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Fireside Chat Ep. 68 - Tell The Truth About Abortion

2019-02-27 | 🔗
In Dennis Prager's latest Fireside Chat, Dennis tackles the left's lies regarding abortion, the fundamental nature of the American Trinity, and the reason why so many Jews are on the political left. Check it out!
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Hi and welcome to my home, I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home. This is my fireplace I guess you could say it's my fire too funny thing to say, but yeah by the way you can't even build homes with fireplaces anymore in California. So this is a no her there's a there's: a gradual choking off of a lot of life's joys is taking place, but that's it it's a good subject that you know what I want to make a list of all the joys that have been choked off. Anyway. This is just a chance for you and me to have time together, it's completely non scripted. It's all spontaneous, so Do booze are allowed to remain cause, it just is, and I take
the questions and let's go on our right. Some. I think I think carefully about what it is like to make some opening comments with regard to I don't usually take things that are in the news for out of reasons, one of which is, I want these videos these fireside chats to be relevant. Ten years from now, I want people to watch them as if they were you. Made, so I try not to have dated material. I'm want to talk Subject it's in the news, but it's not dated. I mean it's it's again. This is TAT years ago or ten years from now. This subject will still need some clear thinking and I hope to provide that so the subject is abortion. And bills that are being sponsored in various it's in the United States that would allow abortion and any abortion at any time soon
on as the the mother A believes that either her mental or physical health is involved. Then you can aboard a a child or feed. I don't care what you call it a nation, human and another. When child, whatever you wish to call. It can be a that's that's relevant by the way. What we call it is relevant elk. Come back to that, but aren't hear what you called for the sake of this moment in describing The bills show, even though everyone acknowledges that in the third trimester of pregnancy, a tape, a child is completely viable outside of the mother outside of the womb. Nevertheless, that seems to have played no role in the bills that are being a
asked that allow it and, of course, the notion well only only on the case of where the mother would be mentally or physically harm, but about mentally harm means that bothers her. Nobody denies them. So what I want more than anything else is that we tell the truth, I'm not coming at the subject from a religious or secular standpoint. I want just right now. Ass to be truthful. That would be an example of a being truthful that the mental health of the mother means anything that would disturb her. Excuse me and that its allergy time here for one-
reason. But so, let's acknowledge that, though it's not a matter of well. If she gives birth a month from now show she'll be mentally ill. As a result, their bid will cause even physiological damage in her brain on. Nobody really claims that, so the truth is a woman could have at any time she wants. That's that's what the bills are about. So let's talk about this subject and, let's rate, remove as much passion is possible and let me deal with A lot of the arguments that I have heard over a lifetime of discussing this issue so number one, the most most common and by the way you can watch, I done a video. I, of course I only do about ten percent of Prager. You videos,
opera, university videos and one of them is on abortion, and it is it's got a lot of use, but you may want to see it. But I have more time right now them in a five minute. Video, obviously them a common argument. Is a woman could do what she wants with her own body. Now again, All I ask I beg of you, especially if you don't agree with me. I beg of you to just be intellectually honest here. No one is telling what up telling any woman what she can do with her own body With regard to abortion, we are. Society has the right to tell a woman what she can do with another body. I am stunned. I have to say it's you do you know what
presses me more than people. I differ with on abortion, it it that they mean that people make arguments that are that make no sense and believe them if you don't have shared a shared commitment to reason you can't even you can't dialogue. What does that mean? It's her body it in her body. And this is an obvious courteney and Mimi Daily Proof, no one, no one has ever asked a pregnant woman, a how's, your body. Now why not? If it's her body, that's that's exactly what people would say they go how's the baby. They ask how the vow the baby well before the third trimester,
Oh choice, people don't say how's your body if choice. Person is talking to a pregnant woman. The pro choice person will ever say I hear you're pregnant how's, your body, it's a how's, the baby. Only when there is a desire abortion? Do we go into new rhetoric, the new rhetoric of? Oh, it's it's her body, but it's not for body by the way. Here's the irony the same folks who say it's her body and say you can't tell us and what you should do with their body do tell women what they should do with their bodies. That's why I've been talking I'm so annoyed about this movement to to get rid of cheer leaders in football in basketball. They're telling women and They didn't miss American contest, you can have a swimsuit competition, they didn't take a vote the women it was simply imposed upon them these,
people who say a woman could do what you want? What wonderful woman says you know what? Actually? I am in away embarrassed to appear in a swimsuit and It was part of the reason I got here have worked very hard on on attaining this, this body and its parts What it is in real life looks matter. I'm ok with it. Oh sorry were telling you that you can't do this with your body right, I mean that's the irony they told women, they can't do what they want with their body with silicone breast implants. A lot of you don't know about this. The very same folks on the left, who are so pro choice. Not pro choice on women having a breast implants said. With the it causes a terrible diseases. It turned tat. There was no science behind that none whatsoever. The silicone implants did not cause Eddie
these is that anyone, any medical, professional I could identify so that's not even true that they let with the people whose a letter. Woman do what you want with their old buddy. Don't let women do what they want with their road Bobby's. They only let women. They only you broke choice, but a woman that what you want. Somebody else's body, the baby, so bad. The next question: is it a baby? So here, let's at least acknowledge? Why These bills are so frightening. The that every body at least everybody who accepts reality except science. Acknowledges that the third trimester it's a baby I work out three three days a week with a professional trainer, a young woman. And she's pregnant. She and her husband are pregnant as it were
and she showed me at the twentieth week. I'll show you the ultra sound that too, but she had taken right now. You have its own credible how this technology is advanced, israelite ultrasound of my child. It was they looked like you were looking at clouds. There was absent, completely not identify able the Obi g Lance at all. What you see is a penis Peter when he thought about Saint Cloud formation to me, but anyway, by the way, not that that matters any more right. It is, after all, a penis and be a girl, this! This is what we are told in New York City. You could check off when your child was born, not male or female. You could check of ex we're living in a very sick time. It's this sick stuff. This is that this is not a progressive. This is this. Is this primitive? This is beyond belief. This is new in human history.
Anyway, so amazing. I wish I could show you this ultra sound of of my trainers at twenty weeks, so a twenty weeks, obviously second trimester, and that its, I think the kid knows that he is being Photograph Ed, he's Goin high, and you see five fingers as if I showed you this year,. It was a black in the light of babies, and it is that Lear a hand. Clearly five fingers that Europe. So ok, it is that a baby. So, let's talk about what we all recognise as a baby, third trimester, because third trimester you could remove the baby from the womb and it live it will. It is if it is a fully formed human being that can live on its own just as a child. After nine months, all right. Why. Why would we
be allowed to take the life of that of that baby. What if the baby were removed? Look, I would say there was a non abortion, but a simple. A premature birth right as a Jerry was made and the child was taken out of the almost very often that premium premature to prematurely Let us say that somebody walked into the hospital and smashed the that babies had killed the bear shot, the baby to death a rider or it. What do you think should happen to that person? Should the person be arrested? What here better make it more clear one of the mother killed the baby once it was born. Do you believe she should be punished.
I suspect he would say yes so so now I'm not advocating that women have abortions, be punished. I'm just trying to understand what is the difference between the worth of that creature? If it happens to be inside a uterus or outside uterus I dont get it, and I mean I don't get it it's not. I don't get it. I don't agree, I don't get it. Why is it worthless Inside a woman and infinitely precious outside. Why is it infinitely precious in the first trimester if she wants the baby and worthless in the third? my master? If she doesn't want the baby you're? stayed. There's no moral coherence here, none! That's what I'm that's, why all I'm asking free get religion atheist can make this.
There was an atheist writer in America may, mad hands off, who did guy was liberally, will refer the village voice, a big leaped liberal, left paper in New York City and- and he said I'm just on. On science and morality, grounds on against abortion that believe in God. I don't believe in religion, babies. I just I don't know, there's no argument. There is no argument. Ok, put re rape and insist on putting aside it's so rare that that's the issue that Europe is famous legal doctrine, but what is it bad cases make at law, something like that. You can't make law based on something very rare, it's like look. My best example. Seatbelts. Save lives is a true yet
do they always save lives, know? Sometimes they kill people. Sometimes they have choked people to death in an accent. Sometimes they have not been able to be released at a person burned to death in a car because they couldn't get out of the seat belt. But so you don't talk about that. You talk about the vast majority of cases. People say blot with two. So putting aside rape and incest all right, then I don't I dont know on what grounds does one render this this creature worthless? You can't do that to a dog. So, at an end again, if the woman is pregnant and somebody comes and shoots her in the abdomen and the baby dies that they go to prison for homicide.
If there's no hammer, then as in homo sapiens, if there's no eight, your Wemyss is latin for person. Homicide, so I just killed so if he has no killing of a of a of a human creature. Why would why would you go to prison if it's really just the property of the mother, then if I kill a the baby of a pregnant woman is carrying, I should go to prison for Not for homicide, all I've done is taken a possession away from her noble in other words, no one believes any of the rhetoric of the pro choice world. All of that rhetoric. The people saying it confront,
with what I'm saying do not believe it is it just property. Is that what you believe it is so she wants it, it's a human being. If she doesn't want it, it's it's disposable garbage. There is no difference between garbage and and the unborn call it whenever you want foetus person baby these, the these are clear, Issues free, I'm not talking- and I make this clear by video dont- get scared, I'm not talking legality, I've just talking logic and morality,. There was something about a civilization that says that that until it's actually born its worthless, it's it's as I often call pimple. So this notion back to the original point. You know it's a woman, it can do what you
What's with her own body, its first is aside from being a statement of such narcissism, which is why it is because It's not our body, it's another body. That's it. Let's let us say we invent a an artificial womb so that, with in within three weeks of conception,. And I sure this will happen, there will be the sides within three weeks of conception. This tiny thing can be extracted from the woman. It does this fertilized eggs and placed into an artificial, a womb
right, given the same nourishment whenever the sink temperature, the same ambience, everything the same as as if in the travel were in the mother's womb. Could you kill it? Then, if you don't want it really Think about it. What if the mother then say no honour on a really onawandah give birth? I I have no were the condom broke. I never want this to happen. I'm going to kill a man a killing this sick this one month old, the creature would that be allowed It's not her body. That argument would end there. Wouldn't it is she the owner, like one owns, if anything and and can dispose of it as one as one wishes.
These these, these are serious questions. Woman could do what you want with it. But he's not a serious statement. The governor of Virginia actually said that I was stunned because it's such a vapid such an empty concept. It doesn't mean anything. Ok, so that's the issue: do you wanna, be intellectually honest storm up? Is it a pimple or is it a precious being? That's really, you might say it's in the middle, but but you ve got you ve gotta confront reality. Ok, we're Mises here all right! Ok, Aren't you, your questions came Marcus Northern Arizona, university Marcos, not Marcus, moderate Marcos. How can men pray
This masculinity delay without being criticized being toxic. There will be people who criticise you being taxes the moment you are masculine no part of being masculine is not to be bothered. A masculine man is not disturbed by names because part of masculinity strength I stand for Ex. Thank you. We have a great day if you think my masculinity is toxic. You should go and find a man who is less masculine, and I wish you well that's what you do if you are poor, if you are preoccupied with not being called toxic and not masculine John Thirty Cleveland, I soon to be wife is a native of communist China. How can I am still in her the american trinity? The fact is that this question applies
Americans, just as much as the Chinese. We have failed instilling what is it american Trinity. We have failed Market Trinity is my term for the american equivalent of the christian trinity. The christian Trinity is the is the basic, a belief system of Christianity, rightful the sun in the Holy Spirit. Likewise, America has E Pluribus Unum Liberty. In God, we trust right, That is the american trinity. It's on every coin. I didn't make it up it's it's. This is not new to them, is Prager so can't remove the father, the sun or the Holy Spirit from the twisted trinity and still have normative christianity. You, and say: well, I'm ok with the Son of the Holy Spirit, but not the Father. I'm ok with the father, but there's no son gave his father's, though Sonny I'm not a Christian, you, maybe a great human being either this stuff.
Issue, but in an American is liberty, employer, bassoon, em and God we trust so, We haven't instil that in a whole generation of Americans the same way we would. We have to instil Latin in Americans. You couldn't instil of indoor soon to be a wife from Communist China. There is no doubt since she is no different from the average american today who has never been taught the american Trinity its it it's a tragedy, but it is truth. That's why our videos, or seen all over the World Prego University we also see because it doesn't matter who the audiences we don't addressing our our raw, you videos just to Americans. Because the issues are identical. What what is very few?
unique issues. Arming the electoral colleges, Eu Meek American issued acknowledged, but but other than that these issues are universal. So you tell a liberty. We, we believe in liberty which the left doesn't. The left believes in equality. Equality at liberty are at odds with one another and in terms of equality of result, equality of opportunity. That's a separate issue that, of course, we believe him, but the equality that the left believes in is result, and that's that's always going to look if, in other words, if as I've often use the example, if a baseball player and a teacher have to make the same money, that's equality right. But then that means that people are not free to pay
don't stop or third baseman position more money for bringing in more money. That's just the way. It is a poor bassoon him from many one, so latin phrase for many one. We don't care about. You
nationally or if this is he or race, we are all Americans, that's the ideal, that's what it should be in every country where a care about your nationality or your religiously erase were all Bulgarians, but you have to have an affirmation of your national identity in order to have unity, that's the irony, the less national identity, the more disunity and third, is see poor bassoon him God we trust. Yes, that, ultimately, is the declaration of independence. Puts it. Our rights come from the creator, no creator, no, no rights. If rights come from man, man takes them away. That's that's
hey! That's that's that's logic. You may feel comic knowledge that if you base rights on on government, the government could change that the next day in early Annabelle rights or unalienable. I think, is that the way the EU, the declaration of independence, it mother, there are certain unalienable right. They can't be removed because they come we are in
now by our creator with certain unalienable rights that is the language of the declaration of independence of the United States and those are the three values: Liberty, E Pluribus Unum. In God, we trust and with the trick, is to explain to her. If you really want an explanation, or any of you read my book, that I worked hardest to right before the rational Bible and that is in the still the best hope and explains american values, left wing values and islamic values, its three books in one so very important book idle talk about it much and I wish everybody read it. Certainly somebody contemplating becoming an american still, the best hope, Michel. What's our time factor, my dear friends Michel, fifty four, floor and explain why the jewish community votes lockstep. With the Democrats you
Ask me one of the most painful US issues of my life, why Jews or on the left, and there, so many reasons. It is so complex in a nutshell, Non Orthodox, tombs, Orthodox Jews or on the right, because they already believe in something, and that is Judaism, most Jews, don't believe in Judaism. But they do believe in the need for religion and their religion is leftism and it has been for her for years, and I would not all Jews but a lot of a lot of Jews, Marxism, socialism, feminism humanism, you, the ism juicy there made it up or have help lead it, except for Nazism, every single ism, and the reason is: Jews are very religious success. Their religion is Judaism, so they they adopt all these other things as substitutes for dubious
the New York Times as a substitute for the Torah and thee that the visa, the profits are, are thee or the column. And the teachers at the universities I mean this is a substitute for everything, A second reason is the Jews identify the right with Anti Semitism. This is been a very effective propaganda coup on the part of the left, because what they ve done, as they labelled Hitler right wing and ever since then juice think that right wing is Hitler. Hitler's anti semite. Therefore we have to be left wing
The right wing is dangerous, so there that they have this sort of cognitive dissonance, because the most pro a jewish pro Israel groups, the United States, are conservative, so Jews, don't know exactly what to do with that, and the left wing like guy, like in Britain, with the with carbon, the head of these socialist, the Labour Party, who was. I sent my or or or they they say, oh well, anti. Israel is not anti semitic eye on how to talk about that. One! That's ridiculous! Criticism of Israel is not anti semitic. Anti Israel is Anti semitic. If the only country on the face of the earth you wished to boycott is the jewish state, the size of New Jersey, you're, an enemy of the Jews K, I'm not an idiot like saying I'm really proletarian, but I wanted destroy ITALY.
Doesn't fly so anyway watch my video on Youtube. It's really important. I gave a speech, In LOS Angeles to twelve hundred twelve hundred, they would have had more, but they ve parking twelve hundred Jews who were not on the left. They were going crazy, emits a fantastic good evening. You really got should watch my speech. How do you find it it? Some? I gotta gonna put it more clearly on my website, but I guess, if you said Youtube, Dennis Prager Republican Jews, LOS Angeles or synagogue. Anything like that, you, you will it'll come really really worth watch a guy explain this whole issue of wide user on the left in a synagogue.
All right so are we did that one, I think, we're good. Then I think we're about right on time, listen. I think these are very important things. Isa, Visa, fireside, chats and so Your questions on your reactions mean a great deal to all of us. A pretty university, please check out. Our videos, their meant to be life, changing in five minutes when we met with five minutes. A lot of time spent a lot of time. You can't study medicine in five minutes, but but you can get some pretty powerful ideas on Miss. Take three, the ten commandments. They did pretty good job changing world. Anyway, I take a look at him and in the meantime I will hopefully see you next week.
From my home to yours. Thank you for watching I'm Dennis Prager praying University. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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