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Fireside Chat Ep. 26 - Gun Control, In - Laws, And Men Paying For First Date

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We are LIVE with Dennis Prager from his home study. Topics today include the student walkout, parenting, and life's meaning! Recorded on Mar. 15, 2018.
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager welcome to my home. This is my home. This is my study. Some people call it a man cave, but I tend to share it with a woman who is my wife, so it's a man cave with woman who's, not on camera now, but should be one day. I should interview my wife one day. If it's going to be my home, you should get to meet everybody. My bull dog, my bassard, like. I don't know what it is that we have three anyway, it's great to be with you, these fireside chats or unique, because they're completely unscripted, it's completely spontaneous and people spontaneous and people to it resonate. I it to you from my heart for my mind and even the dogs sometimes get into the to the action last time. The last time we had almost a half a million views,
which is wonderful, because I think that there are very important things being said here so anyway. Welcome to the house is very special day for me literally ten minutes ago, everybody in this room there about five other people here from Prager University. I can testify to this. I just saw it just got into my hands ten minutes ago, the work of my life, a commentary on the first five books of the Bible. This is just one of them. This is on the second book called exodus, pull the rational Bible, because I use reason to explain the greatest book ever written and I believe it'll change your life, whether you are
A feast were deeply religious and I I hope you can get it. I hope you will get it. You can pre Ordereth. I know it sounds like a sales pitch. I can only say this. Nobody writes a bible commentary to get rich, but I do want to touch lives. I twine ever ran for office. I thought about it, but I realized I was much more interested in influence than power. I have no interest in having power over other people. Part of the reason. I'm a conservative, sweat conservatives have a built in disadvantaged. They d, they want less power. In any event, this is this. What just came out on very very touched by it? It sort of like a book is like a child.
You work very hard to produce it and to raise it and then there it is, and that's how I feel towards my books, so I always open up with a subject, sometimes one in the new, sometimes one. That's just on my mind. So let me say just a few words and a really will be a few words on all the demonstrations that are taking place with regard to well. Why my having a problem with my life You know why, because my lighter knows it's on camera and it's very very sensitive, I well. I can't believe it working Till now, by the way I've been smoking, a Po as long as I have a cigar since my late teens and I alternate between them most of the times, I've been on the on this. With my cigar
because it's my study and good man. Thank you. Ok! So my friends, we have young people. All over the country going out of school not being considered missing Class, even not being truant, nothing just in fact, often very greatly praised by their teachers and school for going out in demonstrating, for the gun control? I don't have a problem with young people, the feeling strongly about issues. I have a problem with young or old people. Only feeling life is a battle very often between feelings and thoughts. I call it the battle between the brain and the mind. The brain
Is gets us in a lot more trouble than mine? Does the. Brain is where the the price, more feelings are giving them. A very simple example of the conflict between brain and mind. Brain wants. to stay in bed all day or get up very late. Mind says you have to go to. Brain says I want. I want that dessert. Mind says you're getting too much weight if you keep having, there's a battle in life. It's really between the primal feelings that we have and our thought process. That's the unique thing animals have brains, but not much by way of mine, it's not an insult. I love my dogs just want to make that clear. Can't it's not an insult to say that something that is built
with something doesn't have it so on this gun control issue, the feelings are: let's control, more guns, that's control. Let's pass more laws, pass more laws Now I'm not an NRA, I'm not a big gun enthusiast. I don't have I come to this with the with about as clear conscience is as possible I want is well. I want two things I To honour the second amendment- and I want to stop as many killings as possible. We only have right now in In our schools overwhelmingly, just the brain is talking more laws, more laws. That's a feeling here. Here's the question that I pose because I'll be for a law. I want to know what laws would have been passed that would have stopped any of the school massacres that we have had.
That's all that's what I want to know. There are three hundred billion, or so guns may probably more in America. If there If we do tomorrow said Guns are illegal. Do you believe that there would be fewer a killing I believe they would be more because then only the bad guys could get guns. In real life in America we have conflict. the mind understands that there are conflicting ideals that are involved. Why do we have a second amendment right? Let me deal with that. The United States was founded on the belief that the more power government has the more likely it will become eventually tyrannical. This is the Only country in the world and in world history, on the principle of limited government. I know
if you're in school, you haven't been taught that that is a tragedy that you haven't. This is What has made America the land of the free? That's why we were given the statue of liberty by France. Why, they send it to America. Why did they send it? to Germany or to Britain or to Portugal, or to Japan or to Africa or Asia other asian countries, aside from Japan, Why? Because America has embodied Liberty and the. Reason for the liberty is government has been limited, but, as America shifts left word in its political orientation by definition. Left word means more and more government.
less and less power to the individual, more and more power to the state. I don't trust the state, because I dont trust human nature. I know that the bigger the government, the more corruption there will be, the greater the likelihood there is to repress people. Every tyranny takes people's guns away every tyranny. It's the first thing because then they can't be opposed. Now I don't want people owning bazookas surface to air missiles, and we should we have we have a very fair debate on the issue of semi automatic weapons, I'm all for all of these debates, but the kids? in the schools are not getting the bank this. Nobody coming in the school and saying. thing analogous to what you just heard from me. Wait a minute there are compete. Values here we have to understand what they are. The vast Jody of Americans, you won't guns, use them for utterly legitimate purposes including vast.
Numbers of acts of self defense, but those already reported nearly as often as the massacres are so important to use our minds, not just oh, I hate massacres. Therefore, I want more gun laws. maybe more gun laws is a good idea. Let's have the debate but almost no school has the debate. That's the problem.
And, in the meantime, our fellow citizens of the left. The democratic party which was once liberal but has now left is, is is thrilled because they could say, look republicans, don't care and that's what they say. Republicans don't care about. Kids getting killed is not bizarre. Does any body any one of you watching believe that under Republican? Do you think I love my children? Less than a Democrat loves his or her children is not absurd. I grandchildren think I want my
and children, and dangers that the thought one. When I think of what happened to parents when they lose a child. I know so many parents of lost children costs that the nature of my work has brought me into contact with them, and I talk about on the radio and they contact me and I meet with them than that. That pain is, it is, is for those of us who have lost the child. That's the nightmare. The issue isn't who loves children? The issue is what will protect children best? What can we do that works and that honours the ability of people in America to in fact have guns? I I honour that second amendment. It was founded for a reason.
So that's why I speak about feelings versus versus thinking the mind versus the brain. I wish every school would allow with debate. Just sending kids out to demonstrate, is not the way in which you make a better society. That of that I am certain. So we can talk about that and we will I'm sure over time. But my request of all schools is: please have a debate. There really are two sides among people who all love their children. Okay, are we good everybody now time for your question. Okey doke right.
Good good, ok, high ten or twenty two months, the age not ten or the twenty second easily easily South Carolina is there any advice should give us helping my wife get along with my parents, is it a necessity for a healthy marriage, or is it something out of my control? Well, let me tell you something. One of these sobering lessons of of life is we control very little except ourselves, and I wish people did control from sale. we can control in the final. Maybe you can control a five year old uneven, that's hard, but.
It's it's a maturing realisation. You can't control your children, you can't control your spouse, can't control your parents, you can control yourself, you try to do as is good. A lead as good a life as possible. It would be really nice if your wife got along with your parents, but without knowing any of the details as to why there is any alienation. I don't. I don't know what to advise. My general belief, I am, I am a father in law. My older son is married. and my my aim, I am being very open here. I have to admit my aim has been I want my daughter in law and for that matter, my son, but I want my daughter in law to be able to say that her her husband's dad
That's me is the easiest father in law in the world. That's what I thought I would lichens in others best out in the world cups in and cards for fathers day. I would like easiest Father in law in the world. I try to just not be a burden on my child and my and my daughter in Law- and I it's an unbelievably easy because there are some wonderful and there. having and I'm very lucky, but if, if it was a tougher situation, I would still aim for that. I would do whatever I could, including act I but big behaviorist for the sake of the grandchildren. That is the invalid right, the grants they have. If you have children they have grandchildren for this
Take of the grandchildren for the sake of, what's known in Hebrew, which a great phrase shalom by it: the peace of the house. It's an unbelievably big value and Judaism limits. It was inculcated in me from a very early age in in a religious school for the sake of peace in the house. You swallow pride, you swallow ego and you just act as nicely as possible. My my grandmother, my father's mother was a tough woman. Give you an example, give you two samples, so she did not like my mother. She didn't like my mother because she married her son. Anybody would have buried. Her son was not good enough for him. Ok, fine! May she rested peace. We I loved her and then that's fine. So when my.
My parents would have the grandparents over every Sunday for lunch. They pick them up into the house. My mother would prepare this elaborate meal every single Sunday. She was a great cook and she prepared a great me and with a lot of work and almost every week at the meal, my grandmother would praise the cantaloupe or the grateful? My mother made all these dishes and, at the end, my grand mother would say the the love was delicious and it was hilarious to me because it was so insulting. Obviously, my mother did not make cantaloupe, God did or nature did you choose. so that's just one little example has a bigger example. I was about nine ten years old and I'm sorry my grandmother on the phone and she was angry at my mother and she said she had a inish accent and she said.
Your mother is Hitler. Now I thank God I remember thinking this? Is the funniest thing in the world more grandmother is calling my mother Hitler. I mean I've but it was hilarious. She didn't mean it to be hilarious, and I number covering the phone, the mouth peace on the phone And an yelling a dad grammar called mom Hitler, and that was it. It is, it is normal for there not to be great relations. It's it's, the minority of homes, where in laws all get along great or even parents and children, so just act nice that's all you don't have to win them over just be because,
Be nice swallow your pride, that's what I would that's what I would argue things if nothing works, then nothing works. Then you just you love your wife. Stop him. That's it haven. Twenty one in Lucas, Michigan was Prager, forced member. Thank you. Should parents pay or help pay for their childs college? listen, I don't. I don't see why not if they can afford it. I don't want parents to go broke. That's what bothers me if they can afford it. That's one thing: scooby! That's the issue. I know parents who have put their houses opera, sale or borrowed on their house and have no more cash to send their kids to college. It's a waste of money go to is cheap. This is view
My recommendation to parents send you if you're going to pay, send your childhood was cheaper college as you can afford or as expensive a college you can afford. Whichever way you want to look at it Ben sixteen Lancaster, California, also in Prager force. I have been thank you. You have a favorite film score. I do Surely this is amazing that I do because your lot, a great film scores and you would ask me. What's my favorite piece of classical music, I would name ten. I couldn't do one, but I do have one and I bet almost none of you even big. film score, Officionados, don't even know about this, all the pretty horses. It is one of the magnificent pieces of music. I go crazy for everyone I have recommended. It too has has gotten.
Cd or downloaded it or whatever they do, and they couldn't believe that they didn't know about it. All the pretty horses. That's my favorite. There are a a lot of many that are tied for second and You know they are. Let's Rico Mora Coney, I believe that's his name, everything he wrote his magnificent and you know. let's see who did John Williams is a genius so I'm sorry Hammer is a genius. I mean there are quite a number that I M into classical music, but the greatest music being written today is not classical. It's filmed. Okay, Matt, twenty five, also pretty good for Us Camario. California said the woman ever proposed to a man. Why not.
I mean I'm traditional. I think that the guy should take the initiative in these things. I think women like when men take the initiative. They, like you, know strong and affirmative men. This if the guy is a doubling for some reason, You know that he really does want to marry. You then, and if you just say hey, you know what I think we should get married. I don't think she should. You know, get on her knee and go. Will you marry me but- Generally speaking, men like to do the chasing in conquering and women like to be chased and conquered. That's that's all. Just male and female nature are not the same, but they are complementary how
having said that, whatever works works, I'm very pragmatic. Okay. Now I wonder who asked that who asked that he's? Sixteen years old? No, no! Twenty five. wonder if it's your case, I met Daniel eighteen in London, hey Dennis hey. you greatly help me find a meaning in my life, yet I am struggling to find meaning in my religion. How can I embrace Judaism and use it to better I saw the individual will make this world a better place. Thank you very much. I have a great number of of lectures on Judaism, which you might look up and I'll tell you. This is a subject that you ask it enables we do. This came into my hands just this last hour. This is the work. This is decades of work into this explaining the greatest book ever written. The Torah, the first five bucks
The Bible is juice, collet or just the first five books of the Bible. As everybody calls it. It's the rational Bible, it's just about to come out. You could pre it if this will tell you this tells you what you need to know to answer that question. and it's called the rational Bible, because my vehicle to God and faith and religion is completely through reason. It's a blessing on a curse. I don't take things just on faith. It has to make sense to me, or I have a big problem with it, and the beauty is. I show how everything does make sense, and that brings me to god- and it certainly speaks as well about what is the mission of the jewish people most Jews. I don't know if they have a religious mission. Christians know they have a religious mission to bring the world to Christ, Muslims have a religious mission to make the world Muslim. But if you ask us what is your religious mission, there are many,
You have a second permission to bring the worth of social justice, which is why many Jews or on the left, that's their definition, but of the the answer is to bring the world to the ten commandments, to the God of the ten commandments and to the ten commandments, because if the world just live by the ten commandments- and this book has seventeen thousand words explaining the ten commandments, but it's really Clearly, as I am speaking to you now, all right, Armando Twenty one, La California Prager for us good. Thank you. Should men always pay on the first date? I think so? Yeah, listen! Everything has exceptions I could understand. there, be for whatever reason there might be an exception generally, speaking? I want men to be men. I want men, to be strong. I want men to make a statement when a man pay. This is my opinion. When a man.
And pays homage date, he is saying in a very subtle but a powerful way I wouldn't. I aim in the final analysis at some point in my life, to take care of a woman to take care of a family. Women love that thought, First of all, they love men who have ambition. I don't mean overly ambitious and just preoccupied with money. That's an empty soul, but a man should care about these things, and it's a subtle statement now he might be paying it in the hope that I'll get sex that that's another possibility But she she is allowed to say no, understand why that is complex. It's gotten complex, but I don't know the same way it is. but other than that? Yes, I do think that he should the should pay on the first day. Don't go to a fancy? Restaurant, I
My opinion is that I would love to do a test Would women prefer let's say twenty? five year old and older women right, which is the great majority women with they prefer, if their dating to go. on a date with a man who will pay for the dinner or the luncheon whenever they're going to add a and inexpensive, restaurant or split the meal with her at an expensive restaurant. It's an interesting question. I know that I would much prefer to pay for the meal at chipotle than to go to a fancy, french restaurant and say well, let's say you had you had the burger and I had the fish, but you had the red wine and I only had a coke
That's really charming. God is that that is that a sexy? Ok, let's see hear back six. Mrs digit- is sixty. Sixteen, he sixteen And we get six year olds, but they don't generally sending questions that was changed fast. Who did that will will? We could bragging. I believe it he's sitting there bragging that he changed the sixteen in than ten seconds will will with that is for various. Just in case I didn't know his name can by the way will is he's like a sort of media start right now, and it's going to his head. Matt, sixteen Kansas City Missouri. What advice would you give me to ensure that I passed on my morals to my children, ok, I got a boy. I have a speech, they gotTa Prager story.
Stop I'm not trying to sell you anything, it's just like nothing. You just downloaded it. So I don't know if, like ten dollars, I don't know what it is, but I have a speech on how to raise good children and is it so you'll, it's at least an hour. The off the top of my head here are just a few things one is you have to believe that their character is more important than anything else about them, so you have to believe their character, their moral character, ethical character, is more significant than their grades, then their athletic ability, then their brains. Do you want to say to yourself my son or daughter is brilliant, or my son or daughter is a truly good purse, which is more important for you to say.
So one of the biggest reasons parents are raising good kids or really good kids, saying everybody's raising evil. Kids, of course, Is that it's not the number one priority number one Parties getting that kid on honor. I owe the drive me crazy. You know my son is on the honor role at the producer academy. You know what I do damn frankly. There are a lot of kids with great rage who don't have great character. There's no correlation between great rage and great current none. Ok, they just isn't. Any more than there is between great looks and gray character, but looks are important and grow. these are important a whole bunch. A hundred things are important. I agree this. Is the most important and you have to convey that to your children. This is what matters to me. If you cheat on a test and get into Harvard
thanks to that. I rather you go to a community college and never cheap. That's what you have to pass on to your child. So that's that's the most important aspect. I think, passing or is it the number one? Do you believe it is the number one thing in your child's life? If you do, you will communicate it regularly. Why didn't you say? Thank you with that person. Gratitude is immoral. Category. More fourteen, Ontario Canada so an instance insulting the Canadians, I have to admit on Terry, whereas other, while there is a voluntary California, that's true anyway, we should put the map not mad at will. We should have put the city is well. Ok, Ontario was a province, so
may the city to, but it's ok. If, if God is omniscient, how do we have free will, if God, the future that doesn't deprive you of free will, if God is out I'd have time, and we know from Einstein the time is relative, so I have no problem with that. God knows what you ve done cause he already stands outside of time. He knows what will happen if, in these. He knows what will happen. I'm not sure by the way that God does know what will happen. Omniscient doesn't mean knows what will happen meet knows all, but not this doesn't assuming know what will happen. Maybe God does I on that issue I am agnostic. I dont know. If God knows what people will do think are those what animals will do because they don't have freely, and my basis is biblical. It says, God
became very sad when he saw how bad people were that's before the flood. Well, how could God become sad if he knew how bad people would turn out? How could he get disappointed? So that's my my basis, but this definitely, in fact, if there is no God there is no free will that's the point. If we're just physical beings, then everything we do is the result of physical things, neurological impulses and biological conditions and environment. So there's no free will it's all genes and environment. Only if there was a God is there part of us that is not physical and that that is what enables us to have free will alright, two more grace
From Burbank California, is there no age on grace? Seventeen also Prager for bless you. This feminism ever role to play in why chivalry is dead, listen, My view feminism as a role plane, why a lot of good things are dead. I mean if feminism means men and women are equal, then who's. Not you know you have to be a barbarian not to be a feminist. Of course men and women are equal. You know. God created the human being male and female. He created them from the beginning. The biblical view is that men and women are equal, honor, your father and mother, not just honor your father. Your mother is equal, equal in stature and status. Your father, but otherwise the movement. It is it. I can't say it's done. Only bad no movement does only bad or very few movements, but its largely been Hornful, especially the two men and women
I think I think the more feminist a woman is the less happy she is and anything that creates creates unhappiness is is generally not that healthy went one day, talk more about them and finally, Devon? Eighteen in Miami Florida who. your mental growing up, who taught you the most good one well, I would say my father had a real impact. Does he strong man and I like that- and he was doktor. Mr Warmth- admit them. But he was, he was strong and he was very ethically concerned. He talked about ethical stuff, a lot and that that had a big impact on me.
Other than other than my dad in that way there were there were few teachers in my religious school that had an impact, not many, but a few
but I will say that you know what their wreck mentor was. Not the I can't really think of of others, even though other people played a wonderful role in my life, my biggest mentor of these five books and I'm running a commentary on that's. Why I make mining the commentary these these five books have been the biggest mentor in my life. I I think they're, ultimately from god- and I think their wisdom is unsurpassed. When I have problems with my parents and a lot of young people, do I always treated them with great respect my cold by
parents every week, but they were alive and they they died in their mind these, even when I had troubles with them or or even anger at them, and there was only one reason because I believe God, commanded honour, your father and Mother- doesn't come with an asterisk. That says only if you really close with them that had a big impact on me. So that's what that's been my biggest mentor. So that's why I hope you'll get the also the rational bible. You'll, see why I explain their these things are very powerful. Will give you one more example.
This MIKE this commentaries on on this second book, it's on one books on the second book exodus and for those of you who don't know the Faro, the demigod, the the man, God of Egypt, told the egyptian people to kill every hebrew mail that was born, throw them drown them in the Nile, and it tells the story about two midwives and they refuse the faroes orders to kill all the Hebrew or the Israel like boys.
and it says why, because they feared god- and I learned at a very young age. Just from that story, every human has fears. So the question in life is not: will you have fears its whom you will fear or what you will fear? I opted to fear God and not people, and that was a great it's. What gives me a lot of the courage that I have to say what I believe and I get a lot of the bad thing said about me, cause I care what people think, but I care more.
What God thinks so these are. These are powerful lessons. So, let's see for Prager? U for Prager University, I'm Dennis Prager! Please pass the videos on their very powerful there. Five minutes- and I am headed to Australia, where I'm giving a lecture to the jewish community in Melbourne. Australia next week only be there three days days, I'm going to give a speech and coming back so I will actually be back for the next fireside fire side have flown sixteen hours flown sixteen hours non. Stop and I may be asleep, but I will do this next week. Thank you for being with me.
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