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Fireside Chat Ep. 153 β€” The Meanness of the Left with Sarah Huckabee Sanders

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This week Dennis is joined by former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Together they discuss the importance of courage, attacks by the media, and her new book, "Speaking for Myself." Check out "Speaking for Myself" here: https://l.prageru.com/3hXZNJD Purchase your Otto merch in the PragerU store: https://shop.prageru.com/collections/the-otto-collection Subscribe so you never miss a new Fireside Chat! πŸ‘‰ https://www.prageru.com/series/fireside-chats/ 0:00 Welcome to a special episode 1:00 Spelling black with a capital β€œB” 2:10 Sarah Sanders and her new book 3:14 No journalism accountability for the truth 7:53 Finding strength among the vicious attacks 9:38 Children keep you humble 11:43 The Shameful Media: Kavanaugh Hearing & Nick Sandmann 15:04 The meanness of the left 17:08 Know who you are 18:06 The biggest surprises of the president 21:57 The reason for Speaking for Myself 22:33 No right equivalent to the left’s anger 25:30 Favorite White House moments 26:42 Why so much hatred for the president? 29:28 A true heroine
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I everybody Dennis Prager here now. This should be. It is a fireside chat, but it has no fireside and no Otto, which is very painful, but You will understand why the statement of how important I consider my guest than I would or go a fireside and Otto, but the Good NEWS is: we have audible merchandise, they thought here at Prager you. This is where we are as opposed to my home. They thought a Prager, you then it's. You would really push Otto Merchandise and I thought tat. I would because everybody loves and people stop me at airports in they don't go hide it. They go how's Otto, which is painful? It's not really get a kick out of them. Anyway, we haven't Otto Mug and we have shocks which are high. Qualities are correct and that's all the Prager you store. I just want that everybody to know,
but that's the reason we don't have the usual here. So every week, I share with you some thoughts. I will and then I will go immediately to my guest. I robbed column this week, my weekly column, on the new thing, which is to spell black with a capital B and I will deal with that at greater length about the absurdity of it that to make a color into a into wait a noun into a proper noun, as as, if there is such a thing, why, of course, is not capitalized and sows the Associated Press, which is the the Bible lifestyle for journalists said well, the problem is, whites don't share anything, whereas blacks share culture and identity, which is absurd, and then they don't want to give solace and comfort to white supremacist
so. The only reason I am raising this issue is of great segue way to my guest, who needs no insured. Action for ninety nine point, nine percent of you, even those of you, of course, watching out outside of the United States. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the press secretary for President Trump and she has a very wonderful book out now. Speaking for myself am I being an author? No, there is nothing worse than appearing on any programme and the host does not mention the book. It's annoying, isn't it it s? I'm very grateful that of wine, you're sitting down with me, and I hope we can be at least a half way good of substitute as Otto. I know I don't measure up, but hopefully we can still have a little fun well, auto here, broader, wasn't so much. I have to say that in fact the truth is out of those and do more,
Problem onto its anyway, I'm really delighted to be with you very rarely have guests the fireside chats. It's really between those folks in me, but it gives you an idea of how much I admire you that that we have done this. I didn't want you to know that, and I'd like to tell you why I admire you. It's not because you're famous famous doesn't mean a thing to me. I have a great saying, I think your love, the famous, are rarely. Significant and the significant are rarely famous ass great, that's one or is it true, though you know the pig you think of whose favours out there is, what does it mean a thing, but but you are significant and fair
ass an end, but the reason is, as I told you on my radio, show your courage. It's the rarest of the good traits, and you have that I mean two to go out there every day in front of the media, whose only whose only purpose was to mock you and the President there that they and the proof is the way they say, speak to Joe Biden. The questions, the Joe Biden or why don't you like, the president? How come president is awful. Why are you wonderful right am? I am. I am not exaggerating, is truly astonishing that he's running to be the leader of the free world and nobody is asking anything hard of him. What I think of when I think of the media is sheep, there might be too harsh, not at all that there are not just shoot, but their lazy, and if
An person runs with the story, whether its accurate or not. Sometimes, they don't even bother to check. They basically just push it out and say according to so and so- and you know, the New York Times runs a story that everybody else follows and set according to the New York Times. You know Dennis Prager is the worst human on earth. Okay! Well, if they set it, then everybody will write it and it's unbelievable that there's no accountability in journalism, first day you showed up his press secretary for for President Donald Trump. Did you have as low one opinion of the media as you do today it was a gradual, This is the real But it happened. Pretty quick set a right. You know. Certainly I think I came in a lot more optimistic into the White House, but I worked under Sean's visor as the deputy for a few minutes before becoming the press secretary, and I mean every day you could just see
getting worse and worse, but by the time I laughed the level of hatred and anger towards the president, and everybody around him was so high from the mainstream media that it was hard not to have. You know just a sense of total debt regard for for a lotta are or journalism schools producing this person or does, or is it impossible to advance? If you just don't go along with the herd, I think a lot of it is you? Don't
move forward. If you dont make a name for yourself, and so often now people in the media aren't trying to make their stories bigger, they're, trying to make themselves bigger, and that is one of I think, the biggest problems we saw, especially in the briefing room. One of the things that changed so much under Donald Trump is before his administration. Honestly, people watch the briefing from beginning to end. It wasn't must see tv like it was in the Trump administration and people found out wait. If I get into a fight with the press secretary, I can have a viral moment, and people will know who I am I'll get book deals speaking contracts I become. If I'm a print reporter, I can be a contributor on CNN. I dont know why anybody would strive for that, but some people do, and you saw them becoming some body and not just the story being a bit
deal, but that individual being a big deal, at least in their own minds, and there was such a shift I think from when we first started to. Even even now do you think they're, my v or pursuers of truth or pursuers of cooling called social justice. I think it depends. I think there are some good reporters out there that are still searching for truth, still searching for real news, but they get so, I think, pushed down because all of the other stuff gets amplified so much bigger than just a basic news story. It's just not exciting fits not attacking the president or tearing somebody down, and it doesn't have that kind of insider gas.
Then it's just not as syllable, and so I think, there's a little bit of both, but the negative is certainly far out Wang Strain on a daily basis or not give you leave your days, work and think Why am I doing this now because I knew I was doing and the the meaner and nastier and the more aggressive they got the more important it became for us to stand strong and keep them. Came back because we didn't want to lose your spirit we are. I have. I have a piece up. Many twenty years of columns one of by columns years ago was how the left keeps me religious and it's not. It was meant totally sincerely. They do the the people who loathe my values turn out to be unimpressive and
more unimpressive. They are the more. I believe my values are impressive, so I totally resonate to what you said it actually strengthened. You in my faith, got stronger. I became much more deep and my conviction of what I believe, because I knew I was gonna be challenged and if I was gonna be challenge to be prepared to fight back and so the harder they came at may the stronger I felt like we got both you know at home with my marriage, my family. I knew that I couldn't do it without them and so that got stronger by faith got stronger because I had such a dependence on that and I got closer with the team
I worked on because I so dependent on them that really all they did was embolden us too. To be better. I am happy to hear that for your shake and further for the cause, as it were talking about your family, how will the children eight almost seven and five? Did they ever see a press conference they did they actually attended a couple than the ones they intended. We're all kid briefings on bring your kid towards some great pictures of them hanging from the podium they were early unimpressed that their mom was the White House press secretary. Let her Bruce of children is to be humble.
Exactly. I worry that every parent knows that on more than one occasion, one of my favorite story, so my daughter scarlet, whose my oldest she was about six and she was going to her first father daughter, dance, I'm so proud of her spent all this time. Picking out the perfect Rask in her hair done, she looks beautiful and telling her how proud I am of her. She wanted to make a big entrance to my husband and I get Terry I'd like telling her that I'm so proud, you're such a sweet girl and smart and beautiful and she looks up at man and I think she's gonna we're having a moment and she taps merely orange, because it's ok mommy when day you can be pretty too, and I was like out
all our hearts hurts and so kids. One hundred percent will always keep you humble and by women politically incorrect when my Alderson was about eleven, but you should go a lot on Bill Marshal and David. You wanna come with me thanks dad I'll stay home, I come home, who who the other guests dad? I guide analysis, this wrapper name, Coolio any course LEO. You were with Colombia I went from chopped liver to you, with Coolio that's how it works. It's pretty what my kids were totally unimpressed, that I worked at the White House, but if I brought home like White House imminent, that was when there is such a thing is White House Eminent there are, will make showing get you some
naturally I mean you, I only want, as my kids, but that is a door, but so now let me talk to you about the Supreme Court. Were you pressure for territory in the cabin or, alas, fiasco? Ok, so the the meanness of of the Democrats of the left forget that we disagree it. It was just the meanness toward an utterly these, man will. What are your thoughts? I may tell us from the inside what it was like. I mean it was truly disgraceful. So one of the moments that in some ways was very awkward but so necessary. So we did a murder board session with Judge Cavanaugh and it for several of us. It was one of the first or second times we really. Ever been around him and I was poor I ain't Senator Feinstein, so I knew
my job was to be no not friendly, and we knew that there was nothing that was off the table for them. Ass. We knew they would be so relentless Here we were meeting him. Somebody who is respected, pretty much universally prior to be nominated, has a Supreme Court justice by Donald Trump and were asking him about the most intimate details of his life. Unbelievably, comfortable, and yet we knew it had to be done, because the Democrats there was no low to love, that they wouldn't go, and so we had to have those moments with him and why seen him go through that process as apparent watching him talk about his daughters and the impact of them and hearing him tell in that hearing days later, that his daughter had prayed for the people involved in the process was just
heartbreaking? I mean to see somebody a good and decent person get just absolutely eviscerated for no other reason than they hated the person that nominated M is not who we are as a country, and I think the Democrats were shameful in that process. I think I mean I ask myself as question almost on a daily basis for senators of the United States. Do you think they believed that he was part of a reply plane gang raping now. You know they don't believe that Not only did they perpetuate the lie, but so did the media, and they were so willing to destroy somebody so publicly because they wanted to hurt the present they didn't care, and that is just to me, mine, blowing, that we ve got a place. I think you look it.
The kid like Nicholas Sandman, that to me as one of the most awful moments for the media. Have you ever thought that the media would become the type of institution that was happy to destroy kids life? I mean when you sit back and really thing about it they were gleeful in running those clips because it had on a mega hat. They were happy to do what they could to destroy this kid's life, no matter what the cost, no matter who we was, they didn't care because they had their story and they couldn't wait to run it. That is appalling and to think they haven't learned anything. I don't expect you to answer this, but I want you to know another question I frequently asked myself do mean people go to the left. Where does the left make people mean
Oh maybe it's both ably those main when some are probably remain to begin with, and some just get meaner when they get there. I don't know I mean I Q american boy, my side doing some of this stuff. I the whole notion by the way of enquiring about high school activity. When you have led an honourable life for thirty forty years, your religious on religious. We We believe in the rehabilitation, even if you were an awful kid in haste if you lead an honourable life family community country for all of your adult life that
we see you, but that's not how they will paint you, but the differences and the hypocrisy of it is they can be bad as adults and still get a free pass. I mean you look at things the governor of Virginia Total free pass, if that had been a conservative, a Republican that participated, in the yearbook photos he did? It would never be an elected office would have been pushed far out there things that women empower said about women in the Trump administration, attacking our appearance or fitness to be parents, our ability to make a pie, nothing was off limits and everything was ok for them to attack. But if a conservative said that about a liberal you,
be the scum of the earth. He would never be on tv again. Yet as long as you do it to a conservative woman, it's perfectly acceptable and fine and they're doing that as adults, not mistakes are making us high schoolers saw what are some of the big lotions. You ve learned from your unique, virtually unique experience in life. I think one of the most important lessons for me and one of the things that helped me survive. Some of the most difficult days were knowing who I was before I ever walked into that room and having confidence and a belief in something that was bigger than myself gave me the shrinks to get through the worst days possible. I think it's so important encourage young kids, know what you believe in and know who you are before you go out and try to take on the world
cuz. You will get challenged, even if you don't line up with my beliefs, know what yours are because they're going to be challenged and you need to be able to defend them. You need to be able to talk about who you are as a person and so for me, that was one of the biggest and most important things about knowing the president when you came to know him. You know there are a lot of things. Tat surprised me, one actually has a huge sense of humor is very fun to be around a lot of people missing. I think, if you pay attention to him and rallies and stuff you catch glimpses of it, but he has to stay larger than life personality, but is also a very generous person and he can be very compassionate when he wants to be and in moments where it calls for that. He steps up and rises to those moments and getting to see him behind the scenes. In some of the more d
a cop moments of being president. You see his heart and you see that certainly seems to have a predator match rule strength, most people. In politics? Even sharing his values would have compromised. What would have you know, sort of. Not hidden themselves but would have protected themselves so to speak, his ability to endure the stuff and come back. The next day is, as I said, predator natural, I think most people if they went through what he went. Through day in and day out, would be curled up in the corner. Crack that's right and he only gets tougher. It's kind of goes back to the harder you hit the stronger. He gets, and he just keeps fighting back You would think they would learn after a little while, like we can't take him down, maybe we should try a different tactic, but maybe
I've just got your no are you said about compassion, so this will resonate. I'm sure I've never met him, and but I love the Trump Hotel, not because its trump I just love the hotel I'm in Washington, so my wife and I were there and- Our waiter was a black eye and I am I love strangers, I'm I'm the opposite of stranger, the interim stranger lover. I just liked everybody. So I said, and I like to talk real, so I said to him: you know you were, the Trump hotel. Most blacks are anti trump or so we're toll and certainly anti republican. So how How do you arrive friends and relatives react you're working at the Trump hotel? He said, that's actually not a big deal. And I said, and the and how do you feel about it, he said. Well, What it'll look you make a living? What do I care? I thought that would be totally
Annabelle answer. We said to tell you the truth. I think the world, Mr Trump and I said why so because every time he comes here, he asked me about my family. That was that was a big deal and he is somebody who has worked in the hospitality industry and he very much as a caretaker. He you, you know you come into his office, he's like. Let's get these people Coke, Sarah like well. What are you doing when the UK has bring people in here with us offering them something? Let's take care of people? Yes, such a take care of mentality from I think running. Hotel calls and being in that industry for so long. You know you see that he'll walk of travelled to a number of his properties with him. He knows everybody's names in the back shut the door man, the managers, he know The euro is their only. I was what I was and it's not just one person at one property, it's not just a sea of literally been two places in
nationally with him at his proverb, any knows them all and that gift. I don't know all my relatives names. I don't want to know some of its painful but maybe as that gift, why did you name your book? Speaking for myself cause you no longer speaking for someone else get this a sort of a one of the reasons I wrote the book is because I was though tired of all of the stories and the negative about the president that I wanted people to see the purse that I got to see, but also my story in my life before I ever showed up at the White House and a lot of people or on the national stage. No me, as the person who spoke for Donald Trump- and this is my story and my version of my every day- with the president. So are you sort of Heroin in Oregon? Saw I dont know I may
people in the street arriving day. Like me, there are better than they did in D C, so that usually say you know, I think walking into any then restaurant in in a unique little rock. I am I'm having been asked to leave any restaurants and argued that so far it's been knock on, while you were asked to leave them in in Washington or renew your. I was actually Lexington Virginia just outside of wash. Was it the owner? It was there, I want to know if there is an example of a conservative asking member of the Obama administration to ever leave a restaurant. The people must understand There is no symmetry here now there is no way that could have happened. Otherwise we would never have heard the end of it, because it would have been broad categories. It goes in the kurdish Russia. Just like you I'm off. If you know this, I do from my radio show the number
of adult children who have stopped speaking too apparent because the parent is it voted for Donald Trump or supports Donald Trump. There is no example that I could think of. I won't talk to my parents because they ve four Barack Obama. First of all, we would consider that person a fool right, accuse me her father and mother doesn't come with the asterisk unless they voted the wrong way, so that its all all of this. Mean they seem to be in one direction. One of the examples I was walking into my son's pre school class. He was three I'm holding my three year old signs hand, a mother who has a child also in the same class in front of my son, tells me that I'm a horrible person, a despicable person and then turns and spit son. My car, the level of nastiness and anger, is unprecedented. I'd. Never there's no
person. I can think of it at all anywhere in the world that I disagree with so much that I would be so insulting another mother. Most monarch might blow by blowing. Well look I have said the people free it go with a mega bumpersticker in Santa Monica or San Francisco, woman, Hatton and go with a binding sticker in the conservative place in the country, see who Car gets marked up, gets ass, a kid I'll, allowing here your vehicle for that. If you let me drive your car, I take your point on fundamental what I understand modes We all know the answer to that. So do we have what what a time frame- Megan, oh Well, what should we do? Should we take in question or or yes, okay? So that's new, our video question, I take
normally, questions in the middle of it, but this was too interesting but here we go take it away. Hello. My name is Alison Robeson. I am years old and I from Temple Texas, my question first, era is what was your favorite thing? working in the White House and what piece of advice would you give to college age? Conservatives thank you got that I think saw okay. So I would say there are so many favorite mom as you know, one of them was putting the media in their place. You know people always is also sorry very unlike why, if I didn't love me, job, I wouldn't keep doing it, but I loved the work. I did. I loved working for the present. I considered every day I got to do that job, a privilege and an honour and a fighting back with the media and making them feel ridiculous and showing the rest of the country just how of out of control they had gotten was not all bad, either so differently
part of it, but I think getting to see America in such a differ. Why I got to travel literally all over the world with the president and meet people whose lives were really impacted by things that we were doing. That makes everything while so hearing those stories gives you that extra boost every single day, the president makes peace between two arab countries in Israel. And you know what the New York Times described it as law hanging fruit, Bahrain, was low hanging fruit, in other words anyway. In the White House could have done this that the if the man discovered a cure for cancer, it it would, it would be dismissed as well. It was inevitable in not something to hide Happen right on and it was imminent, somebody else would have done an interest to credit for it
is to always say that if he's you know walked across the Potomac, they say he can't swim. They hate him so much hey. So, let's end with this, this, I don't have an answer to this, and more words I asked questions and I have my own thoughts. I don't I don't have my own thoughts on this. Why do they hate him? So much? I think, there's a number of reasons. I think one is that he went around them and he eat them. They said that there was no way he would ever when if he won, he would destroy the economy and everything else in the country, and he hasn't done that he actually built one of the strongest economy. We ve had any did at all without needing them. They constantly attack him and he went around them. He spoke directly to the people and showed them that maybe they're not as powerful as they think they are that's one theory in our I think I think, there's a lot of marital that I think some of it to as he calls a man. Doesn't he doesn't care about them
our motto on that that the moment, do you care what the New York Times says about you. You you have lost the ability to lead that Scrite enshrined. It is true, is completely you and he doesn't care so, when people who are used to being, I think that I'm only building on your point, I think anymore, you ve made it. Somewhat personal. We, the media or insulted by this man's existence. I think that's true. I think the nurses ism there. You know take us seriously. Oh, my god, We take ourselves seriously. Why don't you one I think they see themselves to, as, like the king makers, would is the opposite of the role that the media is supposed apply right, but you know it and they hate him so much, but you kind of have to be like. Yet you gave him such a platform in sixteen everything he did you covered and you helped propel him and now,
you're, so angry that he used you when he needed to, but when he didn't he didn't have to, he could go around you and he had the power to ignore you completely and still be you and I think it drives them absolutely crazy. That's clear that that is clear. Your book is speaking. For myself. It's a terrific book. Well, let me just say- watching you in the laboratory combat that you were engaged in made you a true heroin in my in my mind, my wife's, my family, it is it's an honor to be with you. Thank you. The honor certainly very mutual and thankful that you took time to have me crash on the fireside chats, even if we didn't have the fire wife to save something for next some little rock ass right? No god bless you
Thank you all right. Everybody truly specialty, I'm with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. This is the fireside chats the sensation of no ATO and no fireside was SARA. I think it's a worthy trade I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching this video to help keep Prager you videos free, please consider making a tax deductible donation
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