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Fireside Chat Ep. 66 - Dennis And Charlie Kirk Take Questions

2019-02-04 | 🔗
Dennis Prager sits down with Charlie Kirk to answer questions on the latest Fireside Chat. Check it out! Recorded on Jan. 24, 2019.
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Charlie Kirk is my guest, the course the founder in and presented the teepee USA. Turning for USA, I'm Dennis Prager and I always take questions. I love that port and I thought I would just talk to you for fifteen minutes and then take fifth, but it we went over thirty six men and we were just getting well. I thought that was. I was at a twenty minute mark that so much fun. I was Joel nuts. They watched the wanderings together everything alarm I'll answer some and you add on. If you have anything you want to IRAN so Spencer, when he too, with the Annapolis Indiana, I've heard several people say their anti is but not anti semitic. This seems nonsensical to me. How can I efficiently point out this discrepancy, so I wrote about this long long time ago with in the first book Wrote the nine questions people ask about Judaism and one of the questions is: is there a difference between Anti Semitism and Anti Zionism, and so here is the very quick way to do it.
What would you say to somebody who said I love Italians, but I hate ITALY. In fact, I am working to destroy it. Which is what Anti zionist means. Israel does not have a right to exist as an independent. You wish that that's what Anti Zionism means right. So How could you say would be ludicrous? Oh, I love italian opera. I love pizza. I love italian food, olive italian music. I love Italians, but I hate ITALY and she wished to destroy, or in the right ok ten absurdity the only time to distinction is made, is with regard to Israel. Anything what I had not. I agree completely in its also misunderstanding of how important Israel is to the jewish faith, and you just you cannot possibly separate them, That's right. There was a jewish trinity. Just like there's a christian trinity. Most people don't know and you don't use that terminology, but I I know my Judaism.
Judaism, consists of God Torah, Israel. Those are the three components you can't take, one of them out and still of Judaism. Just like you can't take this. Father, what the Son of the Holy Spirit out of Christianity and still have normative christianity? very for and there's an american trinity too. Yes, that's my Dinah. I'm proud of that was very good and you why I believe its debts on the coins soon and liberty, which ravaged ass, the young Adults Asset It is amazing how things come infinities. It is a very interesting face, so anyway got or Israel that that is the that is the jewish trinity. If you remove one, you don't have Julius. Ok,. So next Amanda Eighteen Colorado, what's the best way to dispute gun control arguments in two sentences or less I'll. Let you take that one I have my answer: go ahead, two sentences or less criminals, love gun control
They are literally you're really good. I was getting more than two sentences, so criminals, love, gun, control done free zones are danger. How about that vat is excellent, and all that is actually. I was very literal here, so maybe I could make this. Yes, it was literally so here's what I was going to say I maybe I could fitted in under two sentences, it'll be alongside the cycle and yet with a semi, Colon Colin and a dash, an m dash exactly so where if they were to schools once gotta free zone? One said many: if the adults here carry weapons, where would the shooter go? That's it! That's my art, terrific K Cooper, sixteen in Higgins, Ville Missouri, I Cooper. Do you think reason: America, so polarizes, the lack of shared morals. If so, how can we fix that here?
Who fixtures totally its is appropriate question for us? Without it I mean, and I thought they were paralysed- big polarize because of the second reservation in America without a doubt and well it. Although there are secular conservatives who who have some of our eye, but they don't realize it's not gonna work. I make this point of order, but where are the values come from? Yes, of course, Emmy. Even in the declaration of independence, the inalienable rights come from the creator. No creator, no inalienable rights, it so obvious but anyway, yes, we're polarized, because of course it's all. It's all values issue, and I I I asked them. What is a Barone first thing, Michael Michael barometer, Some of my show very smart guy varies why why have money? I love the guy and ease like a dean of american political observers,
So I asked him: have we ever been since the civil war have we ever been is divided as we are today and he thought we had, which made me feel good in a certain sense, because I don't want to think what its uniquely awful since since slavery. But I I didn't fully agree with his answer. I think this is the most divided we ve ever been the gulf. Listen I the New York Times in no. In November two weeks after Donald Trump was elected, the New York Times out a front page peace on the number of people not going for Thanksgiving or Christmas to their friends or relatives because they found out they voted for them.
From this. That, I think, is unprecedented. The only other talent point to is the the Vietnam Civil rights era. That was a varied, which I was your age at that time, and I I can't speak no, no, of course you could speaker for we, you have them, but he couldn't. We all speak up. We have to speak about things we ve lived through or against speak about. Nobody ever you you're totally right, but I don't remember if the parents for the Vietnam WAR and the kid wasn't he didn't go home for Thanksgiving. I dont remember that being the case they may fight by the rift, the hatred, gee that's. There was a hatred of the war, but there wasn't a hatred of the people in your life who supported the water. I don't I don't remember it that way. Let's put it this way. I am. I think this were living in a in a very ruptured time, but listen
There were decent people there. They were people who had had a moral compass who were opposed to the war there, people when the moral compass who were for the warm you can't have a moral compass at an end that and be anti Israel. You can have a moral compass and be Anti american. You can have a moral compass and tell me that down there's no such thing as male and female. That is nothing it that there are people who think that they are the other sex that that's beside the point, but there there isn't male and female this because new yes, that's very, very postmodernism. That's correct postmodern! Yes, that's the sweet waves of philosophical way that university by the way, a label garbage. That's good! Thank you. That was good. I resonate
make twenty one Albany New York. How do you deal with this is areas? How do you deal with liberal? friends, family or co workers that suddenly eight you nice and they fly down your conservative and two beautiful subway it's like we just anticipated at what he how so? Why would you say to him? Why mean- and I always say this: wouldn't students ask all the time they say, Charlie, why my losing so many friends, because I'm a conservative and I always asked the question and is an important one. You didn't pry pick the fight with them. They picked the fight with you. You ve no problem that they're alive. That's right exactly, and so then it comes to the point that that they really aren't your friends in the first place. The families very tough is very tests. It can so deep divides and rifts and I've lived through it. I mean we're family members have no my whole. I think I'm sub human. They think, as if I have descended into something so both
oh, the route of more than one account. I lay said during our talk and I want to say this again: they have to believe that, because leftism is not rooted in argument is not rooted in, reason, so they must dismiss those who differ with them. As evil that's exactly not wrong evil, they must ostracize because they cannot prove the opposition incorrect and they cannot cross examined effectively when, as a market place of ideas, Left always loses always that's right, but when they have a monopoly, that's when they win, and so how do you create a monopoly? shot. The other side, the way you know how bad it's gotten. A friend of mine, told me that his friends son just got a ba in economics at New York University and he asked his son. So what you think of Milton Friedman- and he said who
Milton Friedman who won the Nobel Prize, issuing a noble universe, he Chicago for economics in economics. Forget Friedrich Hayek Milton Friedman. Do you know what that would be like it be like going to University North Carolina saying you know doo doo doo, like Michael Jordan, whose Michael Jordan, that's right. It would be like that of a deal de nevers you at a time when you have a Nobel prize winning. He was there for twenty five years at Oversee Chicago right, takes effort to suppress that, although it does, but you can get a ba in you as you Sheila, you can get a Ba in English and not read one Shakespeare play when he was a white male, that's right! therefore exploited people and that's That'S- considered intellectual and he was had to get everything going against. That's exactly
why a row normative will buttoning. Yet you know so I these campuses, they they say. Oh there's, this transgender poet were reading from. I said I couldn't care less of his transgender or not. It was, good, I mean that's what really matter of that exactly Ryan and on your show, Dennis you, you really meant you confirm something from use all the time where chose here, how the left cares. Here's the example of why the left cares about race and the right. Doesn't here's the example with the Supreme Court, we'll get you what this is one of the greatest Dennis Prager and analogies. I use it all. The time would a conservative take someone with the voting record like Clarence Thomas. Would you take nine lesbian lesbians on this, I am glad lagging lesbians on the Supreme Court. They all voted like Clarence Thomas, I would say yes to another or white christian, liberal, yes right, but with the left, take that's right. Now,
right right is the apple. We don't care about rate. We care about ideas and values we have here is the amazing thing. This is why liberals are left liberal. And left is a more or to hold. It involves. Yes, because the Veal the said. The idea matters not the skin color. The left says in color matters. Not the idea- and you see this- let's great exam. Alex cause. You Cortez went nuts on Twitter, the other day for Saint. CBS, you dont have a black reporter in your travelling pool for twenty twenty but what are good reporter? You have an honest one. It doesn't matter if you act, if they're all white, if there are black of thorough humbled person for her she's, a byproduct, the university for her. The skin color means a lot more than the honesty. What why sleigh integrity? What if I said she comes from New York
rights and wanted to ask if you want to Boston what, if I said you know the mix, they don't seem to have a single jus on the thing about them. Are you shouldn't laughed Charlie now that I think of it? It is disturbing. Not the how many asian? Just so you know how they respond to that girl. You know they say: will you Chauncey black people aren't good journalism, that's how their trained to respond Are you saying Jews are not good, a basketball, they will say men. I have a guy in my own house, saying juicy not good at Bay. I didn't saint me centre you. Shiva flatfish. School do understand that other trained to respond. And so, but it's so one dimensional. I never heard that response. None of its very fascinating, what's not fascinating its they're gonna know with its absurdity very elementary Disney one conservative who thinks that a black is not capable of being brilliant.
It, is clear. What we have not brilliant is Thomas soul. Not really is Larry Elder, not related. Carson penalty relies ITALY, a break he hears not brilliant black If this does not brilliant it's not the only ones. You know how many students know Tom saw what The genius mines of the last generation is black, but he's blackens urban or haven't Walter williams- oh I've course or or because you haven't one, you want to give the Larry Elder Jason right is Jason Reilly, this Owens is a. Is is a gift, it is you she is she bestial she's she's, a talent, she's a gift to the movement and that the left doesn't want to recognize her, because the left believes you lose. Your blackness as soon as you become a conservative. There is an amazing thing, we're not actual money, you lose it, it's quite a racist. No, of course it is yes and that's why Clarence Thomas is not in the
an american history roles. Is that amazing? It's it's to tell everybody. So the african American History Museum, which is actually a very I said earlier in Washington DC its market right near the national. It put a lot of effort into it on clarity. This was and is not in their who, by the way, if I'm not mistaken, was the second african American ever to serve on the Supreme Court Roy, I could be wrong thing: Thurgood Marshal was first and his decisions or brilliant, we'll put their conservative. Therefore they cannot be talked about right and never forget what the left made him go through What they made him go through will always have an almost worse in some ways, almost worse, because the cabinet thing, with short with with Anita Hill, it went on for almost months rife and Joe Biden, TED Kennedy they sit was heroes of the civil rights movement, found that no no problem,
I'll foregoing made a while. If we go after a black liberal, atrocious, that's correct, every attack, every Bronco bomber was called racist. That's right! That's exactly what insulated him right, and so they are trying that they're gonna try to go back to that playbook into the next election right, because the identity politics is so corrosive to a free society. It really that's correct where he speaking next I will just lined up here. We have a whole college to her. Coming up here, go and look at the way I love of the stuff. You arrange I loved for college gate where we going more of it yeah it. Sir. That they were not. I did at Berkeley by the way I did notice had all the people come up on stage. Well, yet, no idea, I debated two left wing student ministers, that of giving a speech. People should watch that very good. It was just to elucidate differences and profits and prevent pro
civil rights, because I wanted to be heard it was. It was extremely illustrated of how shallow the left is in their arguments. Look and they were nice kids. I just want to make it clear I've, nothing against them. They were nice, they were, they were respectful. Why an insult! one thing I know you're on to cuz, I must say I listen to your show- is that we really should start a national campaign for two big things. I did my two prageru videos number one, not everybody needs to go to college and and if you are going to call Please take a gap here. Just please do that. I am the real, where I have been advocating that my whole life it. So I go right from high school to college. You're. Probably gonna live to a hundred, so whether you graduate college at twenty one or twenty, two or twenty to twenty three doesn't matter and you'll do a lot more fun. Character, development. Every thing to know we're in the world you're a kid at eighteen out of high school. That's exactly! Why would you want to spend your whole life in school? Will in such an such an on broad me,
experience University turns you into an infant. It does the reverse right. It is the reverse actually the major events roughly in college and can the garden is the age of the student? That's exactly rights! That's that kindergarten, others, an expectation that you're more mature. At the end, the process and at the beginning, that's true in college, exact neither said is correct. They exit less mature than when they begin. The second thing Dennis and we're gonna do a joint partnership on this is getting people. Conservatives to know given the time to their alma mater. You have a moral obligation to divest your dollars from universities, I on the radio, knowing that it's out there and we'll get quoted it is. It is better for America, if you flush that money down the toilet, then give it to
what LISA doing harm but right by the way there were some. I know like Hills, Dale and some christian colleges very future. What is the minority idler, but I'm talking about ninety nine percent of the cases. While this was This was the angel had extracurricular was overtime, q and a period so again, from my whole, mind Dennis Prager this is Charlie. Kirk will surely do it again, thanks for watching. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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