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Fireside Chat Ep. 55 - Gas Chambers Or Insults?

2019-02-04 | 🔗
In this week's Fireside Chat, Dennis Prager dissects the left's absurd assertion that speech is equivalent to violence, examines the pain feminism is causing for women, and even provides his take on emojis. Check it out! Recorded on Oct. 25, 2018.
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Hi everyone, I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home, the Prager home. That's my fireside! This is my chat, and this is the fireside chats For those of you who are wondering where the cigar is I lament, then I cannot smoke it because I was the facebook or was it the Facebook would not allow us to promote my fireside chats. If I smoke the cigar, which is sort of a credit to make us, they don't think I'm old enough to to be allowed to smoke a cigar. They thought it was under age
and I know what to do now it it's so sad. I went through this each time a lot people ask me how come you're, not your mother cigar and I feel so bereft it so much part of what the fireside chats was for so long it such a backwards it so upside down. Yet I look. I've talked about this lot. Gimme Gimme my minutes to impose its it so upside down,
So many of the preoccupations we legalise marijuana legalise it which, by the way, is as increased traffic deaths, measured measurably, just among its many consequences, young people to now under marijuana up to now under a cigar, but that so that's what the war has this this war against tobacco and lumping cigarettes with cigars when cigars is so much less Dangerous to your health. You know, inhale, doesn't have those carcinogens, it's just tobacco backup. Oh well, anyway, what am I gonna? Do I gotta reach people with the fireside chat, but I miss it. Ok got that off my chest. Tire we body. So I was talking to some of the terrific folks from Prego University and I said
What are what should I open with, because sometimes I open with something in the news and sometimes something that is just larger than the news that had, and I love I love books. So I was told that there are people who, when objecting to people coming to their campus with whom they differ, argue that their words, that is the words of those they differ with, which means conservatives they differ with conservatives are violence. That there is no difference between words and violence, and it's hard for me to believe that someone could say something so truly stupid, but I realise that the odds are that it came from college that the peoples
doing this are either professors or or graduate students or even under graduate students. You have to learn something that stupid and I mean that you have to learn it because if you asked Emmy five year old, is there a difference. Tween punching somebody in the face and saying something, not nice. They would think you were cuckoo because they would know it's a lot different. There's like no comparison. So there are two spectacularly. Dumb and immoral ideas in the notion that conservatives coming to campus is equivalent to violence, because
their speech number one. It's a lie about conservatives you I have, I must have one hundred lectures up on Youtube may be five hundred. I have no. Dear how many you show me where I advocate, or even in any way suggest that people should be violent. Your invites it's an absurdity so it's it's! It's a cow me! It's a lie about conservatives, which is done all the time. I am preparing to speak. It Colorado State, university and the they just lie about things that I e that I believe they have no basis. They have no quotation marks around them, It could up so that's one aspect of why this is wrong. Morally conservatives coming to camp is its equivalent to violence
let us say that any body right left middle came to campus and spoke awful things. How could that be equivalent to violence? Speech speech may advocate violence, and that is true. That's approaching the evil of but violence is violence. Excuse me and speech is speech the moment I this nonsense. That speech is violence. I thought wow. I wish we.
Could ask the six million Jews that the Nazis butchered whether they would have preferred to be insulted or guessed. What do you think if we can resurrect them, they would say now. Do you understand how stupid and immoral the idea that speech and violence are equivalent? I was Red ACE, some female professor said. Well, you have to understand how injurious to people's feelings, sometimes injury people's feelings can be equivalent to injury to their body, but he talking about by the way if she actually believe that than she would stop all the attacks on the verbal attacks on conservatives coming to campus. You know
I am attacked so often that you, you could spend days on the internet just reading attacks on me. Do you think I think in any way that they are equivalent to somebody coming and breaking my arm, Org or God forbid? Worse? How could I could somebody with such an idea that speech is violence. That's like saying yes or no. Like saying no is is is sand. It's just there's no truth
with its absurdity. How could you possibly take such an idea seriously its painful? This is the stuff if your college do. Mrs, the drivel that you are thought speech is violence. Speech can lead to violence, but it isn't violence. I I my hat every day on my radio show to do everyday every Monday to Friday three hours, and I I bring these examples of how the left is allowed to use. This word raping language. This is a rape of language. They mark the idea. The very same people say speeches, violence mock the idea that it is in in any way possible to compare,
False accusations of rape, verses, actual rape, and I do I believe I think that the rape of a person's name can be compared, to the rape of a body can be not on all occasions. Sometimes the rape of the body is much worse, but sometimes the rape of a name is worse. What what do we have other than I mean? That's? That's all we have on this planet, but the writ the regard with which people have in things
of us. So they say these horrible things. It's ironic. They use violent language, but I still will say it's not comparable to violence. People on the left routinely call any of US conservatives, six Herbie, sexist intolerance, Unifil become a full because Lama phobic racist bigoted, but I don't consider that violence. I consider it lies. I consider it defaming, but it's not the same as violence. If you have ever heard that speeches violence, you must understand how equally dumb and immoral that comment is.
And that is the reason that I have opened up. Today's fireside chat with a brief discussion of that idea, one more thing that you should know if you are hurt by something you here. This is I'm about to tell you something, especially if you're on the young side of life, but even a lot of older people, though notice you determine how much you're hurt see. If I break your arm, you don't determine how much damage was done to your arm. That's objective, there's an objective reality The bone was broken in the following three places: that's an objective fact, but if your heart is broken or your ego is hurt- and I don't use that term ego as as a negative just if your your.
Self image is heard or whatever that's not objective, that subjective I'm not denying that it happens. I'm saying you determine how much damage it will do to you words, you just don't Let them damage you, you have to determine. You have to be mind driven in life. That's one of the mind versus the brain and the mind versus the hardest to of the biggest subjects of my life. You have to be mine, driven to have a good life to have a happy life. You can't be feelings driven feelings are terrific feelings, are what divides us from computers, but you can't be feelings driven. You must drive your feelings, you
and not. Let them drive you. So, even if things are set on a campus and they end, you find them insulting. Ok, you shouldn't have to retreat to a safe room and play with stuffed animals. That's not a good sign. If, at the age of twenty, you can handle ideas that you don't agree with a bad sign, it means you're, not strong means you, don't get through life. Life is not easy. Problem is life in America so easy compared to the rest of human history and the rest of the world people get spoiled. No, they don't realize what an achievement that has been to make life as easy as it is for Americans. But that's another subject. You determine how hurt you will be. That's not objec, it's not an objective fact. That's a subject that fact
you hurt. I decided very early in my life because I was I was doing public work at the age of twenty one and haven't stopped. I decided- and this is a very good piece of advice. I decided that or made. I made a sort of a rule for myself Dennis if you let compliments, go to your head, you're gonna! Let insults go to your heart. And so I decided, compliments won't go to my head and insults won't, go to my heart and that's exactly the way work you can have one without the other.
Few, let compliments go to your head and an puff you up and start thinking it, terrific and so on. Then you're gonna be really hurt by the insults, but if you thank people for the compliments and and and and sincerely thank them, it's it's a lovely thing that a person has said something nice about you. Do you, but you don't let it go to head than the insults. Won't go to your heart, ok, guys. It is time for your questions, Here we go Ashley, twenty three LOS Angeles, California. What are your thoughts on someone claiming the pro abortion platform is supported by libertarian philosophy? Well,
Libertarianism and pro abortion have nothing to do with one another. You could be if your story libertarian, you might say let let anybody who wants to have an abortion have one any woman who wants an abortion can have one that might be a strict, libertarian position, but You would have to argue that there is no moral component to libertarianism and I don't know if that's true, I Libertarianism is liberty is the central belief I share it. You'd you want the government to be as out of people's lives as possible. I share that to these are great american values, but no libertarian
would say, for example, that in Obama, Libertarian and. I'm pro improved approach, choice on bank robbery, of course, not no libertarian would say that because they draw a moral line. No, no you do whatever you want, but you can't rob a bank. You can't kidnap a child, you can't murder, I mean this there is there a whole list of things, libertarians would say a wrong libertarians have a moral component to libertarianism the strictest libertarian. Though they might say look. The government should stay out of legislating this, because if people differ on one abortion, constitutes whether its murder, whether atomic side or with its removing pimple. Ok, that's, which is what it is for, met four for a fair number people, its removing people, but it
We have to acknowledge. It depends on your attitude toward abortion. What your attitude might be with regard to its legality show me a video with Prager University on the morality, not the legality, and I make that clear in the opening of the the video I'm not talkin about legality. That's pro not pro choice, I'm not talking about just going about the morality. A libertarian has to think just like none libertarians have to think so. A libertarian is obligated to think. Through what is the morality of abortion in, let us say the six month how about the ninth month and and likewise or what about the first week? Ok, fine, I respect a thought through position, You have to think it through. You can't use the excuse, I'm a libertarian. Therefore I don't have to think. Morally sorry, that's a cop out.
Libertarians are also obligated to take moral positions. They could they could be confused fine, they could be ambivalent, fine, but they have to take some position. So an ultimate question with regard to the human foetus, I'm even say baby, the human Venus is: does it have any right to life? Do we have any obligation to protect it, or is it essentially an inn, Own toenail, nobody, nobody correct, has ever advocate did preventing a woman from cutting out. Been grown, toenail right or a third who's in other things with their own body. So the argument a woman could do it what's with their own body, is not sequitur. What has nothing to do with the issue of abortion? Cause? It's not our body. It's in her body. I mean that's just intellectually dishonest that statement. She could do it. I'm sure
for their body. We agree a woman can do whatever she wants for their body. Great concern, If you do not have a position on the legality of tattoos you wanna have a tattoo habitat to so you would have to argue, then that extinguishing the life of what it is. You're carrying that. If you carry, the term will be fully human exe wishing that life is as morally an issue as getting a tattoo, that's what you would have to argue, but you have to argue something once again: being a libertarian, does not absolve you from moral thought: okey dokey. Next Li L e, Gee aged twenty four Kansas City Missouri. Advice for college senior, who was still not sure what she wants to do with her life were,
Ellie this I could talk to you about all day. I think in previous generations, not mine. The baby boomers worse, confuses the millennials, but the parents of the baby boomers, I'm a baby boom, the parents of the baby, boomers generation and parents before them and before them before them and for them of Lebanon limit of an epidemic epidemic. They didn't have this question. The vast majority of people throughout the vast majority of cultures knew what they wanted to do with their own life at a very early age and what was it they wanted to get married and to make a family and to have a community? That's what they wanted to do. This has been killed since us, since the sixties.
The left has said that is patriarchy. That is telling a woman that she should be barefoot and pregnant. That is telling a woman to go back to the kitchen, which is by the way whenever I hear this, like you know, like acquainted with a concentration camp, owe their semi women back to the kitchen. Many nobody is, but I'm just saying even even the rhetoric is little overblown kitchen is not a hellhole a lot by any a lot places of work or a lot worse than the kitchen just to re enter reality. Not every job is a blast k just thought. You wanna know that sir They knew what they wanted to do with their lives. Men to men wanted to get married maker. Family have children.
And they wanted meaningful or at least work that not forget meaningful, they wanted work that pay the bills to support that family. That's right so its painful to be that you are probably a wonderful young woman, graduating college. What am I gonna do with my life? It's because nobody told you that there is actually something wonderful. You can do with your life. Make a family I'm not saying it's the only thing you should do with your life. Nobody ever says it's the only thing you should do: no one, the most can urban of human, I know, does not think the only thing of a bad. Would you do with their life? Is make a family, ok. And by the way, what say you can't have children and any done for whatever reason you not adopting. So what, therefore you you can have
me me me in your life, we're not stupid, but you have been deprived of the most powerful meaning giver. You young males and females in my generation, not just yours, you should hear. All the women who were forty five years old, calling my radio show and they are a sea egos and they are six figure incomes and they are very lonely, just read for my listeners from the Washington Post. They have a feminist elementary every week and the this woman wrote. I am a middle class white hair, or sexual the female? I think I remember what you said. Things is forty years old and I I have never been so lonely in my life. But of course oh excuse me, she said a middle class middle age.
Heterosexual feminist? That's what you wrote feminine so I noted on the air: did it ever occurred to her that maybe her friend Wisdom and her loneliness were related, slowing it out as a possibility. Everyone to think about. Is it possible that her Her belief, you know, oh, I won't. I want acknowledge that it's important to have a man in my life, I'm a woman who major man or as the them the fool my generation said a woman. A man is like a fish without a bicycle and we all know fished only basic Therefore, women don't need men, but women do need. Ben And by the way, many women and here's, the amazing thing- men are more and more readily open to admitting that they need a woman than women are too to their meeting in it. They think the feminist.
Democrats have taught them you're a loser. You're a loser. If you think you need a map, yep, here's one euro loser. If you don't think, I need a man, that's much more close to the truth, because you are bereft of common sense and the truth about the human condition where men and women need each other. So the first thing I think of it when it one woman, such as you a senior in college g. What should I do with my life? What am I gonna? Tell you get a Phd in bought me when you get to you. If you gotta go home and talked the tulips, unthinkable
I have nothing against a Phd in bought me beat a Phd in Souci. Ology least you learn something, but this is this is so sad bees are years. What went on a woman is a truism, metal drive. You crazy, if you believe feminism, because feminism doesn't have much regard for life's truth. Nothing on the left. Does it to make believe.
Well, that they live in a much better chance of getting a good man at twenty five than at thirty five and better chance at thirty five and forty five, you can get a good man at seventy six. I know what's possible, I'm telling you that what is more likely there are women at seventy six who get married. God bless him, I think more power to them, but at twenty six you have a bigger choice: good men don't grow on trees. I'm a man telling this by the way. Good women don't grow on trees either, but just for the record good men don't grow on trees, there's not an infinite number of good men and are more likely to meet one in your twenties them in your thirties or forty or fifty of sixties, and so on.
So that's that's what I think you should do with your life. Everything else is gravy. You also have a wonderful work. I know a couple very well, the woman, both the man in the moon, a wonderful human beings therein their thirties. She has two daughters and she is, and she is completely committed to being a model trains to her daughters that she is a working women and works. Full time brings in her share of the income now she's, not so sure
Why is that a better model for my daughter's than being there for them when they come home from school? If you can't do everything, this is another nonsense of the left. Women can have it all. Nobody can have it all. It doesn't exist. Having at all you choose what you have. So, if you choose to be a full time worker you I'm going to a female now, you'll have less time for your children. You'll have less time for your marriage. You'll have less time for your home
There's a reason for that: are you ready? This is unbelievable. This is an insight that has sailed over the left's heads. There are only twenty four hours in a day, even for feminists. That's a tough one,
Swallow no matter what you do: you're stuck with a twenty four hour day and assuming you'll sleep, just six or seven hours, that's down already two hundred and seventeen, and if you work eight, that down to nine, but you do have to shower and eat and go to the bathroom and travel. So there ain't much time left and then there's then there's kids, the home and, may I add, a husband. So if you nurture your work more than anything else, you're nurturing your husband and your kids, less! That's a fact, not an opinion that you may say it doesn't
Ok, that's that's a judgment. Call you free to make. So all of this is what I think about when somebody who's. If I get what are you a senior in college, a twenty one about twenty one, twenty two years of age? So that's what I would have you think about you. Will you determine what you want to do with your life? For almost all of history, getting married and making a family was determined, it was like a given love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage. You probably heard that is a very famous theme song from the nineteen fifties. I believe it is on a tv show in the last. Last, ten, ten or so years, yap, not only more love and marriage. Don't go together. That's that's a shame.
As you will realize, when you're much older, if you're not married, now to do a lot of marriages end up in divorce. Yeah lot of cars crash. It's not an argument against not driving is it must not an argument against driving. Never understood that argument, my parents had a terrible divorce and my parents got divorced. I'm afraid I'm getting married to parents had a terrible car crash. Would you be afraid of driving? Ok, thank you for your question. Lee oh she's, twenty four hot, even centuries. Twenty four do not twenty one. So even more so Harrison Eighteen, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, high Dennis I Harrison
Do you use emojis when you text, I do in fact not a lot cuz. You know. If you do it, a lot loses some of its meaning. The emerges that I send no or not the normal ones, there there completely random for reasons that I dont know other than aesthetics. I periodically will send a text and put up the albanian flag. By the way, if you look it up, aid is one of the world's most beautiful flags and it's got this bird on room. What bird it is in its powerful bird in black on a fully red backroom and
I see I love the absurd. I I I do I I travel in the world of absurdity. Much of my life keeps me saying. I have often said the absurd. Keeps me saying: that's why I love the humour of the absurd. That's my favorite form of of humor. It's like it and that's why I love month, python movies, they're, just truly absurd! am I find them very funny. So, yes, I will attach every so often and albanian flag to a text, and I I, I only wish I could have a picture of the recipients face thinking what the hell is, that. And then they will ask me what was that and I hope that's the flag of Albania and then they'll think. What am I missing and the answer is nothing there missing nothing anyway, I can go on and on and then you will think less of me
so I will leave it at that Rinaldo, twenty nine Arizona city. Now I bet you, I can guess the State Arizona City is located in. Let me think. Is it Idaho, Massachusetts or Arizona. I go with the latter and I'm right what. You think should be the Eu S policy on international relations. Should the Eu S police, the world? Yes, I do the? U S and police the world I'll tell you: why do you need police in your neighborhood? The answer is, of course, yes right, so why would your neighborhood need police, but the world not the world's neighborhoods are nicer. I don't think so. So
Here is here very here, your options: if the United States doesn't police the world, there are two options: there will be no policemen or they will be bad policemen. That's it those your choices, that's only if you want, in reality, if you went to college reality is not a factor in making such determinations because they live in a make. Believe world of imagine it's all John lemons. Imagine so here is a perfect example. What are your options? If the? U S dozen police, the world, somebody else will or nobody will. If nobody does, there will be a massive increase in cruelty on earth, in rape, in torture and murder and incarceration in deprivation of liberty. That's what will happen if the There's no policeman! Just as if there were no policemen in your neighborhood, there would be an increase in rape and murder
burglary, etc, correct, correct or Somebody else will police. So who would you like to do that? The? U? When I'm so sorry? Who would you like to do it? China? I don't think so. They have very different values- the chinese communist government than we do. Who would you like to police, the world, Russia or. How about the EU? Please? The EU doesn't even believe in policing Europe, let alone the world. So yes, I would like the? U S, the police, the world. What's the choice? Are we doing on time limits? I have to say good bye. More questions will do with next week. It's as simple as that. So listen, it is great to be with you. Watch
are you videos give them to others? Please do please consider my insight into life come from one or simple called the buyer. I have no interest in converting you to any specific religion. I have an interest in converting you to wisdom and my book. The rational Bible, makes that case. It's all based on reason. I hope you will look into it and I wish you wonderful, weak. Send me questions, semi, love, letters and more, more than anything send me cigars thanks, I'm Dennis Prager from my home to yours. God bless you.
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