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Fireside Chat Ep. 163 — Is Capitalism Evil?

2020-12-03 | 🔗
Why do a growing number of Americans believe capitalism is greedy, selfish, even evil? Dennis reacts to misconceptions about free market capitalism and explains why it is the morally superior way of organizing economic behavior. 0:00 Welcome Everybody: An Outtake 1:00 When Homes Have Bookshelves 3:00 Responding To Anti-Capitalism Tweets 4:17 Wealth Is A Basic Human Desire 7:57 Colonialism Was Not All Bad 14:21 Understand The Evils Of Communism 16:29 A Cultural Parallel To Communism 20:41 Why Is It Wrong To Work For A Profit? 22:14 The Left Doesn’t Want A Civil Discussion 25:22 Do You Believe In Love At First Sight? 27:49 Why Does Dennis Love Fountain Pens? 30:05 Fruit Cake Opinions (Continued) 31:16 Viewers All Over The World
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I everybody hello, everybody, hello, hello, you all now I worked out today and took a map, so I am mister ready. They go ok, you are, so this is actually being video right now, but it won't be included. This folks is what we him out to take. Are you ready Otto? I do this every time before the session. Are you ready Otto? Yes, He is so ready high. Everybody wants to use that out. Take what the hell got to be with you. Welcome to my home, my dog, Otto. Needless to say,. My fireplace my books. Do you know
This room is surrounded by books. I think I mention this once, but the that to say that, I don't expect you to remember everything I say is to understate the case on a remember everything I say ever so with something special for me when I enter a home, and I see bookshelves with books in them. Even if you don't read them, it's a statement that you take ideas seriously that you take wisdom seriously. Oh, it's just something to think about get get some books get some book shelves its assent it's a statement to you just as much as it is to others. What people say whenever they come over to the house, they come into this room. Now I have four thousand other
books, aside from a thousand in this room, I just don't have the room, unfortunately, in my home, to the store them. So the stored elsewhere at every one of them, was handpicked over the course of my lifetime buying a book. Was a thrill in my life, I wish it were a thrill of more people's lives. anyway, I'd of course I read them all. I fully acknowledge that I basically use them. For writing my own books and my own articles to do research with them. If I look something up but of course the reds fair number, but nothing close to all of them, but it's a beautiful thing to see it. and it's a loss. That's why that's why the people of this background, among other things, is, is the books. and and the animals from all over the world that that's that's, that's it! It's a nice collection
I know he's fun. and he he's very numb neurotic Rwanda, neurotic dogs, muttered the bass and how we have a somewhat neurotic, but he he's placid. All right so Megan the inimitable of the one, and only which is the same as inimitable Megan Mcdonald, the producer director and dictator of this fireside chats is here, and I know that That's great cheese offended, so I'm gonna have a visit with human rights that human relations me human rights, it's hilarious with human relations, our rat Prager you, but I will from myself. You
I always am Prager, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, we're all were all we all bowed down to hr anyway. ever, been there by the way, just for the record. Okay, so gave me a sheet of paper with some on these tweet look like tweets here that the some folks in their twenties, I presume, have tweeted out on this. objective capitalism so like to read them to you and then respond to them because as we were living in it in a morally backwards and ignorant age, So here's one. From a guy. Capitalism began in England around the sixteenth century thing it's a little early, but if it's irrelevant, when it began
they immediately went on to half the planet in search of new markets committed more. The pull, genocides, traded, slaves and engaged in constant war school we learn about how communism is evil because famine so. the their original reason for exploration was not new markets. It was gold People are looking for gold people looking for spices, people world for anything that they could the date that they wanted, that they might not have in Europe The Europeans were the best in the world and they were the only ones Muslims explored places,
I'm well aware of that. That's part of the reason Islam extends as far as China, there alone. there were a lot of muslim sailors, but the there was a desire to acquire riches which is universal. There was no culture that has ever produced people who did not want to acquire riches equipment there. There might well be primitive culture. But even that I dont believe I was in Papua New Guinea twice the first time. Papua New Guinea. I went out into the Bush where people oh or walked around literally only wearing leaves. It was What we would call quite too primitive. I don't use primitive in in a bad sense. There could be nice people and bear people in primitive society is nice people and bad people in modern society, but it was primitive, and I went to visit a tribe in
the island of of new guinea, and I What is that some of the men were wearing a lists of pig tasks when I inquired as to why, through an interpreter, I was told that the view was the way in which a man could show he was wealthy by number of pink tasks on his necklace. so even in primitive society there were the desire to acquire wealth, that was the number of pigs or the number, symbolized by pig, tusks meant you were wealthy and why did they wear it in attracted women, just as it does in modern society, where wealthy men attract more women than poor men do these are such base, ideas about life.
feel silly wasting your time telling it to you, but since the basic, years of life are no longer taught. People make up. Things base, on what they would like life to be like all. women are not attracted to wealth. All Men are not attracted to beauty than that a denial of the realities of life so this notion, it'll sort of created this desire to get wealthy or to have me pockets wherever there was an idea of trade. People had markets, what else does he right yet see? colonise half the planet, Norfolk, the the Europeans, colonized, half the planet, but the compromise plenty of maybe half And while I am no fan of colonialism, you have to ask compared to pry colonialism, what
was the society like I'll give you. The example of India in is so big that it's really cold a sub continent, it's really a continent onto unto itself, India consisted and still does of a voice. A number of languages, groups that speak completely different languages from another Hindi and Tom Meal and a whole host of other languages. The British colonized India and one of the Things that they gave India was a common language. That is why you could have India that would actually develop
you cannot have a society develop where no one can talk to each other. Right is a that's the. Even if you went to college that that should not be an obscure principle, and I say that as as a joke, but it's not a joke. I could people will not solve the think. Clearly in college, a very big problem anyway, so they gave the Indians a United language. That is why Indians at this time can talk to each other from north. yet to South India and EAST to West they. What do they talk to each other? wherein overwhelmingly English here's another thing that the British gave them british this is a famous story of one of the british governors, general of India HU. I learned that there was a practice called settee. Settee was the practice where in
a widow would jump in to her husband's funeral pyre his when his body was cremated. She would jump into the fire and be burned to death. This was what widows did quite commonly, and it was known, as I said, a suttee so the he he decided to ban it in India some Indian said to him. While this is our practice- and he said- okay, I live in the english practice to hang people who practice suttee. That was his response. I met pretty much ended, city in India. If you care about truth. If you care about morality, then you have to judge things base. Untruth and morality or their bad asked?
extra colonialism there certainly war where their good aspects to colonialism. One depends where some some areas. What the Belgians did in the Congo was pure evil, but what the English did in India was not pure evil. A lot of good came of it, the courts of law and in India that came about because of the english the common language, the abolition of suttee the beginning, the abolition of the caste system, the caste system proceeded western capitalism and western market searching. This is MRS Ancient This notion, like the world was beautiful prior to the West's exploring. It am either taking over a lot of it. It is just a gigantic body of ignorance. Is a horrible thing,
caste system where people were born and could not change their cast. The this it's class is not a as as good a term is cast, but that's what it implies. If you were born into the lowest cat cast known, is untouchable. You or untouchable you and you did the dirtiest work in the society and you could not marry up and you could not earn money to go up. You could not leave it. It was fixed just if you were a brahman, the highest gas that was fixed, so this please don't romanticized pre colonization worlds. There is the human Species produces crap all circumstances the issue is. What do you do to make people better? How do you mean a better society given the raw material of human nature. That's the scene
the most important question you could ever ask this the material? How do we make something good of it?. And in the west, with all its flaws which existed everywhere in the world, slavery was universal, the bad stuff of the west. was universal. The good stuff of the west was unique. That's the most important thing for you to remember. The question- is not why why were they are wars you think they award wars before the west or capitalism? Do you think there wasn't avarice an agreed before capitalism I'll tell you what there wasn't before capitalism The warrant a lot of people in abject there were a lot of people who got out of abject poverty. Capitalism is the only thing that has elevated billions of people out of poverty.
Why doesn't that matter? I'll, tell you why it does it matter to West left. This, too are already wealthy. They can't imagine abject poverty and their ignorance because they went to college. So they were indoctrinated. Money located. They have no idea that capitalism, elevated billions billions of people deserve matter to you that matter to the that the jerk who wrote this The ignore ramesses who write these tweets, who know nothing, just nothing. They emotive they're, all it's all the all. These tweets are in. And then the worse. The part that drives me crazy in school, we learned about how communism is evil because of a famine. If that's what you learned about communism that it was evil because of a famine that proves my you learn nothing in most schools, nothing worse than nothing, a distorted view of the world because of a famine. How about
because a hundred million people none- combatants. Civilians were killed by communist regimes mouse China stolen, Sylvie the union just to give the two biggest ones oh Papa Cambodia. If you want to go up, he only killed a quarter of all Cambodians. The mare who's, your marriage means probably not. It means the Red Cambodians commune, and guess guess where he learned his camp communism at the Sorbonne in France. Yes, they were teaching left this garbage that long ago,. The slaughter of human beings, the deprivation of all freedom, every communist country deprive people of freedom, they were prisons, you couldn't leave. I was in communist countries that was my field Study, I was in communist countries a lot you.
That an increase in the Soviet Union, for example, if I visit, someone in an apartment which I only did once or twice cause you. They couldn't talk freely, that they face whatever they would say, would be monitored research, more in the apartment building had usually a woman sitting there, Are you being down who visited you? Who visited The Soviet Union Westerner came, they were in trouble Why is somebody from the west coming to your apartment? So why met people in the Soviet Union, not in their apartments? I met them in parks. They told me what tree to meet them out and then we would keep on working and they would talk very low. One want to tell you something very sad, really really sad. Prior to the lock down, I never say prior to covet, because it's the lock down that has shattered society not covered.
Prior to the luck. Now I flew every week for the last thirty years, just about every week of the year to some to some place to give a lecture serbian airports. big deal in the last few years. This was very common people, Came over me, they offer a selfie, or just my hand or whatever, but something new has taken place in the last couple of years? People would come over to me and they would whisper. I want you to know. I'm a conservative or even lower than that? I support shrimp, beautiful overweight,
time people whispered to me when they were in public. When I visited communist countries, that's very sad, its both scary and sad people are afraid to say out loud what they think. If it's against the left, That's we have that in this country, a famine. That's all you learned about communism. There was a famine. Learn the hundred million the spectacular deprivation of human rights, the horrible economic and health condition. communist countries. You learn that and it wasn't a famine it was a famine every communist country. Now killed. Forty to sixty million people through famine, a deliberate famine
because he sold his food, his wheat in other food to the Soviet Union to get arms because he wanted to be a world power. So if the people start That's it didn't matter as long as he got the advanced armaments that and the collector possession of the peasantry you can. Have your own little farm, your own land, your own cows, the state alone them And they literally took away everything their pots and pans and their animals until forty Sixty million starved read about it, read about this deliberate famine against the Ukrainians done by Stalin, five to six billion Ukrainians starve to death. hence Trumpery historian an apple bomb wrote the red famine, so you don't have to
worry about it being written by someone who's, conservative or whose on the right, she was an anti tramper with passion, but she wrote a great book on the told the red famine and what the what the Sylvie the Ukrainians, that's all you know about communism. You know all the bad parts of capitalism. because you don't value liberty. You know why. Value liberty, because you take it for granted because you were in a free country, met another tweet. Here yes I'll, give you one more we have this? As a young woman? I'm not crazy. I assume so you woman, but I don't know you. I don't have a dream job. I have a dream: community role.
I don't want to work for profit in a world where that's the priority. I want to work because I love the people around me. That's my dream. Not labour! Under capitalism, It sure is a dream. You want to work because you love the people around you. So if you don't love the people around you, you quit. Your who loves everybody around what kind of make Leave world do you live in people love a hand of people in their lives, they they love their family, hopefully not everybody loves their family and they loved their friends. You weren't gonna work in a place where you love the people around you that that's a dream. Anyway, let's say you do work with people.
well, I I is in some ways: do love the people at my radio station, what a wonderful people there I do work for profit and they work for profit, and why is it wrong to work for a profit? How are you going he's your family. If you don't work for profit proper is your salary, so I living, and then I feed a family. Isn't that a beauty why deal? What would you have you do. Your dream work and the government fiends your family. That's. communism is all you will write, poetry marks wrote under tree and the government will take care of your family. No, I want to take care of my family, that's why I've worked for and because I enjoy buying books. and I enjoy I enjoy so many things of life and in his urged me to work hard. That's a wonderful thing.
Make this is all make believe world, like John Linens imagined the make, but If worlds the world the make believe world of Utopia always produces hell. Always every utopian moveth has produced hell on earth Ok guys, let's see what this week's question is, all right here. We go take it away. I maintain from LOS Angeles California oftentimes on latin social media by people of your points. How could I have meaningful discussions of people who are liberal instead of them this bill and suddenly found my beliefs are refusing to interact with me? Well. Let's see here often times, I am blocked on social media by people with liberal views. Liberals never block people. Views left this do so very important distinction
I share the same liberal values I had growing up when I consider myself a liberal I wish we had. I wish people with liberal views dominated people with leftist views dominate and the left has always since its inception a hundred years ago, when you call its inception, I use a russian revolution it wherever it has been in power. The university the Soviet Union doesn't matter where Cuba always without exception. The left suppresses other views. Liberals do not the trouble with liberals. Is they vote for leftists, but the fact is, liberals do welcome other views. Leftists suppress them. How can I have meaningful discussions with people who are liberal? You mean left instead
I'm just being instantly offended by my beliefs in future to interact with me. There is no way they refused to interact with you, not because there were offended, that's the language that use, but because they have no answer. I have invited leftist debate me. I have offered tend to twenty thousand dollars to New York Times columnists to publicly the bait me or any of my colleagues that I would pick doesn't have to be me course. There's no response. They never bait, they smear that's the way it works. That's why there's a whole a whole vocabulary of smears. I a an acronym years ago, six Herbie, sexist intolerance, Phobic Islamophobia gracious bigoted and they were more Haider, I mean it's just endless. I ready attack on Prager you in a left wing websites along
they did smear right, wing propaganda right wing propaganda doesn't tell the truth. They didn't give one example. I'll debate at a person it's along about Prager, you how's that- and I'll pay? You money, I'll pay! You money to debate me the public and public invitation Wisely, they never do never, because leftism is rooted in hateful emotion in immaturity in feelings, not in data. Jessica, twenty eight Arizona, hello there when Prager you staff Otto Jessica, Barcelona says hello. I've it quickly. Regarding relationships, which is this believe in love at first sight or was that it was that
It's more gradual! I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you so much and I love everything you guys do, thank you so you will find this rather interesting and I I am very open. About my life. So here goes. I always thought love at first sight was only in movies. That was, I set it publicly. Course I talk of talked a lot about male female relations in my lifetime. one of the hours of my radio show for about fifteen years. Is the male female our every Wednesday, the second our by show? So I have a lot of experience in this and I never believed in it. Oh then, life intruded. I met my wife and it was love at first sight and I was shocked just shock.
Being a public figure, I bet many many women in my lifetime more more than than the average man would meet as any public figure might end up. I was fun boodles of women attractive. That's that's just the fact of male life, but love I assume that you wrote that something that develops over time, so I know for a fact that it exists, but I wouldn't rely on it as The deciding factor on whether you will love somebody or Mary somebody, the v a majority of people develop love and it isn't love at first sight but you're. Answering you literally do I believe, It exists. Yes, though, I think you should pursue it now. If it happen,
it happens, and by the way you may have love at first sight, it may be deceptive, it might be lost at first sight might not be love at first sight. It made might be chemistry at first sight, but about not real love and That's why it exists, but I wouldn't rely on it. Even fifty eight Saint Louis part that I believe is Minnesota from up mistaken Why are you a fan of fountain pens, you this great question I heard on your last flout that way than this support to lie. To I love it, I am lucky. I. I love so many things not to mention so many people that it's one of the secrets to my happiness, the more things you love them. are things you enjoy the happier you will be an
I have a nature. I taken no credit for my nature is. I love a lot of things I should go music, Gars fountain pens photography equipment You a music system, its it's a pretty long list, and yet why do I love found pens? If you write with one, you will fall in love with him. When you see the ain't coming out of the top call them in cement, Mr O, we didn't pay him enough for today. That is a rare moment, ladies and gentlemen, for me to be doing this without Otto. At my side, Otto you want to see. Mom is going out the door. always at it? in her. I mean Missus, her all right eye
Nobody's tuning in the middle. I know I was here. That's a first is He has never gotten up and left the room he has reared its head. A rare? I don't remember it, but I believe you anyway, If you right with a fountain pen in the ink, comes out and its much smoother writing and so much deeper color and any color in the world as you get any in colors coming hundreds of colors, it's just fun and their beautiful, and I love beautiful things. So I've loved it since high school. When I started. continues. I heard on your last fireside chats that you do not like fruit cake. I enjoy good quality fruit cake. If somebody everyone I would eat it. Some of the cheap one,
turn people off, because they have too many raisins. You can never have too many raisins. That's just the rule Ecclesiastes these six three! You can never have too many raisins. I made that up. It is not of the bible and bit procedures, peel the right. So here's the truth. I was taking a cheap, shouted fruitcake, because Employer has been giving me the same fruitcake every Christmas for twenty years. I leave that twenty years ago, it's the same tin, the as twenty years ago. I believe that bought thousands twenty years ago for a great price and just have store in some storage unit and give it to we to us who work for am I a radio indicator Oh I'm really ribbing them and the truth is it's not one of the world's tastiest cakes, however,
All things considered, I agree with you. It can be yummy. What is our time frame. that was. I was great all look at this and got a young kid from Brisbane. Australia got somebody from LAS Vegas. I love you questions? Hamburg, Germany, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It's a wonderful thought that people all over the world were watching this. You know why, because what I have to say applies to human nature,. In human nature? Is the same in Bangladesh as in New Orleans, so everything you here is applicable to anybody. That's important to me. Ok, always wonderful to be with you. I'm Dennis Prager and I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching this video to help keep Prager you videos free, please consider making a tax, deductible donation
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