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Fireside Chat Ep. 19 - Shutting Down Dennis' Symphony Concert

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Join Dennis Prager for a new Fireside Chat, from his home study! Topics today include: How did Dennis learn so many languages? And…are rich people rich because they’re lucky? Or because they worked hard? The left is trying to shut down a concert because Dennis is conducting. Recorded on Aug. 11, 2017.
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Hi everybody and welcome to my home, I'm Dennis Prager, and indeed this is my home city of you what does is peanuts in the air in the shot here we have three dogs. I I if I told my wife when we married that more than two dogs is eccentric, but we we have the third because of a family tragedy. So I just want to explain how we ended up with three now. A lot of you don't think three as a lot, but I anyway, there lovable and that's the way it is so welcome any weight almost every week. I do this with you and I got busy weeks, but that's I consider this very important. It's completely on scripted, which is wonderful and dangerous, because what, if I say something that I wish I had said in a different way. There is nothing I can do about it because.
Going live as well as to be retrieved at other times, but it's worth it and I I I tend not to fall into the trap of saying things that I have I dont mean by the weight that reminds me as a very interesting story in that regard. That should help a lot of you or some of you Or a few of you when I first began broadcasting in my early thirties thirty something years ago. I I remember thinking there are things that I can say on the air like I would get fired, find and or fired, including any curse word
Or expletive or whatever term you wish to use, so I knew that I pretty rarely. Those words by. I am not an absolutist, I think you know an off color joke or you're with a very close friend and you eat, you want to emphasise something in the or you're angry. I dont, I'm not an absolute. As I always say, in off, a piano falls on your toe, and all you say is gosh darn it. You are quite controlled more so than I am. But generally I'm a non favor cursing, certainly not publicly ever and even privately minimally. But I remember thinking. The more I curse or use these words in private them.
Likely they are to come out on the radio, and so I decided to be very, very careful speaking privately in every way possible so that I dont mean politically correct. I mean, for example, I I tried not excuse me. I tried not to. I exaggerate exaggeration is a human tendency you know all my god. You know why I crime, I must have no. I must bumped into twenty people. I knew on the way to work today and it's more like three, but that's normal. That's the way people
but I remembered deciding. I won't even exaggerate in private talk so that it doesn't come out when I am. I talk on the radio, so it's just an interesting away to look at things so anyway. That's why back to how I got onto the subject. I'm ok with this spontaneity and non scripted extended time with a camera microphone. I had a very interesting weak, not not the kind of weak I would want. Every week I will say I wrote two weeks ago, a column, my Ivan Ashley Syndicate account comes out every Tuesday. You should see it. It's on town Hall, a national review among many other places, and this one was reprinted or republished.
Almost everywhere in the conservative world and, as a result, the mainstream media, which is on the left. They picked it up as well and it bothered because I mentioned that on this coming Wednesday, that is August sixteenth, I was, I was invited a half a year ago to conduct on all sixteenth in one of the most prestigious holes in the world, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LOS Angeles
I was invited by the Santa Monica Symphony orchestra conductor to conduct a symphony than they had been intermission and he would conduct his orchestra and I have conducted orchestras in the past. Otherwise it's invitation never would have happened, but he is. Is it if I may say, I think, he's a big boost to remind he's been listening to me for years and tease beloved by his orchestra, and the invitation sounded terrific, Walt Disney Hall and a chance to play or to conduct the orchestra of one of the most, left wing cities in the country, and I am a conservative. What could be nicer? That's how I thought I was little naive, but that's what I thought what a wonderful gesture to show at least in music. Where were few, hopefully no politics, so to speak. We could at least unite that way. Well,
didn't even know this, but as far back as March, a letter went out from some members of the orchestra led by two members who are proof, so is it. You see allay we're not going to play for this hateful bigot and we ask our fellow players not to play for him and we ask no one to attend the concert: don't buy tickets. Now the Argentine thing they're, they're narcissism Among many of its truly awful traits came through They were willing to, in effect, bank rubbed their orchestra to make their political point. That's how much they hate conservatives B pause, the the orchestra had already book the whole and you can go back, Walt Disney. Also, you know what we're not gonna do the evening. Must they find I'll do the evening, but we have your money.
And they don't have a lot of money, which is one of the reasons I'm doing this is to raise money, as I have done in the past, because I bring a lot of people to the concert and I want insured. These people a classical music, and I want to help these orchestras so They wrote this letter in and each distinctly out of about seventy members of the orchestra about Evans said they won't play for this hate filled or hateful bigot, and you would think that if you were objective you would say well that means one out of ten is not going. Nine out of ten are going to play for him, which is the bigger news. I'm asking you, which is the bigger news. If you are honest, unlike much of the media? Wouldn't the news be despite calls for boycott and night,
the percent nine out of ten members of the Santa Monica Symphony orchestra? This is not the orchestra Jackson Mississippi. This is the which presumably is more conservative This is the orchestra of of Europe. This is on level of Manhattan, Berkeley, Marine County of in terms of liberal left PA, fix solve the news? If there's any news would be conductor and board the borders. Can I was of liberals and conservatives. They only voted five, the three to invite me to begin to begin with, but they all came abort all eight once the once the calls for boycott started because they want to help their orchestra and because they know to be closed, minded way to want to be on the level of your universities, your university weather. Where's your university in Europe in your area. Where you a tender your child attends, they don't
we'll that I, which is what I did and MIKE article I said now. Conservatives cannot only not speak the camp even not speak. So you're the snake, is you don't speak when you make music? Did this there's nothing political about its heighten the great the great the eighteenth century poseur? That's it. Well, anyway, the board reaffirmed and Ninety per cent of the players are our coming, sir, In fact he is even more news. It's never reported men of the LOS Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the most prestigious MR, is in the world- have volunteered to come and play ball, ass. They listen to my radio show or they washed pray
your videos and there and their big supporters of mine. That's not that that was not reported once not once nor or that might be percent are coming, so the press, the only ordered them. Then the New York Times picked up the story because I kept asking: why would the New York Times right an article on a on a regional scale, all orchestra and having a conservative conducted? What are they care? I know I figured it out my article Canna conservative conduct an orchestra
really got to them, because they look very bad on the left because of universities. The left, unlike liberals- and I say this every time the left has nothing in common with liberalism- is the most anti liberal doctrine in the U S. Today there is no conservative who was nearly as anti liberal as the left is none not one. There may be some right wing kooks out they'll that I never met, but that exist, but I'm talking about in any numbers the old Numerically significant group that is Anti liberal in America is the left. Liberalism stood among other things for open mindedness. Let's hear what the other guy as to say, let alone, let's allow the other kite to delete orchestra were played an orchestra so not This was picked up. The New York Times write about it because I gave them the whole left. The black I now conservatives,
are not only barred from speaking on campuses. They are bored. From making music. This got to them. So this got a lot of coverage. New York Times wrote an article. The entire article was a hatchet job about me, it. There was no, there was not even a semblance of fairness about hey, you know: Wanta Maisie. Ninety percent, going and of the the conductor was fully supportive, the they gave one or two courts, the conductor he told me he spoke to the guy for a half hour. Nothing, he said actually came out in the article because he he actually said positive things about me. There is no positive thing about me in the article. By the way, the issue was not me, the issue. The issue I just happen to know this cause it's about me and then the worst, though this is the part that got me. I don't care. If people call me bad names, I'm in public, I'm a big boy. I can handle it, but I I don't like being
call that's the only thing that bothers me when I'm allied about not when I'm vilified, but when I'm lied about, and they said, among other things they should they wrote Prager, suggested or suggests that same sex marriage will lead to polygamy and incest. So, interesting. They didn't put it in quotes, they didn't put a! U R. L were you click on those words and then you go to an article which I wrote or got quoted nothing. Seven paragraph later they do cite an article in which I did speak about the issue. Of same sex marriage in a response. To the judge some years ago the federal judge, I think his name is born Walker who I said proposition eight, the proposition in California that define marriage as a man and a woman, the most liberal.
In the union- and it even said you know what we're pro gay and gay rights, but marriages and me and the woman, but that was not allowed. They vacated vacated created, overthrew that amendment of it to the California constitution and he wrote that you know that the constitution doesn't doesn't. I wish I in front of me, but doesn't What's the word, I don't remember the word but does allow for it. You know equality of union, so I wrote that equality of union. If that is the criterion, then what what legally woods would prevent the legally union of of polygamy. Of. In other words, the legally union of more than two people
the legal Union of adults who are members of the same family? Might even wrote adults so please understand I never ever even imply cause. I don't believe it that same sex marriage will lead to incest, it submits its. Oh, it's just made up words. What I said was the arguing and can be used to defend something else. So if they honestly would have said Prager suggests that the valley. On the issue of legality. If any two people can go. Married or any any people can get married only on the grounds of equality that would apply as well the members of a family or two more than to people. That would be honest. That's not what they rode so What the, by the way, the even more amazed, even more amazing they said, Prager said that the left create it heterosexual aids. So I read it and thought really. I said that the left creates diseases.
Sure enough, of course, I never said that I said the left created hysteria over over heterosexual aids in America and only in America and in Africa it is a big issue. Many of you may not even remember this, but it was huge issue in the United States, so they they did they got that one wrong and they change the word, and they said the left invented the heterosexual eight crisis, which is correct to big difference from inventing heterosexual aids. The whole article was like that The same part is people read that who know have no idea who I am never read being ever heard me and They will do what the New York Times, what once and that its dismiss me as a hateful big it just the furthest thing.
I am it's. You might as well say that I am a an aardvark it's just, but that the way they deal with it. As I said, six her by the left does not have arguments. It has epithets six, her sexist intolerance in a full, become a phobic lama, phobic racist, bigoted. The reason the left has one word, dismissals of those with whom it differs- is that it doesn't have cogent arguments against those who differ futile, believe me, I invited one of the two I invited both professors. Who said I was a hateful bigot. I invited them onto my show, which is not very hateful and bigoted visit. So one of them accepted the other. One did not accept three came on for an hour. You could see it go to The website Dennis Prager, DOT, com and click on of the hour
for that. I had with professor after, and you tell me, who has the greater hate and who has the greater arguments. I ll leave it at that. So that's what it's been like the this was, as this was a pretty pure motive. I wanted to show that music could bring. People together I wanted to make music am. I wanted to do it, especially since a city so well to the left. Its orchestra was inviting me. I thought it would be a nice thing, so this is what is.
Happened, but it's going on it's very close to sold out, which is not easy to do with a small regional orchestra. It an ending the conductor and the orchestra know that it's because of being- and I just want them to prosper- I if there are still tickets, you might want to go, but I don't know you have to check. If there are tickets, it's coming this coming Wednesday. So anyway, that's the way. It's been I'm right about this, because the the problem of the western media lying when they Haven't agenda? They don't lie, for example, the New York Times. Doesnt lie. If there's an if it has an article on what they said it was a coup in Liberia the odds? Are they will get the facts right because the New York has no agenda with regard to Liberia and whose in power
but the moment they have an agenda. They lie regularly constant they don't even know they're lying because it doesn't matter to them whether they are matters is they have a social justice agenda. They know their morally pure and that anyone who differs them, there must be morally terrible. It's like that with most of your professors. It is like that in the media, this is a crisis in western civilization. What else can I say, All right time for you anyway, next week, I guess, if we get together I'll, tell you how it went. It probably the last time all conduct the. I think, I'm retiring. If it's not forget detentions because of the politics, it's you have no idea what hard work it is
to do music right. These musicians are phenomenal. You have to use the work all day at it, and I know I have other things to do. I am this is really a bucket list, a thing for me to have conducted symphonies and now to do so in such a prestigious hall, but I think that dumb, I may take early retirement. J, nineteen, the we have ages for everybody now many for many of them, hello, J, nineteen from Yonkers New York, Dennis how many languages do you know when, and how did you learn each of them? Well, I try to be as very as clear. Pocock drive a lighter guys. I try to be as clear as possible on this matter. So here's here's the way it works, so I could say that I know for and no was a better word. I dont speak for fluently sb to fluently, speak English in Hebrew, fluently, alter our them.
I get along well in French, get along in russian effect. I gave a speech in Russian in Russia many many years ago. It wasn't great, but it was still asleep I studied Russian, oh, and also I studied arabic am. I could get along in Spanish. By the way to read the Arabic out. That would mean that was one of the tougher things that I did in my life. Give you an example. He learned the russian alphabet. In a week. I learned the arabic alphabet in six months. Give you an idea. It's not easy. But it was, it was a real goal of mine, so and a Hebrew cause. I went to jewish school from the age of five where he blew spoken have today in English, the other half so most of the kids who went to my type of school learned that really well us
and then I and since I care about languages, are really learned and I gave a giving lectures in Hebrew. And what else French I learned in high school and when I got the France in North Africa gotten alone rather well extended conversations in French by can't understand news broadcasts, though russian was unbelievably useful to me, because I studied communist affairs that I studied in college and in graduate school with the Russian Institute, a column so I studied the studied Russian and it's not an easy language, but it's not a killer like arabic, secular Chinese is a killer killer, any any westerner who learned Chinese and to read it: hats off: ok, Quinn, seventeen years old from Tucson Dennis what do you think? A blue collar work on planning
becoming an electrician? How ironic? You should ask this today, my subject on my happiness hour every Friday. The second hour of my national radio show is on happiness. I've done this one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine I've never missed a week that I've been on on Friday. It's always been about happiness, and I spoke about work. How work gives you a compliment? How important work is to any excellence. I don't give a hoot what a purse Does I never? Ever in my heart my mind, my emotion, anything judge, the work providing obviously its legal and ethical, a very, very dear friend of mine, is an electrician happened. He has been over
to my house for dinner, I have been over to his house he's a mormon as it happens, is the this couple. I love this couple there very special to my wife and me he's an electrician. I I I don't judge people by profession. I judge people by decency. I always have I I dont even care about people. Brains are? He happens to be very bright. That's not my point, but, for example, I know a lot of people who are attracted to brilliant people. I've never been never I'm attracted to good people too wise people. Brilliance is a dime, a dozen means nothing to me. So Electrician or a chef or a waiter or I or a ditch digger. If you're no employed. I haven't another question,
Are you earning money to help support your family? That's the greatest thing you could do you might you wanna get at a more ambivalent answer from me. Asked me what I think about people who are healthy and are getting benefits from the government. Actually, you won't get at it with response, that's problem, or for that matter, brilliant lawyers who devote their brains too awful causes it's their prestigious and rich and bright, and this- and that means nothing to me. So that's my answer. God bless you electrician is awesome. Only make more than a lot of doctors. Now, just in twenty eight from Seattle. I just them, then ass. If you had a face to face meeting with Donald Trump, what would you say that a civil electricity?
oh, my god, I would say, sir. I would love you to bounce off your tweets bats. Your tweets off me before you send them that's, but knowing in advance it would be useless a mature, I would say it, but since were entering the fantasy world. That's that's problem. Well, I might say, but I would also say, sir, you are right about the media and the fake news. You are gutsy, you make mistakes like all humans. I wish you had a more presidential bearing but sir, you have done a lot of good and that's the most important Bradley from pleasant in California. How old is broadly, shall I guess, Bradley thirty, two and a half.
He too, that's great Dennis. Is it possible to honourably civilly fight the left and win or does the right after without the left sturdy tactics? No, it isn't there's no reason. On the contrary, clean tactics, eviscerate them. But you have to fight the problem is, as a general rule, the bad guys fight more than the good guys. That's been true all of history. Part of the reason is the good guys are usually happier so they're not motivated to fight as much They have a family and a job in a religion and so
their lives or are often much fuller than the unhappy and the conservatism much happier than people on the left and every every poll shows that, and I have always said this very important thing: everybody has unhappiness every hue, so you have a choice. Just now. I'm just talking about Americans, Kate and want to. You can't make a general statement on this round the world, but in America, if you have unhappiness, You have two choices, you can say: life is old with unhappiness. This is my share.
Or you can say America has made me unhappy. The left wants you to believe America has made you unhappy Megan Megan from minute tanker no age given Dennis one of the hebrew words forgot his elbow him, which is plural, how to Jews, explain referring to God, in the plural. The answer is that everywhere I know, I know that the Bible in Hebrew quite well. Ninety nine. If not a hundred percent of the time allow him has singular verb. You you in Hebrew, you judge whether the noun. Is plural or singular by what verb you use so
And now we have that an English. So, for example, I go well now, It's not true, we don't have that. We know. No, we have I go when you go, but we don't have plural and singular. That's not true. Hebrew is actually one of the few languages that does have changing verbs depending on the nouns gender and the nouns number. So the Bird, if, if you say God spoke in, if the Bible says God spoke is most common verb used about God is God spoke, got spoke to Moses is common one in We came it's an god. Spoke is uses. The word spoke, a singular, Where does it say? God spoke, plural, nowhere, it's in Hebrew which, via the bear, if it or plural it would be valued, dub rule, but it.
Never once used Oh, why is the now and in a multiple form I dont know it may well be because God encompasses all gods, but we have that an English is the word fish, singular or plural. Both right. I have many fish. I have one fish. Ok, Alan thirty! Three, do you see the same questions, but you guys don't rife? Guess where Alan thirty three is from give you a hint, the South EAST. What I ve always folks, what I do! Yes exactly right, Georgia.
The new guy got it right and the veteran Dennis. How do you pick and choose which battles are worth fighting referring to both private life and for EU public life. I choose on the basis of whether I think it significant or not this a very important question. You ask the So, for example, I am- I am far more preoccupied with e ran, then I am with global warming right. So I pick My battle fighting IRAN is more may really significant to me than fighting carbon emissions. By the way that's one of the great differences between left and right. What are the battles that they choose to fight
The left is fighting the battle of not giving newborn babies agenda K. I consider that absurd and dangerously absurd, of course, were born with gender, that a tiny, tiny percentage of humanity does not identify with their biological, sex or gender. That's a separate issue. You show these people compassion, but you don't rob the notion of gender, the wheat. We pick very different battles. My battles are about good and evil, and that's what I care most about. Joseph sixteen and Gilbert Arizona Dennis based on your own habits on your own professional success. What are some habits you think young people should develop if they want to succeed, well well well,
If you follow what I did, I'm not sure it'll work. Are you ready? This is gonna blow your minds, especially John Joseph, who sixteen I'm in a whisper it less. My parents in Heaven hear it. I never did homework once in high school, not once I was very proud of it by the way. I I told this to my friends. I don't think get away with it today. They give so much homework today. Is, I think it's ridiculous by the way I do, but I'm going to talk about that another time, but anyway not based on exactly what I did, but I want. Make something clear. Whenever parents tell me their kids, don't do schoolwork. My first answer is Oh, that's terrible! Never I asked them. What are they doing when they're not doing theirs work, and if the answer is video games and partying and smoke, pop. Then I much prefer they did schoolwork when
I wasn't doing schoolwork while one the things I did was I taught myself how to read: Symphonic scores that now I'm gonna be conducting again. Eyler, I thought I started teaching myself russian. I I I read all the time, so I just didn't want to do school work, but I wanted to learn and grow. So the question is: how much time do you waste. That's one of the things another rage get involved with any of the judeo Christian off shoots. You will be deeper human being. I don't care if you believe in God, right now and that's not that's not my. I said get involved. People involved in good religion as bad religion. Like anything else, people involved in higher good religion, so I'm thinking of whole bunch of offshoots of
Judaism and Protestantism, Catholicism and the evangelical. Rules and the Mormons and a whole host of eastern Orthodox. It's fine. You get involved and you start to take a bible class. Ok, whether it's a synagogue or church, take a Bible class you'll be a deeper human being. What most young people today never think about is how do I become deep? Think how I? How can I have a good time, but not? How do I become deep you'll succeed more if you're deeper, as you thinking about the big issues what's important in life, also think that you should start thinking. I mean that you're, not not a. How old was he one thousand six hundred and sixteen you're not going to get married? Obviously, but I already did one of these fireside chats dedicated to women think about getting married when you're in college
great guy and you let him go just because you haven't gotten your career. I you're wrong you're, making a terrible mistake. Your best chance to meet a quality guy is when you're younger, that's real life, not the fantasy life of gender studies or women. Studies programmes, but in real life men I don't think I don't agree with men who say well, I don't know I won't get married till. I have a certain income out of its completely illogical statement. It's a non sequitur, What's to prevent you from having that income, if you're married. I really I don't understand it. You mean it. Rate, a young woman, why should you throw her away great people? Don't grow on trees, shrink, write a book like that. Three more Peter twenty two in Denmark tomorrow. Don't take cities in these places that that is bigoted.
All hidden supplier. All of you listening around the world give your city were not we're, not insular. Here in Amerika, you have cities just like we do, but anyway Peter twenty two in Denmark asks Dennis you think, I'm making Prager you and Prager Force International. Oh, my god, you I'm going crazy cause. That's my biggest dream. These ideas are universal. Every idea that we advocate is universal. That's my dream. Is to be international and we are now to a certain extent. I want to make that clear. We have a number of subtitles for various preview videos, but I I I want to make a concerted effort to do so. So yes, and a prick force international. While we have international we,
so why does and Peter join he'll be our first date Dane doing it by the way that the biggest problem, though Peter I have to admit there, was a problem, and that is you speak danish. You probably know understand. Danish is so hard it should. In fact, I asked I have a Dane on my show, regularly Bjorn lumbered- and I asked him once how do you say happy birthday in Danish now, I'm pretty good I've, a good to cassettes musical and I speak a lot of languages, this is not an easy language that has nothing to do with anything. I was just spontaneous eruption absurdity, but anyway we would love you too, to start something in Denmark. Thank you for asking too
or another one from international, great Patrick, from League Nita, Poland. Let us do you and your wife enjoy dancing. What was the last word? What does that mean dancing Let me say something Patrick: I I was self conscious about dancing in high school. When your six foot for in high school, the the last thing you want to do is draw attention to yourself dancing, not to mention it doesn't come naturally. So What was the question? What do you and your wife enjoy? No, we don't enjoy. Thank it was one of the first questions I asked her. I knew this was a marriage maker or breaker, because if she wanted us,
dance. I'm sorry, you gotta find another guy not kidding ice. Is she wanted a dense from shore she'd find a lot of partners? But it's not it's not a thing in my life. However, let me make something clear. I completely understand why people love it. The fact that it doesn't resonate with meat means nothing. It's like, but people ask me you know: what's your favorite food or your favorite cigar, it doesn't matter because it make it better than anything else. Morality has better and worse, art has. Better and worse but tastes, don't if you. Enjoy dancing. That's why God made in some people. Do it my parents method at dance? That is exactly right, although I can quite see my dad dancing, they met at a dance, but I'm not.
Throw they danced a final question, Adam from Marietta Georgia Dennis I've heard people on the left say that poor people were quarter than rich people. Do it just that rich people just got lucky or were born rich? What would your response be. Wow that's amazing. Just today was talking about again on the happiness, our slogan, about hard work. I am sure that there are rich people who did not work hard. And I know that there are poor people who do work hard As a general rule in in a free society. The harder you work, the more money you will make. That's just the way it works.
I met a woman out. She was an over driver. She drove me some somewhere. She taught the whole time, which is fine, feud, fascinating this woman or kids a grown up. She just works. Now listen to this, she does Ober and she does other work. She works basically all day. Why do you work so hard? Because. Love to travel, and I want to go around the world. Most people on earth would say the ladys rich rigour that this year, Europe this year, Africa this year, South America right, but she works very hard. That's that's the issue anyway. I tell you. This is another thing, maybe look about money on time.
I've never for a minute of my life aimed to be rich. I aim to have enough to live comfortably and by comfortably I mean comfortably. That's it. I never sought a luxury Super luxury car. I am from high school. I thought I was unbelievably rich forget any book I wanted and any record now. Let's see these inspector records, but anyway that's if I can get a good stereo system, a good camera. I thought I was the richest guy on earth. I have never been motivated by that. I have been motivated by doing good rather than doing. Well I
Ended up doing well, but it was, it was just fortuitous. I did not expect that, not nothing! It's a bad thing by the way. I don't even think it's a bad thing. If you, if you want to be rich, I don't think that that's a healthy ambition if you want to be comfortable and make a good living, that's really good, but that's the way I see it. While he's things go fast, I hope you enjoy them. Hope you tell your friends about it and by the way you should watch previous, the Prageru Fireside, chats cuz they're, not really dated, as you see what I talk about, and what I the questions that I receive or not they're, not news items. So it's not dated so it's worth looking at previous,
In the meantime, please help pre university succeed and go international. The only thing stopping us is money within the world needs good values. Well then, thanks so much for watching, hopefully see you next week, I'm Dennis Preyer, bye, bye.
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