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Fireside Chat Ep. 25 - Florida Shooting And Successful Marriages

2019-02-04 | 🔗
We're LIVE with Dennis Prager from his home study. Topics today include the Florida shooting, Dating, and Successful Marriages. Recorded on Feb. 15, 2018.
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager welcome to my home. This is actually my home and that's my fireplace- and this is fireside chat, which I try. Do pretty much every week, sometimes it's hard cars on the road so much in it. I can't do a fireside chats from up by my fires but when I can I do- and this is a chance just two. Only have non scripted. dialogue, because it is a dialogue or take a lot of questions with you. So couple of preliminary comments before I get to my opening subjected them. Take your questions First of all, I want to remind all of you These are really not dated, in other words, if you will, sure fireside chats from six months ago. It will be just as relevant as a fireside chats from today. So if you enjoy this, please go back and watch the mothers and enjoy
next I just wanna- is well say hello to of Euro, didn't China. There are A fair number of you- and I'm very happy about that, and I want you to know that it's very important to me to talk to as many of you in China as possible. So a big hello and chase. Which, for those of you who don't know any Chinese, is thank you, My worry is those who do know Chinese may not have even known what I said, but I think I got it right. So welcome all of you- and I hope you spread the word as well what I have to say, I believe, is relevant. to anyone with any background. Sometimes I talk about it. African issues, obviously but the ideas, are universal. It may be an event that happen in America, but the my reaction is universe.
so that's in fact what I'm going to begin with. I want to talk to you about the the terrible terrible tragedy in Florida. Of a nineteen year old who murdered seventeen people, mostly students at a high school and my my heart breaks, adjust truly does I'm apparent and when, when, when I think of the parents who said good bye, their kid that morning and will never see their kid again, at least not an end in this realm of existence. I happen to believe in an after life and I don't think the thing Will never see their child. I think they will, but I may get to that later, I want to open up with something a perspective.
that you may not have heard with all the talk, and there was a lot of talk completely. Understandably, I devoted three all three hours of my radio show to that subject, and I almost never dude devote all three hours to one subject and by the way for those who don't know, I do have a right, your show anywhere in the world. You could hear it on the internet and in Erika on about a hundred, fifty or so stations and also on the internet and that's daily like to open up with this thought. Sometimes in life. There simply a tragedy, and this very, very little. We can do about it. It is unbelievably tempting to think whenever something bad happens. How can we stop this? I
have that reaction and every normal human being has that reaction, but as important that reaction. Is it's also important to acknowledge that There are times in life where quite simply, tragedies happen. it's sort of like lightning- and I know This goes against a lot of people's desire to blame Ike of Propria gun laws or to blame mental illness or to blow a whole host of things we didn't treat the mentally ill properly or whatever it might be, These are issues I want to deal with, but but first I want to know the more I know about this boy the more, I realise that we are talking about the realm of the tragic. This boy was adopted at birth or near birth. I don't know if it was birth or mere birth by the crews, family.
And we have reason to believe Read this in a number of sources here from the daily mail in Britain to elsewhere, that he They have been born with fatal alcohol syndrome if, if you're, if the birth mother is alcoholic, and she she might in fact be transferring a fetal alcohol syndrome to the it Apparently this affects the brains, development and you dont know what you'll get as it were. And my heart breaks for this family, both of whose parents have died as it happens, it's another element here.
Because they try to do a beautiful thing. The key was from Russia. He was russian born to a russian parent. Alcoholism is rampant in Russia, so in addition to other signs looking at his face and his behavior from birth. Apparently, he may well have had fetal alcohol syndrome. So that's tragedy. It's a double tragedy. Cuz the parents try to do a beautiful thing. You know adopt a child from Russia. And he has a biological sibling. I don't know anything about the biological brother and they adopted him as well anyway, the father died when he, was young, which is always a tragedy, but it's hardly a cause for people to then go and shoot people. Obviously.
but as well. The mother died whom apparently I think he was somewhat close to or very closely. So feeble alcohol syndrome, both parents die and that's it's not a good. It's not a good combination for an unstable person to begin with, and they did have a lot of problems with him from birth. You're allowed to buy a gun in the United States of America. Those of outside of the United States, undoubtedly wonder why it's that easy to buy a gun in the United States. This is the freest country in the world, you're allowed to say things that You can't say in other countries your lot of buy things that you can't buy in other countries, for example, just give you one. I always try to give examples that makes the generalization understandable in Europe. In most european countries may be everyone you cannot.
You are not allowed to deny that the Holocaust took place. Now. Let me make shopping clear. Denial of the Holocaust is about a sick and evil. A position, as I know, of. The it is the most documented horror in human history. and you know whenever I hear these truly evil people who deny that it took place and that's evil, I mean I don't use the word easily, I think, God. I only wish they were right. I wish six million Jews warrant murdered. But the question is: where are they: where did they go where they were? They absconded to Mars it's so a bit so absurd. The Germans, to their credit, are the first to recognise that this all took place
anyway, my only point is in Europe. You can't deny that the Holocaust took place in most countries it's a crime, even go to jail? it states you can you can. This is the freest country in the world, the United States. It comes with a price because I, people, don't exercise their freedoms. Judicial morally decently. Bad things could happen well,. you can buy a gun in the United States because its protected by one of the amendments to the United States Constitution and that a neighbour people to arm themselves, and why are we allow to arm ourselves in the United States eight to protect ourselves and be because this code. it was founded on the belief that a govern governments can become tyrannical and people. It should be able to resist tyrannies every tyranny it takes away people's gun, that's the first thing: the Communists did in Russia the knots he's dead in Germany, because
there's no possibility to oppose them. I've often dream. what, if every Jew or every jewish family in in Germany and in Poland and in Czechoslovakia and we're else? Jews were rounded up and sent to death camps, what if they all had a gun now that So what have been rounded up, but at least they would have taken people who came the Nazis, who came to take them away with them. It would have been a lot harder. So. I I understand the american desire to enable people to be armed and vast numbers. The very high number of people who have defended themselves with guns be that as it may, its you're allowed to have a gun in the United States unless your criminal or sincere
In cases of documented mental illness and so on, you can't this boy bought a gun. The you're not allowed in America, except the rarest of instances You're not allowed to have an automatic weapon, an automatic weapon is best known as a machine gun words, you press the trigger once and many bullets come out Semi automatic is every time you press it. A bullet comes out so to to to Not enough. that's a semi automatic, but you have to press it each time the low semi automatic is where you have to put the bullet in the chamber each time in order to take another to make another shot. Okay, Its allowed in the United States for protection and for hunting and for whatever else people use guns for, but I want to go back to the church
notion, I don't know, except for one thing I dont know how he would have been stopped, and I want to talk to you about that. No law would have stopped. People who want to kill, can get guns. Just the way works. I dont know what law? If there is a law I'd like to know it, I would give consideration, but I would like to What law that that, whenever, whenever I hear people we have, to pass laws. We have to pass laws, but they never tell us what more we would have stopped. any of these mass shootings in America. what law would have stopped it. I ask that every time- thing happens. I never get a response because I don't think there they, you could come up with a war that would have stopped any of these mass shootings. What might have stopped it really only one thing you stop a person from murdering. by shooting them
by killing them once their killed, they can't murder Why wasn't he shot because nobody at that school had a gun? May There was one armed guard was immediately dispatched. I dont know if he had arms are not there For what I would like to see is that people are trained in every school. People are trained teachers, but just teachers, because otherwise only teachers might be shot a whole host of problems, but teachers and there's principles, teachers. Teachers, AIDS, people who worked- in any department. Adult I don't want kids to take guns to school, but I wouldn't like to see adults at these schools be armed, and I think that that would lower the number, the launching of a dead? the LOS Angeles Times in an unbelievably foolish editorial said:
people who say that the teachers and other should be armed. Well, what's the big deal so the number of killed would have gone down to five. Three, and I'm thing yes, that is a big deal. Five worth he killed instead of seventeen is a very big deal: I don't know why anybody? What would with mock that? If five or killed instead of seventeen, twelve people are living there. Wouldn't that would be dead. That's that significant the best. is the enemy of the better All of life you have to improve. You gotta make things better, don't aim for perfect, so tragedy armed people at schools? These are some of my reflections, this terrible thing, It happened finally on on the note that I, mentioned earlier, I would I would I have. I have counselled parents whose children have died.
Whether killed or or or through disease or through a drunk driver. One case through through a fire in the house, and I always tell them, I believe, with all my heart and soul, that you will see your child again. I believe in God I believe God is good and if God is good, this is not the only existence. There is its to unfair. Therefore, there, if God is good, there is something after this This is not the only reality. Okay, all right now I don't have a lighter have a lighter. I can't fight my cigar, which is one of my joys in life. I must admit it.
It's a pretty innocuous vice if you're gonna have one and by the way for those of you who don't know, there is no comparison between cigarettes and cigars because you don't inhale cigars, you inhale cigarettes, for the purpose of a cigar is to taste yummy tobacco, whereas the purpose of a cigarette is to get nicotine people don't know that, so they just yell tobacco tobacco tobacco. But it's not the case. It's not. It's not the same thing all right, I am gonna. Look on the my trusty Ipad here. Was that a free add for Rome, Apple. Could have been an android. I have an android phone and I have an Ipad tablet. Okay, I'm an equal opportunity. Guy. Alright, let's see oh person to open okay, here we are then from Minnesota. Why is affirmative action? Bed? Oh boy?
Like her, oh god, I gotta try to be brief, because it ceases to look at people as individuals and sees them as members of groups, the antithesis of the judeo christian ideal of every human is created in God's image, not not every ethnicity, not every race. Race means nothing. The individual is precious You earn your way into college, earn your away into into a job. Let me ask you a question for those who are for affirmative action in the National Basketball Association. What is it eighty percent of players are black. I believe it is. Should we affirmative action for white in the NBA or how, this for Asians other Rennie. New players in the NBA Zat Fair. Why not have affirmative action number
two affirmative action, just hurt people its, it may be meant well but its, but it hurts people. Because if you haven't earned your way into a job or a college, let's say then you may not be up for the job. You may not do it well enough. You may not do well enough. but that college and you'll have a very high drop out rate, which just makes things worse number three way. There's affirmative action and you are a member of a minority that has been affirmed. People will know whether you have really achieve lived your position or you got it through affirmative action. It cheapens the achievements of people in minorities and that bothers me a great deal: okay, next Madison from Denver, hi Madison! Oh, can I say who this is: will sister
How to put up with him? What should I be looking for most in my my relationships with a significant other to make them work, hey are you ready, cannot give an adult answer here? Yes, ok,. This is what I think you need to make a love relationship work. You have to have the three these three things of you risk bond positively. The person your mind, your heart, and you're, sexual being all all three have to respond, not equally, it doesn't have to be thirty. Three thirty, three three, it could be fifty thirty, twenty- that's ok but all three have to be present, not
However, the three absorbing not one. All three have to be present for to work. Having said that, this that's not the only thing that's a big thing: that's the scenic one, or not as the indispensable basis you have to respond to the person with your mind with you. Or heart, and with your genitals are right to be adult. in my in my response, but even that's not enough. Then there's values no people say to me today. Well I really love him or her, but you know we have to Only opposite: politics, whelp opposite politics It is a euphemism what you're saying is you have opposite values? What it's not! it used to be may be politics now it now. What's this values gap between left and right? That is unbridgable the peace
may be a wonderful person, I'm not denying that. But that's not enough! You not you. Don't you The person you marry should be your best friend and You want to share everything everything with your best friend. You don't want to have to hide part of you from your bed. Friend, so the more you have in common, the better it is opposites may attract, but they don't tend to last, maybe opposite personalities, that's fine. Its opposite personality is not an issue that not personality is not a values issue. Ok, that's that's good stuff!. So Madison take care and take care will he's a good guy. then from Minnesota only did that medicine from Denver sets twice. Jake from Prager Force in Illinois, Hi Jake, thanks for being in Prager force. What what is the best
to turn someone on the left to the right. It's actually not difficult If the person has an open mind, no the sounds. Amazing they'll turn off all a person needs to go from left to right. is an open mind and commitment to common sense because It's my bull dog who sniffing in case you hearing or sniffing, Do you do you see ATO and the other things right? We don't see Otto, but ok. I was a is a very lovable dummy but very lovable. I don't. I don't seek brilliance in my dogs, unease. Clearly, ok, but they're here. day: he has he and his brother who's a Basset hound anyway. Best way to turn someone left right is to present honorably honestly, intellectually dispassionately. Our argument,
They're all rooted in good values and common sense. That's that's the best way. That's why Prager University has been so effective We have six hundred million views last year of our five minute videos and about what is it I think it's a sixty five percent were under thirty five years of age and a vast number of them or large number of them had their minds change because they never heard these ideas the reason that schools suppressed conserve. Ideas is that they deep deep, deep down, know that if they hear us a fair number of young people will reject the indoctrination that they have received at school. That's that's the case. That's why our mere appearance at a college campus or a high school is so threatening
cause. We make good sense and they're afraid of having us air there's, no fear in the other way. I want people to read the. I want conservatives to read left wing stuff. If, if you don't, you should Absolutely- and I know I mean I have my whole life of us- if we in my show has a subscription to the New York Times, read it all the time. I have no fear of people reading a left wing views. I think that it actually reinforces their conservatism, but it's not doesn't held the other way around? If they read us, then if they have it again, it was a big. If an open, mind, there's a good chance, they'll change Dennis from Texas. How do we stop mass shootings, hello Dennis from Texas? We can,
Stop them it's like it's like stopping. We can minimize, we can't stop. We can't stop drunk drivers. We can't stop all crime in this world evil takes place. We have to do our best. I already lead address that issue with the opening of my commentary here on my little chat with you, and I spoke about I Every school should have adults who were armed, but I in a in a larger issue? If we have more stable homes, if we have more people with good values, people with good values, don't shoot people, that's pretty. That's should be pretty clear Adrian from Austin want instead. I urge you to make Prager you. Excuse me one inspire me well, I was actually.
It was Alan astronauts idea. The co founder of the Prager you, He said one day to me: while we were, I take listeners on cruises around the world. I have for twenty five years on one of these cruises about six years ago. He said Dennis. I think we should start Prego university. Alan, never joked the last time Alan told the joke. I think he was eleven years old and I didn't know him, then so I've never heard Alan tell a joke. so I knew he was serious and a, but I No, I said fine thinking. What am I gonna say? No, I said fine, but he was serious and he thought of the idea. Five, five minute videos and cough beyond any to say. While this dream, I'm even have a wild dream that we would have six hundred million views in a year. Were I I pray, will go to a billion and more and more. on the world, because the good
value is universal, there's no such thing as a good value, just for Americans or good value. Just for any other group. That's how it started. I want to change people's minds because I want a month, but good world a bad ideas out their justice from Miami like a common name? Now we have a justice, have a liberty who works for us at Prager you. We have a justice right, also working for Prager you. We have a liberty and justice yeah. where can we get real news nowadays? That's such an interesting question: it's so sad, isn't it, but you have to ask it. the desire just to tell the truth about about what is happening, as opposed to indoctrinate well well,.
I I don't feel that I have a problem because I know how to read websites. I know how to read new sites. I can spot an agenda within two sentences. I'm exaggerating sometimes it's two paragraphs, but I think I think that A combination of of worthy that are serious. It depends on the issue. Let me put it to you this way. For example, if you want news about an earthquake in Latin America, you'll get the truth in most on most websites. It's when the issue enters a left right divide. That's when you have a problem, for example,
In Amerika for the lasts much more than a year since before Donald Trump was even inaugurated, the press has been preoccupied with collusion alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia to to affect the american election. but it's been, it's been more much more hysteria than it has been news you another example, but- Because we don't have any basis for that belief, maybe something will come out, but thus far it's been nothing. It's just been an agenda. To deal legitimize the election of Donald Trump, whether you like Donald Trump, we're? Not that's! That's the issue. Giving other example. The LOS Angeles Times actually announced about two years ago. It would not publish a letter or an opinion. Peace
or anything else that in any way took issue with with mobile warming agenda or not agenda. That's my word global warming scenario, and what is that that's very important? It's not merely that somebody will say the globe is getting warm very few people say the globe is getting warmer. The question is: How much warmer the question, is, Will it be an existential threat to existence, which is what we told you know this is the greatest threat. to humankind is nonsense and What's causing it, we have number of major physicists courses at Prager University, like Professor hopper of Prince he's an emeritus professor of physics. Just recently He made a video for Prager you and he said.
These computer models are nonsense, but he can't be fired. so he's not afraid to too to take it the sending Here's an emeritus professor physics, the La Times won't print, so the bias is terrible. Okay! What's our what's story on time, gentlemen? How many more questions couple of more. You'll put it on we're ready to go. Ok you're from Pennsylvania. What is the best argument for the existence of God that your. watching me, talk right now and understanding. I am here, but here's What do I mean by that? Do you really believe, as one really believe intelligence came from nothing we went from rocks too
We need dialogue with you now on its own. we have zero zero, not a little zero evidence that we can go from inorganic to organic. Let alone to intelligence, but Here's a great argument that was made by around by many years ago, I do with my life. Here is a great argument. Listen to this is, I hope, you'll following man's name was Milton Steinberg, and this was document, the believer in God, has to account for one thing: the eggs. students of unjust suffering right, Every one of us who believe in God has to account for how come is so much injustice
in the world. If there's a good God, how do you explain that? That's true? It's a good challenge to us, that's fair, but then he saw cake part one. It's a two part argument. First, port, the believer in God, has to account for one thing: the existence of unjust suffering. The atheist has to account for the existence of everything else. And they have no answer all they say. Is it happened? If that makes more sense to you, then you should be an atheist. As far as the true, crowd hammer whose an agnostic he's not a bit he's not an atheist.
Said when I asked him on my radio show about a year ago, it's very powerful. I am a paraphrasing. No, I said what do you think of atheists him? He said that has to be the the absolute most absurd argument I have ever heard skies an agnostic is completely secular, said to believe everything came about on its own. That's just absurd Justin from Spain or countries Sweden, Finland and Denmark example of socialism, examples of socialism working there not they seem to be, but I'll tell you why? They're, not because over the long haul they it can survive. Socialism produces no wealth. Capitalism: produces all wealth, Socialism spends the wealth that capitalism produces so over the course of generations. At best, sometimes it's quicker, they goes bankrupt
the experiment, simply goes bankrupt you don't have enough young people working to ship. Or the socialist welfare state? That is why why do you think country. Why did Germany taken a so many turkish workers, millions of Turks to begin with, because it needed to support its welfare state There weren't enough young, Germans and same thing is going to be happening in the other states in the other countries that you mention Sweden. It's very hard to imagine a positive outcome for Sweden, which is based on wishful thinking, I will take it all these people who don't have our values and everything will be fine. Well, everything isn't fine and it's getting it's getting more problematic. Zack from Pennsylvania, should the drinking age be lowered to eighteen,
I don't have a good opinion. I mean I don't have a strong opinion on that. I really can't stand. Alcoholism, obviously nobody's favor of it. So it's not an issue. It's an interesting question. in in France, kids, drink wine with their meals at a very early age, and I dont know if their alcoholism rates. Are the same as in America or not it's, I should. I should look that up. I know what, for just reasons as a religious Jew. I was raised in a home where every Sabbath every week at the Sabbath meal. We all bless the wine and from a very early age I drink, of the wine at the meal. As it happens, I have no taste for wine now or or alcohol, and I prefer to use grape juice, as it happens, but
The alcohol alcoholism, alcoholism rate among among religious Jews was very small. Throughout a history I think it's rising now, I'm sure it's rising now, but I don't know if it's high now other words when people drank to sanctify their meal, they were less likely to become alcoholics, then if they drink to get high, or to get to get drunk? I don't know, I don't know if it would be a good idea. Eighteen, I have to think that through. So you got me on, and I dont, nor on that one let's see, is this the final one, no James from Philadelphia. What is your opinion on the hookup and casual sex culture of our generation?.
I have a very interesting theory unhappiness. I won't even thought morality right now. I'll just talk happiness. I am somewhat of an expert on the subject of happiness. I've written a book on and I wrote it- ninety ninety nine It is still selling very welcome, as it has helped a lot of people. It's called happiness is a serious problem, even if you buy used copy. I hope you read it. So I may have done an hour a week of radio, also since one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine on happiness. I've talked to millions of people about It's all over the world on my radio show in writing. Here's a very interesting experiment that you should try for one week just tried for one week before you do anything I mean anything. Ask yourself will do
Doing this, make me happier, don't ask, is doing this fun. Ask will doing Make me happier my suspicion is that most of the time in the hook up culture, if the female of the. Look up were to ask yourself: will I'd be happier. If I sleep with this guy who my barely know, will I be happier tomorrow. I think most. Cases, her answer will be no. For the guy. I think his answer might be either you bet or let's find out, because sex is a different thing almost entirely for the Two sexes and I think a lot of women have have had their happiness quite hurt by the hook up culture.
I'm not approved. I didn't give you a religious argument. I didn't give you a moral argument. A very pragmatic argument ask yourself the question will doing this by the way with anything, if you watch three hours of tv watch one hour of tv six hours, tv asked before you watch well. I'd be happier because I watch this tv, this tv show Will I be happier and the odds are. The answer is no ask yourself. This question will I'd, be be happier if I play musical instrument. If I practice. Musical instrument for an hour tonight will I be happier In other words, will I be happier if a year from now I can play piano or the vice Eleanor the guitar? The answer, of course, is yes
In other words, there is a real conflict, often in life between fun and happiness. I have a whole chapter on the difference between fun and happiness. In my book form is what you expect. during an act. Happiness is what you experience after an hour. I have the biggest project, the hall this project of my life coming out shortly. And it is the first book of my five volume commentary on the first five volumes of the Bible. It's cold rational Bible, if you think the Bible is first for four idiots. This is the book. You should read it. If anything, I've written will change a life. I believe it is my book, the rational Bible
you can pre order it on the internet. I know I'm sorry. I shall like I'm selling a book. Believe me. Nobody rights commentaries on the Bible to become a millionaire. So I don't have a problem telling you about this from that perspective, but you know what it's my seventh book and it's not fun. Writing a book. Believe me, it is much more fun And to play hearts on the computer or to do any one of my multitude of Hobbes or or just go out to each year hundred I'll watch a movie, that's a lot more fun, but I have happiness from the books I've written it gives me. It gives me a certain sense of accomplishment she's a big deal, and so back to the hook up culture. Ask yourself before the hook up,
Will I be happier tomorrow if I do, and likewise. with television or anything else. You do. Will I be happier if I do x or Y or Z, and I think you will love, you will come to a lot more wise of a response about what to do with your life and by the way, I'm very pro fun, but I'm for making the things that bring you happiness fun. So I like to have fun. Might radio shows a hard thing to do every day three hours, but I try to have a lot of fun on that's different, Well, let's see, I think, that's about it is that right was that our last? Is there one more I'll? Happily do one more? Why not I mean- maybe I won't be happy- depends on the question. Okay,
hey Marah from Colorado Springs is cheating on your significant other, always immoral, Where would I love to know what prompted that the question who ok, I I so I may use the word. I am a theologian. In other words, I have written and taught religion my whole life. I take it obviously very seriously. One of the things that a lot of religious people do not recognize is that there are gradations of sin. I don't think that God regards murder.
or child molestation the way he regards stealing a pencil from your place of work there, both a sin they're both wrong they're, both immoral, but unless God has lost his mind,. God regards murder and much higher Milo station as more serious, a sin, then stealing a pencil from your place of work and by the way, I'm very strict on stealing issue. I I don't, I'm never taken a towel from a hotel. I I believe, very, very strongly. You should see my videos on the ten commandments prig you that come. I am. I have given a lot of thought to these issues, but I do believe in rotation of sin, there were gradations even of cheating. For example, the worst form of cheating on a significant other is where you,
humiliated that person, where you've done it publicly because humiliating a person is a terrible, terrible sin. So that's like the top level, or the worst level, I think cheating on your significant other, but now the least while acknowledging that adultery as adultery, I'm not denying that There are gradations, I knew a man. This is not made up. do him am. I knew his wife pretty well, They were, they had a number of children. They were a spectacular couple. They were both physicians. He he they were. I love these people they and him, and they were utterly faithful and loving to one another, and she got out timers at a pretty young age, the terrible tragedy he took care he bathed her. He cleansed her.
He he wiped her after she relieved herself. He he took care of her completely. But people with Alzheimer's can live a long time over the course of time. When she had already even lost the ability to identify who he was so bad. It was her memory affected that did in fact fall in love with a woman, and he did not marry her until his wife, fine. we passed away from Alzheimer's, but I am not going to sit here and tell you this man, you know, was a bad man or committed a terrible sin, Yes, it remains a sin, but there are gradations of sin. I think that
What God wants us to understand? That's why God gave us a mind and we're not robots. Ok, that was an intense final question. All right, so I said hello to my chinese viewers, told you to watch previous. fireside chats watch videos Prager, you. Enjoy my radio show and oh yes, I really do believe it will change your life. Might my book, the rational Bible, its massive commentary on just one book, the book of exodus, but it explains very, very important stuff, like white in the Bible, outright ban slavery. I answer the question in that book until the next fire so a chap. I'm Dennis Prager thanks for watching.
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