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Fireside Chat Ep. 156 — When Childish Worldviews Take Over

2020-10-15 | 🔗
An outstanding conversation with Douglas Murray: How the left became so radical—the lack of debate, "anti-racism" training, corporate wokeness, critical race theory, and infantile thinking. Plus, some excellent advice for those afraid to speak their minds. Enjoy! Subscribe so you never miss a new Fireside Chat! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/fireside-chats/ 0:00 Welcome Douglas Murray 1:41 Where does his courage come from? 5:43 Understanding the value of the left 8:22 Understanding true evil 14:20 When Dennis lived in England 15:56 The Intellectual Left: Where did they come from? 18:15 The lack of debate on the left 19:38 The left’s absurdity: Writing 21:35 The left’s absurdity: Music 24:36 The left’s absurdity: Corporate Wokeness 30:10 Not a real gay? 32:45 Speak out and risk your grade or career? 37:28 Creating racial tension that doesn’t exist 38:50 How the right should respond 41:00 To Have Happiness: Gratitude is key 45:12 To Have Happiness: Understanding true suffering 46:43 How to break down Critical Race Theory 51:07 Always ask: Compared to what? 52:22 Chaos in God-shaped holes 57:50 Thank you for joining this special episode
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Hi everybody welcome, I'm Dennis Prager. This is a fire side chat, that's the fire side. I will chat, but not alone, as you does, does everybody I guess already, or is it only on me good and of course Otto is here, It is a very rare fireside chats that I have a guest, so it's an immediate statement of my belief in the importance of what they to have to say- and nobody has more important things to say in Douglas Murray, who and british and who is an independent and courageous voice in Britain, rights for the spectator, major books. I've had my my radio show. I quote your books, I learned now you started writing at eighteen, probably started earlier than that you were published at eighteen. Yes, my first book was outrageously precociously. Early
yes, you are, you know I just want to say for the record my first book, I was twenty four and I thought that was impressive, so that shatters that nothing. This is the purpose of life. I am convinced, is to be humbled on a regular, oh it's very easy when you think I mean by the age of both of us, were doing that. You know, keeps unwritten everything. Oh yeah, oh no right were you know, Mozart had written twelve symphonies, exactly it's endless. That's what I'd be life is permanently humbly. anyway, Douglas Murray, is the author of the madness of crowds. That's the latest of your books than the strange death of Europe, which is their they're, both extremely significant, so. Let me begin with with a question that I ask all these independent voices that I have the honour of of talking to. I have a theory
but I'm not going to tell you my theory to it. I get an answer from you. How somebody like you develop am very specifically I have always said there were many fine traits, kindness, honesty, decency, loyalty, but the rarest of all the good traits in the most important, his courage and it's the rarest you have that. I'm not complementing. It was just a fact. Even if one doesn't like you- and I do like you obviously, but if you have courage do. You know where that comes from its very hard to say for yourself, it's easier to seven other people,
To my mind, it does nothing. I do feels particularly like courage. I know lots of things that are courageous to do. I know lots of jobs that are courageous to do. I dont think that being a writer should be a courageous thing to do. It can be a certain times. It's true my own belief. That is that it's something more like not being willing to put up with lies and that, if you have that instinct and quite a lot of writers, do it's sort of the best reason to be a writer in a way. If you don't like lies, and you just can't allow them to just flood by and you have a voice, then it's likely that you will use it to try to
stop that flood of lies and for a lot of people. That's it on to a lot of writers throughout their lives. That's quite an easy thing to do. I mean they can sort of fire shots that politicians, when they tell fibs, for instance, and politicians, do tell fibs it's a long career just in doing that. But I think the more interesting thing to do the harder thing to do is to identify the things the level beneath that you know what the big eyes of the time might be right, so you are confirming my theory, which is not a happy one. It is built into to you to hate lies. I could be taught Clyde through parenting or do you think it was yes will considerably? Send, I think, I'm siblings, I do they make a life. Yes, I think so. They share your views on life,
A lot of things- yes, I think it also a personal view on this. Is that your formative years? important many reasons. One of them is giving you an idea of what you are defending now when I growing up. I was immersed in music. I was immersed in in literature, the arts and the other things as well, but I and religion. I knew what was good and I knew what was worth defending and I can think of a lot of people who, I think, don't particularly care about lies in the tick quality care about fighting
the battles as I was fight because they don't really know what is worth defending their quite happy to give things up see let things flow away, and I think that if you know the wonders and the greatness of what our civilization is produced and you cherish them, then you're willing to fight for the right but that is a big if, to my amazement, a vast, of people in the West do not appreciate the west. Yes, that is astonishing to live in a place that has produced the only places that have given vast numbers of people equality, unity, prosperity, the most sublime art philosophy. It is the plan
the western world, is where the rest of the world wants to move to in advance numbers, and yet it's Manfred in the nineteen nine, these or Abies Jesse Jackson, letter ouch a o o western soon has got to go. Yes did that these people full into several categories I one of them is also, as you know, is people who genuinely think they have. Better alternative. You know, I think erroneously mad madly insanely, but I think I got a bed of alternative. Some of them think that Maoism might be the way forward, for instance, hasn't been tried hard enough in the past or any number of other ideas? They think that not another group that I think tick exist. America is people who believe that western civilization is something like the color. The paint is, until you add color, that is its a totally nondescript natural state
to which everything else gets added in these are people who've grown up in America in the late twenty TH early twenty one ST century, and they think that America, late twenty th and early twenty one ST century, is the natural things into it. You can add all these wonderful colours and they have no idea because they ve. Never anywhere anywhere else I've. Never any any history wildly wildly ignorant have no idea that what. Mark in the late twenties. Ninety twenty first century is on imagine a believer in human history and in the world today, but they think they think it's just how everything. Boys falls out, like California thousand twenty twenty, they think you've just dropped. People on the planet. It always comes out looking kind of like Manhattan, they ve got no idea, but they think that that's that's the basics point you know they are the people, I think of as the incredibly parochial and untraveled alleged internationalists right
who believe it civilization. America ends at the Hudson River that that I grew up in New York. I, very familiar with that attitude. We are such agreement. I from the from the earliest age knew how rare America was an eye, I don't know why I did and vast? Numbers of my peers didn't spelled America with a k, as if were a fascist country. Do you not No, what fascism is and I realized something they really. We don't know what evil is? Yes, yes, putting in other ways well, they've forgotten what Miguel Unamuno describes as a tragic sense of life you exactly by the way I mean that there isn't there a problem in the american experience on this, which is one of the one of the things it's made
The possible in a way is a certain forgetfulness of that sense. I write about that. Instead, the death of Europe? Europe is, to a great extent infused with that said, it may never be able to shed it, and there is a lot of weight and tiredness as I described that can come from such knowledge, including growing, often being surrounded by so knowledge in a way. I think a great problem for thinking of and for America is that the absence of that tragic sense of life is one of the things that's got this country going. I mean the EU is built in the mills in optimism. The forward sense that the urge forward- and yet having none of that sense of the tragic centre. Life means that you have these people growing up. Hoo, who think this is sinnott that America's under the worst state. Imagine on and on, and how do you educate those people,
of than by seeing first hand what the rest of humanity learned before, but if they learn it, the lesson is to everyone's expense, so very hard commander. Now. Well, the education system is in helping wanted. What am I just read I've. I've already made the case. They know nothing about communism, yet which is the greatest kill. Of humans in the history of the world and in one, century but there increasingly, not even aware of what the Nazis did new forty percent is forty percent of american Youth monument this recent poll never heard of the Holocaust and and and a tiny percent could identify outfits. Yes, yes, well well,
both are countries. We have this phenomenon now of people. Viewing history as this vast savannah of grievance, in which we can Rome through and fine things to feel grievance about and quite often today you hear from universities and elsewhere. You have people saying things like I, never told about this oppression that occurred to my people in year whatever, and I always have the same in response, which is only most people, don't know anything very much and what the example you just gave of the recent poll came out about ignorance about the Holocaust and work was an example of that oh good saying- and I was brought up without knowing about this particular issue of oppression. For my group, if you ve never heard about the greatest oppressions in human history, I mean them it's hard to know what to do with ignorance like this, particularly when it It's like. I note that virtually
every major instance of that that popular widely publicized instance of news swastika, and Word painted on a dorm door turned out to be a hoax. Yes, and I made the point that the smallest now. I think George analyze Olga good. He deserves to be made into a noun, but the eye I note in the nineteen thirty he's, no Jew in Germany made up an anti semitic hoax. No, it wasn't. Media was Andy. I am Zack another dozen I think a visitor restraint in the past is a supply and demand problem. America has great demand for fascists, with a very small supply that is, a great You got that that that is
I mean I mean that the demand is so great that we have to find them where they are for the right to identify them. we offer you as you want and if you, living in a fascist state? There would be no supply and demand problem You find one every corner. You know, I've lived a long life and I tell people I never met a white supremacist. I like what's wrong, It may have been to all fifty states somehow or other it's just. I never met one yes the few that do exist and something of a few do exist, I mean they become world famous overnight the moment they identify themselves. I mean Richard Spencer and all of the news story. You know people think he's some huge figure now, rather than just some weird Waco Lona Guy same thing with David, Duke you hear about every four years is sometimes panic force in american politics right. So if you,
I didn't find is that once you can run and run on it for the rest of your life, it seems, but this is comes back to the supply and demand problem. The do you, people whose names I just rattled off. We wouldn't be able to rattle laugh if America, was what America's enemies claim it is so the people doing this. This is the sixty four thousand pound Euro dollar question. I prefer sterling. Yes, I didn't exactly thought I included it there by the way before I continue on the great question, so I this piece of trivia before you were born. Obviously, I spend my third year University in England at the university of leads, so I want to know if you will understand. The answer I got when my first day in leads. I bought food for my flat, and I said how much is it and of course this is before
the sensation behaviour, so he said far up and do you know what that means? That happens. I haven T, I know all you do is to pension a half pay. How do you know that from reading I suppose books and seeing films in that era aware that crops up? I you, if you tested me on preview, decimalisation currency. I wouldn't be able to go very far, so you think parents, what explained so. It was four pounds to pen, and a half penny, so any hey the guy says to me and I'm from Brooklyn New York and my first time in England, and I was fond of music so I said I'm sorry. What was that and he goes on up in it, and so I just gave him a lot of cash and said I trust you, Sir, take out whatever it was
is it. This was I've been in Croatian It was with I have a lot of iron Gray Year in England. By the way I have any, so so here's the fourth thou per pound question the with so many people, but the universities and the intellectual elite of the west is morally defective. And they love lies to use. Your Freddy's. They are the opposite of you. How did they come about this? Is he says if anyone question, I think several things one. There is a certain, as you know, several surgeons, friends of thought becoming very important and indeed, in the end, dominant in the late twentieth century, deconstruction ism, french theory than critical ferry
the visa fee, for they say in the matter of car somewhere who found anyone they anything that they didn't want deconstruct, apart from their own departments, They they ran pay through the disciplines and, I think Frank, intimidated other people and their several forms of that intimidation. One is a perfectly organised one. I think most of the Marxist Samir Marxists did this in an organised manner of actually organised to take over departments and indeed, in the end, our universities, but others worked by a kind of intellectual intimidation which I've just as you have found my life, which is that date, they they advance on the idea that other people will be
fold and in the end, embarrassed and then submit to the claims and the assertions that they make, that it will sound, so intimidatingly obscure, obscure to them that they have to agree with it and go with that for fear that they will look stupid and that's how we've ended up with this emperor's new clothes situation of, what's now become critical theory and developed from theory, which is that people fear that if they didn't get on board with it, they would look like intellectual unintellectual dinosaurs at best an intellectual or anti intellectual at worst, and not enough people stood up to it. I mean one of my great mentors and need heroes. Great friend, the late Roger Scruton was one of the very
few people in the Uk- and I think in the world really who consistently for decades stood up against this and he did it because he was curious and he read their text as I do and you do, I mean we read what what these people we disagree with right, a favor by the way that they do not return right. I forever appear on things with people who say that they haven't read my books. They don't need to because they know what I think. But but we read there, but I wish they knew what you thought by the way. We don't No, the army, neither is it is. It is a grievance as it were my own. This fact, because I think that it is unfair to their own arguments and when is it doesn't help learn case? That's why they don't debate absolutely they. I have found this and less and less as I used to think that they'll want to take you on more and more, but the more I have offered on the radio ten twenty thousand dollars to any New York Times columnist. Who wants to debate me yeah,
yeah and the money is on the table. Not just me, it doesn't have to be me I'll. Give a list I'll give a whole list. They could choose it's a very striking thing, but it is in the end, I hope I'm a sor optimist on this. I think it will be to their own detriment. But, yes, we look at what they say and Roger screwed into this analyzed the texts and found label wanting that. That the views they put out were wrong, that they were narrow, that they would doctrinaire at and once more. Is one who is interesting, give ways, because, as you there as a writer. Your job is, among other things, to make ideas is as easy to understand as they can be. A great writer would still can't into an under standable volume. That's not a small thing to do. That would have to be a great writer yeah. It would have to be a great life. It would have to a great writer and a great thinker at the absolute top of their game.
same thing with any of the great philosophers to tie. To sum up, what a great philosopher is saying: you need the serious degree of intelligence, but also clarity, and, what's so striking about the anti intellectual left that has a mouse and become dominant in the west. Particular America is that they take really quite straightforward assertions and they make them impossible to comprehend and they re volumes and volumes and by now have created how libraries, based on this that they may take, I am ravenously, repeated die. I look at the things that are written by the radical left and particular volumes to produce by view in universities, and I find that the game- they have engaged in, is to take either non idea or an assertion and make it impossible to understand. And by this by this technique, they have advanced incredibly fast.
Because most people are like pounds per Samson chosen, the tale with the emperor's new clothes. Most people are too scared to say no, no clothes on this ever they are. intimidated, and I think that an even reasonably intelligent person should say. I call bs on this. Well, you mention, if you had a musical background, you plain instrument, or only the palace I unpleasant, but I place every brought so so we both have a love of music I myself! So what is it for minutes twenty six seconds? What, for forty three on are you familiar with this? Most of you watching do not notice a prominent american composers, John Cage who wrote a peace corps and cold cold four minutes. Thirty three seconds: what happens? The pianist sits at a piano in front of an.
billions for four minutes and thirty three seconds and plays nothing and then the audience applauds now. You would think this is a gimmick, its This is the emperor's new clothes in in the music world, as I think, but much of the turn out. A tonality is but I am only raising this you this just I discovered yesterday because I conduct orchestra rulers and application in some very entered into music, and I Katya panache, really. I think, a very well known a pianist, a jerk from Georgia, the country of Georgia and she just made a released a sea, be one of the pieces is four minutes thirty seconds.
I went to it and sure enough there silence, so you have bought a c b, one of whose tracks is nothing for four minutes and thirty three seconds I am, I I agree that the absurdity of what cage was doing. There is one other way to view it, of course, which is in a way he put a stop to something unknowingly. I think, but I think by the time that cage did, that music had come
to a point where it had almost completely broken down and in a way off the case does that there is nothing more to do other than to start again a vcr. It's not part of the ongoing Alex Annex Ross makes interest. Is noise his history museum, the twentieth century, which is it requires everything to fall apart for people to start again with tonality, among other things, I think you could say something similar happens in literature except that literature. When it's totally were I mean people can listen to cacophony if they want. You can't read complete mumbo jumbo for right along. So it is harder for literature, the breakdown in the same way, but when it does, as with ideas, people start again, it's one of the things that I find rather moving about. I think, by the way that something is happening at the moment, I think we are actually in the end of post modernism at the moment and that from that people are start
A really really, I feel well look it's a joy to hear something optimistic in Britain. Do a have mandatory race conscious the sessions at places of work. It's come in the last few years. It had a huge boost in the last few months. It's one the bits of american export, which I don't thank Americans for Yes, we have got all this flooding through us. Now, when I was researching a man is a crowd I was this was she the one thing that shocked me the most I knew
was happening in universities. None of that surprised me. I knew what was happening. The wider culture and none of that surprised me. I was genuinely surprised to discover the extent to which implicit bias, training and all the gunk that comes along with it, had gone, rushing through major corporations, fortune five hundred companies and that they were willingly taking this on yeah. It's everywhere now. Well, companies, the association of companies with conservatism, is an absurdity. Yes, isn't it, but it's very hard for a lot of people to understand that, isn't it from the outside yeah yeah they they. They really do. Think energy companies won't go in for this area. You wait all the banks suck it all up. They all do who is it cowardice or what owner?
theory of that is it's the cheapest thing they can do, because all the real price, as they would pay, would cost them. For instance, my bank in the UK. Those shoe John Gay pride now much huge than I am at all willing for them to go. They put them at last and they will rise, has become our pride month pushed by the coffers and my bank had a big signs all over it. Throughout these months in law of happens here and, as I repeatedly said, I dont want love to happen at my bank. I just want you not charge me five pounds when I've lost my back statements. need them very basic things, require my bank, nothing we have in the realm of love is needed over the tail or of elsewhere. It's a very strange thing, and it's happened everywhere. The banks, the big, copper
issues. They ve all thrown themselves into this. Now here's my theory after the crash of two thousand and eight there were a lot of ways the banks could be made to pay. This is the cheapest thing they could get away with to cover themselves and pretend glory everything else require them to Really pay, so I think that clear which money corporate wokeness is the cheapest things. Corporations can do to dodge the things that would otherwise come at them or the energy come please friends, have to pretend. Let me know what they really want to do is a is diversity, then doing it, because they know it's the best way to dodge what might be coming out of them, and it goes on in hey softly about this happened in the UK. We said we had a case with civil out in the UK that actually fruit for twenty four hours boycott is the spectator, because a
a single individual said that we ran Anti Trans articles, which we don't, but they were complaining about models. We run by left wing feminists campaigning against some trams extremism Louise, this particular supermarket immediately apologized, and then we had we pushed back against them and this. If market apologized for boycott we had, she said we don't want your adverts. Could you cannot dictate our a detour? Your policy, and you will not. This has happened, however, repeatedly with C4 locket change in the UK, as it has done with with with similar groups here, and you look at these things, and you say what are they doing? his here's an example have with another on the other. They call seems breeze in the UK. We started pumping out things on social media say we don't want racists to shop in our shops as if the UK is covered in racist, choppers K, K, K, outfits in the cereal I'll in it and and that they send out these ridiculous over the top
is saying we are for diversity and any racist should shop elsewhere again. What are you doing? You know you sell not very good products, you should. And you never got people in the aisles at the right time and your checkouts are never manned and by a comparison with your competitors, you overpriced things. Anyhow. All of these things could be said. However, I did the other thing I looked at their board. Their board is entirely comprised, I think we know, is one exception of elderly white man. Their corporate board is entirely filled with elderly white men. The board of their bank is entirely
filled with elderly white men. So what are they doing? They're deflecting they are deflecting. They are hoping that nobody will not right thing if they do this, hey, racists, don't buy your chocolate from us nonsense, so they're doing it they're doing it too much, and I think these I think that these people are already making themselves absurd. So your bank had a the gay pride month. Did it have the flag O Connor oil from the flat yeah yeah windows, with a flag? Does it ever? the british flag tat, they would be hated for that. It would be thought to be racist exactly and then you would have been banned right
and he come out. So let me ask you a question. Conservatives are accused routinely among the usual, as I point at six herbs, sexist and tolerant in o phobic homophobic as homophobic races, bigot it. I came up with that acronym like twenty years ago and so on the homophobia issue. Why would you respond to conservatives or homophobic?
I want more information. I want to know what they're talking about. As with all these assertions. What's so strange is the assertion is just thrown out there with nothing else needing to come in. So if somebody said I said what are you talking about and I suppose the normal thing that happens is they say something like? Oh conservatives weren't on board with gay marriage until quite recently I would say. Well I mean nobody was on board with gay marriage till quite recently, when the left wasn't Obama, wasn't most people weren't. I think actually, what all these things are. Big. Homophobia is a good example are just ways that people try to unperson you. You know, I know plenty of people like myself who are gay, who have to be right wing who get told, for instance, that they must be. Oh, I got what I got a great one a little while ago for a fiend, the okay. You said he was a cute.
Being a fake gay, because he was conservatives conservative, I know you're a fake yea? I feel this is you're. Not exactly the examples I given the mans of crowd in MAS massive crowds, Peter TEAL is, is denounced as not being by the main Gay magazine in America when he comes out. Donald Trump, Congo West is said by Tom, easy coats, not To be black, you, the Atlantic magazine when Kanye West comes out for
Germaine. Greer is apparently no longer a feminist and you go through this list and, as I say in the madness of crowds, you realize quite fast we're not talking about identity, we're just talking about brute politics, we're just talking about insane demagogic, leftwing activists using anything to win a political argument and I'm not interested in that and other people shouldn't be either and here's the thing people have been too intimidated by this for too long, it's just too late to be willing to be shut up by these people, and there are so many people who have been shut up good honest people who are not homophobic or racist or any of these other things who have been timid, aided by being called these names, and he might my my request to people on this is is was become. We ve heard enough about the silent majority. The silent majority has to stop being silent.
tests to speed up. It has to say we will not allow your spell words to work any more. Yes, that's the thing this is the. This is the issue. This would be the turning point if people woke up. However, I want to say on their behalf, as I hear from them on my radios, women in my email, all the time They genuinely believe that they would be fired from their job, yes or they would be kicked out of of of What what was recently the I got. Some university that the president of the student union, the President Ray elected reelected was kicked out for four. Not have a left wing position on some matter, PETE right to me, why do I tell my my daughter if she writes what she believes it's okay, it's okay, he's very relaxed
We, you sleeping, I feel a little better. I I into it that he's bored by me and every fire. Chat, but with you I'm a little surprised, I'm sorry, I couldn't keep at it. So what a white, what this So let me tell you, I want to know your answer to the to the woman who called me Dennis. If might my daughter, once my advice might not me Dennis, but her the mothers advice mother, once my advice might my daughter if she writes what she believes on an exam or in a paper. No, she will get a bad great. What do I tell her? So this is what I answer and I'm curious what yours would be. I say: look I can't
what the hell you daughter, I could tell you what I would say to your daughter. I would say if you, if you start compromising on what you believe for a grade, when will you stop? What would you I would agree with that, I would say, be: smart and brave foreign Yes, there are. I hear similarly from people saying me I'm in this firm. Be made to do this. You know, but here's the thing If everyone was a little bit brave it, doesn't it doesnt work everyone to do so of kamikaze levels. We know of bravery, we don't we don't need that wouldn't hurt to have a bit more of that
what we need is for everyone just to step up one step forward, that's good! So, for instance, don't if you're the only so, if you think you're the only conservative in your class universally any conservative and offers. Don't don't do something wildly over the top brave, don't don't bring all of the attention to yourself and you know, and and get yourself in trouble that could be career any, but but step forward a little bit, no, when you hand and should say no, for instance, this one. I've got quite a lot recently. Bosses in America, as in Britain, have started in the last few months to be saying things like
you, the employees, should read the following text. I say to people I mean I'm thinking of the sort of the obvious tax, the unreadable guff by Robin the Angelo, for instance, a totally fraudulent pseudo academic of very limited intelligence, but serious Entrepreneurial ability, yeah, I'm Robin the Angelo of White Fragility- Frank Fame, candy, a few others lighted these people's books have been sort of forced on on workforce is indeed even in the public sector, and I said people first of all. Don't do it say no, but also say to you say your boss you'd be very interested to read these books, and would your bosses be interested in reading
following books. You know you could do a book swap effectively, that's a great one, because it keeps things open. Writing did it keep read Larry elder or can do sewing if they really want, and so exactly if they really want a dialogue. Let's have a dialogue you will you let alone a dialogue. Do you know that part of the rules? Now I just read it just today so here is a when now when they come to your company by these people are making for the money, these people who are running companies that send people to tell you how racist you are. But when they come to your company they will call on black employees of the company to get up and say how awful it lie here in America is for them give examples, and you may not speak. The white has no right to respond. Now my mind what the left is due,
among many other horrible things is behaving racial tension? Oh yeah, that doesn't exist if they said I'm a Jew if they said and you're a gay? We, the exact same thing. Imagine we will bring all gay workers now speak about how homophobic America's an? U heterosexuals. You cannot speak or all Jews who work at a place get up and speak about your anti semitic experiences and you non Jews shut up all that. would do. We create anger at the group and that's what they want to do because happy people, dont vote, left you
well, they rely on resentment and thus they need to foster resentment in order to keep getting a following by. I've always found this a very interesting thing, because the right very often sees the resentment that the left is paying with and thinks it can win it by playing at a different level. Think, for instance, when the left does inequality, that the right can respond by talking about zoning building regulations or something or a specific tax issue, and that doesn't do it resentment needs when it's used as a political weapon. It needs something of similar cloud. The right should respond to resentment, but with aspiration, among other things, doing better
for yourself and your loved ones, your family and and there's not enough of this, and is also of bleak things. One might say about the way in which things are starting to break down in our societies. Because of this, because the left is running rampant with resentment and the right is not playing something back of of equal depth, but the resentment can be can be counted, and I would suggest issue done this way, which is to say the problem with the resentment that the left is incurred to engage in, is that it is never ending, because we could all do it. I mean this is why I mind the privilege, game and hate it with every fiber of my being the privilege. Game is never ending and nobody can work out how you do it. Nobody can work how you win it. You might see somebody who's inherited millions of pounds and has exactly the the racial and sexual profile of somebody you think of his being a privileged person and their life. Well,
to be hell right. You have no damn way of telling it event. You don't have any way of telling for Onehour to the next with the same person. So I suggest that all of these games left are playing. We've got to save. we gotta show they are unwinnable on their own terms and to show that this is not the way in which a happy and fulfilling life is lived. You can live a life of resentment. We all know people a political people as much as political people who do live, lives of resentment people who resent sibling or a parent or a friend or the success of a friend. For instance. We all know people I have met people who live lives of resentment, and these are thwarted lives. They are unhappy. Lies spread unhappiness around themselves. By contrast, we should say if that is what the left is encouraging you to do. We we would like to encourage you to live a bet.
Life as we see it. We would like you to live a life of what I describe as the most important counter to it, which is gratitude to the counter to resentment is gratitude. It is. it isn't to say, look how much the world has not given me. Look how much oppression I've had to force my way through in California, London, anywhere else in the developed west, it's to say how about realizing how lucky you are, and in order to do that, of course, you need not just to know how lucky you are. You need to be shown the unbelievable good luck of being born in a country like America. At this point. In history- and people need to encourage you to rise. It isn't just you need to recognise that you will live a better life. If you recognise that you will achieve more nobody
who we know in our private lives, who is a genuinely was genuinely resentful. Person is ever going to live a happy life and its the same in politics, she's laughing at my producer here, because, Virtually word for word: that is what she is heard me say, which is so important in its makes perfect sense that we would have come from totally different backgrounds, indifferent, trees to the different generations. The same conclusion: if you think clearly, Gratitude is the mother of goodness and happiness. The left doesn't want you to be either and I have a great riddle. I actually came up with a riddle. What do you call a happy black American? republican and that it is so it is true, as the as the sun shines that that is the case, so it I
I look to you, especially those of you, many many young viewers. The left wants you to be ungrateful and The left is giving you a recipe for lifelong misery, because if you happy. You are not a revolutionary yes, yes, your you're not cannon fodder for the left's latest ideological war is, it is just it's the single most important thing, Think we need to shift around this. Maybe one reasons we do by show. This is because, among other things, we have a love of music and art and religion a love of life, yes and then easy- and if you have these things, you realize I mean that's exactly right in what you have all those things. What's the complainant when one of the things I want to do, things and maize is made, it look, what's happened in our lifetimes in the last few decades, when both of us were growing up. If you didn't have the money to
a CD or an lp before that. You didn't know how the piece of music went. If you had a radio could. But if you wanted a search, something out you right, unless Had the money I'm saving up for Cosette and then find out rites of music and but unless you have them to get it. It wasn't all there for you today, a young listen with an Iphone has access to all of the music in the well, basically for free right- and we just accept That's moved on without even noticing it right. The same thing with the world's great literature by all of the great novels which again, we had to either finding a lending library or by a free to download and every young person, if you, if you wanna, hear every young person has access to this and we passed by as if it didn't even register. Will you show something else earlier in my book unhappiness
wrote a ninety, nine b, seven or eight, I wrote one of my chapters. Is you can't be happy if you dont have a tragic view of life because I so understand how rampant tragedy is and has been, I am unbelievably grateful for what I call. My answer to white privilege is you want to know. Privilege here are two privileges: two parent privilege and american privilege those are the two biggest privileges? I had absolutely and if people, if people could be made to understand this, one currency made encouraged to understand this. We will be able to do so much. You know one of the great goodwill as it were a grievance of my own that I
do have. Is I regret that we are spending these years talking about these things, so I regret that we have to read the books we have to raise. I regret we have to have the arguments we have to have because at this point, in history with access to all of the world's ideal oils. Music. They re so better to discuss what wanted King Lear do wrong. That's interesting, thats import I have one more item: can we still I want to do that. You want to do the video one, so here's from one of my young viewers and If you can't hear it all repeat, I rate it to you hi. My name is grace.
years old and I'm from ally and I've seen elements of critical race theory seep into all areas of my university life, so from classes to extracurricular activities and even student leadership positions, so thou problem. This is in our city life and are seen culture. Do you see a way of our culture kind of surviving this manipulation? thank you, did you catch that this is a very good question, and the questioner is is a crucial juncture in this, because this is the moment when you can decide to either go along with the flow or not. My own view is that there is. We ve got to find the shortcuts forgetting over this, we ve got the wit, find the waste sort of get through this faster.
And I would say that there are several examples. There are seven examples I given man of crabs, which I've been thinking of for a long time of how to do that. There would out many more that we could come up with between ourselves and viewers will be able to have their own. But we got to find the short cuts around this stuff. One of them is is to call people out on the pavements. There is a lot of stuff in the critical re syrian more where people make assertions. I haven't really thought about. They ve just been told to repeat them, so ask very basic questions and you can expose. The other party does a very very
example of this many years ago that I heard from Mark Stein, who were once on a panel, and he said that, shortly after nine eleven, he went to look up something in the library at Dartmouth and there was a protest by some students. You know sort of no war and he said that they sort of he went over to speak to them. They were sort of saying no wars, and, what's all this about well, no walkers war leads to poverty, leads to the pressure at least they have all dancing worked out and he's. oh yeah, what's the capital of Saudi Arabia, none of the new right now. I suggest that people do this to the people who have these total listing. the thing about the world is the following: their total is the view of my just ask very basic questions
you'll find out how thin this veneer of knowledge is. But I think young people in particular have to realize that when you hear people talking with a certainty that you hear the critical race theorists talk about, they must be blagging, as we say in Britain. US be making it up. They don't really know, and if you see it's like that thing of seeing your enemy naked. imagining them naked. In order to win. I just realize conceive in your mind how econo these people actually are, but when they talk with these grand sweeps, they don't really know what they're talking about and it's quite easy. Just just pick out law, I had an editor of the Atlantic. My show many years ago said that America's was role imperialistic or since world war too. So I said what about the curve
in war, which was as UN imperialistic as any war ever fought in history? It was purely to protect Koreans from communism, half of which we did protect from Communist South Korea is one of the most advanced countries on earth. North Korea is the most backward on, and you know what his response was. I don't know that much about the korean right, an editor at the Atlantic. Thirty seven thousand Americans died the storage the young woman who asked the question should be enormous: encouraging because you, you should assume that the people making these assertions don't really know that much So is a very good piece by the way, the other one, the quick quick example, yet the other one I give is always say compared to what just always say, compare in fact, even bearing us with, because they always
and if they do have not zones, sometimes they do. They say something absolutely more perfect union, as Brok Obama would constantly say, that's what he compared to them thing more perfect, yes, not to them the world know Often they give away their ideological bent in this moment as well, they'll, say things like incredibly unequal society was uneasy compared to what and they'll say. Well I mean look at health care in Cuba right or look at the rates of literacy in Venezuela or something like this almost always that used to the Soviet Union. As you know, I mean they sort of gave up on that bit. Unemployment, the Soviet Union, to which I always responded, there was no unemployment on sleigh, plantations right right. It's
these people always reveal the ideological underpinnings, but even if they don't under do that by saying compared to what you will highlight the fact that these people believe that driving a boss in a destination, they really haven't thought out. My final question. Obviously we could do this for a very long time, but I want you to hear my ear audio your system before you leave. This is, if I trap all music lovers and incidents the panting in anticipation totally. Actually it is a little ironic when I go up to be the rule, I listened to my music. He comes with me. So the only time he does come with me, because it is interesting anyway, so I want to get to one other thing and you you hint at my talk about it, a lot
I see leftism as the the combination of the post, judeo, christian or post Christian era- that it's a its eight, it's two things: it's a secular religion or culture, warlike Moura. More correctly, I think, and that without them, order of the biblical world view. You get chaos and they I see first and foremost, as a force of chaos, now What's your take on that gives you obviously religion in your background men and not know where you stand today. What I'm curious, though, to get your. I think there is a very deep post religion factor in the cave.
we say. Yes, I agree I mean it. Sam is because I've written before he got our society has only God shaped holes places by God was which need feeling and people fill them with bad versions of what they think might fill the gap. The void, who I say the I agree, I think it's it's it's quite of been remarkable in this world
Karl Marx is over the last and final profit, of course, if that was the view that a lot of leftist were sort of perfectly fine with me for a time, then the problem is, of course, is never never worked out and a lot of people never accepted. That fact, I do think a great problem in our inner ear. I find this particular a bribe blessed with the fact that blow my audience is very young college age.
All my readership is young. One of the things that gives me enormous hope and I learn from them. The extent to which we who are not of the left need to answer on equal terms. The challenges the left are making. I gave example earlier of things like inequality or resentment, but it also seems to me that the left has done a good job of giving meaning in a meaningless a
or at least in an age lacking in meaning. What I write about the man is of crowds, the cancel culture and much more comes about because of God shaped hole. You know it's something to do. It gives the day a purpose. It gives the life a drive. Now it happens, as I say, to be an ugly retributive, unforgiving, ugly, ugly drive, but it is a purpose, and I do think that that conservatives- not you- and I hope not me, but many conservatives have- in the last few generations forgotten about this gap and this this void and they ve they ve handed over because we ve you know,
have large institutions and think tanks at a dedicated to economic thinking and economic thinking is very important, but it doesn't fill the void. De we have institutions, we have publications and others that address specific things of republican versus democratic politics, but it cannot fill avoid now the left says: yes, it can war. This jihad is crusade against. The right will give your life meaning and, of course, some beef on the right, might be tempted to say. Well, we will play that back and say that's meaning, but I think we have to do better than that, and we have to say no, that is some new politics is important. Just like economics is important, but it isn't purpose. It cannot be the meaning of life, because, apart for anything, as politicians like like economics,
we'll. Let let you down. It is an unhappy life dedicated to using politics as religion, so we have to say What to use a rather old fashioned phrase, but when I'm still fond of what a life life well lived looks like, and I have to say I'm positive and optimistic on this, because I think I think agree with this- that the things that we have to offer and suggest never tell that suggest, invite you might say people to see as being the elements of a life well lived, are a a heck of a lot better and will sustain people far more. That's that's why people to
Rigour you, because we do have answers to a life, well lived well. This has been, it's been A nourishing dessert, that's that's! That's by ridiculous, sir gastronomic metaphor for the joy I've had with you. You must all read them as Maris works there truly significant. They are in the best sense simple, because they are understandable. my motto when I write and when I speak as I work hard so that the reader doesn't, I have a feeling you do the same. Well, this was a joy. I bet you only through a telephone prior to this cell folks
a very special episode that the word of the Fireside chats Douglas Murray, Dennis Prager, see CM next week. Thank you for watching this video to help keep Prager you videos free, please consider making a tax deductible donation
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