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Fireside Chat Ep. 3 - Trump, Executive Orders And Happiness

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Join Dennis Prager from his home study for another Fireside Chat! He discusses President Donald J. Trump, the use of executive orders, The March for Life---and happiness! Recorded on Jan. 26, 2017.
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I everybody welcome to my home, Dennis Prager here for my weekly fireside chats where much rusty dogs are they here? No well just trust me. We have trusty dogs and a trusty cigar life is good. Life is good if you make it good, takes a lot of effort, His luck is no question. There was luck by the way. I don't know. A lot of you may know me for my views on political matters, social matters and so on, but I have just as many views and just as much work that I've done on what I call micro issues. Personal issues of a book on happiness, for example, got a number Prageru videos on happiness and they're related they're, related politics and happy
are very, very related. I have a model one of my many models. The happy make the world better and the unhappy make it worse and that's true, you think the people who join evil movements are happy. How does the powder the? How does the combination of words happy? Nazi sound, happy, commune, happy. Isis member. You see a nice member smile, I haven't, These are profoundly miserable human beings. But it's true. Even in America, we're not talking about Nazis, Communists or ISIS terrorists, it's true everywhere.
There was a piece I think it was in the New York Times. In fact, just this past week about how much more happy republican women are than democratic women, and why is that so very important subject? Why are conservatives happier than liberals and the further left you go, the less happy, the human being? Why is tat? Well, here is my theory. Every body, not not everybody. There are few people who walk between the winged raindrops. Ninety eight percent of humanity has real challenges in life: loved ones who die illness, financial problems,
marital problems, children problems- I mean it's just its endless life- is a challenge. So, if you're unhappy, you really have two choices. Let's talk about America in America. If you're unhappy, you have two choices, one, it is, you can say, I am unhappy because life is just inherently challenging and difficult. And I am going to make the best of it and conquer these difficulties, and I'm gonna March on smiling that's one possibility. The other is to say I am unhappy and America is the reason I guess which one is right, wing and guess which one is left wing. The further left. You go. The more people blame America for their unhappiness. The people who take over guy president
and beans offices on colleges. These are not happy people. These are miserable people who blew in Amerika for their misery every body- has some misery. But again you have your choice. Is: is it miserable because life has inherent misery or because America is racist sexes into full, become a because I'm a phobia bigoted. That's your choice and the immature blame wonderful society for their misery and mature understood and that that is, misery is inherent to life, and that's the reason that republican women and men for that matter are happier than democrat women and men and the further left you though the more unhappiness, misery and blame you have. This is unbelievably important and it is almost one hundred percent
accurate there are always exceptions individually, but this is overwhelmingly the case. So the micro and the macro are really attached in that way, and happiness is a huge fact Another time when I talk to you I'll talk to you about another huge factor that people don't talk about much boredom boredom as the mother of EVIL, but that's another time Joe time to take some questions, comments, etc, bravely on Facebook. I broadly hey doing you're looking good. Dennis. What are your thoughts on from supporting the Keystone in Dakota pipelines? I have not understood the opposition to either pipeline accept. Emanating from some sort of rabbit environmentalism, most native, a mirror, Hence american Indians, don't care about the Dakota Pipeline, the It was not an issue by the way
I give you one example. Remember the hysteria, because all left wing causes enter this the realm of hysteria, there's no exception, but the hysteria over the Washington Redskins name, I mean you're all old enough to remember that? Does it it's just been in the last few years, Washington Post New York Times? They couldn't believe if that the owner of the washing Redskins would keep such a racist named the racist redskin there are. There are sports reporters. Who wouldn't, who would say only the Washington Football team. They wouldn't even say watching the Redskins turns out there. The Washington Post, to its credit, have to say, did a very, very complex and involve pole of American Indians,
And that overwhelmingly they could not care less about the name Redskins the left fermenting its usual anger, because their rang report, because they're angry people and their usually not there are terribly deep. They take on causes, that are meaningless, like the term Redskins anyway, the pipelines are terrific, Carolyn on Facebook asks Dennis. Should we be turn the president trying to undo so much bombers legacy through executive action set of through Congress. First of all these undoing the executive actions he's not undo congressional actions of Obama. So that's that's. That's the way you do it. If the, if the Ex president overstepped its bounds. All he's doing President Trump is undue those executive actions, there's no other it do it in any of it
Wouldn't it be easy for the next democratic president under, but your president's progenitor being done so for the executive board is he's only do through executive orders. What president Obama did through executive orders- and it was a terrible terrible precedent that President Obama said. In doing so much through presidential executive orders, so all that done tromp is doing, is not new things with executive orders but undoing the executive orders that preceded him, Jan on Facebook, Dennis. Do you want the Republicans? the past term limits on Congress. Do you think Trump would do it return limits there, Very, I think there are very few examples of somebody, in very many years in Congress that its benefited the country there are. There are examples, but by and large it's not a healthy thing. Elisa on Facebook, Dennis with the more for life, I am cure, What are your thoughts on abortion? I did a whole
video on abortion for Prager University, and I think that that would be the best thing the best way for you to understand my views. It's all there. Five minutes, the the videos on Prager you so take a look. Got it but in a nutshell, not the five minutes I'm. So this is a nutshell of a nutshell. Sort of like one of those, sure dolls keep taking them out and finally, getting littlest one but I would say, I dont understand the moral argument that that a human fetus, I would even say on unborn, I won't even say unborn babies. I'll just say the human foetus are used, the left's language. I dont understand that any moral idea, is dependent upon, one person's belief, the mother,
I dont understand that it is no precedent. There's no parallel. Does no analog to this it is. Finally precious if the mother wants it and it is complete, Lee worthless? If them doesn't want it Does it make any sense? This no there's, no moral basis. You will have to be a believer. On the rational, secular grounds, it makes no sense. Why not with the born that's day, they did that through much of history. If the parents, though tat, the child was worth keeping them think they kept it alive, but if the child was born in infer the Greeks who, with the fathers of. Rationality, said, exposed I'll die dye, it's a big pain to have a child who was born with any deformity or infirmity.
So I just don't get. I don't get the moral login. I'm not even talking forget pro choice, not pro choice, I'm talking legality on moral grounds. I don't get the left wing position, there is no. The basis for it, if mother says I want if there you kill it. You go the prison for murder if she says I dont want to give birth to non issue? Why what does she- God. I dont get it. The nor cynicism is breathtaking. Sam hi SAM on Facebook asks Dennis I'm a high school student. In my: U S, history class, my teachers most of my classmates left. This how rare they think that George Toby Bush, lied about WMD interact and that the only reason we went was to steal oil. How can I respond to them the video on that through by the way, but just then not shell, so
did Tony Blair veal labour that is left wing. Prime Minister of Britain did. He lie as well. Did almost every intelligence agency also lie in the almost every intelligence agency, not in the United States alone, but in in Europe. There Lying the people who say that George W Bush lied are lying it's at, but but ask them mentioned mentioned the british Prime Minister and the end of the year or all of these intelligence agencies. Linda on Facebook Danish, when and how did you become conservative now, let's worthy that's worthy of a long answer, but I'll try to give you another brief one: so here's the story- I was born.
In New York a Jew and went to Colombia, oh ah, a triple header for liberalism. In fact, on birth began gender Male Party Democrat in fact didn't even have to fill. It was just assume that if you are in New York, do you are a liberal and democratic and they were, right. I was a liberal from the Democrat by the way was never leftist. I also new. The left is morally loathsome because they didn't fight communism, the greatest evil of the post nazi. So I knew that the left, morally unsustainable and must be fought but liberalism fought leftism Liberalism Fort Communism, John F Kennedy Harry Truman, these these, these people- understood communism is the evil of our they re. John. If Kennedys Democrat Liberal reading,
inaugural address nineteen sixty one, how America has to fight these evils and fight these he's referring to communism, but then The left took over took over the name liberal and they they sullied. The word liberal. I have nothing against liberals. I have everything, gets leftists and so I was never left. But I was liberal and I was democratic until Ronald Reagan and then Ronald Reagan? Explore in one sentence or two sentences. How domestically the left, or even liberalism in that regard, was a problem when he said government is not the solution, it is the problem and everything clicked from that, because the more the more power the government has, the more you undo, the American Revolution, the only
Revolution in history, the only country in history to be founded on the idea that you limit government was the United States of America. The left is literally undoing the american revolution. With its ever expanding State Power meter on Facebook, as Dennis my daughter is in school and she was taught that the founders warned great men but were racist because they owned slaves. This type of revisionist left wing history is the north right American High School's. How can we fix this the right. Now it's pretty much on fixable. I would take my daughter out of the school I I believe that only the school choice Where will have Start Trotter schools that will actually teach moral clarity or homes willing, or the only answers right now most of our schools and certainly virtually every one of us universities is immoral, wasteland the notion they were.
They were unbelievably great men who were flawed in having slaves, but here this is the big then you must understand. Immaturity of thought- is a is a characteristic of the left. What they do is they. They compare people of the past to people today, instead of comparing people of the past with other people of their generation, that That is what you have to do. Everybody had slaves in in in in human history. Everybody did we have you, hear our dog on the you wanna put piano my lab. Maybe he'll get a little we have a new. We have a new dog here. We ve adopted pushes his dad of many years passed away, so we have taken him in penal meat meat meat, the audience
good good boy and he gets along with the other two who were here very well, it's very it's very nice just look a little silly with peanuts. Next to me, where it is defined, can you give a dog a cigar? Is that considered? Will I be? Will I be arrested by the ace pc, ay or visa? Ok, I guess you can to me very nice, good boy. So where was I oh? Yes, you compare people. In their day, hey Waterfall hundred years from now everybody's vegetarian will every good version of outward they be regarded as evil because we ate meet. Why not That may very well happen that everyone is a vegetarian. In a hundred years you up slavery was ubiquitous. It was Universal Africa, tat slavery. In tat slavery, American Indians had slaves, Islam, had massive numbers of slaves. In fact, the word for black is the same
The word for slave in Arabic, its, but this is never taught we we act like Americans. Were you make in this way it was. It was universal slavery. So the question that mature people asked is not who had slaves who abolished slavery and that my friends was a judeo christian invention of the western world, the abolition of slavery, and we lost a lot of lives in this country. To get rid of slavery, because I dont understand anyone who denies a fundamental truth. The civil war was fought because of slavery and it's very easily proven three southern states acceded and they issued a statement of session and the statement always free single one of the southern states. That seceded said it is because of slavery.
Last question Dallas on Facebook asked, Why is there such a political divide between Americans who live in cities and Americans who live in rural areas? oh I'm so afraid to tell you what I really think on this one. I'm not a city fan it's, the anonymity of cities doesn't make people better was reading what was it? I was just reading this book as it does
oh God, Guy wrote about his, not hillbilly. Yes, what is it called hillbilly elegy on reading that book, so he he, he describes how he grew up in this very small town and when ever a hearse brought a dead body through to the funeral home people would stand up and Just honour the person, even if they didn't know the person, can you imagine that happening in New York or allay or any big city it just doesn't the here now. There were many wonderful things about big cities. Obviously, if you, if you love concerts like I do you you look at it, you know you're, not gonna have the symphony orchestra in in a rural town. I understand that there are. There are good things that come from big cities,
but there is an anonymity that produces less concern, this more volunteering for the poor and for the sick in rural areas than in urban areas. Air urban people think that superior to rural people, but I dont know on what grounds they make that claim to volunteer more time for the poor. Do they give more charity? They volunteer more time for the sick. They stand up for horses that are passing by their more patriotic. They. They love the country in that way. More of an most urban people who think of. Themselves as world citizens much more than american citizens, its Asia. It is a real problem: the earth, the urbanization of society, its
understandable one cuz. They were so many benefits to urban life and it is more exciting if excitement is what you're pursuing- and I understand that it's an issue. It's a very interesting issue anyway. Next time we'll talk about more time, then Prager visit, pray, university, videos, listen to my radio, show it's all over America on the internet and thank you for being with me. So from my home. By for now
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