and the death of God leads to the death of values. It always happens. It's not a question. Mark secular conservative should pay attention to this if this is popular on on the internet. We're in trouble. Black fire fighters, spent his life's savings to open a bar than Minneapolis looters burned down. Can you condemn that certain condemn that? Or is it just property Guy spends its entire life to build. This bar Now it's burn down by these thugs amazing,
the left was so angry at the people who them straight into the lancing Michigan to open up the to be allowed to make a living member that. Oh and they were very angry cuz. They didn't wear masks and they were they were too close, but they have these protests. This is these are beautiful, throwing the protesters have no issue with the protesters, I'm talking about the violent ones. Okay, but Sir Merrick is the least races country in world history, That has many races living in it all right. What's take our video question all right video question: take it away. Hi Dennis my name is Lily Haze and from Buffalo New York and I'm twenty years old. I am also We're a figure force. My question:
I do you think that the american police system needs reform and, if so, what needs to change Thank you Lily from Buffalo it probable, does need a reform? What can you take it? Can you think of an inch- to show that doesn't mean reform, of course, but they have. They have enacted reforms under a lot of police chiefs who were black I know this. You can never have a perfect police force. You can't have a perfect anything we have. We have to live in the world of reality. I wish Didn't mean police, but I don't live by. I wish I live by what is possible. I'll tell you what is going to happen. More blacks will die as a result of all of this. The end type police hatred that been unleashed in this country by the left there,
Will have the following effect: we know it's the statistically. It had the thought it had this effect, it's called the Ferguson Effect lease, simply say I I I don't want to have to deal with blacks as a policeman. My private life doesn't mean thing it's fine, but as a police, anything, even if I'm a hundred percent right, I can be depicted as brutal so I dont want to go into black neighbourhoods and save lives. That's what happens to you know I black by policemen were black neighborhoods to save black lives, to protect innocent blacks, but now they say and they did number of blacks dead. After Ferguson increased because the police are not proactive in stopping in stopping a murder
which were eighty five percent of blacks murdered, murdered by blacks. That's all! It's gonna happen thanks to the left that this is a perfect example Haven't you reform perfectly, do is You are you in a higher profits, oh. I know this man may do something bad one day you it's not possible or you You want why don't you have an all black police force, wherever there is a black suspect, only send black policeman. But I'll tell you what happens. The left says the black policemen are racist. That is exact, we what they say how's that. Ethan, fifteen years old Maryland. What does Europe once the someone saying systemic racism is still a major problem in the. U S, tell me What system its home area
I hear this all the time the systemic racism, whereas it in justice system, there are more blacks in prison proportionately than white, because more black commit violent crime proportionately than white. That's it! That's the answer to the question. Ok, it's a tragedy, but if you can tell the truth- and you can't tell the truth, the truth gets, when trouble today the left loads, the truth, bs truth is not a left wing value. As I've said. My whole life. That's the reason overwhelmingly that there were more by this notion of their role in for drug offences is not true it just not true. There are all these cliches that are thrown out that just a door in true, but I would like to do to help solve the problem of black black violence and therefore blacken Carson
patient by the way, not black women right, the system, the system. It would presumably be against black women. Do let's begin with with with values, instruction for white. To that's all, I believe in values, instruction Prager you. A thing is about values how about this? high school diploma, get a job and don't make it you be till you're married- has that that it's a tough. Stay with, if you impregnate a woman, stay in drives life, I'm not even saying you should bury the woman. I want you to bury the woman, but more and more to bees, you gotta be in the child's life. How many lacks incarcerated for murder. Do you think, but with a dad in their life, I don't the answer, but I'm I have no doubt it small eighty percent of black.
It's I believe it is between seventy five and eighty are, Are born percent are born into a family without a father and their life and unwed mother. Fathers are a better answer than police reform? Church is a better answer than police reform. How many murderers, white or black works regular church goers Sundays. What said forty percent of Americans attend church every week. What percentage murderers do you think you should be forty percent right? If church has no impact, it should be Forty percent, but my solutions are hated. By the left guy, and fathers, the I follow is those answers. As sixteen Chicago. How will destruction of our home cities make racist
justice. Go away. How will destruction? I don't know and why, can Caucasians have an opinion on this issue? Why we saw on the basis of our race? Isn't that the core of racism? Yes, it is, of course. Race doesn't matter? That's that's my deepest belief in life. The only one race, the human race, that's the left loads, these ideas, because the left is the quintessence of racism when you the moment you say race defines you you're, a racist, that's the definition of racist. The Nazi said race is everything, we're Aryans, we're superior. Why, with why? With that idea, now be popular in America that Greece is important or tells you anything about a person. What if therefore grandpa
it's in four different races? What are they then? The the fact that Elizabeth WAR and lie that one sixty fourth Indian, do you realize what we ve come to blood is now important. Not values, decency, humanity, personality character, blood, that's called progressive, the left is backward, it is all would we are descending as a civilization. By saying that raises important. Probably the angry fireside chat I ever had, but I'm angry I am. I am seeing the overthrow of something beautiful flawed. Yes,
is flawed because its composed of people and people are flawed black people of fraud. Why people are flawed mix race? People are flawed, he's not flawed. I'm Dennis Prager. See you exist to train leaders, we want to build the church, we want to engage them, But we want to help you prepare for your calling out. Graduate studies, programmes give adult students opportunity to earn their degree at their own pace, weather studying at home, the office or somewhere in between the possibility. These were. Online. Education are now endless, however, many students who, in online programmes dont finnish wires because they don't have the support team to help them get through? The problem
and that's part of the Seas EU difference. We do have that team to help. You Orient you to studying online, but also to help you finish the programme, sure degree adage If your goals.
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