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Fireside Chat Ep. 36 - Racism, Marriage, And Extraterrestrials

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis explains in depth why America is not a racist country. He also gives his thoughts on why men should marry, how to honor bad parents and his view on extraterrestrials. Check it out! Recorded on May 31, 2018.
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Well hello everybody, I'm Dennis Prager welcome to my home. This really is my home. It's not a set which you could probably tell its little messy. This is completely unscriptural. It's my fireside chats, which I do virtually every week. No matter no matter how busy the week I try to do this. There are times when up simply not in L, a for a whole week, may not be so, I can't do it. But otherwise, I'm with you, it's We are fulfilling its away to talk to you but on my mind, take questions from you about. What's on your mind and just to get to know us ourselves better meet, no you, but obviously you know me better because it so complete, informal all right, so I always open up with the thought, and then I take your questions. That's pretty much the format.
There's a tremendous amount of talkers every one of you knows it's impossible to avoid a tremendous amount to talk about how racist America is an. Obviously Americans are it's not true, and it's a terrible. A terrible thing. It's happening. This attack on this essentially decent in good country, the least racist multi, ethnic multi, racial multi, religious country that has ever existed by large Americans are pretty decent. I mean you know with three hundred and thirty million people just think. If, if you know, if one out of twenty is indecent that still a chump change, it still what fifteen million people who are or indeed Obviously you got up. You gotta put things in perspective. What percentage of Americans erase? What is racist me? Racist means that you hate
or consider inferior, in which case you probably also hate a girl, but because of their risks so indignant The obvious example of the modern era has been Hitler and the Nazis hatred of the Jews. Just for being interview born a Jew, your disgusting, your and undermine Turin, a sub human. You deserve to die, you babies were, is worth targeted for death is jewish adults. Then there was then there was the belief, of course, during slavery, that blacks were inferior, so you could enslaved them now. Ironically, that was not a hatred. It was just a contempt. I mean there is a difference believe it or not, because Blackthorn targeted for extinction they were just targeted for
The horror and it was a horror of slavery, the transatlantic search later it was horrible. Just turrible, I'm just read a book on sugar in this again the description of slavery. Is it actually is? Is it a sort of depressing anyway. Americans, a lot of Americans in the past were races. They really did believe in an inferiority of non white, specially blacks, and it was a terrible belief and for the record, every just about every group everywhere believed some but he was inferior. This is why one of the reasons I dont believe people were basically good people. I've done a lot of terrible things to other people, especially people who were different physically different in particular, or religiously different ethnically different may look at what happened in Rwanda just a few years ago.
I would like to go back to the middle of the twentieth century. You d, the Hutus slaughtered, the Tutsis, I mean just the money. So what does it? Six hundred thousand remember the number. If you could look that up how many Emily Tutsis were killed by the Hutus, because it's it's unbelievable, this is black slaughtering black but their different ethnic. The different ethnicities different ethically. And so, in other words, that the different was hated but an it's just not it's! It's not what has happened in America right now and in it. Basically, pretty much all of my lifetime. You know I have to admit, never actually met or white who hated blacks, how many and ass the hundred, how long this modest some amazing here? Yes, that's! What so amazed? that's what's so amazing April,
two June in in India in two months, eight hundred- thousand people and not with gas chambers, and not with guns with machetes chicken, Do you imagine that slaughter of eight hundred thousand people in two months it's really and nobody knows about it- made its unbelievable unity, the Israel feels ten Palestinians and it's the front page in its the BBC headlines, but the hundred thousand to tease by Hutus in Rwanda and but you may be eight percent. If you watching don't even know about it, and it just happened in the lengthy nineties. When I'm gonna talk about ancient history here, the way I I know this sounds almost awful to say, but I never actually met an American who hated blacks, I I feel almost apology. In saying it like. Am I not met white, listen,
haven't even met non: Jews who hated Jews, but no, but there white to hate blacks. In America there are non Jussu, hey Jews, but they're, pretty rare. The existence of anti Semites or the existence of racist doesn't mean the society is Anti semitic, oration. You dont generalised, I'm totally it would general was agents, but you don't generalise out of small fraction, there, the exceptions. This is a blessing country for the best a majority of its citizens, black white do Christian. Muslim. This panic. You name it Asian, it's a blessing. You should
read a book. This is a very important book out of America. Out of America was written by a black rapporteur for the Washington Post, important here. He was his name, is Keith Rich Burke here stationed in Africa. They one of the although they rotate journalist, so he hadn't assigned for a few years to cover Africa. He was a bureau chief, I believe in Nairobi in Kenya,. And he rode after what you wrote this book and the thesis of this book is quite something without in any way nobody denies it without denying the horror of slavery. He says, I'm lucky that my ancestors were slaves. They were unbelieving the unlucky, but I am lucky because I got to grow up as a black man in America, rather than as a black man in Africa
That's got to say, but you should read his book then, you understand were all pretty lucky to live here, something wrong with you. If you don't feel lucky to be born here or took to be a natural lies here, look at all the people were trying to come to America illegally. What are they stupid that stupid thing I'll have to risk? It? Is people don't go to a bad place fleet what good place again there not stupid. You know that more black Africans came to the United States as legal immigrants. Far more and came to the United States as slaves. This Was true already in the ninety nine? Is the New York Times reported it then you could never say, look it up, listen on any of these matters. You could look it up, I'm not aside from being deeply its honesty, I'm not a dummy, an eye,
No, how easily I could be caught on any of these things, but you'd be hard pressed, no matter How much the antagonism might be to me on any website? I don't of one or two Prager light on X or why they say Prager you lies they. They say that all but they ve never pointed out one of them because we don't truth is a big value. Anyway, that's an amazing thing to think. Isn't it because Black Africa gains in my lifetime knew how good a man Russia is for black people? That's they want to come here? That's why so many have. So when I hear all power wait, wait, wait now grammar can I get a lighter the yellow one over their sole when I hear all that America's racist systemic racism
What is it that school to prison pipeline and all that stuff? Are you gonna get the camera. That would be an awesome moment. Our cameraman might get on camera, and here I make it happen. Noah say hide everybody, however, like you know, behind the camera could see no really dresses up for the occasion and where more and more than a teacher, that's right, When I hear all the stuff I a very angry is a good country: don't be bamboozle Starbucks just had a day to teach all of its in all of its error. Thousands and thousands of storm employees or they call me, don't call them employees. A common partners reminds me of the Soviets. Called everybody comrade partners, Gimme a break
you're a barrister in Starbucks and you're a partner. I hate when people manipulate language therein. Employee is nothing wrong with being an employee I'm an employee of Salem radio network to do my radio show not a partner, it's it's. I hate that language insist manipulative, the whole thing. Manipulative? So here's the question: why is the charge made if it's a lie? If it's by which it is. Why is it made now much more complex, it's made, for a number of reasons. The up one is a political reason, the bump on the camera, was just made by my bulldog Otto. There was often and Political reason is very simple: the Democratic Party depends on the black boat.
Talking about depends on Mine b plus per cent of the black boat. Too the national elections. If, if it went, down to seventy percent, which is still overwhelming if just thirty percent of blacks voted Republican. This with doom the democratic already, generally speaking in national elections in the United States and many local elections, so the entire democratic party and borders of it on the American left know that it is critical to keep lacks voting Democrat. How did they go about doing it, not by sea, we have better plants for you. They don't. What they say is America is racist will protect you, serve it, it's a never protect! You, conservatives, conservatism, racist. Why we have a lot of videos on the history, the republic, in a democratic party, let alone we have a few videos, Anatomy
with what they are all worth watching, but that's what they do. And so you may gas. You need us to protect you from big bad America and big bad conservatives and its tragic its believe obviously by a lot of american wax, and it's very sad- I mean it's a lot of these things are said. I mean why are there black dormitories on campuses? Isn't that racist? That's the irony we're against segregated, racially secular. We conservatives are against racially segregated dormitory. The american ideal is integration. The Martin Luther King Jr Ideal is integration. That's the difference by the way, one of the biggest differences between liberal and left liberals approach, integration and left this approach. Segregation All right so one use political. Why people keeps him America's racist another way
is that this is this is a theory of life. People need to feel but they have meaning in life, but they are crucial. Dating for something good, a lot of people ever, One need meaning and a lot of people needed through belief that they are fighting for the good and it's great to fight for the good I'm a fighter. I totally identify with it, but. What a lot of Americans have done in this case, exist. White Americans have keep saying that a project they They have. They have now a project in life. They have a battle that they're waiting for the good. What could be more noble than fighting racism and the truth as it is
in order to fight racism, but if these unbelievably little racism to fight your battle is is, is somewhat fraudulent, isn't those are two of the of the huge reasons you know you go and you gotta college in, and you told Americans, racist and white privilege. And so on, and I've answered the white privilege on so many occasions. Privilege in America depends completely. On on how you live your life and how you raised a play. A his privilege to have a father in your life is a privilege. Alot of a lot of the kids grow up well with the with with only a mother and a lot of these mothers do great work, but it's still a privilege that both parents that's a bigger privilege than white. By the way. If whites have some,
privileges wide white men, specifically white men, commit suicide of a greater rate than any other group in America. Some think about anyway. It's it's one of the greatest lies in history that America's is country was America races to a large extent. It was But we're not living in was we're. Living in is open oak type. We requested. Right. Ok. Here we go. This is from MAC. Twenty one view Georgia in Prager force. Thank you met prescience. Why don't we have Prager force all over the world and for especially nor America at colleges and high schools for interested if people are interested in perhaps join if they're in the case law college. That's the problem
firstly, colleges and high school a force. They just send an email to pray for you and that's it and SAM interested and see her on the website. There's a sexually eight okay I want to think I don't want to go out. Maybe let him out cuz she's she's at walking around a lot. That's the bulldog. As soon as I started the video fast every week he comes in and then he besides he's board. All right high Dennis what are some of the benefits of being a married man. We actually have a video on the benefits of being married men by the way some will say video ever put up to my great shock is very said to me, but a look at all the comments on it. You'll see how many how many men rode away we they are thus for saying that it's better to be married, of course, is better to be married, a here's, here's a benefit them
but you may not be interested honor me New Matt than I thought. I think a lot of men and women are not interested in you grow up. Nothing makes you grow up quite like getting married. What Many single women tell me a lot of guys that the date I still women just told me, We should have the guys, I meter Peter PAN. You know not wanting to grow up marriage, marriage makes you grow up. You want to. Mature and then, by the way, maturity is also aside from everything else, life from a moral benefit. It's also a happy This benefit married men are happier in in all. The studies done it is it is, it is regularly shall merriment they make more money
You know, I wonder what why married men make more money, because the woman in their life spurs them to greater creativity. The single guy, you know: why should I work so hard? I, in an envelope to hang out with the guys at a sports bar married men, are at sports bars as much
I know that might sound like the ultimate horror in life that you'll spend less time sports bar. It's not it's, not a horror, spend more time with your wife. That's a good thing. It's a better way of life. But what college tells you this? What college wants you to grow up? They don't want you to grow up. You grow up, you think for yourself, and then they really do you grow up and you become stronger college actually makes you less matured. Infantilism you! Oh did you hear something that might disturb you. We have a safe space for you with Teddy Bears, and Plato and videos
kittens frolicking. That's the treaty will end to make you a child. One of the great goals in life is to grow up. When I was a kid I was given, the emails was given. A man would grow up Mary trying to take care of a family, a wife and kids. That was a great ideal what's wrong with. That seems to me to be, About as good as it gets for you and for society, and by the way this came up last, about age. Remember somebody a young woman wrote in twenty three or some you. He wants to get married, but her parents say she's too young, so Look at last week's video address that issue of boats worthless all these were fireside, chats they're not dated there are there about everything in life so enjoy yourself. Ok, milk.
Let's see Josh in Rex Burg, Idaho, Twenty one years old, when I did skip one you know, I did indeed Ashley. Twenty two in Oklahoma praying force. Thank you Ashley. How does one or a parent who was not respectable? The very great question very tough one, but I need to handle it first of all its very important to our parents and I'm a big believer in the ten commandments. I think actually believed there was, are God's instructions to mankind to make us in a better world by the way, if everybody just live by the ten commandments, the world would be heavenly. We think we're already in Heaven without even die. That's all we need- and I make the case for it in.
My first buying my five million commentary on the first. My volumes of the Bible called the rational Bible, and I promise you it'll change. Your life is not you, let me know, I'm I'm, I'm I'm almost prepared to say I'll give you you know some your money back. I can't give you all your money back, that's how convince Lamb it will change your life. It's called the rational Bible, talk about this commandment honour your father and mother. It doesn't come with an asterisk your father and mother only if their worthy of honour. What do you mean? Example? I yeah I don't happen to have much respect for one of our previous president's. His name is Jimmy Carter. I think he did a bad job. Studios broadcasting in and I stood up to grief it not because I thought he was on
your studios broadcasting in and I stood up to grief it not because I thought he was honourable respectable, but because he had been president of the United States and I stand for president of the United States I like them and I don't like them. Honor is honors, not a feeling onerous behavior. You don't have to hold a parent in a steam in order to honor the fact that that is a father or a mother. Now, obviously they could reach a level of such evil either toward you I mean evil. I don't mean incompetence or even waffle but I mean evil remained, there are evil people and some of them have children every law. Every law comes with exceptions, k we're not supposed to lie, but sometimes it's it's ok to lie.
If a rapists chasing a woman and says you know, I want to rape by this woman. Could you tell me where she ran you're allowed to lie until the rapists rented another direction right. To give her an almost silly example You only allowed to lie. You should think general we're not supposed to take life, but sometimes we have to go. Shooting up a school of schoolchildren. Few can shoot, em shoot him. So there are exceptions but
in general. I am telling you don't have to love your parents, that's between you and your heart, but a certain degree of honour is sorry about that. That's my own phone! Now, when you don't put your own phone on silent, you really committed a sin. That was a sin. Ok, so that's my answer. I don't believe that every parent is, honourable obviously, by their not because not every human isn't a lot of them have children, but you left the work that out, but I still think the obligation in ninety nine percent of the cases are still upon us in some way.
You, don't want contact with you. That's one thing, but I don't think a child was apparent. Evil should stop contact with apparent just as an example. Josh Rex poorer guide, our twenty one. Do you believe that the existence of extra terrestrial life is compatible with judeo christian theology yeah? Why not? The train, the Bible, the God only created life here I don't happen to believe there is life- will certainly not intelligent life elsewhere, but if it, if it were found so big universe, I don't know, but they wouldn't shake. My faith now, if all of these, if these were intelligent beans and they all came down and they were living,
Beautiful life and they were good to each other and they all came down it's that. You believe that there is a creator you're out of your mind. That would be an interesting challenge, but my feeling is that if there is, if there is intelligent life, they believe in a creator just as much as I Noah no seventeen, Irvine, California, I'm sorry. I told you to no one in our little Goodwin. Yes, but that one I differ. Reason no Irvine seventeen Prager force. Thank you Noah, while was the bit your biggest obstacle. That is my denisov biggest obstacle you had to overcome to get where you are, who there were. There were two big ones. Being very, very, very independently minded.
There was no group as such, that really reached out to help me on my way up in life. I have a very thank God very, very many individuals who appreciate my work, but since I dont march to the beat of of any group drummer no group was going to a big help and were or were, and was a boar boys a big help in getting where I got there. Individuals who always help me: God bless them. There was one thing: if you, if you truly are committed to life, as you understand it, it's it's a little tougher to to make it I've been blessed. The other is I'm being
very very, very open here, I've never been good itself promoting an I probably would have gotten further faster. If I, if I were good good added and by the way, it's not bad to be self promoting it. It's a good thing. Actually, it's it's. I don't say it as a compliment to myself. I actually think it's a floor. But I never did, and I am I'm just. Am. I know why and that's why I know what's a floor too much pride, so I can't ask people to help me in that way. I ve never able to do that.
So I just them- I never pushed in that way. A push very, I push me very hard, but never pushed others a very hard. Those others were to become immediately to mind, but the over time very lucky to save life is worked out very nicely and am very grateful because I've always wanted to touch people with my ideas. I saw wrote that when I was in high school my diary, I know exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but it's hard to make a living doing it. I was there I didn't know how to make a living I wanted. I want influence people to the good, I'm preoccupied with goodness and therefore preoccupied with evil. My favorite person.
Bible, as those of you who, love God, Bless Tee evil. If you don't hate evil, you don't love, God so really powerful line. So that was what was let's see here and what is our time here? Am I, on my more. What's the mark yeah? Ok, oh, that's a good one! World Bank accounts Yarmouth driver. I that's an opening subject. Isn't it you, I'm gonna do that! Maybe next week we will see what happens in the world, but I had a very big. Leave her mind anyway. Listen! Ah, thank you for watching, if my eye, He has touched. Your life give my my book that just came out. The living she's made the rational Bible the chance for secure, even if your navies rather reviews on Amazon. That's all I ask you to do really want atheists right what people of different religions,
And you'll see it's, I use reason alone, not faith, to tell people about the greatest book ever written so give it try in the meantime enjoy. As cigar. In fact, I just A letter from a cigar magazine that interviewing me. They realize, I guess they become aware by advocacy, you know when I should probably talk about that. I might about them. You know health and cigars and that stuff that I've done that, but in an opening making it put that down too, I gave People because people ask me what do I do this, but its very deliberate. This thought behind this not cigarettes. Finally, Amanda
Anyway, thanks for being with may see you next week from my home, I'm done is pregnant.
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