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Fireside Chat Ep. 4 - Special Guest Dave Rubin

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis is joined by Dave Rubin, host of The Rubin Report, to discuss what in the world the Democrats did to the once-proud philosophy of liberalism. Recorded on February 8, 2017.
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They everybody Dennis Prager here, welcome to my home for our fireside chat, which we have pretty much weekly and I never had a guest on this fireside chat other than you were watching. But I do have a special guest special think. I better be special, so you're, so right they Robin. Who is really well known and and deservedly so by the way a lot of people are well known. It's no good reason for its, but there is good reason he has an extremely popular podcast and Youtube Podcast or is it a Youtube video? What do you call it to show Youtube? Show? That's it, which is very popular. We're getting a lot more popular, even in addition, he has done the Prager University.
a video this week, why I left the left and it took some guts for him to do it in all seriousness and M M, fraught for a number of reasons and we're gonna go through all of those reasons. But there is I an agenda that transcends all politics and morality and any other subject, and that is, I am going to teach him. The joys of cigars. you say you ve had one in your life abed. Maybe maybe- three may my entire, I think only really smoke moan about so yeah. I'm gonna teach you am him. Take the minute here on theirs. There's an arthur this and I love the art. I love the lighters. I love the cutting so now He has. I gave him a very expensive cuban cigars by though I just just for the record. So now There are three ways to combat likely that was expensive on your scale. Cigars because don't you dare you kind of through it at me?
I don't know I didn't kind of threw it at you threw it at all, but I feel, like you have a really I tossed it to you. I don't see through it after yeah, so here is one type of cut. Where you cut the tip off, it is sort of like a circumcision well done Dennis. Thank you. Note beautiful now, he can properly allow some this very fancy. Now the it's a little pompous, but everybody down does that you don't do it the old way they light it in advance? This is one of the world's great lighters. It's from France. I do not running out of fluid. You guys want to give me one of my okay. I got another one here we go this, regular one is a nice one too. Okay, so I'll now help you you puff in don't inhale. Don't of neurosis cigar seriously there not to be inhaled
That's gonna show little, I mean it's not that I don't know how you have kids watching go yet not well of him. Doesn't allow repairable back on. That's crazy. He's funny that was good Going keep going come on, don't be stingy with the flame it hell. Is that true I wouldn't even know how to inhale you'll choke your lungs. If you inhale you can't you can't just keep doing this yeah we're just going to do this for an hour. No, are you getting anything? I think yeah? You are. Yeah. He really doesn't hand it's coming out of his nose. I I'm giving the guy lung cancer in one minute. It's terrible! You try not to an app. It is not we. yeah. I dont my guys wanted me to cut this thing up and put some weed and they can get Prager stoned that reform it. That's where it wouldn't work, because
I be the, but I dont know how to inhale now. The other cut is a cut. Where makes a v and not a whole, it's that can can everybody Ciba. Can you see that. different, got it alright. So now I'll line up while we talk so now, your video in two days has gone viral. I'm very proud of the that all our videos do well, but yours, right, legal viral. It's almost three million in three days. It will three million by the time the days up to two. What do you a trip? that other than your own talent and I'm serious, but but It's gotta be a reason. Well, first, I just want to say how excited I am that some of the hate that you usually get from my people are left. that they've been shifting it to me, and I feel it is a joy you've. Given me a cigar and I feel like I've now given you that that I'm deflecting some of the correct, correct yeah and we're building bridges here
that's gonna hurt go ahead. I think there's a lot of things happening at once. Right now. I think we're really in a strange political time that we certainly haven't been in my lifetime. Maybe there's another time that you remember that that I don't but that the left has gone bananas. I am liberal I can. We can go through every liberal issue that there is- and I can tell you that in all I am pro choice and pray. get marriage for legalizing marijuana for reforming the prison system, I'm against it. Definitely I mean we can go on and on on liberal things that we could have a healthy discussion on all of those things and agree, maybe on some or not agree, disagree or whatever, but the left has just gone bananas. It's become authoritarian to the point that if you disagree with them on anything you're the bad guy, but it's not even that as much as the idea of collectivism, really that we will judge everyone by their immutable characteristics. So if you're asian, we treat you a certain way and if you're gay we treating ET way and certainly
you're, a white straight man you're the biggest enemy of all and now with the cigar in a fancy office? No, no. I am body all that is wrong. Yes, and I've seen this so for two years, as I was telling you earlier on your radio show for two years, I fought this. I saw this coming I'd like to say that I didn't, but I mean I really did and for two years. This is what I dedicated myself, who was trying to not get it to this place, but in the last couple of weeks, and especially after Trump, and then what happened with Milo at Berkeley and a few other things. It's like it's. a different ball game now, it really is a different left now, and I just for the record- I don't know if you know this, but I always make a distinction between left and liberal. I grew up liberal. and the here's. The irony I have,
every value that I grew up with intact, but I'm cold, a conservative for having the straight liberal values that I had when I grew up and when you're think of John F Kennedy. Harry Truman Senator dangle Patrick Moynihan, Senator Henry Jackson. These people were liberals. Today they would be considered right wing knots of correcting Kennedy more it more than anybody, probably with would be considered a right wing nut. you wouldn't want to ask what annual Patrick Mona in was democratic, senator from
New York state, okay and he is the one who wrote first about the crisis of crime in the inner black city and said it was an issue of no fathers. He was called a racist. Then he was a Democrat liberal yeah. I mean look that shows you the things to change, we're not making this up right. It's funny because you say that about, and I've had a few of my guests, a bunch of people that you know like Ben Shapiro and Andrew Clay And a couple other people say this idea of I'm a conservative, because I'm a liberal and what I've been saying on my show now for a months is that defending my liberal values is becoming a conservative position. So I spoke recently at Portland State University and a girl came up to me after and she said know you should add a little something to that. She said defending your classical liberal values, he's becoming a contemporary.
Conservative position like that, because that's fine because find adding lap peace to conquer the contemporary part they get a classical. Maybe I can save lives on classical right right. That science is not worthy of debate. The yankee eager to semantics, an idle mine, I don't mind words. Words were important, but that is not the issue right now: liberal values. You tend to agree with conservative right, that's just the way it has happened, the left. So this was my field of study. The left I was the Russian to to Columbia. I did communist affairs left is and Marxism the whole thing the left is true to itself. It has always been to and not even authoritarian totalitarian. It has always been if they're allowed. The campus is the perfect example out
views or leave now and the violence. I mean it is pretty scary actual well up this. You know this nazi stuff people seem to think we're in Indiana Jones again and we should all be out there punching nazis. Now. I know that the two of us are not nazi fans. I'm gonna guess that Ukraine. But we had members, your family got an holocaust, I didn't as it happens, but it's I'm a rare Jew in that I didn't, but most it So your your extremely rare that day, I am family members killed on both sides, but my father and my mother's side. I grew up knowing all across her bibles Front Europe, grandparents of friends of mine things like that, and you know this concept now that we should be open. Punching Nazis is insane which really, which means punching. Conservatives well, because what really means is that in first off there are no Nazis. Now are not a Nazi was a german soldier in nineteen forty. So if you want about white supremacist or whatever
but in any young, not easy to its infant s, Emily Small, of course, and the definition of what that is, will keep expanding, so they'll say right. So if you're, if you're this Richard Spencer Guide, is all right, but you can punch stack, Kay five, but what's gonna be next, these will wait a minute wait, a minute as you and Lily right, because the data I have them on his show. I guess I could punch Dave Ruben and what I'm really saying also is you're. Not just saying you can punch them, you're really saying you can kill them because you could walk up to somebody and plug them in the base and actually kill that's correct. Can we blow up their car and anyway, if you're really a nazi? Maybe you don't deserve to live. I mean If you really are an advocate of genocide of races, then you know. you, don't have a warrant to life. I mean that's. Why listen but you're, not for
watching these random know what I'm worried. I rose not but isn't going to make out within the imo. Thank you yes, but but it isn't, it is who is the guy who's hardball? What's his name and Christmas Matthews Chris Matthews said within the last two weeks on his programme factor that Donald was hitlerian. I mean we're talking now: mainstream leftists, not talking about crack pots in the street in defensive. Chris Matthews he's taken every position. Ever on every issue. Well, but it's not a defense, but but my point is that it shows you how okay, the rhetoric is. Yeah. Well, what's gonna happen when the real Nazis show up. That's my fear that the left has killed the word racist because every one they differ if you're You differed with Barack Obama, it was not. Does you differently, Iraq Obama, you were racist, that's that
whole line of the Democratic Party. Well, we sort of got into this on your radio show. But I mentioned to you how my awakening to all this was about two years ago, when SAM Harris was on real time with Bill Marr, and he got into this thing with Ben Affleck, where he started using two poles to say this is what there were sort of concentric circles in the muslim world, and you have. Jihadist, who believe in violence you have Islamists who believe in Sharia, but but basically using the state. Against itself not violently, but to take over the state? then you have nominal Muslims, like you have nominal Jews, user Christians who may or may not take their face seriously but want to live in western sites center and bed. Afflux response to that was your gross and racist yes and suddenly Bill Marr, who had been the live, moral standard bearer, who I don't know if you ve ever debated him, but you guys would argue, as I will show on every right topic ever suddenly. The onus was on him to prove that he wasn't racist and I saw the way the media in with it so the next day mediate all the websites daily beast is bill our racist,
so the same guy who had fought for every liberal principle fought for every now. Gradually, Monterrey, we gay rights had every left were visible. Suddenly the onus is on him in that shows you. The danger of these words. And it also shows you just the lack of thinking, because sat by the way. What is racist about a critique of Islam or Muslims. It's not race. The very Ocean is absurd, of course, and if someone sat here so so it's someone's watching this and going wait a minute. This is easy for two Jews to say because they're talking about Islam, but if someone came in here and was sitting with us and started Chris Taking the ten commandments or for a living up to non issue, mother, that's my point. You could put a crucifix in a glass of your urine hour of your urine and its It's shown in museums around America. It's called piss Christ is this guy. Does he have guards? Is any there isn't even a term visitor? Miss Lama phobia visit a term anti semitism. Why is there a term Christa phobia right
nobody hates Christians, well, you'd have to take family guy and a million other shows off the air. That's exactly right, also, if you were afraid of making fun of Judaism and Larry David Wood of a pretty short correct. That's right! But no! This is the irony, and this is. I can't believe that I now quote George W Bush on something, but the soft bigotry of low expectations, which is a George W. Bush Lionel yes, unlike admitting it It was a writer and no one has been vital. That's an accurate statement, but if you- but you need at every every one of us, regardless of whether Europe believe or non believers, Jew or Muslim right atheists, whatever the hell you are, you need the ability to make fun of yourself. You need, we all need. treated publicly in the same with the same all right. So let me let me move over to a very sensitive area, you're getting a lot more smoke out of here, because But in doing this, since I was seventeen years old on my phone.
Amy a cigar. I fell in love with it. He also gave me by the way he gave. Interestingly, he gave me some liquor liquor and I couldn't stand and I've never drunk since so I took to one one vice the by the way between the two. Better to get fall in love with an alcohol. I must say what, but in any event, this is idle. this is something that is not clear to me so you're gay, and why our gaze such radical the spokesmen, I know too many individual gaze who were not, but I mean why is the official gay community so radical? Well
another there. So radical, but I will. I would say this that if he is for all these years that gay people could not get married so did not have a simple right that you had to marry. Your wife is a lovely woman sitting right over there that, while we had to fight back while we had to fight for equality in and by the way whether you like the Supreme Court is, if not, it was day decided with equal protection, we should all be treated equally in law and all marriages really I know there's a biblical or religious part of it for a lot of people, but in terms of a secular society, all it is is a contract that two people are entering whatever until that moment two years ago, which happened to have been on my birthday June, twenty six. Until that moment you sort of had To go Democrat, if you were a gate, I underline that right, just because there was one side, even though it look, it took Brok Obama and run.
program, marriage the first time around, and he sort of got led into it, because Biden made that slip up on meet the press and all that stuff. But the point is that until a quality got there, it fully made sense, but this is the irony of the quality now that there's equality, gay people are treated equally under the wall. That doesn't mean. Some people don't like a people, but that's okay. People, don't like everything, some people, don't like everybody exactly and that's, but there shouldn't be laws instituting those things but you're allowed. Not. So how do you feel I want to get back to the same sex marriage in a minute? But how do you feel about I'm a photographer or florist you're gay? I couldn't care less. Take your picture. Take your spouse's picture, your partner's picture, not an issue, but I can't participate in your wedding. It violates my religious principle. How do you feel about that watch my video on Prager? You because I brought that up. I know that, but I was a good one who didn't see it yet. I personally would not force a photographer right.
For example, will you're alone or any back. That's Microsoft. The gay community so I centres that person a vile Haider. Ok, so this is one of those things where, when equality comes and people actually article you dont yet did that the next day, it's not like all the historical pieces of that and the prejudices and all that they go away the next day. You know that you're hurting me to take a little time for people to realise holy cow were bet it's better. Now, like the one you know we got justice arrived, so I think now I can sort to help make the gay community realise that now we don't have to fight for. If someone has that belief, if there is a muslim Baker, when I forced them to bake my gay jewish wedding cake, I mean it's crazy right. Are you crazy right? So I think now the next step- and this is the irony of of Equality- is that the Democrats, obviously
Did more to get gay marriage in place, but now the gape gay people won't be beholden to them, and gay people might start voting on taxes or might surviving on foreign policy or a multitude of other right. If you will, let me most is raised to look I'll always at issue you garden tackle in the video and do want to know your, as I told you guys so for the record yeah. I was for proposition eight here in California. I thought that the constitution should define marriage as a man and a woman and by the way my biggest reasoning turns out, I believe, to have been valid and it had nothing to do with gays, nothing ironically even though, for a day it has everything to do with an eye us than that, and it was I set as follows, and I wrote this: I set it. It's all in print. I said for twenty years. that the moment we say gender doesn't matter, which is what the marriage argument was. Gender doesn't matter. Love matters. I said the sick
and we say gender doesn't matter. We are down an invite the bleak slippery slope of saying gender doesn't matter, and now teachers are told around the country, not in every state, but gradually every state do not call your third graters. Boys and girls. You can't impose agenda. Identity on them, because there was no such thing as gender identity, yeah, alright, so firs I'll agree with you and then I'll disagree to my agreement. Part would be that if I was on my facebook, page facebook, COM, Dave, rubin- and you I'm sure have this on your page as well, I can list we can choose. to drop down menu of how we want our gender and it can give no woman there literally there's one called it. I know well, it Facebook gives you these choices of gentle without actually gives attentive. come up with some others that you are right well, you chose that, but it seems bizarrely that sounds Since humanizing yeah, so so that part yes
I understand that that piece of it. That being said, look you know. I think the bigger issue is that if you said to me, look you're my show when we discuss the stuff. If you said to me, you know- and you said I think what was your mind, that your head and your heart, arning correct in the totally same place arise. So how would I ever win you to my side, but I want you to my side by demanding by telling you you're homophobic horrible person, and you know it I'm gonna get you fired from your radio gig and all that, of course not, but if we can make a little headway here and you guys are welcome to come. Oh my husband, great cookie, Come over five year here man- and it's not you to me one of I mean I know people mock this- but I don't know why, but truly he called the show today from San Francisco. He and his in this case he didn't marry, but his partner is male Viana. Do kids we I shall close with this couple there one of the closest couples we we are. We my niece is is gay. She and Andor, and her spouse or wife are
our beloved to us. Her children are, but so here is what I I adopted my tell my listeners. I say what I am conservative in the macro and compassionate in the micro and what what or let's put it this way. I want standards in the macro and I want compassion in the micro too many conservatives Our standards in both and too many on the left are compassionate in both. I wasn't prepare to redefine marriage. It has happened? It is a non issue. I will happily, if he's a good cook, these great ok but my wife Vegetarian not occur Ok, so I'm coming over. Ok, not an issue about, of course, is not an issue. I mean it's I am very happy with the these are knowledge, but but my worry, is happening when
when Walmart can't have a boy's toy section and a girl's toy section. They can't have pink for girls and blue for boys and you have obliterated The cover of national Geographic is a nine year old. who says he is a girl when at nine Yoke, say say that yet so I get that. I really do get that, and I have sympathy to that, and I understand that line of reasoning. That being said, I don't think that into itself is enough to make two consenting adults right off the bat tomato Zeiner sort of splitting airline. I fully understand your battle and I want you to understand hours, that's on which we do so. What has happened to you? You get a lot. I can't believe it like our. You would defector now to the to the Gatt immunity. Won't we now have rigour on your show and I'm serious yeah I mean look. I've had I've had other wildly. Hateful people.
Like Ben Shapiro Yahoo, claiming their just in that it has just in the corral. Yes right it s, so am I a defector look. I think that as the idea that, just because you, your sexuality, is wanting your politically Would be something you know what I mean your political leanings, how you feel about firearms or how you feel about economics or far pussy really should have nothing to do with your sexuality. So, as I said now that it's been decoupled because we have equality, well now I think you're gonna see global voting just the way everyone answered so how the gate community treats me. I mean it's not a model I don't really care to be
no. That's the only adopts the right idea. You have. Finally right you have to answer you have not yet, or will your higher power or whatever it is that you you answer to living, even on my show that you the way the economics of my show work we're on Patria, which is a fan, funding things right about three thousand people that basically fund the operation for myself. I don't really know their political beliefs there. I know a little bit about them, but they're all over the place. I think its use a little more libertarian disproportionate to two democratic republic. In any Eric and scheme of things, but I dont know that and that's a beautiful thing because I have to do what I think is: why is the gay official gay community so hateful of Trump trauma care, so this same sex marriage as much as he cares about morals in China. Trunk does not care correct so and he's never he's never talked against it. Why is the?
gay community because they're the great marchers of eight of Trump, because this is what the left has done. It's holding everyone hostage by not what's actually real, but what feels like it's real, so I can tell you. I had Donald Trump Jr on my serious Xm show about five years ago when do when his dad was firmly against gay marriage before he was running for president. Obviously, oh, he was wait. His Donald Trump was against gay marriage at one time. At that time I am very shocked. I never heard that yeah at that time he was, but he wasn't. He wasn't in public office and maybe the next day he was for it. No because I think I think, even though you support him, you would agree his position and yes adequate all that, but it had trumped junior on and he came on my showing said I'm for gay marriage. My dad isn't, but he always taught us to be our selves and say what we think about a lot, and I thought that's a pretty great CMU, that's a what it's what a father is supposed to do, but it's a pretty great thing I mean his his son didn't have to come on. My shows only done at the rock about so as far as the look Peter
Right spoke at the Republican National Convetion got a standing ovation, that's what he said. I'm a proud gay man, Donald Trump, yes, Donald Trump then talked about gay rights right and they gave him an applause break. So this is what I've tried to, and this is what I've been doing with like I've been trying to its? I'm sorry. Is we well I've been trying I've been trying to explain the liberals. Who did you hate the most over these last few years? You hated christian conservatives, that's what the left his hated trump doesn't care about game. at all, and that seems to be. The Christian deserve is number one issue. So if you don't give somebody credit a little bit when they do something good, then eventually they'll go. I have no use of for you at all, so it's a little bit of real politic. You know what I mean like when good things happen. You have to acknowledge them simple as that right, so I want to tell you. This is the thing that I find most disconnected from reality is that conservatives or haters.
yeah. I truly believe it's projection and I have done the following experiment. You will love this. I have talked what's very often to an audience of a thousand, and I will do the following: the vast majority and cases are conservative, so I will say: okay, folks, I want a show of hands. You have two choices for or the nine members of the Us Supreme Court. Well, here's choice. Number one white see white male Christian, Leftists wore black Being conservatives vote, who votes for number, one, not one hand of a thousand who votes for the black lesbian conservatives. We care about values. We don't give a day. M about color, we don't give a damn about orientation. We care about values- and this is the this- is the thing that
We are saddled with this lie of hate and and it's you can combat it. I am you can come at it better than I that that that perception I mean I'll, yeah, to the extent you ve, never read it all of a human. Do I got right you with hater, I mean I mean all right now- okay, fine exactly I mean who would give a guy such a good cigar, but I mean it's it, I'm sitting here with you there's a reason. I wanted that's right. Exactly you know the first first time we met was on Larry King Show and it was sort, when I was just ride, I was, I was sort at the beginning of some of this awakening and I don't think you do. I was in. and you said in the middle of it you said. I can't believe that if I can agree with Dave Ruben and I don't think you knew who I was before. But the point was you saw a little like, oh bridge abridged, be bill right right that
What I think is interesting now, and this is why I now the left- why I'm getting so much hate now is because they say I sat down with you. The next week I sat down with Glenn Beck I know what you what you think again, then I saw guy right who He's a silly dear listen! He does. I don't agree with him on various stuff. It doesn't matter. He has his heart in a good place. I and he's the opposite of a hater. So I see a lot of room to build bridges there. I see a lot of room to go. Alright here are some conservatives that are. These examples it will break these are far right, not bag, or would you would you like what they never give an example? That's out of Beijing did not one in all, of the attacks are right. Not yes right, but that's all. They have to say there is no basis for the claim wow. This is twenty. Seventeen Dennis
dont want a basis for a claim. None of that. That is a very sad thing. So are we gonna take questions here? What's the story here, I think I think I in case you just the tuning in denial of that yeah I gotta go now I got it is at a rookie mistake relay my friend. Yes, sir. Yes, indeed,. By the way, if you don't like it, you don't have to smoke it. While I do want to cultivate love of cigars and you, I rather build bridges. This is my second. Can I like this? For you be offended. I have pure lips. Okay, go ahead. What's your question? We have one here how to do this and Dave. How do classical liberals here, one second, how to classical liberal
differ from modern conservatives are, in my opinion, it is really only one area, and that would be the of the largeness of government, that that would be it a Christian services have always been for. His limited government is possible and liberals have been for an expansion of govern right. So then I guess the real question and would be: how do you differentiate between a classical liberal in a libertarian, because that really the only way I would do that is, I would say, a classical liberal, Cecil, little more use for a lot more, but there has been a year libertarians. I guess that's really with rights, what I'm not a libertarian by the withdrawal of the record, and obviously I agree with them a lot of economic self, but the foreign policy and other stuff, but it doesn't matter but that that stand answers that ok, I'm curious to get both EU fulsome president. Tom's, controversial travel ban executive order you want to so I did a video about this last week and first- and this also goes to the history.
Scary area of the media, everyone all the reporters, all these same reporters who got everything wrong the entire time immediately. Jumping with that, you know he's But did not read it. I ready, I actually rarely order right printed. Out and read it. Okay, the whole thing so look first off to say it was a muslim ban. It was not a muslim ban because it didn't even include the five largest muslim countries, which is over seven hundred and fifty million people, now there are odd things that it did. Why didn't include Saudi Arabia, where we know nineteen twenty one hijackers came from widen include Pakistan, which we know is a hot, better terror, so there's a and maybe the layout, the roll out of it was bad. Like there's a zillion reasons, you can say this shouldn't be done via
back in a border plenty of junk that you can talk about with it the hysteria about it so that it was a muslim ban. Just simply isn't true, since I mean really, almost three quarters of the Muslims on earth were not included in this man. That being said, I have friends, a guy who you absolutely should talk to. I think you would love classical there. Will my friend Pfizer site amateur he's a refugee from Iraq. His brother was killed in Iraq by Al Qaeda. He moved here about three years. He's on a green card he is devoted. His entire life to fighting is the museum fighting force. I resigned and now I'm having an animal slim. Who wants to do that? I have they come on. My back, I don't need, I think, at this point in private considers himself an Ex muslim which, because also interesting for you to talk to us, but the most interesting thing is that he now is in a little bit of a grey area, because the green card issue that still unclear where he could potentially go to Canada and then, if he gets an immigration officer that just as a bad
or he answered something the wrong way. He could end up back in Iraq where he literally could be killed. So there's all sorts of problems with the rollout, but the hysteria. and it's like saying racist bigot to everything every second, he tries to do something that he said. He was gonna do by the way
so scaled back. As you know it, you can't go back and hysteria. I thought, and in my book my book still the best hope about american values. Verses, Islamic Bowers, lamas values, I should say, is lamas values and and left his valleys three books in one- and I like an ad from my book, but I don't care because I worked so hard on this. I have a whole chapter on left wing hysteria. My whole life. I have seen it every issue, this hysteria over and its exaggerated. I think this hysteria over carbon emissions frankly and and and there are terrible results I used to think it was a tactic of the left. Now, it's worse, they believe they're hysteria, so it makes the left even more frightening,
because their true believers in every new hysteria there was hysteria over the groping comment. That was pure hysteria and it was. It was a disgusting little nothing comment of of a of a big it, almost a childish guy to another guy in private, and he he even any did say in it. They give you there give you permission, so you can't even argue that it was assault, its gross its efforts massaging the, but also its put it Just hysteria after hysteria, but there is also a difference between words and yes, what I kept saying the entire time if it had come out, if someone had showed us evidence- or there was video tape of him literally grabbing a woman that did not want to be grabbed. The oh yeah, of course that is different, but I would agree with you: I'm gonna guess that even Dennis Prager, one of the most moral people I know has said some things.
privately to your own eyes would want listen, I'm on record, as, as I wrote, a piece in the nineties in the Wall Street Journal defending Hillary Clinton. As a Jew author of a book on Anti Semitism, I said there is no doubt that she said about isn't effing due to what this guy, who claimed for her husband's lost congressional campaign, And I said so what this doesn't make her an anti Semite If you heard what I say about, drivers were slow in the latter lay. I have been against every race, creed color in the history of the world, and if the guy's wearing a yarmulke gon gazed, the Jew Speaking of which the orthodox that are in a way with the big boys had everything with ninety five degrees. You admit that come to realise that it will do you know what ok, I, why don't? We are all? Ok, it's all right! It's all right!.
Okay, but never the less. This hysteria. Part of the left is a frightening thing and people get caught up in it. So here is my question, and this is a totally sincere one see. I think that once you have seen- and I don't want to make the sound theological, but once the door is open, this is why they're hating you now once you differ with them and see the tactics they are worried. They won't admit it that, but they are worried that you may in fact up, the c word conservative yeah and because you made a list putting aside the same sex marriage, which is which is. now the law, so fine, so capital punishment we differ on capital. Upon George, is against capital. Punishment there were liberals who were for capital punishment, so
fine. So we would debate that the whole point of being liberal is that you're allowed to well disagree with. So that's the sum so in you, I want you to continue You d say never a liberal, because you got your of great use to to good value, although I am not doing it for my for your: U mining everyone! I'm going you don't myself! I! Oh! No! No! No! That's like Christians who say to me. You know Would love you to come to Christ, but you are so valuable to us as a Jew when you defend us, Christians and they're right, you are value, You were born in the best sense of the word, because the Erica needs people who are clearly liberal and who and to be honest and fall into the category of kosher. As gay to say: hey hello, the concern if it is not hate, mongers hello, they should be heard, and maybe every
So often you should read national review right or watch a Prager. You video, well, that that's what I mean about you're, never going to bludge in someone into getting their beliefs to come. Round to yours and whether you think that ended and they think they can so that's why they use all these words because they think if they use them enough, though either silence you to the point of irrelevancy or that your sort of just have to crawl to them, because you have been beaten badly but but, as I said before, with the gay marriage thing, even at the end of the day, if you told me your heart and head were not, you know quite mash up, it did, but you really decided you're just not for gay marriage, but we could have this conversation. I still, though I wouldn't be thrilled with When probably privately a man Prager, you know right, I could actually still have you in my house and be ok with that and rise, I'm going as I'm totally comfortable in your that's the point. I know you're married to really understand that yeah. It's I guess this, I'm not a force you to marry a man. Well, that's
no. I understand they've, given the roots of progressive ism, prohibition, Eugene, etc. Should you rethink your implication that Greivis has only recently turned regressive. So a few people ask asked me this. This kind of thing like they'll say: will you just waking up late, which I think is a sort of through line when I've talked to Shapiro Inclusive in a new light right. You guys are going well yet we saw There were some bandit now Ben is younger than me, so he's just smarter than me. Either does a break your bright every beer, you don't you even know brighter but got, but my point is he he may be saw something bad, no, not a matter of brightness. That is me and I'm serious about that's a very important thing. Most people are bright, believe it or not. I actually have this theory, they don't think. Clearly. The issue was clarity, not bright.
Ok, that's it less yet out in America today, most eight comes from the left is not brightness. That's just clarity. I would say this that over the course of the last two years, and as we said and as I do you guys laid out in the end the Prager video I mean I worked for the answers. I worked for a far less progressive. Never they were not that way. It was more liberal. Something happened to the progressive in the last two years. I don't know, I don't know exactly what it was. Maybe was a combination of Obama not being the progressive that they wanted him to be. Maybe it will, I think, be was partly all the stuff going on with Islam. There was just like a series of things: they I've just gone crazy. I think you would agree that something otherwise happy, and I know very well that, even if you saw something else, the values I really well ought. No, I think I think it's progressive to be. I do
cause the notion that if you believe that the greatest problem afflicting Black America is lack of family structure, lack of fathers, not racism, you definition, ITALY, a racist. To the left- and that has been true since the hand set it in the twentieth century and allocate three Larry elder, whose a black uncertainly oh my God says that they use every, but but so think about that. So what do they do? So? take a guy like Larry elder who I've had a monsieur many times I do a lot of my awakening had to do with the first time he was on my show, and I kept talking about systemic racism, and he really turned it on me said what is no said. What do you talk? What laws are you talking or not real laws, but even practices? not to say there is an actual racism, because. Ok again only allowed to actual anti Semitism put on Iraq is the least anti semitic Congo, Jews have ever lived in and
the least racist country. Blacks have ever lived in yeah, so this is what they do, though. So they'll take a guy like Larry Elder who gets off the reservation and now he's an uncle Tom they'll. Take a guy like Majino he's another one that you should absolutely talk to. Who was a former Islamist who I've had on my show, He was in any gypsy in prison for years under Mubarak, as because he was liable to react. He was trying to undermine the government of Egypt. He now lives his life to reform as an organisation called Kelleam in the UK, where he lives is left in a reform. Isn't he treated horribly, By the left, so this is only obvious so now they're gonna see me and go he's another one off the reservation, but I'd rather be with Larry Elder and and write about. It is a reservation that that's that's the irony it it's like an enclave of of of a bubbled fought like like the university. How much time do we have guys few more? Ok,
Anderson Dave, why does tolerance mean not just respecting someone who's different but being required to like what is ever? Yes, I would put in a different way. Tolerance has been redefined to acceptance yeah agreements. Tolerance is not agreement, tolerance. tolerance right, so tolerance. You have to tolerate somebody, meaning you can't assault them on the street you have to, little by the law, I dont think you have to you dont have to like me Really, ok, I like it here, but you, but you don't have to, and- and I don't mean just you I mean only one does it, but anyone who wants you don't have what I certainly one doesn't have to agree with me, but we have to be civil to one another yeah and if you're, if your knee jerk response, is you know the other thing that I see he said I ll say: you're begging you raise about the other. One is well you're, Hobbes Yoursel out of some kind. So somehow, however, you.
make your living. You figured out a way to trick the system and now you're making your living through selling it out. As I said to you before, I don't even know what the people who find me. I don't even know what their political leanings are so they're looking for something in you that they can just pin every other little thing on it's nothing that you've ever figured it out, but they're going to figure out something that is deep within you and once they can grab that now they can get you in every other. Alright, so you know what I won't be able to take more. I'm going to ask you. I asked you this privately and I'm going to ask it to you publicly, because I'm a big believer in openness in the best sense of the word and it's asked out of human curiosity. I have no agenda in this question because you know I asked it to you privately. So obviously I had no one
I have studied human sexuality, my whole life. I intend to write a book on men and women. I do have a male female, our men, male sexuality, whether gay or straight, is- is to have as many partners as possible, whether its pollution or divine design or whatever. It is that's what we're made. So what keeps most men faithful? It's the the what the woman he's married to who, is not of that generally. Women are not variety or oh. I got of another male body and other male body in another male body, but but heterosexual men, another female body and homosexual men and other male body so since you are married to a man. It's a it's! You have it's a tougher road for you to hold. Is it not? Who is an interesting waiter, put well your whole out in holding a road
not now that we have some because you're very literal, I guess I don't. I would say that the world is what you make of it. So, of course, there may be genetic reasons that men appropriate more more men want sex more in women Dona women. Women want to that. I would say it really that everyone's different at the end of the day, everyone's different there. Maybe yes, you can probably point me to some studies that would show trends of certain things. I of certain deny that I'm also forty like. May you know not? Aye, but certainly help these extra, but it's not. The way was when I was twenty one amount married. So that's roaming, rattled anyway, don't let anybody I bet actually using even indicative of my marriage, so I'll even retract hour. I would just say it really depends on the person. There are probably plenty of couples that you ve known for thirty years. Then a great. Five that has really having sex and then there are probably couples that you know that America there is that basically never had. Second
still are very happy or some that that's an Iranian. All of that is fair, I so so higher, so I shall really put it on the individual, which is the true line to every right. I should always it evaluates issue you by the way. I salute that that you have said look a home life beats a bar like corset, But think of the irony of that too, so you had all these people for all this time. It was Saint Maur, gay people can't get married and then what would they do, especially the christian conservative with it? Will look at the gate and they show you the Gay parade and there's a guy and harness weird, bang it all that stuff which, by the way, a lot of in the gay community, we're going you know we stop doing this Harvey milk mean you can watch the movie milk even said when he started going legit. He said you know we're. Gonna have to stop doing some of that stuff. now. You can argue whether that stuff is purely male stuff. Eighty, as you just
And if you happen to well now, we may write that it's just a male thin, but you have to give people the opportunity to change and that's the. That is why equality, that's why equality under the law is so important, because I think twenty years from now you you might get a different answer to that question- that it will have become so normal and irrelevant and people one of the act out. You know your seventeen there, your fifteen year old kid negated now and you can't get your sexuality out and a healthy way will. Then. Yes, you might turn more drugs and there is plenty of evidence that that is done plenty of things in my life, so you're going to be like if you just give people the opportunity to just be human. I think that really is the key. To the whole night, well, we'll certainly say that for an ending, I thought that was no. No. This is powerful, stuff you're, a joy. You really are likewise, I'm very happy with in each other's life. What am I gonna do if I don't have much hope for you once you guys, I have to say, I have hope for you. It's not inhaling thing the, but it's even cigar
but not inhaling. It seems ridiculous. No, let me explain We then come to my house and let me roller blunt you can rolling you, you yeah, I will take, but but no I happen to I really loved anything that tampers with the brain. Even when I was in high school. That's one thing I of things: but not not that stuff I gotta go eels lay on the couch star wars. Trust me it's great. I am naturally high, I don't even need caffeine in the morning I wake up. Yes, I'm very fortunate. I am in a permanent sort of high I really am I'm blessed. I thank God for my disposition, but that's a separate issue anyway, folks How do I end these things? Do I have a normal ending? Do I just say. Yes, what I believe are out- and I guess we're having I do- I have a great deal less that's another blessing, yes, watches productivity watch, all the programmes, video
I want people to think. Clearly. That's all that's all I ask whether we agree we agree on every subject is another. How could we agree? let me start possible, there's a great all end with a great line in in because I study the Shiva until I I was eighteen, I have written books on Judaism. it's a great longing when the rabbis, nor they do in the in the biggest book of duties and the tone of this debate. They just argue in arguing, argue- and you know, there's a famous phrase- aim over able derailing claim this guy's statements and this guy statements. They are both statements of the living God, even though they differ, and I got the chills telling you this. If we could understand that that's possible they're up opinions that are not the words of the living God are truly ratio. Statement is beyond purview in that regard. It's over.
the line, but that's not what's happening. Any difference is condemned as Hayden and you or your your wrought, your courageous and that's the greatest compliment. I can give you be well. My friend, thanks for watching every body, see you next week.
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