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Fireside Chat Ep. 6 - Southeast Asia, Global Warming, Men Vs. Women

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis Prager is back for a brand new Fireside Chat! Topics include: Global warming, immigration, his recent trip to Southeast Asia, and more! Recorder on Mar. 10, 2017.
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I everybody welcome to my home again for what we call fireside chats, I'm Dennis Prager great to be with you, light up my cigar and is my house by the wages, although you should all read the article in sleep about how insignificant second hand smoke is which I have argued for the last twenty years, anyway, what don't break to how we re home done a lot to talk to you about what really Why you're way is not cuban for those of you into cigars, not for political reasons. I dont like them as much as nicaraguan or honduran.
Or dominican anyway, high soulless- and I just got back from two weeks in China, Korea and Japan are took up about a hundred ten of my. Video listeners from around the country. I've been doing this for twenty five years. Taking cruises with my Ellison is by the way the shake on the camera was caused by our bull dog It is a shame. You can't see him, although on the other hand, he is so enticing and hilarious, you wouldn't listen to You would just be looking at him, so it's probably a good thing he's not on camera. That he has a truly funny face, so for twenty five years of blues. I've been traveling for forty and I've been to one hundred and thirty countries by the way. To the only thing I brag about a minute, I total Bragg, I'm proud of it. I think that's better than Bragg
because it takes an effort. Remember I'm not a travel agent. I have a full time job, so it it's not easy. To get to that many countries. But I've been sitting China, Japan and Korea. In the past, I love visiting their something I want to tell you is fascinating that I want to talk to you by travel. It was in China only once before the year after Mousie Tongue, the greatest Mass murderer in history died, and China then was like North Korea today, a completely controlled totalitarianism and now it was it still, it's still a m authoritarian states, though dictatorship of the party, but it's no comparison. Every one of my translators and guides spoke about what nuns communism was how the party was corrupt,
and they D. They were afraid to do so now. Close society the ear of the internet is Chinese and they They don't allow dissent in the country, but privately you. Do what you want, and that was not the case under mail this the new world there, it's amazing is another thing I want to tell you and that its this China, was so poor that when I was a child, my mother ACT Then we would say to me finish: your food: don't waste food there, the their kids starving in China. That was the is the news, India my mother didn't use Africa. People use China and, and she was right to people were starving. And now there are some in there still a lot of poor people in China, two billion three hundred million people, but you you
the one stand. It is now a major power in the world. There are traffic jams in every city in China, traffic jams of pretty good cars its if it's unbelievable that the amount of wealth. That is there now and you know why there's only one reason: why do you think it is under way among capitalism? If you are against capitalism, you are for poverty. The people who are against capitalism think that their moral there actually immoral. They I've! No concern for the poor; they think they have concern for the poor there has.
Only been one method, one economic method of lifting people from poverty in the history of mankind, and that has been capitalism, so even under a dictatorship of a party as in communist You could still get rich with capitalism now if they have even more freedom, they even get richer, but but it's it's it's a phenomenon where ever has been tried. That is what has lifted people from poverty. Socialism is an economic dead end over time. It must collapse. Course, socialism is a ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme is where you take money from people to pay for the pre. These people, but eventually you run out of people to pay for the previous people, That is what is happening in Europe,
that is the reason they took in so many immigrants from Middle EAST and North Africa, but because they didn't have enough people to support the socialists, type democratic, socialist type of economics that they had to say So it's quite something to see this in Japan. Tell you a little about Japan and Korea. Japan and Korea were also quite poor, Korea, certainly, and neither had any tradition of democracy. Do you know why they are both free and prosperous countries? I drive a korean car driver, korean Luxury car, who would have everything that korean luxury car competing with Mercedes out Lexus? How could that be not just capitalism,
the case of Japan and Korea is another major factor. U S. Troops are stationed. There You are very lucky country. If America has troops in your country, asked the Germans ask the Japanese ask the Koreans and you're an unlucky country if american troops leave your country, ask Ve Rockies who's, all the opposite of what you learn in college, the very opposite that we keep troops for the sake of american imperialism. It's part of the the world of lies that provide our universities. It is a major problem in all of the west. One more thing takes an effort to try.
Packing there's a pain. Unpacking is a pain leaving your house's uncomfortable. Most people are comfortable in their homes. Most people are not as comfortable place where they can even read the alphabet like Japan, like Korea, like China, but when you do it, it is life altering. I am a much better person. I am, I think, a wiser person because I have travelled so much. It enables you to see the human condition and that's a big deal. When I was a kid I had a dream, I had a lot of dreams and I have actually been blessed to fulfill virtually every one of them. One of my dreams was this, but I wanted whenever I would hear the name of a place of a country.
In the news, for example. I wanted it to be real. I didn't want it to be just a name, and I've been able to do that. Once you ve been to a place, it's not a name anymore. It's a place, you think a people and its a powerful experience. So I just want to tell you that foreign travel- I am indeed domestic travel. I've been told fifty states, this wonderful part of life, good to be back, though always nice to get home So the time for your questions. First question is from Gareth. A conservative in New Zealand Dennis, I agree with a lot of american conservative views, but don't agree with conservative positions on gun control or the death penalty. Please explain
your positions and passion regarding those issues. Well, I can, it would take me the better part of our is actually a to explain them, but all out? I will nevertheless do it in a nutshell. First, on the issue of gun control, everybody's for gun control the issue is not whether on four gun control its, whether on forgone ownership, that's what That's the unique american belief that herbal citizens that peace and people should have the right to protect themselves, their families, their neighbours, and that that is an utterly long standing american tradition. So let me ask you a question: Garrison New Zealand, Maginnis, terrorist domestic or foreign terrorist. A bad person wants to shoot. Children There are two schools: one school has a sign and the sea
I ain't says: Gun Free zone, no guns here the other school. Has a sign. We have teachers who were armed. Beware which school would you go to if you wanted a shoe children the thought. I'm big believer that common sense can solve ninety eight point, four percent of all human problems. As far as for capital punishment or am. I am even more passionate about the thought to me that a person who commits a heinous murder, an end by heinous murder, all murders or heinous, but
We generally reserve the death penalty for particularly heinous ones where there's torture with as rape, where this of Terror Otto mean as in terrorism, where a person is terrorized, the thought that somebody who shot up church like this sky in America Dylan Roof. I think his name is shot a people in a church. Why should we be allowed to live? I don't know, I don't even know I've never understood the argument understand all the arguments that might be an innocent person and and and that's really the only one that I understand, but why is it I doubt if I take your life, I'm allowed to keep my own. If I take your bicycle, is it right that I'm allowed to keep my bicycle? Why you don't have a bite? It's so elementary I'd I'd I don't and what I've just
said is not some. It is simple, but not simplistic. Why is it right? That can keep my life after. I took yours wantonly I have many other arguments in their written in my book of essays. Think a second time I have an essay thereon capital punishment, Johnny Dennis what are your thoughts on the Republicans health? CARE plan. Is it sufficiently free market enough for you have as compared to the affordable care act? My thoughts I tweeted about today by way guys that people want to get my tweets weathers go at that. That is Prager the Dennis at. Do I tweeted out today. Just a very simple thought on this The best is the enemy of the better. If you on something that is perfect. You will never get anything that is better. So I it's not perfect, it's not. It can't be.
So much damage has been done to the health care system by the affordable, correct, a k, a upon the care of that it will take a long time to one do this damage and you can't do it overnight and they will have to have political compromise you eat. You just it doesnt work to have the ideal. The ideal can't be imposed immediately. I wish it could. Okay, Elliot Dennis how dowdy recommend my deal with people suffering from Trump derangement syndrome, people who believe he's a danger to everyone except White Republican, males, here's, here's a thought, K. Here's a thought were, first of half God is at yummy. Ah, here's this here's a thought, so
body, who says that there is a danger to anybody except the. Why was that republican white males? Ok, I should, my wife was a republican like female answered. The question nevertheless I would then I would say to them this. The man is four years as president at what point will you acknowledge that he has not been dangerous for everyone except republican white males north, or you have to give me your parameters if X, Y or Z, doesn't happen to everybody else. Then will you say you were wrong if you can
and be wrong, then there's nothing to discuss than we have left the world of reason and entered the world of passion. I can't obviously cannot deal with that with reason. So what damage to other people do you predict, and if it does not happen and what period of time will you will that you were panicked for no good reason that, as the new head of the EPA is called a science deny or because he sceptical about the climate change theory? How would you respond to people who call em assigns denier well. If he's a science denier, so was Richard Linz in the Lee, in climatologist. In the U S, a professor act at the MIT
see, watch the video or read anything. We have a video of Richard Lines and at the Prager University, correct guys up MIT professor, for until he was a sceptic on this matter He was universally considered the greatest climatologists in the United States. You have no idea how many scientists don't buy the whole theory. Is the world getting warmer may well be, it's gotten warmer and colder all throughout the history of earth. For humans arrive before Carbon emissions arrived so The EU been sold a bill of goods that ninety seven percent? We have a video on that too, would pray University, the home I envy seven percent thing is a fraud. I promise you, it is a fraud now. Does that mean that the two just Bjorn. Your has made a number of videos for us that the danish expert on these matters and He says the world was getting warmer and I m
as I think, carbon dioxide is making it warmer for all these solutions are making the world worse. I don't care what you think about carbon dioxide. I care what policy you want to make. That's the issue for prove it the soul, but so, if you differ with their policies, your call the science, the dire by the way I was called a science denier, many. Years ago, when I said that heterosexual aids in Amerika was was way overblown and as it was a lie. It's a very tiny element of of AIDS in the United States, heterosexual AIDS It was. It was overwhelmingly game in gay women with the least likely group to get the aids. It was overwhelmingly gay men and intravenous drug users and their partners, who has not heterosexual a induced almost ever in comparison to those two group.
Doktor said I should be removed from the radio, because what do I know about science? They were on the Let of science in my lifetime has been a very bad thing. Like second hand, smoke, that's one of them. Reasons I'm so angry about second hand smoke its Lydia sized Science, its brought in a that. Fifty thousand Americans a year die from secondhand smoke, but because they were a people to stop smoking. They said it's Kate Alai. On behalf of the great value stopping people smoking. I gotta tell you scientists on fortunately, our is likely to be affected by ideology as non scientists, and that is a very big problem, Reed God on the astronomers, book by a robber Jastrow, who, God someone amazing man. Man was
mastic secular agnostic. He was the head of the Goddard Space Center at NASA huge astronomer. And he wrote a book gotten the astronomers, how the astronomers reacted to the Big bang theory. They were depressed by it because, when against their belief that the universe always exist, it's a very could read it in an hour or two very short book, but its very powerful God on the astronomers Beth. I bet how you doing Dennis I heard the author of reason to vote for them. Rats on your show today, it's now the number one best selling book on Amazon. Did you read the entire book? What did you think of it? Now? I'm not sure if this is a serious question or not, but remember the point of it is there is nothing in the book is just two hundred fifty six pages. That are blank. That's reasons to vote for Democrats is it's a joke.
It's a funny joke so that I read the book yeah, but you can read the book in in under ten seconds. That's the point! So it's cute! It's just something to have in the house and people, and it is it's a funny thing the visual. You know funny by the way that video might I did that one. I only do about fifty percent of the pregnant receiving aid, funny by the way that video might buy. I did that one. I only do about fifty percent of the progressive videos. Men of the power, the visual age. I saw yes, that's right. It was just written up in a major greek newspaper with a guy sought and said If you want to understand men, you must see this video because of course, it's true for Greece. It's true for Ghana, it's true for wherever men exist by the way heterosexual as
El, as homosexual gay men are. The visual is just as powerful to gay men, except that what they're looking at our men, Gay men are central, looking at the unclad men ass straight men or it on looking at unclad women for us, visual is the arousal mechanism sought the only one, but it's the primary one? That's not true, for The mind is, emotions are speech, is money is fame, is whim. Women's arousal mechanism is far more complex than men's. That's just the way it is. I would love to talk to you because I dont know what your concerns are. Your concern. While I think I do, I think your concern is here actual you did write it, I'm I'm otherwise a big Prager you fan, but this video seems to excuse men's leering thoughts. Well,
leering is leering being aroused visually is being aroused visually. I am not. Defending men staring at women looking YAP staring is rude and that's that's just rude. Obviously, but if that's what you mean, in other words, if you're out on a date with a man and he spent most of the time, looking at the women walking into the restaurant he's rude? So bad? That's that's! That has, you can do with sexual arousal. Let us to do with com. Indecency. You you look at the person you're talking to, but of a but beyond that that the visual is. What does it now? It's not possible the sign convinced it is not possible for a woman to fully appreciate the power of the visual on on males
It's just its asking. It would be like asking me to relate to win a rang, a tan. It's it's! That's! Why You said it far harder for women to FF. We understand male sexuality than it is for men to one then female sexuality as complex as women are reputed to. In this regard is not a matter of complexity. It's just how FR. We males are but remained It's not enough by society its induced by our nature, and the proof is gay men. They are just as likely to be visually around. I was so watch the video with an open mind: if you're married talk to your husband about it, because if men can be open about their sexual nature to their wives or girlfriends, that will open them up to.
They talk to you. Men hide who they arcas their embarrassed or afraid of how their wifi girlfriend will react, and that's not a good thing. Nathan, Hydro Nathan. After returning from your trip, If you did your drawing conclusions from those nations immigration systems, though we in American, could learn from just you I call on my but I'm actually syndicated column comes out every Tuesday. It's that I website it's a town hall, it's at national review and many other websites, and my last last week's was on that very subject. I wrote it from Japan. I asked my japanese guide: oh yeah, sure what happened with japanese guy an although she about thirty five years of years old and I said to her Come so little crime in Japan and without missing a beat. You just looked at me and said
because we don't allow anybody in so rebates I'm saying we should allow anybody and of course not America is a land of immigrants, unlike Japan, but its land. It's a nation of immigrants who assimilated the law forget the rest of the sentence. If they dont assimilate, we will break up. It will be the end of the United States, it can only be a land of immigrants if people all become american in values. That's not a racial thing. Cause there's no such thing as an american race. What's happening in Europe. Vast numbers
muslim. Immigrants are not taking on western values, and the countries are truly threatened in terms of their meaningful existence is at the last one. I'm still. I want to read it to make us it's there's nothing happening asking after the start of water, supposedly secrecy documents. I want to read it to me because there's nothing happening asking after the start of water, supposedly secrecy Ivorians appears possible of the CIA, is happening abilities getting it device was It is true that, yes, it does concern me if the of the CIA can guarantee anything. However, the I've always said I was never against the USA trolling billions of calls for terror. I was. Over against them. I'm a big believer in privacy.
But I always said if its ever misused. It ends my support. It's like it's like entrusting people with a very powerful what If they misuse it, then we can't entrust them with it, My final question Alex Alex: what are your thoughts on done? what's wrong. She use of twitter. My thoughts are, I care infinitely more what he does, then what he tweets and that's it. That that's that's how I have worked my way around some of the more odd tweets that have come from him and that's fine. He let that event. In the meantime, as I said on my radio show today,
I called it a New York Times, peace published yesterday that the number of illegal immigrants has already declined by over a third and he's only in office two months not even two months and another article from power line about how the jobs report has surprised Dick economists, because so many companies are hiring people optimistic that Trump the Trump Administration will read. Whose regulations on businesses so their hiring more and more people, that's what matters, not the tweets. So I am delighted that you tuned in that the word that your viewing that you're with me,
So I don't forget to see you as many prageru videos possible, because I truly believe that if you watched every preview video an hour about it and one hundred and fifty, if you watched every one of them and truly learned it, I mean watching them once is not But if you did, I truly believe that you would leave those hundred fifty afterwards. You would leave much much more intelligent much wiser, much more understanding about the world of human nature and all these related subjects than for years at Harvard I truly doable. If that now, if you want to study Medicine Prager, you will not help you you want to study law. If you want to study physics, I understand that with their specific body of data, but if you want to understand life and the world, I think you should watch the videos.
Thanks for being with me until next week, I'm Dennis Prager take care.
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