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2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis talks with Louder with Crowder's Steven Crowder on the latest Fireside Chat. Check it out! Recorded on Sep. 6, 2018.
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While I agree, but I'm Dennis Prager an as I tell you every week, this is my home. It really is. This is my study. This is my fireplace but no cigar for the first time since I began doing the fireside chats because, as I explained to you last week, the folks at where is it that the Facebook yes said we could not promote a video that had any cigar smoking in it. So, as I said last week, maybe I should have told them it was marijuana and then
and I wouldn't have been an issue I I spoke last week as to my philosophy of life and about enjoying life without taking ridiculous risks. So I'm not going to repeat any of that, but that is the reason for no cigar the reason I normally cause people to notice what they probably haven't, but some have I yeah I had about eight. My foot stepped into a little hole coming out of a restaurant two nights ago and I fell face forward. So I have a beautiful black eye. The rest is invisible thanks to a great make up artist, I'm fine. I just wanted to explain that my guest did not punch me. I wish I had a great story about somebody in me. The opposite political realm came over and punch me and nothing nothing.
Dramatic like that anyway? I welcome it is great to be with you. As I always explain, this is truly an opportunity to have completely unscriptural talk about everything and anything that you ask, but today's very special because very very rarely do I have a guest on the fireside, China My radio show regularly but fear it's really just you and I, but in this case this guy's very special Andy, Stephen prouder, who needs no introduction to about eighty seven point: four percent If you would you say that that is accurate, you I have no idea how many near dwells watch this shell, but if there is a significant percentage than that sounds about right. I would imagine your audience is more productive. I appreciate you. I appreciate that the very kind introduction and now- and I will give you a kind introduction- you're a terrific person- you are great vow.
Use your very funny, you're very eloquent. Now that's the real good introduction and you Have your own show louder with crowd or which I have been on quite a number of times and a lot of people. You have its tremendously US visit, tell everybody bail out or with crowd around yourself now that I've introduced you, you introduce well. Thank you very much whether that was overly kind. I feel like I've gotta have a tough act to follow. Just in the things that you ve said about me, but you know it's laboratories, Leirus cutter dot com. People can go check it out, artists on Youtube as long as the overlord so allow us there. It's basically a late night show, and I you know I happened to be conservative. It's not it's on a park assets of forty four minute late night programme in you. Don't we shouted to do. The show that I always wished existed. I when I grow up. I was really early. Letterman was my thing, my parents to take it on VHF s end than they would give him fast for the participation watch, but Rupert Dally Larry, but no man. That was what I grew up on and now everything is so far left with late night. That's that's really what the show is and if you look for something to go to go to,
It was in and get the news of the day in and not wanna. You know, hang you're. So how do people find it tell them exactly what to do just either Google search mine it? Why can't say Google anything lot with tragedy, com and not a link to the Youtube or if you join up adders a mug club there. My Youtube channels are linked in line with current icon- that's a central hub that hopefully they can take away so honey I'll get successful. I mean, thank God. I was successful at a very young age, but it was it was it took such a bizarre. A constellation of things to happen here? How does a normal, talented person like you get successful? So young is a pride swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about now: it's! U isolate. Acting when I was twelve doing voice worth in
It is out of the training, keep the bold I got a call from now on. I wasn't sure what he really was on. My wife, when all is said, is adorable dawn and it's gonna work. You can pull dogs are very near them anymore. He walks it it's fine, so I was acting varying in a big way. You re, we wait till you began as an actor yeah sector, yeah voice actor and in commercial television film and then we're in Montreal Montreal. My first I was a kid show called Arthur in Arthur. The aardvark where I was talking are no yeah. Third, the ardour. Yes, I was the brain- was a smart and around in setting in c. I have no idea, I don't know you have kids authority innocently round and owners of you guys have seen it. They'll know that most popular that is a big deal giving you know it's true about our yes, it was actually the most watch family show in the nineties. The top ten show, they're right number, six, everything else.
Your friends your way. You were the voice for Arthur the art for no, I actually. I went into audition to do Arthur and out because a guy grew out of it and they were looking for new, Arthur and amiably said now: you're, not right and sent me home packing and so suggesting. I was another audition I just just absently, just just missed, and I then call them. We ended in English or French English only speak French. Yes, I do speak frankly. That's what I thought I was special needs until the fourth grade, because I was in french school. I speak French, but I can't learn math in French. At least not well, and then they said you know what come back. If you can do an impression of the kid who grew out of the role for the brain, which was a smart friend, was a bare so Aardvark a Bare has a pet dogs. Mason was drop in acid when they wrote. But I went in You're, really good impression, the brain, so I was the second brain. And then they fired me when I was thirteen. Is it your voice changed? And I said no, can do, is get out of here so fired at thirteen
ok and then the union sort everything down in Canada that the actors, unions, and so I started doing, stand up in my my ten years and that just took me right now: chewed pilots into every crime. A club you could imagine- and then I will show you always wanted to do something in enact. That's the only everyone- and it was was, was funny so interesting can I but everything else. You know when you can now and not very good at like, and we now know that you can make its life. You're. Being your being self critical, which is fine, it's is actually feet self esteem, but the the point is, from my perspective, its eerie that were Justin, born with certain dispositions, I mean you were born to be a comedian in effect, yeah I think I was going to do what I'm doing right now, honestly, which is both because I know you from the serious side yeah with value. That we share, which obviously will get into in a moment, but that was
is if someone would have said that you would fourteen. What do you want to be when you grow up? You would have said I wouldn't laws, one point I would have said may award winning actor until I realize it was corrupt, and I said you know I'll settle for late night host so. I was like my safety harboured. You know that. And then not it. Consumers must constantly complain about wears a conservative later wears a conservative daily. When I will say I was amongst them, nor the Fox NEWS for four and a half years and pitching day in and day out, the show that we do now and then I was always told this will never work. Conservatives don't do funny. This isn't what they like wider Why would people show that? I you know I was tree irony is I don't find a left wing humor funny? It's mean yeah, I'm fine mean for me, so fine funny, funny witty funny. You mean, is kind of objectives, are right now, A meme is the point of it is to hurt the target
not too lampoon not to make you know nice for up to two lamp, I don't. I never like that. I am totally anti humiliating people lived in that quite well. We didn't, I did you a parity of Barbarossa painting, remember Barbarossa Piazza via painted Mohammed, ok, fine. Not the same thing. You know me, I don't know if you know how to get mad about it thought. Ok, that's fine, but I'm not sure you know how to be mean and that's why you rescue floods, Mimi as objective view toolbars, and thinks that on me right. They think that that's mean the Mohammed thing. Isn't it wasn't a girl that long ago will know what that's not mean, that's taking a position on freedom? Yeah! That's that's! On free expression, that's not an issue of mean well if you were to, if you were to take a muslim person from the audience and saw making fun of them. That's me right, but to take it position on hello,
I'm in the west, I am allowed to draw Jesus or Mohammed or Moses or Buddha or or trump an end. That's not mean right now. I think I think I wouldn't. I would go a little bit further insane, not necessarily mean but mean spirited, and I think is a different story some company can be mean different people, because I don't like to target, but there's a difference between that and a mean spirited nets that you see in certain comedy. I think that's private. What bothers people like you in myself, ok, bullying! yes, bully a humiliating, that's the one! That's why I'm like. What's his name, the who's, the guy? We saw movie with him where he, where he leads people onto believe We have our at yeah I'd, hee hee, humiliates people, not everybody. Some some are genuinely funny, obviously is very witty, but but leaving people on by acting
something else. I don't find that funny because you're taking a person's trust and mocking them for yeah. So, ok, that's just an example of to me over the top but anyway. So that's what you want it to be, and so you got into it. We first I mean you clearly now It was a long time in time. The guy thirty one were running avenues of me a break, but I've been doing this and since about seventeen professionally, Yes, what do you mean? It took a long time well. I guess I've been watching you from between three and seventeen. We use it you're successful young. Well, yes, I was all I was. I was lecturing a twenty one. I wrote my first book at twenty five. Ok was so that's what I mean. I feel. Obviously I just didn't get done time. What bench appear on yourself? No use plain carnage, call it what, when I'll catch you and how I will he because you thirty why're, you know I really like I'm an underachiever, take five, I fair enough.
Be that as it may, you were successful young Europe. What you're doing what you want now, yes, tell everybody what it is you're doing, although many? No yes, it's worth it since the late night. Just to show that I always wanted to do when I was at Fox NEWS when I was doing stand up enough. When I say I feel like I was his undo. What I'm doing now, I wasn't I will says I was a good Stanhope comedian, but I would watch people ethnic APOLLO and get sad because I go. I can never be as good of a community sneaked. He just born to be the best stand up. There is, but I could do pretty good impressions ragged. I can do some characters. It maybe guys like him couldn't, but I couldn't really incorporated onstage with what we do now. You know we do jokes and monologues, and we also know that the sort of diving segments that maybe aren't as funny but more informative along with sketches and impressions. It's just going to have me on its pretty sure you stuff. Yet it's turning the villain. You do both yeah. We do both
I really am. I feel, very bless to be free to do the kind of showed I wished existed when I was in my twenties and what I love to do now. Do you have folks you don't? without all the time- and that is that it is not meant as a joke is at a comedy porters. No, no, it's a serious part right biggest ever done something changed my mind and that's where I just go onto a campus eyeball have abandoned says there are only two genders says my mind and unaided interviews, change. Anyone can sit down. Interviews, that's can sit. We want the White House in following us. Donald Trump is not a fascist changed my mind and we had one conversation was very productive where the kitten to change his mind and we had one lady who sat down and aspirated Mean yelled at me. So yeah we, We can do a lot of different, saying. Well assured the lady who sits Amand just yells at you is not a dialogue now, but I think it's important for will the sea on edited both that there are some people who can sit down on the left, who are not beyond hope in out who are open minded whose minds can be changed and there are some?
people who are just so dyed in the wool that you actually gonna make an example of them, for the people who are listening is minds can be You grew up in Montreal. What took you to the United States was born in Detroit, which really could just be annexed and given a candle, if you wanted to my mom was frantic pleaser West, yes, exec willow, more crime, and then I've always wanted to come back to the United States, because no, why people, Canada, I had teachers who hated. Do you notice, I d teacher of corn? I say her name, MRS Lake. Doesn't minorities that yet authority s verses late, like looking back, she was clearly a lesbian and clearly afar. Does she paraded my dad for half an hour on the Vietnam WAR, the parent teacher conferences and my dad? And looking back, I understand why, when I failed her class, my dad but usually get mad in say anything new, but out because I grew up in a concept training with awaited vast there's this anti american streak in Canada. That made me identify with it even more.
All right. When I was your age, I would do I've never stop travelling and but I would travel at your age. I would bump into Americans who would have the maid belief, although they were get guff. Yes, yeah, yeah, imagine, Europe there much friendlier to Canadian, that's right and yes, I I noise me a whole lot, I'm very ashamed of our Prime Minister right now, I think, is at a national and bear you. From the best world leader to one of the worst Stephen Arbour was Ronald Reagan. Yes, I said that all the time he exactly right reflect we're. Having a with the next Prager, you Oh great, yes, will be our guest yeah. He might actually be in video on our programme by the way, you'll love. This ok do not worry I'll Armenia when alone will love that you will love this. The sorry to say the Lay Charles Grammar who was from Montreal when I grew up in Montreal and
I asked him my show once because I never asked to political questions, because we want the inherent politically it so easy to having some. But I asked him human question, so I said charging Robin Canada so, in a nutshell, what's the biggest difference between Canada, the United States and in this it was typical of his speed that he came up with a brilliant answer. It is with having to breathe. You settle Dennis I'll. Tell you the difference, the the what is- american model life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness from the declaration of independence. What is the canadian motto from its declaration of independence, although not called out whenever this declaration is peace? Order?
good government right yeah thought, that's brilliant, the difference between life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and peace order and good government boyfriend speeches exists there and people in United States. When I tell them, for example, where I talked about one of the change my mind was hatred, pay speeches, not real change, my mind and we had some guys freaking out on me in Burlington. Vermont places no Bernie territory where there is a good example of Bernie was on that flight. If you wanna hear that story towards about meanness, but you know
comedians on my shell, who were left when I was working. The circuit and Canada who mock Stephen Harper and now have been put before human rights tribunals because of jokes and now that's what's turned them right wing. I was always dumbfounded. Remember when there is the election. Everyone got on stage of this place. Comedy works in open MIKE night and a more just just complained, ripping into Stephen Harper. I was going to do. You know he's the only guy who isn't trying to silence your ability to make a living. They never understood it in a lot of still don't get out, get it, they dont get it and Canada. I. What do you want? The Bernie story you Bernie was on that flight. We're gonna brought broken remark. I swear to God. I've done a ton of Bernie Sanders. Really I do this impression of Bernie Sanders is basically Gilbert Godfrey as Bernie Sanders. I would like to make some. I did it in your wonderful office. I won't do it, but because I kind of become synonymous with this Bernie impression, I see when the flight, here's what so funny he's one c Dennis behind first class so first class he has economy, comfort,
plus plus he has everything but the complimentary cocktail right, and I could tell you the brand New Ipad because I could tell, but is it better a Babel wherever they call it sitting there? And I tell my friends, I said Bernard slightly- you you have to you- have to go up and confront them to the point where I put on my Auntie socialism t shirt in the airplane Catherine and people are there? No other teachers and ah I get off and Bernie Sanders walking off the plane and I'm getting ready to go up and confront him, and I couldn't do it because at this point it wasn't Bernie Sanders. I just he looks he was. He was walking like inshore fishing can a bow legged, and it just looks like this really lonely old, broken down man and it's not like. I can't do it because it's twelve it's midnight, I catch him off guard and it was, why did you do to make you know what they're? Hopefully there will be another time in ways that maybe you were right not to do it. It's
we don't like when they confront us in our private space right and we shouldn't do it to them. So I I I I back your decision. Yeah, you know, leave him alone, I mean it's it's and this is relative detectors. Debate. Member one has got, he got the the Ted was marked the floor with them yet was right after an oligarchy was walk up to hate, tough, tough break with senator crews and keep walking, because as little things are, what really hurt just a little things. You just assume that he knows he barked. I I deeply dislike everything he stands for. I consider him a true fool: There are fools, and then they were true fools to grow up in the United States to have lived through the cold war and to be a socialist, is definitional to the word.
It means that you love ideas more than you love people which, by the way, is my view of the entire left. They are raising about ideas and they have contempt for human beings, race. The minimum wage. Even though more people will not get jobs more restaurants will close and more people will be fired, does not bother Any body on the left right, no consequences of their positions, bother them now that they want to feel good about themselves and they love ideas. He has a good point. I was at its cashing in on envy disguises empathy, they're they're, not compassion.
And if you know of any May Freddy Macro, that's pretty middle class who got screwed with of amateur. Wasn't the people who work in the health who didn't have healthcare till the exchange you many of them were not legal citizens. Anyway, it was the middle class who can no longer afford the skyrocketing premiums. They could subsidize everyone else. It really is have talked about this in the show, from the way they propose taxes to the way they score children soccer skins. Did you really think you're not keeping score in a kid soccer match out of compassion? Note, because the kitchen loser envious, so they cash in and that new Rob the people who ve earned that victory Robin of it to give it to the envious and it really bothers the mouth, keeping score or or giving kids trophies for not winning. I am proud to tell you. We are obviously I'm a ahead of you, so I have a grandchild. I what you did. A lot of my claims to faint, are you ready? Is that.
Seven year old grandson, I was on a team that lost and rejected the trophy room I give. I did not know what my son told it to be ready. He do it would make not my day, but my year, that I'm so proud of him. Yeah. I learned about it from my son when he was that age they began it and he, like all progress, was on a theme that most never want. It was in the last place, baseball team and got a trophy, and I said David. What did you get a trophy you lost and he said for playing He was dead serious while for em and that's when I gave him a sweeter playing does not earn. A trophy any more than breathing or into trophy. We noted as it's it's a lie it's a lot. You ve ever lie in the truth. That's rightly, which is a label poison, yourselves bother you for the rest of your life. That's right! You look at it and you'll know it's a lie. Yes, you should throw it away. Actually that's why
impartial lobbyists you show, so you were always conservative, yeah yeah. I will I was always lobby, so you are raising the conservative home because your father got yelled at by MRS Lake. He has other way was Miss Lake or MRS lay at another. She kicked me out of class for saying there were fifty states for knowing it no check when there were fifty two. Or Canada. Being one of them. I don't know it was now Joe. We believe we should make us think. I've been a member Alaska in July and I remember the words did not make it out. I went she could she said this is exactly the conversation one. She don't forget Hawaiian Alaska and I responded, including them, there's fifty states and she kept me that's pressure, so prank her fifteen years later- and I just left the voicemail that said fifty's, aids click, swear to you at the true story.
He died. I should laughable that's me, but now it was. I was well here's one things coming up here, so we always a christian at some point you choose for anyone. Users rights? I've is all choices, same thing with concern. By the way. Not making a choice is a choice. Beginnings understand all of life. Is drawers, go on that's a very good point, not making a choice as it gets. And you know when I started acting really young. My dad explain to me how taxes work and, of course, we Socialists, healthcare and fifty two percent module tax rate there and in in Quebec, and so it was a simple when I started with a hole in a second, that's my money and then he said, oh cable. Why do you think that? What you think is the fair amount to pay? So I was raised in a Christian sold, but the economics did you go to church every Sunday, not every most sundays they're, pretty rare in Canada? Yes, yetive: it's actually come back as the most uncharged potter
right- and I know I know that's right when the highest abortion rates to yeah we're on a mother- they they do go together and many in many of the absence, To really it's really sad, it really is when I went back and you go to church now, I do. I do go to church on Sundays and um idea when I went back and visited Montreal because- but with my wife, and so she seen these giant where your wife is american? Yes, she's, Americans, we meet her. I actually find out I when I was working at PDA, tv she'd It turned for Lord Ingram fur. Why is that for me and a well known, also I met her in LOS Angeles. Four Michigan, where I was born and I went all the way to Lhasa, either Michigan journeys are you. I didn't set it up now. We ve made a point out my crew we premises, but here, the principle that the guy Pga TV, because they all sign with them. He was
older sort of libertarian jewish gentlemen met this young conservative Christian, who is somewhat edgy, and it was clear who is trying to woo me to go sign with the company, and he said you know. I know some it'll be perfect, for you a gave me this girl's phone number in other, that's really that's creepy, I'm not gonna call her up, but our facebook stalker and such you're out on Facebook, and maybe this could work and then not she'd, internal or Ingram. So we kind of both met because of the companies we worked for and that then it came fell over you. Twenty two were totally the yeah, that's really nice and then how long did you date? We dated for two years engage from
and I did another girl for five years- your high school, who just tore my heart out of my rear- that did a lot of damage, namely because of the way we broke up and the guy she started dating after me. So it was great when I met my my wife wishes phantasms she did. You were service, she did yeah. She did a lot of times the stuff. That's very painful, turns out to be good stuff yet always, but but though avatar it's some sometimes it as you know, is that they say whatever doesn't kill you making stronger, not necessarily that that as I and I know that was the chance, not true Eddie, it's it's a feud. Somebody tortures, you you're, not you! It's not a good thing. I mean it's, it is it. Is it it's often true, but it is always true. It's not a means of life exists, So let me ask you the Yom when you your you're, very well known and especially with young people. So what is a typical site? being of you, go like
and just recently we had a guy who try to smash a pint of beer on my face. Is that true, yeah political reasons, while no easy it actually, basically he'd threatened. He had offered five hundred dollars to for every member of icy immigration enforcement, who was killed, he'd offered five dollars to oh every member of ice and very wisely arrested. Well, he might be and then he was also posting about me. I wanted to pay me for years, and so I should have dresses a genie instead make no you're down to two wishes and what was it? You are looking at and try to try to hit me with a pint of beer and then ran away. So I did confront him because he, violent and plodding act of violence, but most in time it can go one of two ways: people
a very great spat, gracious right or, typically speaking, the people. I had a couple of close calls. I lived in New York City because people are so in such close proximity that I guess they feel more comfortable with with just being hostile. Usually, though, the people who I can tell our hostile it's a look or they say something passiveaggressive. I will say this I had a. I am clearly spit in a cup on a plane ride in the last week? No, I haven't. I would like to have him and I don't know who spat in it, but I can show you picture. Afterward clear as day a lobby right in There- and I address it- eight there's a film on top of this. What's going, man, the pressing she immediately gave me a can of water, so I don't think it was her, but she saw it you didn't. Can Chin argues that Alot Gimme, the cannibal Jesse Jackson use it tells you to use the spit in white peoples. We use a waiter any would spit in their soup. It sounds racist. You didn't go to school, then you, you would have worked.
That a black cannot be racist. What yellow much did you know that I'm serious that that was taught to me when I was in college a black cannot be a racist. Daddy's. That was one of the eye opening moments that I understood that I was in a place of nonsense. Called college yeah they were. They were many such moments. There are no differences between men and women are black, cannot be racist, the United States in the Soviet Union or moral equivalent. I mean where they were They're always wrong. You guess it was it was in. Here, we realisation for me, is an historically you just give it enough time that the left really is almost always rats. And so the question is: are they wrong and therefore their leftist, or do they become leftist and therefore I dont mean this to be cute or
insulting, even though I acknowledge it's in itself, but I think that both are operative. I think you don't think clearly and so leftism, feels to you and then leftism reinforces and non clarity of thought to think that the union States and Israel are the great villains in the world, means definition. Italy, there's something broken about your ability to morally think clear. I think it's because the left hates strength. I really do believe that an Here's what I was just thinking about this in talking about this with my producer, Johnny Boy, that you know that they may preach sort of weak meekness. They construed they misconstrue with weakness, is not sending biblically. We know that businesses is, is being submissive to God. It's not about right, weak right, but think about this again back to tax policy bacteria to how they score soccer games. Weak people are the people,
you hurt you and betrayed amongst their strong people can become bullies, but strong people cannot they're. Not strong. Police are not right, while their moment how there we limit the politically. The point is drank range and it could be good. Yes, at worst, those rights. We are incapable of generosity because I've never even had the opportunity- and they ve been so busy thinking about themselves and with its talk, what is financially to talk with a relational the weak are incapable of generosity or helping our fellow men. Only the strong can doesn't get all strong people are good people. Well, it's there, the iraqi people who can do good. I believe the left despises positions of strength there. There there's another thing about: I keep thinking. Why would they? Haiti was in Israel more than any other country. Putting he ran, which is which is truly the most despicable regime outside of North Korea on earth and end, and they certainly don't hate China which, which taught you you talk. They talk about Putin, killing journalists, that's that
rare in Russia compared to China. I now- and I know what happens in russia- not denying it, but it's far more common in China and their their rather romantic love affair with China So why do you wish in Israel live another theory, the United states in Israel are or are alike the last to western countries to affirm, mash and light entity, and they hate that I think about the right. There's a commodity. That too, I was in Cancun, went into the climate summit before was appears a quarter of the Kyoto Protocol. I was there when TED Turner got up and proposed chow It has one child policy. Why on states to fund with so sick that he actually he has like seven children. The I know that he has a lot of kids and he said he he regretted that he had that many children, I mean, imagine being that man's child then I'm sure I have to believe he said guys. It's not you personally, it's the number yeah, but it's still it's the
that's what I mean. They love ideas more than people when the idea of zero population growth, yeah it in and of itself, is like have contempt for humanity. I don't want to see more people fixed fix climate change, kill all people, that's the only way you do. It is an interesting to that. That's that's kind of it not to get in the science of it, but in the MID West Yo Michigan went from they ve had record temperate years, the best growing seasons for charity, which are very particular crop in here, long, slow, fine winter and a mild summer, since I remember, was made about it. How do you know about the climate needed for cherry growing that that's impressive? I have a family who work and cherries you know what happens when a great Europe knows have family working and cherries. Yes, your Mama You like cherries, arms and I ve, never met anyone. I do much cherries,
I never met anyone whose family work and Jerry Armor on on my wife's, such by Giovanni, happens when a great cherry crop. What did the dump diffident them? Why depressed fix? Because the czech president, cherries would be to wealth. So last, the last two years they ve been dumping record numbers of cherries because the crop yields have been so and tasks. So here's the thing with chasing and require sort of the very way that healthy food, it's a very healthy food. It tells you than the US. I e the dragon further fruit of the day. Cherries are every bit as good I been overlooked. Tie fibre log like seamen and delicious good for your brain, get very good for your brain. Keeping, but when you say recorded from recreational record heat where their changes to climate change, because we record coldness want it's, it's any extreme temperatures but hold on a second. The great Lakes art record highs because of good precipitation, and they have had record lie there at climates. How do you explain it record, slow, thawing, winters and moderate summers right it well
and it was a dump cherry simulate, milk. They dont milk, to prospects. Now those are be watching should know about that. The climate change example is a good one about loving ideas. More than people read. Beyond lumber Gallo M Biagi does not, totally is on board that the climate is getting warmer gay, but he, but he knows that the solutions only hurt people, but they don't hurt rich people right. They hurt the poor people of Africa who are dying, force, fossil fuel electricity to blood be able to to cook food in their house and not use a fire which will beat terribly dangerous and and and can't grow without electricity. You cannot have an economy. We became a rich thanks, the fossil fuel, but now we tell Africans, don't you dare use fossil fuels because you will be polluting the climate,
with the food of life. Carbon dioxide, where's went down the case. Ddt for Mosquitos That's right, you use internet millions die because of that right. Here's a net for when you sleep, ok, what I do eighteen hours had the right to act and culture. Did he tell a man yeah? You did a charity, nothing but net, and I was like how about how about net and also chemicals that get rid of malaria? How about an all encompassing sort of solution? It was nothing but net. Are we doing on untie? What's our? I can. Tell him we oughta. I know I know. I know that, on the contrary, when very first, this is, Actually a big deal folks are really are really. I mean. I know that the vast majority people know by right. If I'm getting you even ten, more people too, but you which worth it has a louder with crowded liable. And you you, you will truly enjoy a year ago. You're guy you're, funny guy. We need you America's better because of Stephen crowded.
Why not? You know they say the salon comedy there like there, a lot of us sort of David tell babies or their lot of nor Mcdonald babies, meaning there. There are generations of comedians who ve really should have been born out of a specific genre or style. And I am definitely a debt up a big part of what I do and Denis Prager baby. When it comes to a lot of very conservative radio. I would always switch to yours because you don't. You would deal with the macro issues which is what's always interested me. I'm not a political animal out any less than a lobbying lakes is. I can't tell you who's running for eighteen, designation, biogas, I, along with a lot of people who work from here to there a lot of Dennis put their lot of Prager babies out their people were very insolence by you. Do you don't get to talk about cigars at all? We can discuss it. Of course we can listen. What's up with cigars are you I told you this is the first show about smoking, a cigar because it's been banned by Facebook, so you have a journal. I Tell me about. I do and specific specifically from a journal has given me by Youtube so easy to write nothing but conservative material and cigar journal.
So I thought someone is, I mean a cigar. You you right watch you smoked and weather, when joy that yeah you haven't an age f rating, it goes back, was thou art it at the end of the page and yeah about. You know what I agree with you on that I would even say the names onawandah heard hurt brand everybody talks about that model. I find it very overrated, totally ivory cigarette? I dont get it. I don't enjoy what else here? Look at this through more pages? Yes, ok but you'll, see. If you like your own, I like stronger to you yet you say that my father's all have really goes mainly we're on that we're on top of that. What about double the Faro by funny? I'm a bigger fan of their standards here really yeah fund is tasty, is doubly clearer, but our seven But that's why there a lot of cigars, because if we all found the same ones anyway, this is beautiful. I can't believe you are somewhat of a what is it a type, but I pay is called I guess type. Is
Is it going learning impaired because no, no? No, they want. You were very meticulous Taipei yards they personality? That's what it's called. You know what it is and what I was diagnosed with slight severe adhd as an adult which I now he wants a controversial topic. But the point is, regardless of of of drugs medications get away from that are putting kindred language. I realise that I was going to have to hyper early organised my life and take notes. Otherwise I would they. Like that's great. Let me say this the trick I'll say to all of you watching. One of the biggest tricks in life is to know your strengths and your weaknesses and too and work against your weakness. I am naturally lazy. I would play all day I would just fooling around. Do it do what I want sleep lake go to bed at three. Yea I get up at ten eleven,
You now read a little undue music and made off one of my fourteen hobbies. And go with my wife for a leisurely. Lunch then stop for a copy. Add some of it is gob. Ah I this at a very early age. So many european. Yes, that's right, that's exactly right! That's their dreams instead anti get paid by the governor. Exactly up. That's exactly that's people say I'm very doktor Van there right, I m very productive. The reason is, I work against my nature. It the battle in life is with your nature, not with sexist
massage earnest racist, homophobic America Battle is with you and that's the biggest difference between the left and the right. The right knows that their biggest battles with themselves, the left think their biggest battles with America. As a great point, nine hours strap brutality ass. The best point to end as that's that's steeply. That's when the Prager baby you're a good man, they gonna come back absolutely anytime. You Annie said that. Does a preview video few prig view videos yes Oh, I think I think I know said he'd know him real. I know that makes sense. I was look nice it and he had a couple yeah there's, not a rifle opening on you. Ok, I want is key. That's that's their case more or less so maybe work against the not so polite nature was applied Then, let's try that was not built a you're right. I will. I will.
Stephen prouder, I'm Dennis Prager C and next week.
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