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Fireside Chat Ep. 57 - What's Good About Nationalism?

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Join Dennis Prager for his latest Fireside Chat, in which he discusses tolerance, the good aspects of nationalism and the importance of a balanced life. Recorded on Nov. 8, 2018.
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I read body I'm Dennis Prager and welcome to my home. Yes, this is really my home. It is not a set believe me, There were said it would be a lot meter, and this is my fireplace- and this is my body- Column- English, bull dog. I know I always think of Mazato and think about the other. You gotta get it get getting him on the camera. Otto sake say: hi Autos Otto was now meditating on the flame. He is
I take her major major time. By the way my view on having pets is: do they make you laugh? That's great life needs laughter. That's the story, that's a good subject for another twenty! You know we actually have a video Prager you on the benefits of laughter, the marriage. We have a whole video with one of the young who's, the great the russian comedian. What's a thing I know I'm so well in her Yakov Smirnoff. Thank you. Thank you very much. She, the more people who come to these shoots, the more information and get it's really helpful anyway, great to be with you and I will be taking. Questions of course,
as I always do each week so this week, I'd like to talk to you about a subject that has confused now more and more people. It's by the way. The confusion is partially deliberate and partially ideological, and it is a confusion about the word nationalism and how But it can be, there is a whole antenna, Journalism movement in the western world, not just the United States, the EU, the European Union, is is somewhat based on the idea that nations- Its are not important. What's important is something Grand National Supra national identity, for example,. Superman gave up his american identity. Is that auto making noises here it's outside? Okay, fine and I'm blaming auto. I feel very auto you're good,
National, so Superman gave up american identity, a few years ago. It's amazing thing. I mention this in the past, but this is truly worth mentioning again: one of the many many many examples of the healthier America, even though obviously there unhealthy aspects, but the healthier America that I grew up in Superman was a hero for us. Kids super, Its motto was truth: justice and the american way Superman fought for truth, justice and the american way That is so what so, american today that it's been abolished. He is not not only has he not fighting for the american way Superman, is now naughty American. That's right in the comic Strip Superman a few years ago. The the guys on the left, who now do the Superman Comic? Had him announced in front of the United Nations he's relinquish
thing is american citizenship is now a citizen of the world. So why. why is there this terrible onslaught against nationalism? For a few reasons? number one is ideological. The left, which is the elites of the western world, are largely on the left, the almost the entire news media of the world and the and the entertainment media of the world, the artistic elite and they from the beginning of the left. Since Karl Marx there was an anti national idea marks did not divide the world by nation? In other words, you are not a Germany were not an Englishman you're, not a French renew, not a russian. You were proletariat or it will
or you were in the employer. Rich class, in other words, marks divided the world. The father of leftism, Karl Marx, divided the world not by nations, but by workers by by class by class plan was what mattered and he ended his communist manifesto. With the famous words proletariat of the world unite. You have nothing to lose, but your chains so. I also show that is basic to all left wing thought. The nation is a bad idea. People should have a world identity or a class identity. That's one reason. So, as the left get stronger, anti national sentiment gets. Stronger number two, this really caught on after World war, one world war,
on was fought by among the nations of Europe. The United States joined later in the war, and it was leave by many intellectuals, the source of World war, one was nationalism, and if we just abolish net, listen England, isn't gonna fight Germany. If nobody is english or nobody is german right, so let's have Germans think of themselves less as german, more. European and the English think of themselves as less english and more european, the French, less french and more european, and so right that that is the thinking it sounds in theory, lovely I'll explain. Why isn't lovely at all in a moment, so thou a second reason for the idea that
the national identity is a bad thing. But now let me tell you well I'll, give you a third world war. Two did the same thing as people identify Hitler and Nazis with nationalism. But of course that's not true. Hitler's primary identity was not now: realistic? It was racist. He was in favor of the aryan race, a jerk. Are quote. Unquote was was completely the brother, the the Kindred, the kin of a of AID of a dutch Aryan or a norwegian area that so he too he was transnational. He He was all austrian. How can he be a german nationalist? The guy was austrian, so his thing was was re space, which is the disgusting. The irony is today the only people to honor race since
Nazis or the left they honour race. Let's have a black dorm acknowledges look, Those are against that and conservatives are against that member. The liberal left differences critical. I have a whole video on it. Just takes five minutes of your time, explaining six major differences between liberalism and leftism really important. So then, what's good about nationalism.
Well I'll? Give you an example. I suspect, sadly, that a lot of you are not aware of one of the most horrific massacres of the of the latter. When did it take place? When was the Rwanda massacre of the the Hutus massacring the Tutsis was in the nineties? It was the ninety nine these an annex. It was like six hundred thousand people. If I'm not mistaken by an end, not by gas and not by even shooting by machete, mostly just cutting people up, it was her risk. You know why, because Hutus and Tutsis had tribal identities, ethnic identity is not a national identity. One of the greatest problems can
coming Africa is that so many people still primarily bond to which ride to an ethnicity not to a nation. The evil of Nigeria were massacred terribly because. oh, my g, Arians, didn't. Think of them is Nigerians that the state brought people together to a Trans Tribal trans, racial, the state. Doesn't care about race. Nation is not race. Racism is race. Nation is getting people together. America's eat motto is equal herbs unum from many one many races. Many ethnicities, many religions, but we are, we are all american you can. You can keep whatever color identity you want, and people do, and certainly religious identity. I went to jewish religious school till I was eighteen half the day I studied in he,
but I knew I was american they're not in conflict, but I had something deeply. In common with a Christian from the Brescia, we were both american I've, something deeply in common with a black from our Burma, we are both. American. The nation is a great thing, a great thing. Of course it could be used for bed. Tell me what can be used for bed religion could be used for bad humanism could be used for bad. No nationality, could be used for bad if there is no such Thing is an ideology that can't be perverted to do bad, but in its essence there was something beautiful about. Like give you an example, just just this week we had the Prager you a gala. This is big annual event where, where people come and people who donate to Prager, you meet one another and it's a very beautiful of it. As I said just thirty
ago. Did I say it was a beautiful event. It really was and we always have a prominent guest to my interview. The guest in this case was the former Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper. He was a conservative prime minister until a few years ago he won three elections. That's a lot in a western country win three elections in a totalitarian state. You win fifteen elections because you can't vote for anybody else, but in democracies it's pretty rare to have. Somebody voted in that often and he was very very popular in Canada and he's a conservative, so we talked, and he said something that I loved and he said in passing. You know, Canada, I think it's the greatest country in the world, and I I said, Mr Prime Minister, I love that you believe Canada is the greatest country in the world that is, everyone should believe that of their country
We have the most wonderful country in the world wide everyone should aspire to their country being the most wonderful country in the world. That's a beautiful thing. I want Canadians to celebrate Canada, and I want the Dutch to celebrate. Holland and the Netherlands is ain't country. I think this is a That's what nationalism is about. An american nationalist is not anti maybe a nationalist or mexican nationalist, or Regrettably, a nationalist or Belgium Nationalist. We celebrate your nationalism, that's a good thing, swiping at the Olympics, you know that the Europeans are, we all would giving up our identity. We're just Europeans yet, but jealousy other fans route for their team see the way attack. for the italian football. Slash. Socrates,. Or the british or or the Germans, and I think it's great to get excited about their national team. I, like
It's one of the reasons. I am not a big soccer fan, but I always watch the World CUP. I I a big kick out of it. I like the fact that that the people go there with their flags, and so I'm not scared of flags. I'm scared of bad people, I'm not scared of flags. There's a big difference, I'm scared of no flags, because let's say: let's just imagine, they were no flags, no nations. The when ran the world you more evil. They would be in a world where all power, concentrated one of the great things about nationalism is that power is not internationally concentrated. That's by the way in Amerika we were found to be a republic, not a democracy. That's why the states have so much power, the we're send. It is not democratic
Montana has as many senators as California, but it has what one tenth of the number of people twenty TH the number of people, because they set it up that way, because Montana should have a state for Montana and Texas for a state for Texans and so on. That's a good thing, because the the founders of the United States did not trust people with a lot of power. Lord Acton, the famous Britt, said power. Corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I don't want the UN to have world power. I don't want anybody to have world, but I don't want Brussels to have european power. That's the reason the British voted except the elites. Of course they voted for breaks it british exit from the EU. They wanted to be run by London, not Brussels and the iter we feel the same thing: they want to be run by Rome, not Brussels. That's a healthy thing, not an unhealthy thing
The elites are almost all on the left, so of course they love power that crazy about power. They would they Brussels. They try to tell countries every detail of their lives. I have a german I'm into audio equipment. I've, a german of a lot of german products from my stereo system- and so it is amazing, goes off automatically after a certain time of non use, because that's the way it works it. You know that the the they care about not using more electricity, the necessary, but I'm gonna pay my bill. It's my business. We Americans Don. they so when they make a german product or an italian many european product. It has to click off of a certain type of non use. This. the Brussels Tills, ITALY, how their machinery should work. I mean it's just the little example, but life is composed of little examples:
Nationalism is a beautiful thing and there's no such thing as white nationalism. That's the irony! Why? What is white nationalism? Why does a race? How could I be white nationalism or are in most of the people in Iceland White. They part of white Nationalism, isn't that idiotic? How could you be a white nationalist with no white nation, they're nations composed largely of whites, but that's a separate issue. The people in Iceland don't walk around thinking gay for white. They think you for Iceland big difference this now so this notion of the present the United States mentioned nationalism, its about white supremacy- that's absurd. The whole point American nationalism is that it contains people of every race. Is it nationalism ends race. It doesn't celebrate race, it celebrates nation.
and it's a beautiful thing to have a national identity, not just human being, but does that mean Europe Vial a member of a biological species known as almost sapiens. That's your identity, yeah homo sapiens. We gonna win for in the World CUP homo Sapiens, its preposterous, the whole thing's preposterous. And bad morally bad. It's a beautiful thing to have nationalism the left, ate it and that's part of of the great idea. Battle in America and the West people unthinkingly. oh yeah nationalism. Gee! That's bed, what's bad about it, people of every different races. every different religion, United one nation. What could be more beautiful. And the power issue is, is, is a big part of it who we gonna give power too? If it isn't, if it isn't defused
States in the United States, among nations in the world, I don't want Brussels to In europe- and I don't want the you want to run the world- that's that is the issue. So long live good nationalism. What's the alternative? What's the moral alternative, okay, the case for national, Oh and by the way it also one more thing- I I
what can the happiness our every week on my national radio show you anywhere in the world you watching. As you can hear my show on the internet, its effortless despondent, Dennis Prager shown you can hear through any of my stations, I'm on or the Dennis Prager APP or you could go to Prager Tokyo and get a commercial free, Prager Utopia that come so you can hear on Fridays. The second of my three hours. I do three hours a day. The second hours devoted to happiness I devoted to in a row. I've never done that. Two weeks in a row, I discuss the beauty for happiness. Of having a national identity and a religious identity, Americans historically had a very strong religious identity, most Christian, some jewish, obviously a whole host of variations, a catholic identity and mormon identity. That adds to
when happiness, and so it is having an american identity for Americans. A lot of unhappy people walking around you. Could you could watch them screaming at the tables of the of politicians. Do not agree with, and if Europe these are people with no identity, their just humans, that's not an identity, the biological fact. Ok time, for your questions press one button press another button right. Oh my god, this alone. What are we doing on time? Because I don't know what I talk: ok, guy, a pretty pretty much meat by fifteen mental minute,
Megan, twenty five, that's than age, California. What is tolerance, God is unimportant. Megan, you hid it critically. Important topic. Tolerance has been completely divested of of its true beaming tolerances there. If you may live a certain way or believe a certain thing- and I really doubt but nevertheless in a civilised society. I tolerate that that you do if, if, if, if you live in a certain way of life, that I don't happen to agree with, nevertheless, I I tolerated, because what is my choice if I want to
living in a decent society. We tolerate peoples living in a way that we don't object than we objected right. Fine, I mean I'm not talking about murderers camp, tolerate murderers, our or thieves right, that's obvious! But that's not what tolerate means anymore. Tolerate went from tolerate to celebrate. That's different, that's different! You may I dont celebrate certain ways of life, but I tol right, even my honor, but I don't necessarily celebrate and I'd. I don't expect people to if it came here. Here's one alright, I'm just off the top of my head, wiccan religion right based on witches
hey! I totally tolerate people being wickens, not an issue. Do I celebrate it? No, I don't celebrate it. That's all by the way you don't have to celebrate my religion either you have to tolerate it. You have to treat me decently, you'll have to celebrate it, that's fine! But that's what we've come to, I being a religious person. I believe that the definition of marriage should have stayed one man, one woman and give the same right to gays and just not calling it. Marriage. Marriage for all of history was men and women or men in more than one woman, but has always been man and woman all right. Not only do I tolerate gaze and even Mary Gaze-
My wife and I are the God parents to a gay couples. Children. We love that couple. We love their children. They wanted us to big godparents, even though they know we're opposed to same sex. Marriage though I, but so I tolerate same sex marriage, and I honour these people and I love their children. That's fine, but I dont have to celebrate the idea of the redefinition of marriage. That's not tolerance. Celebration is not. The same thing is tolerance. You're allowed to have convey Just as it is by the way you might have of me and that that's fine, you don't you Renee finished. I don't expect you to celebrate by Judaism. Her can use if you're an atheist. Taking to celebrate. My duty is right. I don't expect that, but you are tolerated, and I have to tolerate tolerate your atheism. I don't but I but an atheist as a good human being.
there there, my fellow american there, my fellow human being, that's fine, I don't have an issue, but this changing from Tower instead, if you dont, celebrate your intolerant. That's a perversion of the word as I've been clear, good next Ashley in eighteen in Huntington Maryland. What was your first bony experience life? I have no idea, but I do remember vividly the first time I voted report. I was raised a I Jus from New York, which immediately means over Well, me likely. I was a Democrat and I went Columbia University. So, like I had everything reinforce that I should be a Democrat, and I was I was a democratic voted for Jimmy Carter. For president, I consider that to be
major error in my life, but I did it ok. The first time I vote, a Republican was Ronald Reagan, right and I remember was somewhat traumatic. I admit it. I am voting Republican. Isn't that going over to the dark side? That's what I had been taught by whole life that the folks who care about the rich, not the regular guy, but I was a regular guy. My parents were regular guys all my parents were Democrats. Yeah, that's true. I think it was the first Prager in the history of all pagers, going back thousands of years to the prayers of Mesopotamia that voted Republican. We checked the prayers of Mesopotamia
we're Democrats next, Jacob twenty Virginia as a music stewed. I've always wondered how you balance your music in political life, any tips on how to do this myself, I'm not you mean exactly by political life. You, I guess you mean your your me typical vocation and the rest of it and in your concerns in the political arena so everybody has to figure out how to balance these things. There is no great answer. A balanced life is a good life and look. I don't know how you try to do it. You ve gotta, you look, you ve, gotta, be excellent and what you do for a living. what you do professionally. You have to be excellent and by the way, I consider big, a full time parent the profession to want to make that clear to usually women not always- and I can
I personally honour a full time, mom at least as much as I do a full time lawyer. What am I talking about much more than the separatist? I should this lawyer anyway, lawyers are used to being hated, none of them. Joking, my wife is a lawyer but useful She was a full time when I met her o K. So that's what you have to figure out, but you you you have to. They are about society and you have to care about being excellent at your work. Ok, I hope that answers you because I don't know it's specifically: music, look, music, a very big part of my life, but I obviously I've had to concentrate on one what I do for a living Jacob, eighteen, California, at what point in your life. Did you first consider yourself to be.
successful and did a change your overall mentality? Ok, I have a very bizarre life. I totally acknowledge it to this, but you asked the question I thought I was successful. At a very early age, because I was successful, I was very lucky very, very like I consider it overwhelmingly luck. I knew what I wanted to do with my life and I, I was afforded opportunities to do it, and so I began lecturing believe it or not at the age of twenty one. I just come home from the Soviet Union sent around electron. What what I saw there and about the adopted freedom or the lack of freedom there and the situation specifically of soviet Jews, who were very oppressed.
And other dissidents in the soviet and dissidents and the soviet, so at a very early age, how to change my mentality it didn't cause. I've always believed that I just have to do good with my life and, if I'm not I'm a failure it so it didn't go to my head. Didn't have any effect like that, but I knew I was very lucky. okay will with. I can't believe it will with sent in a question the nerve. Wants to know by the way, if you don't know, will wit and will it is somewhat of a hit. A lot of people watch them on trigger you, videos, What's your favorite out on about appear question is who has a favorite automatic, pier. That by the way for those of you don't know, that is a word. That sounds like what it describes.
What's an english onomatopoeia, give me an example on think is the one I want to answer is in Russian. That's the one that comes to my mind, so I'll tell you the one in Russian. So the word didn't russian. Nor is happy that, so it sounds exactly like scrubbing the thing I love it. That's that's an hour might appear, but what the English has it giving wants an example. Buzz, oh yeah, there's a buzz, that's right, but it's on like that as much as much richer. I will you know what send me another question. Two years from now, that was a joke. Will raw
Nay Teen Texas. What are your thoughts on states such as Texas? Turning purple, especially itself axis, look there's a big issue: the the lot of Hispanics model, a t, let latino Americans are voting for the Democrats, because this is an entire subject unto itself, because a lot believe this is what the Democrats and left do, that. Why did they keep attacking white men white men, white men like men? Why did they? You know, just if you, if you, if you're taking insulin it was discovered by white men, if you're, let's see, if you don't Polio, the polio vaccine was developed by a white man. I mean it don't idiotic, this notion white men, so why does the left do it because they want everybody else to think that they belong in the Anti white man?
the Democratic Party that is its sole. It's all right. It's a gimmick. It's just a gimmick: all women, your oppressed by men, white men in particular, but any men and Hispanics your press by white men and the blacks, your press by white man, Asians, your oppressed by white man. This is this is the thinking it's all politically inspired its drivel it's just that it's idiotic so but there's been some success. The Republicans are identified with this, this white majority. and if you really want to be taken care of and protected vote Democrat, but that's just not the case. We have great videos on given by Latinos by the way, as well as others, Latin Americans, and we have a very simple question for latin american immigrants to the United States. I have asked this for years. Why
your vote Democrat. Why would you want to replicate the ideology that you fled? You fled all of you who came, the U S from Latin America, fled big government societies and big government always means be corruption, the curse of Africa. The purse of Latin America is corruption and they all have strong governments. That's a very tight mistake that a lot of Latinos make you came to the country that is the most prosperous on earth. So the question Ll Tino should ask, is why is it so prosperous? What I? The reality is different about America, then Brazil or or Argentina, or Easily, venezuela- and that is small government, small, governor
his big citizen, big government, the small citizen, so that the Republicans have to make this org our ideologies best for everybody and then then Texas will remain as a can state all right, everybody that's pretty much it for today. So I will be with you next week: that's right, be with you next week from my to yours. God bless you thank you for watching, I'm Dennis Prager
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