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Fireside Chat Ep. 150 — Americans Chant "Death to America"

2020-09-03 | 🔗
Dennis reflects on the state of our nation after hearing a crowd of American rioters chant “Death to America”. How did we get here? Dennis's column mentioned: https://www.dennisprager.com/column/the-lockdown-has-gone-from-a-mistake-to-a-crime/ 0:00 Joined With Otto And Snoopy 1:58 Mob Chanting “Death To America” 4:01 Gratitude For America Despite Flaws 7:53 A Great Country For All People 9:19 Black Racists And White Privilege 10:35 The Result Of Ingratitude 12:01 “Fundamentally Transforming America” 13:38 The Lockdown Is Now A Crime 17:11 Reason For The Lockdown Was A Lie 19:13 Chances Of Dying From Covid 21:24 When Free Speech Isn’t A Right 24:05 Are Facebook Debates Pointless? 26:02 Why Is Nazism Considered Right? 27:15 “Race Matters” Is A Racist Notion 29:29 Dennis Would Love To Debate A Leftist 30:06 America Is At Stake Subscribe so you never miss a new Fireside Chat! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/fireside-chats/
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Well high everybody Dennis Prager here for the one hundred and fifty fireside chats here's the is the interesting thing among them, interesting things- I didn't expect staying to go more than five. Tried it out and I thought This thing and NGO stop him to people. From my home, and really obviously is called on. So I want to show you. We have, of course Otto may he live and be well and his brother snoopy- and this is very rare to get of guys in it. I dont know why Snoopy in here right now, usually avoid the fireside chats because he watches them later. He prefers it on screen, but anyway, there are doing good how everything good good man fight the problem is, I would rub snoop, but then he would turn on his back, because the second
Stop rubbing him. He wants you to rub. His tummy as a very tough life, I gotta tell you Where will I be rubbed next? That is what is on his mind, you ever ask: what's on its own mind, that's it When will I be rubbed next anyway? Welcome did I say who I was, and I know people know, but you supposed to say damn Dennis Prager. Way. I am great to be with you, everybody. I open up with some comments. I just want to remind everybody, uses unrehearsed There is. There is always a gamble when you have total spontaneity. Obviously you you know you. You may not formulate every thought exactly as you would have a Jew prepared, some Britain, On the other hand, it's got a much bigger advantage of that
authenticity and spontaneity of words from the heart, as it were, so God of some thoughts animal. To take your questions. So just that this past week end I saw a video on the internet. People pretty big crowd is a mob I believe in Oakland California, and they We're chanting death to America, so I I have to believe this is a first. I don't think we ve had ass to America chance in the history of Amerika, I mean I M trying to certainly, I don't think in my lifetime, no matter how wild the left ever got. It's gotten while. But this this is a new low and its work. The of some comment. How
out in America produce people who chance death to America. Is it that bad I guess that's one possible option right. It's so bad that it is worthy of death. But that's that's not the case. Mercosur, good country its being ruined by the left enough by liberals. Liberals are allowing the left to do it, but they don't do it one The traits that I have always identified with the left is the ugliest of the human condition its ingratitude to live in this country. The freest ever created more opportunities than any country
This is why vast numbers of people want to come here more than any other country. To live here and to crap on it. Form of in gratitude. That is almost a breathtaking. Is breathtaking actually. I have, I have always felt that I was unbelievably lucky to be intimate I was given that attitude by my father, who, like me, is, was a Jew. And my father's your class thesis at city a of New York and now been what's in one decade, I guess he was born. Nineteen eighteen. So what twenty would be? Thirty, eight p m: I guess the late nineteenth Thirty's hard to believe, My dad
wrote his senior class thesis on Anti Semitism in America. Just to give you a few examples, many many law firms did not allow a juice to join their law firms Harvard habits. They must number system allowing a certain percentage of Jews and no more their work plan. Your places that would not sell a home to a Jew. And the one most famous radio broadcasts some of the time was Father Coglan. Herbal anti semite. And yet my father raised my brother and me. To believe we were the luckiest Jews in jewish history to live in America and he was right and life. I thought you wishes three Brooklyn College, I wrote a book on Anti Semitism why the Jews? I know that
subject rather well, and though, he was right see everything needs to be put in perspective, There was an anti Semitism in America, but There was not an anti semitic country, it was good, to be a Jew in America at any time. I'm in american history. That's why it was a Jew who wrote. God bless America. Irving, Berlin and ice the forties. I check it out, I mean even at a time he knew Irving. Berlin knew there was anti Semitism in Amerika and I m sure we experienced it, and yet he wrote, God bless America, because Jews had a perspective. Jews did not compare America to Utopia. A land where there was not one
anti semite. They compared America to other countries like european countries, all of which were more anti semitic. They they countries were off. Anti semitic, not just some individuals. What year did you see that you did you? Look that up One eighteen, oh I'm wrong. It was even earlier. Was written in nineteen eighteen and revised downwards. You in nineteen thirty, and revised in thirty eight, also exactly thirty eight of the year I was talking about so how could a Jew right? God bless America when thus the things that I described to happen because Jews have perspective, they didn't. Pair America, as I said to Utopia, but to other countries, that's all you can do in life. You have to compare person ex not to an angel, but
puts about two persons? Why a b c d and e? That's what mature people People with even a modicum of wisdom and common sense, do you know, compare it to perfection, corny the standards of perfection we're all awful, but there are good people, but even good people are awful compared to perfection This is a wonderful country for blacks, whites, Jews, Asians gaze, you name it. That's why people who are in any group want to move to this country, three million blacks. As I am often told you a mood of the United States, no less. Twenty or so years, two million from Africa, one billion from the caribbean and, as I always ask, are they not a crazy? Why were they move to a place that hate blacks, because it does they blacks some one of the greatest lies. I consider that one of the greatest lies in history that America,
is a racist country and then, of course Never people respond to me. The Prager said there are no racists in America cause if you actually let me correctly, you don't have a good answer, but if you make something. I said, then, you can answer it brilliantly. I never said there are no racist in Amerika. I don't say there are no anti Semites in America. I say that America has been the greatest country outside of Israel for Jews. In the history of the world knowing that there are anti Semites in America. That's Japan issue: there are three hundred forty million people in the United States. You're gonna get some bad people in any country the way, I know this is making I'll bet you. There are some blacks who hate white I mean I'm just guessing I was taught in college. I was taught let alone. Kids today there is no solution Is a black racist? If your black, you can't be racist.
One of the reasons I knew that diversities were becoming centres of irrationality, pure rationality and that their commitment to truth was was negligible. The an absurdity that a black can be erased. Its absurd can, black mirror racist. They said. Well, they don't have power or it's not true, some blacks that power, some whites at power do all lights have power. I mean instead of serenity. My friend, Adam Corolla. You know we made our movie together no safe spaces and ended in thoughts about his background. If you want talk about. Why privilege? You must remove Adam Corolla from your list. It's it's it's. The absurdity of it all white privilege. Your privileged, if you have to parents in your life,
if you have a father in your life, your privileged, if your American, your privileged, if you grow up with good values that stats biggest? Those are the biggest privileges of all we very curious about how many of those yelling death to America grew up with with two parents in their lives? I will just be curious, I would also like to know what their parents think. Just though I wouldn't even argue with them just like to know what did the parents think. Did they raise them to think death to America. These are a bad people. If this sure thing by the way as good people, then is such a thing as bad people. Look I'd love when people say there's no such thing as a bad person. Well, if there's no six. It is a bad person. There is no Such thing as a good person correct, I really, how can you will
only have a world where there were good people, but there were no bad people. These bees are bad people, death to America wow People must look and wonder what what is going on with the United States of America that there were young people who could chant that. So, as I said, Emily import from the war. Human trait in gratitude, and that's my thought watching. Something truly unbelievable: I want to add one more thing while Obviously, by and The rock Obama would never shade death to America. There's no question: my mind. They would not say that and I believe they would be horrified by it.
Nevertheless,. When they say, and they both have said that they want Rock Obama said this in two thousand eight right before he was elected five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. Fundamentally, when you want to fundamentally transform a place that is a form of warming. To destroy what you have and making something new, correct, fundamentally, transforming is is destroy the present and make something new. That's what it means if fundamentally transform your face. Its because I love your face the way it is correct that that's that's the way it works we fundamentally treads form what we can. Stand. They left, wants to fundamentally transform America, I don't
because I know the options in the world. I want to improve America, but I don't want to. The mentally transform it and the people who do are going to destroy it. And they're not gonna have something better in its place. Oaken oak time for the video question of the weak. Take it away. Hey Dennis, my name is I'm seventeen years old and I'm from Rancho Cucamonga California, so my question for you today is: maybe, if you can share your thoughts on what you think about various churches and synagogues opening up in light of the cove in pandemic, I know that a lot churches, including my own home church, are being criticised for reopening the doors and continuing services like normal. And I know that some people use the argument of separation of church and state to support
opening up. I know some people argue against that. So I just wondered. Maybe you could share your thoughts about that and I may be any counter arguments that you would have regarding that topic. So um yeah think he found me ass. You do and I look forward to hearing your answer will. Thank you I was easier in Rancho Cucama, I visited Rancho Koumongoe wants and went to a Rancho kook among Quakes baseball game, and they took me to the dugout. It was a lot of fun, ok on churches and synagogues having services if you read my column, that is just out where I save ii of the law. Down has gone from mistake to crime. I called it Probably the greatest mistake in human history
the worldwide lockdown. Am I of course made a clear? A mistake is not evil. There are much. Obviously you know genocide is evil a lock down as a mistake, so I want to make that clear and I made it clear when I first wrote about four months ago. But now it's it's no longer a great mistake. It is now a crime. In my opinion, I live in California, where people still cannot go into a restaurant. Eat inside you can, inside an airplane, but you can eat inside. You're an inch from somebody and you're, one foot away from the person in front of you, the person behind you, the person diagonally behind you, MRS All, within a few feet, You are all evening without your mask, as you can eat when the mask That's fine It's fine, because the government,
It has decided that the airlines are critical to the economy. But you who run a restaurant you're, nothing you're a total, nothing to the left. In fact they can't stand. You people who own businesses tend to be conservative tend to be an entrepreneurial. Tend to not rely on the government and so they the truth is they couldn't care less? If you go out of business certainly true with Gavin Newsome ERA Our the mayor of LOS Angeles Newsome is the governor of California. So I I am appalled that you can't even in a restaurant. I am appalled that you can't get a haircut indoors. That you can't go to a nail salon and all these people most of whom are immigrants from Asia running nail salons, who are our just being.
Drained of all their money by richer people like Ivan Newsome. Don't give a damn about the vietnamese women who run these nail salons there, nothing to them, originally the purpose of the lock down was to not Over run a hospital, and I see you units right- remember that very rapidly they warrant being overrun. They had entire Jabba Centre in Manhattan, on use they had a ship off shore on both counts never used member that and they still be open up so It was a lie. Oh wish. As soon as we don't we're, not overwhelming hospitals, then people will be free to live their lives as they see fit like they did. Nineteen six the thousand nineteen, seventy one,
A thousand Americans died of what was called the Hong Kong. Flew nothing closed, nothing. Two totally different America than sixty eight. Seventy people under the virus is come. Viruses. Go you? Don't wreck a society because there's a virus. Heard immunity is is in fact the answer. Probably overwhelmingly likely enough people get. It then pretty much ends otherwise it doesn't. Then that's why they keep saying or when a vaccination comes most people are it take a vaccination release. Half the people won't take this vaccine. I've taken, flew flu shots taken, every vaccination are given my kids, I'm like I'm not taken this one, something that created this fast. Now, having leave Irish in it be with drugs, women and think. And the dismissal of that is is evil
people are dying because people won't recommend a completely safe substance been taken sixty five year. Some people take it all their lives for Lupus Rheumatoid Arthritis It is beyond belief. What what lies we lived through in now time right now, so back to your choice, If I do, if I think that we should allow nails allowed to open. I certainly think we should allow synagogues and churches to open about we think that a liquor stores are important, their open there, are you feel? What came you can't go into a church? We live the free country, Alisha, well, you're, not free to make me sick who's, asking you to go to church, if you think, owing to it will make you sick, nobody's forcing you to go to church, ordered the nail salon on. Are they echelon, but he hears the point.
We the changes of your dying from covered. If you don't of a secondary or turkey airy illness or condition minuscule, just minuscule in the union, it states? According to the CBC ninety four percent of the people who are stood is having died of covert had another two point: six. Fatal conditions or terribly serious conditions and we're over seventy, usually over eighty years, you're a forty five year old individual with no with with no call more and you you, you are being prevented six months in from going to church, EL gives a governor of the right to do that, even or you're too scared to go.
The media have done such a great job and in frightening Americans It frightens me that Americans got frightened so fast, and so easily the land the free in the home of the brave is, is not the land of the free in the home of the brave anymore. People don't cherish freedom? Then many you're, not particularly brave. Ok, if I could if I could attend service, I go to a service, running minute, not even a question. All right, everybody: next George, Singapore, twenty years old, the programme, a big fan of your work, I'm from Singapore, a country that does not have freedom of speech. I love my country and do not believe it is evil However, I believe that restrictions on speech should be lifted, Hawaii
to my thoughts on the importance of free speech, Furthermore, how do I do this in a country that does not see this as my right It's very hard. Very hard. This has always been unique to America that it is in it a constitution that people are free speech that beauty say anything you want in the United States is more or less you make to this day but the left everywhere on earth suppresses free speech. Sometimes the right has done that, but its very rare free speech is suppressed. Every. The left gained power. There is no exception to it in human history or History of the left- that's not all of human history since marks and what is happening in America, which is astonishing to those of us who grew up in a country that sheriff free speech So, if your country, if Singapore, does not have a tradition of free speech,
to be very hard for you to make the case it's. It's Like making the case for something that never existed, killing people. You know I I you You can fly in an airplane, when people never saw an airplane. What are you talking about free speech, people are used to not having free speech look at the, american campus, the universe Should he campuses now used to not having free speech people a fine with it. So you have a real struggle in front of you. That's. Why worry about America? Because the free speech issue is the most Orton issue that we have with regard to freedom, the most important and We may look world we're losing it. I don't know when it comes back people get to you- with a shelf sensor, they sense others, because most people,
really care about free speech, most people. Really care about freedom. They care about being taken care of. That's why the left is so popular, we'll take care of you, you give us your freedom, you give us your money and we take care of. You sounds great if you're, ok, That call in SALT Lake City, you thought, then, as I have heard, you often speak of the importance of courage, use the example of posting social media, something that others may disagree with, what disregarding the fear of becoming unfriended my Social media feed has become hijacked by peers, who have unknowingly subscribed to date this marxist ideals, I have never. Posted my own beliefs, not from fear of retaliation but because as I see it as futile met,
nor have I nor anyone, I know become convinced of the other side because of an impassioned facebook post. Be easy to confuse selfish virtue, signalling with courage. Am I onto assume that sharing my beliefs on social media is not an exercise of courage, so How else can I exercise courage within my sphere of influence amidst this battle for truth? Thank you. Well, I think you have to If everybody who differs with the left shuts up, then the left one- you we ve surrendered, so You can't do that, and it makes who all went on the left. Think o the left must be right. There were no responses. We flooded facebook?
Is rational arguments and our humans are rational, thou. Have a big impact so you should double down and triple down in your efforts issues Not only have one of courage, it's just if the issue, is one of of waging a war for decency in good this and liberty. That's worth that's worth posting an article. Sam sixteen Chicago wise, Got you considered to be on the right when it was a socialist party? That's what nazis as for National Socialist Nazis and was national socialism Thank you Dennis role, you do you have a lot to my life already. Thank you, SAM Why is nazis and considered on the right when it? In fact, as national socialism I'll tell you, wives consider on the right are not defending. The notion that people can differ on this question.
But I will answer your question. The difference between National socialism and then what soviet socialism, at least in theory, is that met in national socialism, german socialism, Nazism. Was rooted in race and Communism is rooted in class. Ass is left wing issue. People say right, This is a right wing issue. People say that's the reason: That they make this distinction. I don't think it's valid today, because Nearly all the racists or on the left because left this say that race matters so did nazis. Liberals and conservatives say raced doesn't matter one of the most important. I think.
Fireside chats I have ever given is Notion of color blind If you have the number one one forty, nine is the supreme this one as well. Right and one of the ones I gave was the previous one that that it is extremely important. The case for colorblind calibre and is the ideal. That was a liberal ideal when liberals were strong and the left was weak But now the left, a strong liberals are weak and so color blind is considered bad thing, If you say race matters, you aren't you a racist, that's the defining Ellen. Racism that skin or determines anything about? You says any about. You is the purest form of racism, the purest, so this
today, the reality is the left is racist. The right! as raised doesn't matter. Every conservative, I know- and I know many truly believes- that we don't give a damn. What color is get it I mean don't give a damn. It's is its is irrelevant. As your eye color and, as I said, I guess last time when people say well, you know That's funny race, point if I'm black, you noticed some black. Of course I do so what I noticed a futile. I notice, if you're short, if your skinny, I notice, if you're fat, I noticed your eye color, I you know, I notice all boasting. None of the matter. What was your eye color, but does that determine anything about you, then. Why does your skin color you have an answer to that.
I would be more than curious by the way, more than happy to debate any prominent priming, I'm not going debate. Everybody wants to debate me that that have ten thousand debate, but if there's a Prominent person who It is as many people as I do who's on the left and wants to debate this unit. The time and you named the place, but they never debate they smear leftist can't debate. Why would they it's not based him even not based and logic, and it's not based on morality. I don't blame them from out the. We would be more than happy to that's the story morning, glory. We're living in a very difficult time, really difficult this kind Ray, is at stake. Now, I'm not surprised its painful the extreme, but I'm not shocked that there would be young people
chanting in Oakland California, death to America. It's it's hard to believe but the human condition is a complex one it's very hard to sustain something good, its unbelievably easy to destroy a building very hard to build one Ok, everybody I'm Dennis Prager and I'll, see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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