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Fireside Chat Ep. 75 - College Pedigree is Overrated

2019-03-31 | 🔗
In this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis Prager breaks down the hysteria of climate change and why we shouldn’t be concerned for the world’s end. Dennis continues to tell parents not to obsess over what college their kid goes to: it is far more important to care about a kid’s character over their grades. Dennis follows with a Q&A submitted by viewers. • Hysteria Over Climate Change (Article: https://l.prageru.com/2FHlFJo) • Value Your Kid’s Character Over Grades (Column: https://l.prageru.com/2HZavl0) • Why Isn’t Communism as Hated as Nazism (Video: https://l.prageru.com/2FGyYcV) • How Feminism Affects Young People • Controlling Partner In a Relationship • Dennis’s Favorite Economists
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I agree. Dennis Prager in my house, As auto in when the same here I'll, say hello, tunnels way of singular, was at our. You go. You got that so this the danger because he ease more interesting than me, and I- and I appreciate that fact. So I have to be interesting so as to overcome the competition from from him. Ok, be that it may. This is my home hello to you it's great to be with you. I am stopped increasingly by people, I'm stop, generally speaking in airports and so on. It is by the way, never bothers me. If you want to say hello. When you see me, it's just fine want to get a selfie. That's also fine, not an issue for me, I'm honored by it actually
increasingly people say that they the no be primarily through the fireside chats. So that's a very gratifying thing A young guy from Dublin saw me at the airport the last week and watches watch The videos watches fireside chats back in Ireland. We have a big international audience. I want to say a special hello to those of you outside of the United States. Its whatever, I have to say applies to every body or doesn't apply to anybody. I have always felt that way. There's no such thing as it only applies to and then fill in the name of a group. Beethoven is only love by Germans or Shakespeare's only love by Englishmen. Its nonsense. If you have something important to say, it should be important. Anybody, okay, so for a given to today's topic and then take your questions.
I want to show you a headline that, thanks to the Wall Street Journal pointing this out from now team. Eighty nine that's thirty years ago. Can we men here. This is the Associated press June, twenty ninth nineteen, eighty, nine associated press. You got that you went predicts disaster global warming not checked. So let me, Three you a couple of paragraphs here, United, since associated path, press a pink, the biggest intern National NEWS gathering organization. A senior you when environmental official says in tire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth. By rising sea levels, if the guy Opel warming trend is not reversed by the year two thousand. I was a while ago, the year two thousand, there alone
you watching the world even born in two thousand, so let's see coastal flooding and crop fails, would create an exodus of eco refugees, threatening political chaos dead, no brown director of the New York Office of the United Nations Environment Programme, you govern, Have a ten year window your window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes. Human control. We are twenty. Beyond human control its over, but nothing like this happened, and then this This american congresswoman, Alexandria, Cassio Cortez, tells us in of years at all over, but this in ten years it's all over thirty There's a I don't,
find the earth is getting warmer. I denied is a reason to be panic about it. There's a big difference. This hysteria in my books, the up still the best I document eleven hysteria is just in my lifetime. Hysteria is like this, none of which came true. So I'm a little- I am a little suspicious. Shall we say when I hear it's coming to an end as I we said, if a if Religious person says the world is coming to an end. We call him a fanatic if a second person says the world is coming to an end. We call him environmentalist right You know the old joke about the guy walking around the earth of the world is coming to an end, some religious guy on the street with the sign and we think he's a nut. But if he
a killer. All then he's listening to ninety seven percent of scientists who don't say that what was coming to an end. They simply say it's getting warmer, if, indeed, ninety seven percent say that. Anyway, you should write. You should read this. I'm going to put this up on my I'm like the my twitter, I don't speak much, but I should stuff like this. This is important that you have so just remember. Thirty years ago they warned that we had ten years before was pretty much all over. So when you hear it's gonna, be all over. I watch these kids. We just had this morning. Kids all over the world, always save the world. Save the world some nine year old, made a video and bend and adults were words.
So worry! This kid thinks the whirl. I feel sorry for every one of you, young people who think the world is coming to an end in your lifetime because of global warming. I feel bad for you, you ve, been spooked, have a happy life. I have much grip for greater worries. I have worry about the decline of the western world, which gave us human rights that that worry, Much more than carbon emissions, oh by the way, there's one more proof that this is hysteria then offer their not for nuclear power. Nuclear powers completely safe, complete clean, utterly clean. Ask. As carbon. Excuse me as clean, as, as I say, and wind, but enough for cuz. This spooked out by that two shows there. Her hysterics. Anyone who is crazy about global warming, but is now
four nuclear power is not is a fanatic just so you know that So all of you, young folks, watching don't worry. This is a hysteria so mean don't address it, we don't do all sorts of scientific innovations. Regard to energy all its great. But the visit the green and new new deal that would bankrupt civilization and that would really be the horrors horrors, including terrible violence, all right, so I want to talk to you about college. Those of you outside the United States may not be aware of the fact that very recently, some the high profile, wealthy people and people in Hollywood were caught bribing
cheese and others at the Stanford and Yale, and U S c and other universities to get their kid into one of these prestigious universities and I can even addressed the obvious, the morality of doing that- that's obvious, but there's something infinitely deeper here. Why why appearance raised about what college their kid goes to? There's no good reason! No, recent it's overwhelmingly mainly so that they can boast to their friends and others. My kid goes to Yale to which my responses Whoopi do. So is your kid? A good kid is your kid mature. Does your kid have good values days? You could have common sense. Does
Kid have any wisdom. Is your kid kind. All of those are infinitely more important than what college your kid goes to, or even if you could go to college you gotta, go to medical school. You gotta go to college. I understand, can study biology near in in in India. As I understand that ok, that's fine, but Can you addressed the issue whether to go to college, and I will do that another time I just want to address the issue. It doesn't matter what college you go too. I know data of me. I've studied all of this all well. If you go to Princeton North Carver, it or Yale or Stanford, Iraq's word or whatever it is, then you may. X hundred thousand dollars more in the first few years, when the first ten years, whatever it is, Maybe it's true by the way there there a lot it depends on what you majored in there. That's it it's not obvious at all. We do. You know that of the five hundred.
U DOT S born heads of the top five hundred companies. Thirty went to a prestigious college. Thirty out of five hundred when Howard Schultz go the guy from the start, Cyprus, if the college or something or normal, wet, wet western Michigan University. I remember what it was, but it's not in the ranks of the of the prestigious. By the way when we hired Prager you, we don't give a hoot where what college you went to I'm not sure we give a hoot. If you went to college, I immature a good values, common sense, easy we get along with it's a hell of a lot more important than what college you went to bed way. I have my issue, we my column this week, its title what we want is it show your child goes too
Yale, so what you should read it man, I wrote in there, because I am I mention you to- I am because elected at the mercy wanting homing last year or the year before and by its electors watch how socialism makes people selfish very, very important lecture. If I may say that myself, not because I gave it but because it is and I really fell in love with Wyoming and a lot of the kids there. And I wrote. If I were hiring hundred kids blind, I knew nothing about them a hundred for me, oh, I could take or a hundred from the University of Wyoming in a hard Reed. I would take the hundred from university Wyoming these that even question about it. Am I wrote, I wrote for reasons I remember that an offer remember them by heart off hand, but first of all, far less likely to think they're God's gift to mankind.
Go to Harvard them. Let me make it clear: there are nice, fine kids go to Harvard and stand for, and I understand that, but all things being equal. Very few kids at the University of Wyoming or where I went to College Brooklyn College, think that they are The creme de la Creme of the universe, because there University of Wyoming or Brooklyn College. It was good thing. It was that it was a nice humbling thing. I I I to live at home, we didn't have enough money for me to go to work due to work. Sleep somewhere else- and I so I took the bus every day or to be the subway every day. I don't remember Or bus and subway every day to Brooklyn college. I ended up at Columbia for graduate school, but I left that if the two years so that doesn't count all accounts, but doesn't count, because we're talking about undergraduate in any event but it didn't matter, did matters We happy, I went there. I didn't think world of myself be nobody. Nobody of Brooklyn College thought the world of him.
Because you would Brooklyn College of the university, why arming or or western Michigan University. If there is such a thing or whatever it might be, That's one reason another one. Is there probably there, probably working as well as going to school at the two hundred kids from? We endorse you Ionia, probably also having a job where's, the kids at Yale, a problem. Not there either on scholarship or they they come from. The home and and they're, probably not working and kids work, do better It's a very responsible way to live. And a whole bunch of reasons: Why? I would take the hundred frontier of, among other reasons, as I would think. I think there are values we more intact. A hunch kids from Yale, probably think the United States is a scummy society. I'm sorry to use the word, but that's what they're really told at all all the prestigious colleges
where's, the kids at the university. Why only probably think they're very lucky to two to live in America. That's a big difference! If you think poor me or a lucky me big difference in character, happiness. Security. You name it so this notion you gotta get into a great college: its parents fault. It is apparent, strive their kids crazy to get great grades, is always cracks me up. What I'm driving- and this is a sticker- back of some of the car behind I kid is on the dot at our schools, honour all thinking, poor kid cod would, I be in bed if my parents had a bumper sticker announcing that I was on the honourable it's so infantilism
it's an image. So reductive! That's what are they? How about how about my kid. Is this kind of thing that or my kids Honours his parents are, you gets more important My kid is on the honourable. How do you treat your parents is of infinitely greater importance whether you may be honourable. I felt this one. I was a kid. I knew my parents by the way didn't agree. My parents thought I was dead end up in jail or otherwise your loser, because I didn't get good grades in high school, but I told him I don't get good gracious. I really didn't think it was important in college I went to oddly enough. I believe, that them- and I believe this now my life- this turned out through the ok, by the way, professionally collectively nine books that I've written that up
serious you're, pretty serious journals, I was gonna say, but their books than a journal. So? I am telling you the biggest reason happens to be. Apparently want to be able to say my kid goes to that selfish. I'll. What else it is if parents are watching this. That's your claim, defame you! That's that's. What gives Europe sustenance and meaning what college your kid goes to not the character of your child So he has a very simple rule, till your kids. I don't care
got your grades nearly as much as I care about your character. That's what you should. I told my kids that probably every week of their lives and by the way they didn't get good great, it's true, they're, ok, that great grades and hopefully other good. They're good human beings today, but they would certainly no, if you ask them, why did your father, emphasising and they would have said character, honesty, decency, etc, etc. I didn't really care what great they had. I was abnormal is apparent, especially upper middle class parent, that that's really abnormal, I admit it, but I've always been there clear on what matters of life, and that was clear to me.
I have no desire to say: oh, my kids at the Columbia, my kids, it you name it it's so what so? So? What does that mean? You were good parent doesn't mean you were good parent, a good parent produces a good person. Good student and good person is not the same thing or to be precise, are not the same thing. That's what parents need to know. That's what you need to know if you're being driven crazy on this issue, reed, good and important books. Yes, reed important things learn study all I loved the world of the mind. My antipathy to school, had or or to the importance of school was not an antipathy to learning, I'm crazy about where me and I'm much your schools cultivate people who were crazy about learning
Ok, that's my message to you today time for you questions David, twenty seven who was both in the UK and Poland. I David I use and communism regarded as blood thirsty as fascism. Don't I have a doll We have a young, a preview video on either. I you wanna cook me, take a look I think I have a Prager, you video, why don't people hate communism as Much as as Nazism I, leave there is. There is a five minute, the video that I certainly know that I've written this up and you can find it. The internet. I wrote a column on this. It is it's a video. I use in communism is hated its Nazism because the left right, our history books, that's
reason? There are many reasons I give itself the only region and its because The Nazis created the Holocaust, the most unique crime in history. That's that's all. Those are all reasons, but in terms of sheer magnitude of of death,. Communism towards anything that ever existed in the history of the world. In China alone, eighty million Soviet Union between twenty five and forty billion You know they they say stolen, said one. One death is a tragedy, a million. Is this statistic so when I give these numbers you're not falling off your chair, I am. I am not blaming you. The human capacity to relate to one person's death is much greater than through a million people's death.
We would go crazy if we could truly understand the magnitude of suffering that those numbers embrace, but it's a very terrible thing that we don't know how bad, how evil, how vile and I'm not that's just people that they murdered they enslaved a billion too, under communism is to be a slave period. So this is a tragedy I mean you know that I think where I live in LOS Angeles. California. U S, I think, is a there's a man our cafe chicken aren t shirts people which egg of our teacher to astonish in Geneva
wearing a Heinrich Himmler T shirt when Adolf Heisman, T shirt or or a Hitler t shirt. It's it's a terrible problem that you just raised terrible, but on part of it his ignorance. People should read any of that in any of the books about what the communist read. The red famine disagreed. What the? What the Russians did, the Soviets to worm communist stated to the Ukrainians Chloe eighteen years old, Florida how's feminism affected young men. Well, I think I spoke about this year. Much your butt
You might well ask as well how is it affected young women in its had a devastating impact on both sexes? Among other things, it propounded the theory that men and women are basically the same, which is not only ridiculous it's terribly harmful, since one of the reasons that girls go to college,
Only two things happen. One is they think that if they try to find a husband there really betraying their womanhood, because a woman should not even think about marriage at such an age. She should be thinking about career, but it's actually pretty good idea for a woman think about marriage at an early age, because she has. She just has a better chance of getting a wonderful man. It's just the fact. It's not an opinion, it's not a condemnation. It's just the fact. I Princeton woman wrote this in the New York Times, I believe a couple of years ago. I want to look it up that that's exactly when a woman should most be looking for a good.
This good men don't grow on trees by the way good women don't grow on trees, either good people don't grow on trees, so it's hurt, deterrent women and that its hurt them sexually cause. I'm just Like a man, I can enjoy it in a one night stand just as much as guys can and they find that while there are some women who can it's absolutely correct, nothing is true for everybody, but for most women is not true, and it's one of the reasons- for the depression rates among young women, which are far higher than they were a generation earlier. So if
when is amiss, hurt both sexes. Has it done any good? I will get a kick out of that question. Will Dennis hasn't feminism than any good hasn't you just name it done any good. There is nothing that has ever been invented that didn't do any good. Everything did some good. You don't judge thing. John, did they do any good, you judge them on. Did they do more bad or more good and feminism did more bad? Is it did some good, but it did more bad. It's her both sexes, that's exactly right. Ok, Jerry, twenty four Nashville. Can I be or national? Don't you guys say national? No, they say no So where is bull? This sum City, where they save all come be a good leader and a relationship where the woman is very controlling.
Why would you want to be in a relationship with a man or a woman whose very controlling the forget good leader, you can't be happy with somebody- has very control, male or female. It's so interesting that I understand will if once you're married, you have kids, you know what a divorce. I totally get it so you, you know, you just take it out. I understand by the way, I'm not sure everybody should stick it out either to separate issue, but nevertheless, if you're not married, why would you stay with someone who's controlling And why would anybody want to control anybody else? You know I have I like every human being, I've got my in a dark side in bed, instincts and so on, but I gotta admit controlling any human being, has never been one of them, a type of tough enough time controlling me
that's what I should do. People should control themselves, then love a better world control. Somebody else. So the question is so it's like in it. It's like. Science when it's not rocket science, you just want to. With a man or a woman whose very controlling ok, how we on times will come. Fourteen New Hampshire. This is a different question, is a robot that fixes Robots, a doktor or an engineer, that's funny, a robot that fixes other robots is a robot.
I'm remains a robot forever. It might be performing the functions of one or the other. Obviously, it's not a doktor, because doctors work on on living beings right veterinary injured doctors of animals and physicians are doctors of people, but there that it's hard to say that a robot as an engineer, it might be in fact functioning. It might be engaging in the functions of an engineer that that I can, I can buy that lets, but two on question: o K, Ryan, thirty, one virginia- if the word of God doesn't say today, the plan, your child? How would we know it's a good thing. Well, putting aside the specifics of disciplinary, a child which is very important unbelievably important,
telling someone just maybe yesterday even that children, maybe I should do what I should do with it This children need parents to make boundaries. More than they even need parental love. I'll tell you why? Because children are at their worst, when they don't feel secure, if they don't feel loved, ok, that's unfortunate, but if they don't feel safe, in other words, a child who feels sick. First of all, I shall feel secure pretty much feels in some sense. Loved security for a child is coequal.
In many ways, but but even let sake, it doesn't feel particularly loved by the weight that, to be honest, there was me I didn't particularly feel of by my parents, but I was incredibly secure and that that turned out to be more important parents that I give a lot of love, but they don't give a lot of security because they don't give bounds boundaries are what make for security. You can't win we're going. If you guard rails, you can't go over that children, no, they they don't know consciously, but they then they need to be disciplined because they are wild. So yes, since we have Its western societies rejected its single greatest source of wisdom for its first nineteen hundred years. The Bible.
We are living in increasingly stupid age. That's just the fact. The amount of idiocy that I was taught in college was astonishing, like men and women are basically the same, give me a break and now that don't men and women don't even exist. It's all subjective. But anyway, I don't know how people would know a lot of things if they didn't have the Bible to guide them. I know if your secular, the sounds crazy I always I've done shows on this on my radio show, if, if you don't use the Bible, where do you get your wisdom from you know what people answer Honest nice people calling up. Oh, I get from my own human experience. Oh really, so you, the invent the wheel all the time, Are you gonna know? All of these things are twenty. When you had no experience to speak of, whereas a kid
at least like I did, I, the Bible, I had. I had a lot of wisdom by twenty knocker, some terrific, but because I was taught terrific. Adam thirty, two Delaware favoured economist to come to mind? Who is the one I was just telling about Milton Friedman and Tom soul? Those are the ones that immediately come to mind that there are certainly other good ones, Thompson, Living, And the Friedman has passed on here, you got a Nobel Prize for Economics, Tom Soul should have gotten one Tom. Tom would be probably would be the best known black in America if he were a liberal. He is. He is one of the most brilliant people of any race in the in the society. All of his books are our treasures
I just had oh Mamma show the other day things. It is it now unease is alive and vibrant is at any time in his life. S o w p, L, L, a Milton Friedman, wonder if either of them were taught at their most colleges, though all right, I think we're good, show that definitely read the column on so you can go to Yale. So what
and you could pre order. My next volume in my five volume commentary on the Bible, called the rational Bible. If it doesn't change your life and affect you deeply, then I have failed, but it is intended to read the reviews on Amazon, none of which, obviously, I ever cultivated item of the people who wrote the reviews but see how it is touch their lives called the rational Bible. It's very important cause. We are living in an age of confusion as lotta good stuff there. Well, then, until I meet you at the airport, or some restaurant. Thank you for. With me. I'm Dennis Prager and I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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