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Fireside Chat Ep. 48 - Donald J. Trump And The Media

2019-02-04 | 🔗
This week, Dennis Prager discusses his thoughts on Donald J. Trump, the media, and moral actions. Check it out! Recorded on Aug. 16, 2018.
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Hello everybody last week. It was not my house for the first time. How many have we done forty forward, something forty six. I can't believe that this is the forty eighth. What does it pulled fireside chats? Forty? Eighth, that's a machine and they're all worth watching. In my opinion, on that's, not a brag, that's just my way of saying they're really not dated. Even if I talk about something and in the news which I will now but they're meant to be evergreens that you could watch the first one and it would be just as relevant. So hello, I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home last week was the only one of the forty eight we didn't do at home. We did it really far from here at the but the Ronald Reagan Ranch where he would go and
enjoy himself with Nancy, his wife. They had they. They had such a love relationship. You read about it. If you have a a romantic. Cell! In your body, you shouldn't you should read about Nancy and Ronald Reagan, You know what he said once you ready. I hear a romantic line. What is it some oak? I don't remember exactly, but as something to the effect. I feel alone as soon as Nancy leaves the room some like. Is that touching they really loved each other? I you know we saw that they had you no pillows Nancy and wrong. They they they were quite ass. It was quite a love latent ship. Anyway, we are out there it's very far out out of the general direction of anything it's up in the mountains. You gonna drive a lot. He would get there by helicopter, sell it wasn't so,
horde anyway, back home. This is my home, is completely non scripted completely, and people like that fact- and I am totally get it so anyway, thanks for being with me. Let me get to my topic. I when I do, is I open up with the topic and then I take questions on everything except usually topic, so I want to talk to you. About a specific item in the news, but a few watching this a year from now the points will be as relevant cos, I will draw larger conclusions from the specific one moment. Please dying. Ok, So the president of the United States, Donald Trump, called the woman who had worked for him and been with him since two thousand for was it. We ve been with him for a long time for money.
On tv through the White House, and she spoke gloatingly of him for for all these years and she was fired for reasons we don't oh and then she just turned against him I'm even important to say her name Many of you know what many of you that's it irrelevant relevant. She she's not the issue. The issue was the issue when I was talking about so. She said you know all of a sudden, a sheet discover as he's a massage misdemeanours are racist after all these years of being treated beauty flea bite him both as a black and as a woman is so it it's it's it's a really is reprehensible. What she's done she should have been a grown up. She got fired and kept your mouth shut and not all of a sudden, be disgruntled ex employee. It's just its. But anyway, she did what she did.
So the president, as he worthy tweeted out against her, you should have ignored her or done something very sophisticated. Did it completely unsophisticated thing called there were dog which Is not presidential, so let me say this: I I support the president because he has done a great deal of good I'll talk about that in a moment, but I What does it mean that I've lost my ability to react next leave something negative happens. I mean you know that we have to all do that in life with with people that that we live with people we, or even but it was, it was a very unsophisticated thing. It just feels the the anger people, esteem, and it was completely unnecessary completely. I mean I I have done-
thirty five years of radio and I've. I've describe some pretty awful folks, but I have never said the dog, and I got a good reputation and of having classy show even very strongly my opinions and- and I wish the president had a reputation of being classy, but he doesn't ok. So now I want to deal with the with the issue of what do you do with a leader or anybody else when they do something that you are certain is a bad idea were wrong. What do you do here is my answer, MRS. Why continue to support this president because Well I'll, explain why I do, but I want you to
understand why this does not invalidate my support, even though I am against it. We're here to story disguise really gotta. Shuffle on this guy goes out so here's the story in a nutshell: we are all packages And the sooner people realise that about spouse that job the parent, a friend the employer and employee a president of the United States, a prime minister of a country? the sooner one realises that the mood a mature ones reaction. Is that that this thought? While I wish Donald Trump spoke.
Very sophisticated Lee, but did all the other good things that he has done and he's done incredibly good things as president, my opinion is, is to live in a fairy tale land. Part of the reason he has had the courage to do some of the incredible things that he has done like pull out of the they truly false Paris accords that we're just injurious to countries that either I'll get it get into that. Another time see all our videos. Prager you on global warming, including given by. Major scholars like. She lives in who is considered for decades, the leaving by Metalogy, the United States from MIT. What we're just watch them Y know what we're your mind is made up right now. Please watch them anyway, the
he moved these american Embassy every president in my lifetime, or not my lifetime, but it for the last thirty years has put I'm a static selected and Congress seamen passed a law movie. America never see the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, one of our staunch US allies. So this president dad. I don't care what people say: I'm gonna do it and he did it and these appointed magnificent judges to federal Judge ships and to the Supreme Court of the guided states and and may have a chance to have another one is ratified by the? U S Senate, and he here shrunk government. He is lower taxes, he is revised. The american economy he has created, economic havoc, any ran the most
It's it's almost endless, all the good that the man has done, but he comes with with all of that. He comes with with with all of that, he comes with this price of of foolish statements that he sometimes make. That? Don't help him, don't help the cause, and so am I know that, but the, but here is that my point is a package. I give you an example It's it's pretty related, it's not identical, but it's pretty related. When I was a dating in my twenties, I married at first at thirty two, and I would and I am, I am very, very close I've. Always I close male friends, it's been a rich part of my life riches. The understated had been essential part of my life, So I call on my friend Joseph.
Learn I had an active dating life felt by column, then I would say Joseph. I am, I finally figured out them. The important thing in a woman most important shriek am in overnight and I would say- very convincing I MIT Joseph, the most important thing is brains, another date Joseph. I realized tonight. Most important trade in the woman. He go. What legal personality another time Joseph some a date tonight, nay. I think I've really discovered the most important trade and the woman you're really want mega, looks. Finally, after about a couple of years of this nonsense, I call I'm up one eye Joseph
yeah. I think I figured out the most important trade in a woman tonight and he was don't tell me. I know, and I said what I mean you know you don't even know who I went on a date with said it doesn't matter whatever trait she didn't have you'll see as the most important trade That shut me up. I never said what I now stop. Looking for the most important right am I stop calling him up with with this idiotic news. So his point was brilliant, its that's the way we operate in, oh so that or you think all if only she could have the brain this one, the looks of this one, the personality of this one the liveliness of this one, you know the ink and so on, war or he the same thing. If only I could have you know The ambition of this guy, the sensitivity of this guy, the brains of this guy, the looks of this guy it doesnt work
we're we're package we are who we are. You can improve God. Thank God, We are who we are, and you are who you are you can again improve, but at the president's age is not going to change much just the way it works generally and that's president. I have dewie wish in some fantasy world that he didn't issue such a foolish tweets. Yes, I do so why I going to do all the good he's done is not negated by those tweets. That's the point. So those who focus on that
other than the goodies done like the people on the left. Don't think he's done any good. So for them this is a non issue, but I'm talkin about the people who agree with what he has done and still don't supported because of a tweet Rapture mistake. The president, like Friends in your parents and everybody else I mentioned or packages, and that brings me. One other thing which I could spend the whole opening on moral bank accounts every.
One of us is what I call a moral bank account every time you do something good, you make it the posit every time you do something bad, you make a withdrawal. So that's that's what we all have a moral bank account and if you were in the black, which means a lot more good has been deposited in bed, is with been withdrawn. That, sir, it's worth remembering, and he is a very good bank accounts as far as I'm concerned. So it's what I wanted to cover met that clear guys. Okay, Go to your questions now I want to remind you, you know.
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on raising month and this the next two weeks. Anything you don't need is doubled. In other words, somebody will match what you give so go to the website if you wouldn't make a donation. Thank you very much question time, Regina in El Paso, Texas, twenty one years old and she's in Prager Force, Prager Force is high school in college kids, who are affiliated with pretty university and do magnificent work, thereby Fifteen hundred of them all over the world and everyone I have met, has been extremely impressive. I Regina in El Paso, what is the best way for conservatives to combat the disturbing rise of white nationalism. Wow, I'm happy West.
There is no rise in white nationals. That's a it's! A creature of the fake. And I use that term deliberately. I have no joy in saying it. The man stream media in the western world are not honest; sometimes they are, but on what matters to them they are not on us. This has been a grand lie from the beginning. There was just it, demonstration only a first anniversary of Charlottesville of Bunch of white Nationalists
What did they wanted? The Wall Street Journal say you could fit them all in a room, something like that or that twenty I never met a white nationalist. How is that possible? I've lived in the United States a long time. My whole life, I'm not young. How can we never met a white nationalist they avoid me, I mean. Have you met a white nationalists? Have you met a white nationalist? Where are they a it's? It's a creation. It's the mythical creation. Of course they exist. Everything exists. Every every weird manifestation of humanity exists. There are people on this not meant to make a joke. There are people who believe their animals. There are women who believe they are cats,
serious article on though I think was New York Times, but I never met one. Everyone. And I know thinks she's she's a human. I mean very traditional people as a general rule and so white nationalists. Gimme, a break this Alan Dershowitz, who is a lifelong liberal, lifelong Democrat, Hillary Clinton friend and supporter. If professor emeritus of a law at Harvard University, and a Jew. That's important for this comment said to me. You will see it in the movie no safe spaces. Adam parole and I are making he said in his Portman in New York City. I am not a fan aid of the Nazis. They are the past. I am afraid of
hard left there. The future that's right, he's a true liberal liberal, should fear the left, there's nothing to fear on the right. These people are nothing so watch it. Conservatives do to combat Anne and virtually non existent evil tell the country there are virtually non existent evil. Forced the media to tell the truth they spoke. About all the anti Semitism unleashed by the Trump election, there was another fake news thing. There was eighty. Probably many of you don't even remember, because these this every week the new hysteria. There was me of his story over Anti Semitism unleashed by Donald Trump. It was all a fraud all of the Jews which community centres that had these calls in a bomb threat. Ninety percent
were sent in by an american jewish kid. What mental problems live. It was living in Israel and the other ten percent were cold and by a by a black radical who wanted a frame is ex girlfriend, nothing at anything to do with the with white nationalism, or with Donald Trump. I was on CNN talking about this. I mean I remember all in all this anti Semitism Anti Semitism. Ok, next tony Fifty six Northeast Illinois, I'm a conservative atheist. It was raised a roman Catholic, I, the twelve years of Chicago Catholic Schools, my the atheists and began around the age of six there's an after life with a judgment. I feel I will be judged on the following. I led a good life being the best I can be entreated others. Well, rather than being I'm believer. What are your thoughts on this? I agree with you
I believe, in the God of the of the Torah on the first five books of the Bible and specifically judges people by their behaviour, not their faith. That's right, that's my belief. That's why I believe, as do, I believe, good Christians, good, Mormons, good Protestants, good Catholics, good Muslims, good atheists, r R. I gotta go to Heaven. However, the those who actively fight belief. I can't I can't vouch for their future people who try to undermine others. Faith in God. That's that's! That's more problematic! You don't sound like that type of person, but for your sake in this world, not the next for your sake in this world. I think you should take religion seriously. It is
better life. Let's put it this way. Take good religion seriously. This ban religion o K, Adolfo thirty six loving Texas. I was asked if God is real, why does he allowed child rape and childhood cancer? What is a good response? Will the two separate issues, as you point out, one is natural suffering. One is man made suffering a God allows nature to run its course. If God stopped every instance of cancer, then obviously would mean any medicine, and then you have another problem, because what happens then show if you walk out on a freezing night with you know with a t, shirt on and you get sick. Should God cure that disease? I I am troubled just like you emotionally, but I'm not troubled as much, perhaps intellectual,
God has allowed look. God has allowed nature, as I said, to run its course. Cancer cells do what they do. Our task is to fight cancer and conquer disease, and that's that's the ideal. I am troubled by all the diseases and the plagues that killed so many in just the flu epidemic that killed millions. It is troubling and I don't I don't have a perfect answer. I admit, but I have a good answer that isn't my Milton Steinberg a rabbi made a brilliant comment. He said the believer in God has to account for the existence of one thing: unjust suffering, which is what your car
Is about the eighty is, however, has to account for the existence of everything else. That was a very powerful refutation. What was the other part? The other power is, it did? Did we get rid of it as it gone? Give it to me back one more time, thanks Why does he allowed child rape because he allows people to be free to do evil if God stopped every rape. And God stopped every murder and got stopped every mugging And every burglary, then we would be automaton life- would be meaningless. Ok in twenty three Milwaukee Prager force.
There's this woman. I met through a group of friends and I really like that exciting. It is its exciting. However, I have trouble finding moments to ask her out. I think asking a girl out. A girl threw message is stupid, but I'm getting impatient as it ever. Ok to use messenger. This girl out, Well, I am thicker and unpopular Mamma. I it's only thing. It's unpopular case, the Prager you young people in this room with me. Right now said that that Prager you when they raise the issue, all the young people voted against using a messenger wrecked, but I want to see supposed to do if you can't find it so much. He doesn't ever phone number right. What does he supposed to do? I would say I would send a message I would, but I would I would make it very eloquent and persuasive.
And you know for a fee. Alright it for you just kitten, but the really you that now that's what you should do, listen I don't. I can't find a moment to ask you out. I would like to let me tell you a little. About me, I want to make the case They should say yes right, I'd love, I think You should be the wreck, they all this. You know all this monkeying around, I mean obviously certain extent their games played. I understand that I live in the real world I dated in the real world, but ultimately you know you re a look, what I don't know of any other toy, I'm not going to stop you. So here is my, a best shop and, I think variables we got a lot. That's that's nice, Guenaud, Scotto, star bucks. You know from one fifteen to one twenty
And if it's really good will go to one thirty, that's fine! What the hell! You know she's. Given you some minutes to make your case, that's the way it normally is. The guy's gonna make the case. Why undesirable that's the way it should be? Actually, okay, so that's that's that's my view and if you will Send her a video of this response, you go right ahead. Ok, Joshua nineteen Logan Utah Prager force. How do you feel about trumps v? Oh, you know what let me do that another time too big question so keep that for another week, Let's see how this one a lot of people ask me. This is rough. Lee Aura eighteen, New York, city, Prager Force in India, Greece, where connections and like ability, play a large part in determining success. Should people speak up in defence of their beliefs, I'm working towards becoming a professional, classical music?
fishing and I've experienced some discrimination based on my conservative values, some so unconcerned about future opportunities in this field. It's a big big problem. Let me tell you something I conducted last year at the waters me exactly. A year ago I conducted a heightened symphony, I'm variant, the classical music. I conducted a hide symphony, the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra and at the wolf this may concert hall and most prestigious holes in the world. It was a great honour for me up. I conducted a lot of my life, and so they will succeed. Controversy New York Times still an awful job reporting on Europe ordered honor they even what their own article b Santa Monica is very left and I'm conservative and
so seven out of the seventy members of the orchestra would not play when I came to conduct so fine. What do I care? I thought the news. The news was that sixty three would not that's. Wooden, but the New York Times made it sound like it was a big controversy, that's what I mean afraid media they make up hysteria. It was all the hysteria was in the media. And by the way the seven places were made up by members of the Ella Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and others who said Craig is conducting. I'm I'd like to play. That's the irony, so they had everybody there anyway,. So what happened? I mention this on the air in oh, how them former May There was making a big stinky would never returned a symphony york.
A former mayor of Santa Monica cities like an accomplice, Prager as it is, is conducting ok. Then we sold out. It was the only time warp. Isn't constable ever sold out for a regional orchestra was when I conducted so as it happens. Ok, I made the I made that works for a lot of. I don't think, a nickel anyway. As a result, I got a lot of mail from professional, classical musicians, one woman in one of the biggest orchestras of the country of the oldest wrote to me. I just want you to know No one in my orchestra knows that I'm conservative and I'm a member for thirty year, our shared. I have written to articles on this. One is about American Marinos, Emmy Oriana wish Murano would
Jews in the fifteenth century, sixteenth century who hid their being jewish because the spanish inquisition, they acted catholic publicly and were jewish privately, that's what we have in America. Obviously not gonna get killed. I'm not comparing that there's no inquisition with people getting burned, but you can't get burned figuratively, get fired! You get ostracised because the left is mean not look.
Rolls leftists or mean they. They treat us much worse than we treat them see our video. Why I left the left they Reuben, who is a liberal gay? You made a video for us why I left the left should to my shock. I found conservatives were much nicer: human beings, much more open, intellectually open and people on the left. Of course, is that isn't even a comparison? Nobody has to hide that there they have left wing views from conservatives, but conservatives have to hide their views. For people on the left so you're in a very tough situation. Not I want you to ruin your career, and yet I want you to be a Morocco is very tough.
Maybe maybe over time they could so love you I mean that you could so when people's affection and then just great, Julie lead on that. You think America is a good country that you think is real, a good country, the two countries that the left vilify the mode. If you say you round is a good country left doesn't give you would all hard time say. Israel's a good country left hates you spot part of them. The broken moral compass of the left. It's the same question from Thomas Marietta, Georgia, Prager Force, hey Dennis. Hollywood is full of liberals, but his eyes a conservative want to make movies. Should I hide my values to try and get my name up there or be honest and rich never working see. I got this. I got this in the mail all the time, I really, I wrote a column American Marinos and erode another column. The green.
Sphere in America? And you know what it is fear of the left last question is that correct, which I don't know, which one should I do Flint or Upstate New York? You don't care you're, easy, as a compliment by the way at sea. No, which want to take now take this one foot Michigan chance. Twenty Dennis in major early democratic cities. How do we preach that conservatism Way to bring everyone out of poverty and that works for everyone regardless of what the liberals preach. Well, it depends if you speaking to people who care about facts, its effortless, the only oh and L. Why- and I want you to put that in bold and
Attacks the only economic system to ever lift many people out of poverty is capitalism. Nothing else, not socialism, not marxism, not anything else. Only
Capitalism produces wealth. Socialism spends the wealth that capitalism created if they don't, if they're not prepared to accept that then you're with people who believe in a flat earth. That's that's just the way. It is the fact that most young people today think that socialism is preferable to capitalism is an ode to the Brainwash that begins in elementary school and goes through college, because it's a it's a it's a it's a terrible lie. If you care about people you care for capitalism over socialism. If you care about ideas, you will love socialism, so you have to.
Ask yourself: what do you love more people or ideas on that note, thanks for being with me from my home to yours, I'm Dennis Prager.
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