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Fireside Chat Ep. 78 - Save Your Dog or Save a Stranger?

2019-04-22 | 🔗
During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis revisits the question: Would you save your dog or a stranger first if both were drowning? Dennis reads viewers’ reactions and comments from when this question was posed in the past. The responses show what happens when your morals are guided by your feelings rather than a religious moral code. Dennis continues on to answer your questions. Ask Dennis a Question at the top of this page: https://www.prageru.com/fireside-chats/ • Would You Save Your Dog or a Stranger? • When You Don’t Have a Moral Code • Big Tech Censorship • The Muslim Veil and Hijab Are Not Empowering • How Do We Make America Great Again? • The Founding Fathers
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Hi everybody, I'm Dennis Prager and welcome to my fireside chats it's my home, it's my chair, it's my fire, dog is. Is oughta win their I'm telling you? You know what a beautiful thing is. Otto's theme has not gone through his head, these one of the best known dogs in it in the world right now and nothing. It's like not affected him whatsoever. You got, I gotta say this is a remarkable creature which will be perfect little it. If the subject I want to talk to you about by the way world is pretty accurate I just want to know that reach. Fireside viewers comments came from Bulgaria, Saudi Radio, Germany, Australia, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Scotland and we'll have questions from other countries entirely as well. So that's, oh. I should read a thriving every this, so bad
to good thing, because what I have to say is not bound to any ethnic, or religious or national group. I've always said either what you have to say is universally applicable or it's not applicable to anybody. That's my belief. It's been my belief. My whole life so make sense to me that there would be people listening in different parts of the world. Why because there is one thing we can all share and that's logic, common sense. If something make sense, it makes sense ok so anyway welcome now listen to this. So this is what I always discuss something and then I take your questions. So I am told by the phone to monitor the website that
while ago, when I discussed in pay she wasn't the key subject them of the opening, but I did thus the issue of, would you save your dog or a stranger? First of both were drowning. This is, one of the most controversial positions. Never taken it, and I have been asking this question since my twenty I've been asking this. My whole life and this aim, exact responses when I, when I asked this when I was in my twenties and today, forty something years later, and it is just it it's astonishing one. Third, in almost every instance, one third vote for the dog, one third for the stranger one third doesn't know, because I give the option if you don't know how you would what what you would do, your torn you can vote that way as well, so to thirty, thirty or but my point is two thirds would not
to save the human, and I want to emphasise something stranger stranger people say Well, what if it were drowning Dennis a stranger and am I that is very symbol of Hitler. Withdraw me I'd help him drown its irrelevant if this door, drowning Hitler, deserve to die. Therefore I would help him die. So that's it. It's not an answer to my question. My question is a human. Dont know the human I mean it's, you might as well you might as well say. Well what, if it's Hitler while I'm, Well, then counter. Well, what if it somebody who's on the brink of discovering a cure for cancer? it's not fair either on my part, because the point is it's a stranger, its human versus the dog, you love it's not stranger dog, most people. I have. I want to believe that dog, they don't know any human. They don't know would save a human. They are more, but I'm not even sure about that anymore, but anyway, that's that
separate issue I want to address three common that came in, and this is among listeners or viewers to this so often its people, who would generally agree with me, but clearly didn't on this. By the way, I'm just assuming that most people watching this tend to agree with me, I'm happy if it just as happy. If none of the EU do I the touch people's lives, whether they agree with me or not. Ok, but here people who don't agree with me so here comments that, for example, I guess I should state my position first, yes, so the region I have always raised. This- is to raise two very critical points. One is what happens when you remove garden? religion from your thinking in terms of moral decisions for a person steeped in what we call judeo christian vote,
that is rooted in the old testament, the judeo and new testament Christian. That's one way of looking at the term, judeo Christian and many others for anyone steeped in those there's no question: you cannot defend the choice to the to save the dog. You love versus a human being. You dont know on the basis of anything in the judeo christian world and each any anything and Judaism anything Christianity which humans, not animals, are created in God's image period. Second, the second big lesson from this question is how people, come to their decisions based on feelings. I love my dog. I don't love the stranger, but you can not base moral decisions on feelings and again I return to what I
use as my source of values, I admitted the Bible which constantly warns us not to rely on our heart to make these decisions. The heart is important. That's what makes us human! You don't have feelings, you're a robot, but it's not the place for moral decision making that silly the two huge lessons. That's the reason I've been asking this question my whole life to make two huge lessons. What happens when you end the the religious basis, the judeo Christian basis of our morality and what when you rely on the heart. So here three years are why we are three four okay, so here's one These are what anonymous, otherwise, I would say, state a name and a city, but an age. But never sacrifice my dog for someone. I do not know. My dog is my family. As a matter of fact, I would throw us
stranger in front of a moving bus to save my dog solved, Oh I see the next one is not attached to this. That's another comment. Ok are, first of all. That second part is a little scary. You would throw a human being in front of a moving boss to save your dog. You wouldn't murderer human to save your dog by the way in in again in religious law, judeo christian law, you can't murderer human to save your mother. Forget your dog, you! You can't throw a human in front of a bust, baby you're on your own child, that's murder! You can't murder to save somebody. You can kill someone going to kill you, child, of course, that self defence that separate issue.
But this is a scary thing. This is what happens when the heart takes over morality. I would I wouldn't a person I, in order to shave my dog, so ok, so This is clearly an example of the heart. Is the source of values. But where do you end? What, if your heart, is I don't like women out? I would I will Wouldn't I would save a man, but not a woman. What would you say to that? One of somebody The other way around a woman in solidarity with women all well. If the person drowning were a woman, I would save the woman, but if it's a man on the shape, my dog, won't you say to that. Or or black or white or your nationality in another nationality want the only thing you knew was the euro, What's your French and you know, the stranger were french venue,
save the pearls. I mean this is all that's. My feelings cannot be the source of values. There's gotta, be. Right and wrong. So This is a somewhat of a scary answer to me. I would I it's all emotional, its purely Motion- and here another one one. What why dog, what a few Do you love your rabbit, somebody who loves his rabbit, he's behind the camera right now, and it's not even embarrassed anyway, really I'm not much out know their people of hamsters, ripe mice, hamsters people, people have affection, not have any problem with that. When one of my boys was was little LE, he had a was it. Wanna or a lizard: do innovation
We go on as pets, doors, yeah son. It was a big wanna me, that's a reptile. There really primitive, but he was a very sweet that one as they as things were, as. Down. So let's say what what what would you say so new save their their reptile, the rig wanna before a human being? Is there any point where you who are who defend, saving the? I would say: oh that's wrong, any animal. What if you fall out? Oh no, I'm not I'm not kidding what, if you have ineffectually free, a butterfly, you have a parakeet, certainly parakeet people of affection for their birds, and I get it. I am no problem affection for I love the guy, but if he were drowning and human, I didn't know were driving. I would save the human being, so it my wife alone,
some even more than I do she she kisses him. I find very odd but she's not in the room, so I could say that anyway, I I'm making critical point. How do we derive good and evil? How do we arrive at good and evil right and wrong? It can't be the heart. There has to be a transcendent code, to which we I'll obligated, and by the way I am, and even if you wanna be heart. Moved or animated in this instance. What a few let? What a you left, a a a young pregnant woman. Drown because you saved your dog and you know, and the husband
and the parents came to you said you let my daughter, you let my wife die to save your dog mean that that should also be a b National issue, but it's not fully fear for me to do that because remember I said stranger and I'm sticking to my word. Stranger. We don't know who it is, but I make the question to show the heart is not the guide. It should not be the guide and humans created gods. Image is a principle that I believe in, and I affirm, if you don't affirm it save anything you want instead of a human, but the I would throw a stranger front of a moving boss to save my dog? That's that's troubling next, my dog over a stranger, you mean the very door
that sleeps by my side, every night greets me when I get home helps meets. These stress makes me laugh and a complete stranger know nothing about whom my dog capital de Oji, pure emotion, again, the dog is loving. Ok, what I said. Before Reaffirm is reaffirmed, and this one is another. This third one was scary one. I think, you're a monster, if you don't pick your own dog over a stranger really, do you think the people who love the stranger that I let you die? You think that they would think I'm a monster. They would think I'm a saying they would think. I was an angel so whose right.
And finally, my dog, every time I know my dog is good and deserves to be saved. I don't know who that. Stranger is or, if I'm saving the next Hitler or Hillary, that could cause the world more pain anyway. I wouldn't I don't like Hillary Clinton, but I would never put her in the same category as Hitler, so I just had to make that point, but your dog isn't good. That's not true. Your dog is good to you. That doesn't mean your dog. Is good dogs aren't bad either dogs. Don't have free moral, well, no creature other than the.
Being does so you can't describe an animal is good or evil alliance that each person is not evil ally, in that it's a gazelle is not evil and the line that doesn't give Gazelle is not good. Only humans could be good or evil, not animals. All right! That's the story. You may disagree with me, but you can't disagree. You can only I agree with the conclusion. You can't disagree with the argument, if you believe in a transcendent moral code like the biblical code that has been the basis of western civilization, then people are created in God's imagine you must save the human. If you have no regard for that code, fine, I'm just pointing out what happens when we dropped the code and if you are
guided by your heart, verses, guided by a a value system. That's the other problem. Okey doke, your questions, Mark twenty six United Kingdom. How can the suppression of conservative voice in social media be stopped, Prager he was trying to stop it in the United States. We are. We have pursued Google, which owns Youtube for putting one hundred of our four hundred well, actually one hundred of arm over even more than four hundred of a whole variety of videos on their restricted list, which means that if your family has filters on your internet service to block out pornography and violence, we will be blocked, is not incredible. Business Phonography pornography,
I once had Prager you, but they don't agree with us because we're not on the left and they do with too many others as well. Will you write the suppression of conservative voices in the social media it gives you idea what happens every time there was no exception. Whenever the left is in control, it suppresses other voices There is no exception in the history of the left on planet earth. Liberals allow people to speak left us do not. There is no exception to that. They ve they wouldn't be a leftist. If they allowed other voices. There are many reasons for that. One of them is liberty is now one of their values. Truth is now, of their values either. The allay times said he a couple of years ago. It would not publish any letter, let alone article by even an eminent climatologist.
Who who merely says that what wait a minute, maybe the earth isn't going to be destroyed in twelve years? That alone would not be allowed. There is no debate. They say well, the science is what is the worth closed? What is the science is settled, the site into settled? amazing, when science settled on things haven't happened yet the show answer settled they always there's. Always something is settled. The there were two transgender females trans Females high school students that is made bodies, biological males who identifies females who ran on a girl's race in Connecticut they one first and second place. They set records for girls, races, but their biological boys. Of course they ve been. Girls, because their biologically mail and yet-
Hyatt, the nation of left wing, a big left wing magazine in the United States on on the internet road. It is a fact. Those are his words. It is a fact that Trans females are females. It's a fact So therefore, if their view is that someone who said like I have just said, it's not fair for the, trans females, biological males to compete against biological female- I am running against fact, because it's a fact that their female- but it's not a fact that there are female its effect, that they regard themselves as females, and I respect that. That's fine, but for the sake of competition in sports they are not female, but their view wasted voice. Voices like mine should not even be allowed to be heard.
Why would we allow none fact based statements to be made? That's all they view it. So that's why this a suppression of conservative voices in the social. You might thirty one l, a Elan Omar. That's the American Congress woman from an associate who has a who is a muslim woman. She came here with her parents from Somalia to me the head. She said. I never heard this quote banal, I believe that it was said to me that her job means power, liberation, beauty and resistance would love to hear your thoughts on the head job. Well, I'll react to the comment, but before I reacted comment, let me tell you what I think we should all agree on that the veil is anti human.
Having people not show their face, the faces who you are you're, not your chest, you're, not your legs. You are your face. That is, that the seat of the human personality it is, it is inhuman to have people hide their faces at all times, except obviously in their own house. It's not you. It's not humane, and it's not you. It's literally, not human. When you see pictures of of bunch of women, all of whose faces are involved covered by black shrouds as it were, their humanity has been utterly compromised for all. You know that their there's that there's an animal inside that so for the eyes, and sometimes that very often the eyes or coach, you don't even
who's in there could be a man and there you don't know what the person has become invisible, making humans invisible. It's not beautiful. Member sought the hijab. We do see her face the hedge. Bob is the head and, I believe, ears as well as that right ears covered as well, and look that I don't have. I don't have strong feelings on that. It's not your face is visible. If you wish to cover your hair and your ears, I respect that.
I dont supported, but I respect that. I don't have the same view when I don't understand is why its power liberation, beauty and resistance resistance. What is the hijab resistance to these? A typical comments, this not being may cause she's Muslim, its being makers, she's leftist. These comments mean nothing as so many comments from the left. They just there just made. What resistance to. I would like to hear the answer. What is it resistance to? The woman who wears a he job is engaged in resistance to Donald Trump too, to fascism, to what capitalism is what what what what is it? What is it resistance to liberation? I dont look. You can wear it. My respect, your right to do so,
I don't regarded the same way. I regard avail, but I don't know why you're liberated, what do you liberated from being rigour, then in any way, sexually, because the hair of sexual, I assume that's what it means, I can't think of any other. What well else could it be animal? Why that's liberating look, but it's it's! You know it's not that it's not the only religion that has that and I am I respect- but I dont know why it's liberating it's a form of modesty. If you will and that's fine, but I don't know why its liberation power outermost, what the powers one as these are all these are all words, beauty.
Ok? That's that's also as his orders resistance. I can. I can understand why you want to suppress your attractiveness, which is what is being done. A woman's hair is, is a source of hope is a source of her beauty. So it's ridiculous to say it's beautiful. It means beauty. The whole point is to suppress your beauty, And I respect that. I said that that's fine, but you can have it both ways. I'm going to suppress my beauty. Isn't that beautiful, maybe. Merely beautiful, religiously beautiful, but it's that's. The beauty and here it is- I presume, physical beauty- though you can have it both ways. It's either suppressing physical beauty or expressing physical beauty can have it both ways
But so much goes said these days. That means nothing. It's almost always emanates from the left like calling people racist who may differ with sexist racist misogynistic they're, just there the employing of words for effect, but not meaning How you doing on time, haven, twenty and branch in Missouri? What can we do Everyday lives to make Amerika great again get married, make it make a family support. Your community do work to help your fellow citizens and support all the causes that I understand that this
America or that agree with Abraham Lincoln that America is the best. The last best hope for mankind actually put it. The last best hope for, I think on earth. You may think Lincoln's rolling, in which case this is a relevant question. I think Lincoln is right, because the only country that was rooted in individual liberty- that's beautiful, that's empowering.
Ethan sixteen Tamper Florida, which founding father inspired you most they all did. I don't have one in particular. I think that the constellation of greatness in the founding years of the United States is is almost divine. These extraordinary men. Obviously there are extraordinary women in their lives, but it was men who wrote these documents and founded this country. It is an astonishing thing if you read these people read about them. Washington, Adams, Franklin, Madison, Jefferson, I've! It's! You know that there are
students had Half street university in the United States. I think it's on long island. They want to take down the Thomas Jefferson statue. These nothing's wanna take down the statue of some one great. Yes, he had slaves, everybody had slaves or merely everybody in history who could afford
had slaves, it's evil, but he created the society that ended slavery. You know that more blacks have come to the United States. This is was true thirty years ago. This is not recent. Thirty years ago, already more blocks of come to the United States from Africa willingly and voluntarily. Then then came here involuntarily as slaves. Why they stupid? Why would they go to a racist country but they're not stupid? They know how well they'll be treated in America, because the vast majority of Americans don't give a hoot about color which is the way it should be Adam sixteen Canada. My question is: would you mind if we trade leaders you're funny for a sixteen year old? That's a pretty funny question actually be pretty funny fuel
thirty six listen. I want a trade leaders. The last time when you are. Harper and we got Obama. I want to a trait leaders, but not to want to trade him. Now. It's true We really did a swap are rooted in we. I often said that I said: oh Canada has its great leader, Stephen Harper Boeing. Stephen Europe has made the video former Prime Minister of Canada. We have a number prime ministers made videos or Prager you, people who were right these terrible things about Prager. You they'd know that Prime Minister rake videos for us, but anyway you know. I I wouldn't mind if we traded leaders, that is correct, but it would be funny if Donald Trump of a canadian leader wonder how laid back Canadians would reactive,
All right, my friends, will take some of these other comments later. Well, I eat. I hope that the dark stranger thing, as at least prompted you to think I don't know if I'll change, that many mines, but it's a very big deal. That's why I mentioned it and that's why I took your comments. We love your comments. Just want to see, people do send them into Prageru. What do I love thee? Do when questions cuz put them out on Instagram or an email.
Our website bright, so it's great to hear from you. I made a lot of you at airports and around the world and its very touching and am very happy to have a selfie with you. If you'd like it's, not a bother, I'm very touched by so until next week, I'm Dennis Prager from my house to yours. Thank you for watching. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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