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Fireside Chat Ep. 151 — Society Can't Fix Your Problems

2020-09-10 | 🔗
Character development was a primary focus in education until the 1960s. Now, children are taught to blame America or "society" for their problems. The great tragedy of this, of course, is that if you think society is to blame, why would you take any action to help yourself? 0:00 “Say Hi To Otto!” 1:14 A Guy’s Guy 2:20 A Religious Education’s Impact 4:08 An Interruption 4:45 What Should Be Your Biggest Struggle? 7:52 Battling Human Nature 12:14 Raise Your Kids On More Than Love 14:50 America Will Never Be Perfect 16:30 Discussing BLM Without “Being Divisive” 21:53 Dating As A Conservative 24:44 Why Dennis Can Spell Albuquerque 26:48 The Communist Utopia Experiment 30:06 Addressing “The Global Black Family” 32:28 Thanks For Watching Subscribe so you never miss a new Fireside Chat! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/fireside-chats/
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Did you know that auto turned around just in time for the broadcast his, I was on this side and then he let me say all know and turn the round its heart. To overstate autos intelligence. I take that back, actually not hard to overstate. Indulgence, but that's why I love him. You don't love your dog, cat for their brilliance, for their intelligence, By some dogs are more intelligent than others, obviously, but that's not what renders them lovable truth is, I don't even think brains. Are the most lovable part of a person character? Is goodness
anyway high Dennis Prager. This is the fireside chats. This is ATO and everybody says hello. People stop meet the airport. Sometimes people stop me and just say say say, hide Otto. So your what chop liver. That's joke! I get a big kick out of that. To be honest, if people go the German here that phrase one of my chopped liver, that's a new York phrase, but have you heard it you're a California girl, do you know him? to everybody. Do you know Megan? Is we introduce the staff behind here. You should meet Nathan break Actually, Guy Nathan, I was telling that right beforehand John much oaken. This guy's a guy's guy, well know, that's that's the one way of putting it. I take that back he's a hotel, it is live, have even is required, it is spontaneous, but you know let me explain that a guy's guy is a compliment to guys
I'm not kidding. You know how many guys say to me seriously on the radio. I love you Dennis and it women say it to, but I'm actually more moved when men say it, because it's very much rarer, for a guy to say that to a guy, then, for what say to a guy, I would say to a woman anyway, just some thoughts on life to open up our fireside chats. This is a weekly spontaneous fought production. I like that it is its fought production right, for your volume, ears and eyes, what talk to you today about well always a big deal that this is a big deal by definition, When I was in college, came up with this realization. I Have attended through high through the age of eighteen, I have attended a very serious Stu Education, religious edgy, how serious it was
what's calleja Shiva. You can look up the word. You see it's it's a a traditional orthodox jewish education. Half the day was in Hebrew Today was an English, that's one of them. Since my Hebrew shall good, because I was immersed in it from a very early age, one of the reasons I can write. My bible commentary case of my knowledge hebrew- and I got a good, a really good religious education and which has shaped my life. So here is an example of something I came up with in college Looking around at my students, my fellow students who, by the way, where we're demonstrating and sometimes rioting, then that was about the Vietnam WAR Was the seventies Graduate School, actually that I came up with Non college and I thought what is the big difference between them and me
and I realize they were a number of things, but this is the one that really hit me, and it was one of them The great realizations of my life if you have a traditional jewish christian education, you, a different perception of the world, then I then than a regular. You wanna, where we will take care of that. Just the turn, the vine that we are, we now Soon forgot, I want you all to know that that is completely matrons fault, Had nothing to do with that noise. So why not pay for me to say after I compliment Mama's locks. But he relies on his looks so he gets very far in life that you could keep that in or not. That is completely your
Determination I about voting, to keep in order to exercise so There are a lot of. There are a lot of differences between a religious world view in a secular worldview. I say knowing that there are many sexual people who are not My friends but who allies in the struggle for liberty and the struggle for America. There. There was this huge difference and its playing out to this day. I am an ball of life. Other students, my fellow students, as I think in in tradition, christian education, the same thing. I learned that it's a big the struggle in my life
as with. Are you ready me in secular schools? You learn that the biggest struggle in your life is society in America with America that shapes your emotional life that shapes your phone? Suffolk, a wife and your moral life? The big? problem in Dennis Breakers life- I learned at a very early age was, and his prayer, you have to fight mine nature you have to fighting your nature. There was an old saying animal from the seven these rabies, I'm ok, you're. Ok was a very famous popular book, but it's not true that
that was a classic rejection of judeo christian principles. I'm not ok,. And you're? Not? Ok! That's the judeo! Christian view we can work and strive to be ok, but that's a life long struggle, I have Work against me, my nature practice! I'd like every one of you have human nature. Human nature can can be done. Recorded into beautiful channels, but it has to be directed. You know think about this all the time when I see blaming America blaming America along on wonderful, that's the implication right, I'm fine, I'm a good human being, a wonderful! My problems emanate from America. No, they dealt your problems emanate from human nature, which you are the possessor of especially in America, that's wiping don't like free societies
hey free societies like people who ate America, they hate the fact that their life isn't working outright, and so in a free society. You have to confront EU if life doesn't work out, so they don't like that. Free society puts the onus on me. You can blame society societies. Let you screw up because it too Free society. I thought about this again. Just today, in speaking, to my son. His son. Some my little grandson, whose is for five- I I know I should know, but these four or five. What's it used four and a half? Let's make a compromise age. And he came. It was assumed call with my son and
and he came out it his daddy's lap and- and he said, tell Papa that's me tell poppy what How many brains do you have any said. I have two brains. Which I had never heard as an interesting way of putting it Annie and then my son system, and what are they? I ever? Brain and a bad brain. Which is the way my son explained a very, very basic jewish concept, to my grandson. And that is we if we, that is Jews, believe Jews who take Judaism seriously, which is a very small minority of Jews, but they they we taught from a very early age you have to urges or wills or creative instincts. I'm translating from the hebrew word nature, which has all those meetings you have nature Tobin, eight, Sarah Good, a good urge and a bad urge and were taught from
my grandson's a for years. All worked, we were taught there battle with each other, if you see my video, for goodness sake, which is free, you should watch it on the internet, its awesome, is made with some of the biggest people in Hollywood. Up there is a scene with Jason Alexander, acting the role on here was given an expensive item, the Wrong Box in NH. A electronic store he was given. Better item, then he paid for it looks at it and nobody will know the difference. They made a mistake and I got the better item and then we have two voices talking to him: one saying raw hey: this is great deal Lee
You ve man, take it out with you now before they realize what they did and another voice saying to him in both voices inside of him. The other voice, Shea NUTS, the old man you didnt pay forth as a perfectly people? We have two voices in us all the time, bad people either psychopaths don't even have the good voice the non psychopath who does bad suppresses the good voice, or even worse, does band thinking. It's a good voice, which we have agreed. Hell of a lot of evil is done by people with good intentions. So that's what my four and a half year old grandson was taught, and so I thought isn't that beauty, that such a young age. He knows he asked a battle with himself. That's what everybody needs to be taught
these people rioting about America, how bad America is black or white. So stomach racism and all that blame, their problems or the problems of others on America. But America is not the problem, they are and that's difference between wisdom and none wisdom between Judeo christian values and secular values its airy tempting to blame outside It forces for your problems, prob, Those are part of life, is very hard to conquer yourself. That's that's rough. If it were easy everybody would the would be able to do it. I mean think I think of just appetites human appetite
And desires how difficult they are too, to conquer say no to yourself- that's rough. So the temptation to blame, not just America, the temptation to blame your parents, every parent makes mistakes the real good reason for that are you ready? Every parent is human! That's why it's like that. The way it goes, every parent makes mistakes because a we don't come out of the room with an instruction manual. This is how you will raise me perfectly. First, everybody's different. Not everybody can be raised the same way. Secondly, we there is their experience? It's like being told to make a rock, ship and never having studied physics or engineering. That's how it is too to raise a good person them. A material is, is rough people,
because we live in the age of stupidity, cause that's what the end of the christian wisdom is ushered in stupidity, parents the vast majority or a great majority. If not a vast a majority have thought that you need to give your kid is love that the mistake is awesome and that this was known to generations before this, your kids need allow. More than love? they need guidance they need. To plan they need as What is it John gods? Roseman joy rose by lives, a child psychologist. And he has a video for us on this very subject for Prager you. You should watch it via men and the what's important vitamin you can give your child is vitamin, and That is why I, in the word no.
That's a real good one. You know how to say no to yourself, you will leave a good life. There. You are in a nutshell, I to say no to yourself. Whether its sugar or sex or I might not my though not all sugar or not all sex. I just want to make that clear, but but you can't all the sugar you want and public enable this actually want. And you name any other or you can have all the items you want. You'd, be probably don't have enough money to get everything you want. So will you cheat to get more money. So you say nobody yourself. These are writers against America, and I'm talking just to prove that one of the protesters to the protesters are not doing anything. Illegal are clearly. Where is the writers are, but
Nevertheless, this whole Notion- America, is this flawed creature, it sir isn't. It has flaws list if your parents, that's just two people if they have flaws Your society will certainly have flaws its composed in America's case of three hundred forty million people. How are you I have a perfect society with Three hundred forty million imperfect people, but that's why you have to compare America to other places. That's one of the reasons, as I said, people not crazy about freedom under freedom. If you were, if, if you leave a really are Troubled life, your troubled, if it's could well be you when the choices you you ve made, so that's that's it
you are the biggest problem in your life, not. The society in a truly, evil society, a communist or nazi society, Then society may well be a bigger problem than even your nature. That's true, but America's, neither communist nor now though I will admit that heading towards communist, I can leave I'm saying it, but it's true Ok, go to your questions teacher kids, to battle themselves, you'll, be doing them a lifelong favour, all right, the video question of the week and Otto and, oh, I didn't want, had to go unremarked. Oh. What are they really thinking about? You. He's the man right Let's go ahead,
and honourable my Jacqueline fake. I am fifteen year old, Prater Force member from home each Florida, recently. I've noticed all my friends falling near being pushed by the black eyes matter. Movement- and I just want to hear your opinion on how concerns can take a stand on this issue with outcome, You cross as divisive and when we do get the opportunity to have conversations with people who fully understand what be alone stands for how we can get them to see what the organization truly pushes the negative effects that that could have on society. Thank you, all right. I'll, tell you! We have these impressive people and not in Prager Force she's fifteen. Nice nice to see you and hear from you. It was trusting that she asked without being divisive.
This is part of the many lives that are being told today, including America's racist, and all of that, the lie. The President said they were good nazis. We have a video on them. It's gone viral the shore what's. The lie should watch it a few times too to see how terrible that lie is, and why we're just its permeated, this notion that You call America racist. And you divide America between black and white and words ices its Orwellian with went out divisive. We the most the conservatives of inclusive people, equal or bassoon him from many one. We want everybody to be an american and we don't about your color That's my earth fireside, chats, colorblind, how it's the possible moral ideal that
the american dream, that's the american experiment and it may fail there's no guarantee at all that it will. It will survive even in the next ten years, let let alone forever. For a hundred years. The american ideal, excellent, say: Americans always limb by it. Nobody fully lives by their ideals but draft to have the ideal. The idea It was then we're all american. That's that's. The ideal I'm a Jew, I'm as much an American is as wide anglo Saxon Protestant right and and and have been view that way, and black too, were blacks, always uses American. As a white know, nobody denies that, but for four the last half century. Basically, True, and that's the ideal. We don't want black dorms, that's that's! That's the whole point
The left wants black dorms and then the elements from being divisive that my blowing cracks MIA you're divisive for warming blacks. Why Latinos, Asians, to live together, you're, the divisive ones. Oh I get it look up the black lives matter. Look it up. I mean in autumn Google takes it down, look up, but the v, they stand for read their own words. The the contempt for judeo christian tradition, the content, four of the of the nuclear family being opposed. Black lives matter be capital, be capital, L, capital m. I mean you, don't believe black lives matter anymore than me, opposed to communists meant. You wouldn't believe workers batter the left his own, If he was the group to defend,
it's terrible ideals, and so too the opposition will look like their against the group, not the ideals No, I don't know what a soul I dont even. I can't even imagine a soul who doesn't think black lives matter. Do such people exist there people who think that about every of every group taking taking individually evil people and their beliefs, and and applying them to the commission, through the whole country. That's evil. Think black lives matter, six, it's like saying the obvious like saying oxygen, helps everything! Ok, there auto wool I'm times what I say really provokes a reaction
was thinking there. There are people who don't think black lives matter right. Chris thirty years old, Albuquerque Mexico, dear Dennis few supporter of your radio talk show thank you. You should tuning there was a day, everything's. Ok, Otto a collar during the male female. Our made a point of how hard it is to date, if our trump supporter has Prager you Ever thought about setting up their own dating site also what are some good dating sites to me, conservative women. Thank you, I'm predominating cited a while, but I you talk to a lot of single people furthermore, married and This issue comes up, I don't understand why it's that difficult to be honest, Bertram supporter and you want to meet, or conservative generally and you want to meet another Trump supporter were conservative or you
have to do is note in your self this she. I am a conservative. I understand that at least half of you will therefore roomy out. That's fine. Exactly why and putting it here, because if you you hate Donald Trump, we have similar values that that's fine, have a wonderful life, but we don't need to meet I dont understand what the issue is: if, if you, if your hobby was a guy guard. You would probably put that in because you, one, somebody who also why gardening. So why when you put in as many things about you ass possible. So two. In fact: marrow the the number of people you don't want, a gigantic number people responding. It does Senor time
of young people. How old are you, let's see both with thirty, so a lot of people would say dating twenty five and up so their lot lot of women out there who will share your values, just state your values. It makes you masculine to state your values, women. Men who stand for something just there, a word to the wise, sufficient. Ok, That's why pretty Prager you can set up a dating site it would open up such a pandora's box for us on. Don't think we can do that one anyway, what a good dating sites to me, conservative, women, any just state who you are if two percent, respond, that's great them ain't that ninety eight percent to warrant for you didn't respond. That's great! Do they were conservatives on tender, as that
Think I knew about tenderness. Raymond thirty eight Albuquerque was less oil but Albuquerque to Yale, that's rare, too the confusion in a row ready a. L B, you q, you are q, you ve now I won't tell you! Why is an interesting thing? Why do I not spell Albuquerque I've been there maybe twice in my life, maybe three times At an early age back to the early age issue, I just wanted, to know as much as I could. So I wanted so I would see a name like Albuquerque out to I want to know how to spell it, because it come up again. I want to the difference between eighty apostrophe S m. I t s eye, it seems of Amerika is electrocuted in the last forty years. Does another difference. They guess when they put. Our ideas, I see it in a in order,
Those on the daily mail, where they get it wrong, that's a sophisticated site. Not to mention you know, I'm just pick him up picking on daily mail, I'm just saying one that I recently occurred I don't know how This'Ll sound, but oh, oh, oh risk it. I I want to be as as good a person is. I can be, as I wanted, not just good. Morally, I wanted to be a good speller. I know sounds trivial, but it's not trivial. Why? Wouldn't you want to be as good as speller as you could be? there is the pursuit of excellence- is- is very rare today pride. In one's work seems to have declined is so long as you can get away with it and not get fired. The trick is now
not to get fired not to be excellent?. Society needs people to want to be excellent, ray In thirty, eight Albuquerque have almost Thank you for everything you and your team does to educate people your message: hope for good My question is about black lives matter at their website. In the what we, believe section state, a number positions, including quote, we d- The western prescribe nuclear family structure requirement by support each other as extended families and villages that collective. We care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable, interesting fathers enough to mention is that interesting The notion of disrupting the nuclear family caught my attention, they also clean,
to quote see ourselves as part of the global black family. Unquote your thoughts thanks again, while ass. They ve left in general. Not just black lives matter. Never had a regard for the nuclear family there, dad this image of, oh mother, father and children, how quaint we do. It's not the ideal at all and that True for all leftism since marks that the new your family is not regarded as highly in in a war over the idea that parents should raise their children. They should be raised community and Israel. In the beginning of the year, the jewish community, in a modern jewish community in in the holy land as it's called they. They tried this the key boots, the kibbutz was actually communist small, see it was via Terry, so was an evil, but
we think belong to everybody. There was no private property, they tried that and it almost no longer exists. It was. It was a utopian experiment, lotta great people by the way who lived there, but that didn't work. So They started out to liberate women. They children ray. He's the in a communal home, within one generation these little Ro Progressive parent said no way I want. My child in my home. They gate. They made this experiment era of his eye, like every generation thinks that The nuclear family is old fashioned, be you know, it's a very interesting, sometimes old fashioned is a compliment. We may we make cookies. The old fashioned way. That's a compliment but we have values the old fashioned way. That's an insult
I'm not sure we need new values. I'm sorry, I know this sounds boring to many of you who want to make a revolution values have withstood a lot of good values, withstood the the ages Waste of time. One of them is the nuclear family. Your family is sort of like democracy, nor Churchill said about democracy. It's the What form of government, except for all the others. The nuclear family is the worst form of family, except for all the others. That's the way it works. And then now what do? I think I did know they said this. We see ourselves as part of the global black family. Really margins somebody saying. Oh, I see. Myself as part of the global white family for Israel. I personally would think the prison was a crackpot right. Why is that a crackpot, but global black family is not a crackpot
if you can give me an answer to that, I'll, buy you a gift. I will, It will be a coherent rational, more response, someone thinking, their part of the global white family is despicable, being part of the global black family is beautiful. You will get a gift for me. Publicize your name. I will I will honour you, I will put you on my radio show how one is beautiful and one is despicable and stupid, and and the the I don't understand. So here's a little secret, the average black American, has as much in common with the air black and Africa as a white, does. Which is not an insult. It is not an attack, it is.
Because color doesn't make you culture, makes you values, make you. Then there would be no reason why a black in Chicago raised in Chicago by parents, We have been in America longer than most white paper ancestors have been. Is need to go to Africa and have an instantaneous rapper rapport. And communal identity with someone in Cameroon, Have a video coming up. I ve been to Cameroon in West Africa, Don't we have a video coming up with a woman from Cameroon who move to America? She feel Much more comfortable in America than she did in Cameroon, she's, a black woman which makes for sense. What why wouldn't she You're among people of the same color and that's it, our family, but you this.
A black lives matter. They don't think Larry Elder is part of the big backfire may do they ask him. What's our time I went over, well. You know it's a good sign. My feeling is if it goes fast for me and I'm doing the work, then hopefully, fast for you who is not doing the work? That's my view. I hope then go fast for you thanks watching. I'm Dennis Prager see you next week at the fireside chats. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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