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Fireside Chat Ep. 30 - Ideals V. Reality

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In case you missed our recent Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager: Watch as he talks about the coffee cancer scare, second-hand smoke, and ideals vs. reality. Recorded on Apr. 13, 2018.
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Hi hi, I'm Dennis Prager. Welcome to my home, my fire, I seat my study great to be with you completely unscripted, totally spontaneous that's. Why? Sometimes it sounds truly inelegant like last week. But what are you going to do? We? Don't we don't the change it or rented it? We just listen to you what happens here and thank you for being with me. It's just a chance to talk to you. Take your questions get to know each other better and it's been. The reception has been very moving to me. How many people watch this each week, maybe cuz. You know why you know what the appeal is. If and I'm not bragging here by it's, not my style. It's real people like the real and I like real
that's. That's all! That's a big factor in what appeals to me. That's why you know I'll give you an example of what is not real and I I I I so dislike it. I can't watch. Of the sitcoms on american television. You guys know what I'm referring here. What's not real about american sitcoms, that's right, the aftershock, I'm so aware that it's just a recording that somebody's doing with a button, a knob and then looked lorry that I have no joy if there is a real audience and at last fine, if there's no laughter it it's if it's fun, a laugh anyway, I'm not laughing because they're laughing Levin cause it's funny. So I just don't like that stuff. I don't like the fake so this is really real. I try to be real so today I want to talk to you about a subject.
Dear to my heart, and that is people freaking out about health scares. And I have watched this my whole life and I'm telling you people are gonna, die from bright more than they gonna die from what they're afraid of their things, I'm afraid I'm but they're they're, very different so I'll give you an example. The latest example a judge just ruled in California that all those who sell coffee like Starbucks, half do now, amounts have to have announcements. Written announcements are signs that coffee can cause cancer. Why? What is it called? Act? Relied acrylic, I'd Thank you. Krill, allied apparently in the hearing process is something is this and if you give
alpha krill am I to a mouse. You know it's: it dies of overweight, I'm kidding it, it just dies, but if you give enough anything to make him enough water do a mouse it'll by its first of all a coffee, and I'm I'm not a coffee nothin like coffee, but it's my mom crazy, crazy about likes. Many are, and I have no wish you. People are crazy about it, my wife's crazy about it and then she's very healthy, and she loves it straight. I've no issue with it and be a coup. A cruel mind is a car. Finnegan, despite the fact that coffee in you look this up you'll be, Maize. I would have been amazed at how healthy coffee really is for you that, like three cops a day is actually good for you that its actual
Lee and anti cancer and and and good for blood vessels and good for a whole host of things for you, it turns out that that is the case. Why am I raising? This? Is my opening issue before I take your questions, because I've lived through the all of my life, all of He scares the biggest the more famous one is Is is very fraudulent, second hand smoke, which ninety nine which ninety nine percent of you believe kills people. Ok, we're told every year it kills fifty thousand Americans. Its nonsense is complete nonsense. If you're stuck in a room five by five or ten by ten with it, person, smoking, cigarettes or- they day long an you sleep with that person, while their smoking.
And this takes place for about fifty years. I believe it could have an adverse effect. Just like enough krill am I in a mouse but beyond that, I dont. If somebody were to say it's bad. If you have asthma and you are in a room, a small room with smoke. I totally agree with that. I'm not saying that it no adverse effects, think doesn't kill. Or kill so rarely and on the such extreme ex circumstances. It's not true why was developed, secondhand smoke I'll, tell you why we re. The Crusaders against smoking and especially Cigarettes and cigarettes a dangerous. I truth is truth. I have no problem with science or truth. I've science. I problem with hysteria not with science.
Show they realise that telling people that cigarettes can kill. You was not doing enough to stop a lot of people. Smoking cigarettes, So then there came a brilliantly with a new thing. Ah you're, not killing. You you're killing people around you, that's what changed the entire anti smoking crusade. Then people said off If somebody wants to kill himself, that's their business, but if they're gonna kill me, that's my business. That's why the second hand smoke thing became so big to get people to stop smoking through what turns out to be largely untrue about it being This fatal thing you should read the British Medical Association and others about second hand smoke and you realize that this is wildly exaggerated, but we get it all the time. This is dangerous, that's dangerous. We have a pretty university video the door.
Skin assay scanners, he gives a brilliant video left. What is it like? Kids, be kids, let kids be kids and I couldn't believe it when I, when I first read her script, what doctors, doctors, unfortunately are some of the biggest hysterics and I know why I'll explain it in a moment is very interesting thing. I've analyzed it why doctors are somewhat hysterical, so the. There were doctors who were saying: don't let your kids walk barefoot in the sand on the beach. Give me a break. Give me a break, got to be nuts, not to let your kids walk, barefoot on the on the beach.
Part of being a kid. Don't build sand castles, don't dig holes, don't bury your friend! I don't mean fully combine. That's what what are you gonna do on the beach? watch the waves come in. Of course you play in the sand. That's that's half the point. We play Frisbie football on the sand or whatever you doing dont. What barefoot. I remember I mean, do you but diving boards have been banned in California, homes that have swimming pools so many years ago, because some people have dived into a swimming pools that didn't have water and they
and they kill themselves or got paralyzed or brain concussion, there are people in America who want to live a life with no risks. But you know what happens with the life with no risks. You have very few joys. I dont believe in silly recycling. Bungee jumping item intend to climb Everest where I see a lot of the ten percent on and what percentage is actually die. I mean it's, it's very very risky think decline Mouth Everest, but I mean I'm so enough for banning it, but it's not something, even if I could do that. I would but all my people do what they do it, but life life should have a lot of joy in it, and then this is one of the Joyce for kids to walk in sand. Coffee is one of the joys of life for people who, like coffee, because by
get it. You gonna. Have these announcements. You know California. If you fill up your car, it's hilarious. You got a red most people ignore, thank God, but there is, a long list of people who should be filling their car with gasket, because the fumes of gas could kill you In unbelievable, when I think about it or how Does, oh, my god this is, I know it's going to turn off some of you and I I don't mean to turn you off, but I got to be honest. I have. I am totally support. If you want to breastfeed your children, God bless you. If it's bonding and God bless you, it's a non issue to me, but the the the anger and women who give their kids a bottle. I mean it's anger like you've engaged in some form of child abuse. I was a bottle fed and I am healthy. I've been here see my whole life. I'm six feel they say that kids with were breast
bed are smarter. Maybe I I ve, been smarter, but I'm ok the level of intelligence that God gave me right now and a bottle. Not sure I got stupider. My brother was bottle, Families, a professor of medicine, at Columbia, University, I think he's been, I think, he's been ok, intellectually, I mean this stuff is just unbelievable. The scare tactics that people use on things that are nothing when I think about my life, my parents, both smoked Nobody died of second hand smoke. My my mother smoked when she was pregnant with me. She drank when she was pregnant with me, I am not advocating you do so do whatever you want, but I'm telling it is amazing when I think that my mother would it would send, when I was a kid to go to what we called in New York, where I grew up candy store Dennis. Could you get? It the candy stored and pick pick up a pack of cigarettes. For me I was like eight
years old and they saw me cigarettes, Does it didn't matter in those days? Nobody thought I was gonna smoke, the pack, how many you're all to smoking packs of cigarettes and if they are the prom It was not the sales person. The problem is the upbringing of the kid I can groping, the world. She shows we had seesaw as we had diving boards. We had monkey bars me. These things are unknown to a lot of kids. Today, what's wrong with the sea saw somebody fell off. The sea. So, of course, but he's gonna fall opposition. That's what happens on occasion. It's not it's not good, this stuff, And it comes from a an immature our view of life that
somehow we can make it risk free, but it comes with a price risk. Free, it's joy, free it spontaneity free. So that's that's what I think about what I think it a judge rules, you tell people coffees a carcinogen frankly that the more things that are renounces carcinogen, maybe the better. Maybe people will just to now, which is what's gonna happen, because excuse me when something is actually a carcinogen. No one will believe it it's like calling. Everybody? You don't agree with a white supremacist when the real bad white supremacist arise. Nobody will believe it because everybody's already been called a Nazi in NEO Nazi, fascist erases, though this is this. Is the rule? of language through
hysteria, whether its in politics or its in health. It's just it's not healthy, it's not good God! I'll! Never forget you! Gonna drive of never regret, he too we're ok. I was my yeah. I was in my one of my two sons birthday party on remember. I promise I think the younger one so this was a bow with these twenty five, so this about twenty years ago and it was my house- and I was smoking- my pipe smoke a pipe and a cigar and at the acting birthday party, so this five six year old walks over to me, and he goes, MR that's dangerous. You know he said this unified Europe telling me that my sink my pipe is dangerous, like he knows about pipe with north dangerous about pipes, a fuck about doctors. In a moment I promised I would and its import
So I looked at the kid Lego. Hey you see how big and tall I am it's because I smoke a pipe. So, of course, when I tell this their parents who was so horrified that they would like me jailed, I understand that. But I think it's ridiculous. I can imagine going over to an adult when I was five and telling them. You know you're it's dangerous. Now they gonna do that with coffee. Why not? A kids gonna walk over to adults in all, that's dangerous area, drinking coffee, By the way, you think really was right from the beginning. The thing that really bothered me about the anti tobacco, a crusade was that there's no anti alcohol crusade.
Nobody abuses a wife or a child after a cigarette, but overwhelmingly child old and spousal. Abuse are accompanied by alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse has ruined families, gay, not cigarettes, not cigar and not pipes our our moral compass is. It is really wacky now why you doctor so hysterical to understand, because they see only sick people. People will go to the doktor when their healthy. They go in there sick, you're right, let's wait works so they see only sick and they. Therefore, for example, doctors have said to me Dennis. You smoke a cigar, you know you could get lip cancer, so I said yes, I am aware of that, but doktor. To be honest,
I've lived a long life, thank God, and I gotta tell you: I have met I've done a lot of people to some public figure cuz. I know other people in a lot of people who know a lot of people. I don't know anyone who got lit cancer, pancreatic, Cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, liver cancer, cancer, breast answer ovarian cancer testicular cancer You name it, but I, ever met, anybody would lip cancer, but they exist of course there are people who have it and receive a tiny number of people who have it so they extrapolate to really dangerous, because that's what they see so that
the reason doctors are, understandably, although not annulled, defended but understandably get hysterical because they see the through the rare cases of all all these things like carcinogens in coffee, so live life enjoy it. Some things are, are truly dangerous and don't bother doing them, but most things that just fine, don't don't get freaked out. Ok, ok time for. When we go press it twice, Dennis your questions, Eric twenty five Detroit Michigan. What is the right for single men to do about dating. When some women fall in line with society's demonization of viewing forms of courtship as sexist thanks in advance? Dennis that's some women fall in line with society's demonization of forms of courtship as sexist. You may like, if you hold the doors
what it is or if you pay for dinners, is that excess? Any woman you date who thinks it sex is to hold a door open. You should thank if you're, eight date with a woman, and she says that sexist. You know. Why should thank her because in one fell swoop. In one moment she has announced to you that you don't want a date her anymore, so you don't have to waste any time it. She has done you a service. Because he's a dummy- and why would you want to data dummy simple men should be men. Women should be women and that's one of the gods blessings to the human species that we come in. Those two varieties, not three varieties, not for varieties just two and to celebrate each. There was a tiny percentage of humanity that has gender this for you, that does not identify with the sex that they are biologically. I wanna embrace these people,
a hug them. I want to give them consolation. It's a tragedy, it's a separate issue, but even they don't deny that there were two sexes. They just think there, the other one, that's two separate issue, but if you're with a woman who says or aren't you don't have to hold a door for me, what do you think I'm weak? Okay, so she has told you that, does she doesn't think clearly? the service in twenty three Sheboygan Wisconsin. I am a devout Christian who, in the past, to struggle with churches, attended churches around me and they only impeded my walk with God. My question is, what are some ways to keep the Sabbath wholly without going to church. Ok number one, the fuck. Sport is not the surely leave it to the second, but I'll answer the second one cause. I don't know all the specifics about the first part: have you keep the Sabbath about going to church?
I I did the ten commandments for Prig University. You should see my the five minute video there all five minutes when I did on the command to keep them job that is by the way that has kept me saying the Sabbath that every week in image Which case at sunset, on Friday till sunset on Saturday ICE in effect leave the world. I don't read newspapers, only the internet news- I don't care, I don't know- what's happened in the world and with fright, whose end or family- and it is just a joy- I dont work. I dont broadcast it's it's lifesaving. The best way. If, if you don't go to church- and I think you should- even if you have troubles- find a place that that
can have lustrous. I have troubles, I got a synagogue every week. I don't find prayer particularly moving, but I find Bible study incredibly moving, so that's the port I go for and I dont pray much others. Love prayer and God bless them. I envy them. I wish I liked it more, but I don't but it doesn't mean I don't go if you have to be. A hundred percent at home in in India religion. Nobody will be in their religion. Very few people are a hundred percent happy or your own agreement with their religion, the only religion, you'll ever be a hundred percent in agreement with is your own. It's like people, Lou All I can vote for this candidate cause. I don't agree with him or her on on this, but the only candidate you'll ever agree with all the time as you so you'll have. One for office. You want invent a new religion. It's a free country go right ahead. I'm not kidding I'm mopping sarcastic at all invent a new religion, but if you'd like to be with other people in,
in in a religion, and you dont fully agree with it. So what I don't fully agree with everything in my religion. So what. Really, by the way, she'll, walk or magic words. Very often it's worth saying so what you happier life and find if, in your case, find a church where you like, the people were you like the pastor or the price and that's just sufficient. She don't agree with everything or not. Everything makes you comfortable so up or found your own even found your own church or much. Looking, not even a new religion, just your own church and do what what you find is meaningful will always find people who will agree with you, And that how do you think new churches are always made its people want to make something that they are more consonant with? That's just fine.
Bravo Utah SAM. Twenty two can children be racist. Actively in single parent, single gender or single parents. Ash single gender homes. Ok, that's two separate questions. Can people be erased, Lena single parent home. Yes, they can use it ideal to have two parents. It is ideal to have a mother and father. That is the idea that doesn't mean other things can't work. That's you see. People are afraid to say that there was an ideal, if it's insulting to those who don't live by the ideal, its ideal to have one marriage and not get divorced. I've gotten divorce. I wish that I had had a happy marriage from the very beginning and only been married once, but I haven't so I didn't live that ideal. That's the way it is understand, but I don't deny the ideal is one marriage that is the ideal. Okay, I m
it doesnt insult me that I didn't live the ideal and it doesnt in so the single parent to say that the ideal is a mother and father. It doesn't insult gay couples to either. The ideal is a mother and father. I am not to deny reality. So that's said: no, bodies, feelings can be hurt. People have to be mature, just as I have on the divorce issue? The ideal is not to get divorced, but some people have to o k its. If it's not good to live in a bad marriage, your whole life, it's not fair to people. We have we, life. It's not fair to either spouse, so I understand it than that. That's that's how I look at some of you. Have religious objections? Twenty divorce. I never debate religion that I respect that, but. Those who do not have that an and Judaism you're allowed to get divorced, so it has not been a religious up. A problem in my life. But it is the ideal, the ideal,
two parents. The ideal is apparent of each sex that doesn't insult anyone else There are, I know, people who were raised by a single mom or a single dad who turned out beautiful, I know and out with it, I'm sure that their kids would sit with the with the same sex, perishable turn up, beautiful and I'm sure their kids. It will turn out troubled. Unarmed life is complex, but my my same sex couples. Friends and relatives acknowledge the ideal. It is to have a mother and father. It's not it's that they're not negating there their own selves by saying that they're just telling the truth, so we should strive for the.
A deal we can't make it. We can't make it, but I'm not gonna, deny ideals so that nobody's feelings are hurt. That's that's a big problem in America, feelings trump. Reality big big problem last question from Jade twenty in London What is your opinion on the birth control pill, birth control and general? Well, my religion allows for it within you know, within marriage, obviously all religions I have problems with premarital intercourse, but the the issue to me forgetting religion. Now the issue is that of the other, that birth control, the birth control pill has obviously enabled a lot of people to have sex without thinking about it in the past and all of human
three people at to think about it. Well, you know- maybe I shouldn't have intercourse with this person, because they, you know, we could get pregnant or she could get pregnant. Obviously and our eye, the woman could get pregnant and that's it that that was a heavy duty thing and now that is another issue. If birth control is used in the vast majority of cases, sometimes there's an old there's a an accident, as it were a lot of people walking around who know their accidents, including for married couple. But otherwise the issue to me is not birth control. The She weighs two people want to marry. The people want to have children. I don't have an issue with birth control. I have an issue with people not wanting to have children. That's a bad sign
marrying that's a bad sign or using abortion as a form of birth control. That's also a bad sign. So that's how I would respond to that. Well, we good guys everybody happy It's been a joy being with you and I guess that's about it for now see a next week from my home, I'm Dennis Prager.
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