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Fireside Chat Ep. 138 — Pay Attention: Your Freedom Is Fragile

2020-06-11 | 🔗
Our society is rooted in freedom, yet "Freedom is never more than one generation away from distinction." We must conscientiously fight to preserve it amidst the destructive ideas of the left. This week, Dennis discusses how the protests are a sham based on the myth of systemic racism, and why defunding the police will do more harm to black communities. This episode is sponsored by the T. W. Lewis Foundation. To learn more, visit https://solidgroundbook.com/ 0:00 Our Unprecedented Crisis 1:00 Sponsored By T.W. Lewis Foundation 1:40 Protests And Covid-19 Hypocrisy 3:17 The Leftist’s Lack Of Meaning In Life 4:36 Creating Chaos 5:41 All These Protests Are Based On A Lie 7:55 Protests Are All Emotion, No Data 9:23 Care About Black Life? Keep The Police 10:42 What Does Equality Mean? 11:08 How To Rise Out Of Poverty 12:37 Freedom Is Fragile 13:18 White Privilege: What They Get Wrong 15:17 Dennis’s Privilege 16:30 Why Should We See Color First? 17:19 Societies Can Change Very Quickly 18:15 The Left Teaches To Reject Dialogue 19:31 Why Doesn’t The Right Use Violence? 21:44 An Easy Question To Ask In Life 22:54 The Best Interracial Relationships 24:33 Left/Right Divide In America 26:06 Betraying The Jewish People? 27:46 Fight To Keep America Free And Good
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Why everybody Dennis Prager here the fireside chats, which features he moved auto Snoopy in the room, but the item of you guys see him. You don't see him just I'm just reporting his brother, who was a basket? Hound is in the room and you great to be with you. This is unscriptural, but for one of the only times how many of the better Britain. Forty in hundred forty fireside chats. I will be looking at a paper on which I read some notes, because there were so many points I want to make because of the unprecedented since The civil war in America in the eighteenth sixties, unprecedented crisis, which I do believe, threatens the United States value system and what made America the freest. Country. That's that's how serious I think what is going on is- and I want to address some of them.
Issues, but before that I just want to tell you about a book, a man who is a big supporter Prager! You has written this and I am happy to recommend it. He's especially wants young people to read it because coz, its happiness, meaning wisdom and success and purpose that that's that's what you mean more more than another course in whatever you might be learning at college. So this is terrific book solid ground, a foundation for women in working Life and Tom Louis, has won in work and life. He knows what he's writing Well done, Tom So my friends got a lot to talk to you about. We have just witnessed massive violence in the streets of Amerika massive profits asked by the way a word about the protests and covert nineteen weren't. We told that we need to be six feet apart
They will be a rampant, the increase in suffering and death from virus and That was the reason for the lockdown correct. That's why we would deprive tens of millions of Americans of their income, so Why did the medical community have to say about hundreds of thousands of Americans getting together a yelling all these? viral particles leaving their mouths many not even with a mask on and what did they have to say, you know they had to say one thousand two hundred people in in health care doctors, nurses and others in in in healthcare said it's fine, because protesting racism is the health matter gives you an idea of another exists.
Full of something I have said my whole life, whatever the left touches it ruins and it is wrong. In the sciences. They then Most prestigious science magazine in Britain Lancet has withdrawn its. Only study condemning Hydroxyl Chloric one because they can't stand Donald Trump. They corrupted their own studies and now they withdrawn it If you understand that, whatever the left touches it ruins, you will understand much of life, whether its it ruins religion in ruins sport. It ruins late night television, it ruins the arts, it's it's a chaotic force. That's all it is it's. It's produced I a lack of meaning in traditional ways when in the west, when when Judeo Christian religions die
Something fills a gap: people most people cannot go without a cause and for in in traditional american life. There were, there were many causes liberty Christianity for most Americans and America, a belief in Amerika the last best hope on earth. As as Abraham Lincoln called it, which no leftist would agree that it's the last best hope honor, they would think Lincoln was speaking from white privilege, that's what they dismiss him because they were, they were no great men, essentially certainly no great white men a prior to this generation in their view. It's it's it's a chaos if they are creating chaos.
People remember, the the natural condition of the world is chaos. Very gradually the Bible based West, and it was always Bible based with all its. Was introduced, moral order into a world of chaos that being knocked out. Chaos is resuming as I explained in my rational Bible in the commentary on Genesis, one God did in in the time of creation. Most of what God did was make order out of chaos. The second verse in the Bible is, and it was all chaos and then it's just order, an order and more order and moral.
Order is the ultimate. But chaos is the natural state. So let me begin with a few things. First, it is all based on a lie. The whole protest issue all the demonstrations, not to mention of it's all based on one gigantic lie that blacks and America are targeted for death by police. It's a lie, this truth to it. You understand this. Not let me give you that's. Why have paper cos are we to you It was in the Wall Street Journal. Just the last week, Heather Mcdonald wrote the peace. Listen to this The the National Academy of Sciences, hardly a conservative group in August of twenty nineteen concluded so This whole issue. There is no significant evidence of anti black disparity in the light
We heard of being faithfully shot by police every one of these demonstrations is alive It is based on a lie. People are demonstrating for a demonstrable statistical. Factual lie. Shame on all of them for believing it a twenty fifteen. That's Obama, administration, justice, department, analysis, of the Philadelphia Police Department found that white police officers were less likely than black or hispanic officers to unarmed black suspects research by Harvard economist, Roland G, friar, Junior. Found no evidence of racial discrimination in shootings, no evidence. Any evidence to the contrary, fails to take into account crime rate
and civilian behaviour before and during interactions with police. Ok The way this was backed by other studies, the University of Maryland Michigan State, you firstly, and so on Kate. So please understand that. If you, if you or your child, demonstrated they demonstrated for nobody by the way they never give data. It's all ocean? Look at what happen, then it is a thing, tat, terrible tragedy. What happened to George Floyd, but it is is all emotion, dynamic unarmed blacks were killed the last year we have data for things, twenty eighteen by police nine. That was reported in the Washington Post then the Washington Post, so that it was reported they up. The number two fifteen: ok, fifteen there are millions of interactions between the police and Seville and every year
and by the way they were twice as many whites, unarmed whites who were shot. Then were shot to death. Then unarmed blacks, it almost never happens The whole thing is a lie. The black lives matter, movement. Of course black lives matter. I'm talking about the movement, it is all predicated on a lie. You can't refute what I say, your children who demonstrate or your parents or your cousins. They can't refute this. They will whites and emotional thing they will just label what they. What I am saying is racist because that's They do is they label, they dont refute they dont debate. They dont have data a country's being torn apart on the basis of a lie. So now that there is actually a movement to defend police because it
We better of social workers go in so they say all if there is a family dispute. Why send the policeman with a gun? Because you know how many family disputes and a violent? That's why you gonna send into social worker. What happens if the social workers shot. What're you gonna do, then they all. We made a mistake. The fund police, when the police draw from areas. There are more deaths and the debts are almost always black. That's because their killed by other blacks and that's that's the vast majority of cases idle I dont believe that the left gives a damn about blacks. I truly don't. They give a damn about wrecking America, because if they, if you care about black life, you want more police in black areas. Ok. Black lives matter should have as the end of its phrase, black
I've matter only when white policemen shoot them or kill them in some other way, I have no joy and telling you any of this, but that that is the reality. Now. Let me talk to you about another aspect here. What do you want? Why believe I'm telling you? What I think is bad. What do I think, is good. What I think is good, This is what I believe. Equality is equality. Is where you treat every body, the saying, The same moral demands on every body and you suggest the same quality of life to everybody, so when I say that values are the most important thing to get people out of poverty, and I have every statistical basis for it. If you graduate high school, if you do not impregnate somebody prior to marrying the person or get pregnant prior to marrying the person,
Just those two things alone and Owen get a job. Those three things you are guaranteed to get out of poverty, guaranteed. I didn't say: it'll make you rich, but you are guaranteed to gotta poverty. You are guaranteed not to come to to lead a life of crime. It's not it's not difficult to give this prescription, but whenever this prescription is given to you know what academic say, this is all just racist, its racist. That's what had ass, how these people advanced to become professors they didn't they didn't impregnate or get pregnant prior to marriage. They graduated high school. They got a job. Why wouldn't they recommend what work? to them for blacks, because the left doesn't believe that blacks are the same as other people. That's why all virtually all the racism is on the left.
When you say, standards work for me, but not for you whoever the! U is? You have contempt for this, the upside down world in which were living- and I fear because you see Freedom and civilization are fragile. It's very hard to make a decent society its unbelievably easy to destroy it, and nobody is as good as this at destruction as the left remember whatever, Touches it does destroy. So I I have told you about the the funding. I've talked to you about how few that nine, unarmed or blacks were fifteen depending on the number a year.
And what I believe in and I'll tell you one or the other thing. When we talk about the white privilege for a second, why privilege was it was invented by the left to somehow count for the fact that whites or are doing better than blacks, but But there's an interesting thing: Asians are doing better than whites is their asian privilege. Why not? Why don't they speak about asian privilege or how I wait and wait a minute how our black immigrants to the United States doing? But since the ninety babies, african immigrants in the United States, the last forty years doing great, then one of them successful immigrant groups in american history, if they so much, why privilege and so much racism? Why
african immigrants and by the way, I'll bet you never learn this in school, ever high school college graduate School, considerably more blacks have come to the United States from Africa voluntarily as immigrants, then came involuntarily as slaves. That was true already in the nineteen eighties, William Sapphire of the New York Times, wrote about it. Then either the eighties or the nineties to world of lies You know what privilege there is life, the biggest privilege of all is being raised with two parents. Having a father in your life, especially because others generally set rules and our model
for boys and boys need models not to grow up violent cause. Male nature is violent and values values. It is the answer to everything. Money is not. The answer to everything. Values is the answer to everything I had privilege, but it wasn't white privilege. I had the privilege of being raised by a father and a mother I had I had the privilege of having he was a good model, not not particularly involved in my life. To be honest, fathers in that generation they just warrant, but he was agreed,
model, he was a model of a man to care of a family who went and did a job every day who who who didn't get drunk. He was a good model, it me I wanted to be a good model to my boys. I hope I've been that's the advantage that you get And my boys didn't even came from a divorced home. I was divorced. I fully acknowledge it, but I didn't leave their life. They still had the father in their life, that's important, What is wrong with anything, I said what is even related to race in what I said, nothing. And now we are told that if you say you, don't you don't see race, you just see people that that's racist.
You know how upside down that world is so the first thing the thing that I see that most important about you is: what color you are that that's that's it's the antithesis, the liberal forget conservative of the liberal values, I grew up with thorns in fact that were taught by Martin Luther King Jr right it's the contents of a man's character, not the color of the skin, by which we should be judged. Why is that this This by the left is just as hokum or taking out of context. No, no, that's the exact context. That's it this country could be destroyed, I as a jew- then I very really save us as a Jew. I am technically aware of how fragile civilization is the most the most
advanced society in Europe created the Holocaust, it went from most advanced society. The society, a Beethoven, the society of shit. Hyena site. Mozart and an end and ended up making outfits sis. These can turn real easily from decent through her the left's threat? To the see, and Freedom of America is extremely serious. Please take it seriously and please don't join. It Kay. Let's take the our first video question here. By the way. I'll tell you I'm a second alright, I impressed. There we go now here we go, I am told that
There are people who will send some of these fireside chats to people who mood agree and then they we'll be befriended. You will feel you just by sending a fire such I so please, We stand all that me. They have no answer what answer what was said gee this was said let them dialogue with you, but the left teaches people not to dialogue. If you differ and your or if you're on the left and differ with someone, you call them a name: six Herbie sexist intolerance into full become a phobic some of what greatest bigoted? That is what you trained to do on the left at high school and of college. You do not debate.
You remove the person from your life and declare them something awful. That's what it's about. First video question. Hello, MR figure, I hope you are doing well. My name is Mount up church, I'm twenty years old, I've been in Prager forced since The and I go to Eastern in Mexico University. So much Can for you today is, should protests ever turn. So I've made a lot of people during all this who say that this I once does not represent their message or you know it didn't do anything to help, but I have also met people who say that violence right now is the only way to get their point across so Should violence ever be the answer thank you Marilyn. How come there It doesn't do that if that is
If the only way to get your point across by destroying businesses, for example, destroying property and sometimes even beating people up or shooting a cop. Why doesn't the right do you? You think people on the right or not as passion and about what they believe in take take the people who are pro life. They we believe tens of millions of of of of murders took place. I dont want Thea Smash stores. What's the answer, you think they? They think that their right less than the left thinks it's right. Only the left does this. Why is that? Because they don't have a belief in you. Firstly, moral standards, standards that apply to them.
Can you imagine if right wingers had done what the left it in the last ten days in the United States of America, the press, the press, would have gone crazy about talking about the fascists right, the fascists ruining the country, but when the left destroys it's it's just a call to their cause. Just like Marilyn's. These people will say: ok, always it's a great wall of life. Ever. You want to know if something is right or wrong, always ask what, if somebody else did it? That's it it's it's it's a very or one. If everybody did it to great, that's it. Terrific away its it works. Ninety percent of the time may be ninety five percent of the time. What, if everybody did it
no it's a big thing or a little thing. When you cut people off in order to get the drive? We'll take a little thing right: it's not comparable to destroying property, let alone beaming people up. What if everybody cut other drivers off to get the highway quicker okay, so there I would be, it would be the end of traffic. I mean everybody with crash, so a it's wrong to cut people off because You're you're making up a new rule for you. The left makes up a new role for itself: weak By an end to the irony is it's it's based on a lie to begin with, black should not talk, get it for police death already other death. Targeted for death if they are bake die more in violence because of the latter.
Values in the black murderers and we're murdering them. Why it's? Why believe and values? How many murderers, white or black attend church every week? What percent one zero. Though all the recommendations, you know, when I see the best black white relations. By the way Where there is is zero, zero awareness of race, when I go and speak to black christian groups, juice may not blacklisted. Christian groups filled with whites, hispanics tax because they're all united by by by God and in their cases, Christ and I'm a Jew telling you this? But I speak a lot to christian groups.
The white minister doesn't give a damn if the black minister is black and the black minister doesn't give a damn if the White Minister is why, because they, both Christian so this summer Infinitely more important than then color to both of them. That's right! That's the best aunt! The left destroys what's good and then riots over their results of left wing. Policies coolly. They really got. You come and gone. Why Anthony eighteen? Why is it that in Amerika we have the biggest political and social divide in the world and no country has a similar problem? Plenty countries have similar That's why there's civil wars in different countries, but your point is well taken. Even in the UK and our neighbours, Canada, the people of this agreement, but they don't have such a distinctive? I didn't hatred between two political parties as we do
you know, I don't have a full answer to your question. I have wondered about this to the left in America, has gone, adjust just the reserve, but is the left in Canada now, but I think of it, but the recent very strong, seek the left. Australia. The left in Canada, the left in the U K is dominant order or our dominant have to work through that sentence and the the Eight is not view. The opposition is not merely a strong, that's indifference in Canada. They have basically ceded to the left in the UK, they have seen it to the left. Australia, I've come giving you the of the English speaking countries. And New Zealand, the let the left dominates the culture totally, but
America there is actually push back, that's the reason and it drives them crazy. That's correct! That's the difference. O k Let's see here, L, eighteen, California, how do I responded the dozens of jewish teenagers in the aims who are protesting in rallies and we're trying to accuse me. Train the jewish people, I'm an hour minority allies. I don't even know That means minority allies since, since black lives matter is hesitating ITALY Anti Israel stance, but it, but in any event at which is remarkable. Because of the countries in the world they violated Israel for attack aside from the United States,
What why Jews have bought leftism, it's it's it's a very complex question, but now, shell. When Jews leave Judaism, they ve they keep the idea of repairing the world, and they attach it to other isms by the way, repairing the world to Colonel ALARM, which is the phrase that Jews do don't but no Hebrew. No, it's it's you used in the jewish liturgy to the best of my knowledge once and that that's not the.
Raise its letter, came along the Mapuche Thy, it's to repair the world under gods, kingdom, you can't repair the world without God and Torah from the jewish perspective. That's what they're trying to do and guess what it doesn't work makes things worse. There brainwashed their demonstrating about a lie. That's it in a nutshell. I can't wait to go back to fireside chats talk about life and happiness in meaning and all these other great things, but I'm telling you just remember freedom and an order even.
And a decent society their fragile, but I will fight to keep America free and good with all its flaws. It has to be flawed. Its composed of people. People are flawed. I'm Dennis Prager I'll, see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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