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Fireside Chat Ep. 77 - Lying to Push an Agenda

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On this Fireside Chat, Dennis begins by discussing how disinformation is used to push different agendas. Lies repeated often enough will eventually be believed. Dennis then answers questions from viewers. This episode is sponsored by Colorado Christian University. Learn more at: PragerU.com/CCU
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Hi everybody I Dennis Prager. This is my home. This is my chair. That is my fireplace that is my dog. He is becoming one of America's more famous animals are not even just famous dog, I mean he's up there. I don't know Otto. Show. Maybe this generations lassie or in tin tin. I think I've exhausted my knowledge of famous dogs just We met anyway, this the fireside chats completely unrehearsed, except for one thing. I will read to you that before we give him honor to tell you that today's episode of the fireside chats sponsored by Colorado christian Universe, see you online has partnered with Prager you to offer adults the opportune We to pursue an accredited degree taught with conservative values,
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your schedule, okay, well high everybody- I want to talk to you about different one moment. Have you heard of the concept of information. This information is the opposite of information. It's incorrect information. We we bathed in India and in its very it's a big big, big problem, how much false information people get, because people have the agenda that is greater than truth, because everybody who has an agenda, not everybody. Obviously some people protrude first, but people have that the belief that their agenda is so noble that they don't have to. The truth I'll give you a good example. Let us either with politics many years ago, what model many, maybe twenty years ago, fifteen twenty years ago,
the cancer societies? I remember which it doesn't matter made Announcement that the following percentage of women will get breast cancer is a very high percentage and therefore every woman should get a mammogram, now. It sounds noble, correct, urging women yet mammograms have their breasts checked for possible growth of cancer cells is a very beautiful thing. However, they lied. They eggs. They told me for a number of the percentage of women who will get breast cancer. Why was there rationale. Their rationale was hey. What's the difference, what's more important, not getting breast cancer or us, telling the truth about how many women will get breast cancer, That's how they rationalize it. The same thing with b, which I have been saying for course so long from the beginning, I
it was a lie that there was collusion between the Trump campaign in Russia. It was completely manufactured, but people set to themselves we Joe Hate President rump. We still hate the fact that he was elected will make it up we'll talk ourselves into believing it, but it was him, Should obscurity from the beginning, in fact, Trump has been much harder. Put in the russian leader, then Morocco was that's, that's the irony. He has done so much against Russia, he Keisha. He has supplied Ukraine, which is in constant tension in constant tension with Russia. He has supplied them with much more sophisticated, weapons, then the Obama administration did he do that trump is the one who. Bomb Syria, the ally of Russia he he is the one who is threatening IRAN, the ally,
Russia Obama was a power with the iranian regime smuggled. I don't have one billion dollars in cash mom. Was it some ridiculous, some Hundred million out of what it was whatever it was, it was ridiculously high. So which it was? It was forty, but people lie about it and talk themselves into the lie because its honourable, Hopefully easy to talk yourself into something very quickly, something enough. If you say you could say Almost anything you could say the power. This is our behavior. So if I know that you say or do something enough, you will in fact believeth it. What does it matter walk you? You could say you move from whether the lesser Minnesota, I was in Minnesota when it was fifteen below this year. The thee
a person could say I probably should for their own welfare. I love cold weather when in fact, they miss warm Florida were warm taxes. But if you say enough, o cold weather is the best gradually you'll believe cold weather is the best. You can talk yourself into a lot of things So that's all a preface to another example of this information. The The war against cigarettes was a m Annabelle war. Cigarettes kill, accord The American Long Association, one third of the people who smoke cigarettes for a long time- that's a lot are two thirds don't now kill can be, of course you could get you could it could be killed. Fifty could be killed. Sixty could be killed seventy the could be gilded? Eighty, they don't tell you but but in other words you will live less than you but have one third of the people Cigarette live
a shorter period of time. Then then, statistically, they would have if they didn't smoke, cigarettes, unfair, Fortunately, in the dish, information campaigns, cigars and pipes have been and an amazingly even electronic cigarettes which have none of the junk that cigarettes have had been warmth in tobacco tobacco products, but that's ridiculous. Let me explain, because I dont believe in doing things that are just bad, manifestly unhealthy. I, where I wore a seatbelt from a day they installed seatbelts in cars and Anna Maria. Baker, but I'm not stupid risk takers. I smoke cigars because then the risk is so minuscule its minuscule because you don't inhale a cigar, you inhale cigarettes, so they should never lump the two
gather. This doesn't go into my lungs like a cigarette. Does it's done foretaste not for nicotine high nicotine has to be inhaled. This is not smoked for nicotine. This smoke for taste it has nothing in common with a cigarette except for tobacco and fire. That's all that they have in common. So please I don't care about trying to think anybody into smoking. Cigars. I I'm talk. I want you to address truth. This is not a fact cigarette. Ok, it's pretty pretty important Ok cut that out of my system. Ok, now. I usually begin while I did I began. This was supposed to be getting comments today. I'm going to just do the rest, the time some of your questions, because we
a particularly interesting batch of questions from the big being with Douglas fourteen in Texas. What's our youngest questioner yeah, wonder fourteen? We have no, but in single digital asked me a question that I don't expect them to watch, I'm just curious, curious Douglas team in Texas by the way give us your city. Taxes is a very big state, so I would be curious, is it morally correct to hide your guns if the second amendment is abolished, the very important question, because you have either consciously or not to stay wished between moral and legal. This is worth some comments, which is why I'm doing just questions now, because a lot of these things rate Great issues, moral and legal and not the same it
Legal and Nazi Germany to kill Jews to murder, Jews. It wasn't moral just to give the most obvious example. You could give a hundred example or, or how's, this it's illegal to jaywalk, What jaywalk is is the term used by its illegal to jaywalk? It would be a bit better. Or to say it's immoral to jaywalk right, ok, so there there is a very big difference between legal and moral and illegal and immoral things are legal or not, moral. Some things are illegal and moral and and and so on and so forth. How are they should always trump legality. Morality is, is ultimate right and wrong. Legal is what's waffle and, what's not lawful. Ideally, whatever is well, almost whatever is immoral would be, would be, should be considered to be illegal.
I mean what what could be more well there's one there. One area where which is very complex, We use the word immoral. I use the word immoral, meaning evil, whereas A lot of people use a moral for a lot of things, including
Sexual sins, which may not be evil so, for example, should prostitution be legal. If prostitution were evil, you can have an evil legal. But if it's it's a complex arena where two adults thought talking about trafficking which is evil. That's that's an evil, but if a if, if two adults have a deal I'll pay you x and I get a sexual favour in return, I have been able in about where the prostitution should be legal. My whole life, I'm a very
so very complex question. I am now towards the belief that it may be it should be, but because I dont know on what grounds we can make illegal a completely agree to act between adults in a free society. I it's the only argument I ever had against making it legal was that many young women would probably then enter it, but I'm not sure that that's true, so I sort of persuaded myself out of there My only point being there is an example of something it may. It may well be. Immoral in some way, obviously, but it is not necessarily evil, and I am I Religious basis for saying that, God chose a prostitute to lead
Israel, light into Canaan garden. He was a murderer. Garden, choose a thief: he didn't choose an evil person. Clearly God would prefer a world where they were no prostitution. That's the that's the implication of the Bible, but it's not an evil. So it's it is in its soul. I am very keen I'm very clear in my own mind about the issue of evil and and legal and illegal and good, and so on. So anyway. Back to that. So now your question the right to be Arms, to my mind, is not just legal. It is moral to deprive me of the ability to defend myself and my family is not moral. I see this and so did the founders of the country. They sought as a moral issue the ability to protect,
Self is a moral issue, not just a legal one. So if the government something immoral would would I be would I be immoral in not living that immorality. That's what the question is mean in if the. If but, let's say that if the government band Combs schooling, which I think a lot of the left, would like the ban, they don't the Inn in Germany it is largely band. So don't think that this is a far fetched idea. They don't like the idea that parents will teach their kids and envy the schools won't because they have the left, controls the schools and they want to be able to indoctrinate, and they know that ninety percent of home school families are conservative, I'm just making that up there may be a hundred percent may be eighty percent.
So. There are times look thing. You know we have civil disobedience round american history, where people think the government sanction Jim Crow laws right. The government said you in. If it's you. And integrate certain certain schools, you can of blacks, attend this school is a white in certain places in the south. We we all believe today that that, when blacks entered, though schoolrooms, it'll legally, they were doing something moral. I believe that I assumed you believe that so that's my answer to your question. The distinction between illegal and immoral. Now, generally speaking, I understand that this is. This could be a slippery slope. If,
body chooses what's moral than it and nobody will obey the laws of the land right much danger. I agree with you. I agree with you. I just shut it enough money. I grew rate now. Don't always agree with me that in this case I do agree with me so danger, you you, you can't always say I you know I am higher than the law of the land of allows. You have, you would have a sort of anarchy. I understand that, but on occasion you do have to rise above the law of the land when, when there is truly a major moral issue involved, okey Dokey job
seventeen today's teenage questioning day Josh in on oh relied heavily reliant. I need to. Get rid of my ashes on time. How do you convince someone to not base their actions off their feelings? Josh, I'm proud of you by the way sing the other guy he's a very. These are good questions. No, I don't have a lighter here, but I think my men Rodrigo and if you get to see runway, go in the camera. That is a good thing. The only one that all this was okay. This was fine so anyway, this is. How do you convince embody? Ok,
I got I this is out of fuel. It's ok! You know one about a practice doing this on camera, it's ok with it. We can live with it. I think o show cloth so close, but no cigar there was funny. Now was. That was exactly it. No close, therefore, no cigar that's a pipe later, but I live with it. So That's a good question is a very good question. How do you commit someone to not base their actions off their feeling? Let me tell you something: it is very hard. Feelings are the most powerful thing we have here is the trick in life? Don't act on your feelings.
ACT on your mind, be mind, directed not feelings by wrecked it. It's true for anything. If you ate everything you felt like eating, you would be oh bees or dead or diabetic, or three right. I mean I'm giving you a simple example is possible if men, Did on their feelings, there would be a lot of sexual harassment going on that is natural to men o woman's attractive. Let me have her that's how men. That's male nature period, individual every mail. You know who's had resigned let's nature and every mail. You know who's homosexual, its nature to accept this with regard to men. Ok, it's built in it is not a result of patriarchy. I want to talk about male sexuality. One of these fireside chats
it's a very important thing. I met a man who is very famous and we should therefore say his name brilliant famous and said to me that my my explanations of male sexuality, not only helped his wife, it helped him. So I realized men have to hear this to its very, very important stuff anyway,. Why for spent not acting on feelings? That's why I tell people if you're in a bad mood, don't act out on it. I know you feel bad, but kid impose that on anybody else. That's not right reeling
things are rarely the guide to doing much right right, gee, I've I feel like not having dessert for the next month. Whoever said that gee, I feel like visiting sick people in the hospital every day for the next month, who feels like that people do good against their feelings. That's how you live life, ironic, Lee you'll feel better. If you do that's the pay off, the pay off is you'll, be happier if your mind directed then if your feelings directed feelings, wrecked, not only guarantees bad behavior, it guarantees bad outcome for you, you will be less happy. You will feel less good if you like. Based on your feelings, these are the arguments that I would give an and personal
I find it hard to believe tell them you, you don't know on your feelings, and if you did they, probably wouldn't that be all that happy. If you did right Often the parents want to wake up in the middle of the night, because there as diarrhea, God I love getting up at three o clock in wiping Tush Harry who thinks that way How much we do that our or not incontinence, with our feelings, most of the good things we do. That's why I can reading visit a home often, and I will see a plaque follow. Your heart, I can't see a worse idea. We video Prager you by the way, who are micro. I think that's it micro gives it. Don't follow your passions exactly it's great, it's a great video. You should watch it twice. You buy feel like watching at once, but you should watch twice.
I I I knew this at such an early age, because I was raised in a religious environment, religious kids, religious, jewish, christian kids, their talk, they can't live by on their feelings from a very early age. That's why they have more wisdom than the average professor, whose forty five years old at some university, because they grew up without this wisdom. Wait take marriage, alas, somebody out twenty eight, thirty, thirty five years of age, you marry bell. Why not feel ready feel ready? Who feels ready? You marry because of two things. You know it's important. It's a better way to live for the vast majority of people and be cause
You met somebody who you feel you could make a life with. That's why you marry because it's a value, especially for men, but now increasingly for women. Oh, I don't feel like it. Of course, not men rather forgive me screw around then settled down. That's correct. But it's not a good man who does that very few people admirer man back, I never married. He just went from woman to woman what a great life that we look. Do we look at you Hefner and if you know his name, guy ran Playboy magazine in Vienna was with a thousand women: people think of there's a man I admire, maybe as a man, I envy not there's a man. I admire Why won't you when he got married ironically, and I think he was free for what you got married interestingly enough.
Anyway? That's that's answer your question. I can bid someone at the base their actions off their feelings, give him any NGO. Will you want someone feel like doing the right thing, whether rich, avoiding a dessert again. We're getting married or whatever it might be, or or just doing, good, giving charity who feels like giving charity? Do it because it's the right thing to do you voluntary time cause it's the right thing to do. Daniel no age and no location, Daniel gave the name Daniel. Maybe it's not even Daniels name. Maybe There have been no name: no age, no location, hello, hello,. Can you please explain universal basic income and the impact that could have I've never heard of it until I heard it will be pilot
it had Newark New Jersey. It is that's weird. Then why won't everybody moved to New York, New Jersey just to get free money? the most populous city overnight, I'm a hard time. Trusting information on the internet, but I trust the information Mr Prager offers. Well, I won't give you for an information than you'll go me and I'll just give you what may be a different opinion of the idea of giving people free anything unless they are utterly incapacitated, which is called means testing and were all for some means testing. You can't work. You are sick, x, Y or Z. We understand that's why this charity I rather see charities. Take care. P
but the government, but that's a separate issue. Universal basic income means that the government gives a certain amount of money to every body, irrespective no means testing whether you needed or not. We give it to you. It is it if you want to corrupt the care. Tour of your people of your society. That's the best way to begin give people something for nothing. I can't think of a worse idea. I will go further.
All these so called entitlements or benefits that the government gives they are addicting people as if they were heroin salesman. In fact, I do believe literally. I believe this is not an exaggeration. I believe it is easier to get off heroin, addiction or any other drug addiction than it is to get off free things, addiction when you get used to getting something for not working. Fourth use, you believe you are entitled. That's why they're called entitlements, I'm entitled? Oh really, why are you entitled to some other people's money exactly why.
Able, bodied and don't work and you're entitled to money. While I work hard and it makes people miserable that's the way they want it, but it makes them unhappy because the only all happiness this is Arthur, Brooks great point. All happiness is earned. There is no such thing as unearned happiness. So if you get stuff you didn't learn, you will not be happy, you will be greedy, you will be addicted, but you will not be happy to another way in which the left room
everything she, my video titled, the left, ruins everything. Ok, Joseph thirty, five baron watch you take on declining marriages. You mean it doc, declining rate of marriage right. I assume that's what he means. Yes, not failing marriages date declining! Oh I just. I basically said it. It's a valley. And as we get more secular, it was a real. Just values, the basins to Judeo Christian mean every every every religion had it as a value as we get secular, we get stupid. There's no doubt in my mind about that doesn't mean that eligible means foolish. So well, why get married hey? Why get married all I'll get my I'll get I'll, have a significant other or a boyfriend or a girlfriend? or you know,
led by my own and I don't need to build a family. It's a pain, I'll just look to career for happiness in meaning, good luck with that. One by friends, good. How we do doing on time. Do I always ask at the right time or what. Here's is an interesting one, Jessica, Washington state. If Jesus was jewish, why don't Christians practice like Jews so I'm jewish. So obviously I am not giving well. I will give you christian answer as I understand it, but please understand its as I understand it, but I do know Christianity pretty well and I'm very comfortable in in the christian world as end the jewish. Will I truly I'm one of the few people equally knowledgeable
comfortable in both worlds. Are my bragging, I'm just telling you something. So you know my answer comes from a good place. So the answer, the classical Christian answer is Jesus is coming fulfil the law? That is the term Christians would use, Despite all these many laws given The Jews in the old testament, specifically the first five books called the Torah they are, they were as it were, fulfilled. In Jesus is life and death and resurrection, and that is not the binding on Christians on followers of Christ. So that's the christian answer and I, as a Jew, I will admit I've never fully understood it, and I have talked to Christian. I'm having a big dialogue with a major christian theologian at the Reagan, library coming up in a few it sold out a long time ago, but I hope that I know they'll be streaming it
So you might want to watch it we what we should put the information up at the both my Dennis Prager Common Prager, you that come and I'll tell you Gee Jesus, fruitful Jesus, said he did not come to change a job or tittle. I think that's the common english translation of the law and he observed the laws he kept kosher. He kept the Sabbath so it's a very interesting thing. I have always s Christians. How do you know which laws of the Bible to keep and which you can drop so, for example, obviously, every Christian leaves you keep thou shall not martyr. Thou shall not steal that. That's a given real love, your laborers yourself. These are all from the old testament from the Torah grit, no Christians. Oh Christ came. I don't have the love my neighbors myself. It never occurred right, it's not an issue and for
Jesus says love God, and I love your neighbour, the two great pillars of of christian faith. So but it's a little complex on other stuff, for example the Sabbath. I have asked questions for decades. Thirty years I have asked Christians grimy clergyman. I mean people serious knowledgeable about their christianity. Are you bound by the commandment to keep the set the Sabbath it's in the ten commandments? Guess what the answer has been. Fifty percent have said yes and fifty percent of said Bell. I never know what the Christian I ask will answer so, but it's a very fair question: is it really the idea that you take one day each week not to work but to sell?
break God's creation of the world to affirm that God created the world and rested on the seventh day, and I rest on the seventh day to. Why is that just jewish by their reduce, who think it's just jewish? So I'm not them. I'm no axe to grind here, but I it would seem. Me that it should be, and by the way he was universally kept Christians, whether they felt bound or not. Most christian societies had a Sabbath they men of call at the Sabbath. They may have called it. The Lee Day they may have called it the as in Russian the resurrection day commemorating the resurrection. Could it happen on a sunday whatever you call it, but it was a day sanctify to God. That's a big deal so big deal for you. It's big deal for your religiosity, too big deal for your family.
So it's a very automobile answer, but I do know this. A lot of Christians are adopting jewish rituals again. A lot of Christians are our car, keeping a Sabbath again some even on a Saturday, and I'm talking about Jews, who are christian on three by Christians, your christian and likewise a lot of Christians have a pass over safer and they end they even go to Jews house- or they do it on their own and their church, these are so there there is a there is a realization
there is some meaning in a lot of these laws, I'm not trying to push any agenda here. I'm trying to answer the question as honestly as I can one more thing about that. Sometimes it's not obvious that it's ritual, for example, in the ten commandments it says you were animals have to rest on every seventh day. Why would a Christian not be bound by that? That's not ritual, that's ethical, just a question I think times up. We have a fun question here. We'll do it next time.
Anyway. What can I remind you? I can remind you to watch the Prageru videos and have your kids watch them. If you are a parent, if you're a kid watch those videos they are life. Enhancing. Also, I'd like to remind you that if this stuff interests you even if you're an atheist, please read my ongoing series of commentary on the first five books of the Bible called the rational Bible. The of the second volume will be coming out in a month and idea. I know it will touch your life deeply. In the meantime, thanks for watching from my home to yours go,
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