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Fireside Chat Ep. 17 - Our BANniversary

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Join Dennis Prager for a new Fireside Chat, LIVE from his home study! Dennis is discussing YouTube's systematic restriction of PragerU videos, the difference between leftists, liberals, and conservatives, and Dennis's favorite TV shows. Recorded on Jul 27, 2017.
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Everybody I've done his prey. You're welcome to my home is the fire on here is a fireside chats. This is literally a fireside chats, no matter how hard it is out whatever time of year, because we keep the room very cold great to be with you. Thank you for being with me. By do. I just want to say to my great an unpleasant surprise. These fireside chats are really catching on with hundreds of thousands of viewers exactly correct guys. Each week I met a man this ice. I hope I didn't. I he telling a story twice. I hated will forgive me if I did, but I met a guy. I was returning to my hotel room. It was in Sacramento like half a year ago after a speech, they're gonna keep staring at me, which is okay. I am somewhat used to it, but it still, it was midnight anyway doesn't matter, and so he looks at me any of our youth Dennis Prager and that's the bull dog whose knocking over the microphone right now. Do you wanna get a picture of Otto for everybody, so that they'll know it and make better. Otto say hi now.
I was lovable, but not a genius just for the record. Ok here he goes again. Okay. This is very funny. My wife is just call them over, and now he is a happy is dude. Good land, okay, this is all realize you can see. We don't. By ways is live. Even this live as well as recorded old crone right, be that as it may so that I saw you Dennis Prego yeah, Yes, oh man, I love your work as at all, really listen to my radio shows. I didn't know you had a radio show. Ok, you're familiar with Pray university know they'll never heard of it. So how do you know me said? Oh, I want your fireside chats. You never know. I mean there's a guy he's. The only way he knows of me is through the fireside chats.
Very sweet anyway, so I just came home literally hours ago I fluent this morning. I was in Washington DC two days ago correctly, today's nor the White House broadcasting my show from there. And last night. I want to title just drop by last night. Last night I had dinner with fourteen congressmen and women. I don't you say congressmen and but a couple of them were women and it was at last at three hours. They don't have a lot of time. I was very honoured by the state. They really just wanted to to get some thoughts from me, and I was not only honoured, but I was aching to give them my thoughts on the crisis in America. My belief that we really are having a non violent civil war in the country, and we spoke out- we spoke for quite a while. What do I do with money.
Matches ok, anyway, now men up here, it's not a big deal. What's the lake is another door expressing himself at this time. Well, it was all arranged by Catholic, Boris Rogers. She They congresswoman from Eastern Washington, this balkan area Bobby I just want to say this woman is such high quality sheet. Radiates competence, intelligence stability, She is just extra, very she organised a thing I want to thank her publicly the view in Eastern Washington, are lucky to have her as your member of Congress there, and I want to thank all the other third. Team who did the who also came last night, though, It was, it was a wonderful trip and I'm here
It'd be home, and I'm going back to Washington to speak to Young America's foundation and that's how big for literally one day and then coming back here. But it's all worth it because we have a beloved country. That's in trouble, that's my belief. So I want to tell you about something else entirely from the put this down for a moment So, on August, sixteen we'll, be engaging in my application of conducting symphony orchestras. I've been doing this for a few decades. I love music, as is the way I can make music is a conductor. It is a great joy for me to stand in front of great musicians and conduct a symphony ice.
Reading symphonic scores in high school. I did that instead of homework, and it worked out well. So I was asked latest I've conducted quite a number of of local orchestras in southern California. I do this to help them. I don't get a penny. I do this I want to fund raise for these local orchestras. That need obviously need to be helped. The non profit. But organizations- and I could all I do it for a lot of reasons. That's one another one is too Ring classical music to my listeners as it were my fans, if you will who don't know about classical music, as I believe that half of the country, doesn't like classical music, would love it if exposed to it properly. So I can duff apiece, then I T
The peace with the orchestra show little parts of it. What the composer did and its fast Let's just listen to the cello, just listen to the elbows and it's so fascinating than to hear all come together and you realize a genius these, these great composers, war, so, I was invited by the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, wonderful orchestra, by it's, terrific candy who was also a member Los Angeles Philharmonic, one of the greatest in the world he invited me? Guido metal is his name and Guido, my stroller male invited me to conduct, is MR I said yes, the board, voted on it. And then as it became known as was going happen August. Sixteen- and I. I would love anyone who can come to come because you love one of them Wonderful evenings of your life- I don't do this often it
Happening at the most prestigious concert hall probably outside of Carnegie Hall. The wolf is the Music Hall Concert Hall, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LOS Angeles, too big honor. And it's August, sixteen you can go on Dennis Prager Doc, come in the ports as where's Dennis and then click on that, and it will tell you about how to get tickets for the concert. Well, a few weeks ago, I learned that a petition was being circulated for the same Monica Symphony orchestra to this invite me, because I'm a right wing hated, paving bigot. Which is exactly what the left does on campuses: anyone, conservative is called the hateful bigot they never back. This up.
I I am about his lease, as least a hateful human being, as I have met in my life. I bigot have a bigger bone in my body, I don't even I dont as AIDS, evil bigotry and be it's stupid. And I'm neither evil more stupid, but conservative in their eyes and therefore I should be Disan including the former mayor of Santa Monica, who is now a councilman. He is going crazy that Dennis Prager with up the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra. You should. May be allowed to play an instrument or conduct. An orchestra if you're on the on the far left, This is very, very bad stuff I want you to realise how sick it is it's better, off. When conservatives can't speak on campuses. But I'm not even speaking
a conservative is now not only forbidden to speak, less p, here. An idea they don't agree with you can don't even wave your baton. This is now considered fair bottom. Forbidden if and moving. The baton is belonged to a conservative, its almost unbelievable. This aim is Mcewen, he's a disgrace to America, because America's founded on openness, tolerance he's the big it he's the Haider. Let me. And he's not the only one there, a few members of the orchestra who happened to be a professors at the? U see allaying needless to say, and so there circulating a petition to the great credit of the board of direct. There is of the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra. They have.
All sided with the invitation, including those who didn't vote to bring me original. There was a vote on the border was not unanimous, but it passed, but the even the ones. The liberal be six is a big difference between liberal and left. They have Nothing in common is something I die. Rush. Every one of my radio shows. These liberal members of the board of directors who said this is not happening under our watch. We don't ban p. Bull from making music based on their views. That's not what were about. What Mcewen and other hate filled people, trying to stop me. It's not working, but I will tell you this. If we fill up the Walt Disney Concert Hall, that will be the greatest rebuke to these people, who are the intolerant
So I'm asking you not only because you'll have a time of your life as I condemn this peace with this orchestra in this great hall and then afterwards. The second half is their great Doktor Guido Lamellous, conducting the most popular symphony ever written, Beethoven's fit symphony that at that time, that the thumb everybody knows at least three So it's August sixteenth and We do hope that every one of you in southern California will come and if any of you were planning a trip to Southern California, to put that your last again. It's at Dennis Prager dot com, and it is aware it says, where's Dennis. So I look forward to seeing you August sixteenth Wednesday night here the score by the way, here's the first page of the score I look at it and I think what a genius heighten was it's a very powerful stuff I loved,
I am I transmit that love to the players and I transmit the love that I have to the audience. A classical music has been my drug of choice since, was in high school and heighten is the guy that I have loved every minute since high school. I have different composers, the most at different times, but heightens been the whole time? Ok so August? Sixteen in buying a ticket to that concert is a a joy and be a statement that we don't we don't ban people from making music based on their political views. You know people could say the same thing to me. Do you Would you raise funds for the orchestra of the most left, city in in one of the most left wing cities in the country.
The answer is because I want to help people make music. I don't care if every member of the orchestra is it is on the left wing. Making music? If there's any- that could bring humanity together, which music right with me. I think other things can I think God can and I think good religion cannot kammanu but music. Certainly that's that should be the first one of the most obvious choices. Ok Good open up for questions guys, Oh that's right, Craig is here or, as you it's cool and Craig. I don't understand: tell everybody your last name. Is it stress, airy, That is not an easy last name, not hard. It's a good point that in that discussion, physical, Craig with Prager, you watch your role. Keep marketing officer,
by the way, let me say this- it hurts for me to say, but everybody loves him now, I try to undermine that as much as it can and it doesnt work everyone who works with him. Do you know that I did not know that until now. Thank you will you excuse your humble which really something very confident my ability to be humble. I like that that is a great answer the truth is we are lucky we found you, certain honour to work with programmes. You expand on that front. Why is it in order to work through pray? You I'm not joking rybody. Well, what does it do for you? I'm I'm curious law, especially since I have kids once I had kids, it became life became even more real, more important to me, and you know I do not want my kids to be saturated and in a world that is dominated by the left wing ideology, and I Prager use doing good for the world. I know we're doing it for the world. We see
and we get hundreds of emails. Everyday people call your show from all over the world and tell them Prager you videos to change their mind. Have influence their opinion and were actually introducing ideas too young People who have never heard a conservative idea? You can you can both from an infant to college and never have been exposed to conservative idea and were changed, reaching millions of people online, and I think that's a good thing for the world so now you're here specifically because this week is a what you guys have called the ban of Versify correct the versus of banning or Billy putting on the restricted was tell everybody about them. Yes, so it was one year ago this week that Prager you staff member, to look into the camera. I don't know where to let all that's father tell everybody there, so it was one year ago this week that Prager you discovered that twenty overtime They Prager you videos were restricted by you to enforce.
The purpose of clarity restricted mode as a feature on Youtube that you can set on your computer to prohibit at an Youtube's onwards, violent or sexual and mature content from children, seeing them As you know, from our videos, we are neither violent sexual or mature, thank God for the most part, but on a worm mature, it will get our money on right. That's true! So, one year ago we discovered this issue. We contacted you tube, and we contacted them many times throughout the last year, so we're marking this week as the one year anniversary, calling it the ban of nursery and now twenty eight of our videos are worth over. Ten percent of our entire library has been announced will not restrict the bees, so it basic if you, if you have restricted mode on which you too but allows this filter to be turned on, so parents use it for their kid so that if they don't the kid seeing content, that's objectionable, which is violence or or pornography, typically
see it, but the thing is that universities, schools and places employment in their libraries. They all have restricted modem, MRS, where young people are so a high school or college student could go into their schools library. Today go on the library. Computer goes Youtube and search for Prager you, videos and twenty eight of them all even show up what's fascinating is you? Can you can under restricted mode? Search for the case for marijuana, for example, are a lot of videos that will show up on the case for marijuana its can watch that that we, even with the restricted filters on your life's that, however, the Prager you video on the case for easier Ets is restricted, so they eat out. Think. Ultimately, we again cigarettes by the way are just vapourings machines. They, its water, vapor exact with nicotine and flavour, but that's right, which does nothing. Their tomorrow marijuana, but even even more dramatic right. I mean our history of the Korean WAR is banned. Exactly
that specific one? I spoke to a Youtube representative and I said why is our educational video on why America find the queen were banned? and they several youtube. Google promote a family, safe environment and war is not family, although here they're lying to you, there's nothing on the second World war. There's nothing on the Vietnam WAR whoop! Well better than that. If you type in korean war unrestricted mode there's a video from crash course who is there a site who also has animated short videos who is more left, leaning on the korean war? That's not restricted, so it's hypocrisy mean it's a there is no doubt, in my mind, were now up to twenty eight twenty horse. It's completely because we were were not on the left is the only the only reason, this note sexual or or violent content in any single one of them. It's nothing. What the twenty and always the what's. The most recent. The last I heard was twenty five. What's the most recent you know at the most recent was,
the history. The Democratic party down, is not restricted, real, rising. Ok, I think Glory Alvarez's one of the most recent there's probably some morning, a recent, but that was immigrants, don't vote for what you fled, talking about how invoking yet, and so They know that Youtube knows our demographic is the young audience. They could see our numbers. They know that were reaching young people and They couldn't just remove our videos entirely from Youtube, because that would be bad for them, but they know by restricting them their limiting our ability to reach young people put still find it hard to believe that there is somebody at you to pet orders monitoring every video that goes up, so they There must be a lot of people who check off who out there make making sure that nothing, none left gets a big audience. That's theory? That's one theory and then the answer they give you besides, community flagging is also we have an algorithm in the algorithm is supposed to detect
our key words words in the title or words in the content and the video that's absurd. The algorithm is not met. Bought by The korean war or or or these others is Carol Swain been put on. The record is not been restrict. Not yet not yet back, then we should, even when the unfortunate that's right. That's exactly right. Youtube invited me to come to the offices in New York a few weeks ago, and it was that they invited all conservative organization. So our friends, you ve prouder. Was there the daily wired news max? You saw all these concerns of organizations were invited, because you too was trying to appeal to conservatives. And they said you know, since you have such a large china. We want to help you with any specific issues that you guys may have So I said well, we do have an issue. You guys are restricting twenty eight of our videos you know why are you restricting or videos and they don't have a rational response, even the
ploys at Youtube, Google, if they have no rational response, they won't do anything and they won't do anything. I don't expect them to well. One of the thing we ve had the most return with three major editorials on prig. Universities is correct and even that didn't it didn't. I was sure that would I mean that's, that's the biggest with two biggest papers in the country. They requested comments from Youtube, but nothing happened. Well, we'll just keep fighting yet the most. Important thing that people can do to help is gonna Prager you'd, our common sign, our petition. It's amazing! We almost have a quarter of a million signatures of people say I write yep two hundred forty thousand were ten thousand away we'd love to get to a quarter of a million signatures, you're, not that it will help, but it's a stronger show of support of there's a lot of people out there, a quarter of a million already who have said it should not be doing us. The leg is in the post
alright, Craig thanks a million for everything you do thanks for having by, the way tomorrow, Tomorrow, six p m Eastern three p M Pacific. I will be on the New York Times, Facebook page with alive dialogue with their columnists, bread Stevens, so that that should be interesting. They asked the New York Times asked me to let you know we're happy to tell you about New York Times went much further happy to tell you about our events, but be that as it may it's happening oak. A time for your stuff, Ethan. By the way you know a be fun if you folks could tell us age and where you're from you agree,
some people have an idea of whose asking the question for all. I know Ethan is somebody's pet, we don't know toward us Dennis, if you're so distrustful of the government, why do you the post efforts to abolish capital punishment. Well, first of all and distrustful of government, of anything that had the more power it has the more distrustful. I am your entirely right, but the This is not an issue of trusting the government, this initial trusting a jury and true Sing dna innate has nothing to do with trusting the government, so I it's just not related. You might ass well ass. If I don't trust the government, what am I trust them to make war war kills a lot more people than capital punishment. I'm not an anarchist. I dont believe that we should have no government. I just believe that
the american vision of limited government, the only country in the history of the world to this day ever founded on the on the premise of limited government, but that's it's- that is one of its key stone principles- should be honoured. I dont trust people with a lot of power may say, While the power to execute as the ultimate power you're right but its granted to them by the citizenry under very, very very, very limited circumstances. With the aim. It becomes virtually impossible to have an error to make an error and I put out a video on capital punishment. I've written Immense amount, I'm sure you could find it on the internet. I always use the example,
painful to recount actually just a few years ago, and in was at Stanford Connecticut was at the city, Connecticut, Cheshire, Connecticut. Two monsters young men to men entered a home and they they beat the Father with a bat senseless rate. The wife. Raped one of the daughters and sexually abused, the other one was like eleven or twelve years of age, then tied them too. Bed down them with gasoline and set the house on fire. Doktor lost his entire family is a beloved member of the community and he's angry that their living. That is the the murderers he doesn't understand.
Why it's just an I dont know if he was pro rata capital punishment prior to this, but we, I cite him actual in the video on capital punishment LISA Height LISA Dennis I know you're, not a big tv watch. That LISA is an understatement. But are there any shows you watched in recent years that you enjoyed no not, not because they are aren't enjoyable shows. I know there are. I realized in high school that it's very easy to get addicted to television. And I I Thus decided that I thought they were better things I could do with my, Including learning how to read scores, that's my thought myself: how to conduct.
But I ve never been a big fan of TB. But I totally understand that'll it a lot of very quality stuff. If I had a level via an unlimited time faded, it sleep, for example, I probably watch more, so I don't hold it against anybody. You does. You know I play. I play hearts every day, not exactly a great moral development. In my life, What are your thoughts? Army cow exit movement? This is from Lloyd, As I assume that's the movement for California to secede from the union, I support it. Live in California. It would hurt me, but I do support it for the sake of the country. I would I California, with all its wealth to be run. And governmental early by left wingers, who are now All that different from Maduro in Venezuela
let the let people see what happens when the left takes over. Eric state Completely- I should have turned off my prior to this, but it is live. Ok,. And I I therefore support it. I think that it would be a very powerful lesson. This I that I live in is show is Oh in the red. It is hard to decide if it can't be overstated, the the hundreds of billions of dollars is that correct and pensions. Suicide is accurate hunter the billions and pensions Odin. California, yeah, ok, and it's just keeps it Just- keeps rising the the truly draconian moronic faith based because it
it's become a religion, the environmentalist movement against stick cars. And and all the other raw or the other laws that are being passed to Ring California back to the use the same use of oil of carbon based energy. As in the nineties, So yeah I'm for it actually immediate its academic. It's not going to happen Believe it or not, if they were a referendum in California, I would vote for the state to secede then when in fact happened I would move because I don't. I don't want to lose. My very hard earned money that has been put into the very home that you see me sitting in Nathan from Wood Bridge Virginia asks now. We know from where somebody Dennis, do you have relatives who are on the left? If so, do you guys get along
Well, I have. The vast majority of my relatives are all the centre. I only have one pretty much hard left. I'm alive, and I love him and he loves me and I want that to be in every family, but it's not hard, it's much harder. For the ones on the left to love the ones on the right? I found But why have evidence for this? This is not an opinion. New York Times had a front page peace right around there. I think you're ready Thanksgiving Christmas time last year. That is from page. You can check it in its work. Breathing that a lot of families were not getting together for Christmas, for Thanksgiving dinner, They have for so many years. Because the v the crash in the family could not
any longer dine with we voted for Trump and the family. We. Have the other way around This comes as a revelation to people on the left, who tend to suffer from some degree of narcissism, not never a spot in most They don't understand. We dislike Barack Obama as much as they dislike Donald Trump. This is a complete revelation to them. They think only if they get upset in elections, but we get just as upset, but we don't carry on like children because As they were more grown ups on the right, then on the left, looketh look at the campus in the concept of snowflake people who melt if they meet at Nydia that they don't green with we dont melt one. We meet ideas, we dont agreement. Bradley from Livermore California. I get a lot of course from Livermore,
Dennis I've heard you say that the only big difference between liberals and conservatives regarding the size of government but isn't a pretty fundamental difference, yet it is a pretty fundamental difference that I will not say I could agree with your war, but liberals and conservatives agree on for more than liberals and left this. Do that's the point liberals, I think at me, The mistake in believing that government should keep getting bigger. I absolutely but on so many other issues they lie of western civilization red. If the are Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who speak sheriff to speech spoke about how we have to protect, not just western civilization. He used The term Chris. Civilization? Can you imagine politician today in the west. Anyone in the West Bank, if someone in the West the Prime Minister of Poland said we have to protect Christians civilization. He would be
declared a white supremacist bigot ate her aunt ice. Am I right. Franklin Delano, Roosevelt, MR liberal President. Liberal himself spoke about that regularly. That's how much liberalism has morphed into leftism and, of course, the biggest exam. Well, I always give his race the RO position, is that you should be race, blind, the and and and massive belief, in the melting pot of Amerika and integration. Left this position is multiculturalism and separate graduation. For black students. That's a racist notion. It's almost four. Certainly not liberal, So again, I want to repeat liberal, conservatives don't agree. He on the size of government, but they agree on almost everything else. So
the Prager you video by Larry Elder just came out the right a couple of weeks ago. It was F K was John F Kennedy, a republican or democratic it'll blow your mind here is the the adored liberal of of the post World war, two era and you will see how almost every position he has. What is now characterized as a conservative position That is what are your thoughts on a two party versus parliamentary system Carol asked I Carol what am I, What if America had a parliamentary system, we would, this country would be a ruined, utterly ruined. Thank God. We have a two party system. You see a parliamentary system. Is you get into parliament based on the percentage of vote you get in an election, so I want you to just think about the pie.
We would have a green party in in Congress. We would have an anarchist party in Congress. We would have a away You, Terry and Party, probably an animal rights party. We might even have a screwy, far right party, maybe but with two party system- everybody has the sort of compromise and blended into one of the two parties, its much healthier system. Let me tell you. Something if Germany had had a two party system, the Nazis never would have gotten into the Reichstag. World would have been very different song about one thousand nine hundred and thirty three Adam hello, Adam Dennis, why do we really want to stay in Israel when they could leave constant war move to? and live in peace
this love their country like a lot of people Well, not a lot of people lot of people in Western Europe that can't even say love their country anymore, because this is nothing to love they don't they don't have a specific, identity, but that's the reason they love their country and they and they want to stay there and their prepare to to fight for its citizens Army in Israel. It's very it's very impressive. Your question is a good one and it shows that these Please you stay Condemning any is really who leave. Some of them are very come very close to here in Amerika, but I. Really do salute those who do stay. King about loss of identity. Did you know that just intruder Trudeau? The prime minister of Canada, announced a few weeks ago. To paraphrase or get it exactly right, but something to the effect.
There is no core identity to being a Canadian, and he said it with pride. I don't That's that's even more than I think Angela Merkel would say about Germany, the poor a minister of Sweden, has come close or Members of the administration in Sweden. One one of them. Minister, This was asked. So what about swedish values? And she said what a swedish values that under them. This a more questions, Isaac on Instagram, Dennis what would you say to people who argued that a foetus is not a human being? I have a very simple argument: what, then, is it next. Dave on Instagram Dennis
You believe the European Union is a good or a bad thing. I think it's a bad thing. I don't I dont like power. I like I like when power is divided, so I dont I don't like it. I dont like substituting national identity for some dry gigantic identity. That's why I'm not leftist! I think it's a good thing for there to be. A Germany and France had in ITALY and Spain and Denmark and Norway and Sweden, and a Poland and Hungary and the Czech Republic. And I can. I can probably name all the european countries, but it will take a while. So I think it's good, I I like divided power and I like when people treasure their own identity. I don't I don't trust people who have no commitment.
To a specific people, I don't trust people who are only committed to their people, which people who are not committed to their people. Final Roy, you Instagram how do I deal with the very liberal teachers who force their political beliefs on students there not very liberal their leftist. Very liberal teachers. Never did that. It's just something. I need to say again. How do you deal with it as agreed Question a woman called me five years ago on my radio show, and she said what Do I tell my child my daughter, I think what do I tell my daughter who, if expresses her opinion on her on paper And its conservative, no, she will get a lower great. So of course. I should look. I you
me my advice, but obviously it's just my advice. I am telling you what to tell your own daughter. But this is my bigger thought. Your daughter learns at the age of twenty twenty one, nineteen. To compromise on her basic values to get ahead. If she's gonna do that in college weather, She going to stop after college, so that's so something to think about. So again remind you, I'm conducting the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, its statement, for
tolerance and love of music to come to the concert, because there are people who are trying to have me. This invited the board of the orchestra and the conductor are solidly behind me, but there are people, including a few members of the orchestra, have a petition up not to allow me to conduct. So if you come on August sixteenth to the Walt Disney Concert Hall, it's a statement of. I want to have a great time and its estate. Of, I want to fight the bigots, the people who are closing down even music, making let alone speeches. Where's Dennis Dennis Prager dot com. So, let's see what I be on next week, not sure I think I had yeah. I know I have to be I'm going to try to be on next week. Let's put it
I try not to missus. Look I just fluent from Washington DC. That's how committed I am to these things. So thanks a million for watching Craigs Raspberry, yes, you're, terrific Soria. That's we see a next week. Hopefully I'm Dennis Prager, thanks for visiting
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