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Fireside Chat Ep. 145 — Are You Really Anti-Racist?

2020-07-31 | 🔗
Young people are enamored with "anti-racist" rhetoric because they think they are fighting racist systems in America. The TRUTH is they are fighting America itself and the very values the country was founded on. Dennis identifies the best thing we can do to help. Get your Otto merch here: https://shop.prageru.com/collections/the-otto-collection Dennis’s Column Mentioned: https://www.dennisprager.com/column/5-arguments-against-america-is-a-racist-country/ 0:00 Otto And Snoopy 1:12 NEW Otto Merch! 2:00 Dennis Reads Different Opinions 3:43 Battling “Racist” America 7:01 Young People Attracted To The Left 8:48 Immigrants And Their Success 10:40 They Are Fighting America, Not Racism 11:03 Otto’s Dreaming 11:37 The Best Thing You Can Do In America 13:00 Getting Your Peers Aware & Involved 15:54 Who Pays For The “Free” Demands? 16:49 Share PragerU With Peers 17:14 What Gives You Meaning? 19:20 Dennis’s Thoughts On Grieving 24:00 Life Is Not Meant To Be Easy 25:18 Dennis’s Thoughts On Masculinity 27:29 Arm Wrestle: Dennis Vs. Ben Shapiro 28:07 College Restricting Free Speech 29:39 Don’t Forget The Otto Merch
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Hey everybody, I'm Dennis Prager. This is the fireside chat. I both dogs with me tonight or this afternoon Or this morning, because every time zone in the world watches this, so it's a little silly for me to refer the time be that, it. May that's, of course, Snoopy Otto is the they better known of the two for whatever reason, Snoopy even say his name, and his tail goes up and down the? U catching that they don't see it Snoopy is a basket hound and ATO is in english bulldog anyway, Before I begin, I want to remind you that this is a completely spontaneous a time, fire fireside chat. There are no notes, there's no one.
You call it, though, when you read off the air Portela promptly and is no teleprompter, nothing you could tell just by there is total of Arthur. If anything, The word teleprompter isn't good side, but it is a chance for me to talk to you from my heart and my mind, and I do that that each week I want to tell you that we have something new for even know about its at Prager. You dad It is odd socks which feature a very realistic, beautifully a cartoon illustration of Otto. The auto want with this now fireside chat on the bottom and Prager you? So you should just know about that. It's really nice thing and it's very good material actual. Without my my first, the test and we also have a Prager you mug with ATO is well so
those of you who are out of fans. Otto will be very touched to know that this exists and that there are people enjoying him in all sorts of ways. So I'll talk to you about a very difficult subject, but I want you to think about this. Even a few differ with me, but that's that's. The point is fertile. If you do differently, may I salute you for watching, because that's very important half of what I read, I don't agree with just Jesse. You should know because I want to know, what what those? I don't agree with think maybe a good argument, or at least it'll it'll make me capable of making Arguments more finely tuned. That's! Why Bobby Russian. By the way this was at the high. The cold war. When I was in college in graduate school and I
russian, not to reduce they ascii. I never achieved the profession see to read a novel in Russian, but I was able to reproach the Soviet Communist newspaper and That was my way of reading what the what the opposition would write and it was very helpful to me in life anyway. I'm gonna throw at you a an idea. Here wire many young people seduced by the Anti racism campaign that has taken over the country, as you know, by now. I believe that not only is not is american, not racist? Of course there are racist to live here, but that doesn't make America racist, let alone systemically racist, I think it's the biggest lie about a nation in modern times.
And I have all sorts of proofs live an article on the internet. Two weeks ago I wrote, Five arguments against America's racist: you should take a look at its just. The column takes little time to read it. The The most obvious argument is whenever people point to how racist the country is Overwhelmingly, it's about trivia uncle. Bends rice is is racist. They had to take uncle Ben. This was an actual black men in the nineteen thirty who people show admired because he was such a good entrepreneur made good right. It was cold uncle bends, rice! That's why they taking his picture off. He looks perfectly wonderful. When you, when that is what your battle is. You're, my my uncle, Ben the Washington Redskins. Do you know that too
major Poles university? Pennsylvania, I believe- or you think was yours, you, Pennsylvania and Washington Post that I'm certain of the Washington Post, which has clear for years to have the Washington football team remained to drop Redskins. They did at a very big pole, they were sure that's the result. To show that they were right. That Native Americans, American Indians thought it was racist. Ninety percent. This is the Washington Post Pole two years ago. Ninety percent of of native Americans dont care much met, many of them. I don't remember the percentage thought it was an honour. There is a there is a an indian reservation in Arizona but has a high school. I forgot the name of a high school, but there's I school and its name is the Redskins. On maybe in reservation this nothing,
there's nothing racist about redskin, there's nothing racial the battle uncle Ben And your mama and all of these, things prove how racism. There is in America that you have to concentrate on such trivia that They were impassioned about the Washington Redskins name or the key if, when the Indians. I'll never forget somebody called my show good I've been talking about this for years. What am I Favorite calls on my radio show guy called me up a Dennis. So you defend Cleveland Indians. What would you think of a team, the Jews I'm a Jew, so he asked me that so I said Sir Jews have been looking for fans for three thousand years. That would be a great moment in jewish history. Jane Jos, joke scope.
Go, people don't think clearly I think it would be awesome if they were to blame the Jews or the Hebrews, the Israel lockets. Whatever may feel you want to It's just my blowing that we're living through. Nonsense, but it's dangerous nonsense. Obviously, so why? Why is this ty racism hysteria. Racism is evil. Ok, let's it gets a given, but there is systemic racism in in this country. And when you have to go to to Uncle Ben and and and the like, an end, my Grow aggressions, which are not racist. To save as only one race, the human race is actually antiracist,
if you think, there's only one race? How could you be racist right by definition. So why are so many young people, and not just young, but I want to address the Young attracted to this. It is very attractive to think that you are doing good. Makes you feel good that that makes perfect sense, so when there is a cause that sounds good. I'm anti. Racism is good there's no way around it. So this is been the appeal yo of left wing movement since communism, Hey were the communist said were against fascism, who's, not against fascism. If you're a good person you against fascism, but the movement that was against fascism, theoretically called come.
Was evil it. It slaughtered way more people than fascism. You don't learn about that stuff. About now went about Stalin and about pol pot. You don't learn about that stuff. Unfortunately, In schools, we have a very important video up at Prager you why don't people hate communism as much as Nazism? It sets worth that the voting five minutes to watching that so people are seduced because there's something inherently wonderful about being antiracist. But the movement itself is is a terrible movement and it is it is undoing the greatest caution we ever made and I don't take some american this proof this is the country. Most people in the world and want to move to more than any other pull after pole, and by the way I want to remind you,
told you over and over two million black Africans have moved to the United States in the last twenty years I kept saying fifty years, it's twenty years, two million black ass- but I didn't know this until I looked it up. Another million blacks have moved to the. U S from the Caribbean. Why, with these people move through systemically racist country, are any Jews moving till we ran, we think about the absurdity. What are they all stupid, you're moving to America, That's a systemically races place. The juicy uncle Ben right thing- this is this, is and they do well that they do very well when they move here Nigerians, do better than white, statistically on terms of income Nigerian, sets west african country, major country in West Africa. Do better in the The? U S than whites, do japanese
Africans were in internment camps under Franklin, Roosevelt, a Democrat I might add, and they do better than white. If you were a car. This is called the micro aggression. If you work hard, don't have children for you get married. You will succeed. Why's that racist, it's like saying to into was forestry. Which, by the way, eventually will be said so Why the appeal? Oh, I'm, fighting a good cause, you're fighting against America! You not fighting system, Fighting America and America is a good place. It's not a perfect place, it's composed of humans and every human is flawed, but it's really done a lot of good.
Has our man he is really relaxed maiden. Can you hear him say somewhat Otto? What? If what are you dreaming about? Sometimes he does dreamily and he got any really gets very animated, and he sort of talks, and I always wondered what does he dreaming? Did he like see a beautiful female bull dog? I have no idea, as he thinking about a bone, one indulgence think about when they have happy thoughts
So it's it's all very appealing, but you know in a good country the thing that you could do that's best. This is the best thing most people in the country could do is what America was founded to teach people to do. First, you take care of yourself. Second, you take care of your family and third, you take care of your community. But that's not as exciting as demonstrating against the police, not as exciting as tearing down statues, but good is not exciting good is fulfilling, but it's not as exciting as bad stuff. It's one of the appeals of bad there's, a lot more adrenaline and a feels good adrenaline exist, far more in doing bad than in doing good, but I just
said. Doesn't sound, exciting, take care of myself, my family, my community, but its very fulfilling, and if accomplishes a lot, you want to do good, get married and raise good. People there's nothing better. Most humans can do on this earth then raise good children to be good adults. That's the best thing. We can all do. Ok let's go to your video question and then other questions that you send and now the video question of the week Money is prudence caught and I'm a prayer forced member from Frederick Maryland a lot of kids I care about politics or what's going on in the world one or something of getting them to realise the importance of being aware and involved
at is one tough question, torn prudence, believe it or not. I think that when you're a teen just to use your age, the ideal is, is to learn about life, learn wisdom and learn how to be a good, the human being to learn to fight the worst parts of yourself. Everybody has to do that, I'm not a big fan, generally speaking of activism at a very young age. I I want you to be active. You're in your community and in your school, and to do good things
but this notion that you have to be part of some gigantic cause. I mean if there was some tremendous evil. Yes, Europe with America doesn't have a tremendous evil to to battle. It's a good country. However. The irony is because there is this anti american force of the left, not of liberals, but of the left I guess I do want you to get involved, that's why we have Prager Force and how do you convince one of your peers? Tell them just a guess: first, you!
make the case that you know we're very lucky to be american and to live in America. Don't take this for granted. This could be torn down and we, the young young people, will be stuck with future with little freedom, massive controls on our life by an ever expanding government and a debt that we will make it impossible for us to. Acute, accumulate our own wealth, and I don't mean billion dollars wealth. I mean just wealth so that you could be independent. You know your generation clamorous for free college and free housing, and not just your jen- in the whole left. Does who's gonna pay forth the rich? How much money do you think the rich have if you took all the money from bill gates- and just be-
Jos and the end. The other moat met many it's over billionaires, you will, you could not pay for all that would take you back, trillions of dollars and that these people, and have trillions of dollars I don't know the number, but if you ended up all the money in the top hundred richest people in America. Let's say you would get item. What's I don't think you would get to which trillion dollars, but let's say you did with twenty two billion dollars in debt. How will that be paid. And you want more free things. Anyway. The other thing you should do is show them Prager, you videos, and I know I know that sounds them some funny and I don't know what it sounds like, but that's why we make them so as to make
people aware, especially of your rage in most of the people who view us are under thirty five of what the big issues of life are. When I was when I was or age. I thought that fruitful. I did always think I was lucky to be in America. And those anti Semitism in America there always has been, but I would never of cold America systemically anti semitic. I mean in the nineteen thirty's Harvard have a public ban on too many Jews attempting Harvard country. Bob's did not allow Jews in law for
did not allow Jews in and yet my father who lived through. All of that thought he was the luckiest you in the world to live in the United States and he was here the luckiest black. If you live in the United States, the luckiest jus you're, the luckiest just fill in the ethnicity. That's that's the truth. We were being buried in lies. You know why pull me meaning in their lives, and this gives them meaning. But when I. Was eighteen? I was saying I I fought G I give me meaning. I was. I have a deep belief and still do in God, and in my faith, Judaism and I gave me tremendous a tremendous amount of meaning
one of you were re, secular, and so you have to find a substitute for religion to fill the gap or the whole. That's been left by the collapse of Christianity. For most of you, I also thought that I had to eventually get married and have a family and take care of them. That filled me with a lot of meaning, and it is it's very meaningful too. Feel? In my cases, a man I mean to take care of a family filled me with a sense of worth. Ok, what's our timing here, good gale, a Prager for students from while a while, a community college in Washington State Age,
suddenly lost my father and wanted to know how we can best cope with this difficult time as a family. Well, first of all, my heart goes out You two very very early age to lose apparent you're, just just in high school or college, it's a terrible loss. The first thing is: you have to grieve. You can't this. I'm not gonna tell you anything that undoes the tragedy of your father's death. It is a tragedy and the fish.
You know I'll, never forget. I spoke at a dear friends memorial service, as a Christian, I was the only non Christian to be speaking of the service and everybody who spoke- and they spoke beautifully, was saying that he, the deceased, was in a better place because of the belief in Heaven which I have to m after life, but I got up because I always believe in being real- and I am I looked at his widow. And I said he frank- is in a better place but you're not If you're a believer and believe that your that is in a better place, that's that's that's comforting, but the fact
is that we on earth are not in a better place when we lose a loved one where the worst place. So going to tell you anything that denies how tragic the losses. However, I can't you with the same degree of a real mess that I just spoke? The last words with which I just spoke. The last words. You obviously loved your dad, and I say obviously because you wouldn't have written this- I don't think if you didn't overtime, you will realize how lucky you were to have a dad you loved and who presumably love you so.
To a certain extent you will be able to say I was lucky to have such a father and it's a big. Tragedy that he went so early, but I'm in a better place than a lot of people whose relations with their father are terribly strained or hostile or non existent. It's all perspective. You were lucky to have your dad for the would say: you're eighteen, the eighteen years, you have him, lotta people don't have a dad for eighteen years. A lot of people have a dad whose awful for eighteen years it doesn't make it feel better, but it does put it in perspective. You had something terrific and that should breathed gratitude.
I had this wonderful dad for these this number of years, but I do believe you have to have a time of grieving you you just you can't go back to normal immediately. And over time you will carry that memory of this wonderful man, I presume, was wonderful, again. You wouldn't have asked this and you you now have to help your mom who, whose loss is inside Ways greater than yours is because she lost her partner union lose your partner, you lost your dad, and the loss of life partner is is, is a terrible loss.
So my my heart goes out to all of you, and especially your mother, on the assumption, because she wrote your family grieving. I soon they were intact. Ok, maybe name a son that you will have. Hopefully, one day after you, o k, John Sixty Lake Forest? California? Do you ever feel your passions- the burdensome. In other words, do you ever think to yourself? Life would be much easier if I didn't care so much about so many things tat. I think about that. All the time. But I've never believed that the purpose of life was to have an easy, so it is therefore it it doesn't play a negative role in my life.
That's why I gave my fireside chats on safety. The purpose of life is not to be safe. The purpose of life is not to have an easy. The purpose of life is to lead fulfilling life and there was much good that you can, as you can so yeah. Of course, if I didn't care, it would be easier. So why would I care about them Sports in movies marking it knocking its. They have their role in life sports in movies, but sports and movies are diversions. They can't be the essence of my passion.
Ok, Peter thirty, seven, Copenhagen, Denmark, I Dennis hello Peter! I have watched all he capitalized all your fireside chats. This be a certain joy, the know that you're sitting in Copenhagen and I'm sitting in California and you watch me every week he touched by? You are the first one who talk to me about marriage. That means a lot to me. That's right You know the number of men whose wives of told me- or they have told me you know. Gotta tell you then ask us: are you my husband married me? I get that a lot Those men know I'm a man's ban. I am I'm a masculine man now
for those of you who don't give a damn about masculinity, it's not a boast. Is it but I know I am and an you should know you are met. Mention aspire to be masculine, it's a very good thing to aspire to. We are not women women. Are too should aspire to femininity. But, of course, that's all that's a put down exactly know whether to put them to compliment but anyway, so men listen to me And they don't have many more, school and models anymore. The! What when I did, I had my father and my own goals, and my teachers These were all masculine males and a movie figures there, The tearing down John Wayne cause he said some awful things
John Wayne people didn't know the awful things he said. You know, that's not what he was known for. He was known for being a powerful male. That's a very good thing for boys to have. Anyway, there was just a thought on yes, you're happy! I talk to you, Marriage is you don't hear much, then he has another thing. My question is a lighter one who would win. An arm wrestle you or Ben Shapiro, I dont know. I can only tell you I'm six foot for two hundred sixty five pounds and I lift weights. So I can't I'm not commenting. Obviously I dont know in what Ben is doing physically but I'm a big guy in a strong guy, but that would be very. For me I'll tell them that some
in Denmark was curious about. This okey Dokey Evan. Thirty, five Kirkland Washington High there Dennis long time viewer your fireside chats. I Someone your Prager University video about free speech on college campuses, but they suggested that it's fine four colleges to restrict free speech as long as their private colleges like stand for the Harvard. What are your thoughts on this your friend is confusing fine with legal. Legal to suppress free speech and private colleges, but it is in fine. Life consists a huge diversion between the legal and the good.
There are so many terrible things you could do that our legal right, it's it's just the way it is life. Not every bad thing is illegal. You could be of a miserable mean, cruelly rotten person and not violate any law colleges that support. Free speech, despicable and you shouldn't spent since the sender child there, because they not being taught there being indoctrinated. So yeah, it's legal, but it isn't fine. How are we. Twenty nine. Twenty nine were next. One is from Lithuania. What do I do nicely? Next week we will talked to Gabby
a sixteen year old in Vilnius, I am visited, Vilnius had a great time in the Baltic states, Oh, my friends, don't forget the auto socks and mafia and It is a joy to be with you, I'm Dennis Prager and I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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