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Fireside Chat Ep. 171 — Drama Queens

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Some people really do thrive on drama. A national crisis is necessary for the Left, as they crave chaos or catastrophe—and that's why we will always have hysterics. Dennis explains why it's important to know that they exist. 0:00 Media Across The World: All The Same 2:22 Learn From Otto: Be Easy 4:32 The Left Are Drama Queens 8:11 Know The Evils Of Communism 11:47 Double Standards For Big Tech? 13:56 What Is The Most Important Value? 16:51 Left Vs. Liberal 18:16 A New Political Party Is Suicidal 19:55 Limited Government Inconsistencies? 27:57 Don’t Forget: Be Easy!
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Fiery body Dennis Prager here with the fireside chat with ATO, with my fireplace and with me talking to you this. Isn't what number again one seven be one hundred and seventy one we have not missed one, no Calvin hasn't stop does and all my truck. goes around. The world have been stopped us that gives you know. You have? How seriously I take the fireside chap does a lot of you watch of you around the world, means a lot to me, because you don't get a chance to hear the things that I say I'm not the only one saying this God forbid idle Gonna be the only one by and large you when you think about it. the world here is the same thing. If you're in Bulgaria or if you're in in in France
Or your in Uruguay, you, basically here the identical thing: the Bleed differences, your language when think about a vision that amazing that the world media they they are utterly interchangeable. The approach to the world is almost identical I have often said that if a New York Times editor goes to a meeting in France with the ETA is of le Monde, Vive the leading or the most prestigious paper and in France that ETA or those editors of the New York Times will have everything in common except language, with the editors of Le Monde, everything and common sense, Outlook, same style of life seemed philosophy of life, same secularism, everything identical, and they will have nothing in common with the average American in Nebraska,
your times. Editor is much closer emotionally psychologically intellectual, Lee, philosophically, religiously or sexually with the editor of a french newspaper, then, with the guy who runs a restaurant in Omaha. That's the way it is- and I was thinking about Otto Here- Otto is much easier our other dog, the basket how'd snoopy- and I was I was thinking about his nature- is he's just easy, going very little box. resume it's a blessing to have a nature like that. You sleep better, you live longer and it is a pleasure for people to be around you and it hit me because I I have no problem being open about my own name.
here. I am an uneasy going nature and it just occurred. The other day when I did it take out order from the restaurant that is unquestionably being ruined by the lock down where I live in California and the woman said to me she didn't know who I was and she does it you're easy and I thought yeah that's a great thing to be easy and I would offer you that offer to you that that is something to aspire to be easy so I, for example- I am- I am apparent- and I am father and wore a one of my son, he's married me other one just got engaged his past weekend and I remember thinking I want my daughter in law and son to think I am easy.
The last thing you want is a difficult in law or a difficult parent. Think of how many difficult the parents there are it's a beautiful thing to aspire to be easy You know people want to be smart and people want to be even kind alot. How many people think about that? The more should but anyway, easy is never on the list name. Ten things you would most like to be in good traits. I'll bet you almost no one would put them easy they get along with or just easy. So it's something for you to work to aspire to. so, when I think about all these violent demonstrations of the last year in Amerika, I mean really just a month after month, violent demonstrations, violent.
And, of course, all we hear about his January six- that the ethnic capital, because the press only wants you to think about that, rather than what has happened for a year in America. But when think about even even the non violent demonstrations. The anger that people events like the to two and a half years ago was though the million women's March or whatever it was all these women walking around thinking there oppressed oppressed in America, a woman you as a woman, your oppressed, All these middle class and upper middle class women, you know wearing
bunny hats: how did they export ones, not bunny hats, right cat, the causes of the our former presidents reference to two cats, as they are sometimes known, with the with different word, but I mean Gimme a break. What do you want to use by the way? What are you, what did they say to their daughters there's six years seven year- eight year old, daughters, Mommy is wearing no bunny years or cats ears mommy. Why you wearing that? And what did she say what is it? We have made an art now of depriving young children of their innocence, light with a drag queen, the story, our schools shrilly, my blowing, so I was thinking the lead.
And I don't mean liberals- I mean the left. As you know, I was making a distinction are what you may know in your own family. These are drama queens, now. What is the defining characteristic of a drama queen love of turmoil? That is the opposite of the easy person. It's the opposite, they thrive? It is their oxygen. Turmoil was their oxygen for the dry. The queen or drama king. the turmoil is, is the air Are they breathed the food they eat? Those of us who died Why turmoil don't kid? It's like telling me somebody likes to eat grass. I I can't relate to it, but that's what it is. The left they don't feel alive without turmoil, that's why they are a constant hysteria is everything's. It
Existential threat to have you noticed that everything's an existential threat, of course, climate change. All we have twelve years to go, I've been hearing, we have twelve years to go since nineteen. Ninety but ninety ninety was thirty one years ago, so we have twelve years to go. Then we had twelve years ago and then we had twelve years ago, but things doing fine. You know that things are pretty fine I'm not saying the rules like getting warmer, I'm saying is not an existential threat to the world, but
people who love and thrive on turmoil see it as a threat to the existence of earth. All right be easy, both politically and personally, to go to our question. Take it away. I then this means Chris Barber. Here knows it was my question for users so that people have a rosy perspective mercilessly on his theory. Yet we know that rivers, Pakistan, world millions of people were murdered. So why does marxism- ultimately led to the deaths of millions and doesn't have to happen necessarily well. Thank you, Chris. First of all, I don't even know how many of your generation even know the evil that communism and marxism have perpetrated. I really don't think they know they may have a vague.
idea of what the Nazis did and the Nazis. Can't get more evil than the Nazis, but you can in fact killed more than the Nazis that the not in this nothing more evil than autism, but in of sheer numbers of murdered human beings. Communism dwarfs Nazis. The Nazis may not have as much of a chance. or they were more directed towards exterminating Jews and gypsies, basically an enslaving slobs, but that number is owned by the communists, plus the torture. And dreaming of reading a book. Now by a guy who is not a supporter, Vietnam WAR, but he described she's, honest about North Vietnam and what the Communists did in North Viet NAM, I remember when I was a kid in college. My fellow students, We ho ho HO team in the like, like they do check power. Today, hoochie men
was a stalinist meaning, a mass killing mass torturing mass incarcerating tyrant. That's all he was that's it, and yet the people when I was a kid going around ho ho ho itchy men, they didn't even know, then how evil communism was so let alone today I I wish I wish it were study, because if you don't know, history, you're obviously going to repeat it, but not only that you, don't you don't know what has been done. So how could you possibly have a moral grasp of the world today? we need to know these things, so you you're even mentioning millions, its tens of millions, many tens of millions, wider it happened. Why does Marxism Communism led to that? Because marxist and communists and their supporters
Are so certain that they are right that they have no problem in suppressing those who differ with them That's why and we're seeing that in the United States were not seeing murder in that. In that regard, what we are seeing. Suppression in that regard. You don't agree with us. You do not deserve to be able to speak so that parlour was even removed from the internet the left, this is a phenomenon in american history. This is the country known for liberty and its being suppressed. That is a characteristic of the left to suppress liberty, Liberty is a value, as I have often said here and everywhere I have spoken. Liberty is a value. Madame instinct, the human instinct is to be taken. Care of. It is not to be free
Okey Dokey Travis thirty, two Honolulu Hawaii. Respond when someone says if the government can force big Tec to let concern victims on then they can force a baker to bake a cake for a gay wedding, very fair, cos, and there was a fair answer- number one and perhaps most important. The the couple that went to the Baker who would not make a case for a wedding. Remember that that Baker Baith cakes for these gay people or these gay men for four years they they were regular customers. This bakery never said we will not make a case for a gate person.
It would be wrong if they said that, incidentally, even from a religious standpoint, what they said was we will not make a cake for a gate wedding because they do not believe for religious reasons insane sex weddings that marriage should be defined as a man and a woman? That's Who is the whole issue that should be clear The reason for the there's, no apples, pulls here is this game. Couple could then have a cake baked by a baker too, walks away or a mile away wherever the next baker was. If you can't speak on Facebook, Twitter Youtube, Google Instagram, you can't speak. There is no Google down the block there is. There is no twitter down the block. So
creating their own and even that was shut down by Amazon parlor. That's a huge difference. There are alternative, to do that baker. There are no alternatives to the big tech. So that's that's that's one of many response Roger seventeen? Lately, Hampshire, United Kingdom Prager Force great. What is them Important value and individual can hold? Well. I take a look at these questions right before I come on with you and so now I was now when prompted me to think that the greatest value most important value. So I came up with two one micro when one macro, one per
National and one hundred and one social value, so I came up with freedom and gratitude freedom, because if you believe deeply in freedom, then you will develop the courage to fight for it, and courage is a spectacularly important value to hold gratitude in in in the personal and it spills over to the macro macro is the mother of happiness and goodness, what else do you need in life to be happy and to be good? You can't be happy and you can't be good if you
grateful that by the way is the dominant characteristic of the left in gratitude. People should be grateful that they live in the United States. You know who has privilege american privilege, that's a privilege and that's the reason. Vast numbers of people, including blacks from Africa, want to move to the United States. Far more blacks came to the United States voluntarily as immigrants in the last few decades than ever came to the United States as slaves. Millions more. How many of you learn that in school zero? I can tell you the answer. People come here because they know how much freedom there is freedom and gratitude to not be grateful for the freedom and opportunities that.
You have here in the United States and by the way, not just the United States in in in many countries. You have you have this. I think you have more in the United States, but we're not the only country that provides people with freedom and an opportunity. I just think we provide you with more freedom in opportunity here, for example, in America you can home school. Your children in Germany is banned. Germany is actually outlawed home schooling, children in Germany's considered a free country, but that's a pretty big thing. You can't educate your own kids. You have to send them to the government school. That's that's a big circumscribing of one's liberty, again gratitude and Liberty, Philip Sixty nine, Europe's Ville, Ohio, hello, Otto.
They catch. You know, I never quite understand why he does that he hasn't just eaten or drunk anything. That is the world's busiest tongue. I have to say I'm and its sole somewhat like a year. A carpet. It's a very big you're, the good you're good. You are good at your crack. Cracked me up best wishes to both of you. Thank you. I have given me hope on many occasions, especially overcoming my loathing of liberals. It is the left. I loathe that's good if I have, if I have explained to you liberals are our allies, they just don't know it. Liberals and conservatives have almost identical values. The tragedy, as liberals don't know it. Liberals and conservatives share belief and freedom of speech liberal,
and conservative share a belief in being color blind, all these issues The only only area of difference between liberally conservative, his size of government- that's big, but it's the only one. Thank you you're welcome, there was Chatillon Social, meaning that president trumpet started a new political party. Would that excite Otto nothing excites Otto just for the record, as his opinion could make a world of difference them much. My my apologies to you to say that, although it does not have opinions on most major issues is to understate the case in any event,
I do an auto has designated me as his spokesman. So let me say I think the idea of another party is suicidal afore of e of people who understand the threat of a country that comes from the left. The greatest threat to America is the left. Not liberals, but the left- and I hate saying it I wish it were true. I mean look, look at what is happening. In our schools, how they just indoctrinate- and they tell untruths like america- was founded in sixteen ninety. So. Whatever enables us to overcome that threat is a healthy thing, and another party will just divide that those of us who understand this threat. There is no joy in me in saying this I wish I could say all were just
we're all Americans. You know our differences are are much less than our similarities. It's just not true, and I dont engaged in wishful thinking. Marco Frankfurt, Germany, fifty five dear Mister Prager, do you see the big conflict between you, stated goal small government and your proposed actions like making the state laws against nonviolent behaviors, like swearing on the radio walking naked. or selling any more collective consenting adults. I feel we agree that left this, both evil and without wisdom. But what about the right, if you are not willing to give up the state power even for the things correct the bull by the long term, parent to children's education? How can you ever hope to achieve small government?
Isn't this Maud thinking exactly the reason why the american experiment failed so miserably best regards from Marco? Well, it hasn't failed yet, but, but it is on the ropes. I will acknowledge that it is in great danger. So here's a Ray fair question, I want limited government Amerika was founded on Lou limited government, so he gives Marco you give. three examples of where the government a few Dennis. One limit of government. Why are you allowing. swearing on radio. That is correct. I, I'm a radio broadcaster three hours. today, American radio and I am not allowed to use seven words that is correct. The government could fine my station a great deal of money if I use one of them,
so we said. Well, you want small government. Why do you allow government to fine radio right one to walk make? It the city of San Francisco, had this. They voted a couple of years ago, whether or not to maintain a ban on public nudity and one by one vote. The idea that We could still ban public nudity and I support banning public nudity. That then I do, and the third is narcotics. so the question arises: does limited government mean essential no government or only government with regard to violent activity
so we all agree. The government has to act to prevent or or prosecute murder and rape and and kidnapping bank robbery right. We all agree on that that that's a given, but what about non violent crimes like walking around naked. I don't believe that, the founders of the United States, the lovers of liberty, that they were would think that the purpose of the body is to enable people to walk naked. I think they would have said look. We need to use common sense there is a quality of life that we want to maintain. So, for example, do does governments have any?
any role in protecting children. Do you want your children to see men's penises as they walk down, remains main street in San Francisco answer very it's. My that's gotta admit salute question. The government should be completely neutral. If, if you wish to have your genitalia on public display a that's fine, we're a free country, The very does seem a level of absurdity in in in. Some of this that is self evident to me that there was a there were just basic minimum to a quality of now by the way, I don't think government should ban private nudity of the clamp down on scripture. I have not understood constitutionally. If people want to pay-
seeing people lower may give be behind closed doors. That is their business I have not understood the prosecution of that so I bought public is not the same as private as rigour, large, my radio. I we as a licence to broadcast. There is the assumption that we will do certain things, given that we on the public wavelength, that that We will do or not do certain things again, just like public nudity that if I could say the word on. My radio show them again there there people and I'm one of them. I agree By the way I draw the same distinction between public pursing and private cursing what you Wanna say privately is your business, but if you have a microphone as I do, I should not be able
to say any word that I want so this this to me. Does not mean that some way. I have forsaken my belief in in small the government and the third more narcotics, I'm completely torrent. I dont know the answer. Nobody knows the answer: all I know is what is legalised, increases and Where do you draw the line? Will you supply people with meth cocaine, heroin. And if there is a new designer drugs tomorrow, when the government to supply it is well every street rival. be duplicated, have a government narcotic store, I mean you would have- to do that. Ultimately, if you really do believe in in
non regulation of narcotics, I dont have the answer. I don't believe anybody has the answer. When we legalised marijuana, we just got a lot more people on marijuana and it's this. The marijuana is a lot stronger than it was when the hated Rwanda begun in the nineteen sixties, one The things that I have made peace with not every question- has an answer and and. Let us experiment: Oregon wants to legalise Beth. Let's see what happens. I'm ok with that Do we legalise euthanasia? A view on euthanasia, if, if a person is in on amiable on proof on preventable pain and unless you had hall
mobile physical pain, you you don't know what I'm talking about. You know intellectually, but you don't know viscerally, and we have no pain killers that can help this person and they have a terminal illness which is the cause of their horrific pain. I think the doktor should be should do what is necessary to allow that pain to end, which means allow this person to die, but I can't make it legal. What I would do is not prosecute that doctor, but society cannot go on record saying we can now kid, Do people who want to die? How do you know they want to die in it and a relative who wanted their life insurance? Didn't didn't coerce them to say they want to die. How do you know that. How do you know that the person said I want to die in in in a fit of depression, and maybe
real later, that they weren't killed. Again, though, not every, not every question has a perfect answer. I have so many great questions here, but it is better for you to want me to talk more than want me to talk less or, as I say it, speeches and have for decades. It is my tradition is that the speaker leaves before the audience does so my view is better that I get quiet before you turn this off. That makes sense and good attitude. Anyway, be easy. It is a wonderful golden life, I'm dead
this Prager. This is Otto. You saw Snoopy and I'll, see you next week. Thank you for watching this video to keep rigour. You videos free, please consider making a tax, deductible donation.
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