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Fireside Chat Ep. 159 — The Election: A Divided Nation

2020-11-05 | 🔗
The United States held a presidential election this week, and though the result is still yet to be determined, one thing is clear: Americans have very different values and views of the world. Dennis explains. Dennis’s column: Hatred of Trump Vs. Hatred of the Left https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/11/03/hatred_of_trump_vs_hatred_of_the_left_144589.html 5-Minute Video: Left or Liberal https://www.prageru.com/video/left-or-liberal/ Subscribe so you never miss a new Fireside Chat! 👉 https://www.prageru.com/series/fireside-chats/
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager and You know exactly the chronology of events and That means when I am actually making this. According to you over the fireside chats which comes the U every week with a fire and with a dog, Needs no introduction. Otto has reached the level of needs, no introduction, not many. I can say that, and as you can, see he's very moved by it. So I am talking to you the day after the United States elections As of this moment, there is no declared winner, though it looks like It will be Biden then will be the declared winner and I
I am torn over how to approach this, because I can't ignored that. Obviously it's it's an a world event. The an american election is aware old, the vet. There's no denying ever everyone, in the world who follows any news follows american politics or early, certainly on a national level. so I would like to offer a few thoughts to you at this time. In no order of importance and truly spontaneously, because I have not yet come to. Peace but my own emotions. on the issue. I I wrote a peace which I will. I think you should all take a look at him I've just been put up at real, clear politics? Real, clear politics takes what it considers the best.
Columns left and right, it is not a political place. It is if it takes the best articles in its opinion and the took my peace, which is titled hatred of Trump versus hatred of the left. that in effect, that is what the vote in America was about, and I always make the point. I when I talk about the left, I'm not about liberals. I'm Boys asked what is the difference between liberals and leftist. So, in a nutshell, I just a few examples you can watch and should watch my Prager, you video differ between liberalism and leftism or liberals, and left this. However, its titled and I have an article on the internet the same on re. For example, liberal I believe in racial integration. Leftist leave and racial segregation left this belief.
All black dormitories, the cook, Clan believes in all black dormitories liberal suppose, all black dormitories liberal, I also believe that we should all be race blind, left, disbelieve. race blind as a form of racism, liberal deeply believe in capitalism, because it is the only way to lift massive numbers of people out of poverty. Leftist have always opposed capitalism. Let's see the liberals believe as Lincoln did that America is the last best hope of mankind of the left. Believes that America is inherently racist. Deeply. Lord Society and in the west- is not any better than any other civilization liberal I have always been the protectors of the West reef, Franklin Delano, Roosevelt speeches about the need to protect, not just what turn civilization, but one
we call them. This is a liberal Democrat liberal Democrat. However christian civilization, that's what he He said that fighting world war to which he was the american president during that war, is a war to protect christian symbols. Can you imagine in american President saying that today person would be impeached four, offending man, Christians, I'm a non Christian, I'm not offended at all. I think it was a good thing. that Franklin. Delano Roosevelt said that. So on race, capitalism, freedom of speech, liberal both have been the greatest protectors along with conservatives of freedom of speech. The left has always suppress freedom of speech. There was no example in history of the left having power anywhere, not suppressing free speech. It was with ladder mere Lenin in the Russian Revolution in nineteen. Seventeen
The american campus today it is true on Twitter. It is true, wherever the left gains power so that the the irony is as I look at the american election. Liberals. Do not vote their values. I don't know of any example like this really in in in the history of mark receive where people don't. Vote their values, liberal, Vote left. But liberalism is much closer to conservatives than it is to leftism. but liberals are weak. Or naive, and don't understand or don't want to fight the left which, the biggest battle there is any way watch my read my column and it will explain a lot of the american election now one other We have an election day, it's the first Tuesday
in November in America, that's that's our election day, until very recently that was it. You voted on election. They, then they allowed absentee ballots. So people who knew they would not be voting or could be there to vote. First, please election day or incapacitated. They couldn't get to appalling booth. They wouldn't west, a ballot and they would have an absentee ballot which had to be postmark prior arrive prior either one whichever the state the past be counted as a vote. how you can vote in many states six weeks before election day, rendering election day a meaningless term right few can vote in September, and action days November. Third, its absurd-
It's not election day, any longer its election month or election season. When it started election day And then the worst, the sending out of tens of millions of ballots to people who never requested them. A friend of mine is two daughters, God ballots in California. but seven years ago, eight years ago, they moved to Texas, they got to bow. some taxes to. you think anybody would ever catch them if they voted both in California in Texas, no one. How could there not be forget? Deliver fraud money, not even talking about how can there be a massive amount of nonsense. When you send out ballots to people they died in the meantime- or
moved in the meantime to another state as this man's daughters or we register to vote in a pole and then send in their balance as well. How do you know that they didn't do? That is every Val checked in any event, whatever the case, if it invites results that be trusted by at least half the american people and that's not healthy, so If you believe, as I do that left is as ruined everything it touches. I mean everything the light, Mr Sports, in science, but before that every instant. Should the university, the high school, the elementary School music art architecture late night, tell us
the NFL, the NBA, that's the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, major baseball, whatever it touches it ruin. It's a force of chaos. It's too soon army of destruction. And yet there was a generation that has grown up now in America, not la Mon, about twenty year olds on talking about my generation grew up, after World WAR two and was not talk about the horrors of communism, only the horrors of Nazism, and so they don't know how terrible it is they don't. oh, how bigger and bigger government means less and less liberty for people and they don't value freedom, people don't I Ready pull that three quarters of Americans item off its true through
Quarters of american support a lock down because of covert nineteen. If that's true, a truly a different America than the one I grew up in I remind you that in nineteen sixty eight sixty nine there was a time from a virus in America called the Hong Kong Flu. killed? One hundred thousand Americans and that's equivalent to a hundred sick the five thousand today up so far from one, has already been killed in America hundred sixty five thousand Americans in twenty twenty terms. Nothing was locked down. Not one office, not movie theater, nothing, that's the famous Woodstock celebration took place. Not only is there. No social distancing. The whole purpose of but stock was to have no social distance between you and your girlfriend, or boyfriend or what,
I'm afraid you met at Woodstock. Why is that. Why was America so different, then, because it understood there was it. There was a much more realistic view of life, Viruses come PETE die. It is a tragedy. Let us save all we can, but you cannot stop life. because there was a virus. You cannot do that. Every leader in the world, except Sweden's leaders does done that this is not even political. What I'm saying Conservative leaders like in Britain and in Israel and in India they did the lock downs as well You know why all afraid to be a leader under whom there has been any death. They afraid of what the media will say. They are afraid, you'd have what history will say under this programme minister or this president, look at how many people died on their watch, which is what was it? obviously said about President Trump, I'm not exactly
certain what he could have done to stop it, do they blame the belgian Prime minister for the deaths. Belgium has more As per million than America, the belgian Prime Minister blamed for the deaths in Belgium. I doubt it. Spain as well, but anyway, people are bought it and I can leave that my fellow Americans would would would so easily give up liberty and the ability of people to port themselves and bay. rubbed so many business owners at summits, people who have a salary. A man called my radio show today, just as an example, man has not earned. A penny in the last seven months, You know why he's a wedding photographer? That's it. There would be a lot more weddings if the government didn't suppress them.
So you say well, some people might get covered and I say that's correct you're afraid of getting cold and think you'll die unless moreover, eighty or you have some Cohen coal morbidity condition. And what the odds are, if I think it's either under sixty or under seventy. Do you know how many the percentage of people who die from covered in is a action of one percent, a small fraction of one percent. If, are under thirty or more likely to die in a car crash than from cold it. Why can't they go to a wedding and this I make a living photographing. It. This is a so this is terrible time in in in american in world history. I was on a programme with a yesterday, Patrick Ben David,
great. The show is very interesting and deep man and he had a people with him. He has a very widely listen to or viewed podcast. and I was his guest for an hour and he had these other guests were number of more liberal and they Cab drilling me with questions and makes it well What about you when a mask would do you wear a mask. Am I said: well I I ok a rally this past me. Beverly Hills, California, and I must have taken a photo with fifty people. I put my arm around them and they put their arm around me. Fifty strangers. I must have hugged fifty's, rangers shaken hands with fifty strangers, no masks and I'll. Tell you why I said, because I
Don't believe that the purpose of life is to live. I think that the purpose of life is to live fully. Whose purpose of life it is to live animals? a lot o here, he wants to do is live doesn't think of living fully because that's not his Ask he's an animal, It's gotta be easy in that way. I want it fully. Of course I want to live long. I love life, I'm crazy about it am I enjoy it, and I love my family and my friends in my work and my grandchildren and my children, I mean I've got a great life, but my only consideration is not will I live longer. its will. I live fully. That's I have been with friends every single week since the virus began there
but no weak that I have not been with friends that I'm not have people in my house or visited others at their house. I read the likelihood of from this disease. I use my faculty of reason. I'm not I'm not. Fraid human being to begin with, and I have life. There are people of not live. Left their house there, the not allowed their children to play with other children for more than half a year. That is child abuse. That's right that is pure on adulterated child abuse. and Americans seem to have elected a man who is for a national law locked down that We will do it or not. I don't even know if he has the capacity to do it. Well, at least I'm offering you what I hope is some clarity on the differences. Even if you differ with everything, I've said, which is fine at least We have clarity on where we differ idle.
Lives scared. It is a great way to live. I commend it to everyone. Ok, let's, let's get out, first question a video question: identity. My name is is available when I'm seventeen years old and I currently residing in the Dominican Republic Michael, for you is, as we have seen, Camilla Harris has recently published a video seeming. pushing for a marxist agenda. How We fight this compassionate narrative that will ultimately lead to tyranny, as we have seen throughout history. Thank you. Have a nice day Isabella. How do you speak English so well. That is really impressive. I was in the Dominican Republic, and
enjoyed, it immensely, I'm trying to get back to my place and I not having an easy time. The famous arm, as entered our video. I have considered renaming the fireside chats local? Two maidens arm so, I have seen that video and it shows that the term. ask of society. Is that We Bobby ends up man, Ray Bobby, starts out equally, which we would love to see but ends up equal. Which makes no sense, does that mean if I, try out for the New York Yankees, I I should dab as good a chance as as anybody else to to play third base for the New York Yankees out. I don't even understand that every boy they end up in the same, that is communism and its it led to watch lovingly said tyro me, or is
he would say a tyranny. That's correct that What is, of course, that's what it always does The french revolution emphasise the equality. The american revolution emphasise liberty, which produced which produce guillotined and which produced liberty. Ok, it's a simple! That is an extremely scary thing. That's why I said that I do fear the left, because that its record of the suppression of liberty. Is one hundred percent limit do not suppress liberty. The concern It was drawn up. the press, liberty, the left always does its very disconcerting that people don't learn from history. It is but death, its undeniable, that that is the case so why Its aim is worrisome. Isabella. Coral forty three clean Texas: why can
Racism be outlawed by legislation or executive order. So Terrorism, sexism or fascism, well Let's go. Do this I don't know any law against fascism. To be honest, I don't is there a law? I don't think there is no law against communism. There's no way We have laws against isms in Amerika. We don't. Regarding sexism, yes, you cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. So, in fact we have the same thing with racism. You cannot discriminate on the basis of race we have outlawed racism? So I'm not sure what your question is any hates me. hate speech, but we don't have any other form of hate speech band and we shouldn't Otherwise we don't have free speech, because everybody will consider what they differ. With eight speech, why
Then hate speech when left to say that all whites are racist. Why is that not hate speech? That's it. Or hate speeches exists an entire, group is is slandered, but of course they don't considerate, hey. reach by the way, want to ban your ability to say that all By two racist, I want to have the ability to call you a Haider and Rational and a fool, so I have the right, the call you a fool and you have the right to say all whites are that's called free speech. So I don't understand what banning hate speech means. You can't yell here in the crowded theatre you can't say I wished to kill someone. So by the way in that regard, ironically, there I would like to see a tremendous effort made the number like figures who get their threats. It is a quite remarkable. Everyone should be prosecuted.
Every single one some should be jailed, but there now followed they, of course they sent anonymous emails or they do it anonymously on twitter about it. they should we should use the power of forensics. Fine who these people are. I don't care you're, doing it to a left their store to a rightist. You cannot make a death threat. Ninety nine point nine and I'm a nine. If not a hundred percent of them are nothing. I received death threats. I slept very well that night, ok, people I want to kill you, don't send you a letter in advance, that's just the way it works. It is disconcerting to what to receive them Nobody should receive them and yet people write them that see? That's that's real speech that shit We ban. That's that's threatening violence, that's different.
France is twenty. Three Kansas City, Missouri high Dennis Several left us politicians have called for a mandatory buyback on guns? I was wondering what you're forts our on this, and I was wondering what you would do with government officials came after your firearms. Let me This put this very clearly: allows people to own arms because it doesn't governmental power and a trust people through to defend themselves, now that we know Cities are run by progressives like Seattle, Like like San Francisco lie, MOSS Angeles alike. Washington DC, like Chicago Philadelphia they leave. People will not stop violence from the left, they watch it. They do nothing against it, Therefore, this has been the largest sales of guns in american history. This past year.
The only reason is that it Vast numbers of Americans do not believe, That, where there was a progressive mayor, so called progressive progressive mayor or progressive governor that Dg Vi People will be stopped notch it. So therefore, people want to be able to stop them on their own. I dont want to incapacity. people's ability to defend them, of their loved ones, so it is it a compulsory buyback, which is the same thing as confiscation corrected just you're you're, getting some money for the one is confiscated, my work in the United States of America and it would be the beginning, violent confrontations between authorities and Americans? I That never happens, but that's what would happen. There is no tyranny and the like
a hundred years that that the first thing I did didn't do was take away a people's guns. The Nazis did that first thing communist did that first they and in a free society, people should be able to defend themselves Gee Ex ice age? I so I guess it's cheesy. That's right! Gigi, twenty four! popular Bluff, Missouri identity, an american citizen for a year and began our crazy. This year's we're was, I started to read Bible. If I can't be faithful person. I can still learn from this amazing book. Perhaps the greatest book period here is an issue that bugs me tremendously coming from secular, Brac round from China, EAST Asian culture. I saw but to see how people work. beauty and become more. Corrupt up that in some way it reminds me the story of Saddam and Gomorrah.
I also find myself to be a hypocrite, since I realized that's how I saw women too I become really angry of myself and the asian culture, so angry that I have chest pain last night. Well, that's really angry at yourself but I don't know how I can solve this issue- please advise so I wish we could. I think so. I can get this more clearly about why should be beauty worshipping anything, but but God An God's will like the ten commandments is is, is what we call idle worship: and there are people who worship beauty, but worshipping beauty is not the same as valuing beauty. That is there. Human condition, beauty matters to human beings- and I don't see why that's a terrible issue, that's the one were built, and yes, You you're, a man. Obviously I assume from this that's the way you see: women, wealth, to the human race
in the land of the blind, beauty doesn't matter in the lab, decided beauty matters in in the Bible, God describes of Sarah matriarch share, Abrahams wife, as particularly beautiful discuss. Rebecca the second, matriarch. As also particularly beautiful, beautiful to look at and beautiful a form? describes David is particularly a good looking, because that The human condition It's unfair that I will. I will totally agree with its unfair, but allow things are unfair. It's unfair this person is better brains, it's unfair that this person is better athletic ability. It's unfair that this person as more beauty that's the way. It is if you worshipping you are pretty superficial, but If you value with It means something to you, your normal, that's the way it works,
Would you rather have a world in which it meant nothing where, where people care how they looked. I wouldn't I don't. It strikes me as a very unappealing world. In the human species. Female beauty is generally more important than male beauty. If you If you told a man, I can get a date with you with a model of odds are, he would say. Ok, I think I think I'll do that where, if you said to a woman, Listen! I got two guys. One is a male model and the this guy is does really well financially, which would you like to date. Overwhelmingly, the woman would say the guy who is doing really well financially
there is on the youth for the mail. I got a really wealthy woman and Beauty which would you like to date. He'll, take the beauty That's the way it is by the way. What I am saying is almost tension filled. This is how sick we have become that if it than that normal is now on honourable up, You're comes out with the sexes comment that men value beauty more than wealth. While they do that's why so many men will the data woman who has no money, but I was beauty raise. Women don't think. First of all, oh he's gorgeous. Ok! Now it doesn't hurt If a guy is gorgeous, it is an asset. I gotta admit That's why I try to earn money kidding I
Not fully kidding moderately kitty cause, I I hammer and muddy, but I can't I'm not India, I'm not in the bill gates realm of, Over of money, but a men know this in the vast majority of men, are ok, looking there are very, very few truly ugly men and they were very, very few- truly a gorgeous men very few but there are very many really good. Looking women, they don't know. This is the women. I mean most Looking women don't think they are, which is very charming aspect of a female hood, but does Nevertheless, there are an is the way it is done in peacocks, it's the opposite male Picard, our gorgeous and female peacocks are pretty, don't looking. Ok, so that's the way it works. Maybe it's it's do you know
I used to say on my radio show I get paid well to say the obvious, because you have been taught that see. There's a war against truth on the left men value beauty is too, Is a sexist statement. That's what they would call it's a sexist, they more does that mean sexist statement. The question is, is it sexist? The question is: is it true. That's why there's a war against truth at the university? He sleeping see for Otto. The election is not been a source of tension. He and that's why it's good to have them around. He helps put things in perspective by trump them. The crab Liberal all the same. He snore through it all.
right out of the man how we do it on time. The old inner clock worked That was important, that beauty discussion. all right I'll, have a lot more to same over time, In any event, these are difficult times. We will prevail. I do believe that there are very many. silver linings in the american election and I'll deal with that in future, fireside chats and much more I'm damage Prager thanks for being with me. Thank you for watching this video to help keep Prager you videos free, please consider making a tax deductible donation,
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