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Fireside Chat Ep. 160 — Cutting Out Family Over Politics

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Families are dividing today over politics, and few things upset Dennis Prager more than seeing families destroyed. There's a common thread in these cruel situations; do you know what it is? 0:00 Great To Be With You 0:58 When Cheating And Lying Are Moral 4:20 Cutting Out Family Over Politics 6:38 Why The Left Is A Cult 9:15 What Is The Fruit Of Your Ideology? 11:18 Are Pro-Lifers Only Pro-Birth? 15:30 Imagine If All Conservatives Spoke Out 19:53 Will Conservatism Survive? 23:27 Looked Down Upon For A Big Family 26:37 Dealing With Insecurities Dennis's column: Thoughts in a Dark Time — https://dennisprager.com/column/thoughts-in-a-dark-time/
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Ok, everybody high great to be with you in that funny. For me to say great to be with you in one since I am. I wish you well. I really am with you, but I'm not physically with you, but I am with you Anyway, I analyze everything. So forgive me some very strange beginning, but the whole thing spontaneous on behalf of Otto. I welcome you and welcomes you on behalf of me. What's he doing here let's. This is a major moments, Fireside chats special dog,
our eye, everybody. So what I do each week and we haven't missed in years now, while is offer you some thoughts about life or about current events and then take your questions. So I have an interesting case. didn't and an important one, I'm not going to address the whole issue of the american elections. Being, honest, not honestly counted, I just wanna would. Press one interest More a question that is worth thinking about Donald Trump has been accused by all of the left democratic party,
the various newspapers and and social media, and so on for four years of being a white supremacist, a fascist and a dictator right. That's normative accusations of Donald Trump. So if you are counting ballots, you're, a Democrat in a democratic, controlled city and. And area precinct or county- and you have the chance to to cheat with regard to the voting- count
And you believe that Donald Trump is a fascist and a white supremacist and a dictator. Why wouldn't you cheat? I would I admit it if I were counting votes in any in any country and I believe that a a candidate, That I could stop from winning by achieving was a fascist and a white the premises and a dictator I would cheat I'm just there were times when cheating or lying, is moral. If, I were saving a Jew errors, hiding a Jew in knots occupied Europe and the knots.
He came to the door and said: are you hiding a Jew? I would lie. It would be the right Things you do preventing eighth a fast White supremacist dictator from becoming the leader of a country is the right thing to do so, I'm not making any translation I am. I am only saying that there is no more reason why a democratic operative. In a voting centre. Wouldn't Feel morally obligated to cheat so either They have been saying these things just to just to attack the president.
Or they are not really believe it just set for effect, or they really believe it am. I am, I think, they're really. Many of them really believe it so what's to stop them, not not morality, just a thought. Another subject related to were not to the count but related to thee, the issue of how Americans are getting along right after the twenty, sixteen election, the New York Times when when and Donald Trump was elected President everybody shock- including I own, I might add- There was a front page article in the New York Times about a week later, because in United States, and I am saying this because a lot of you are outside of the United States in the union
it states. We have the big holiday of Thanksgiving a few weeks after election day, and the article in the New York Times noted that Thanksgiving was gonna, be dropped it in many homes, because a lot of people were not prepared. Tab thanks, dinner with a friend or relative who had voted for Donald Trump, We don't know of any body, I mean I'm sure it exists, but we don't know of any body where, Went the other way around all you voted for Hillary Clinton. I won't have Thanksgiving dinner with you, laughing, because I simply don't I can imagine. Somebody saying that I'm not saying it hasn't been said, but I can imagine that being said- and this is.
the crisis for four years in the United States of of terrible proportions. To the extent- and I know about it too, to the extent that choice and I don't mean ten year olds, I mean twenty five. Thirty forty year old won't talk to a parent who voted for Donald Trump parents call me up and tell me: their children, not only don't talk to them. They don't allow them to see their grandchildren, the children of the children, because the parent slash grandparent, voted for Donald Trump, and this is one of the reasons that I believe that
the left, not liberals, always make a distinction, is a huge distinction between a liberal and the leftist. This is, one of them many reasons. I have come to understand that the left is a cult, because one the distinguishing characteristics of cults. Is that the frequent several relations between. members of the cult and their parents. Breaking up family ties is a very common thing in cults and breaking parental authority. Is huge. They you owe them nothing. You owe the cult everything and when we was talking about this on my radio show. I offered this thought
One way of measuring and an ideology, secular or religious, is: how does it affect a person's relationship with his or her parents? Does it Bree parents and children together, or does it separate and alienate them from one another? So I was thinking about children, adult children who become christian. Or become religious Jews and in in every case that I know does it mean in every case on earth, but in every case that I know it actually brought parents in children more together, even if the parents did not accept that religious faith, but
Christianity and the christian faith Christianity of Orthodox Judaism, would tend to have you try to reconcile with your parents, because if nothing else both accept the ten commandments which has a law, the famous law honour, your father and mother, there's no such law in leftism, and that's that big difference. So when you measure or judge what ideology to adopt. The consequences of that ideology are very important for you to take into account.
Will I be a kinder finer human being? Not just am my taking a great position, but how will it affect me? Will I be kinder Will I be more desirous of bonds with with the people in my life? Well, I I Be a more wonderful, honest, human being. Those are very important considerations and. My experience in life has been that the more left people get in most kids in most instances the them the meaner they get. I hate saying this because I wish it were in true its title.
pool again. I don't know what's true for liberals, I don't know the truth or conservatives, but it seems to be that way to stop talking to a parent because they voted for someone. You can't stand wow. I know this comes as a shock to a lot of people on the left, but people on the right couldn't stand. Hillary Clinton as much street below the left couldn't stand Donald Trump, but they didn't stop talking to their parents or deprive their parents of their grandchildren if the parents voted for Hillary Clinton, so very important question.
What type of person doesn't ideology produce? Oakdale clutch go to your questions and we begin with high many resumed and ten years on from New York, I had a question regarding abortion so recently seen the cream going around that before provide, are actually provide their just proper and don't care about what happens to the baby. After its point, I was wondering are you respond to that claim. Thank you so much well. Thank you. Re Z, tat the eye I just want you to know that you seen that plane, you're twenty years old. so you seeing that claim going around, and I want you to know that
flame went around when I was twenty years ago? It's. It is a typical left wing attack on people. They differ with that there really just scum. That's that's the general left wing view of people. They don't agree with. I've, never quite scene with proof to that horrible charge. We just one you born, and then we don't give a damn about who is so preposterous. So here is a very simple question. I've never in the data- but I you ve lived a full, I'm long life and I can tell you that
I would love to see the data who is more likely to adopt a a child with disabilities, a leftist or a religious. And I would bet my house and that's that I love my house omits the essence of the year the savings I have, but I wouldn't bet my house: that's a that it disproportionately. The of the pro Life Christian Catholic Christian is more likely to adopt a child with disabilities. Then a pro choice. Leftist.
Ok, that's real life. That's not one of these generalised attacks. I have no problem with generalizations providing their based on reality, so What, then, what they mean, I assume is they don't care about when people were born because their against bigger government, but that you could say about people who were, I have nothing to do with abortion. Their belief is that if you don't want, the governments are constantly get bigger. You don't care about people course, it's often quite opposite, because the more the government takes care of people, the less people take care of people. That's why Americans, while will conservatives, give more charity, then people on the left, including liberals, that's just data,
You could check that data to conservatives. Liberals give more charity in in the volunteer more time. Ask look that look that stuff up, but that what we really have its we even clearer than that is Americans, give more charity and volunteer more time than Europeans do, and this very simple reason: Europeans are trained, because they're they're all trained by the left. They are trained to believe that the government will take care of the poor and the sick, I have to take care of the poor in the SEC. I don't even have to take care of the poor and sick in my own family. The government will that's that's. That is why I have a speech on the internet. I gave it the University of Wyoming Socialism makes you selfish, and you should find me say that you should watch it.
Ok, Amy, twenty seven, Germany. I missed a programme in Egyptian, so I guess Its army not Amy. I. Studying in Germany. Your wisdom is something our weight to listen to every week. Thank you. My question is: why Do I do if both my profile, Servers and other students in class are always very aggressive in attacking conservatism, slash capitalism. I feel like giving up and just keep my views to myself, because the agreed escalates very quickly and I feel alone in the fight. First of all, let me just say that if you're in a living in Germany? Obviously your two primary languages are arabic and german, pretty good English. I gotta say that that's sir may I hope I meet you once.
Or even twice so. Well, let's see what do I do, but they are. They escalate the aggression you feel like giving up so I've been thinking about this a lot because I've been getting this question for years. If I speak up again Lose my family, like I just described earlier, may lose ends. I may be removed from everybody's facebook page. I may be attacked social media. I may even get fired from my job. I may get a lower great college I am aware of all of that, because the left is Mean- and that's that's true. We don't do that to them. So here is a thought. Seventy million Americans vote.
Four Donald Trump. Seventy million Americans. Essentially or whatever the the number would be, but half of America voted conservative voted Republican. Imagine if they all spoke out imagine if seventy million Americans just decided, I don't care about what will be done to me on social media. or by friends who really don't like me, apparently, but I am no longer willing to hide what I stand for the country. This country would change radically for the better because they believe correctly that if they bully conservatives enough, they will
force them to shut up. I receive letters because I'm involved the music. I received letters from members of of orchestras in the United States and they they tell me that they, they just can't say anything for fear of if they know they may get thrown off the orchestra, but their bigger fear is just be ostracised by their Please, which is a bad thing in an orchestra. You need each other very much in an orchestra, but I I know how prevalent this is and we need a campaign to get people to speak up if, if one tenth of those who voted for Donald Trump came out of the closet,. It would be very dramatic, seven million Americans just saying
I will no longer be believed by left wing totalitarians. So I would say to you I mean that's right. You're, not the only one in Germany who thinks like you do there aren't many but they're not non existent either so. Good luck, it's easier for me to advise them for you to do. I fully acknowledge that, but that's my advice. Ruby sixty bellum, Brazil. Mr Prager, a brazilian fan of yours. Thank you opening, although. My question is: do you really and really is capitalized,
pink Multi millennial. Do they are christian? Western civilization has any chance to survive. Fifty more years, I don't capitalize the on posture, PT. Unfortunately, it's doomed to perish by two thousand and fifty oh, so let me tell you as the Judeo one of the judeo Christian and I'm a big believer in judeo christian values, that day their one guy who wrote one author wrote a book about the Jews and he called them the ever dying people do are always dying out and by Golly there still here. This is not going to die out its inconceivable. We think by two be fifty every Christian is gonna end up being a secular leftist. I'll tell you an interesting thing:
it is growing its growing in Africa. I expect an african pope in the not too distant future. I I see both products to sum up Catholicism having a renaissance in Africa, so that the West is as decided to die. That's it it's it's it. They don't have children. They get married, much less the vague, a far fewer children, it's all because of secularism religious people have children. The secular are preoccupied with the climate change and so they'll le they'll reduce carbon. Genes and no longer have a and civilization We live in, though, in the realm of the absurd, so I would not dare the prediction that you did, but I
I'll, say. Religious people have to know how to make the case for religion and very few do for most religious people. Religion is a habit, not an intellectual conviction, and I I blame religious people as much as I blame the anti religious moments. Fifty fifty four, the decline and Judaism Christianity. because it has been rendered habit rather than an inch. Actual moral power house that it is so I guess this is a good chance for me to tell you
you wanna know this in depth. Please read my two volumes. Third volume was coming up next year of my commentary called the rational Bible. It is completely reason based. It explains the most important text- Judaism, Christianity, the first five books of the Bible. Everything else is based on on those five books call the rational Bible, Genesis and exodus around through Toronto. Meat is coming out next year, even if you're an atheist, you you owe it to the west, and you owe it to yourself. To see what of intellectual explanation of those books consists of all right, a man to thirty eight Saint John Indiana, hello, Dennis my husband. I have eight children, eighth boys. To be precise,
that is my wind blowing eight boys mandate. So like do you like escaped girlfriends, you are live in testosterone city. That is mind blowing. I wonder how many people have had eighth boys or eight girls. We love having a big family and feel is a blessing from God that he's entrusted us with so many children. It is a blessing However, when we go anywhere strangers. Look at us like we have two heads now that is interesting. I'm going to talk about, at the moment. We get all sorts of questions and comments summer, nice, but most are not that I I have to say I am a little surprised
why would someone make a not nice crystal to make it? Not mice come in through a stranger takes a particularly ugly human being, but but a not nice coming over having eight children, women are act, shocked that I would choose to give birth Times and be a homemaker, it was not that long ago in America must be, then I guess women making these comments. I believe that Imagine a man making a cup and through a family or believe you doing that which is one of the reasons why the way that I've never bought the idiocy that women are superior to men, both sex, is have wonderful. You in beings in both sexes have disgusting human beings and that's the way it is, It is not that long ago in America that large families where the norm, when do you, think that changed and why are large families now looked on a strange thanks for your thoughts,
to love. Listening to you a changed in after the fifties. As America went secular, left its. combination of secularism in leftism and the You represent what they load a family based life You see, if you were the ceo of I'm not a fashion design firm. Whew or whole, All that is a big deal, but that you, who are raising a human beings to being good citizens, good human beings. What a waste of a life you understand first, it is now you should really get a life. If you are a young woman, major engender studies-
then you will really have unimportant important life. Where is having kids having a husband and kids? What a waste? That's? How sick it's become. It's all inverted its truly inverted leftism, as is a form of moral chaos,. Ben nineteen Westminster Colorado laments the prey or in the world's most famous dog, oh yeah,. Otto was immediate response to hearing his name must move you. I would like to begin by saying your fireside chats are brought a lot of joy and wisdom into my life excellent. currently reading your book think a second time. And I recently ordered happiness, is a serious problem. Thank you, ve on both think. A second time is for
four essays on forty fourth subjects. It's a it's! The perfect introduction to my thoughts on a lot of subjects. Think a second time. I was curious if you talk about insecurities in that book. The book unhappiness I was also wondering if you can give a short answer on how you personally feel within securities. Thank you and God bless. all those Prager. You thank you. God has blessed all those Prager you. I think they feel it right to say so very good question. I dont address the issue of insecurity in the happiness book, and you have prompted me to raise that issue on my happy. Our. So I could talk it over with people who call in from the millions of listeners. I've got lot of wisdom, massive wisdom from my listeners? So I will, I will raise that issue.
Every one on earth has in securities everyone and part of the antidote, I suspect, is the great famous idea know thyself. See I I knew at a very early age what I want, I'm good at and probably wouldn't ever because that and what I did was concentrate on what I was good at. Am I I simply allowed Mama not saying this is a perfect answer at all to your question but I'm referencing, my own life cassettes the life I know best and one. What I would do is by excelling in certain areas the area
is where I wasn't excellent, or felt in secure in came less important. Everyone needs an area to feel good about themselves in an and by the way. I believe there are two things that allow that we earn it that's the biggest, but also you you may have a built in if you. If, if you are endowed with perfect pitch. I use. Musical example. You know you it's a gift there, you, don't you give fifteen kids piano lessons and in all three of them are gift the forty seven or not, but they could still work To play the piano nicely, but very few are gifted, but the gifted like them. I know musician, so a lot of them are very sick
or in their music, but that not necessarily a secure socially little. I feel very funny getting up in front of a group and giving a speech I would have. The Opposite, I I find talking to groups effortless, and I, on the other hand, I knew at an early age? I I was never going to be a good instrumental us flour into conduct, because that was my way of playing an instrument. The orchestra, I think, focusing on on what you can do well, will help you, and I know this will also help. Everybody has insecurities that comes with the deal when you're born. So I hope all of this was thought provoking thanks for being with me, I'm Dennis Prager. This is Otto I'll, see you next week,
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