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Fireside Chat Ep. 144 — Expect Chaos If You Defund the Police

2020-07-23 | 🔗
The difference between police and no police is the difference between order and chaos. This week is PragerU’s #backtheblue campaign and Dennis asks: What does defunding the police actually mean? What is the likely result? Sadly, we don't have to wonder. Ride-Along mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JnF-OO6W7M 0:00 Welcome To The Weekly Fireside Chat 1:00 PragerU’s Back The Blue Campaign 1:15 The Foolishness Of “Defund The Police” 3:10 Are There Bad Police? 4:59 Defund Police Equals Increase In Evil 7:29 No Fear Of The Police And Authority 9:12 The Loss Of Fear Of Our Teachers 11:15 Authority Is Not Authoritarian 12:50 Dennis Went On A Police Ride-Along 13:35 Moral Violence Vs. Immoral Violence 15:59 Every Society Needs Police 16:31 How Do We Bridge The Political Divide? 19:44 Advice For Law Enforcement 21:08 Some Thoughts On Melania Trump 22:02 How Do You Know Murder Is Wrong? 25:44 Relationship Advice By Dennis 29:14 Liars Go To Hell? 32:07 Dennis’s Book, Still The Best Hope
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Hi, everyone, I'm Dennis Prager, and this is the first. Our side chat, I just thought I I went to announce your mode for a moment. You know, because the passion hit me That's Otto, as you probably know, is item, as is as I open is doing. Well you want a little rubbed open. The shower left him a little rub a duty doing man do in man. That's my boy. All right, he everybody. This is my weekly chat with you like the workshop. It's not real. The people use chat in regular taught. What's have a chat. I don't think so. My weekly sharing of what I have my mind. Then I take your questions. And it's very spontaneous there were no notes, sometimes I'll make a few notes to remind me of a point I want to make, but it's quite spontaneous
I want to begin this week with the police. There is a campaign. We have a Prager, you back in the blue, blue, being the police. Of course one talk to you about it because the the amount of none clarity about police is almost impossible to explain its that a society would even entertain that tiny fraction of a society other than criminals would entertain. The notion of the funding police is a an ode to how foolish people become when they're well educated, It's overwhelmingly well educated people, who are you who support that idea, they who live on overwhelmingly in in a pretty safe places, to begin with, or in
It had communities or have, of course, the very rich who support it and have their own protection. To believe that a society can function without police. To believe that really is no evil By evil I mean evil, like murder, rape, being Serious robberies: ganging up on people, etc. You have to be naive to the extent, to an extent Is almost unfathomable millwards, I hate it, they discuss. It sounds it's not like me to use pejorative terms. But this is literally true. You have to be a fool to believe society can function without police and and
the irony is. Society cannot function with. A lot of fools the fool is the opposite of the wise wisdom is the basis of of the society, these ability to survive. Anyway, you have to think that somehow or other an armed group of people stopping ban people who have arms is not necessary and it doesnt compute. How will you stop people who can hurt people? Let's put it this way? Do you want to stop people from hurting people isn't that some of the most important thing we can do in life first no harm is the hippocratic oath. Is what doctors take when they become a doctor, a physician they take an oath and the first thing is first do now. Harm the police? Is job is to block harm. The first thing we need to do
in society is wanted. Doctored needs to do first, do no harm prevent arm. Then you can do a lot of good things, but first you have to prevent harm. That's what the police are. Four are, thereby Ed Policeman, the the question again, zooms a naive today on the part of a person that is mind boggling. Of course, they repaired policemen of their bad lawyers, other bed, judges of their bed car practice. I don't mean bed in the sense of not effective, mean bad is morally bad are there morally bad members of every profession on earth, then, of course, there will be some morally bad policemen. What does that have to do it do morally bad lawyers mean the fund law to do more? Only bad physicians mean we D fund medicine. I mean it's, there is no difference between the funding
anything else and forming the police twice by the way, just right before our day ago. So, right right before I came onto this fireside chats the the head, of the borough, the president and the borrower. Brooklyn New York City is composed the five Boroughs Manhattan Bronx, Queens, Staten, island and Brooklyn, I'm smiling Megan, who couldn't name one, which is unbelievable. She could, but she doesn't realize it anyway. Now that you heard them right exactly, but I come from. York. I lived in three of the five burrows in two until I was twelve Five and I fled, I mean that left New York City and that's the verb. I've been using for quite some time, but the most populous borrow, I believe, is Brooklyn might be queens. But anyway it's very populous Brooklyn.
I think it's the most populous the borough president is a black man and he said we need them, these guys who are under cover cops, who have been disbanded by the left in York, mayor De Palacio, and we need We need them back because as he put it Guys know that if they don't see a policeman, they can do anything they want. They can murder, they can rob, they can torture, they can re. They can do whatever they want, because there was no undercover police, they define the undercover cover policemen and by the way too the candidates for for mayor in New York City, also, black of said. We need these guys back. It would be a matter of time till the this left. This notion of defined the police would be regarded as purely an increase in
that's all it is defined. Police equals increase in human evil, but it It shows you the that, as all leftism it's all emotional. It is not fought through. God or nature gave the human unlikely the animal works on passion of feeling the humanist goes to work on reason and values than the notion of the fun police is It is irrational in the extreme and innocent people other than the ones Making these demands are the ones who get hurt. Secondly, let me tell you another thing about it.
You may have seen pictures or videos of of a policeman again in New York City, beaten up by a by a group of a black citizens and the the problem with that is not just that a policeman or anyone got beaten up. It's that there was no fear of being a policeman. If there was no fear of the police in society. Our society is not in good shape. There should be fear, a healthy fear of of a lot of groups. There should be a healthy fear of the police. The should be a healthy fear of ones parents? I asked on my radio show once a why if you didn't take drugs When you were in in high school, why didn't you
of asking these questions, because I don't know what the peoples answers will be. So I learned a lot from my listeners. I've learned tremendous amount over the course of these decades from listeners. Of all backgrounds- and you know the most common answer to the question: why didn't you take drugs in high school? I didn't expect this. The most common answer was because my mother would kill me that's good if there's no healthy for fear of either parent, then that child will probably not grow up to be a very decent human being by healthy fear of the police. You should have a healthy fear of your teacher. But there's no more fear of teachers. I could tell you the date that ended in America, one thousand nine hundred and sixty two. When the Supreme Court said, you could not say a prayer for your teacher, that's what it was the prayer that was knocked out in school, the preference
all that was knocked out by the: U S Supreme Court in nineteen. Sixty two was a prayer that God bless our teachers. That's something we went from blessing our teachers to cursing our teachers in one generation. That's all it takes I feared my teachers will I was at their religious school until I was eighteen half the day, religious studies in Hebrew and half the day. Second, was he's in so very rigorous education and. I I was somewhat of a troublemaker. I mean it was benign trouble. I I I joke the lot. I play practical jokes some other kids in the class, and I talk to my friends during classed as I was usually quite board:
So one day, the rabbi in the in the religious studies class got very annoyed with me. Use an eighth grade. Pick me up and threw me over a desk Whenever I tell this to while young people- oh my god, what did your parents say? then, my eyes light up. What did my parents say? You think I would have told my parents that the rabbi threw me over a desk. My father would have thrown me over a desk. If he heard the rabbi through be over then ask you got to be kidding I would have never told my parents, because the assumption was the teacher was right. You probably deserved it a healthy fare of my parents had a healthy fear. Fear of my teachers, healthy fear, police, that's good stuff. I have a healthy fear of God Authority.
Is. Is this is the moral basis of society? I mean, obviously moral authority, good authority, but Mamma talking Authoritarian, I'm talking about a moral authority We have confused. The left has confused authority and authoritarian, but they do that to everything. That's noble sorts, not I'm, not shocked the idea that people should have some fear the police. I had very little interaction with police as a kid there. There would be no reason I would have, but our. Member once it was. I didn't for whatever reason I didn't have enough money to get back home. I was a kid I was. I was but Polly fourteen years old, maybe thirteen I was in Manhattan may have to get back to Brooklyn and by via the New York Subway. For whatever reason, I had no money on me at that point.
Zero dollars and fifteen cents to get on the subway, and my parents are said to me if you're ever in trouble go to a policeman. So I approached the policeman asked them fifteen cents, but I do remember cringing at the thought. Well, I'm going to approach a policeman that is the same of while they ve got a far that that's a big deal when you're fourteen to go over to a policeman. Now policemen are routinely cursed and spat at, and that's that's, not good. Anybody for any body. I went on a drive along with the LOS Angeles police Department couple of years ago, which, on its on youtube- and I saw the love love in a black community- the love there were black kid who ran over to hug the police. You don't see this in the media ice.
Because they, a lot of these police use their own money to buy up some of these kids. The inner city, things they they may not have and to take short of take care of? Because a lot of these You don't have a father in their life, so the policeman serves as a what a father figure, how what Have you heard that is their police brutality? Yes, there is by the way there is immoral, police brutality and moral police brutality does, there's more violence and immoral violence. Is that not obvious? There is moral violence or, or has your I do what degree really morally confused you. Oral violence. Was it moral violence too to fight the Hitler's Germany Set was at my moral lot of violence,
It is moral violence to a shoot, A person who was shooting the innocent that's moral violence, so sometimes the police, who are involved every day with the possibility, at least of meaning people who wish to murder them or murder others on occasion they will be to brutal. It is very hard to perfectly synchronize beat the work of appeal. He soon you will go this far, but you will not go further than that. It's very hard. You try. It In fact, I wish you did try it Bob, people who graduated from stitches colleges and then crap on the police, Wada, many of them come police when they would grab. You now be great.
Somebody has to do the job. Why don't you first two years at least if you really, if you really are concerned with the police, being on a moral level. You want there Be a massive encouragement people on the left who low the police to become policemen, they won't engaging self loathing and there you have an almost in maintaining a solution all all these wonderful people with college degrees. I mean a lot of cops, have college degrees in any event, but you know what I am referring to will be would become police. It is a very difficult job. It's it is the hardest job too, to protect people against people who want to hurt them
that's what the police do. Every society needs them. Every society in history has needed them. The difference between police and no police is the difference between order and chaos and chaos leads to innocent people being hurt. That's why we have backed the blue at Prager. You ok,. Let's go to your questions, and the first is a video question as always: never works. Do you know what is never were almost never were try number to try and number three ha. Now we go all right.
My name is Joshua Engineers Old Georgia. In a member bigger force, I'm just wondering it will bring this political divide. Well, I gotta tell you some Joshua its. It said the question: it's it's not principle. The left right divide, the conservative liberal about divide is regrettable. The left, eight divide, is not principle. The conservative left divide, even the liberal left divide, is not principle, but liberals are not willing to acknowledge this tragically. What is there to bridge if
How do you bridge the divide between those who believe America's racist and those who believe the truth that it's the least racist, multi ethnic multi, racial country that ever existed? How do you bridges? divide between those who see the flag and thing it represents a lot of good and those who see. Flag of the United States and think it represents evil. How we have you bridge these divides you mean the issue, tell me how possibly we can bridge the divide, pick an issue that is less in the news. Those even capital punishment for some murder is noble. Those who believe every murderer should be allowed to live. How do you bridge that divide that this, though, bridging divide between those who believe in capital punishment that those who doubt. There there are just things that are just so such a different way of looking at life, though
those who believe in color blind and those who believe that color blind is racist. Those believe that there's only one race, the human race and those who believe races really important, I believe racist trivial. I wanted to be trivial I beg my my belief system on the triviality of race, the left, believes its really significant, if you say racist, trivial, your call the racist, as opposed to what I was raised as a liberal, to believe, if you think, raises important you're, a racist, that's that's the irony, so Joshua it's not. It's not really bring that doesn't mean that you should try to have good relations with relatives who, on the other side, are you should
Family as family, and I believe that she should try to have good relations, but that's not bridging the divide. That's just having good relations with your cousins in year. In some cases, parents, siblings, children, What's her what's on doing, is he all right he's a little gotta gotta worked up, Hunter twenty one years old in Arizona hello. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and helping so many people around the world. I enter the pool this academy soon, and my question is what would be your advice to some of entering the law enforcement profession thanks again, well off the top of my head. I want you to understand how many people know how important this is even though the media which is morally bright, bankrupt profession. At this time, unfortunately, I will not acknowledged
you need, you need a support system, ideally in a spouse and family and friends ideally something larger than that, which is why we have the back the blue campaign, but you need to know how many of us appreciate you, even though on a daily basis. You will just receive contempt from the New York Times, Washington, Post, etc. Do not believe They represent the majority of Americans. The latest poll showed a twenty five percent of the of those polled had a negative view of police. Twenty five percent shocking. Isn't it and includes people of all color, all colors and I'll bet? They all went to College David. Twenty years old Slovenia I was in Slovenia enjoyed your country very much
And Maloney a Trump our first lady is from Slovenia. I enjoy her very much, is a great first lady. If this woman with this We go bearing the sophistication this intelligent somebody languages, though she speeches as an example her her poise and her beauty. If this, if she were a Democrat, she would be on the cover of every magazine regularly, not one put her on a cover. The left controls. The vulgar forget. I'm in the New York Times Vogue, even and then what are one of the other women's fashion, magazines, Bogan only others adding that's the most famous. I think. Anyway. Just a word on Slovenia high Dennis. I have a question about morality. How do I convince someone that murder is an immoral thing? This is what we ve come to buy.
Way, which is inevitable. That's why I have a. I have a video out, Prager you if there If, God doesn't say, murder is wrong. How do you know what is wrong and all these atheists and all these anti religious people and did on how stupid it is. You don't need it to say that murder is wrong. But here you are look at this. Now, listen to the rest of this question, exam well. I have a friend an atheist twenty years old, who thinks communist is a good idea. Your friend is truly ignorant of history. There is no difference in Saint Communism is a good idea from saying not system is a good idea, given the number of people that it is it murdered communism alone, murdered a hundred million people talking at civilians, not more time, civilians between China and the Soviet Union and, of course,
the envious man, I'm authority, method, Vietnam, war, just the people that Coachee men killed communist regime. They are the communist regime and killed in Cambodia almost a third of Cambodians, of your generation, know that ovine or in America. This is a good idea, told him if he wants to be a communist leader. We asked to take people's rights and freedoms away and everywhere. Who does not obey he has to kill so He just said, then I'll kill you Will that are in my way it's for the better of society. Unquote, that's what communist believe! That's correct! We can kill people because that that is what the left has often believe. We destroy people either physically or their name or their livelihood, because we have such noble intentions: is there any hope and give.
Producer rub he is not the producer. He doesn't have an official title. My bird he's my bud visa. Producer, Megan I'll, give you I'll get out. Is that right? I don't think you meant give Megan rub, plus a catchword, employment, futile, think, massage therapy simply can't go now, but that's very funny, let's see is, is there any hope? there's hope, but now we're in trouble. That's why you need the ten commandments, God said: do not murder, that's right without that problems, God said, do not steal all people who looted and the riots did not believe that they thought they could steal this. This notion we're so sophisticated. What do we need the ten commandments for we don't need a god to tell us what to do really you, you see what
happily in the west. Do you have a friend like that and Slovenia, which, of course I would, I would kill for the greater good, the greater good of what taking people's liberty away. I don't see a solution without a return to the ten commandments by I frankly, don't that. That is why it's what I advocate you should watch the videos I have on the ten commandments for or even better is to read my commentary on the book of exodus, the rational bible and a. Devote a lot of time explaining these commandments like honour, your father and mother, that is central to a decent society. The first thing dictatorships do is sever the authority of parents. So, beware of that Jamie twenty one, dairy, northern ireland- I was there too good to hear from you dairy, high denisov.
Question based on relationships. There was a girl who I really like, and I want to tell her- How I feel However, I fear it may destroy our friendship if she does not feel the same. What would A year ago I say hello to Otto hello, Otto I hope, despite not living in America, this question can be answered that has they would living in America this dilemma that a lot of guys I've had my would suggest the following, at least for clarity sake. If you tell her the you run the risk of of obviously being rejected and then further, I think, there's the sake of your own dignity. You just have to say goodbye. On the other hand, you you have what another alternative, not to say it, but to over time when her heart,
That you would not be the first guy who went from non not interested in him to interested in him, because he turned out to be such a wonderful person that she just said: woe he's a good guy. I might be interested in him. So That's that that's, I think, that's probably if you're, if you really are a winner in Whatever way, you define that then let her discover that on her own, if you're still, playing this game, and I don't mean that cynically or if you're still doing this, if that's better than playing this game, three, for now. It might be time for you to not waste your time with something that will work, but you can give it another year, if you will, where she simply those in always really enjoyable or he's really deep.
By the way, that's assuming she's, deep, deep women like the men, shallow women, like shallow Ben, let's see God, made it very easy for people to find someone, the unimpressive of both sexes can fall in love with the king. There's one. The impressive falls in love with another part within unimpressive, which happened on more than one occasion, but that's what I were in your shoes. That's probably what I would do is make her aware. Terrific? I am overtime and then assume that there was a possibility, but pass that time I would move onto more fertile fields. So my producer, who was Oda, rub as women? Do you find that to be a logical answer? I was a great answer better than logical.
Yeah, that's the so many women have fallen for men like at work where you know they didn't didn't think of him at all, and it is in a romantic way and then. Retirement over his impressive. Jimmy seventeen West Newton Pennsylvania, what by timing by the way, one more question time, why have a built in clock or why its areas and it went Nine hello, Mr Prager, I was wondering if you can give me your opinion. If is ever morally right to lie or deceive. I know the Bible says all liars go to hell, but then I think of situations with people. I call retain boom. Thank you. Great emblem is: was a Christian who saved Jews by lying to the Nazis, obviously in hiding them.
Where does it say all liars go to hell? Is that a new testament phrase cuz it's really not in the old testament. I know the new testament, but not nearly as well as the old testament. So I would. I would just tell you that the note that you should never lie under any circumstance, because that's what God wants makes God look like morally foolish being. Let me Ask me something what see a man with a knife was chow. Seeing a woman, the woman knocks on your door and you open up- and she says this- this rapist sky rape me now. He wants to stab me to death or stab me. Please hide me and you.
Hide her, then the rapist comes Theodore and said: do you know where that woman is who I was running after? Are you supposed to say? Oh of course she she's in the upstairs bedroom. That's right, then, you not lying correct I've never on this. This notion that of his never right to lie. It's like it's never right to kill her. That's stupid. It's always wrong to murder! That's why the commandments is, do not murder do not kill, but not always did you find anything on. All lawyers go to hell right so sure enough, Megan looked it up, and yes, indeed, and in the book of revelation the new testament, it mentions a number of groups of people who will, as it were, burned at. In other words, there will be a punishment for them in the afterlife and it says all liars, but clearly you have to assume that common sense,
fails in in reading the Bible and the common sense here is this is a liar one who tells a lie ever if so, everybody will burn because every has told a lie, but telling I doesn't make you a liar. A liar is a habitual liar, someone who repeatedly says not someone who saves the life of the innocent in order to lie to him a would be murderer. So I hope that's clear. Moral clarity is everything, that's what we aim for here, sir really what I ain't for by the way. I just want to remind you that if you want to understand the left and America, please read my book still the best hope. That's the best explanation of both in one book that I know of I'm not comfortable mentioning a book because it sounds like an ad but hey. I write the book.
So that people will read them. Ok, everybody! It's been wonderful to be with you. On behalf of Otto and my producer, who deserves a rub. I'm Dennis Prager. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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