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Fireside Chat Ep. 83 – The Importance of Nationalism, Wisdom, and Liberty

2019-05-26 | 🔗
During this week's Fireside Chat, Dennis focuses on your burning questions: What does Dennis think about online dating? Which is better: nationalism or patriotism? Is democracy dying? Is a civil war coming? Have a question for Dennis? Submit it here: https://www.prageru.com/fireside-chats/#ask-dennis
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Well, hello, everybody I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home, my dog. By fireplace and it's a joy to be with you, I wouldn't been doing these fireside chats as we call them every week. If weren't, getting such positive feedback. To be perfectly honest with you, this was almost than after thought. We had about two years ago and were in the eight hundred thousand view area, and that means I guess about a million people you don't soon. Just one person is seeing every video, to love. That's a lot. I won't take these things for granted. Even though Prager you has a billion views, I don't knock a million to say it's a pretty serious number and am very gratified cause it's completely unrehearsed totally. Sir.
Tell me if I do share thoughts with you in the hope that it will verify my life for you and give you a better life, I mean that's that's! What's the best thing you could do with your life is try to better other people's lives. I've always believed that. So it's that's my aim. In the final analysis. So what I'm gonna do today, I don't know if I ve done this in about eighty I've done at once before that right, you would know. Megan knows that is the motto of our fireside. Chats Megan owes okay. So I didn't once before and your questions. So rich that I don't see why not my one night I do it unless I have something that I really want to focus on in the beginning when this, what normally Those folks answer me that the questions she replied
a very important, obviously because they help make, but all worth it Milk Ryan, sixteen terawatt, California, you know I live in California, but I don't know most of the cities and I've lived here. Oh god, a long time, but the innovator lock is. You have never heard of it either. Wherever Sherlock is hello What do you? I am? What is your opinion on lime dating. If I ate were single. I would well. I have to make some clear. I couldn't do it because I'm a public figure and if it would look a little funny, I think, wouldn't it for me. If I, if I were single and I were on an online dating site, but if I Not a public figure, I would deafened
really go on an online dating site. I dont understand one sir, no objection to the universe, That's what's amazing this question on my radio show and by the way for those of you anywhere in the world, you can hear my radio show on the internet or on local radio and the union. States in most cities, I just know that I talk about things for three hours a day on the radio to lots, alot of radio and I'll be interact with callers every so often. I have Is this issue and colors of raised objections which made no sense to me how you gonna meet, if you want to marry- and I hope you do if you want to marry, how are you gonna find a potential spouse through your car?
Your cousins going to introduce you how many people, how many qualified people pretend forget, qualify, potential. People does and all of your relatives do. All of your relatives put together know that they could introduce you to five. Eight, that's a lot! If it's true same with friends, how many people and could do they know who might be a good partner for you. So what does your other choice bar? I'm not I don't like being a person in a bar, it's fine, but again how many people Can you mean a bar two, three four mats if you're lucky, but if they want to talk to you I don't. I don't understand why there is an objection. It's not us, the issue. They don't know your address that on your phone number.
No, your email address, perhaps or or or whenever info you given that regard, I guess email address right would be the most obvious which is not traceable and ends what's the big deal and then, finally, if you talk on the phone. More than they will know your phone number, presumably, but you could do it through. I guess what happened. Then they don't know your foot while making as they do yeah they would there but it doesn't matter anyway you by the time you start talking on the phone, presumably you will of corresponded corresponded via the internet, so safety I have not heard I'm I don't say it hasn't happened. People get hurt meeting at bars, but I have not heard of anybody who was hurt as a result of of internet meeting and was careful.
So, anyway, if you want to risk free life, you won't need anybody. So I don't, I don't see an objection in fact, They actually sort of envy the single people these days, especially young people. I would have a, I would have such a fund time on an online dating site cause. I would write what really mattered to me and get maybe no responses. I paint minute, but it would still be one and if I got five, then those five are are presumably wanting, in my case, to meet a woman that would be five quality women. Because I would say what I what matters to me, I'm and it's not go. Be italian food and hear my three favorite movies. I don't know what that tells you about somebody. What, when, when
The list. You know how I love. You know this act there or this actual, Sir I mean I I've seen stuff listed in my think. You think you're going to meet a quality person through telling its trivia, it's trivia. What movies you want them really like, because it's totally personal taste so I'll of Groundhog Day, if you don't look Groundhog day, does that tell me you're not worthy material for my dating. It's so I would be his honest as possible by the way there are a lot of metal. I don't know about a lot, but there are people who have written, under interests, or whatever you know, my name or somebody else who has my values and that's a very good idea, because you want
somebody who shares your values? So that's it. That's a perfect thing to do I like x y rosea, I don't mean actors, I mean thinkers, but of course, or speakers or whatever mightily anyway, I'm completely pro online data. Did I answer that I mean: did I leave any anything? Unspoken? Ok, good, all right next Amadeus! Eighteen in Sweden, Amadeus. How would you describe the difference between nationalism and patriotism? Is one more preferable? Are they both call unquote good. So I'm told a lot by people who hate the word: nationalism that patriotism is a good thing. And nationalism is a bad thing. So. I understand what do you mean, but I think
They are making to big distinction. What patriotic means. It'll means you love the patriarch patriarch latin for fatherland. Why? Why is that different? from loving your nation, a pay we have a loves his or her nation. That's what a patriot is about. So, What is nationalism and nationalism? Is the celebration of your nation, can nationalism be used for evil? Everything can be used for evil water can be used for evil correct. You could drown innocent people, water than is used for evil. Nothing exists that cannot be used for evil. God has been used for evil got to me as a source of goodness. There was nothing. Religion can be used for evil NASH mothers imperialism internationalism?
Humanism, humanity there is everything could be used for evil. The human ability to to use things for evil is in it. So this notion nationalism is good and patriotism is back. What are you patriotic too? we ve your nation, its. I think it's a fully distinction but everybody well. Hitler was a nationalist okay. So Hitler was a vegetarian too. So therefore, one. Hitler. Was an animal lovers. Emmett loving animals, bed this notion Hitler was a, it doesn't, doesn't solve the problem. It means nothing. And there is good nationalism and there is bad nationalism. What is the alternative to nationalism that you feel nothing towards your nation. You don't celebrate your nation. Why is that good? Does that mean my that my nation,
have any critical faculties any longer morally judge, my nation, then you This will say: don't love your family. Morally judge your family too. But I also want you to have a loyalty to your family. Not a loyalty that transcends good and evil, but loyalty. So I I want nationalism, but nationalism that transcends good and evil, nothing to transcend good and evil, even love, which is why I you are right. I should every lighter why I got distracted because of my cigar. I I want people, to have a healthy national identity? And I am very,
Fraid, I was saying what is the alternative? What he'll turn internationalism? Well, that's good. Hurry or to be the nationalism. You don't- A Europe have an identity with regard to your own nation, but but you have with regard to all nations. What is tat even mean? that I'll. Tell you why I trust nationalism more than internationalism, because the the narrower the focus in most instances, the less corruption there is. If let let us say your true internationalist, you want the unit innovations to run the world, including your country? Right now, that's. The truest internationalist wants, You went to run things and there are people who do by the way, their very their bare
big on the, U N and that's what they would like. I find that scary. To be totally honest, I trust them Talking now, morally, I try the United States more than I trust the United Nations of faith as it as an example. I thought there may be a number of countries that I would feel that way about our trust, United Nations at all, not on more. Issues. I think it's great, I'm a World health organization and and the like, I think it could do. Then those arenas but otherwise It has been more force allowing evil event suppressing evil since its inception in nineteen, forty five? But people think.
That World war, one which was a disaster, a horrible disaster because it gave us world war- two gave us Nazism and communism and that that, among other things and it had people give up, on nationalism? Communism is international. Communism is not nationalistic. Communism is class based, not nation, based. So they they really appeal to people all workers of the world unite Germans unite, not Russians, you might not french, you might not not English unite worked That's the end of the communist manifesto by Karl Marx workers of the world unite. You have nothing to lose, but your chains, so is class based, not nation, based think it did any good It was a horrible disaster, but
learn from world war, one because that nations for nations in the name of their nation and they learn They learn the wrong less. This is what people do all the time they were learn the wrong lessons. It's not just the people dollar. History is that they learn the wrong things from history, so they they, they learn that the antidote to bear nationalism is no nationalism, not good nationals that the antidote is inter nationalism, as the battle over breaks it have written, doesn't want a Brussels to control its life. We want to control our lives. That was what the bricks it vote was about, but young p
we'll have been. Forgive me brainwashed into internationalism. They never heard a good word about nationalism. Fact they haven't even earn a good word about England, which is really a problem. England has a mixed bag history, but it It's done more good than bad and more good than most countries, so patriotism, nationalism difference, show me who is patriot who isn't a nationalist? What does that mean? I love my country, but I, but I don't love my nation, ok, so there's no real difference. By the way you and Sweden Amadeus you who asked the question is a very interesting question. The Swedes feel swedish. I don't know the answer. I'm asking you regard area, a former prime minister of Sweden or very
I ranking minister, said swedish values. What are those interesting question I could tell you what american values are: have a whole book on cold still, the best hope. American values on every coin: liberty. In God, we trust and deplorable on them from anyone. Okey Dokey Latisha, twenty four. The Glasgow Scotland show so. My two little girls, the school of the curriculum, involves teaching them progressive ideas of six quality engender, which I view was entirely inappropriate. How can we protect them from this p S love your fireside chats, my husband,
I have a rule that we are in a loud to watch episodes without the other also there. Well, I am touched my wife and I had a great time in Scotland. Little leftist for my taste, but I live in a police has left us to place called California, so I am used to it anyway. If that's what you're school was teaching your little kids that they'll choose whether they'll be a boy or a girl one day and that an even talking about it to them at seven. Or for that matter, eleven I'm
whites thought about it all. It's not the schools business. I would take my kids out of school if they know change the school. It's too big a risk, but just reported Charlie's therein. The actress she's raising her son as a as a girl, since he, since he asked the column Hake as he so young three, since he was three is now. What does he six binkie six billion skirts? It so funny cause some few girls now, where skirts, but Jim to make sure that her somewhere skirts to make sure he's a girl. If your three year old, says mommy, I'm girl.
My answer would be to buy a three year old son, no you're, not you're a boy, and that's it. That's what be my answer. If at the age of eighteen a child says it that say, that's a different story, but a three year, you're gonna, your garage. It is she going to give him hormone treatments to suppress testosterone. An increase estrogen is that is that gonna happen she going to allow him to have surgery to remove his mail. Genital degenerate. Tell you
Fifteen thousand one hundred and twenty two scary proposition- I I worry about people sending their kids to schools today in the western world. People who believe in chaos have taken them over, say hi to your husband, oh actually he's watching my husband, all right here we go Adele. Seventeen El Dorado Hills, California, hello, Mr Prager, hello, Adele I currently have an assigned for my government class, where we must look at data and determine if the mockery. He's dying. What is your view on the subject.
I could see him at liberty. Hitler ass was essentially elected to office in Ghana. Majority of up democracy does not ensure liberty, ass people vote bigger and bigger government, their voting for less and less liberty anyway, because the Liberty, ass people vote bigger and bigger government, their voting for less and less liberty anyway, because the bigger the government, the less the liberty, by definition,. That's why America was unique in having as an ideal limited government. That means maximum liberty, so I'm a phenomenal they sake and that the left has taken over the school.
The media Sylvie they ve lied to you, because Donald Trump was elected. Democracy is die. What are they talking about? Isn't on one thing against democracy? Not one thing: it's it's a gigantic lie. If a pay this, if he was Anti democratic, he certainly did a lousy job. Is the Democrats one that one one of the two houses of Congress two years after he was elected president? If he was killing democracy, he would noble loud Democrats to wind or they look at Brazil, Kazi kisses on the right or Poland or Hungary. Democracy isn't dying, though autos definitely making himself known right now are only reader more frame restored.
America, cracked, we'll be right here, really should not german and how to stop snoring or is it an ok background? He heard that and stop t such a good dog. Ok. Gina. Fifty seven Buffalo New York, I would love for Dennis Prager. That's me to explain The difference between having knowledge and having wisdom. I rather saying explaining the difference now. Just knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but with M is knowing met to put it into a fruit, salad, one, that's a good one. It would be great if you expand on this. Thanks for your consideration, name. Another analogy: that's a good one! That's fine! I've! Another one! Now
is having a map a map? Has it as perfect knowledge with regard to streets, avenues, Cetera right. So you look at the map. You know you have been perfect knowledge of where you are, but the map doesn't tell you where you want or need to go, that's wisdom. Where do I need to go in life? Not where do I want to go? Where do I need to know that wisdom. Where am, I is knowledge that clear? There is no wisdom conveyed in our schools because their secular, they convey knowledge and they think if they have a lot of knowledge, their wise. It's not true what timeframe here
ok, the George seventy four HAM Lake Minnesota. There then bless you for what you do. I look forward every week, you're, wonderful fireside, chats! Thank you! You when I grow but an entirely different America, God is that true and I fear the future for might children and seven grandchildren? My question is: I see this. One possibility of a civil war and I were divided country. What are your thoughts? Well, I have been saying in writing. You could see it on the internet that we are. Americans are in the civil war right now, and I always add, thank God. It is non violent and may always be them via. So I assume your asking is the
Is there going to be a violent civil war? I pray not, but it is not out of the question- and I might I wouldn't have said this even five years ago, but the left has become so anti so suppresses. Look it look at what big Google, which owns you tube is done to pray. You videos will look at the suppression of free speech on campuses, Adam Crawl, and I made a movie that will be out called no safe spaces of feature film on this very subject. The suppression of liberty. That, sir, at a given point, people will say you can't suppress any longer so it it say
the very scary thing look. I don't believe that people's natural inclination is toward liberty. Liberty is of value, not an instinct. That's not! The founders of the United States knew it was that's why liberty in God, we trust implore bassoon of that the american Trinity, as I call it, because its value Reading is not a value breathing is an instinct Nobody advocates breathing because nobody admin Kate, not breathing. We advocate look. Lee, because there are people who advocate against liberty. Half of american young people are against free speech. If it takes speech They don't understand how contradictory that statement is, if you, if you're against, giving what you call hate speech, Freedom, your against free speech, by definition. What are you pro love speech? Nobody nobody's against love speech.
Of course, you free speech means I have to allow that somebody to say things. I don't like that's what free speeches period. The human instinct is not liberty. The human instinct is to be taken care of that's why socialism wins out cause socialism promises. People will take care of you, not liberty, the more socialism, the less liberty, but people don't want liberty. They wanna be taken care of natural brig danger. I have long believed that the toughest addiction to overcome is not drugs, not Opie oils for drug and not the alcohol, not gambling, not sex. The greatest at the toughest addiction to old
come is the addiction to free things, the addiction to benefits as their call or entitlements. When you feel you're entitled, you will kill rather than lose em entitlement. That's that's big! It's it's utterly corrupting of one's character and soul to become addicted. To getting to being taken care of. There are times when you can't help it. If you have Lou Gary's Disease and your paralyzed, you need to be taken care of by the average benefit recipient.
It's fine health, wise they're, not fine character, wise leave, I honour. While I leave. I am quite follow your your question when I looked at it just before I went on here, but I must say here: what is your view about or on British conservatives in my lifetime it feels as if we are treated as the Red headed step child from our friends across the pond. Well. Do you mean the reason I didn't understand it is, do you mean you're treated by? conservatives across the pond as a red haven't, step child or by Europeans across the channel old says the pond? That means the Atlantic with that's up the than
Ok now I understand that I thought upon originally as the English channel, the palm as the Atlantic. Ok, yes, we do record here. That is accurate. I'm sorry You ever get a little level with you. Yes, you other that you are the autumnal Red headed, but you are the step child of american conservative. I mean there are some great conservatives in Britain go to this. Great website in Britain, the conservative woman that is one brilliant, deep, powerful conservative website, I have the author on my radio- show the one of the founders- I should say not the author, Laura parents, I think, was her name so the conservative, woman and and some others I mean some in Doug.
Maria Riva know if he calls himself a conservative but he's a he's, a Brit who is deeply thoughtful, written to the strange death of Europe, which is an extremely important to book, but the party in the british Conservative Party has very few conservatives, and certainly the notion of small government, which is one defining of conservatism in America, is not common among british conservatives. I wish it were otherwise, I'll finish with this one, a personal question: LISA Import, Peoria Arizona. How do I bow my desire to do good with patient, This with myself as an imperfect person, it can be very discouraging to make mistakes thanks for all the wisdom, you share. Okay, so listen to this. So let me repeat: how do I balance my desire to do good
with patience with myself as an imperfect person. Well, since, were all imperfect you, that's that's a fact. That's just you work on your imperfections. That's all you could be asked to work on your imperfections. But here is a great story and I shall end with. It is one of the most powerful stories I tell on this issue and related issues. Happen. Early on in my radio career may call my show. Burma should Dennis help me out. I'm really add some. It was an adult man in anything chemists, thirty's. I'm a really bad son.
Really, why were bad son said well I'll tell you For ten years I have been, maybe forty may met doubling up more. For ten years I have been, or whenever a number of years, I have been the sole emotional Financial support of my US, sick mother, my ailing mother. And I have to tell you there were times when I wish she would succumb to her illness. It's really tough
financially motionlessly physically, and so sometimes I feel terrible telling you Dennis, but I wish that the sickness just took her life. That's what he said. So I said whatever I remember his name. I said sir. I just want to tell you in my view, you are a great son, not a bad, so he actually for I was laughing at him. He even said that why you mocking me I don't even know what he's talking about said mocking you. I am dead serious. You are a great son. He didn't even understand that I could be serious, and so what are you talkin about? You bet, I judge you by how you treat your mother, not what you wish for.
That's the way you make peace with with a lot of of of the bad stuff. Inside only judge your actions, not your thoughts. I don't care if you have bad thoughts between you and you a care. If you are bad actions, this had great actions toward his mother. So how can we possibly be a bit? son joined by the way. The opposite is the same true their people with great thought all while I wanna help the world, but your actions. Haven't done anything good, what you intend, I don't care what you think. I don't care what you wish for. I don't care what you are. Fantasies are of no interest to be morally or any other way off
I and the rest of the seven billion people care about is how you act. That's how you make peace that I do good, not the way I feel good. That's that's it! That's the way to deal with your imperfections, odds are. Are you imperfect in your behavior, like omby amby? Obviously everybody someone in prefer imperfect, nobody's perfect their behaviour either, but you have to judge your behavior, that's the guy. You know what people do people Others by their behaviour and they judge themselves by their intentions- that's wrong. Judge and everybody else by behaviour. Good good thanks for being with me,
Dennis Prager from my home to yours. God bless you Elsie and next time. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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