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Fireside Chat Ep. 50 - Freedom, Historical Facts, And Marriage

2019-02-04 | 🔗
This week, Dennis speaks about freedom, historical facts, and religious marriage. Check it out! Recorded on Aug. 31, 2018.
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Ivory body welcome to my head: I'm Dennis Prager, Prager, university and other areas of life this by fireside chats just about every week from my home to yours or every watching me actually, probably not watching me, home underwear people do watch this. Are you watching this on an airplane on a bus com, hopefully in the passenger seat, wherever you are, it's good to be with you, it's a real fire that one I'm talking about, but this one, but I want to talk about this one. So we just got word Facebook that they will not allow it to promote the
fireside chat, or at least the last one was not promoted as a result of some people, apparently complaining or Facebook, noting that I smoke a cigar during the event. So I was thinking of a lot about this and I really want to talk to you, especially if you are a young person. I have mentioned this, I think in the past. The America that I grew up it is so different, then, the America that you are growing up in and the area I'm thinking of his freedom. There was so much more freedom. The in the American, though I grew up with now, interestingly, might say or say well maybe every generation to set my true, the Thee, my parents group in America and they pithy America. They grew up and was just as free,
or, I should say the america- I grew up and was just as free as the American. My parents grew up and there was no change. There were technical technological changes. Of course they did, they didn't grow up with airplanes, and I grew up with airplanes. Ok, that's that's fair, but everybody understands a technology changes generation after dinner,. It's the diminution of freedom. That is so utterly dramatic m. Almost more than anything I mean when I think of I've just about anything I'll give you an example. Age of seven, I flew who, from Miami, where my amp, my dear beloved Chippy, who still with us and still in Miami am I dear beloved, aunt, Chippy lived in my Army, Miami Beach and we lived in New York, and so my parents,
send me to visit my my aunt, for For weeks at a time I stay, but they didn't care if I miss school at another example of freedom it in third grade it did not eat it. My power since then I might miss a month of school. Somehow I figured I might catch up with sea, see you spot run, which probably what I was learning than I do? I don't know when or in that's how we learned how to read, and we learned a very well you looked at work you sounded out. Was it fanatics it actually works? I can't think of a better way to work. We sound out the letters voila death is
where'd anyway, so by parents would send me down- and I remember at seven seven- actually that's my seven, not yours, and I think that should be or seven at the age of seven. I flew home alone from Miami to New York alone. It was a nun issue. Nobody had to sign any papers, I didn't get charged the fee. I didn't have to be greeted at the at the airport. Officially they didn't stewardess didn't have to excuse me flight attendant. We call them stewardesses them. Ah, a flight attendant didn't have to walk me off and nobody could Kenneth men. Amazing, nothing happened. Kids could fly on their own
and that's what I did. One second was that my phone, that's always embarrassing. I always have it on. I don't understand how that happened. It's on vibrate, so it can't be my phone. Oh it's the question. I knew it wasn't me. It was not me just want you to know, So anyway, so I went, I flew from Miami to New York is a very it's. It's it's a family, traditional story. Now it's it. It's entered the realm of sort of legend, but it's true. So not only did I fly alone and nobody gave a hoot, I flew alone and my parents arrived the airport late which never once I remember I remembered the story is one of my earliest memories.
And they came late. I didn't I didn't care, it never struck me as all my parents not love me or what will happen to me. My parents are not there to greet me so I went to the luggage. I got my own luggage and here is the family law for the family, story. So they saw what we just as they walked in. They saw me tipping a sky cap whom I have asked to take my luggage, so I am so proud of that story. I mean I've done. Hopefully many things I'm proud of, but there's nothing, I'm more proud of that. I tip the guy
seven that cause it's important is an important thing and, and then they walked in, and I said, hi and everybody went home. There was a non issue that I flew alone. You understand it was a non issue we were allowed to do that. The US She was your parents knew what they were doing if they allowed you to fly alone. Nobody was kidnapping. You you tell me the last time an american child was kidnapped at an airport. Has it ever happened? Maybe it has ever happened, but maybe somebody arranged it without it. Doesn't it doesn't happen? It's sought a danger. I flew my. I have a deer beloved nephew nephew that I bring out the to my wife and I bring out to our home from New Jersey every year, and we ve been doing this for a number of years now,
And it is astonishing, the amount of paperwork and- and that has to be filled out, I believe at fifteen, at the age of fifteen. If you can't take care of yourself at fifteen, you are pathetic or disabled. That's a separate issue, Guy get them, but he's not he's not disabled, neither mentally or physically. The country is disabled, because and all of this, why did I get to all of this? I'm going to come back to this, the cigar, the deprivation of freedoms in the name of safety, not to mention the name of hate speech, I mean you name it. Every arena is less free. A fifteen year old, can't get on an airplane and and that's it, you have.
Oh and the airlines, to total gimmick with the airlines. They know because of these The attic laws they commend charge you at least a hundred dollars. I mean serious amount of money now It's ok for me, a hundred dollars. I am, I am blessed I've a good income, but for a lot of people Hundred dollars is not insignificant, especially the ticket is two hundred dollars. That's that's a fifty percent increase on the ticket because the because it's a fifteen year old child. What? If I don't want my fifteen year old to be taken care of what I actually think my fifteen year old is an adult or can be treated like an adult note, doesn't matter.
So that's it just one: it's one has another. Might my mother would send me to what we used to call candy stores in Brooklyn New York, where you know you by newspapers and candy paper and pans and in a way it's just like anything. You want to basically lotta make genes news I said newspapers yet so my mother, which I remember my mother saying to me- I babe, have been eight years old. She said here is. If you give me money, I get me some cigarettes, so I bought my mother cigarette today,
if somebody would sell an eight year old up a pack of cigarettes, the big they would, they would be they be on a business they might be arrested. I didn't want, I didn't bite for me and I can't even take I can't even take I couldn't take. My kids are both older than eighteen. I couldn't take my kids with me where I would smoke a cigar and a cigar cigar lounge as they call it.
He couldn't even enter at seventeen, not enter now. You'll all say not all, but many will say oh well. This is for the safety of the kid and secondhand smoke and third hand, smoke and fourth hand smoke and first hand nonsense. That's what it is. I've talked to you about second hand. Smoke. You should do the British Medical Association. The bunking of the second hand, smoke myth all these. Fifty thousand people, the statistic in America dying of secondhand smoke. Please see, there's always a reason to deprive people of freedom. Health is a reason to deprive people of freedom. Safety is a reason. Hate speech is a reason, bad feelings, bullying. Now, I'm not for bullies being free to bully. I hate, bully I've always hated bullies. I beat up bullies and got
It got a school a lot for beating up boys. I hate Bobby's. I've spent my life fighting bullies, but the police today other people who were believe us into no freedom. That's I run that's the irony, but it's always in the name of something good anti bullying is a good thing, but there's always there's always a deprivation of freedom in the name. Ups of something. Elbows. Freedom is always secondary, truth and freedom are always secondary to some other wonderful concern. So now back to the cigar, so Facebook does not allow a guy who's. Talking to people was.
Looking a cigar too to what is the word publicize is at it promote. We can't promoted I'm talking to you about wonderful things in life, but act. We can promote it where we couldn't the last time we caught on rocking a cigar, so they bought the nonsense. First of all,. Cigars or not, are not in the same danger. Universes cigarettes as it happens, and by the way. when all of this crazy. The hysteria over tobacco arose, and I fully admit that cigarettes- cigarettes in particular are dangerous facts or facts, and my motto, unlike this first tell the truth and give your opinion that's a fact, but this is not particularly dangerous at all, because you don't inhale cigars. You inhale cigarettes. Ninety nine percent of Americans don't even know that this
staggering difference between cigarettes and cigars, but a tobacco tobacco, but I wrote that I wrote a long essay a long time ago this something morally broken about a society that goes after tobacco and not alcohol. How many I have any kids are abused by by a an adult whose just smoked a cigarette and I'm against cigarettes, but let's be honest, zero right! This tobacco ever cause anybody to lose their conscience and abuse a child. I suppose to alcohol, how many? How how many spouse.
is in girlfriends, have been beaten up after somebody got drunk if somebody drink alcohol, but alcohol, smelter hall, it's no big deal tobacco. That's the killer, the it's so sick, because there's no moral upshot you! If you hurt yourself, you hurt yourself, but you don't hurt others. After tobacco, you hurt others after alcohol. Anybody here how many people were killed by smoking drivers as opposed to drinking drivers. Get my point and by the way to work Facebook I got a question, can any can do you
Folks not allow any movie from before one thousand nine hundred and seventy to promote itself or for that matter, after one thousand nine hundred and seventy, if somebody smoking in it, I'm just curious. What's the difference between that and then how about Churchill, the Savior of a Britain
western civilization against the Nazis guy smoke the cigar all day every day. You know by the way there there is, if one, what one of the Churchill museums in London has actually photoshopped cigars out of Churchill's hand or mouth sick. I'm telling you you you, you don't know how sick it is. I do because I lived in a healthier America. That's why I'm God was it freer? Just now, if my father, my thought, I give you another example. You know how many parents are visited by child protective services or even have there.
Drink taken away, if they allow them to walk on their own at the age of eight just take a walk of this is I report this on. My radio show regularly and I dont report all the cases I have every there would report a case. Yes, some some sick.
person reports. Oh I saw I just the other day. I wish I hadn't story in front of me: three kids, the three kids together and end. They were taken away from the parent, that's child abuse done by the state. To one of the reasons, I don't trust the state difference between a conservative and liberal in one sentence: do you trust the state? No, I don't guess I don't trust. People with power period came the less power, they have the better. Generally some people eat up power, police Nita Power, or they will be moral chaos. They will be violence and criminality rampant. We all understand that one out.
Maybe later, but I forgot to bring a lighter to Maya to my a lighter. So this is that this is another example of of the lesser lesser freedom that your generation has.
fewer young person, but you don't know it because you didn't grow up in a previous generation. Obviously so to you, this is normal. You know their kids, you even say our multicultural protective services on you. When I was a kid parents were authorities, not government, the better world do some with some parents. Terrible yes, of course, is no guarantee of anything in life, cept taxes and that that's not an that's, not original to me. By the way I just wanna take credit for great fine. It's a great line, and some mine wary way right. I'd just like to know what they wouldn't facebook allow the promoting up a film on Churchill.
Like will be smoked, all the time smoked cigars. I am curious to I don't know the answer. If I were sitting here and I had let's say a margarita with day- not allow us to promote. If I was sitting at a margarita, I don't happen to drink alcohol, but not of moral.
Fervour, but because I just don't enjoy it, but let's say I did not say or a wine glass of wine I don't know. Maybe the answer is yes, they wouldn't allow. You know you guys know. Maybe we don't know be an interesting question it, sir. The examples are legion about the deprivation of freedom are right for me to go to your questions here that Facebook militant somehow you can handle it. If you watch a guy smoking a cigar, you know you really really, even though you don't somehow or other, it's not not high on your list of awful things. The meanness that I can advocate here without a cigar
I can tell people the whole time to be kind and beautiful out. I try to do, but I have a cigar. I write your kiss your civil, clear, our eye and Emily twenty six Irvine. California. Do you think that calling someone a self hating Jew is equivalent to the black community, calling someone an uncle Tom? Should the jewish community avoid using the term self aiding do so as not to legitimize the use of the term uncle Tom? Ok, let me the second part is very easy. One has nothing to do with the other. If there was the uncle people call blacks Uncle Tom lacks a call. Blacks uncle Tom have now taken their lead from Jews who call some jus self hating juice.
There's no there's no conjunction between the two: there really are self hating Jews. I've never met a black who who devoted his life to hurting blacks, but there have been very many Jews, not many more than a few who have devoted their life. For example, there are many Jews who devote their lives to hurting Israel. Is there? Is there any black who who is devoting his life to hurting a black african country? I don't think there's one. If there were you call him a self hating black, the people, they call Uncle Tom's or people who want good for blacks, but the differ with left wing positions on blacks. So what they've done is the same thing with the word racist, the left pulls everybody every term they can, because they have no intellectual base.
For their arguments, so why what they do is that's a black, for example, like Larry Elder Larry Elder was one of those brilliant humans. I know is black my colleague Salem radio. You can hear him many parts of the country you could hear among the internet and you can read and Larry's Black and Larry takes issue with the idea that the phoney arguments, omby that are so called on behalf of blacks, like it's a good thing to lower, echoed academic standards for black students, is just an insult. The blacks, that's how he looks out he's insulted, is a black that people would lower standards because of my skin color wise. That's another he's called an uncle Tom, but he's in fact trying to help
Black community, as is Tom Soul as his Walter Williams, there are so many blacks and every black who isn't the left. Winger is called him Uncle Tom, so it's a phoney term, its dislike racist and and and designer phobic, and all the other terms. The left uses to dismiss the decency of people they differ with, but self hating Jews really do exist. I am sorry to say: can it be over used? Every turn could be over used, but in objective reality they exist. O K, Zack, twenty nine Houston.
Texas, Dennis my wife, is recently out of the army, and I am in the process of joining the air force. Thank you both once I am in unlike to invest for our future. What a small investment decisions I can make in today's economic climate. Ok, I'm flattered that you would ask me, but when God gave out abilities, he gave me some, but I, when he gave up general abilities in other arenas, I was not in line when it came to business investment. I didn't even know the line was there, so I didn't get much talent the net arena, but my my immediate instinct, based on just my immediate instinct, you have to look further, is in the course of my lifetime. Real estate has just been a consistent, the winner of overtime. Everything is overtime them at our stocks have been too overtime if you're gonna take losses and you gotta be able to sustain the losses waiting for the the market, real estate or stock to ultimately include, but your young enough, that it should matter- and I would invest I in an apartment, Doria or a house, and.
that's it. It's a very good. It's good equity! It's it's good for renting and it's good for a nest. Egg. If you'll be ok, Diego nineteen in the Ribeiro owl does Knavish mean asked get Eyes Brazil. Now, if I pronounced that word right, happy man, nineteen years old, the ego, I would like to know what do you think about the lack of respect that the world and especially young people, are developing towards facts and history? For example, the disregard for sacrifices that had been made to ensure freedom exists, while you being taught by people who have a disregard for facts, you know it so bad. The left the left to take over the universities means that facts don't matter and by the way they admitted they emit it. Even in the sciences where they are that we pray university. We'll have a video coming out in a few weeks by Heather Mcdonald, one of the great the writers of our times rights for the year and had an institute city Journal and Heather shows how more and more science department, physics and other.
And other departments of science say getting the right all called getting all the right answers or getting all the answers right unquote is not as important as diversity you here that in the sciences course, the only thing that counts in science is getting the answers right, not who gets the answers right, getting the answers right. So the example you gave of you know about people who sacrificed for freedom, that that's that's another example, but even in the science and its a valid example, how many people know about the american loss of thirty seven thousand young men in Korea, thirty, seven thousand to keep Korea free or lease the southern part of Korea, Free Debbie Sixty to ask indeed of California what is the best way to convince your jewish child to marry a Jew? Well, first, let me explain to every body almost
everyone who is committed to their religion wants their child to be to marry someone committed to their village it I'm at by the way that makes perfect sense. The odds are with all the challenges in any marriage. If a catholic marries a Catholic, if they're, both believing Catholics, it will help
Gimme the angelic or marriage and other Christian. It will help before Mormon marries a Mormon. It will help so same thing with Jews. It's just if calving religion in common is a big help, because the children come how we gonna raise them will be baptized them. We we Burma bar mitzvah them mean they're, just endless questions. What type of school we send them to? Will we ever go to synagogue? Will we ever go to church? If we go to church will be a catholic church? Will it be a Mormon Temple? Will it be a protestant church? I mean that these are. These are questions that, when you're in love you don't think about, but eventually have to confront with regard to what.
Specifically, I I've never quite understood the argument of an of an unknown religious, jewish parent that their child to bury a Jew. If they don't share Judaism, what do they share ethnic city? Do you think a spanish all have to marry Hispanics Latinos left the Merry Latinos or or blacks all have the merry blacks and a bet. You don't think that way, so I've I've always wondered why a secular jus would be insistent on their child, bearing a Jew on on what grounds, especially if their liberal, because liberalism is open minded or a religious jus, has an organ.
Based on religion, for what does a non religious to have an argument based on okay? No, no, how do you pronounce? No? No, not Noah alright anyway, it just says no, I know eighteen Anaheim, California, hey Dennis hey I'm wanting those bore faith and to try to trying to rekindle my faith in God, though I feel, since I am gay, it is difficult for me to do so. Homosexuality in Christianity can I achieve what I.
To pursue any advice, woe boy! I got a lot, I know a lot of a religious. A lot is maybe overstating, I know a fair number of religiously committed a gaze, and I noticed this. This is disturbing to some of my best friends in the christian community who believe that you cannot be a gay and christian at the same time unless you are live alone and not met with another gay men or another gay woman. I I understand their arguments. They don't want people to think that Christianity is saying yes to homosexual conduct, and I agree I, Christianity and Judaism,
That's a yes to homosexual come. We have to be real, but if you are gay you I don't know why you, you would not still take God and the Bible seriously. I want you to manage a struggle. Then then I fully and I'm not gonna, tell you what to do, but I could look. I'm writing a twenty thousand word peace on the Bible and homosexuality or come out in one of my five. I am commentaries on the first by books of the Bible called a rational bible volume. One is out exodus school, the rational Bible, sport, alot of people really reviews on Amazon. I made a plum asking you to see how it is change people's lives. It's meant to change people's lives in the third book of the first five books call avidity us. I will explain in twenty thousand words why the Bible frowned upon homosexual conduct. In a nutshell, every says-
eighty before it did not frown upon homosexual come. This is it this is news to most people. It was news to me when I did my research, and so what you had was in very many
societies when men want. This is amazing to modern people. When men wanted sexual pleasure, they often sought young men. Women were for babies, young men were for sexual pleasure and the Bible came along. It said no. The place for sexual pleasure is marriage with a woman. That's what it is about their lot more to say: I've, twenty thousand words to say it. But at least I wanted you to have a respect and all of you listening much as gaze, but I have I have met seriously religious gaze and that you should you should be in touch with them, but dont dismissed the Bible or, in your case Christianity, because you're gay, it's a terrible loss in life. Andronicus nineteen was Angeles. Dennis is the ear of today's radical left nearing the end of its course you gotta be kidding. I wish my column this week. I have a syndicate. Column comes out every Tuesday, it's at its at the town, hall, Dotcom, national review, dot, com and many other websites and, of course, my own, and it is about the way, the conflict between western civilization and the left, not liberals, the left and how I show example after example, how their it they differ with one another. It's a very big problem. What happened is Christianity died in the west, but religion never dies. Christianity may have for much of the west, but religion doesn't their religion is secular religion and it's called leftism marxism, socialism, communism, feminism, environmentalism and, by the way, I'm pro female equality and improve the environment, but I dont worship the environment, it's not. These aren't religions. I have a religion. My.
Case Judaism, I don't need a secular religion, but people mean meaning more than anything else, and religion won't. Give it secular religion will give it so we're in trouble, but doesn't mean I'm answering as your question it is. That is hardly the end of the radical left by the way radical left them left is pretty much identical, left and liberal, or not identical file. Question Corey, thirty, eight Fort Worth Texas. Do you like cake? And if so, what's your favorite kind of cake asking me if I like cake is almost like asking if I'd like to breathe, I do like breathing, I eat cake. Rarely because I try to cut sugar a lot, but I love cake. Don't love cookies, but I do love cake. The answer we want. What kind of cake now was? The question here is my very sad answer
Any what can I tell you all right, everybody. What am I going to tell you the freedom issue wishes is perplexing. It's disturbing not perplexing people urine for many things more than liberty. America was founded on a yearning for liberty, and in that regard it has been unique. Maybe it won't be so unique as the years go on, it'll become more normal and liberty will lessen that's my fear. Thanks for being with me, I'm Dennis Prager and see you next week.
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