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Fireside Chat Ep. 80 - Why Does Dennis Wear a Suit at Home?

2019-05-03 | 🔗
Why is Dennis wearing a suit if he is in his own home? During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis discusses the common question, the importance of dressing nice for certain circumstances, and the impact clothing has.
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Hi everybody I'm Dennis Prager. This is done as previous house I'm trying to think of a different way to introduce the opening. But he s it's my house, it's a great opportunity to talk. To buy anything on my mind, I'm on your mind is at least half of the fireside chat. Which it literally is, is your questions. I wonder if I could take a moment of silence, and can we hear Otto snoring? No a was until I said that, but he's very bright and self conscious. So if I amounts that you might hear him, he stops. There it is, he started again. I want you to know it's very humbling to have a creature snore. As you talk, your heart out did remind you that. At least among some you're, not that scintillating.
Our I'd. Be that as it may so I I had a topic that I want open up within I'm not going to do it, because I was told that a number of people regularly. Right regularly role right in. Why is Dennis in a jack, and tie in his own house so that's a very interesting question and I want to talk to you by clothing, a lot of votes on clothing. As it happens, I have a lot of full tunnel on a subject which is pretty much. My vocation is the bulk about a lot of subjects, but I think a lot of always thought a lot about these things so Let me dissect the question: why is Dennis wearing a tying jacket in his house? So if I did this in a tv studio outside of my house, would that be more? understandable. I presume that that is an location right in the question
because nobody wears a tie in their own house along Time jacket. I get that I miss them. But I'm not wearing it for me, I'm wearing it, for you now you may say you don't give a hoot what I wear and I believe that I believe a lot of people, especially young people, dont give a hoot FI, I showed up in a t shirt. You know theoretical. You would be just as interested theoretically what I have to say be the same and just as important, but I raised in a different America. Am I I am too we not self conscious about saying why oh, this is how it was because sometimes how it was was better so times how it was was worse and sometimes how it was was just different, but sometimes you're out, if they admit sometimes that's why often see an ad. We make doughnuts the
Old fashioned way: well, why would they I can add that would, theoretically right, that's the purpose of a man is to have you buy the products we Do you care? If it don't? Wouldn't you wanted donut made in a new? fashioned way, but there, obviously thinking old fashioned sounds good that There is something from the past that is worth keeping so here One of the things I think, you're a better things today than when I grew up, but I also think that there were better things in those days. I think that the fact that people dress Your family and general life you watch for. Example: little blow your minds watch go on these, the net and watch videos or still pictures of baseball games. We'll talk about churches in a moment, but oh and schools, but look at baseball games. All the ban, the women were dressed in dresses,
the men were dressed in jackets and ties at a baseball game. Why did people do this everybody's more comfortable in a t shirt, so why did they get into relatively uncomfortable? Clothing, to go to a baseball game. Well, the answer is it wasn't for the baseball game? It was because they left their house and there was a there was through our history until the sixties, in all of western and all of us culture. There was the sense that if you went out into the public, you owed it to others to it, sort of honoured other people to look nice. I was the thinking you were dressing up, not for you, your dressing up for others, and that is
exactly the way it was perceived. People got dressed to travel when I was a kid and we you goin on an airplane, everybody was dressed nicely today. There is no difference whatsoever between airplane travel and people's dress, and going to reach people coming flip flops people coming shorts, people common tee shirts right whatever is double they they and there's no self consciousness about it by the way? I understand this doesn't make a person good or a bad. I am just talking about clothing. I much Jeanne people. I have no problem judging people, but this is not one of them. Occasions Jeanne clothing? I'm John! the idea of of looking good for others show when I wear this. This is because I am on camera to a nearly a million people or a million people cause. I don't know
asked one had eight hundred thousand views. I don't assume every single person viewing it voted alone. What's so two million people are watching me. Now, that's a lot of people in over the other whose boy or some major major stadium has a hundred thousand people. So imagine ten of these stadiums is, is viewing me now. That's a lot people, and I feel that I owe it to you to look good to look to look formerly good, that this is my subtle way of saying. This is serious thing like talking to all of you, which is what exactly What is this? Is it This is a serious thing to appear before you. I think. That's that's an honourable thing to do so. If you want, there are so many aspects to this that are so important and no one talks about it. Just it's a non it's a non subject, but
it's very interesting. How often I fly virtually every week of the year so I fly, I see fifty two times do as those about huh. I must fly about a hundred twenty five times a year and it's very interesting flight attendants will often comment on on the fact that you know what I like, your tie, I, like I like the way you look it's very interest. I think that they will comment on it and I'll. Tell you another thing No, this that taken more seriously. I'm also trusted more by the fact that, if I'm plain. I don't wear jack and I were a workshop mattei I I know that there is Maybe it's sense that this man for real? It's, it's not easily definable, but I know it for a fact and
no this for a fact when they? institute, dress codes in schools, grades go up and violence goes down? Oh thank you. He's adorable! This! Isn't this a very important? All studies that I have read show that when what say a high school or surly and elementary school when there was a rest code you have to dress, I haven't s coat in my in my religious high school, the boy had to wear that's maybe I adopted it from it from we had to wear wear after a jacket, but we had to wear a shirt. Slacks Anna tie every every day that was just assumed and it made a difference. It said we honour the school. You can't deny that it. There is no element, look I'll! Prove it to you. Look it up. People dress for me
Khatami awards if clothing didn't matter. Why do people dress up so beautifully for the academy, awards and I'll. Tell you why, because They honour the academy awards more than they do schools or churches. That's why our right little fella! Ok, maybe if I shake him just a drop of life is good. Isn't it a k snoring his way is yes right. I mean think about. Why do people go in tee shirts to the academy awards it all? What strikes me is so worthy of analysis that people dress up so well, but wife, clothing. Don't don't doesn't matter. Why are you, what are you dress up and people dress up for what they value people. If
but he went if, if you got married and an somebody showed up at your wedding in a t, shirt and ends and short it would you forgetting each wedding. Okay, the normal wedding country club at a hotel at a church or the synagogue. The vast majority if people really dress nicely, why Honouring the wedding, that's clothing, honours the environment, clothing affects the wearer of clothing. Ask people who put on uniforms How would changes then? Would you policemen wearing a police uniform, it changes his his red. The way he sees himself or herself and their right or or the captain of of my flight, I You want my captain tube to be in a t, shirt and short. I would think
who something awry here, wouldn't you think that do you care what Europe. Where's. You know why you're private to weary, a captains uniform. We are fooling ourselves because we live in the age of non wisdom. There there's no wisdom in our agency, it's the age of foolishness and I'll. Tell you in a nutshell. One of the reasons is because people follow their feelings. The end there were no ought no should just what do I feel like what I feel like wearing? I feel like wearing a teacher you like wearing shorts there were times I totally get it. I live in southern California. I understand, if you, walking along the beach. I believe me if I went to the beach I would not be wearing a tie. Amateur gets want to make it clear. I would wearing shorts or bathing suit. My teacher, I got it, I totally get it. Ok, there are time where it seems silly, obviously too, where something more
official, more formal and so on, but the it's it's a big- And there were there is there is a law, Thus, in society, in my opinion,. It's in self regard and then regard for others where was spent a week, so good Aramis. Your life spend a week wearing my shirt, your guy and my shirt, slacks or short untie, even just one week live God willing a lot of weeks in your life, see if that Doesn't change any of the way people ray to you and the way you regard yourself and if you're you're a female. The same thing. You know we're something more formal God forbid, a skirt, and You know our or or even addressed. Let I spoke I produce university. I just do just recently.
One of the but one of the young girls. What do you know the college girls they're, who helped bring me there was she was wearing a black dress. We're not at another wedding dress, just a black dress and my comment, the Tory. I really love the fact: George dress it it it just dumb it in It is said to me something about her. I thought I thought it was eight. It was a very appealing statement now. Others may think it's irrelevant your title for that, but you know it's not irrelevant, because you know what you do dress up for So, let's go to another example. I gave you the example of schools that that's the most dramatic, via hence goes down and grades go up when kids are told
when there was a school dress code and they have to address more formally everything we do affect others. Everything we do affects us and it certainly includes clothing now of the ultimate example is churches, I would say churches and synagogues, but interesting aloft is one of the rare times were Jews or more conservative than others very rarely innocent agog to people come in a t, shirt and genes. I mean it's. It's I've spoken in hundreds of synagogues, it's it's almost unheard of It's that rare, almost always men, where a year a jacket and tie, or at least a tie and assured by going to die in a shirt.
And so you say I get this line from Christians, good, good people, and I know that good people than Scotland care. What I, where he she's my heart, but it's not your God, doesn't care what where I don't love, God care what you where I think God cares about everything you do. I don't quite understood God doesn't care what you were? Well, if you, if you You're, better clothing to HU a Hollywood party than you do to church, and then God be those care like. Why didn't you take the time to where something nice in my house, my? the prayer as a pole, two way a Hollywood party. I live in southern California, something Hollywood it doesn't matter what it might be or we will even or even you know, you're a lawyer and you go to work. The lawyers all where the men, where certain tie and the women dress up a core of accordingly and
So why would I dress up to go to work but not to go to church? because I honour worth more than more than I do prayer more than now you could pray alone, I'm not asking if you pray alone, another ask you to wear a tie and a jacket in her own home. Like that, I get. I totally get that you pray as you are as it were, but that's the but please go to church. It creates a community of of of seriousness. It should be serious anatomy, devoid of humor. I mean serious in the sense of important now an hour now I'm told pastors wearing jeans and anti shirts what to show their with it. That's the last thing you want to convey to Europe to your congregation that you're with it, you think that's going to attract people did the church if the past there is with it. Wasting people want is a pass through with that they want to pass through is relevant. They want a pastor, hoo hoo,
has something important to say: who is little special by the way is not just one of the people. I'm sorry, Be a clergyman if you want to be just like the congregants, if you can bear The responsibility of I am different and I have to act. Little differently That's, why I'm a rabbi, priest or or pastor that then don't go into the clergy. You are not one of the group, I'm sorry and that's not what people want from you to be. We have we ever you not part of this clothing thing is the egalitarian French revolution. Egalitarian impulse of you know every boy he's a fellow citizen and everybody comrade or whatever the term is. Oh. Priested or the other pillar, while the priest, catholic priests in another priests, biscuit bill of fiscal brace, they have a uniform as or but
but in Protestantism and Judaism in oh that, there's no uniform, but you you are not one of everyone you are, you are special teachers to teachers should dress nicely it saying they. Honour the school they honour the students they honour, the environment, they honour the subject. It makes a very big difference. So that's why I do this ok, I could die, It would be very interesting. I don't I believe that if I sat here in a t, shirt and genes, it would have the same effect. I dont believe it and very, few people who are doing serious work in this arena are doing that. Some are, and I get it that's part of the site, guys the spirit of our times, but it's It's not a winning idea, so
it's my case. That's my explanation. Might I thought through and it is It is only help me in my life, not the is not hurt in anyway and only helped. Ok. Can I trouble you Megan Thank you all right to your questions. Where was the footwear was the first one that messy up Messiah questions is that was the first. I was couple that fine gauge seventeen north Pennsylvania biggest, I know Strauss this eastern protagonist rounds broke. If I'm not mistaken, I The summer camp is, is a teenager in the poker Norma. I know your area really well help exclamation point practice every student and teacher my school believes the United States is a racist country. What do I tell them? It's astonishing.
Yet they think racism is an american value. I need some counter argument ideas well this this will destroy the country. That I have written about this and the Read anything Larry elder who was black as written about this? My friend and colleague also National radio show with same on radio network as I do by the way, if you don't know that I have a national show every day, three hours and its, if you can get it on the internet, a local radio station in most the cities in event. Larry elder has written a great deal about this, but I I wrote this is the greatest libel in modern history, that America is a racist country it is a lie at the framing lie this the least racist country that has many groups in it,
Edison, what just Orlando Orlando Patterson Black? sociologist at Harvard wrote that amount is the least racist country with a white majority, and the out of black majority countries have had their well accept. South Africa have none blacker, popular and so in it's the least rate is the least racist country in the world, people spoil the United States. They don't know how good it is because they don't know anything about anyplace else. This is estate ignorance that America's racism compared to what everything is compared to what sites are you healthy will compared to what? if I have a cold, my healthy knots earlier What if you have a cold or you healthy, the answer, Yes, you are right. A person who has a cold this is a non racist country that has some racism in it. That's that's the real It is a non racist country there were some racism and racism and the EU.
Being, is not perfect. So imperfect human beings will have laws and they will manifest themselves in a hole, Mr Marinos, but whom the one compared to why did more. Black Africans come to the United States from Africa as free people than ever came as slaves was true already in the nineteen seventies rabies. So it's been true for forty years. Why did they come to a racist country, what they stupid? What a black Africa want to come. You wanted they line up at american consulates. Because they know how well they'll be treated here. How much opportunity they'll have Guy from Nigeria called my show today and Roma ditches reminds me of that an nigerian American its. The greatest lie, and it's it's it's a result of ignorance and utopian ism compared to some image of a com, legally none racist place
workers really flawed? Yes, compared to a perfectly healthy person, have having a ass having a cold or the flu makes you sick. But what can. Compared to the sickness that abounds in the world and is abounded in history. The early deaths that peoples that people suffered from every disease since credibly health time is America, you might what I wanted to say America sick. I mean in terms of literally physically sick. You know many sick people there. You're more sick people than there are racist black holes of call my show for years on account of a lot of black listeners. Am I'm very I'm very pleased them. These have all listeners and anyway. So whenever the issue raised comes up that the board fills with a lot of black cause, what cold,
black horse colon on other subjects to obviously, but that one obviously elicits a fair number. Black also vary often this would happen Dennis You don't know how racist it is cause you don't know, welcome our shoes, that's true Ottawa. Can anybody shoes, but my own? That's true, I don't know what life is like for my wife. Her shoes, I'm not life is like life is like for my kids, you, Euro Army, theoretically. You know what life is like four for anybody, but you but till I saw I say: fine, ok, you're right. I do not walk in your shoes, and I am quite correct. So therefore Dennis, they will say you just don't know we expect its racism every day is very common. Call that I will so. I've always asked the color, while in light of the fact that you experience it every day, tell me what was the racist experience you have today, so in
for instance the persons as well. Not today, ok, so k, and I'm not. I never asked questions the trap cause. I just ask them to challenge and to get clarity source it. Ok. Yesterday. Never and ass, they don't have an example of yesterday's racist expressed last week. So the unless very few people call up and lie to me so that They have to be very fast on their feet. The lie on the spot. The truth is experience something racist and by the if a non black is is rude to you. How do you know now move to everybody. You you understandably, may assume its cause, your black, but watch it lets. If this cork at at at at some old fast. Food place in the airport and that person Drew to you in your black
hang around ten minutes and see how they treat the other people. If, if they scowled at you and they were nice to everybody else. She how they treat other blacks lot of blacks at airports is there's a lot, everybody at airports. She obeyed in others, hang around here on the background just watch how the person streaming other people it's it's. It is so bad wrong in even evil. To call this decent society, racist that it Fills me with pessimism for the society to have a self loathing that is undeserved. Are there interest in America. There is so much in America, but as a Jew, let me tell you it is not an anti semitic country. I know they're atheism each year. Money be more anti Semites than there are actual ev Ry Black gracious at the summit.
This is the longest ongoing hatred in the world, but I have to tell you what do I think on the luckiest Jew. To ever live outside of a jewish state and that is to live in America. I believe that my whole life and I believe that today we have written a book on Anti Semitism in my throat jewish history at Brooklyn College. So I know something about the subject it, sir. Ask them for proof. What is their proof? Because there are so many, a disproportionate number of black males in jail, why's that proof of racism wise and proof that they commit more crimes? Nobody's ever answer that question: why proof of racism either may really moved him.
But that's what you can't say what I just said in the Tipp of pleasure, because you'll be called a racist with telling the truth that blackmailed disproportionately commit violent crimes but it's the truth or not true, the Russian is, and if it's not true, That's a racist statement. If it is true, it's not a racist statement. The truth is not a left wing value, the people who caused country racist or on the left and there they have indoctrinated your generation and it's a trap. And the biggest tragedies for blacks to grow up thinking. Everybody around you, hate you is like, is like being raised with child abuse. Family, thirty, three acrid Ohio on a pair fireside chats than a speaks a lot about parenting and raising kind, mature and wise children, I'm thirty
Brian single, no kids, yet what advice and lessons does he have. On how to raise good kids thanks again keep up the good work. Enjoy it always. Thank you very much. Kindly. I have. I have a lecturer on how to raise race, good children, that's at the Prager store I'm always says an interventionist selling. I'm trying to sell your lecture. I promise him up getting rich on tape. Some with children in case you worried, but somebody has, the man is stored. They have to charge something areas, ten dollars its. If it's worth its worth hearing I've I have developed and I'll I'll do far such out on it. But I'll tell you how you begin. You begin by believing that the most important thing in your child's character not great not at length, not popularity,
Not quarrel caught success goodness you begin by understanding. People are not basically good and how to make good people is the most important question any society can ask, and it isn't by just loving your children, because if all you do is give your children love, you level well loved the barbarians as adults, children need guard rails, that's what they need more than a love and children to learn that selfish. The self esteem is far less important than self control right. How what's our time factor
Oh boy, so I'll handle the tub I'll. Do the search transsexual one next time, let's see, whereas areas will end. With this case, I could give a pretty fast answer: Tyler twenty eight, we're going California, I am a Jew, and I am fascinated with a study. All three of the big abrahamic fates. Many faceted Jews believed that the Ruby was the Messiah and Jews, the rat time of thought, multiple people with them Jaya, yet they are still consider Jews, no matter who they thought was the Messiah. Given that the muscle
believe. Jesus was the Messiah. I don't think they believe it was the Messiah. They blew a profit. I don't think they believe that asylum and that doesn't make them Christians. Why is it that any time any jus clings to believe Jesus was the Messiah? He is labelled coptic Christian? Is this just due to dogma, where's the something special about Jesus that makes them the only person, and you cannot billy- was the Messiah and still be consider religiously, jewish. So here's the answer
This is very interesting thing for you to know the problem. The juice had with christian faith was not declaration that Jesus was Messiah. You are entirely right. Use believe different times that different Jews with a massage Jesus was, of course, a Jew, a religious do with that. What we would call an orthodox do. The problem was declaring that he was God that was the big dividing line. If christian theology only held that he was the Messiah, they would have probably stay jewish. They simply would have been Jews, religious Jews, continuing as Jews, who believed that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah and everybody would have gone on their merry way
The dividing line was the declaration that Jesus was God, that's different, and for that there's no, there is no parallel and Christians would acknowledge. There was no parallel. No religion holds that about anyone else. A big fan of Christianity, big defender of America's Christians, who founded the greatest country, but that is the issue, not the messianic, not the Messiah one. Good good goes fast, but that's good if it goes fast. The media have a good time and he, on the other hand, Antonov if, if when fast remember, because when you sleep like ghosts fast, that is true. Be that as it may, it is wonderful to be with you to send us your questions. What else can I ask you to do?
Ok, it was not my radio show if you didn't know it existed now. You do tell people about these. These broadcasts these pod. These video cast this fireside chats. It's it's meant that touch people's lives and I hope it does. That's the only purpose of it ultimately, and I would like to remind you that within just a few days few weeks, they second volume of my commentary on the Bible is coming up: the rational Bible. It's it's to my great joy, the best selling commentary on the Bible in America today, and that is because I make it clear that the greatest book ever written and you and it will give you rules for life like Jordan, Peterson's, wonderful book, twelve rules for life, the only.
France, is that I'm in love that book and I love him- he's gonna beat the Prager you Galen, we can have a very wonderful dialogue. This is rules for life, but its hundreds of them, because its basing it on such a big texts called the rational. By and I will see you next week in the meantime, will be more Universities, I hope all meet some of you there thank you for watching, I'm Dennis Prager and God bless you. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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