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Fireside Chat Ep. 168 — Thoughts on the Current State of Our Nation

2021-01-08 | 🔗
In this special episode, Dennis Prager addresses the current state of the nation and takes questions from live viewers. Don't miss it!
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager this the fireside chat, but it's a unique fireside chats. It's not unique of audio autos. With me, every fireside chats he's my bull dog. and no matter what happens in America. or the world, it was at peace which gives his owner some peace, but that's another subject So it's divided into three parts and then I'm going to take my coming divided into three parts and then I'm going! You go, take your questions spontaneously as they come in, and three parts are a reaction to what happened at the? U S: capital. Yesterday, com. It's on the reactions to what happened
the general state of the country that would have such things happen, etc, etc. So, let's begin with my reaction to what happened. It was awful. It was immoral. It was wrong and it was stupid and it's difficult to use such adjectives. There is no doubt that thereupon bull there who meant well but, as I have always said intentions really don't matter it's what you do that matters, everything that these people wanted to achieve. The opposite happened. The country takes the idea of their having been fraud in the election, less. Seriously, not more seriously, Republicans
senators and representatives who were sticking MAC out to make the case for their being the likelihood not it's not definite, it's not proven, but the. Equally hood of fraud. They were undermined because were simply removed from the ability to even make the case, because the of the mob that took over the? U S, capital, push them aside,. There are A whole host of consequences unforeseen because of what happened at the? U S, capital, the president, just within few minutes ago. If I'm not mistaken, announced that the Joe Biden had won the election. I don't oh if he would have done that. If, if, in fact they were not the the mob at the- U S, capital see
it's very hard when you are passionate not to be guided by passion. That's that's the way it works its true for people on the left, its particularly true for people on the left, because the left is all the motion and its yes. This is an example of it being true for people on the right. What what could you possibly think good could happen? from smashing the windows of the? U S, capital, it's it's! It's bad enough when well smash windows at the local target, but to do it at one of the most important buildings in America. That's where the Congress of the United States meets that's a pretty drastic thing, the due to smash in those windows and invaded. That's what happened. It was invaded so
What the thinking was. I know that there are commerce to my show who told me, although there are anti for people, who were helping organise it either if there were an eye to sell those Farsi, no evidence of it, even if there were that explain why anybody therefore, the rally for the President would have followed them right. It's it's irrelevant it if they, anti, for if every single person in the mob was an anti, far person that would matter, but they. So it's it's. It's pointless, it's not argument that matters? There are people who who mobbed it now I want to make some. I want to give some perspective. there were- I dont, know the number, but a vast number of people at the rally with the press
of the United States and for the President of the United States, like all conservative right wing rallies, it was peaceful. I mean genuinely peaceful, not peaceful in the way in which a lot of the left We rallies and demonstrations too. I over the course of the year twenty twenty, this as a genuine, typical polite right wing rally, people we have a people go and they're nice. We have a video up, Prager you, then by a woman from I was a little lifelong liberal in New Hampshire and she into a Trump rally about a year and a half, If I go out of shape, our curiosity to see what these jerks were really like her friends. Warned her that if they found out of the people there found out, she was a Democrat she was. taking her life into her hands. She was a little scared about going
All she saw were smiling and sweep and happy people which is basically correct. That is those of the people that have tended to support the president. I will have more about that in a moment about the contempt that the elite have for half this country is a very big fat through here- and that was the rally and then a few hundred apparently I don't know the number there either broke away and ornament in two invaded. I mean that's a fair word invaded the: U S, capital, a thinking they would achieve what exactly. I still don't know. That's so I want to make it clear that I condemn what was done now. Let me talk to you about part to you: don't judge, Emmi Movement or any nation by the actions of a bear.
had few whether its left right american Non american Christian. jewish Muslim. You judge Generally, you judge a group a religion, A nationality and ideology by How its spokesman react to this? evil done by fellow members that they give away as to the moral state of a group. Are they of a relation of a movement I'll give one example cause. As many of you know, I'm very involved in Bible Study and in writing a commentary on the Bible volume. Three I have. the Finnish, by the end of this month, on going a little nuts
and I will it's called the rational Bible. So here is a very beautiful thing about the Bible: the Bible talking about the old testament, actually, both testaments or the creation of Jews, but of the jewish Bible, is the old testament. Christian Bible is both testaments and v in the old testament. Guess, who's criticized the most Jews thou. That's a very powerful statement that the jewish Bible would criticize its own people. The most tells you something about the jewish Bible, it's very impressive. So if you can criticise your own for moral lapses, That says a lot about you and if you dont could. ties your own for moral lapses. That says a lot about you, so guess what, with in an hour, every leaving Republican. I know of
and in no compromise terms what happened at the? U S, capital, everyone. And the most conservative and moderate it didn't matter republicans throughout condemned the the them. entering the Eu S capital, one last look pretty pretty hard to find democratic. then it and congressmen, and governors and mayors condemning not one mob in a building an important building, but fires riots, violence Lou stealing burning police cars Not only will you not find the Democrat, who very rare to find any democratic conduct condemning them?
most cases they condemn People who condemn them this very The important moral difference between the right and the left. We condemn our guys do. Bed, they dont condemn There are guys you do bad, not Every single one there are few statements here and there Portland Oregon for four months after month, riots, destruction burning and the democratic May, the democratic governor not only didn't condemned them, they never arrested them. Nobody, the rest of the day, How done the destruction of people's livelihoods in in downtown Portland downtown Seattle downtown? You mean the downtown of any city then ass wanted the democratic mayor of that city do wanted the democratic governor of that state? Do
and the answer is nothing not only no condemnation as I said, no arrest that sing if you're an open minded person struggling to figure out G. which is the more decent side, the right or the left. There's no comparison. There is no doubt that this is a. Perfect example, nothing was burnt, we, after all in the case of the of them in the? U S, capital right, nobody was Beating up there were up, there was the tragedy of a woman shop to death by by one of the police there but but otherwise there there was no that there was no, violence as such by the by the people entering the capital of the obviously the smashing of the windows. in order to get in and that
violent, that also taking taking over a rooms, is violent, but, or the for the New York Times to headline at this: the whole EU, to see the Ella Times USA, today New York Times today, joy kid. Banners if world WAR three had just begun about about the happen at the? U S, capital it stop thing to see. There was no such headline in the New York Times or USA today or any of the other papers. There was none when of these burnings took place in all of these cities when left wing violence took place? Nothing like it. It was like it didn't happen. That's that's! This is, this is the one of them most important aspect of what happened.
You know that when now that there were the breath, Cavanaugh hearings for the: U S Supreme Court, just a justice, Bread Cavanaugh, do you know that The Senate office Senate offices were taken over by left wing Bob's probably don't even know it's there. though it tat one now what? Why is that any different taking over the Senate office Building and and and taking over the capital. Do you know, that IMF in Madison was counts in a few years ago, left wing ah took over the estate capital, the state capital just like the capital In the Washington D C, Did they took over the state capital in Madison Wisconsin? I don't even remember for a very long period of time. I, for I think weeks. I think weeks maybe do These may be months. I don't remember it It was like a non issue. It now miss. You were
they condemned by Democrats, of course not so I I need you to keep respect, if on the moral distinction between left and right, which is so powerful and so powerfully illustrated by what I just told you in the different regions Since we are embarrassed, the left is not embarrassed. I've seen that my whole life, we our embarrassment, people who say that they are one of us, do something wrong. They are not that's huge point number three.
There is in the United States today about half of the population that feels in correctly increasingly suppressed by the other half I mean suppressed the real deal, we're in you, you are going to get some people who, just as it were, can't handle it anymore, the human being and groups are like pressure. Cookers. Life has a lot of pressure, so how does it, pressure cooker. Why does why? Do they not explode because the that is allowed to come out this The that is allowed to come out
in society is free speech, you get your your tension out through speaking your bind, but the left, press is free speech that has always been true. I've talked about this in many fireside chats at college. If it is on the rare occasion conservative speaker comes, they do everything to stop that. The possibility. If they're always demonstrations against their coming, I know I'm I'm one of those speakers and twitter and Youtube and Facebook. The suppression of any speech that they differ with is increasing. Facebook and twitter had the audacity to save their shutting down the account of the president of the United States, and we are not too We are not concerned,
but in America, kick kids, for example, young people who love this country are not to feel that they are being. suppressed. When that happens, the suppression that that is taking place is is causing a lot of people But to have no release for their pressure. People who love this country have are shut down. use you speak about? Your love of America work? You you may get fired magic, bringing an american flag to work. In most cases. Would you bring a? U s flag to Google if you work their way bring a: u dot S flag to Nike. If you work there, you get in trouble. If you bring a: u dot S flag, you'll you'll be ostracized, so everything every institution has been corrupted by the left. Universities, high school.
Elementary schools, the media, the meteor utterly corrupt. It's, as I say this with no joy. just these headlines today about yesterday are already give away that their propaganda sheets for the left for the democratic party. Slight problem was for the Communist Party in the Soviet Union. That's what I grew up reading problem, Because I studied russian in order to read it is the Soviet Communist newspaper. I never thought I compare american newspapers deprived utterly predictable headlines to state they dont they're, not there. For truth, the new there are times- has developed the biggest lie in american history. Yes, the biggest lie that America was, in sixteen nineteen and that the amount, Revolution was fought in order to preserve slavery. This was the cleared a lie.
by Sean, will lens an anti Trump liberal Democrat professor at Princeton, Anne and his colleagues, the greatest experts on american history. have the clear the New York Times, sixteen nineteen project a lie. What is the point of all this? The point of all this is that Perkins, young or any age who loved this country have seen the country taken over. Every one of its institutions and this this is the killer again it's bad as that is at least if we could speak our minds, they feel then at least we get the pressure out of our system, but not allowed to speak their minds. It's the cancel culture
So what is it any wonder that on one occasion it spilled over into the? U S capital, something I've we condemn by now explaining I am not in any way defending. I think it was, as I said, not just bad but stupid and utterly destructive, but at a given point people snap Every every part of american life has contempt for the person who does revere this country and that's half of us who know This is the best and of all the experiments in human history. America has been the greatest experiment in freedom and decency So it's no wonder that people have no release for their pressure when they are also prevented. From speaking, I made a note here to give you
Play idea of of the lies that better that pervades our culture, Joe Biden, said today. If you will President elect by no one can tell me that if it had been a group of black lives matter protesting yesterday, there wouldn't they wouldn't have been treated very very differently than the mob of thugs that storm the capital. Really,
Really this is what does it say, I want to say the guy on now and they send BC. Who does that morning show the guy is a former congressmen anyway, they got to be named in my brain said today. Had it been blacks, protesting they'd have been shot in the face, given the tens of thousands of blacks, protesting old, all of twenty twenty or most of twenty twenty. How many shot in the face. I think zero. They just make up. These lies Biden line. This is a big lie. No one can tell me that if it had been a group black lives matter protesting yesterday, they wouldn't have been treated very, very differently, really
and then he goes in the mall before thugs that storm the capital has. He has he ever called the the left wing violent the protesters. The rioters had the cold them thugs. He has condemned them, although it took him a week to do so after the riot started in in in April or May. This is what this is, what the people believe in, and we know what I mean why you lying to us and what? What do you mean? So wait a minute, so What are you saying that the cap. Little. Police are racist. That's what bigamy say this is the man who says he's gonna bring the country together. Another gigantic lie the apple police, are racists. That's what Biden has just said. President Elect bike. But I will unite America. Unlike Donald Trump, I will unite America right. That's that's that
What does that's what he said that the capital, Police are racist because they would have treated black lives matter, people differently very, very differently. Same with care and Bess democratic Congresswoman from Caliph Yeah, I mean, can you imagine if this was black lives matter? Can you for one moment? Imagine what would happen. What would happen? Ok and for yes, like mine, addressed the issue for a moment on with. Elections, affair I have said from the beginning. I was agnostic, I have no idea have no proof. Proclaimed that I have proof or that there was proof, but you if you do believe in circumstantial evidence, it's pretty powerful. Do you know that the last point
didn't you get more votes running for reelection. Then he got the first time. A hundred fifty years ago, so essential it just doesn't happen. Now you. say okay, so what happened that's right and might agree how about this they're one nineteen, what are called bellwether counties in America both. Republicans and democratic knowledge. The Nineteen can basically, Tell you how the election will go if they, overwhelmingly go for the democratic. The democratic will win if they overwhelmingly go for the republic and the Republican will win, guess what The results were in the nineteen bellwether counties in America. Eighteen went for Donald Trump. you could say well look what whom amazing coincidence, but it keeps happening. There are more and more of these coincidences, however, this here's a piece of data, for you can
Richmond and Bishop of North Carolina reported three hundred eighty five preelection lawsuits to change election laws before this election. Why did Change all their election laws. and by the way, whatever happened to election day when Grow up, there was an election day now, there's an election month, all done by the Democrats, easier to do whatever you want to do. I didn't everything was done, I dont know, but if, if almost half this country believes it. unlike the russian collusion thing, which was a lie and the Democrats and the media pursued that for three years, but we can pursue for a few weeks. the notion that there there may have been tampering with ballots island with
an interesting observation that I have made on this you, you have to ask a very simple question with Democrats. One would stop Democrats, people on the left from cheating election count. So you could say this really only one thing right, their conscience, but every leftist believes that Donald Trump was was a fascist. Was a racist? Was a white supremacist. And the dictator now. To be honest, if I believe someone, if I were a vote counter and I could prevent a fascist white supremacist dictator, racist from becoming elected. Would she I I give you my word. If I can,
stopped Hitler from being elected in nineteen. Thirty, three, our vote. Countermine Germany, IDA cheated. so they have no reason not to chief now. Maybe they didn't but you gotta would admit they have no reason not to not conscience Their conscience would dictate that if they can't cheat, they would And given all these anomalies, like the nineteen districts, counties and and First presented a hundred fifty years to get more votes for real. Action than then? He got the first time and there were so many other examples of that floor? Ohio almost always indicator will win floor. Oh hi, I went for Donald Trump here swimming in in the swing states in the battleground states, he's winning, and then they stop the count. Not maybe that's not
It is I fully acknowledge it might be normal, but I think There is more reason to have invested. nation into the elections. Free and fair election is, is what democracy is based on. People have to believe that their vote matters then than reason to have had three years of a special council special prosecutor on something that never happened. Russian. Ocean with the Trump campaign. So those are the three points that I wanted to make in trying to clarify. what is going on of all all the things I don't know. Well, there are so many that are tied for first what's most upsetting, but I think that job Eden's lie that, had it been a black lives matter, they would have been treated very very differently.
When they weren't treated very very differently, even when black lives matter, protesters, black and white did far more, damage hurt far more lives than the mob in the U S capital, Ok, let me see your request here. I first. alright: let's see two people ask the same question Amy one thousand eight hundred and eighteen is the age for those of you. New to the fireside chat, Kansas City, Missouri, Katy, fifteen hunting, the beach California. How can we can Service respond to people making comments and why the police didn't used the same amount of force on the right at the cap. they did at the Berlin protests. Many people provide. This is proof of white privilege. Do you think my privilege, anything that would have a situation was handled? Wait a minute- or this is a person, example, this, the famous Groucho Marx thing where he is I find him in bed with another woman and he can
company goes. What are you Are you gonna believe believe me or your lying eyes We have lying eyes, didn't we watch a year? weekly a year or two thirds of the year. Violent, not protests. Riots of, take overs of buildings Burning down of buildings and businesses and an exactly what did the police due to these people? What are you talking about? on the contrary, the announced democratic mayors and governance was let's DE fund the police? What what? What I'm not going to allow a lie to be created within six months of of of an event happening. They should I've been, in fact a blocked. clean by the police that the trap
one of the tragedies of twenty twenty is how little police did with with regard to left writers. Anyway? Did you see the police tackling they killed? How many this was one. Potentially nonviolent. still a mob, but not not not. They weren't Turning down anything and one of the of the women involved and got murdered or got killed. And you're you're telling me how many be Alan protesters were killed by police in six months now? in one hour in six months. It so, tragic that you feel you have to be on the defensive. This is, bigger lies. The white privilege lie, but they put it you repeat, lies enough? That's that's. The rules called the big lie, really be. Ellen protesters were treated more more of war harshly, really. Where.
Dane twenty one United Kingdom: do you think a civil war is looming in the United States? Twenty years ago I wrote that there's a civil war in the United States. I simply. I pray that it stays non violent, but There is a civil war. There is as I have said again for twenty years, left him I have lessened common, the North and south did in the civil war in the eighteen sixties. Everything we hold to be important? The left has contempt for that's it. That's that's the way it works The American America has a trinity read. My book is still the best help. I explain American the left in it. America has a trinity just like Christianity does so on every coin. Pluribus Unum God. We trust liberty
by the way, storing the way a Harvard student who read my book was deeply affected by it. and she said to me. She had never heard the phrase Iep lure Bassoon him before she read my book so much for american education, it's one of the models of the night, states of America means out of many one. The the the left doesn't believe out of many one of many. Many one. They think the idea of a national identity is for that's lot of many one meant every body comes from all over every religion, every race, every nationality and we become american. Otherwise America will not survive. They can't stand that view in God. We trust this content forgot on the left, contempt for Christian on the left and liberty. Liberty has never been a left wing value.
That's why everywhere that they could take over, they suppress it, like the universities like a twitter. Michael nineteen Bustle Washington, where the b, L and protests of twenty twenty similar to yesterday's event was it. On the same level, I feel like the no justice, though peace matches similar well, you asked each there were to seven questions. One is the message. I don't know what yesterday's message was. But the other is where they similar, of course, they're not similar. What was burned, who was deprived of a livelihood and had their business burned? I mean it was it was defensible. It was terrible and wrong and stupid, but compared to the rights of this year. I I I don't even know why to question.
Jacob seventeen burns Veal, Minnesota in my class, is today the actions it capital use an example of how conservatism trumps supporters are white supremacist and was also this evidence of white privilege by this. This keeps coming up just ass. The teacher exam Really well, there was a white girl killed how many blacks were killed by the police in the protests will say well well what about George Floyd drug Point had nothing to do with protests. By the way, the jury is out on whether the policeman even kill. George Floyd If your inch listen, I you know, I remember the Ferguson Missouri case, where every all his hands up. Don't you, he never said ends up, don't shoot, it still a lie. That's, Maiden in the society along
the black jury, never indicted the policemen in Ferguson because he was attacked by Michael Brown. That's what happened. I've seen the whole video and in the case of George Floyd, they beg George Floyd just get in the police car but he was so high. Probably why was it what's it called again, oh god, the civil? No it's the drug I really want to tell you, because that's probably what killed George Floyd a particular its of it. The main escapes me for moment, but it will it's a drug that that he was taking any, as I think, three times the amount that could be fatal
The the neck on the side of a me on the side of the neck does not cause people to us. Fixate. Yes, it's sentinel, that's correct and it was enough yet felt in all. So what will happen is they will pay don't the evidence to the jury that its overwhelmingly likely that he was not killed by the off sir, and then they'll be more riots. That's that's the way it works cause! That's. That is the way it works. I am sorry to say.
It is amazing how many blacks have been killed since Thea the mayors of these cities. All of them Democrats have decided to reduce their police forces and it is none. It's a nun issue to black leaders and it is a non issue to democratic leaders. The left uses blacks, exactly the way the Communists used workers. They talk on their behalf to gain power. but couldn't care less about them? What do I say, Rowan, fifteen, in Michigan? What do I say to the liberals? In my social media, freedom call this domestic terrorism. It just ask them.
You call all of the riots this summer with which, with far more destruction of property and far more looting did, did you call that domestic terrorism, if you call that domestic terrorism than cold this domestic terrorism. But if you only call domestic terrorism, what once in a year Republicans do First is what was done daily by leftists. Then you don't care about truth and you don't even care abandonment, domestic terrorism, you care about hitting the right so your interest in truth or morality is zero. Eli Eliana, eighteen Montclair, California. What are your thoughts on people accusing my pensive being a trader confuses too
what was expected of him as president of the Senate, it is my understanding that is only constitutional role was to preside over the session. He didn't the ability to do anything else. That is exactly right. If there's A more loyal vice president to a president for four here's the MIKE Pence, Donald Trump? I unaware of that person- She's a fanatical view it in. Look. We have fanatics on our side to sorry, happy about it, but life is messy. Catherine, sixteen Williamsburg Virginia. How do we show people that the actions on Capitol Hill do not reflect the beliefs of all conservatives? It's so said. How come they never asked these questions a Portland the Apple LOS Angeles, New York Philadelphia, Chicago horrible Violence. coming down ruining entire.
Our town areas. Did anybody ask a liberal? How do we show people that the actions, In all these cities do not reflect the beliefs of all liberals. This is it this is, I feel, feel free, Katherine Katharine, that you that you have been put into the position of having to answer that moment. What s people when was the last right wing riot verses, who was the last left wing riot? How about this ask them a question: how come you're people don't then your congressmen and senators don't condemn, left wing riots, but the moment our people do anything. they are universally condemned by republican senators and congressmen, ask them that they don't even know what you're talking about. I promised that.
Taylor, twenty seven Texas identity as a mother and a believer in Christ? What is your opinion? While is the mother of believers, Christ gotcha. What is it our opinion Dennis on the best way to community, not a mother or believe of speaking and clear, but I'm a big fan of Christians. What is your opinion on the best way to communicate everything that is going on to our children? And what We do to ensure our elections or more transparent for the future. While I could tell you set the Prager, you videos are about its good away and there almost five hundred of them now there that us ways? I know that's why we ve created this. and if there are old enough, read them my Bible commentary, which makes the Bible relevant today the the rest
we'll bible to how do we ensure elections are more transparent for the future? That's a fair question, not one that the Democrats are interested in having answered. What's the what's our time frame here, why would you like to do the questions are not anyone, ok, Annalisa Scott S or at the end of its right anyway, twenty keenness or Georgia what should be done about the US versus them mentality taken up by both parties defending one kind of right and condemning another? How do we talk to other You don't agree with us politically, but how to handle this see. This is another example at so sad. A twenty year old, asking wait a minute.
not a mentality taken up by both parties defending one kind of riot and condemning than other we condemn hours, there's no symmetry! None! That's my point. We condemn ours and we do it very rare. Yesterday- was an aberration riots or Ninety nine percent in America on the left, one more makes sense Ashby sixteen Pennsylvania? What can we as conservatives, due to show that we know one violence? How can We stand for our values now that the main conservative and republican has been tainted by the rioters. Thank you for your time. Everything you do pray you, God bless Ashby Thee there are? There were no groups that only have perfect members,
So if the actions of a tiny infinitesimally, small port taint, the name, and then there is no group in the world that decent. If ninety nine percent of riots or done by the left, then that's that's the issue that one has to recognise. they did take the name I agree, but if they tainted the main, what did what did all of this, rioters over half year in twenty twenty do.
they should have shattered the name of the left, especially given the lack of criticism and confrontation by by democratic officials. See. All of these questions are so said to me cause it's put the good guys on the defensive and they the bad guys should be on the defensive. Maybe that's that's a thought to leave you with this a very difficult time in an american history. I dont know if America will survive as America. The two years of left wing rule that were going to enter they do they do want to destroy the? U S, as we know it, Bronco bombing knowledge that famous statement in two thousand,
we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. You don't love what you want a fundamentally transform. If a man said I I want a phantom fundamentally transformed. My wife We're a wife said: I want a fundamentally transformed, my husband, you know, that's that spouse doesn't love the other spouse. America can always be improved. Just like I can always be improved and you can always be improved, but let me tell you something: it's a lot easier to destroy than to build and all the left knows is to destroy liberals build and conservatives build leftists, destroy special edition of the Fireside chat
I have to you from my home on behalf of Otto, I will see you next week. Thank you for watching this video to keep pray view videos free, please consent. Are making a tax deductible donation
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