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Fireside Chat Ep. 40 - Immigration, The Border And More.

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis Prager discusses immigration, the border, and a variety of other topics in this week's Fireside Chat. Recorded on Jun. 22, 2018.
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Hello there I'm Dennis Prager welcome to my home. It is my home, it is my even my fireplace well, that would make sense, can't be somebody else's gee. This is the problem of utterly spontaneous the video kiss. You can say something truly silly and your stuff I'm stuck with it anyway. Welcome, indeed just about every week I have these fireside chats with you. This is about number, Forty and I'd like to remind you most of what is said, is not dated. So if you like this one or you like the last one or you'll like the next one, you'll, probably like the previous thirty eight it something to think about this, a lot of topics I cover and I try to do so in a way that is permanently relevant so anyway,. just inviting you to look at previous ones that have been made here at the Prager Home great to be with you,
I don't normally address things that are right in envy I don't open with the commentary, I have a radio show for that in case you didn't know and a lot of you don't especially younger folks, but I am on all over America, I'm on the internet every day for three hours or you can go to pre topia and for five dollars a month and I'm not trying to sell you anything. But I didn't want you to think it's free. It's five dollars a month which is pretty close to free. You get it without commercials. You can listen to the show anytime. You want. I talk about everything but of course things that are in the news I do it's talk. Radio to National show called Dennis Preglacial and we have listeners all over the world because its broadcast on so many of end use on the internet and so on. There is a dominant issue with this moment. Man it's going to fade just as quickly as it erupted.
It is with regard to the taking children from their parents who come here to come illegally and they come with a child and there separated. If the parent doesn't plead guilty, pleads non guilty or ask for amnesty, so they have to. I'm a trial in their kept until then any its Explain something here without getting into the nitty gritty of legislation. There are a few things that need to be I'd like to give you a big picture on this. First of all, nobody normal likes to see a child even temporarily, and it's always temporary, even rarely separated from apparent so there's something particularly cruel and disgusting. in charging the Trump administration or anybody
Who is supportive of its decisions with callousness to children and parents? It's just its demagogic, its irresponsible, gets. Those of you who are pro choice. If you do not like being told, you are pro death right. Oh, that you celebrate abortions, people record some people do but most people pro choice and not celebrating abortions, my only point is you don't like to be characterized as evil. If you're, not so dont do it to others. Nobody is happy about the situation. Cabinets There are times where your opponent really is advocating evil. You got to call it what it is. There are times you just differ on what to do.
Anyway, this was done prior to the Trump administration, which is a very big part of what I want to talk to you about, because going through another manufactured hysteria by the by I mean. free media. I have lived through so many hysteria in my book think a second time. No excuse me that is one of my books, but in my book still the best help about America about the left than about Islamism, the I I think I list eleven hysteria, things our wildly hysterically addressed at the time and they die. Maybe the news just like this has dominated the news about the children taken from parents who have come across the border into the United States illegally. You have no idea how many of these are. One has lived through
I remember I mean the homeless in America which obviously to tragedy it it's an and it's not fully soluble, but that another issue. It was under the Reagan administration. It was the biggest issue. Then, when Reagan left office it stop being an issue. It was an issue. Could Republican was president Morocco Band was president and children were taken from parents. You know a lot of the pictures of kids and co cortical cages therefrom the Obama administration, but they, but the media they'll tell you that. But now it's all of a sudden where have this staggering evil that that is permeating the society and people get wrapped up in it. They they get freaked out, because being cruel and so on always ask people? Why would you like to be done on all these matters? I would like to know what is your solution you want
Let millions of people in illegally or just make them all legal. Yes, by the way, a lot of people would lot of people don't believe in national boundaries. The left does not believe in the nation state, that's what they did with the European Union. You went to Spain. you're you. You don't need a passport or anything. You can go anywhere. You want in the European Union, they hate borders. America still believes release, most Americans still believe in borders. We would like there to be a distinctive thing, called America or specifically the United States of America. We think it's a healthy thing for people to have a national, identity. If the national identity is bulgarian or the national identity is Paraguay and where the national identity is american, it's a healthy thing. There is good nationalism and is bad. Nationalism is good religion. and these bad religion theirs.
Good secularism and there's bad secularism. Okay, that's the way Works in real life, so I am for good I shall as of nationalism, with eight, with goodness at its centre, which, to a large extent, America has been with all its terrible flaws, because its composed of human beings with terrible. Also this another element: there's there were two goods competing here. The good have not set. Raising children and parents and the good of protecting the border. good too. Now, if you, you, don't think that's a good there's there's only one good here. Right, then be honest, are against separating parents and children, no matter what, because you don't give a damn about borders. Hillary Clinton said that was recorded in a speech in Brazil during the campaign, our right before the campaign. I remember the year. She said it, but with very recent to Her- or we were very close to her running for
And she said you know, I believe, an open borders which is absent. True liberals believe in pores, but the left I always draw a distinction between liberal and left. The left does not believe in borders all right, solar, Let's be honest, but if you believe in borders, I can only address you if you don't believe in borders. This this issue was moved, but if you do believe in borders- and you don't believe it is a healthy, Think too, have unlimited numbers of people come in legally or illegally; unlimited, obviously limited numbers of people coming illegally is a wonderful thing. It's a beautiful thing. So they were competing goods here we need to protect the border. And at the same time we have figure out a way to do it, as humanly as possible. Now by the way you realize if the parrot is called coming in illegally, they can stay with their child permanently. Just wait. We send you back to Mexico because that's the best
proximate southern border with the United States, where you came from Guatemala El Salvador or Honduras and then then crossed through Mexico and by the way, they seeking asylum. They could have gotten in Mexico. How many people now in the United States is seeking asylum came in this country illegally. Six hundred thousand six hundred thousand it means that you're being persecuted by your government for your beliefs or your faith and know. If you stay there, you will be hurt or kill. now, if you were unhappy in the country or in or because there is violence in the country or in or because you your boy, Brenda is is violent. You now seek asylum, but if everybody, whose boyfriend or girlfriend especial boyfriend is violent than a billion people would want to come into the United States seek asylum week. We can't solve those problems. I believe we can solve this problem,
by exporting beautiful moral ideals? That's my. My life has been devoted to exporting ideals that will make good societies and it begins with go monotheism, as I explained in many of my writings, leave that there is a universal God who wants us more than anything else to be good. I know that sound corny, but if you have a. Ben Arriv on achieving good. This I'd like to know what it is I am not aware of it anyway. That's the story in the United States. We we would like to protect the border, we cannot. Six hundred thousand people seeking asylum because of troubles that they have at home or troubles they have in their home country. For a period of of one small period of time. The child was separated from the parent unless you want to send a child with apparent to a prison, but we know.
that in America, if you're arrested in the United States, we take you from your child. Why would it be different than this to me to come into the United States illegally or July, to drop that she got to say responsibly, not emotionally, and This has all been emotion and it's been revved up hysteria because the press hates the president, but it loved the previous president. So though the previous president did it, there was no hysteria, it was completely Quiet, that's, that's! That's a big difference, so That's that's in a nutshell. What what we're dealing with, I think they'll solve it. I hope they solve it, but by the way the kids are taken care of, sometimes there living better than they did back home Excuse me, they have three three square. Also they have. They have education. They are taken care of
sometimes there with a family that takes care of them forced to family, they have a video card. And she with their parents. So, like the parent you taken away forever, or that they're not in contact regularly. Is it This, of course, is not ideal, but the parent decided to violate american law in a very serious way. What are we supposed to do? Oh, you have a child. Ok, all then change. So I just wanted to give a perspective there that that is worthy of having also the number of children in this country growing up now without a father, when you mean not not not temporarily, not for twenty, One days or whatever it is, but for life that doesn't seem to trouble the left. basically, don't think any Father runway New Yorkers
that a whole series of articles are fathers necessary and most of the people in their in their dialogue, said no, it's my blowing. Ok, that's ok, clear right time for your questions. Don't get wrapped up in precise area to one of the great rules of life Ok well going from the truly significant to the less significant, but nevertheless worthy of a response all twenty three Amarillo Texas what're, you top three cigars, don't get me! let me know what types ice genera a nutshell. My favorite cigars are non cuban honduran. Nicaraguan Dominican and the strong. The better. I love strong cigars
generally about that. I'm not not bigger than this ring but, like the captain, seems to have a little more flavour, so darker wrapper and that's the way works. You will be hearing me talk at length in one of these about my reasoning behind smoking, a cigar, because I have a theory on I'm almost everything I do so enjoy. That looks if I pronounced that correctly AL, you see a sixteen years old Lisbon, Portugal, high wire Nazis and seen thought is more dangerous than communism. You should, De the Prager University video that I made, I think, its title Why is a wider communism, have worsened in a worse name Jimmy? it's not Chisholm have a worsening and communism or why or people hate nazis, unworthy communism. I in five minutes I explain. I give a whole list of answers.
to that question. One of the answers that it's not the only one at its, not the biggest one, but it's a big one- is ignorance. Sheer total ignorance of the horrors that communism inflicted on you, The most genocidal doctrine in history has been communism. In one century I killed about a hundred million civilians, not talking war time, not talking soldiers. It's, the ignorance, is staggering, that the people, the people will aware of CHE Guevara T shirt or that Restaurant is called the MAO restaurant mow killed between sixty and eighty million Chinese and remember that's the ones directly killed because of his policies.
We are talking about it that the ruined lives of that those related to the sixty to eighty million. The catastrophe has called just read about the great leap forward any one of the ten books I list on my website: Teghmus Prager, dot com as having most influence me is a is a history of now. You should read it. It's it's its painful to me that the hammer and sickle is not acquainted with the swastika. But if you care about human suffering, it ought to be ebon. Fifteen Republic of Ireland high Dennis. Do you think cereal is just for breakfast? You now much I've thought about that. Subject.
This this is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night. Every so often I will let you know three, a m. I say to my wife: honey is a serial just for breakfast and then shall say: oh no, no, I can't sleep, it did what must happen once I'm just joshing with you. I love the question or I wouldn't have taken taken it. How could any food be just for breakfast Food is fine anytime. You want to eat. It is going to tell him trouble or cereals not healthy is filled with sugar. Sugar is bad, for you sure is a lot worse. Raven cigars! That's the irony. it's hard. You know I haven't had cereal in so many years, because I try not to have much sugar, but I want to tell you
A bowl of cereal is served to good people entering Heaven. That's how much I love. But it has been so long since I've had it but I really I love it. I grew up with it. If it was it's, it's terrific. Where am I gonna? Do it's a lot more fun, then eggs, which is what I do have, Good morning in twenty three Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA, USA, are ways to celebrate the Sabbath that does not involve going to church I'm glad you asked and by mentioning church I assume your Christian its.
the very interesting dilemma that Christians are facing, and I am well acquainted with Christianity and Christians, and I, if you ask a question, do you ask a priest or minister or pristine theologian? Are Christians obligated to observe the tent, the ten commandments, they'll say yes, but then say well what about the commandment? They keep the Sabbath. Then the answer is fifty. Fifty I've asked us my whole life of christian thinkers and leaders and fifty percent said we are obligated to the Sabbath and fifty percent said were not so that's the first thing, but I'll tell you this, whether obligated or not having one changes. Your life, I make the case in my ten commandments. Videos on the The five minutes on the Sabbath. I strongly suggest that you were you watch it, and I can tell you that in my life, having
day away from broadcasting a day away from the news. I don't watch the news, I don't listen to it. I don't listen. I watch tv or listen to radio for twenty four hours, I'm just with friends and or family. It is the day I look forward to every week. You want to have great. It is to have a day You look forward to every week, but I will admit that for me, a Jew, the synagogue experience is part of it. I take that very seriously I am with that I've been with for many years and we bond, and we have time together to study, to pray, I'm not big on prayer much, but I'm there and I am there. I love Bible study, that's my favorite, as you can see my book rational Bible, but yes, I so I think you should go to church. I think that experience with other people is very important, find one that is meaningful to you.
Also, I would, I would argue, to answer your question. What is what do you do if you dont go to church well, you'll have to decide. You have to think this through the law to make one day of the week. Holding that means distinct, elevated. You have to figure out what to do was going to a football game is going through a baseball game. Is that part of the Sabbath experience I would argue with isn't is shopping? I would argue with. Isn't I at the very minimum? If you want to take this seriously and otherwise you wouldn't have asked the question, I would have a Sunday Christian, I would have a Sunday. Lunch were dinner with people every single week.
That don't you don't make it haphazard, it should be, maybe just family, maybe just you and one other person, but that should be a part of it. Especial meal that day open it up with the weather, would some sort of benediction. But again I do think the church experience should be part of that. Ideally,. Okay rank, I assume J. U A n k, twenty eight in the country of Colombia as christian teachers, how relevant is teaching sexual education to kids? Well, I've never quite understood this sexual, the whole sex. Ed thing. I never quite understood. Here's the irony, the they said. Oh kids, don't know they have to be taught, they have to be taught Duddy how to use,
prophylactic and so on is a very interesting thing. Before sex education, there were so many fewer out of wedlock births that Iraq today of Nuts- there's a causality? I'm just saying it hasn't work. If it is to me do you think I don't know why teaching graders or eighth graders about the condom usage has is a very valuable experience, because typewriter king, it you're saying: look we understand you gonna do this, but maybe we should just teach that may be sir
Things are safe for marriage. I already did this at length and an answer to a question. I don't think everything should be safe for marriage. Okay, I'm not that holy. I admit it, but I think that intercourse is the ultimate bonding of human beings and since there is a great deal of pleasure available, that does not include that. I think that keeping that for marriage is a wonderful ideal. People send people are weak. I acknowledge all of that, but I would teach them values if you're a christian educated. I will teach them values, not mechanics, just twenty four ways. Just then we don't know somewhere on earth. Is communism or socialism? Ok yeah your account,
and its leader or socialist leader, it's more than ok its awesome. You get to control so many people, but for the rest, it's not ok. Communism, as I described earlier, most genocidal movement in history of mankind so and not just that. It also deprives people of liberty, but if you don't care about liberty or death, it's now socialism Socialism is ok I'll, while you can't afford it goes bankrupt therefore welcomes socialism, ship is Co. Socialism is essentially a party scheme. That's all it is weak a pay, this generation with money that the next generation is put again and eventually going to run out of money. Socialism, here's a rule of life. A rule of life like this, on rises in the east. socialism spend the money that capitalism creates
Socialism creates no wealth, Socialism spends all the wealth created by capitalism. Anyway, I don't want people depending on the government. It's not a healthy thing, should depend on themselves and loved ones community and only finally, is a last resort on the state. Are we doing folks what's what's our time factor here. Yeah Jose thirty, eight LOS Angeles, who has been your favorite is that you have had on your radio show. My favorite guess was my dad. Three July eighteenth. I have my father on until he died at the age of ninety six and he was a great guessed. He was like a pro. I mean I,
like still play my play, those recordings every July. Eighteen on my show so any given year, you should turn in and and listen to that he knew he was funny. He was a kid. After he was totally comfortable on national radio, got a big kick out of his son interviewing him and I guess I would have to say. Not only was he my favorite guest A lot of people said by the way: are you folks, my bull dog? I am, but you heard him then I wish you could see him. It's really a shame because he would make you laugh. That's my belief, the purpose of dogs to make you laugh and we, our dogs, do anyway. He but he was just a terrific guest I had my mama once she was so nervous. She was so afraid of going on.
she'll radio, but she was terrific too, when I had, but a lot. people say. I've said to me did say to me when the years he was on. Hey. You know, Dennis I love your show, and you know my favorite hour is- and I immediately I know your favorite hour and my dad is on they say that's right the hour when your dad was on. All right. Danny twenty five, Amsterdam, the Netherlands or HOLLAND, expect plans. That means I speak Dutch. I don't, but I know how to say I do what should be perceived as true beauty in a woman. Well, for all intents and purposes, wants you add the words room. I have a lot of thoughts on this one. I guess maybe we'll will make this one. The last one is that I got a lot of thought on this. One. What is true beauty in a woman? What's the difference
ensure beauty at a man at your beauty. In a woman I don't know any difference, a truly beautiful man in a truly beautiful woman or have a beautiful character. A beautiful heart, a beautiful mind, are our beautiful in the way they treat people right, that's what that nets, but since you added woman, so this other factors there's also physical beauty. You can't deny it. We were physical beings if we were all nonphysical beings or were all blind! Then physical, beauty wouldn't matter, but it does an end. It is bad idea to tell young girls that it doesn't matter all that matter. This is your heart than your mind and your your career success too terrible idea, because it's not true. Why would you like to your daughter
It's a lie: it's not true a beauty matters and it's not fair, it's not given by God or nature. Equally, I remember all be very, very open here. I remember my twenties. I really really was smitten by a woman, but I didn't find her attractive enough for me to have a male female, bond. I found her, but she was so good and smart and everything- and I member, I very rarely cry But I remember I cried alone. When I went after we broke up on the phone, I think
I was so I'm so I was angry at me at my nature and I was going to be a god. Why couldn't have you made her more appealing to me? She was so terrific, but what am I gonna do there's nothing. I can do a kid taught myself into something that doesnt have a talk about things in it. So it's it. You know it's just it's. They knocked out the swimsuit competition and the evening gown competition in the Miss America contest. It's another stupid statement of. it looks, no matter just gonna see what their hopes and aspirations are who's. Gonna, too in four hours, to see the hopes and aspirations three, our programme of of fifty young women with to an end for the hopes and aspirations of fifty young men know so it
it does no body a service to deny that this matters and I'll tell you this one of the great favours that a wife could do for her husband, is to try to stay as attractive as she can and I know this- is so politically incorrect. You know what politically incorrect means. There were two definitions: one is that it offends the left right. That's that's a universal characteristic of politically incorrect. The other is its true. That's another definition of the word or the term politically incorrect. These are people who hate the truth of life that are painful. It's a painful truth. I'm not happy to tell it to you, but I'm not going to lie to you.
That's a very big deal. Ok and that's the answer. So what true beauty, the true beauty automotive were true beauty means there. I owe it to the extent that I know I said about. What's the difference between true beauty in any, if either of the sexes.
But it's not the only beauty that there is in this world. Maybe the next world is completely non material and then it won't matter, but in this world it does matter now sought the only thing that matters, any man who thinks that is a fool, but any woman who thinks it doesn't matter. I taught young people a lot many many years of teaching young people about life, not just any email given subject. I told a college, but I also coordinate at an institute where I thought their religion and and life for a month at a time. So I had college kids and kids from nineteen to twenty three years old for food
four weeks they would sleep at this institute. I did that for eight years, but talk to them about everything. I remember a young woman raised their hand and she said well. My view is that if a man really love me love me for my heart and my mind: no, he won't love you for your heart. In your mind, he will love your heart in your mind. If he really loves you, that is correct. That's not the only thing, and I told her that- and I said I don't want you to think that, because I want you to have a good In your life and if you go around thinking that that's all that matters your heart in your mind, your fooling yourself, they met
a great deal, but that's not all that matters not in this world, maybe in the next, but we're living in this world. And I don't want to fool you because you're being fooled of college when they tell you the opposite of what I just said. It's a good thing to end on because it's really important. So thanks for being with me from my home to yours, I'm Dennis Prager.
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