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Fireside Chat Ep. 52 - The Kavanaugh Circus

2019-02-04 | 🔗
NEW FIRESIDE CHAT with Dennis Prager. This week, Dennis speaks on the circus that is the Kavanaugh hearing, moral bank accounts, and the vital importance of evidence. Check it out! Recorded on Sep. 28, 2018.
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Well hello. There I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home. This is my fireplace this is, Fireside side, but no more cigar because you too, no not you to Facebook even allow us to promote any of the fireside chats from smoking. A cigar. It's such a different world. I am keep saying this it is so different America, from when I grew up in so much less free. From the land of the free and the home of the brave, too
a better safe than sorry new Motto of America, your corrupting the youth. If you smoke a cigar, I could think of a lot of other things that corrupt the youth like teaching them, that there is no difference between male and female and they get to choose their gender when they get older. That's a little a little more corrupting. And depressing them a cigar Betty way. That's the way it is high. Everybody. To be with you. I just flew in no rest for the wicked I used to say no rest for the weary, but I ain't it for the wicked, but I'm not wicked. Am I still get no rest so what're you gonna do
Well, this with some dramatic day in american history, I don't get to say that very often, but it was the hearing with judge, breadth, Cavanaugh and his accuser And if you haven't had a chance to see there are five minutes I'd like you to see just five minutes use me five minutes from the from the proceedings with pretty much. All day long first, the accuser, Doktor Ford, spoke and judge cabin in the afternoon, and I'd like you to watch Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who, it's not a firebrand who was republican, who actually was best friends with John Mccain. So he is not is not in the trunk camp, but
he's he's a deep man. I've always felt he was a deep man, whether I agreed with him or not, and today I suspicion proved itself to be accurate. He said it was truly a dark day. It was it the worst day in american politics in his lifetime. I am virtually correctly word for word, but it's not exactly the words, but that's the essence of what he said. That's a big deal. An end. It is the view of the climb in american life. Is so so dramatic and steep its depressing and onawandah the press. You especially Who were young, you ever whole lifetime to look for two is Americans, and if your american many people watch across the world, But as America goes, I think a lot of places will go, I'm afraid to say so. He had never quite seen this.
These this smearing of this man's reputation, I'm not saying she's lying. How do I know. I don't know if she's lying I don't know if he's lying for all intents and purposes, so do you do if you have to people saying the opposite thing, you simply look at evidence? Will you do that's all we have that's all we humans can have right common sense in evidence. Is there Anything to substantiate her claim, no doubt do I believe that she believed what she said. It's hard for me to believe that somebody could act so pathologically and that's what it would have to be like item. I just don't. I admit it, I think it's mistaken identity or she is created something in her mind
believe she sitting there thinking. Oh man. I know this never happened, but I'm gonna, full everybody. I dont think that right so that puts that puts that tourists Do I believe he did it. There isn't a I bring in me that believes that he did what he is accused of doing, because beings don't work and in a way that is against. Thing that they have lived as but but one time it just us work like that, especially in the sexual arena. People who do things do it to multiple people. The charges of luck and even reckoning Mentioned because even the New York Times said there was not a single human being to substantiate any of them and at a now this the true low life, the lawyer at fora for the M, whose it was the porn actress again.
Stormy Daniel to her lawyer was says he he would. He was part of eight gang rape, train. What's next: did? Did he gas Jews during world war? Two I'm its seems like there's no limit to to what can be thrown at at the poor man? And I Poor man. Because you have your name ruined after you ve, let such a good life. It's not easy to leave a good life takes a lot of work to leave a good, and
life thirty six years later to say something you did in in in high school and we're supposed to believe this. This is the defining characteristic of the man. I have long believed we, oh, have moral bank accounts. I believe this for decades, I've written about it. I have broadcast about it, lectured about it every None of us. Has a moral bank account our good deeds are. Deposits? Are bad, deeds are withdrew, reader in the black or the red were in debit or in profit mode. Or were in the middle there a whole everybody's, a complex bank account, but some people Are really in the black in the black beings on the goods I did the ledger. And he is one of these people, everybody, including sir.
We woman who's ever worked with him. Every woman who have updated him in high school is come out. This defence Democrats Republicans, but it doesn't matter One woman says one thing and then we're told This is really important that I address believe women there even tee shirts. I believe women, what a stupid, immoral motto its both stew, an animal. What if somebody had, I believe, men, it's just a stupid and immoral how's this, I believe. Thence, that's a radical departure from our friends on the left, who have I did the world not between true and false, good and bad, but Between male and female and rich and poor in black and white they have literally the left. Demoralized our way of thinking and speaking.
They have removed the morally component right and wrong bed and good, no, no, no, it's rich and poor its west. And none west, its white and non white litter literally demoralize the vocabulary believe women women, don't lie. That's that's from work by May I wish there were true would be awesome. One of the two states. Never lied what a great world it would be that we would know women wouldn't even have to take an oath when they, when they to it would be awesome. I wish watch. True women never lie that. Doesn't work that way. Women lie as much as men lie. Ok, because mean their sex has a monopoly on being disgusting. There are disgusting, women, disgusting men, beautiful ban and beautiful women. That's the way.
I'm not a man fan and I'm not a woman fan. I'm a good person fan how's that that's what we should all be: u dont route for agenda. You dont route for a race. You don't need for a class, you route, for goodness, for truth, for excellence, for kindness, for decency, for integrity, how's, that if women be the battle of the women who have lied from the if the Duke University lacrosse team, two to one I broadly agree that the list could do. Look it up. That mean the list is pretty pretty big. And a lot of women have told the truth and have been. Horribly treated and horrible treatment is horrible. There's no question about it. That's a given! That really is a gift,
I feel silly even having to say that that a better unattempted rapist is horrible. Ok, that's that's! That's why we have lived through. I wrote a peace and I'd like you to see everything is available. Whilst there on the internet, I built and, although I wrote the so long ago that it was pre internet, I believe so. Sure it's on the internet will have to look it up the rape of it. This is the title of the peace I wrote many years ago. The rape of a name is also a rape Sometimes the rape of a name is even more destructive than the rape of a body, and the rape of a body is certainly bad and sometimes the rape of a body is much more destructive than the rape of a name. I understand that but the rape of a name. You know- and I wonder about all these people who were cheer
dirty this man's name. Do they have husbands? Do they have fathers did they have brothers did? Do they have sons, it's hard for me to understand how people could want to smear a man's name and reputation of thirty six years with an alleged high school event that has no witnesses if they have a good father or a good brother or a good husband or a good son, I dont get it. Maybe they Maybe these people dont know a good man and therefore can't related the destruction of a good man's name. Otherwise, I don't get it. How could you
so easily rude on that the industry. Of a man's reputation that is utterly undeserved, wee wee wee earn credits in life. That's how you this in any in he said she said you you one of the things you look at is patterns. The sea of a pattern of being like this he's he's almost These almost he truly is almost the choir boy I was a virgin in high school when I was a virgin in as a religious catholic through work through his early twenties. And he said he was running. He was running a rape factory. So this this was, it was not a proud day
history. Just because a woman makes a charge doesn't mean that you you slow down the mechanics of of the Supreme Court. Just or anybody else. Anybody could make any charge as you as you well know. Anybody can yet six f b, I chair and by the way they should. Let's have an FBI investigation on this. What are they going to come up with? Press which is more effective than the FBI and finally witnesses found, no The New York Times, wouldn't even wouldn't equally well to its credit. If it wouldn't even acknowledge the veracity of the other accusations made against the Judge Cavanaugh they could find? No one, not one witness substantiated and this. Of the women who made the charge that the second of these there were three charge now the second charge admit
Look, I might. My memory is faulty, but after seven days with democratic party endemic party lawyers she decided to forward, but they still nobody the Koran, right at me of it. So it's not it's. It was not a good day, my heart, broke for the guy, but I know my whole life. Unlike this, unlike Cavanaugh and a lot of republic, I know how mean the left is just mean plain mean Liberals liberals in my ear leftists or mean do conservatives ever go into a restaurant and start screaming. At Democrats, like left, is going through restaurants and scream at the Republicans. The conservatives ever close down bridges for their causes, never
It's not that. I know well moral balance here right and left the left is uglier. There are ugly people on the right. There is no question about it, but as a movement, its it's, it's it's it's much easier to believe. Oh, the middle is rear, rare all of truth, and goodness lies, but it's not really true the left as a threat. I have I made this case. Whatever the left touches, it ruins economies, religions, children, music, art, literature, boyscout
There are forces of chaos and disorder, and there are forces of order and the left represents. The force of chaos is unbelievably easier to bring down than to build. Brok. Obama set it right before he was elected. Two thousand and eight the amounts to a big cheering audience. We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. That's a scary proposition, fundamentally transforming the United States of America. It's a pretty good place for the place of three hundred and twenty million people is going to have if ten percent of the people are in good, it's thirty million bad folks. There are bad people in America, but it's fundamentally a good place for ev
body every color, every gender many way that's another subject for another time. It was not a who is not a proud day. He didn't know what hit him. The judge that was clear. He thinks the difference between right and left is just a difference in well. They have belief in certain policies We have belief in certain policies. He doesn't understand the moral divide that they are willing to destroy him, for political victory is what he doesn't he didn't. He did not know that before this happened, I knew it studying the left. My whole life. She didn't. He didn't realize that the extent to which they would they would engage in in such a practice.
Your times, did it to me. Let me not merely on this level, they wrote a piece on me last year and I wrote an article showing how they completely made up a quote. They made it up, that's what it and put it in clothes. They said. Prager suggested Does that mean suggested you say, or you don't say you don't suggest one was. Stop you suggested, I mean not only suggest we had a vote for dinner. I mean people say things, they don't suggest things. It was a dishonest things through the beginning because they know I never said it so they it up something and then said I suggest
and didn't put it in quotes? My Wikipedia pages been taken over by folks on the left. There just blatant distortions in there and there's nothing. I could do with my on Wikipedia page lays to send Wikipedia money I'll do what you can do, but it sir that's a real battle. As I said for many years America's in a civil war, thank God, its relatively on non violent. My prayed stays that way, but it's a problem. Ok, that's my reflections on the day and now to your questions.
Right. Ok, Michel, forty, three lake have a Sou City, Arizona. Dennis I listen to most of your fireside chats and I'm curious. Have you read the new testament? If so, what did you think of it Well, that's a pretty big question, Yes, I have read the new testament, not nearly as much as the old testament. So let me explain why I am a little. Religious, believing Jew and war, Jews, divine. Relation ends at the end of the old testament, just as it ends for Christians at the end of the new testament, and ends for Muslims at the end of the Koran and it s four Mormons at the end of the book of Mormon. So every religion has a cut off point, after which there is no more direct divine revelation that is canonized, that is, that is put into biblical form. So
for Jews. It ends with the old testament and that's that's it that's what it is. So what do I think of it? Well, one day may because you see I look, this is a better answer. Maybe more, Europe, I believe, as do believe it or not. Christians have done a lot of God's work. I I I am well aware of terrible things. Christians have done I've written a book on Anti Semitism in theirs is a serious chapter, unchristian anti Semitism tragically. Having said that and aware of that, Nevertheless, it is Christians and Christianity that brought much of the world to the Hebrew Bible and to the God of the Hebrew Bible it with
did that even more than Jews have. So I believe that that Christians have a divine mission. If they do it right, I mean, but it's true for Jews. I think Jews have a divine mission, I believe and chosen people, but you gotta, do it right. So that's my best answer the thereof. There were sublime elements to the new testament. There are also elements that I don't look at the biggest, to agreement. I have if I agreed with everything I would be a Christian, obviously, but the this agreement? I have is the is the road to salvation. I think my difference is more with Paul than with Jesus, but Christians could understandably differ with me on.
In that. I do believe that we are safe through works and a very critical aspect of the message of the new testament is that you cannot be saved through your good works, but only through so but its. But in the final analysis, I don't judge religions by their theology. I judge their religions by their fruit and my favorite fruit is the United States of America and that's the product of Christians, not all of whom were traditional Christians, but all of whom were in some way christian and by the way who loved the Hebrew Bible in particular, which is why this averse from the hebrew Bible on the Liberty Bell and not from the new testament. They were very hebrew Bible or
entered the founders of the United States. That's why call America, the judeo christian country, Jacobus, thirteen holiday Florida holiday Visit City, maimed holiday many miles? Is it from fast day hello Dennis Hi Jacobus for the past few months have been struggling with my mother's political views she, but it's that America is evil, and whenever I try to talk to her about politics, she threatens to punish me and take the way, my belongings, how do I fix this issue? causing problems in my household. You have to be kidding. You already have household problems. That's that's. Adorable How do you think you you already have? Well it's hard for me to believe I mean I have
believe you cause. I don't know you or or your situation, but whenever I try to talk to her about politics, she threatens to punish me Bethink way by belongings If you say America's a good play, she takes your stuff away. It's hard for me to believe, because that's that's pathologic. I mean to be honest that that's that's! That's really bizarre. I mean. Is it possible that that's your? If that's your situation? it's pretty hopeless, and if that is your situation, it is sorry for the dogs. Acacia heard them, but it is my home. So home sounds happen but if that is the truth, just don't talk to her about politics, and you know and save up money so that you can move out a shoe. His possible living Europe, an apartment, but I'm a big one on honouring parents, even if their jerks,
it says I your father and mother, and it doesn't have an asterisk only if they're, nice so Why bother? Why bother arguing if, if the reactions are so severe just say mom, let's just love each other up, and you know go on with life anyway, if your mother really thinks America's evil the there she has troubles she's a very sad person that I could say categorically meek. You could differ with America Policy, a policy be or policy see, but evil cake. Woe unto those a call good evil and evil there were favorite book, the Bible, Marleen twenty six. These flaws aim only come us ever Jimmie Dale We'll see my Mammy meant law on black badly, I'm late. The countries. You have not been too
she's, the one you would like to visit the most. I'm never ask that. It is so rare to get a first. I'm always asked. Why would I like to go back to again or well what I recommend to somebody submit to a hundred and thirty countries? The lot it's a lot of travel. That's a good one. I think, and just this is off the top of my head. She will see to that come to mind immediately Mongolia. I would I just have a fascination with mongolian culture and I'd love to see the Gobi Desert and the other is Rwanda, I'm at the twenty african countries, but but not in Central Africa. I've been to North South, West and EAST and Rwanda has the
phenomenal refuge for guerrillas, which must be something incredible to see anyway. Rwanda and Mongolia. So I probably take you know those famous for one, the Mongolia Flight, make it easy Ami. Thank you, Marleen, that's a great one. I gotta think about a Donnie. Seventy Ashland Kentucky. What is the root cause? The basic reasons, but the Palestinians that no one Israel to exist. I S, L, a M, that's the root cause be
pause. The traditional muslim belief is that if a place has been under muslim control, it can never revert to any other religious control. That's it! That's them, that's the root cause. So is it doesn't matter for most Palestinians if Israel were as big as Brooklyn, they would still want destroyed. There is no room for a non muslim sovereign state in the Middle EAST in most Palestinians views sand, but it's the truth. Watch my Prager, your video on the roots of the Middle EAST problem by the way, if it changes, they'll, be peace. In a week the day palestinian say we
recognise the right of a jewish state to exist in the Middle EAST. They'll be peace in a week Kevin sixty three National Tennessee. We still can we still live in a country where three individuals have more net worth and half the population bees owes gates and buffet that true, those three have more net worth and half the population and I'll. Take your word for one of marxist criticisms of capitalism. Is the existence of extravagant wealth and extreme poverty?
the same system that gap is rapidly expanding. Today. My question is: how do we fix the shrinking middle class? Ok, the we don't have extreme poverty in the United States. It is exceedingly rare people living under the you should look up the statistics for people living under the poverty line. How much called on court wealth they actually do. Have my claiming their wealthy But they live like the middle class lived the generation ago. Most have cars, most have an apartment. Many have a home people have air conditioning. People have, of course, smartphones that they they have meals, they have medical care
I mean you know: poverty is a relative term, the american Poor or not abject poverty, so Does it bother me that bees o skates in profit have so much money? Well, it bothers me in this we in this regard, because it gives them so much. Power that I don't want them to have because then they're not going Use it for the values that I care about the dream wealthy in America, overwhelmingly till left. So I am not happy from that perspective. But I must say, let us say, though, let's say bees gates and buffet gave almost all of their money to medical research. I would be thrilled, they were rich. I care what they do with their money. I don't care that they have so much money there having money, does not mean. I don't have it
health, is not a pie. Pie. Is you take a slice away There's a slice gone, that's not with wealth. It's not like that!. The existence of such wealthy people is not the cause of people who have less money. That's that's what needs to be understood if they used, but agree. I mean if, if they spent their money, if they took their their hundreds of billions of dollars and and they gave it over to to cancer research and blindness, research and Alzheimer's research, we be thrilled, they had all that money. That's that's that's the issue through me. What are they? Is it not whether they have it? Even nineteen molly I do mean Israel. It is currently the jewish holiday of Sue Code. That is correct. Faxa man, if you could invite any
three people living or dead to eating your suit car. That's the the boost that juice construct for the holiday, the seven day holiday of tabernacles. It's a tabernacle! Who would it be and why well, whether or because this issue car what three people living or dead wood I invite to Heaven? ill with asked that a lot, and I always disappoint people, because I don't have a ready answer. I don't I don't have a good, I don't have a great answer. I would like to have a meal again with my parents, which is hardly what you anticipated. You. Want me to say some mean a well known people who love who were live today up.
I don't feel that are missing out on whom I could have dinner with whose living I I've been very blessed too. Pretty much have dinner with with people that I really wanted to have dinner with my favorite people to have dinner with my close friends, I I'm I'm I'm I'm I never even as a kid I never valued, fame
Celebrity hood never meant the thing to me, even as a child is so dead. Let me think when I'd like to have a meal with Moses, I mean it's. Of course it sounds intriguing, but I don't have anything to ask him. I know exactly what Moses thinks, thanks to the tour of the first five books of the Bible, the five books of Moses. What am I going to ask him? What was it like to split the sea? It feel good, really everyone you think about it. I don't know. Another me
That comes to my mind, which will probably won't excite you almost any of you eliciting or watching? Is the composer Franz Josef Haydn nature? Why the n? I love the guy. I conducted symphonies periodically with orchestras, and I would I think I would just want dinner with him to thank him because of the staggering number of hours of sheer joy that he has given me as have the boss and Beethoven and Schubert and others. So I don't have a great answer for you,
all right, I think we're doing good right. I think that's great! Listen! It's a joy to be with you. I get really wonderful feedback with these fireside chats it's completely on scripted. It's just me. Do you. Do you really want to know my outlook on life in the rational Bible and still the best hope will give it to you those two of my books. I know it sounds self promoting, so I'm very self conscious about it, but if you're watching, I assume you're somewhat curious about how I think, anyway, until next week, I'm Dennis Prager and from my home to yours. Thank you for being with me.
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