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Fireside Chat Ep. 158 — Courage in the Face of a Mob

2020-10-29 | 🔗
Many Americans don't agree with the positions of the left, but they are afraid to be honest when confronted with questions. It's a very new, and very troubling problem in modern America — and Dennis offers his advice. Dennis’s column mentioned: https://dennisprager.com/column/what-happened-when-a-high-school-offered-a-prageru-video/ 0:00 Otto Is Pure Relaxation 1:40 The Rarest Human Trait 3:08 Children And Marriage Take Courage 5:06 Anti-Courage Society 7:07 The Fear Of Being Shunned 13:07 The Fear Of Lower Grades 16:38 How To Be Courageous 18:19 The Price For Courage 21:08 The Reward For Courage 22:36 Think About What Takes Courage 24:47 Public Schools Aren’t Teaching Reason 30:21 “Do Not Fear”
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We body Dennis Prager here for the fireside chats number one hundred fifty Eightth. That's a lot of very happy about it. I really brings me joy how, A people enjoy this, but enjoy isn't really a fully satisfactory word, because that's not the only thing I want you to Do I do want you to enjoy it, but I wanted to touch your life. That's that's the whole point of frankly everything I do Prager, you does so anyway. Welcome to the fireside chats my weekly completely spontaneous open, my in my mind to your heart and your mind. That is also, of course, not that he is Otto. Wasn't rude. Ok was rude, but
I immediately changed it. I mean that was you know I I I I realise that that is Otto is very special. Does Otto brings to our home pure relaxation. It is hard to look at ATO and think the world is in trouble at my take and when he snores, which he occasionally does, while I do the fireside chats, it is a particularly relaxing sound effect anyway, welcome indeed my home to yours. Today's topic is,
I begin with what I do is always open with some thoughts and then I take your questions. So today's topic is about as important as it gets and it is courage. So a word about courage- and I think you might have heard me say this, but I hardly assume everybody remembers everything they hear from anyone. That's why good he have to be repeated almost on a daily basis. Anyway, there are many wonderful human traits right, kindness, honesty, integrity, loyalty, selflessness, lot of wonderful human rights lot of awful human traits. but among the wonderful human traits they are all dependent upon one and that's the rare
unfortunately, and to a certain extent, that is the reason that the world is in trouble and that his courage, Courage is the rarest of the good traits in human beings, and it the one upon which all the others are dependent, because without courage Kindness and integrity, and all these other wonderful things, don't don't amount to much. Because the world demands courage on on every plain in life, in your personal, wife, it's a man's courage to do the right things I mean. Give you would completely simple one. It takes. Courage at least in the world today for young people to get married right I'm gonna commit to somebody theoretically for the rest of my life, make you know what am I? What am
such commitment, I'm doing fine alone, which is what people think, but it's usually not the case, and it takes courage. Sam. Children. What am I going to mess with my easy life and then have a child and an end who knows what what what may be with a child, which is true by the way who knows I just her out just talking to work through my train or as it happens, she has a friend who was a massage therapist and how she came up in conversation and dimension that this this woman, who might I know a bit, not not well has to children, one of whom has a congenital disease which will constrict his life.
the length of his life and which already has had its effects on on the child physically and not as much but somewhat mentally as well. That's just it's just bad luck! If the woman didn't have children cheek, she would not have such such. a difficult situation in her life having a child is a risky thing. You don't know how veldt what you don't whom thou Mary, if they marry you, don't you dont know if they become addicted, you don't you don't know anything. This everything takes courage.
and we have raised a non courageous generation. Parents have so hovered over their children, needle the famous helicopter parent counts, allowing the child almost no, risk of getting physically hurt. I mean I main things to Yahoo. if you are, I would say under forty May, even let alone under thirty you you may ever have seen. Maybe never Have you ever hear of monkey bars when I was a kid kids, all monkey bars, but hey you could fall. You could break the limbs There were no more monkey bars when I was kid. Whoever have a swimming pool, haven't diving board in California. Diving boards, it swimming pools, were banned. I dunno twenty years ago, because some people got hurt having offered diving board just then
play dodgeball and many schools anymore. Aren't we. always the reason on dog's balls because it hurts and not a can't, because it's an injury. It has two because. Heard some people's feelings, but it takes courage to live through her feelings. We, have lived in an anti courage society, its. Spin engineered to knock courage out of you and if its true in the physical relevance, even truer in the moral realm and in speaking out the whole cancel. Culture is based on the belief that people can be intimidated into silence. You speak, you will be defended. You will be dropped off my facebook
page. You will be a mob attacked on the internet, so people don't speak out. I have a friend who is a member of a disabled only when go further Then a member of a symphony orchestras, a phenomenal musicians and he is conservative in his outlook and his fellow orchestra members dont know that he is simply kept silence, so they all think- that he agrees with those in the orchestra who are woke and something has happened during this lock down period and he has simply decided. I can't live like this and he is come out
his facebook, page and instagram or whatever else and simply asserted what his views on life or when the orchestra gets back to playing Will he be in any way ostracised he might be, and you know he will play whatever the orchestra, plays with all his heart and all his immense ability and if, if his colleagues refuse to invite him for a beer afterwards than that, the price he will pay. I got a letter because of my own. Doc, I, as many of you know I am a poor time conductor. I'm very involved amused It's not my field at all, I'm not a professional. I don't claimed to be, but I I do conduct that conducted at the Disney Concert Hall on a number of occasions, and so
When there was a very big controversy over my conducting the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, Santa Monica California, quite on the left- and I'm a well known, conservative, and so seven members of the seventy in the orchestra would not even play because a conservative was conducting. I was raising funds for them. I guess I took not a penny I raise the entire year's budget for the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra. The year I conducted for them It was the first time a regional orchestra had ever sold out the Disney Concert Hall when I conducted they still water. It was more important for the main, or of Santa Monica who announced I'm not attending the concert of my own orchestra. It was more important that their orchestra not be able to be funded than a conservative conduct. The orchestra.
And it is reached the New York Times which, which rota very dishonest article out on the entire thing, which is par for the course, and I I I just moved on and we sold out the whole and it was a major victory for for free speech, our for a free, in period for the orchestra, you so much result of the national attention to my conducting. I got a lot of letters from embers of orchestras around the United States, so number of another, Renowned orchestra sent me a letter, but woman and begged me not to mention the orchestra. Her instrument or anything I've been met. my orchestra, thirty five years she said, and they do not know my politics. I feel bad for her. Obviously, I feel terrible for her to have to keep silent about your ear deepest values,
because you will be shunned by the way. It's almost never happens that you're completely shunned. that's. The fear is greater than the reality. Your there's no quest and she's, not the only one in the orchestra. I'll give you one example: when ice woke in San Jose California, south of San Francisco, a couple of years ago. Some members, San Francisco symphony orchestra- here I am giving you the name- I knew that I was coming to their area. Can we have dinner with you, and I was a little kid I mean that's. These are my heroes to meet members of an orchestra was great for me. We could thought music might by one of my top three loves in life, and I had a great time and I become quite close to work to at least one of them, and I I said to the when I met them. They were like six of them, members of the orchestra, most of them wearing Prager you shirts,
I said only Crow San Francisco. This is the Boise Symphony this is the San Francisco Symphony and am I said dear dear please no course they know These crimes are not ostracised. There in a minority, but because they they had the courage to speak out there. They found kindred spirits by the way they're all rewards to courage. One is you sleep better? You think you better of yourself. This is deserved self esteem. This is earned self esteem, when you exhibit courage, there was there is a self loathing that comes with not exhibiting courage. I'm afraid and to walk around and fear is, is is also offal from the awful fear health, among other things,
People fear what's going to happen if I speak out so well I'll deal with that at the moment could sometimes there there are really very unfortunate or a terrible, a results. I acknowledge that I don't live in it in a cocoon. I understand that, but the the advantages of exhibiting and living with courage are far greater than the advantages of suppressing yours. and the sooner in life? You learn that the happier and better a human being, you will be. I get this question periodically on my radio show so Dennis Watch tell my daughter that was the first time I got. The questions are remembered specifically about adore BC. Equally applies to a son what do I tell my daughter, she's a college, and she knows that if she writes on a paper what she asked
really believes, she will get a lower grade will affect her ability to get into a prestigious graduates. rule, etc, etc. So, have had a standard answer to Paris to ask me this completely legitimate question and my standard answer is this. if you will see, if you will compromise in life with over a grade. What won't you compromise in life over you're, not gonna, be shot you're, not gonna, be jailed.
You will get a lower grade. That's unfortunate. There is a price paid for that. If you want to get into graduate school, I acknowledge that it is worth. In my opinion. It is worth going to a less prestigious graduate school and maintaining your integrity. and and stating now always state this critical, always state. It politely always stated rationally even understated, but stated that's that's the key here. now, by the way I ll just give you one example. I believe it or not. I had this college. This is not new. Had a. I had a left wing teacher in English and
I'll, never forget the asylum was look out the window students and write a. A paper on what you see look after class window cell what was it the class. One of this was Brooklyn College, New York City. When you looked out the window, you saw apartment buildings, you did not see a gorgeous cap is like it. You know University of California. At Santa Cruz, you saw a just a big apartment building. So I remember thinking I know exactly what she would give me in a four. Am I wrote it? I admit it. I wrote a what I see a an apartment building and every apartment looks like every other one, and I see a certain saying this to life. That is, that is crushing.
and you know I gotta know some some problem, but I I I right? Well, I got it a now, but way the truth is, while I wrote it with the understanding that she would probably like it The truth is. That is what he saw. I do find larger public buildings depressing, so I Being dishonest to myself, but I wasn't asking what Dennis. Do you really see as much as what will get me a day? So I know What do you think that I I didn't have to grapple with the issue of courage from an early age myself? I did very few people are born, courageous it it's it's a it's a an attribute that you have to work on. So I have a whole speech. It's available at the Prager store, that's what it's cold!
Because all of my all of my lectures are owned by Salem Radio, the people whose indicate me an answer, minimal charge for it. I'm not mentioning it to sell you a speech. I've never done that before mentioning it so that, if your truly interested, I did give one talk very hard on it, how to be courageous- and you know what the first thing that you have to do to become courageous. It's gonna, sound, so simple, but I say it: you have to want to be courageous to a very large extent. We do become what we seek to be. If you seek to be a good person and you work on your character, you will become a good person or at least a better person. You here,
have to seek to be whatever you want to be. The trick is to know what you want to be. We don't even have that if I were to ask a thousand college students. What do you want to be? can't imagine three would answer courageous? Well, not blaming them. It doesn't register one. be courageous, or even, if I would say, would you like to be courageous? I think most people would say yes, but do they really want to be that they work on it? Probably not so. This is a time in american life unprecedented. Where is the courage to speak about ones? Convictions can come with steel prices. Friends will leave you ve. Ah you you will be the believe on the internet.
I just sent out a tweet about a peer review study, saying Hi women Zinc, taken v, Ray early when one gets a positive covered a report, one does covered, but it's the early stages. The success rate is, extremely high. If it's taken not one your hospitalized, then it's usually too late. But if it's taken at a very early stage, its incredibly successful so easing to me am I said I think if it saves lives, I think it'll save lives. Would I on fact them I'm convinced of it, and the you could see it on my page of a few, just a few Prager, a few. A few I hope you die or or or similar things were
she's an amazing? Now it I want you to understand. curious about my internal reaction. I am not hurt at all, it is. It has no effect on me, but it does affect me in that ice. I am sad for the society. I love that we have put used so many miserable human beings that they they they would Use an obscenity over something advocating a completely safe, I mean there's. No such thing is completely safe. Aspirin is not completely safe Ok, I understand peanuts, not completely safe. I understand that within the realm of what is prescribed, it is about a safe, is exists. It's been taken by, tens of millions of people for over half a century ago.
Malaria against Lupus against against rheumatoid arthritis and and daily, and an with no with no effect. If you have a heart condition, it could result in her and arrhythmia that you speak here doktor. So I knew I knew that it be unpopular. I didn't realize the intensity of the there the reaction, but it is what it is, if I have the option, am I going to keep quiet on what I believe can help people get well? verses. Am I gonna be popular? There is no contest. I I I, When I was in high school, even I started thinking. How do I gonna be known after I die. It's notes to think that way in high school, but I've always thought about serious things, that's my nature
And I remember thinking I don't want to die with, he was popular. That was that was. There was not a goal. it is not a goal to play it safe. he avoided controversy this. These are not goals of mine. By the way, there's another reward about courage. Aside from you'll sleep better, you will have higher self esteem you and You will draw people into your life were good, because not not everybody is going to attack you. A serious percentage of the society will say: wow that that somebody I'd like I'd like to know so you'll get rewarded with courage and that you were tracked. Like minded people into your life. they're all rewards for for speaking out and being courageous, far greater than keeping quiet so
It is time. To be courageous and what is amazing is what it this is. The most important not sought the most important most important card, but this is one the most important ancillary points here think about what it takes. Courage to say- and this tells you about the other side about how awful they are- it takes courage to say I am colorblind the view that the the gold in life with regard to race is to be colorblind. It takes courage to say what Morton the king, said what every liberal said the whole point of of life with regard the race is to become a blind eye, It takes courage to say. Yes, we should all become of learning
I want to see your personality. I want to see your character. I want to see your mind. I want to see your heart. I don't give a damn about can color that it takes. Courage too, That gives you an idea of the sickness that pervades our society. Think about what it takes. Courage to say thinks it's takes courage to say you're an American with with all its flaws. I love America takes courage to say that now then take courage to say that when I was a kid or for all of american history, and now with us, gives you an idea of the moral quality of the people who try to intimidate you from say such things. So my advice to you is speak up. You, Will you will be hit and
I am. You will realize by golly I survived. I found a wonderful people and then it becomes easier and easier. Ok, time for your questions and we begin with the video question of the weak area of ok executes, I'm eighteen years old and from eight offers Idaho. I think a big problem you're seeing right now as people not being able to think for themselves or reason through things and I think, a lot of time to the public school system. So I know you think, are the biggest changes and even made in America's public schools And how likely those improvements are going to be implemented? Well, thank you. You know why I gotta tell you that that gives me hope. How do we get to the questions?
The further questions, but I want you to know you, give me hope, fact People like you and I the I'm tempted to move the schools do not teach reason any longer the irrational has dominated life. Were now. when the acl you tweets out that men menstruating and when Tampax puts out and add that the you know
It's not necessarily a woman if somebody Minster waits ten pounds or for everybody, that's irrational, it's just if it's completely irrational. We have. We have gotten rid of reason for the sake of what we call social justice and social justice is its own is its own issue. We should pursue justice. Social justice is obviously not the same as justice people would not have used the word social? It's not! It's not justice to have biological men compete against biological women in girls, races in high school. That's! That's! That's not just it's not fair to those biological women who who just
can't women they'd Omen, Connecticut, almost every record in track is owned by a biologic, man, who identifies a woman, I'm not attacking their identifying, is women. I'm attacking the. I fear that they are allowed to race against biological women. That's just not fair, its I'll, be everybody Everybody knows it's not fair, but you are asked to suppress reason and for the sake of a given social justice value reason is not enough in life to guarantee goodness which is what I care about, but it is its necessary but not sufficient. We need oxygen, but you can live on oxygen alone, but you can't live without oxygen. Reason is oxygen, so the schools are not teaching that I have given up on on most school.
Read my column this week on what happened when a school outside of Toledo, Ohio, showed or just simply offered the students the option of watching a a conservative video from Prager you anyone they wanted, and the The pandemonium as it were that have caused because, they don't even want the left. Doesn't one five minutes of conservative thought to be allowed in a school? because deep down, they know that five minutes of conservative thought will undue a year of left wing indoctrination. That's that's the irony, they're scared of five minutes and they should be. It doesn't take much to undo left wing thought because
It's not thought it felt. So I got. I tell parents, it's a very risky thing to send your child to an american school today and I I can't how sad I am about that. But if, unless you find a school that still believes in excellence and reason and teaches truth. Not not. The left wing idea I don't mind by the wave kids- are subjected to right wing and left wing ideas that are labelled as such. I think it's great. I don't. I don't have any problem with that, but I do have a problem with presenting left wing ideas as if they are true and there is no other competing idea that is legitimate,
rules are a problem, as I have said to parents for a long time, sending your child to college is playing russian roulette with their values. I now hold that true for high school, an elementary school where kids, who were five years old, are in many schools there, no longer cold boys and girls they're, just called students. Could we we dont court want to impose a gender identity on them, but I think that that's a
of child abuse, not the call them boys and girls, that's what they are their boys and girls by the way. The irony is, I don't know who was excluded, even the transgender think they're, a boy or a girl so whose excluded all done worth thirty. That is so said. What can I do there right, so many wonderful questions from all over the world. Like that, you know I look at them right before I go on, so you know what I may do. I got to do it one week. Just do the questions cuz, there's so many good ones,
I'll leave you with this on courage. You know, I'm a big bible. Family thing is the wisest book ever written and without wisdom. Life is on navigable. You know what God says to human beings the most in the Bible and even if you're, an atheist, you should find this instructive. Do not fear good advice from a good book on behalf of Otto, I'm Dennis Prager and see a next week. Thank you for watching this video to help keep Prager you videos free, please consider making a tax deductible donation.
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