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Fireside Chat Ep. 167 — Science or God: Do You Have to Pick One?

2020-12-31 | 🔗
We’ve all heard it: “I don't believe in God, I believe in science.” That's fine, but how do you get good and evil from science? And do religious people reject science? Dennis Prager responds.
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Hi Rybody, Dennis Prager here for the final fireside chats of the year, for those of you knew tat the fireside chats every week- and I am Every week we don't miss. I get a chance to just talk to you about forts that I have and then take your own question. I am my yes I kick is Otto usually is headed toward me. There is no rhyme or reason why it's not this week, but there may be a reason. This is the area he most loves to be rubbed. The correct Otto, the dynamism of his response is just one small. So what are we talking about in the final fireside chats of the year what a lousy year, twenty twenty. no, I decided not to actually do want to say something about that: did not allow it to be?
Terribly year in my own life, I decided from them re beginning to live life is normally as possible. I gathered with friends justice frequently as I have A during normal years, I did not allow locked downs to the extent possible ice still could go for haircuts. I went to what we call a speak. Where the ring prohibition they had the bars open in some way this- is that this is like prohibition writ large and Nancy Pelosi. I went and found a hair salon as it were where I can get a haircut. The difference between me and put a Nancy policy is I publicly announced that I was getting a haircut and she told people not to get there
damn that's a very big difference. Be that as it may, I have been blessed with friends who have the same attitudes, same attitude as I do, and I've had a of having a good year in that Guard but Amerika and the world has had a terrible year. I oppose the worldwide locked down from the very beginning. We got a lot of mockery in derision, for it doesn't matter to me I'm just knowing it Sometimes the cure, so to speak, is worse than the disease. This was a perfect example. Hundreds of millions of people are approaching not just poverty but outright hunger as a result of the collapse of the world economy, completely done not by the pandemic, completely done by politicians. Desires to save every life possible
they don't save every life possible. Could so many more people have died, overdosing on drugs or beginning drugs or getting on drugs? Who had been a sober for years? The number number of children abuse the number of partners and spouses abused his increase dramatically during this time, the number of kids with depression, is reaching that's a pandemic. Young people's depression is a pandemic of of teenagers who, who were just fine and happy, go lucky they're not made to be put into a solitary confinement for a year and for no good reason the chances of it of a seventeen year old dying of covert are far less than a chance of a seventeen year old dying in a car crash, but we allow seventeen year olds not just to ride but to drive.
So it is. The decisions have been awful. Never in history have Asia, have entire populations been quarantine. Anyway, just some reflections on the year, which was a fine with me, an awful from my beloved society and for the world, but I want to talk to you before. I take your questions about this very famous statement that mean you here at all. I'm about people who don't believe in God or don't believe in religion. We believe in science. You gonna kick out of that line. What does it mean to believe in science? Do you mean you believe? The truth is that science comes up with. Who doesn't? If you say, religious people not believe in scientific truth, you're making up nonsense, I'm religious,
I know vast numbers of religious Jews and Christians, they all believe in the truth subsides. Yes, it's true. Some people believe God created the world and six twenty four hour periods. I happened to not give a hoot whether was twenty four hours a twenty four million years, and I make that clear in my bible- come Terry, because the word in Hebrew, for they can be in a thousand years. It says in the Bible, or it could mean twenty four hours, so that's not important, but other than that. Whom do you know whose religious who doesn't believe in scientific truth? You know any religious person who says every doesn't exist or water was not composed of age to well or don't go to a doctor if, if they, if they, if they need death surgery, I dont know any idea,
Emmy, so what does believe in science mean, since we all believe in the truth of science, and we all go for back surgery. If we need back surgery, what does it mean? The answer? Is people don't know what it means cause? The truth is it doesn't mean anything else. Do you believe science will lead you to the right decision about good and evil? I dont science Tell me how science tells you to be kind, tell me how science tells you to save a life. if anything, science, if you want to follow science, it's just follow. Darwinian rule of the survival of the fittest. Do you know if you, although the science, you don't keep them elderly and infirm alive. It's a waste of time and funds that could be spent on healthier people in nature,
happens to the elderly, animal and the infirm, their eaten. I saw this and in Africa, Burma I've been on for Safaris and it was. It was regulatory to me one, when I saw how The idea that the weakest of the gazelles was simply by the lie in the lion would pick out the weakest of the gazelles. If you fight oh science, you let the weak die science, I didn't tell you to be kind or compassionate or or or even build a hospital it doesn't do these things follow. The science you know science, the Nazi, After Mengele, he followed the science and he took human beings and used as guinea, pigs and scientific experiments this this sadist, this butcher this this time abolish all human being. He followed science, and so
the German Medical Association during the Holocaust? They they endorse. Experiments on human beings follow the science to learn anything about life, science doesn't give me wisdom. Science doesn't give me morality. Science doesn't give me compassion, science has its role exactly you want to know how to build, a vaccine or an atom bomb. Science your vehicle, but it doesnt tell you, went to use the atom bomb. It only tells you how to build one. So I dont trust people who, just below, if in science, because I don't- I don't trust your ear but understanding of good and evil. Where do you get it from science? Science doesn't teach you that, so I just thought I'd offer them. The thought we believe in science, what is that even mean and by the way the people who say it, though even mean if they really
leave in science, thousands Zeb scientists said it was on healthy to demonstrate do during the a pandemic right unhealthy too many people we're gaping together, but then they on a demonstrating in the thousands against racism or racism, and then they set out that's healthy. That's right! Look it up Our sense of scientists said oh no. This there are health benefits to demonstrating against racism, so. People who say believe in science, what they really mean is they believe in the scientists they agree with. That's all they mean the best example was hydroxides. work when many scientists believe that this would have saved the honey, thousand lives in America and probably hundreds of
thousands all over the world if used early enough when a person is positive for Covin Hydroxyl, Chloric, win and zinc. Many I mean truly, a lot of scientists are pro hydroxide chloric when, no danger to it? Essentially, the thing has been around half a century. Millions of people have taken it constantly, it's as safe as drug as exists, So which science do you believe the scientists that say? Yes, you can a massive numbers of lives, if you in fact take it early? or those who say. Oh no, don't take it. The the FDA doesn't approve its use in early stages of covert. so you're, not following the science, if you're against, I chloric when you're following the scientists you agree with Although the science and I've too, I take kind, chloric, win and sink and and ivory Mechlin too.
So what's you're fooling yourself, if you say, follow the science, it means for All the scientist you agree with you, follow the scientists who say that men give birth is that science tell me is that science men give birth is at a scientifically. you're statement. Of course not, you know many scientists now say men give birth. Or who are woke. They don't follow science. They follow woke a so some thoughts on, follow the science all right. Let's go to your raw. Let's go to your questions here, and To begin with, I my name's azalea, I'm seventeen from Chicago Ellen. I my question is reflecting upon this year dynasty only advise that you learn in twenty twenty, that we should bring under this new year: fertile boy ally ironically, I just actually addressed
for them I'll give you one immediately want what one immediately you have a choice: place in life, is the purpose of life to live or is the purpose of life to live fully? That's that's the question, an animal's life, the purpose of an animals. Life is to live. They have no interest in living fully. They don't have such a concept. We do we're, not animals so that people who have spent the year afraid and hidden from life and not been with friends I not have a thanks giving or a Christmas with with family or friends. I'm not talking about the highly vulnerable. That's a completely separate issue. I fully understand it, but for the vast majority of do you know I'm not a big fan Even when I was in high school. I wasn't a big fan of big parties. I like to talk to people
one on one and in a have fun with a bunch of people that I knew, but it doesn't matter. I'm only mentioning this- I am such Big fan of kids having parties, because there saying to society, hello, twenty one years old we want to live. We don't want to hide from life on the unbelievably slim chance that will die the chair but twenty one year old, dying of covert is so minuscule as to be pointless to even talk about so one of the biggest. Lessons must be that you live life I'll give you one example, because you know the motto: another great motto is better safe than sorry, for years, I'll tell you how many years about twenty five I've been broadcasting. Third, five, so maybe thirty five years soil would often mentioned, or occasionally mention,
Go in Israel for a visit because I can very inspired: go in Israel been there, but twenty five times and people. Call up and say you know this boy when I love to visit the Holy Land Sea, Israel. But I'm way until it's safe, we used to say to people. I just came back it's safe, it's not perfectly safe, but chance that you'll be blown up by eight by an arab terrorists is, very, very small. In fact I feel safer in Israel that in parts of Manhattan, which is true by the way. That's That's not an exaggeration or parts of Philadelphia that was, for my younger son sake. and you know where we are it might be and solve people who set all I'll go to Israel when it safe, never went in there.
in time I go. I take a trip of people of by listeners to Israel every two years and five hundred come with me for most of them. It is the most wonderful trip of their life and then they go backing. Oh thank God, I wasn't paralyzed by fear. That's the big lesson from the year. Don't be paralyzed by fear, which means don't let the press, don't let the media who work, Leon totally irresponsible, there's no redeeming factor to the main mainstream media. Don't let them leave you by the nose and in this case, frighten you they I dont know why they have such an agenda of fear, but we do, and virtually every country in the world followed the media except Sweden and even Sweden, finally sort of buckled sort of not fully so yes,
I often mention that you know what God tells human being or God tells people the most in the bible- do not fear. o K, Jennifer for twenty Roswell Georgia. Why should men not where dresses so, This is a very important question. Actually and I'll answer with a question and then I'll answer with an answer: why should pay not go around naked. this a very serious question: why should people where any clothing forget male female? Why? people. I want you to answer in your mind right now, why shouldn t we'll walk around naked. Obviously, if its, if it's not it's too cold, they can't
In the summer, anywhere in temperate climates anywhere, any time. So it's an interesting question: isn't it why shouldn't people walk around make it? Do you know that San Francisco had a debate about this? They have They bill too rescind the prohibition of walking around naked by one vote it. The bill did not pass by one vote. They still said that you can't walk around fully, make it and in San Francisco and by the way, The reasoning was it isn't? Cemetery with making people wolves the front benches and it's not savagery, which is nonsense. Obviously how many people said on benches naked there aren't that many benches in cities to begin with, but they they couldn't Bit that they really did believe there might be a deeper reason which gets me to them.
one female in a moment, the reason that we don't want people to walk with their genitals expose, that's that's what the issue is primarily with regard to. Nudity is because well don't even know why it's because we have a deep tradition, called Judeo Christian that says human. are not animals. Animals have their genitalia exposed humans. Do not one of the biggest difference between the different this between humans and animals is clothing, animals, don't wherefore, and they're, not self, conscious about there being naked that that's just the way His and nor are we self conscious about animals being make it. So the deepest reason for
for four objectives and not allowing people to walk around naked is that there are certain things that are intrinsic to being human, that we want to preserve, and that comes ultimately from Judeo Christian out pre judeo christian outlook, a lot of society's people, did walk around naked. The Bible says the same thing about men and women through there The biblical law men cannot where women's clothing and there's another law that women cannot where men's clothing, and that is to preserve the distinction between male and female, which is fundamental to civil. nation, blurring the distinction between male and female. This has nothing to do with a transgender. The transgender were not blurring the distinction. If, if a woman says, I am a man so He then dresses, like a man, takes a
and name looks like a man than its non issue. There's no lowering of the male female distinction. when a man where's address that is a deliberate blurry of the male female distinction and then You have an unravelling of the basic funding. Until order of civilization. I know this is not the way people think, because people think about the the consequences of ending the judeo christian tradition. I've devoted my life to one overriding thing, and that is the bad consequences of secularism. Secularism is great for government, but it's not great for life. What's our timing? Oh good, really, for the second time in a row, I think your clock is off my inner clock,
Run rigour. What do you think you are really the time of year? What, when clocks break the l of the inner clocks break? That's interesting. all right, Dominic, twenty three New Jersey, high Dominic, New Jersey? How do you know when you find your purpose here on earth. So very, very important question. So I have a few weeks. if approaching, that, well to be precise. You know when you know it when you know it nl. This is almost a sort of it. It seems like an evasive answer, but like the, that is a very famous story about a Supreme Court, justice and pornography case, and he was asked to define pornography and he said I can't the fine print coffee. But I know it when I see it
and as if it was a good, it was a good answer. I mean it is difficult to define pornography and You know when you see it and why wise when you, when you, when you are sense of purpose. You know it it it it come but I would like to offer you a more helpful answer. Perhaps through through most of of history, people were given a purpose rather than looking for one so, for example, for the vast Georgie of people in sin in history. Getting married and making a family was a built in huge purpose of life. that's another thing. Secular society has killed. We are. We are fewer people,
than any time in american history or for that matter, japanese history are getting married so because of the death of religion for many people, both in Japan, And the United States, and so when you don't believe that there is purpose in getting married and making a family you you really on the big big quest for purpose, but what people have done is they have made career purpose? But there is very few careers that truly fulfil. that in you, that wants purpose I think I could tell the story of my my trader: the she's easy, the thirty or just about the turn. Thirty so I've known her for years, have been training with her for years and I know before she got married. I know her after she got married and I now know we're after she has a baby and she was
very committed that's. Why, however, is a trainer she's, a terrific trainer and she got a great deal of satisfaction forming a trainer and then all of a sudden she had a husband and a child, and now she tells me she finds it very hard to leave the choice. It's very tough, somehow or other, and I'm I'm not knocking at all professions. It could be a big deal in a person's life but compared for most people to making a home and making make raising a child once you are in a very, very powerfully fulfilling work and that exists. Then it's it's
for the vast majority of people. The purpose was given get married, make a family there. You need a job, you mean income to support the family. So what so? still the time through history who was the man of the family, whom the money and what he said, It was while it doesn't matter that I'm selling tyres. I dont get that much me being from selling tyres get an immense amount of meaning from making mummy from selling tyres to support a family. So then, oh anything, you do becomes meaningful because the money that you ve earned goes to supporting a family, I dare say that tyres and making an income and supporting a family is a hell
lot more meaningful than teaching gender studies at the academic estate College. I made up the name of a college because I didn't want to offend any given college. so this is a real problem. This purposes. And so to religion? The other thing that was gave people deep purpose was religion and too the church each week to go to synagogue each week too, to have the Lord stay in Christianity to have the Sabbath and judaism- you where you? U convene with with Co. Religionists, hopefully have a meal with them Pray with them study with them. These are huge. I the vote. Mass amounts of time to to my my bible commentary. It's very hard work. The hardest project I've ever embarked on
but it's immensely rewarding because I believe in it. so when you knock out religion- and you not family, knockout, marriage and children. What at what is your purpose? b, ceo o of some tech company, why you know what that's not that much see Oda replaceable, no matter how good a c o you are you're, ultimately replaceable, but nobody could replace mommy. Nobody could replace daddy. Nobody could replace a best friend. That's that's the thing Ok, Allentown Pennsylvania. Will you. Matt Thirty! Seven!
this love your show and the puppies now. That's it This thing didn't isolate ATO and he is not hurt. I just I just looked over and see if he was all insulted. Somebody should mention even in thinly at Otto. I mean at depth at their Snoopy, he loves Snoopy, but a mushroom. the share, the spotlight question, considering you were democrat in the past, but now a conservative. What is Our position on the argument that the Democrats and Republicans switch platforms at some point in our history. Thank you for that. What you do. Thank you mad well, here's the interesting thing is funny considering you were democratic, passed the past conservative. So I have a real big surprise for you. There is only one thing I can think of that. have changed my mind on go from the Democratic Party, the rope through the Republican Party going from.
rural, too conservative litter the only one- and that is the size of government. I realise that and that's a big one by the way america- was found to have a very small government so that people have as much freedom and responsibility as possible. That is, You may think every other society in history had been governments kings emperors. Religious people in theocracies, only America was found to have small government. but otherwise there was not one value that I have rejected. For my liberal Democrat past, the Adams call the conservative I'm so. In other words, I didn't change my values, the left, the liberals, change their values Because they don't realize that the left is their enemy. The enemy of liberalism is not conservatism the enemy. Liberalism is leftism,
The examples you want liberals believe in free speech left this. Don't Liberals believe in racial integration left disbelieving Ray segregation colleges have black dorms liberals hated black dorms, the only people who are pro pro black. The worms are the coup, Klux clan and Leftists Dorms based on race is called segregation that was the dirty Word for liberals when I grew up, it's still a dirty word. In my opinion, I want complete racial integration. Liberals. New capitalism is the only way to raise people from poverty. The left hates capitalism, so I haven't changed. Liberals did because they now accept the left as part of their own ideology. could see twenty one saint Louis. My name is
Conseil. I gather that I am from Afghanistan living in Saint Louis Missouri, when learn about the Holocaust in grade school. It always bothered me how such evil could happen. I look at the hate that spread through America today, and it makes me question where the future is My question to you is: how did not system happen and what role the began to illiteracy, playin it true admire what you do. Thank you well. it is scary. Actually, the only way the Holocaust could have happened. I've written this for all of my life is based on lies lies at the root of evil monies. The root of evil appetite it's not the route of evil lies at the root of evil, not not that the others don't cause problems, but you can't the mass evil without lies. The lie that boy actual inferior allowed slavery, the lie that Jews
when free farrier allow the holocaust- and yes, when that when the mass media lie you or your country as in trouble, and I believe them media in America lie and we are in trouble- that's why they suppress people like me and others, because the left. For whom truth has never been a value. Liberals value truth, conservatives value truth, but truth is not a left wing value and never has been that's why they are willing to shut down all dissenting voices at college at high school at your place of work and on the internet, because it's easy to. Puncture lies if we are allowed to expose them, but they don't want us to do so
So what is a scary time and that Sir, that's a sad fact, but I'm not scared because I dont walk around scared. That's one of the things I mention about one of the good. The lessons of twenty twenty. So I wish you from the bottom of my heart, a happy and healthy new year, and I will be with you- God willing all year like this past one so on behalf of Otto and Megan, and run Regos and Nathan and the folks Prager. You have a happy here. Thank you for watching this video to help keep Prager you videos free, please consider making a tax deductible donation
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