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Fireside Chat Ep. 141 — Do You Know How Special America Is?

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“We are witnessing one of the most irrational developments in the history of the world.” The left is a destructive force, raising an entire generation to think that this country is racist, misogynist, and imperialist. If America is so racist, why is it the most popular country for people to immigrate to? Did they not get the memo? This episode is sponsored by Thinkr.org. In our fast-paced world, it’s tough to make reading a priority. At least it used to be. At Thinkr.org, they summarize the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction, giving you access to an entire library of great books in bite-size form. Read or listen to hundreds of titles in a matter of minutes: start your free trial today at https://thinkr.org/ 0:00 Dennis Is Here To Touch Lives 2:38 This Episode Is Sponsored By Thinkr 3:47 You Live With Your Mistakes 4:10 Destroying This Decent Society 5:30 Who Abolished Slavery? 6:30 What Idea Lifts People From Poverty? 7:24 “E Pluribus Unum” Is Not Easy 8:40 America, The #1 Immigration Choice 9:30 The Right Doesn’t Destroy For Causes 10:36 Moved By America And The Flag? 21:30 Patriotism And Standing For The Flag 14:59 When Dennis Met A French Waitress 17:20 Many Don’t Realize America’s Value 18:39 America As The Founders Intended 21:30 Dennis’s Book: Still The Best Hope 22:25 Churches Caving To The Left 24:47 Humans The Most Destructive Species? 27:09 The Left Targets People Over Values
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Hello, everybody I'm Dennis Prager my whole, my dog by fireplace and my fireside chat. We find many of you enquire about that. Some in fact,. Only enquire about Otto. And I want you to Know- I'm not many way hurt. On the other hand, You inquiringly about me, is a little hurt, so I just not a word to the wise, is sufficient and We can move on so Finally, let me just reintroduce the fireside chats it's completely Dante me ass. I think about what I'll talk about? But I don't write any notes. We don't pre record. We Change of Later- and that's it- it's just it's maybe you and then, of course, your questions. And then we go on with our lives. Hopefully, though, this will change your life a little for the better, otherwise. It's not worth it.
Let me be very open about myself. Thing I have done is all ways been to touch and change people's lives, values. In thinking, I have no interest in power. I only have interest and influence. I think I have held the happy moral insights into life. I think that. People made them terribly, especially today, because those things- which together are known as wisdom are not conveyed in our schools, and in our media. So where do you look. I'm not the only one to look to thank God, but I am one whom I would want you to and that's one animates me period
I never understood the lust for power I understand lost, but at unless they lust for power. I understand sexual lust. I understand food lust. I understand cigar lost. I understand lust for money, though I don't have it but I dont understand lust for power. I just don't relate to it, the thrill of being able to tell people what to do and ordering them move gives me the creeps, because I don't want anybody to order me except the creator of the world to take his orders. I didn't anyway. I was a long autobiographical statement. I just want you to know that this. The addition of the fireside chat is brought to you by thinker, dot, org thing.
Without an e g h, I am K. Are it's a very good idea and I really like it fact. I knew about before they were sponsored was my son. So big. Enthusiast thinker, dock work, summarizes the key ideas from new and noteworthy nonfiction gives you. Access to Tire library of great books invite size form reader, listen, the hundreds of titles? in a matter of minutes from old classics like they'll Carnegie, is how to influence people have been friends and influence people to read. Best sellers, like Jordan, Peterson's, wonderful, twelve rules for life want to challenge. Preconceptions, expand your horizons, become a better thinker. Go to thinker, t H, N Oh yes, it does have an eye. I was wondering: does it miss both about vowels each giant k are dot org to stir.
A free trial, and enjoy all right, we begin with the video question. Oh you're, right. We don't we start with the talk. I'm telling you folks, if this or an spontaneous I'd started all over? But you'll live with your booze, that's one of the below of life. You live with your mistakes, so at such a forth the weekend. And that is the anniversary of the birth of the United States. I have a video out while of love, America, I hope you'll watch it it's at the prageru, you and we are witnessing one of the most. Irrational device events in the history of the world, the grid the beacon of hope for mankind, the United States of America.
Engaging in a self destructive civil war and The side that wants to destroy this country, as it is Is is an out an off its winning, but it certainly powerful Hey generation has been raised to think of this country. As such, sister, Miss agonists and, of course, racist imperialist. Genocidal and am I I think about it and if you know anything about history, you know: America is an aberration of decency. That's that's!. It is it's an aberration. Like slavery, every society on earth at slavery, not just America,
the in Asia, in native American, South America and North America. Black Africans, Arabs everybody had slavery, so the only intelligent question is not who had slaves who that slavery isn't that All that matters. It's like saying you know really lousy country people had cancer, Of course you would never say that, because you know that every country has cancer, but let's take three abolished cancer. Then you say: wool, that's a special country: they abolished cancer. A host of other diseases before everybody else, G makes that society tick. That's what you ask same thing with getting people out of poverty.
Poverty was the human norm. Just like slavery was the human norm, so the Molly intelligent question is not who Or what society had abject poverty? Its? What society did or what I ve a lift. The people from power and there's only one. It's called capitalism if you'd, a capitalism which cause you don't care about people you care about ideas. You lie. Play ideas more than people. If you love people, you must love capitalism, not emotionally, but ok. You think about an emotionally but Actually a morally do you to do good for people or do you want to feel good about yourself, big question there not the same They should be the same. That's the irony, America has welcome people of every race, every ethnicity, nationality and religion, more so than any other country on the face of the earth.
It's not an easy experiment. It's not It's easy to get along with people who are similar in every way, same religion, same nationality, same ethnicity, saying you know, saying this same: that's in that America said out of many one employer bassoon em. Come on folks, you come in Europe. Many african black Africans have come to the United States in last fifty years, two million and had allowed more. Otto mean more from Africa more from anywhere more. Kids would have come many more millions why become too a racist country of a stupid, always is I never get an answer. Why do so many black Africans want to come to America? Did they not get the message you not liked the systemic racism here, the cops stop you, no matter what their Get the message you think they don't read the papers and in in Africa.
They don't listen to the news or watch tv. How can they want to come? I want to come here more than any other place on earth. Why is that? Do you know gallop Just- did a pole around the world. Twenty two percent of those who wish to MA migrate from their country of all the people in the world. Twenty two percent want to come to the United States number one number one choice: United States number whose Canada six percent more than three times as many people in the world when it comes to the U S than any than the second most populous country, why is that. You're here about systemic racism in Canada. Why doesn't everybody wanna go to Canada, nice, nice country. How come because they know how great this places you want opportunity. This is the,
ice? You want liberty, this is the place or was the place. That's the irony America, so much less free than it was when I was a kid it's so much less free than it was twenty five years ago, because the left destroys everything it touches everything there is no exception. To that rule. It's a purely struck the fourth. It was very symbolic with all these people on the left. Smashing stores in Burma stores and looting, think I think there were can It is doing that You know there were they weren't, they don't do it for their cause. How can we stop smashing form a right wing causes. Why not? What do we have anything comparable? Amongst evidence that we have on the left. Because conservatives have a belief that, even though I might feel my causes right. I can't hurt others.
In the name of my cause so we have something here that so special and speed. Emotionally, I wonder. How many young people, and by people, I would say under twenty five. I would just arbitrarily pick that age. Have an emotional emotional attachment to this country, how many Americans, under that age, when I The kid I remember one went Probation would go off when I was a kid it didn't broadcast twenty four slash, seven, which is the great thing that I think of it. Anyway. Broadcast twenty four seven at midnight, almost every station, when the quiet they would end the broadcast day with the flag and the national anthem and I remember getting the chills I just did I
I was very moved and I'm still moved by the the national anthem, how many people undertone five or moved. That's, I dont, know the answer, but if at it There's a breaking point: we're society has no future when a certain percentage of its next generation has no motion attachment to the to their country? That's, big worry that I have I been spoken about this, but it's big worry that I have them. To place a life for emotions, over recent weeks It's all were seeing that, what's all emotion over recent, all all the protesting and all the rioting. This is the least racist country in the history of the world that had many races living in it an end. Yet people are protesting in great numbers. But anyway, at a given point, where you have a generation that July,
Fourth means nothing! The flag me nothing. The national anthem means nothing it doesnt. Can Do you know by sheer coincidence, I was a scholar, residence at that's what they call it. That's what they call the position. I was therefore, when you give one speech you're a speaker when you give three speakers, York, scholar and residents. That's the way it works So I was scholar and residence. A big job Sure treat in Arizona many years ago and the media, Speaker was these really ambassador to the United Nations The: u, when I'm just a baby, was of the? U N or the? U S: Army was the? U N and a day, his Lectures started. It was last day in officer He was completely free to speak his mind, so I down, and I recall
dialogue with him, I think I lost the recording. Unfortunately, but I remember something I said: what struck you about America? I loved ass people, who or from other countries. What strikes you about America? and remind me if I forget, I want to talk about a french waitress in France. What struck her about America? we saw the israeli ambassador to the tv when a private. And he was free to talk is again. This was that the day his his all in the EU and was over so he could speak his mind. He was no longer the representative of the israeli government and he said the thing mode. Got me about America was how patron The Arctic Americans are whose very moved by that I said what do you mean said. The very did you begin every sporting event with your national anthem and people, stand up tat that is so healthy. That is
such that's, a sign of a healthy society. I was very moved by it. Now we're told that, if you don't stand for the national anthem is in no way disrespectful to the flag or the national anthem, the on time. You choose to meal. Not stand is time everybody's asked to stand, but you're showing any disrespect It's only about racism, the kneeling, it's not about the flag, What if you burn the flag on behalf of anti racism? Would that be disrespectful unnoticed The flag, with legumes burning it to bring engine to racism Why not say that. The other example of a foreigner about Erika was I was giving a lecture in niece. France was at a conference we were taken to a fancy, restaurant and mace and
I speak French, not great, but I speak French and so Talking to the waitress, I would say she was late twenties and I asked her I have the preface this I realize very quickly. It was stupid for me to speak in French. Could she spoke such excellent English, My my view I speak a number of language is mighty was idols. To you in your language. If that's, or a comfortable for you in not know that Not even true, if your better in English than I am in your language, we'll talk, english better in your language than your in England, and you are an English will speak in your life. That's my rule. Ok, he was better in English than I was in French? We spoke English, so said to her. How do you speak English so well and she said: we spent a year in America.
And I said oh and where was that and she said camp of Florida giant I am very great affection for Tampa, for I just think the people a very nice there and I said to her so Let me ask you a question. And I want you to know I Truly have no. Well, I was a kid. I don't have any horse this race. I said I truly will not be hurt. I promise you who do you think or are our rum nicer people, the French or Americans and she said without having to think Miracles are much nicer and
I found that fascinating. Coming from a year, french woman, who gets happy to be french Americans or have been known? U S, foreigners. Have you been to Amerika s what it? What do you think very friendly, very friendly people? There is the. You dont build a friendly people out of nothing, you don't build a free society out of nothing. All of this is effort for. It's all rooted in in ideas that became Our in american life- and You crush those ideas you will crush. America in a nutshell! Let me just end with this. There is a saying in Oregon where they they have a lot of people working in the lumber industry or did so they had a saying. Maybe they still do you
no. How tall tree is until you knock it down. That's a sad commentary on the human condition only when you lose something dear real how valuable it was. I one. I know how valuable America is without losing it. My fear is that not enough Americans do Okay, now will go to our video. Hydrogen is. My name is John, neither I'm nineteen years old from Palmdale California and proud numerous greater force. My question is this: Is it enough to the american people to be knowledgeable about their rights in the constitution or other steps and
What steps are those needed to bring America back to what the founders intended? Thank Ok, Jonathan, thank you. It's never. Enough to know you have to know, but it's not enough, Listen, how do we bring Americans back to what the founders wanted. What I'm the vote why do you what Prager you is about these were? extraordinarily terrific men. Strong, narrowly they aid, the freest society history of the world. So then you taught so yeah what about slavery in the native Americans. One doesn't negate the other created. Ray society and maintain flaws. Some serious flaws, that's correct. One one doesn't negate the other I didn't see if they could
aided a flawless society. Remember them The fact is the enemy of the better. You wanna, perfect America you'll end up destroying the good one. You want to anything, you will end up destroying it. There is no perfection in this world. That's. Why, when I hear when I heard from Barack Obama, when he was running for president, five days before the election, he said We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. I said, oh. I don't want to fundamentally transform the United States of America. I've always had a question about these people. What you say about a husband who said, I want to fundamentally transformed my wife for a wife who said like that, lamentably transformed my husband. You think they love each other. You? Don't you don't love, or even a priest what you want to fundamentally transform the less.
What's the fundamentally transform this place, stemmons it'll ruin it period and of issue. That's the same words used by Joe Biden, one of finance, They transformed the United States of America really Does it so easy to make a decent society? We want to improve it. I'm on your team, you wanna fundamentally transform it. I will fight you anyway. We we want Americans, I'm a book out still the best hope it explains. American values left this values, islamic values, its three books in one still the best hope and It is important to read what America stands for as what the left stands for in that book, cause most Americans, don't know. We have a trinity. Explain that all the time it's on every coin, Liberty
a Pluribus Unum in God. We trust no other country. Had that too Debbie or trio of of basic values. I explain why they're all necessary. But conservatives, people who believed in it did not even transmit these values to their children and now we're seeing the effect o K. Let's go to more of your calls. What's your timing. Ben Seventeen Minneapolis dear Mister, my family, and I really considering leaving our church. Due to the fact that far too many of our its leaders are pushing left wing agendas both on social media in church. My quest, Do you know of any good pastors in the twin cities? of Minnesota or any good passes we can listen to on line. Is it? Oh, it is okay, if you do not really have a clear answer to this, since you mean peaceably or the twin cities? I am very familiar, but I I don't.
The answer? The question about watch her to go to their. I think it is really said. The families in many churches may be in the same circumstances is mine, and maybe I'd be able to deliver some of your wisdom to us. We, I'm not trying to see our family ourselves as victims, but do not really have an idea as to what to do. Next. PS. We have not officially decided if we're going to leave our church relax, there's a problem for Catholic Protestants and Jews. That's correct since many of the rabbis priests and ministers have really converted from their religion to leftism. Out of hundreds of examples is the notion. The color blind. Too bad idea, color blind, The essential idea, Judaism, Christianity,. God doesn't give a damn about grace. Neither do I and that's that's. Position, every rabbi, priest and ministers
be telling their congregation. I was interested in Europe color, as God is zero. So, are you got a problem I would leave, I would leave. I don't know why you need to go to church to hear idea. Is that are in antithetical to what you believe there or a handful of of pastors priest ministers, actually teaching religion as it should be thought, but I can't give you specific recommendations in your city. But do read my column, recent column and Judaism and Christianity, Jews and Christians, and how they are their fate the greatest test: America's Jews and Ginger, failing the greatest test and in their history. Adrian, twenty two with London high Dennis, I hear
statements, circulating a amongst modern society and also of heard of many times in my life. Humans are evil or humans are the most destructive species on the planet. What do you think The statement on how would you respond to it? Well, I I have said that the Bing distinction, one of them biggest distinctions between liberal, not just left, liberal, left and right is: do you believe humans are basically good, there is conservatives, no certainly a religious people, know we're not basically good human human nature. Is, is very flawed. We have to bear our natures to be good people, that's the way it works. Just as you have, in other words, if something were sickly, bad. It's that the good means to be mind. Am I and iii. Gold needs to be mine. This golden those vines it takes a lot of work to get it out there
good. In our nature, it takes a lot of work to get it out. Now as to those phrases. Yes, humans are the most destructive species on the planet. But it's a stupid comment. Because there are also that this is the only species to build hospitals, It's just another one of these moronic shouldn't that that its pseudo self, located. You might as well say. Humans are them other kindest, the creatures on the planet. You know you might as well say: humans are the most wonderful. Most benevolent kindest creatures on the planet were the only ones who build hospitals. We take care of our weakest. The animals eat the weakest That's I remember one known one of my men on three or four Safaris in Africa and Remember the first time I just became so aware the we This is always the one most likely by alliance. We we,
I can't we put the weakest in hospitals. Each year, the in the animals eat the weakest, so you say: well, that's that they don't have a choice. I agree with you, but don't but the least don't argue that we are the crew this creature we are both were the cruellest and where the kindest k may go for that Joanna Fifteen Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, dear Mister Prager, I'm straightway christian male. Why does the left target me. Well, who also they get a target have to target somebody. They don't they don't target values. So they target people. That's you, Joyce. Why? Why is there evil on earth? too bad values. Because of race sexual orientation. What else is there a religion? Well, some religion, sometimes, religions, contribute evil is no question about that, but that that's basic
you're a convenient target, there's also a resentment, because the truth is that the wash the White Anglo Saxon Protestant made, the greatest society history? That's just a fact And yours resented, as Jews have been for making good societies with Apron Israel. Hated because premise if Israel were were or in a miserable country, we merely is hated, it's me, It produces show much medicine and some so much technology and because it is did you know that Syrians during the syrian civil war would who whore merely dying would cross the border into aided Israel, knowing their lives would be saved and an israeli hospital, and then they knew that they can couldn't. Anybody in Syria who save their life. This has been removed all over the world. Not in
letters, but it but reported if they tell others. You know You saved my life, their dead, the irony that's the envy of the of the Jews and what they have done. Wherever they have been, is one reasons for as I Semitism envy, of what that the wasp has built, not just a wasp but the was built I'm a Jew telling you this. So I actually grind. Do I. Catholics contributed juice, contributed, blacks, contributed its contributed every contributed, but was begun. And led largely by the White Anglo Saxon Protestant, which has not to do with his being white? Nothing Anglo Saxon, it's just a fact,
White also lead knots, its impact To be a white supremacist cos, Its have created the some of the best things on earth and some of the worst things on earth, so Why do you for Hitler was white George Washington was white, so What is nothing do with race, but El deserve to be hated in America, where they made this place, which celebrates its birthday this weekend, happy birthday, America, I'm Dennis Prager, see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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