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Fireside Chat Ep. 27 - Moral Dilemmas And Premarital Sex

2019-02-04 | 🔗
We are LIVE with Dennis Prager from his home study. Topics today include moral dilemmas, classical music, and book recommendations! Recorded on Mar. 22, 2018.
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Welcome to my home, I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home. This is Informal as well, it's not as informal as you can get I after all. I could be here pajamas, but but I wear pajamas pajamas. I certainly couldn't be here, so it's really really informal. I love this a lot, people are watching- and that means a great deal to me, because I really get a chance to talk from my heart, and from my mind, because you have to do both in life So anyway, welcome to my home and maybe you'll, get to see the bulldog or the Basset Hound at some point, but who knows so Listen to this, I just flew in from Australia. If case You didn't know, Australia is very far away. I just thought I want. I would share that with you it's is from LA, you can take a nonce, I gave a speech in Melbourne adjusted
the other day and I went, I went to melt. I went to Australia for three days just to give a speech. And I want to say something to the Prager Force people in Melbourne, Australia. Anyway, the flight is sixteen and a half hours. so you sort of live on an airplane for all that That doesn't include the time you're on the ground, so you're on the plain about eighteen hours,. and, thank God, I don't go economy site. I have to admit it. I had six foot four. That would not be possible. The least me anyway, I'm really dedicated to these fires chats so that even flying in from Australia, I didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to be here to do this with you and I everybody by the way before I go on with that, I want to thank publicly Stephen crowds of louder with crowded
I come home and I see a beautiful box of cigars awaiting me. I would love to review the note, but I I don't know. With which it was so warm and so filled with fine things. that if I read it, it would sound like I'm boasting, but I would like to read it to credit him. Not me anyway. Steven you are one good man and thank you for that. There were members of Prager Force in Melbourne who wanted to come to my speech, but the problem was- and I really would have loved it if I could have been decisive. Of course, I would have said yes, but I was not. I was the keener speaker, but another speaker on the programme was the israeli ambassador to Australia. It was a speech that It was community of Melbourne, Australia, thereafter,
we'll big event, and he came from cancer. The capital of Australia to give a speech and is under a tragically is really diplomats need a great deal of security for means that are obvious to everyone, and so, if your name wasn't on the list way in advance, the didn't allow anybody to come in. So those of you Prager Force in Melbourne. Thank you. I wish I had met you and you could have come to the top Okay, now that we got some the preliminaries talked about, and I think all the time. Why would I like to open With and I rarely open with things in the news, I sometimes do but I don't feel a compulsion to do that this time. What I want to talk to you about especially with those of you who are young, what is young mean no, oh, under forty under thirty five, whatever you want to choose, it doesn't matter truth is what I am about to say
if you're under seventy, it would apply, but its particularly true for for you who are young. I know you never saw what I'm about I'm about to the way Was that clear, it was my cigar eating up by words. Yes, it was okay. I'll bet. Ninety nine percent of you, whatever your religious conviction or no religious conviction. I'll bet, you never thought of this. You are growing up in the most secular, most religious, the most godless generation in recorded history anywhere on earth. We do not have records. of a society that add is as irreligious as the modern western world. no religion, no God. If they play no role. Europe
you go, got a secular, elementary school, secular, high school, secular college, secular graduate school, most don't go to church Synagogue, it is, it is a new world now you may say so, walk that's. Why not, with that in a moment, but at least because, Of something that this these new in human history are true, for the United States, which is one moment, almost went out which Is the most religious of the advanced industrialized democracies its? been true when the United States forgets Sweden in Norway and other many other countries, That matter, in some ways in Asia is well China. The
is regime had worked to to stamp out religion, though, at this time what I'm told there were two hundred million Christians in China, many of them surreptitiously. So anyway, you, if you intellectually curious and you know about life and your wisdom desiring. You have to ask yourself a question. Is that a a good thing simple? As that is it a good thing to ascend, surely have completely irreligious, secular and even godless life. and I don't think it's a good thing, because I the role that religion and God and the body the goal of played in my life- and I I I I actually Oh, I want to choose my words carefully, because I don't I want, I want to say is I'll. Tell you what I want to say and then I'm not going to say it.
I want to say. I feel sorry for people who don't have this, but this is its was like it's a condescending statement and it's not condescending at all. Listen, I feel sorry for people who don't have Music in their lives, so other, wonderful people who don't have music in their lives. Of course, the music, wonderful, the little have any art in their lives? Yes, but you you a rich, richer life. If you have art and beauty in it. So it's not it's not. It's not a state. against the individual, its statement observing the situation that mean that people find themselves in and so let me give you a few examples why and then I'm going to go simply to your questions. First of all, there is the issue. Can I give you this? Thank you First of all, there is the issue of meaning see. Every atheist, philosopher that I have. I have read
acknowledges if there is oh god. Ultimately, there was no ultimate meaning to life. That does Mean you can't make up a meaning people do and pardon the pun, thank God that they do. People make up all sorts of meetings to to do well in their profession to get ahead in life to raise a family. These are all wonderful things But in the final analysis, if, only matter. And that's all we are, I this just reading YO, who was The young, the great, the british genius, the physicist who had the Stephen Hawking, yes, Stephen hawking! Thank you. she's two she still vertue. She gave me the cigars and took the cigar and came up with even hockey so he just passed away. May rest in peace may he realized. He was wrong about their, not being any God anyway. He said.
in one of his they one newspaper in Britain had four quotes from him. One is all we always matter: we humans, Things are just matter we're particles. Such power particles of matter. He'd right If there is no God or just particles are better. We are no different from the cigar, except that we have self consciousness in the cigar has no self consciousness. That's the only difference now that that should matter that should matter two people, there are a lot of young people and for that matter, not so young people in the western world walking around aimless and That was why do you think, for example, that the only large scale programmes that have ever gotten people sober, From drugs from alcohol or twelve step role, and they are rooted in faith in quotes
Something higher that there is a God You don't want to call it God call it something higher. We could deal with that another time because, ultimately, that, gives you a life. In the final analysis, meaning so, This is a big deal. So why What did we substituted? We substitute other things for meaning, for example, will give you one that may affect the lot of you. Young people. But I felt it when I was your age out of my peers, a lot of I peers lived for all Basically, one big thing, and that was to get into a good college. this is what gave their life meaning. Oh I'll get into Stanford no I'll get into the to the University of Michigan all get into Yale or get into whatever the Prestigious university, do you you name it? The ivy league universities.
And I always even when I was a kid and I never bought it. I didn't give a damn about my grades in high school and and and it showed by the way, But even then I didn't understand sucrose, I remember thinking, ok, she'll get into a prestigious college and then what What's your aim in life, a purse just graduate school okay. So then you are in a prestigious graduate school. What's your ring in life, then what are you. Led the viz, the the rest of your, maybe seventy more years of life. Probably He at least seventy more years. Seventy, In twenty five well from colleges, between twenty one from red twenty twenty five is in your nineties, Those of you who are twenty today can easily expect to live. Probably in ninety s and one hundred s You can do you rushed over seventy five. Eighty year didn't There were not a graduate school, get another degree think about it.
but when I speak to kids, who have a religious essence, they don't they marks, with different drummer. Some of them get great raids, it's done I don't have against against great grades. I have something against living for great great. We substitute sorta Of what I call force gods, when we don't have one God, Anyway, that's one consequence of your being raised in the most, the secular, generation in the history of the world of any society that we have ever known, There's the moral issue, people ass people can't stand my video people love it and can't stand that I mean I can obviously millions love it, but my if, if there is, no God is murder wrong. You should all watch it because- It's unassailably accurate, accurate. It's not a matter of opinion, maybe a opinion, whether there is a god, but it's not opinion that if God is. Not there to say. Murder is wrong, it's just an opinion
I think murder is wrong. You think murder is right or I think murder is right. So people knocked me. You can watch this on the internet. So many mentioned so many videos, even against my video, at the prey The EU side and they say while so what Prager would kill, if worn for God, what kind of guy is he so they market the think it's absurd. Well, let me tell you something, would murder if there were no God. I was raised to believe: How terrible murder is, however, I'll tell you a few areas where it does matter. I had like most people. I had a rocky period with my parents when I was young since very common, but because I believe that God said Otto, your father and mother, that it's in the ten commandments I did either at the Rockies Times with relations. My parents. where we might have been emotionally adrift? But I.
ever dishonored them. I never disrespected them. and the reason was God. Yes, because it says honor, your father and mother, and I think God is behind that. That's a big deal. People can give any number of reasons I asked the guy I'll. Never forget. I asked a guy when I was. I got married first when I was thirty two, so in my twenties I would ask married people Privately so many questions about marriage, because I knew I didn't know anything about marriage and anyway,. I asked her friend of mine when I was your brow. I would say. I would say I was thirty. Twenty. I'm thirty he was about the forty This is about ten years older than I saw. Oh, I said I said Babo column Bob. He might be Bob. You might not be Bob anyway
problem. You I want you and I are very open with each other. I want to ask you something. whoever cheat on your wife. I'll never forget his answer. Guy to completely irreligious guy. and I was just curious what he would say how he would answer me. Question. He said you know Dennis it's interesting. You should ask. as you know, I I I never pray an agnostic. I have no religious affiliation, But believe it or not, I have never committed adult. Three- and you know why believe roma- and he was almost embarrassed to say, precise, actually think that God said do not commit adultery. I actually, I think there may be a God who demands that we not commit adult.
make perfect sense now, you'll say all I don't need a got to tell me not to cheat on my wife for my husband or really when, when things are rocky in a marriage in there's somebody extremely attractive who who was attracted to you, let me tell you something: it's damn helpful to believe That's the God in the universe, told you not to do something. I mean that's, that's real life. Ok, that's not make believe, notion all you know, I could do it without. Yes, there are people who do it without. I understand that there were good atheists. I was. I always acknowledge that there are bad religious people. They were good atheists but nevertheless, the The addition of having a god, who tells you how to add it to be a good person, is immense in one's life, so I think that'll
I think about that a lot. I give you one more example again from the ten commandments, and you know, can I have my book I just like to mention it. This is coming out. This is the I'm going to show it. This is the hardest thing. Is the second I was writing my book think and nothing. Second, the still the best hope about American. met values, left wing values and islamist values, and I hope you read it, but this is the work of my life teaching the first five books of the Bible, known as the Torah all of my life from the Hebrew and making sense of it, so that people understand it'll, give them a better life. So this is coming out in two weeks, its gorgeously.
And is this correct? Is it up nicely and it's called the rational Bible, because I only use reason. I never asked people to take anything on faith. I have never promoted a book like this and believe me, nobody commentary on commentary on the Bible to get rich. I wrote this because I think it's so necessary. The Bible was the most important book in american history and an can't deny that link Lincoln, kept. It Lincoln didn't go to church but kept it on his nightstand. Read it every day for every night. We lost that. Why is it the wisest book on earth anyway? There national Bible. I really hope you'll get it, you can pre it at Amazon. Casco is even going to make it available. I'm very happy to say.
So I'll give you one more example: one of the commandments is keep the Sabbath day. Keep the Sabbath day wholly. That's really dead, the concept of the Sab, in America, and the west is totally dead Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday Saturday. The same thing, that's just repeat: every: do you know that that there's nothing there's no holy time, so to speak, so I have had. I had the Sabbath Friday night meals and Judaism, sabbaths thoughts of Friday night and entered Saturday night, and I have had a Friday night meal and a shadowy meal with people Out my home or at their home my whole life. I don't work, I don't broadcast on the Sabbath, I don't even we, the newspaper, that's my work. I leave the world for a day and it has. It has saved my.
It is a source of incredible pleasure and meaning. Saturday afternoons. I have had Sabbath lunch in lunch on the Sabbath, with Sabbath with the same couples for about twenty five years. We are truly like family. If we didn't think it was in the ten commandments, you think we get together every single week. We always find reason to be busy. I'm a busy guy. There people to believing that God wants you to do x or y or z that that's deal in your life so anyway, I just thought I'd open up today. Today's fire, slide chat with that. I may be one of the only talk show host people in need of the secular media, who does push religion like this Because I know the consequences of the death of God, they ain't good. What happened in Europe when Christine
he died. We got nazism and communism. God doesn't die easily or peacefully it out. time for your questions on anything and should probably pressure button. Ok problem is. I need the owner. which I can it up while we're looking for the owner, you did it you're, not even the owner, a pay, her ok. So I h, U Y, how would that be pronounced high? You know, isn't it an asian name, so all right be whatever it is? I seventy
years, old, Melbourne, Australia, Prager Force hi Dennis I've been struggling. I wish I have met you, Hi Dennis have been struggling with a moral dilemma, Buddhists and recent that's, a missionaries that are willing to help me converter really want to convert. But the problem is my family's also Buddhists, and they don't want me to convert. What do you think I should do This is a this is a very heavy duty question and it applies to any body convoy. From the religion of their family- and I I Let me say at the outset I completely sympathise with the feelings and emotions of your family. and there is no easy answer what what what ever this is but- there is a guideline since, after all, you gonna be converting to a religion that holds the ten commandments as divine, You got it, you ve got your parents there's no, the risk that says are your father and mother. Only
So the same religion is you, you your father and mother, if they're atheist in if their Buddhist, if their Shinto, if there Muslim, whatever they are, that that's it's just the way it is so, for example, you, u partake, I think you should still partake. wherever possible in the rituals with your parents, oh, that you show I'm not leaving you, I'm accepting something else, but I'm I'm not really leaving you and perhaps that could be of some in in in your conversion experience. I hope that helps Jackson for team Winchester Kentucky did by justice.
You the other day how come we don't get questions from Winchester. I'm really happy to hear from you Jackson. What's the most impactful thing, young people can do in today's society to improve the world? Oh boy, how are you I have so many answers? The most important thing you can do is develop yourself into a good person. That's the most important you can do see. The left has taught people that from the earliest age, the most important is to be out there demonstrating for some great cause. No in Amerika good Country, America, we really dont need massive demonstrations. We need the we and every other country in the world needs more than anything else, Are you ready good people that woman good good societies composed of good people. So
Making yourself into a good person developing your character on your wisdom. Wisdom is key. You you can't be good without wisdom. You can want to be good, but without wisdom it won't work. So that's that's what I would say next Danny twenty five at damn that Amsterdam, HOLLAND rate. Rigour force in Amsterdam love to meet you. What should be done? see this true beauty in a woman. Ok! Well, first of all,. I'm gonna give you an answer. You don't expect and its if it's it's an important answers, I ve been talking to young many young women, my whole life, since I was a young man. And this issue was come up along, so, let's begin with True beauty is the same in men and women.
true? Beauty is a beautiful person. If I say someone is a beautiful person, you don't think looks you think character correct. So that's clear, however, and this is a painful however, but I would be of no use to you if I only told you things at all and painful. since the human being is physical. Fish core matters as well? I remember when I, when I spoke, I directed a religious retreat centre, might lay twenties and early thirties. Shall I had kids. College kids were little younger than me actually come for a month at a time and study in this case Judaism, but I spoke about a lot of things, happiness, meaning sex, a lot of things
I remember you, young women would say to me because they felt total. Frida, ask me anything just as you do, and am I've always welcome that. They so that she would say well if a man really loves me here care. How I look He will only see my heart, he will see what a beautiful hard I have- and I said that only true in Heaven we're we're, Spiritual beings perhaps, but so these were physical beings, the physical matters and it it's not fair, but its. It would be. Doubly unfair. If I do deluded you into thinking it doesn't matter, it does matter so all matters it's like saying. If a man were to say It doesn't matter. If I, if I have a job. What matters is shall see what a good heart I have, but that's not true on earth. A woman cares. Most women do care if
thirty you're living with your parents and not working and in playing video games? Even if you have the car, this hard in the world, not perfect analogy, but it's a valid one. So everything matters but true beauty is character. I fully acknowledge that in either sex but the physical matters as long as we have eyeballs anyway,. Morgan, twenty one Boca Raton Florida boy do, I know Boca Raton well trigger. Forces well what books you hobby, recommend young adults read for pleasure. Listen! If it's for pleasure, you choose, I can tell you the books to read for wisdom, but like ITALY, the bookstore for pleasure. You know I'm the wrong guy to ask because I really don't get into popular novels and- and I'm not saying that's good thing about me just don't. I never did.
Right now, I'm reading a nine hundred page book actually listening to it. A nine hundred page book that was just just came out Erasmus and Luther am mesmerized by this book, and it gives me great pleasure because it deals with the right issues of life, and I love them. But that's my pleasure. Another person It's not gonna get so much pleasure from that book. They may read it, but they may be because they feel they need to sew it. That's your choice. I I think- that the pursuit of wisdom is pleasurable. at once. You start, I know you will agree with me. The trick is to is to start, You start feeling I think it's like a hunger, I think, is a built in hunger and most people for wisdom, but they don't know it. They know
hunger for for pizza, and they know they have hunger for sex and they know they have hunger for other pleasures, but I dont know if they feel they wreck. Is that there was a hunger for that as well or twenty one by the way, if you over twenty five you are allowed to send in a question just with just letting you know I mean I'm thrilled with this, but I just want those of you over twenty five to know that Veronica twenty one Palmdale California. How should a person determine if the choices that are making a morally right or wrong during times when making that distinction might be difficult? Here is my here is a guideline that is, that is now religious here is a non religious guideline on determining whether what gonna do was right or wrong or doing already, and that is ask if everybody did it
Would it with the world be better or worse, so, for example, I'll give you an example of something that I find awful people. Will go into a store. and they take the I'll? Take a female example. Woman wants a dress for for Saturday, night event or fair, or Day or whatever might be and she sees what she really likes. She caught on called buys it at the store where's it Saturday night and returns it on Monday or even Sunday. Now that's wrong. I think it's it's actually stealing your stealing from the department store, even though you say well, I returned the item, but you really are stealing and of way to realize that what, if everybody did that? What if every woman who wanted to address for a special event,
the dress for a day or two for the special event and then return and the saying all it doesn't fit. I don't like it the material materialism comfortable or whatever so good, example: ask that question what if everybody did it see. If everybody smoked a cigar, the world would be a better place. By the way parliament believes that I know I know that sounds bizarre and by the way forward. Record. I don't say that about cigarettes, because cigarettes are inhaled and this is not but that's another subject which I think I might even talk about one time anyway, I'm largely kidding about the cigar, but not entirely Noah twenty one Tuscaloosa Alabama, I was in Tuscaloosa Liver, forget when the great, legendary Alabama coach Bear Bryant was having a football clinic and I couldn't get into any hotel in Tuscaloosa because it was. I was in my twenty s. I was driving through the sand.
And I couldn't get into any hotel in Tuscaloosa because Bear Bryant was having a football clinic And I ended up sleeping in Utah Alabama which, if in Tuscany so you probably know Eutaw, and up sleeping in a room above the city jail, that was the closest room I could find Dennis. You have spoken against contemporary music. That is a total or even experimental. You say that is a product of the left, one You feel so negatively about music from compulsive and broken vagrant. What makes it so terrible wow Noah, twenty one? Congratulations, for even knowing an vapor and Schoenberg. the young Schoenberg, and so did vapor. They wrote some accessible, beautiful music they're, not the best examples. I know
they did a tonality. I agree with and Bernstein about nothing, he is the greatest he was the the greatest of classical music. When I was a kid in America, he was the conductor of the New York Philharmonic very. Famous classical musician and he was a man of the left and I didn't like a lot of his views. but on this issue we will he. He said a tunnel music lays an oxymoron, it's a self contradictory frame. And I agree with that and by the way the proof is most the van. Majority of people of classical music, don't like this music, because it doesn't talk to their heart. Music can only talk to your brain. Music has to talk to your heart, to your emotions,
this. Does anybody cry at the end of an a total peace while sometimes I have cried at the end of a total pieces to be, somebody would spend their time playing it, but I mean seriously get the chills from from. You know: electronic music, I'm talking about all the classic Electronic or or the atonal music of of some of these guys. It's like a substitute for four pack You know I tear up sometimes at the end of Beethoven's ninth, do you you tear up the in the end of a total music. I would love to know if there's no capacity to make you tear up or get chills, then its music is not speaking to your heart and it has to speak to your heart. I think to your mind as well, while love classical it speaks to both, but it has to taught speak to your heart.
Ten with two ends that correct fifty eight, an elder statesman. In Arizona, lighthouses or special to me. That makes one of us I'm just ribbing. You I used to collect lighthouse figurines, like the one I've seen behind you in many firesides. Is that right? oh, not lighthouse, just figurines! Yes, these are animals from all over the world. We have a lighthouse physic. it's my own house and I don't know I have a figurine of a lighthouse. That's pathetic! Thank God. My wife is in here she'd be laughing herself silly is there any significance of the one that you display in your bookcase? I guess I answered that already didn't I I feel a little silly was the first logo Prager you. it was the first logo of trigger you, a lighthouse. No I'm kidding when I said makes one of us. I was just the ribbing, you lighthouse,
A very romantic type of building, there's no question: the very edge of the land, a beacon in the darkness. I get it so I don't know is that is that, because of Prager use original logo, is it like it? I don't know why we have it. Thank you for. about me about my own study. Little sad last question, James in London. What is Europe? on pre premarital sex and its impact on this generation boy should amended with the lighthouse, I got a light up for that. One Okay, I'll tell you, are you ready? I don't know if this will. I think that my answer will please no almost nobody. But this is this is what I believe you asked me so I'll tell you. I
I think that having no sexual experience before marriage is is is generally unwise, but I believe that saving intercourse for marriage is a good thing. So I believe, in other words, to many people. Or who have done nothing. Sexual, prior to marriage. Have then Found out that they're not compatible with their spouse sexually and that's part of marriage, I'm sorry it is, and if you haven't you haven't kissed, somebody or- or I don't know, is the word to make. How does that used anymore? Yeah yeah never made out. I Now. Let me say quickly I know religious Christians and Jews who have never done any of that they have many of them of wonderful marriages and God bless them.
My own parents, who were orthodox Jews, they they dated four four year: until they married, and then they were married for sixty nine years. My parents were eight quintessential love affair and both religious people my father, who was extremely open about sexual matters, which is why I am. I got that trade from him. May he rest in peace? Has he just now which part of life. Why shouldn't be talked about is nothing to hide God made, it is to be talked about, and he he told them. My brother brother remained at the two children he had, but my parents had said, your mom and I did everything except that that was the way he put it, and I bought that.
I bought that and I'm not seeing everything yield decide on religious grounds what you choose, but they they didn't do nothing that's clear at, but I do believe That intercourse should be regarded as very special and it is very special. the way. You know what a special in life she's really important. What special in life, is what you deem special. Nothing is inherently special if you make it special, it is special if you make it another night, another night to have intercourse another hook up. Then it becomes less special up firstly for men, I'm for women just that system, of anything any common. special are
Somewhat mutually exclusive, so I think that that- with the right persons or person out of persons at one time but Persons or person that something, be done. I can't tell people, don't do anything. I can't I can't do it with a straight face if you're, religious scruple say, do nothing. I respect that, but am not saying that I know too many cases where the compatibility in that arena came a peep, call my show. I have a male female hour on my radio show You can hear my radio show either on your M dial a moment and in most of the cities of the country or you can just go to the Prager APP or you could get Prager Toby You could download my show for five dollars a month. I know waste I'm selling, I don't care, but I got to tell you it's not free at Prager top
yeah and you can get all the shows and get him everyone would no commercial seal could listen very quickly, as it were, anyway, one of my hours every week is the male female hour and you're Idea you don't especially those of you who are young. I know I can I beat that so many people how many people have sexual problems in their marriage. And I asked them well- did you know about This beforehand know well have been better if they did no beforehand. That's that's one argument in that favour, but again I do think into courses is, is a special. If you, if that's the only way you can attain sexual pleasure, is to win the you, Very unimaginative sexual being there is great joy to be have in many ways
so that's my answer in that. In that regard and as I said, I am sure that a lot of people are not happy with it, and I just ask your forgiveness, but I never gonna say something that I don't believe all right. What have I forgotten? Anything? Ok,. So are we on next week? Am I in town. What a rarity rate ay. from this full, a lifeline in from Australia imagined next week when I'll be rested, Actually, God gave me a lot of stamina and I'm very grateful for. so, thanks for watching and watch our prayer, you videos, needless to say, and help fund us, because everything is free and the more funds we have
The more were likely to change lives, Cosette, sort, we're trying to do thanks for watching. I'm Dennis Prager
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