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Fireside Chat Ep. 33 - How Important Is The College You Go To?

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis as he discusses how important is college, how important is the college you go to, and whether you should go! Recorded on May 3, 2018.
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Hello, everybody, I'm Dennis Prager and welcome to my home. This is actually my house. It's not a set! Believe me. If we turn the camera around. You would know it's my not to set the books do not have enough place to go. I think I own about six thousand. Books. I you know, I love books, not just the kind I actually love a book and I absence I was in high school, took a repository of hopefully wisdom anyway, just thinking out loud, which is pretty much what I do for he's fireside chats, there's a chance just to have completely. rehearsed and spontaneous interaction and to give you
Idea some of what I saw the thoughts I have on a whole host of subjects, hopefully holding your interest and hear my trusty cigar, which I altered. Eight the cells of smoke, a pipe. I have my doubts, who passed away, maybe six, but I don't think I ever mention this. Do you know what I took a lot lot of people like to have their their debts watch. You know where their their mothers jewelry error or whatever the whatever it is totally understandable, and you know what I took, I took my dad's last five cigars. and I really I treasure them, because I so identify him with cigar smoking. He he smoked a few days
you know and I wouldn't be surprised if, under cause of death, they might have written secondhand smoke, which I hope you understand how hilarious and absurd that would be. He was ninety six. The cause of death was being ninety Six not second hand smoke by the way they asked a guy. This was in the Dallas morning NEWS. I don't remember. If I mentioned this to you and if I did forgive me, and I even tweeted it out. I was so impressed by this one of the oldest. If not the not the oldest man in America is one hundred and eleven believe it is easy to Texas. The veteran of, I think, was you betterment of world war. One, I think so, is that possible hundred give possible. But anyway they asked him as everybody does. You know so want what you seek with the and he said I always give the same answer. God
and cigars, and that's why I tweeted it out, because if he's right I'm gonna be here for a long time. I am into God, as you know, anything. cigars anyway. Welcome to my home, I try to open up with something on my mind and since then something on my mind, that's not hard. but I promise I will talk about this. Karina reminded me bless her soul, even though she's working on a coup that Prager you. Nevertheless, I'll take your word for it anyway. She said that I would tell you some of my thoughts on college, not that colleges have too often, in fact, most of the time.
Changed from places of learning to plead places of indoctrination that that I've spoken about, I want to talk about something else, how important his college- and there are two issues, how important is college and how important is which college? Those are two separate issues so I'll deal with the first one first, how important is college and the answer is it's as important as you make it. Large. If you really learn, if you can really learn things that are not I've indoctrinated, really learn. Then it's over powerful thing: learning is a great thing. There is no question about it, but a lot of people don't learn it. They spent four years. Alternating between being indoctrinated like gender studies,
under studies has become a really an anti intellectual EL. The study by here somebody has a ba, let alone a Phd engender studies, Assume they don't think clearly, willing to go on record, saying that I'm sure that there are a few people who do there's always exceptions in life. There always exceptions. But it's not that it's not a serious feel. I mean anybody who tells you there's more than two genders is not a serious person. Ok, it's just it's funny. It's brought its nonsense drivel. I you know that some people can identify as the opposite sex. It's called gender disoriented, tragic condition. We have the hugged these people love these people, that's a separate issue, but that doesn't deny that there are just two sexes or to genders evil either word you want
Use anyway, so, should you go to college many people should some people shouldn't. But I'll tell you this. If some They apply to work. For me, I don't care if they went to college remote. It has no impact big. All of you who employ stop this Nonsense that you have to have a college degree to work for you now, Obviously, if you are in the natural Sciences or in law, they you you have to ask if they they have a body of knowledge. I understand that clear but for most jobs. What what. is the use of a college education. What no not? What is the use What is the necessity of a college education? Lawyers are a big part of the problem college degree college degree required why I want you have to explain. Why would you require that the person is industrious, honest hard working,
isn't that what you want in somebody who works for you favourably, gay and an you run a beer company. What good is that. I'm not against Ba in theater. I just don't know what that has to do with you running the beer, bottling company and or soda bottling company, and you say college degree required. What for so that the big part of that problem, in fact, I really do believe when I'm about to tell you is: is. probably going to sound odd at first, but I mean it sincerely mini. Most young Americans or young young German. Or young paragons if they watched all Of the over, how many do we now have no over three hundred? How many Prager you videos are we approached, four hundred area, three fifty
Does anybody know, are, I would say three fifty if somebody watched all three hundred and fifty videos watch them a few times there very Their fascinating and fond and entertaining but their debts, they have a lot of things and seven hundred fifty words, which is the average length. And did the readings that accompany those those p will have more wisdom. And in many cases, more knowledge than if they gotta be a college, just want you to understand how I approach that now this second part, is more important because it's not more important. It's equally important, but a lot of people have not thought this through. And that is how important is which college you go to. I know young people,
who are raised from kindergarten, maybe preschool to think of the following: what elementary school will I go to? What high school will I go to? What college will I go to what graduate school will I go to this become The meaning. The goals of their lives. It is a terrible mistake on the part of parents. it's a mistake for a number of reasons. Reason number one is what happens after you graduate your final either be or masters or Phd If your meaning in life has always been get good grades in order to get into a prestigious college high school graduate school, What does your meaning in life afterwards, it's almost as if. You, you look around you. Ok, now what okay, I'm twenty one or twenty five twenty eight! Now what.
it's a terrible way to raise a child, but the great goal of your life is to get into a prestigious. I school College graduate school. because that's not what the meaning of life is about you're supposed to be a good person, make a good family work hard contribute to society. Have friends. Touch people's lives, those goals, not I gotta get into and then and then you name the place. The second reason is the it's. It's it shouldn't be that important which college you gotta do is. Ultimately it's not that important. Let me afterwards restless okay, so let me give you an example from my own life. I have been doing a radio show for almost thirty. five years, it's been national for twenty.
and it was in LOS Angeles. The first fifteen is a very large market. Obviously it's the second largest. They call market listenership in the country, New York areas. First,. And I have been doing talk shows that whole time of people were able to always call in. I ve been asked you, Canada, I've been ass, just about everything, as you can imagine And in my emails- and I have literally over a million emails- I I have never been asked one question: you know what it is. What college did I go to that amazing? Thirty, five years, millions of listeners million emails.
Ten thousand people- I guess I've called into the show and by the way I am hours, were people cold and on anything. But nobody ever asked me. You know why they don't ask they don't care, it doesn't mean a damn thing. now remember, I am offering opinions on everything from north and south. To the Middle EAST, to health care in America to you name whenever the issues I am of show on men and women, three hour every week, the male female hour. I have written a book on happiness. happiness our do you think somebody to well article four one, a listen to him? Where did he college graduate School, but it doesn't happen. I either earn people's respect or I don't earn people respect either they care to know my opinion or they don't care to know my opinion.
But it's never rooted in all well, he went to or he didn't go to. Now I don't deny that if you want to go to, if you want a job with a prestigious law firm and make a lot of money right out of law school- Better to go to Harvard LAW, then An unknown law school. I live in the real world. I know that. I also know, though, that Unless that your group golden life making a lot of money immediately after college, It doesn't matter in the long run, the quality lawyer who went to an unknown law school is going to be the equality lawyer and make it much money as he or she wants quality generally rises to the top, not always generally it'll take longer. I agree with you Have you have you have a head start if you went to Harvard law. Yale law, Stanford LAW
Understand that, okay, so what. So that's what you're going to devote your life to or you parents That's how you are going to assess the worth of your parenthood. oh my child went to Org is going to that's that. Does that doesn't move me. I want to know your kids values, not your kids college. Ok, So I just wanted to say that it's wildly overrated. Some of the best, the kids, I know already community colleges period. Honest, terrific, hard working, they're not filled with themselves and not arrogant. They'll do great. Ok, we good guys. Are we ready to take questions here? yeah. Everybody happy arise.
But why aware, and even mention where I went to die even now, people are incurious should not impose ok here, we go all right begin with holding nineteen years old in San Diego I'm in the Navy. Thank you, sir. Do you think more young people should consider the military is an option after high school, my god. How do I say? Yes, more emphatically Egan came W see. I think that exalt, my yeses, let me say yes in korean yes, to move the head. When you do that, I thought so. Nick, okay, it's terrific! Of course. It's great! What are you kidding? Let me ask
You something who doesn't think that All things being equal for years at college for years, military, both when instead, high school directly, either at the college, to military, whose the come out more mature. Did it come out with more leadership skills. Ok, it's a rhetorical question next Man Thirty seven Marietta California, with Maria downtown They are semi. Diego the opening page of your excellent book, the rational bible. You talk about honour. Can you Please enlighten me on the difference between honour and respect. I was raised with the understanding that respect was for the position that one he'll while honor was for the person themselves. Thank you. I don't. If is a big difference. I I. when I, when I use honour and talking about honour your parents, for example,
open up my my book, and I cannot Urge you strongly enough to read it just came out its now a month. It's been a national bestseller. I can't believe it is frankly, and I have higher For when I write, but I never thought that a commentary on a five hundred page commentary on one book of the Bible would there would be a national best seller. I think there's a yearning in America too, to have to get in touch with the the eternal with wisdom and there's nothing, nothing that approaches
Wisdom of the Bible, it's the foundational book of western civilization. So I try to explain why, because a lot of even religious people, they open it up and their eyes glaze over, but I explain its relevance is called the rational Bible and it's the first volume of my five volume work, the first five volumes of the Bible known as the Torah. This is on exodus and I speak
I open up my introduction saying the following: when I was in my early twenties lay teens. I had my issues with. I have issues with my parents. Most young people do, and I never ever ever acted in a disrespectful way to my parents, and there was a reason and the reason was not love. It was because I believe that God himself had instructed honour your father in your mother, one of the ten commandments.
And that was that's pretty big few believe God instruct you that's heavy duty stuff, so perfect example of where God makes a difference. I am I I was constantly in touch with my parents. I didn't call them every week of my life because I wanted to call them every week of my life. There were times when I certainly did. I call them every week of my life because of the commandment onto your father and mother, and I know how important it was for them to hear from me- and I did that from. play. I left my parents home when I was twenty one years of age till my parents died at eighty, nine and ninety six respectively. So that's where the honor honor at issue comes in the rational Bible, the name of the book and thank you for reading it ok next Morgan,
now it hasn't a last named. Do I give less they, though right twenty one Boca Raton floor and I know book a real well in the Prager Force Morgan. Thank you for your force. Prager forces the prey university people who are Special role college and high school campuses? How many. We have now about fifteen hundred. It says out of our right. That's that's great! That's great I meet these people and I view give me optimism for America. I'm graduating in two days. I'm graduating not in two days I'm graduating Today graduating in Todd gradually with this Changing your question. Can. Changing Morgan, but I'm just giving Corina Horton.
I graduating with my bachelor degree what is the one piece of advice you wish you had been given after you graduated college! Well, that's all I've never been. It's never been asked me that way, A lot of times like take a look by the way. Folks. I guess I spoke with university was constant Madison last week and I think every young person should watch this. It's it's. What I would like you to know about life and it's up on the internet, Dennis Prager University of Wisconsin. And so I could tell you what I'd like you to know what advice, what advice. Should I have gotten that's a good one. I got a lot of good advice because I there were wise people in my life, and I I was Bible centered than to. I thought it was the greatest book
So I don't know the answer exactly what should have been told to me. I I was a very free spirit and I believe the world was open If I would, if I would grab, I knew how lucky I was to be an American. I knew that from a very young age, and so I knew that this this these opportunities of liberty, To travel anywhere I wanted and so cheap. I had no money, but I make some money teaching and then I spend it traveling. I have ultimate, gone abroad every year, since I was twenty one, and since I was twenty and I've been to one hundred and thirty countries, I had a big gold in my life. I had a lot of goals and I've been able to live most of them
Very very lucky, and one of them was I wanted to see every place, but I had a very specifically formula in my brain. I didn't want to hear the name of a country and have no picture of what, it was like there? You know like in a new story. Well, Following happened in England or the following happened in Uruguay But- and there are obviously still countries have been too, but it's a wonderful feeling tat, So I don't I don't know I don't know what should have been told me. That was not was not told me at that age, not sing. new everything at twenty one. In fact, I knew I didn't that's why I was against the.
was very opposed to lowering the voting age to eighteen. I told my girlfriend at the time why they giving me the vote. I don't know anything. I was about twenty it all right, Ethan I'll tell you this, but if I change your question to what I would tell you, you have to fight your nature not fight America, big difference in their religious education and secular education In a religious school, you learn that you have to fight yourself everywhere else. You you more more less. You have to fight America, America is not,
But we're really imperfect, you have to spend your life fighting your nature, then you'll be a good person. I don't know how many people want to be a good person. Talk about that want to protect. Do people really want to be good and all they want to be successful? They want to be happy. I don't know if they want. Good. They liked to be Burma. How important it is. Ethan. Nineteen, San, Luis Obispo, California, last question: do you believe that eighteen year old should receive all the parts benefits and responsibilities of being an adult? We are expect attack like adults all the burdens of adulthood such as the draft? hurry duty trial as an adult, however, we do not receive many of the benefits being involved, buying alto overhang guns were first of all
in my tradition, Judaism, you're supposed to act like an adult from thirteen forget eighteen at thirteen, it's called the bar mitzvah. You are, for all intents and purposes the community regards you as much as an adult in terms of your personal responsibilities as if he were fifty say it and get it it's important. We have deferred the age of personal responsibility. I actually. However, I don't think that I would like make a trade. I've mentioned this. I think, on one of these broadcasts. I would make a trade. With the with those who want more restrictions on guns, let's, let's up the age of ownership to twenty one and up the age of voting to twenty one, if you can't responsibly hold a gun, you can't responsibly vote
I don't know why they are not similar if you no not to shoot innocent people, why the hell should be allowed to vote and never heard a good answer to that one. So, what's the deal I would make let's up the voting. each twenty one? Let's, let's up the gun, buying aged twenty one, You should regard yourselves whether or not you are allowed by alcohol or guns. You have the regard yourself as it as a responsible adults from a young age. I don't think eight year olds think that their irresponsible, but they can be. Irresponsible all right, everybody, so I'll. See you next week. By the way, I thought about a lot of different things on these. The fireside chats, so you might want to look up old ones and they are not really
time bomb. Even if I talk about something in the news I trying to make it relevant for a long time, thanks for watching, I'm Dennis Prager, see next week
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