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Fireside Chat Ep. 41 - Cigars, Danger, And Enjoying Life

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Dennis Prager is talking from his study about cigars, danger, and enjoying life. Recorded on Jun. 29, 2018.
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Well, hello, a very relaxed Dennis Prager, here from my weekly, nearly weekly, I mean I do whatever I can. Sometimes it's absolutely impossible am travelling alone, but I will, I will do then is I'll, try to still squeeze it in or do one in it. Van before the trip, but I take this very seriously. It completely non scripted, it's totally spontaneous, so it's a risk for makers. If what, if I say something, truly regrettable. I'm stuck, this is my home, that I say that I was I'm Dennis Prager, but people know people assume it and then a sprig of this is my home. This is my fireplace. This is one of my easy chairs, and this is my cigar so I've I don't usually
look about something in the news I haven't fifteen hours of, national radio show each week took three hours a a day Monday to Friday and believe me, I get in what's what's happening. I use this as an opportunity to talk about all sorts of things. Sometimes if it in the news I well but generally not. I get a chance to talk about things that matter that are not in the news as it were, then I take your quest. Sometimes there are things in the news so anyway, welcome to my homes, great to be with you and I am now going to talk to you about cigars and before you give up, because you have no interest in cigars, is a bigger deal than itself. I'm not going to talk to you about a tobacco flavouring and yummy comparisons between Nicaraguan in cuban nothing.
I am asked I won't say every day, but I'm often asked why do you suppose, cigars. Aren't they dangerous this? What I want to talk to you about the word dangerous and about cigars as an example and bout a philosophy of life. I M a philosophy of life on almost everything I have had this. This is built into me. This is my. My approach to life is to think things through a philosophy of life, be aware what I'm doing and then march on through life so, for example, doktor is often more doctors than anybody else will say to me: you know there are real risks with tobacco and smoking. Dennis we Aren't you ran along time or even more challenging? Oh, oh, why You do it. You know you're, so many young listeners, I saw our viewers, I should say, and I
I take all of this very seriously and I am very open about it, as you can see right now, So let me tell you my approach as I think about how well There are many aspects to this question. One of them is, I believe that it's important to enjoy life, this may sound so who doesn't think it's important to enjoy life. Well, that that has it has ramifications. What I just said I'll give you an example. This is really powerful. As many of you know, I am a religiously committed you and I take my religion very seriously, and there is a very well. I don't know if it's very well known a dear friend of mine, one of the most prominent rabbis in America, Rabbi David was Nika- has taught this often.
that there are five questions. This is in the Talmud Tom. It is the second holiest work of Judaism off. The holiest is the Bible for specifically for Jews, the old testament and in the Talmud, which is as big as the Encyclopaedia Britannica gigantic. Is is philosophy and morality and religion and law and stories, and legends and opinions and debates, especially debates. So here's one fascinating thing some rabbi. This is this about fifteen eighteen hundred years ago. Some rabbi said when when we die, God will ask, I wanna do die specifically when it Jew dies, God will ask came over her five questions. It's an interesting thought and
One of those five is you partake of every permitted pleasure interesting up. This is a religion, at least when Understood, I think, is very- is very keen on our enjoying life, keen very keen on self discipline. It's very keen on non hedonism, but it's very keen. On enjoying life, as is my other great love Americanism, as I call it, I'm not the only want to call it that name and what what do Americans have and their founding document life liberty and the pursuit of happiness now happiness and joy are not identical, but I'm not going to get into a semantic debate, because it's not science.
terrific anyway. So the notion that it is good to enjoy life is a very important one, very simple. We want people to enjoy life tend not to be mean. People me think about right. If you know If you say about boy, you know he or she is really of Life Edgewater Vive as they say in french and joy of living. You don't think of them ass, particularly harmful human being's right. It's the morose, the somber thee, the nun. Smiling the not enjoying life so Joe, enjoying life is a big deal merit a lot of ways to enjoy life. Obviously So for me one of them is cigars. So I have to weigh the joy. It brings me versus danger. It has you have the way that What here's that example, alcohol, I don't drink alcohol is not a philosophic or moral commitment. I just can't stand it,
I don't enjoy it. It gives me a headache, so I have never ever develop the taste for alcohol, I'm not even You know I will drink a beer once every three years in a social setting, and that's that basically it. But anything against people who drink and who aren't obviously not alcoholic alcoholism is, is horrific, just terrific, my heart breaks for them their fans please their friends. Anyone in their lives, it's just a terrible thing, alcoholism, but I totally get it. my dad worked very very hard. Every single day came home. Have a cigar and heads Gotcha on the rocks every. saying all day and he loved it- and you know he worked authority was. He was a good provide
He was an honorable man, he loved. My mother, who was his wife. They were together. Seventy two years married sixty nine and he's the one who got me. cigars. He tried to get me into scotch too, but it didn't work that worked my brother like Scotch, but I have no. I have no design, as I told you for alcohol. But again you know you could say: is an alcohol, dangerous, believing alcohol is far more dangerous than cigars? I mean it's not even it's not even in the same universe,. First of all is no such thing as addiction to cigars, there's addiction to cigarettes. I'm going to talk about the huge difference between cigarettes and cigars in a moment, This also thing is it the people, people right To me all, you know you're a cigar erratic this. If they know me anyway, I have a seat, Already, that's true, but you know what they're a week's there
go by that, I don't smoke when I'm on the road and is no there's no possibility. As you know, you could have my wife for my going up the up the walls and like that you know? I don't even think about it. If I can happen, I can't have it. If I can ever do have it. I love it. it's it's a it's a joy in my life, so I after way, as as, as is anybody who were drinks, hast away, forgetting alcoholism, ass, you know, is it can affect my liver? Is it going to impair my judgement? Is it getting do x, Y rosy. You could ask a thousand things right. So people way you have in all of life everything you do. Everything has a price if even good things have a price
everything has a price. If the Spaniard day reading books, it has a price because then you didn't do other things. Part of my attitude towards life is no. No, that everything you do. You have paid a price regarding something else that you didn't do or that it leads to its just inevitable. That's the way it works, that's the way! if, as you can't do everything so you have to choose this is I have chosen this it's about. as benign a habit as exists, When you have, for example, you know people This is what really drive me crazy. I have asked parrot. Would you At your kid, you smoke a cigar or smoke. We and how many say smoke we'd. It shows you how they they don't know what you're talking about they really don't.
You dont inhale a cigar. You inhale we'd. This doesn't affect your brain, we does. It blows my mind that there are parents who rather their kid a smoke, the joint smoke, the cigar. It shows the ignorance that did the bombardment with regard to tobacco is caused now cigarettes or dangerous about a third of the people going to their long association about a third of those who smoke cigarettes will die prematurely that that's that and the writ. What's the reason there are a million carcinogens in it, but not a million. I hate exact.
reading there are many carcinogens in it and you inhale it to your lungs. You don't inhalers regarding along this smoked foretaste. Cigarettes are smoked for nicotine by the way nicotine in and of itself is not a problem. That's why I don't care if, with people smoke electronic cigarettes on it, so what? If they're addicted addicted nicotine? What one it's it's not a particularly harmful thing! It doesn't matter, I don't care. better to be addicted to that than through a whole host of other things. She, I note the human being is not a saint, so I have who ask why, What are the minimal since that I could live with this? A minimal sit, ok periodic, alcohol or even daily alcohol, if you keep it in check a minimal, send that's what people do. A the dangerous. I fully acknowledge that these are minimally dangerous.
So we have water by the way. I was forget back, if you guys have one now be great. So anyway, that's that's my belief. That you're, not you maximize these little joys of life? For my wife, it's coffee, my wife, drink coffee all day and it turns out by the way coffees very healthy for you now the amount she drinks is unhealthy. I have no idea. Does it disturbed me? No, it doesn't disturb me, does bring her joy. We often say coffee is to her what a cigar restore me sit down on smoking a cigar all day and she does drink coffee day. It's it's just you have to be. You have to live on earth. You know there was a guy. I don't know if I mention it and I know I mentioned it on my radio show I even tweeted it out, and I don't tweet enough. I don't tweet much and I should tweet more
the Dallas morning NEWS at an article about a guy. I think you lift these easy, but things the oldest living american you have is a hundred eleven or something He was ass, so the Its review were said. I'm sure everybody s, you watch your secret to longevity and said. Yes, I'm ass that all the time and here's the answer I gave all the time. My We too longevity is God and cigars, and I thought they that's my man. That is my man. That's not God and cigars. Our secrets to I mean I'm a moment that all but its it they are secrets to a big part of my joy of life. Thank you very much God and cigars by the way people a people who are religiously active live for years longer. I think that was the latest statistic. Thank you very much
so my father by the way smoke about. Cigars, a day day at least I spoke a day. He spoke for a day and there he lived to ninety six and I wouldn't be surprised if they have cause of death. Second hand smoke its. It did not that don't stormy with second hand. Smokers want almost exaggerated nonsensical items that its lethal people, people believe this ever bring big problem want them. you can do if something is repeated enough. You know. My generation grew up with both parents smoking. Were the longest living generation in history. How do you explain that we grew up with second hand smoke in the car. My father smoke, the cigar in the car may be sick by warehouse.
didn't, kill me. Obviously now is it bad? If your kid as asthma, yes, stood out, don't smoke in front of an asthmatic kid. This is called common sense, but we have a war on common sense. I had a feeling I went out one minute I did. I forgot my lighter and come well prepared to this particular one, no water or no lighter, that's terrible. All right anyway, that's that's the story. I want you to enjoy life with an you know it so amazing. The war on cigars is is at the same time
I'm as the war to liberate we'd. This doesn't tamper with my brain. It bother me a great deal of if one one when and if what my kids would smoke weed. I don't like tampering with the brain. Nobody gets dull, hey. Let me ask you a question or even about cigarettes, for that matter. Would you rather your airplane pilot smoke, the cigarette in the cockpit or smoke, the joint. That's perfect. Thank you. Alright right is it time for questions, and if you got more on that, you know send them in more than happy to answer things about that about that too. This is why I love one people enjoy life. You know I got what I go all over American constantly. I fly virtually every week somewhere in the country back on beheaded to Romania, to speak thanks the Prager you I'll, be speaking in Romania,
because people watch videos all over the world. I get invited all over the world, but I can't I can't obviously do it all Where are we going to Romania I'll? Let you know what gets me two thousand young people in the book arrest and I wonder how many than other city? So that's it. That's a wonderful thing, and this sir, this is us. I say another one of the joys swam, a big fan of Hobbes Hobbes, have always brought me a lot of joy. I worked very hard trying to lead a good life, try to be a good dad, good husband, good friend, worker and I also want mileage little joys. My joys, Meda. your joys and your joys may not be my choice, but if they do, compromise your values and they don't compromise,
unduly your health and they don't compromise other important things have a great time. It's important. Ok, Remember, God will ask you why you didn't partake of any permitted pleasure here we go. all right. Let's see, arrival do well well, since its relate and I'll do that afterwards remind me: ok, because it's about cigars, but I move on to other subjects. ok, Jeffrey, eighteen, Boston, hello, Jeffrey Eighteen, Boston, Lou,. hi Dennis, I Jeffrey keeps rolling down. So let me hold alone. I guess it's when you say that no religion has ever stated they were against capital punishment. How do you explain a Catholics view.
Well, I know a lot about this and that's that is in fact the position. Catholicism has always accepted capital punishment, given a obviously a moral authority. Justice in the society, Catholicism bid is it. It is relatively brand new that does the the the church has come out and and it's not doctrinal but popes have spoken out against and but it's not it's not a doctrine of the church. There aren't you should look it up if you're, a Catholic and your serious catholic vice
you are from from this, but whatever you should view should do research, Catholics for capital punishment, and you will read some major catholic theologians who defend capital punishment, Ass Catholics. Now I admit that the most priests and recent pulps have been opposed to it. I don't agree with them, but I can't likes or a labyrinth agree with em remember put people and fellow Bobby, I think it's been invoked twice in the history of the papacy. It's pretty rare. I no one had to do with. with Mary? And what is it the maximum conception of order was, it was a theological. Doctrinal issue was not about the behaviour of a given Catholic, so this is not an it fell. Ability issue would not been invoked and
I I stand with the Bible: the only law that, in all five books of the of the basis of the Bible for both dreams, Christians, the Torah, the first five books- five books of Moses. It's the only law, that's in all five books. It is the second thing, God tells humanity after he destroys the world and Noah survives. The second thing. The first is be fruitful and multiply, and the second is take the life of murderers. That's a pretty powerful statement of how important it is as a From a biblical standpoint as a moral, fundamental there's something wrong with the society that keeps all murderers alive. That is the biblical view. That is my view. Okey doke next.
Sergio thirty nine San Jose Costa Rica, I'm in the costa rican couple time, beautiful country, nice people, I Dennis, can you talk about relevant books or references of the kind Conservative point of view through history, I have on my website Dennis Prager COM, listening of the books that have most influenced me. That might be very helpful to you. I would certainly advocate my book still the best hope, which explains american values, leftist values and islamic values. It's like three books and one called still the best hope that'll be a very, very helpful book for you.
Raymond thirty four capital region, New York, why do you think it is so difficult for consumers to get their message out to the younger generations? Prig university does a good job, but I believe we need more. Of course we need more with when the first to acknowledge it. We have filled a terrible terrible hall. The reason is very simple: who's gonna give the message: your high school civics teacher. Suddenly we think there is civics your high school social studies, teacher you're, you're you're, your political science, professor at college, your gender studies, professor, whose it was gonna, give you the conservative point of view in any.
academic institutions. Today, who's gonna give you the conservative point of view on anything on on tv or or or unless you search it out. You know the internet generally, so what the young people are exposed to is overwhelmingly from the left and they try to keep us off campuses. As you well know, but that it's the only issue is exposure. I I know for a fact that any open minded young person or old person who is exposed to conservative arguments will at least rethink their position and, in many instances, change their position. But it's it's? The movies are on the left. The news programs are on the left.
Theater, is on the left high school. Well Elementary School Elementary School, the more and more teachers won't even call kids, boys and girls. They don't want to impose a gender identity. I would call that a form of child abuse, it's beautiful. If boys and girls think they're boys and girls Alex twenty Pennsylvania. Are there any parts of the Bible you
leave to be disregarded as irrelevant? Well, that's the reason that I am working on the cliff biggest project of my life. My five volume commentary on the first by volume of the Bible called the rational Bible, like I do truly believe it will change your life. If you read it, and my argument is that it is relevant now, I will admit that in Leviticus there, a series of laws with regard to sacrifices that are not comparable with that are not relevant, not currently relevant, but think they were relevant at the time. And I will explain that when I come to that book, but otherwise overwhelmingly the law,
since our eternal, that's that's my job to explain how that is the case, but the overwhelmingly it is not only relevant. It is more relevant than today's newspaper. So take a look. There are nineteen Virginia. We morally obligated to debate in battle. The left at every step of life well accept if they are not at every step of life. If you, if you have a friend on the left, the new were guys play. Tennis together enjoy enjoy your tennis and unless you guys have in political arguments, social arguments enjoy each other and especially a feeling families, family
that differ left right, just love each other up, so I don't think at every step. Also, I don't even think arguing is the thing necessarily to do my motto? Is I prefer clarity over agreement? So when I try to do with people, I differ with, and I say it look I don't want to win. I don't want to win a debate, and I'm serious about that at all. I would like to do is clarify where we differ. That's very helpful, see my quote: unquote, debate with two left wing students at Berkeley. The many people have watched it and you should watch it because all I do is cry,
Five, where we differ, and it's very helpful for people Haven, twenty one Lucas, Michigan. I've always wondered why jewish people encourage secularists to abide by Christianity. For example, been Shapiro encourages people to become Christians, but if Judaism is the highest truth, wooden shoes want everyone to become jewish, it is fascinating, but that is not the goal of Julius Magala Julius was not to bring the world the Judaism. The goal of Judaism is to bring the world to the God of the Hebrew Bible, and if the way you get there is to return to your christian roots were thrilled. Fine fine with us, Judaism, never claimed to be the only way to salvation. Never it isn't. It did not happen.
He did. It is not the only way to get to Heaven. Judaism believes that good people go to Heaven and bad people don't got as a moral, gaudy judges, people by their behaviour and if you're, a good Christian, hey, that's terrific! That's why I speak of judeo christian values so frequently, not judeo christian theology workforce. We have different ideologies, but their christian values overwhelmingly. That is a valid and important term so that that's why the highest truth is is the truth, in my view, is the truth of the Torah, but there is no reason for not choose not to affirm Benjamin Franklin. Didn't he wasn't the Jew when he wasn't day a
The civil christian believer in the trinity he's what I called ethical matter things. That's our goal, John twenty two one has our timing, boys and girls yeah John Twenty, two Pasadena, California, Should you date outside your religion topic? I have a better answer to catch. Should you marry outside for reflection? Will you It is not the same thing. Ah I believe. Ideally, people should marry members of the same religion. They converted that religion or they're both already there.
There are many ways in which marriages can have tension. Why at another? One? Now, if both of you have no religious instincts or feelings or commitment, this is then that's probably best for you to marry another. Nothing were not as they say in a winnie, maybe so, although even then, it's not so we ve, just when you have kids all of a sudden. it might be of concern? Well, how do I want to raise my kids? Marriage is not just about you unless you're certain, you don't want kid. Could you want children? Then it is a question worth at dealing with before you get married, its top stuff, because you can really love a person whose terrific and then this this could be it
the goal, but it but it can be. I know someone who is deeply in love with someone and yet tat. One of them is an atheist and one is not and the one who was not says. Well, you know I want to raise my children s, atheists and I don't want a sheer share. This commitment to a higher power, and I understand that love does not conquer all. I wish it did, but it doesn't so it's something to think about so with that man enjoying one of the permitted pleasures. Thank you for being with me. We love to hear from you watch the Prager, you video those and with that until next week I'm Dennis Prager and buy from my home.
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