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Fireside Chat Ep. 5 - On Students Recording Leftist Professors

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Join Dennis Prager from his home study for another Fireside Chat! Recorded on Feb. 16, 2017.
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I everybody Dennis Prager here welcome to my house and my fireside chats, which I try to have every week. What's this three guys about next week, I'll be in Japan. I guess I can't they can't really do next week, but I would like to I would like to figure out a way anyway I'll be lecturing, and then Korea Korean China. Let you know all about it when I return. Thank you for being with me. My trusty bull dog, who is now lying down next to me, will make an appearance. Undoubtedly if he gets up at some point during the broadcasts So this is what I want to open up within. I'm gonna take your questions. I don't know how many of you know this, but there is again yet another recording of a professor at some college. I remember which it's completely irrelevant, which one- and He is just standing in front of the class and say
being a terrible things, awful things negative things about President Trump. And she goes on and on it wasn't even aside comment, it was basically, it seems like it see it's the essence of the class. That day was how terrible, President Trump is for I was thinking is their Emmy equivalence, on the right path. Any professors devoted a chunk? their class or repeated classes to speaking ill of president former President Obama, I would be surprised if that is numbers to cause- you always allow for one outlier but This is common now, but that's not
my one I want to talk about, and so my subjects. My subject is this: this student, who recorded this may be up for disciplinary charges On having recorded the professor and then making it available to the public. Now This is the subject. I want to talk to you about teachers opposing being recorded in their classrooms. Now I too college. When I was in my early twenties, I taught broken college and leave it or not, we had recorders. In those days they were called taper quarters. And kids, would ask me. Students would ask me- Is it all right? If I record you. And I remember my first reaction why would I do not want you to record me that I
so I kept thinking because whenever you ask something you, obviously wonder or a meeting. Lee infer what the he sent for the question is correct? if somebody says, universe, I take an umbrella out. The assumption is it's raining XO. What was the assumption here, I couldn't figure it out. Standing up in front of a classroom of what's a fifty students. Why would I do not want them to be able To be allowed to record me. Will I say something in class that I don't want a fifty first person to hear Well then, I should say it at all: if I'm be ashamed of what I say. If people outside the classroom hear me, then should be ashamed to say it for the people.
Inside the class who hear me, is that like a given, so by the way I have been lecturing for forty years and it is, it has never. Kirkeby. I always ask my record you speaking, I record your speech and I say I'm not only want you to record my speech. I want We then share it with his mebby. Threatens, is possible. Unless there is some circumstance where I'm speaking to three For people and I have very kind financial information to give- I can't think the reason why a public speaker. Inside a classroom, a church, synagogue at a at a community center on a company. I don't get it you're talking publicly by talking. So why would you be against having it recorded
Are you not proud of what you say if you're not pro, what you say shut up to begin with, don't start, I I Actually I'm angry and I have contempt for teachers who are opposed to being recorded. Means they are ashamed of what they say there was no other possible explanation. If you know of and another explanation, let me know so- please, honour these teachers. They have this honoured their professed. By saying no, I don't want any one on earth. Do you know what I have said to you morons that What they're saying you who are so stupid, it can get away with anything, but if This goes public. Well then, I'm the one who looks foolish its cause camp for the students in the class for a teacher to be
posed, let alone to legally go after somebody for recording him or her right. Aren't they saying that to you in the classroom? I can get away with anything with you, because you, Twenty year old ignore ramesses But I know that if forty year old Son, the year olds in every year olds. Hear me I m in big trouble. That's. What they're saying there is nothing else that could possibly be offered as an expert. Other than that, I don't have strong feelings on the issue. Just thought. I'd sure that with you, So if this happens you Raise this issue say: wait I don't understand. Are you afraid of what
older than twenty two might think. If they hear you, Professor Jones, that's village, it response. Ok, ok time, ogre still live By the way, a slight magazine which is on the left, incidentally, just had a huge article. On how much we ve been lied to about second hand, smoke have been saying this. My whole life. I have been a voice of almost one in the country. I knew that Statistics were fraudulent to begin with the anti spy. King zealots made it up because they Laurent getting Americans to stop smoking by telling them it's dangerous, they made up the lie that you're killing people. If you smoke and that's what did it, was the second hand. Smoke lie that was effective and since
the wrists often believe that they can lie on behalf there of their great goals. That's what happened. It was a fraud. The whole time second hand smoke doesn't do anything to kill people now. If you have asthma, somebody blow smoking your nose. Ok, that's not good, but that's it. So if you have asthma, tell somebody could you put the cigar down or the cigarette out? Ok, so. Wanted to share that with you all here we go. What can I help you with that SIRI Syria always comes up Kathleen high capital. How you doing faced with the media, the Democratic Party promptly in films, intelligence committee, much of the federal bureaucracy trying to bring president drop down. Will it even be possible for him to enact as agenda yes, yes, will, because he has
the Senate. He has the house and he has two thirds of the governors of the country. And he has the great majority of the state legislatures of the country that but it's true Those things you mentioned he doesn't have. That is why those who are not engaged in the hysteria and all hysteria with regard to him, racist, dishonest and all of that stuff. It's all it's all hysteria, its dishonest as well. Then you have to let him know that you support, but people will let him know two years at the polls. And the it won't matter. Even then, too, the media elite and to Hollywood Anti your professors and to the new, Your times editorial board but Eventually, they may realise that they are more more isolated look. By the way it listen to this work.
If, in fact, President Trump makes proper rests with regard to the inner city, a k, a black inner city? Then they them threats, may no longer have the strong hold on the vote of of black community in America, then they can't win any election. That's the reason that the left must perpetuate the lie that the Republicans or racist because they have no pause results to show Black America for being the p for whom they vote? May the five percent strong. The Democrats have done nothing for a black America, nothing, I could argue affected very of harm Black America, but What they do is they perpetuate the lie that Republicans or racist concern but it's a racist it's a racist and
that way you need- the US to protect you against all these racists, but if the guy, they ve called racist. The most turns out to actually help black In the next two years, that's it's over for a while for the for the Democratic Party, can ok Lucy High Lucy, Dennis with all the hysteria that Trump is up against. We supporters want to help him but I'm going to start protesting or making tons of noise like Democrats do? How else can We support our president first them. Well, you should read my column from last week, National Review Town Hall Dennis Prager dot com. And it is exactly about that- how the left has a monopoly on riots when you think about it,. When was the last conservative riot you experienced That's a trophy.
Let's see. So I am considerably older than those of you in your twenties and I've. Never. Don't recall one, not one. How, when was the last time conservatives blocked interests, traffic. Was alive time conservative students took over a dean's offices. Get by point. That's exam what they do because they're so sanctimonious. That's why they're, so certain that they are right and all those who oppose them are garbage. I'm, truly human garbage see We think the left is wrong, but the left things were evil speak difference. They have to say
we're evil because they can't combat our positions, so they must combat our character. That's What works it's all clear. How you can support by by posting positive articles on your facebook page, for example, letting people know that you know what they're really are some pretty effective arguments. On behalf of this president. Because they really think that all intellectual life revolves around the left and for them it's true. Because they don't read us, they don't study under us. They watch us, they don't listen to us. But we watch them, we read them. We listen to them and we study under them as I wrote in my article, we know you but you don't know us
all right, Jim. I either when Jim, what a gym answer. We don't know Dewey, be great if we had a two way possibility, Then it's a lie to members of the intelligence community abusing their surveillance powers to harm a democratically elected president. Are you thinking about your support abroad, government surveillance powers- yes. I sit down on my radio show yesterday, because I was for An essay, having trolling vast. Millions of phone calls for terrorism, because I truly believed, I I was wrong because, because I forgot how much the left can poison whatever it touches, And I really did think that if this, one community? I could trust it's the intelligence community not to use what they have for political purposes.
And I was wrong and it's a very painful wrong, not because I, like my ego, is damaged because I was wrong. Its painful for America. But it's part of my belief: whatever the left touches it ruins. We are you Diversity is a good example of your college and there that's one of the men. Examples, and now this fits it's a pretty big problem. Dennis if it's a Dennis he's not in college skies over forty, Dennis I don't understand why the left so opposed to border security to me just make sense that you should know who's coming in through your country? Can you explain why the Democrats, That's so opposed, then, issue very deep flaw in your question. Sorry to break it to you, but When you write. Doesn't it make sense if
people were guided by what makes sense everybody would be conservative. Does it make sense to raise the minimum wage so high that people put in made machines and get rid of Young waiters in waitresses in order takers, Mcdonald's, does it make sense. Does it make sense to lower the standards of a college? half of minority groups, which is an insult to those minority groups and only means that too many of them will be able to live up to the academic standards of the college that they got into because the standards were lowered to take them. No, it doesn't make sense. Does it make sense to have open borders? That is what the left wants, they wandered in Europe, they have it. The shingle rules, if you Get into Germany, you can go to any member of the European Union with no passport, no visa, nothing, no passport. Even
no, I d, just drive just walk. That's their dream, a borderless world Why it's a dream? Frankly, I really don't think it's a beautiful thing that countries have their own culture there. They want to preserve their own heritage little. Albania would like to preserve albanian and not become Fifty per cent german or fifty percent french or fifty percent bulgarian. I am not the old Amiens to survive. I think there's something beautiful, but the quota. Hillary Clinton was caught on when she was running for president. You may recall what she wants open, borders. William, hello, William Dennis. If you are offered a common position by republican President, in which position do you think you could do the most good that's ray question. I have actually thought about it. I wouldn't want any of the common positions this
The position that I would like. I would like to be sent around the world in a she'll capacity to make the case for american values like to go to college. It's all over the earth and make a case for these values. America's trinity take a look at my book. I explain it Still, the best hope is the name of the book, and it explains the difference between them can leftism and islamic, and I would like to speak on that all over the world like speaker about it all over America, see the reason. So very it's a personal question, U S oral answer and a personal way. I think I need. I am neither need a lighter visa. My dream has ever been? Thank you has never been to have power. I have no interest in power. It is interesting to me
the Gulf Mouse, for some of you. That makes no sense cause your passion about golf and I understand, but I'm not and so, or if this might be a better analogy its is it power interests me as much as darts. I dont think most of you, most european, get it the darts. Ah, I am interested in influence. That's why this Prager University? That's! Why we're radio show that's why I write books while lecture? That's, why I'm doing this right now I want to influence people. I don't want any power over anyone. So that's why I have I am not suited to that life, but I would like to be so in that sense to a certain degree, I'd like to be vice president, because then you don't have to do much, but your voice is heard. That's what I would like.
Amy High Amy vanish in today's world is very difficult to find that first job without having a college degree on your resume? Yes, Your child to college is playing russian roulette with their values, but water will alternative. Is there? I understood am I blame employers for this truly moronic idea? They never would have high Abraham Lincoln the Unabomber they go to Harvard? So it's it's totally irrelevant its. Sweet time going to college should be relevant to an employer is, if I have to, No, that you have a certain body of knowledge. If I am running a physics lab I want to know you got a better bachelors or a masters or a Phd in physics. Tat makes perfect sense.
But beyond that, without a specialised, usually scientific body of knowledge that needed to be mastered. Its pointless. So I really do blame employers they. They are big part of the problem, if colluded at, to make to make you broke and by sending your kids to a university, Having said that, since sometimes it, it still is helpful, I have to acknowledge that in terms at resume just. Send them right after high school. I just
about this on. My radio show today, in your shovel check into the radio, show its three hours a day that I have to really talk about life, and I talked about this for a whole, our about where I'll write you should do with regard to your child or what you should do yourself in regard to going to college. The first thing is: don't go straight out of high school. This is this: is every parent, I begged them, don't and be aware that its russian roulette. So I have advocated three things like this for many many years, one work for a year at least a year. The more knowledge of real life you get. You get. No knowledge of real life from academia. Academia is a world of fury, work is, is the real world, and that's why
its ideal and the ideal work is a waiter or waitress. If the winter act with people- and you have the smile when you're in a bad mood, these great great. I also advocate the sending your child for a month or two to Israel. The reason is that first of all, at the roots of western culture is the land of the Bible, but the bigger reason is they're. Gonna hear two countries vilified at college, the United States and Israel. Well, they ve lived in America and if they believe the vilification of America there's nothing, I can do but at least if they go to Israel they will see what a decent place it is and then they'll come back and they'll hear all these lies about Israel and then they'll start wondering g. If my preferred
sir, are lying about Israel? Maybe they're not telling me the truth about America or about a whole host of other things and v. So those were two things in the third thing is they should watch every single Prager University video during the year between high school in college, if they haven't already, and they should write a synopsis of every single one and if you need to bribe them, bride them so lucky, then College Jeff Dennis since I could never get this question through the screen or on your radio show. Do you prefer bows or clips speakers, sir,
You are asking we might favoured question to talk about audio equipment as well, as it happens, bows is for both a fine product. A bows is not generally for the audio file, the person who is used to very discerning, a sound from from speakers headphones and so on, which is what they make, and I think that Both may not agree with me on the headphones are put on speakers by the way their tabletop speakers were great, but I think you mean larger. I didn't even know both made larger speakers. Klipsch has a terrific brand, but there are many terrific brands. That's what people say. What's the best stereo this, but it's like saying it's like asking: what's the best food you have to listen and then you make up your own mind you, but you must listen and you
Should go to audio shows as the best way to compare. Why look at that? It sit for today there's a real joy for me, Sid, don't forget, go to pray University, dotcom than is Prager Vodka, and I think that pretty much exhausted You will really love my evening last night with Adam Carolla that is on. Where did it? Where should they go to see that our facebook page so until next time? Thank you from my home on Dennis Prager.
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