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Fireside Chat Ep. 84 - Get Yourself a Hobby!

2019-06-09 | 🔗
On this episode of Fireside Chats, Dennis talks about one of his favorite hobbies since he was young: photography. Today, however, technology has killed creativity and passion in individuals. Where are young people’s desires to learn? In addition, Dennis continues to answer viewers' questions. Have a question for Dennis? Submit it here. https://www.prageru.com/fireside-chats/#ask-dennis
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This is my library study a lot of guys call at their mankind, but I spend almost all of the time with my wife here, so it somewhat her cave to, but it's my wonderful room for making the the fireside chats each week it's great to be with you. This is completely on scripted, as probably becomes clear on occasion, and it's my way of just getting to talk to you about, what's on my mind, without having to do a whole, a video at Prager, you and also taking at least half the time. Taking your questions, that's a big big part of it to me in a really important part. So I don't I talk about much of the news. I have a three hour radio show every day I get a chance to do with their, although even then I talk about a lot of things,
What specially here, I don't feel, but that's what I should be talking to you about unless there's something really dominant I'd like to talk to you about life, but what matters to me about what I would hope matters to. You saw me to talk to you today about something that seems much lighter. Then often, but in fact I I take it very seriously and it said the subject of having a hobby having Hobbes, I will concentrate on one in particular, since I was- in Asia. In fact, I remember I started out on even think I was a teenager. I think I was about eleven or twelve. When I first got a camera, it was a really. It was really primitive. When I think about it, the Kodak Box, camera vague and I I fell in love with you-
idea that I could take pictures, because I can draw to save my life, but I wanted to do something visual that I did and so I fell in love with photography at about the age of eleven or twelve. My dad may rest in peace would take me that to Kennedy Airport I grew up in Brooklyn. He would take me the airport, and it was amazing what I did, because it was another passion I had passions at a very early age. I want to talk to you about passions. It's really an important part of happiness, so he take me to the airport, and I would just go from terminal to terminal and take pictures of airplanes. I didn't take pictures of people at that time. A twelve it didn't interest me to take pictures of people. I wish I did. I did axiomatic family, but I mean random people today, Isle of taking pictures of people
don't take pictures of aeroplanes to be honest, but anyway that's what I would do spend a day at the airport. He would pick me up and take me home. Then, of course we had the filled developed. There was film not not what we have today instant picture, obviously, and then about thirteen or fourteen. I sought to take pictures of family men. And here's the interesting thing if it weren't for me at thirteen fourteen fifteen six seventeen and so on. We would have almost no pictures of my whole extended family. I didn't realize it then, but I was the family for I prefer it's not like. Today, everybody has a camera because of the phone, so everybody so you know There are millions and pictures taken a day but prior to that people to very few pictures comparatively
very few- and that's why you don't have many pictures of your grandparents. Let's say that here there they might have a wedding picture or or something else or a few others. Anyway, I took pictures of the family and I'll tell you one. Other thing I took pictures of my mother was the director of a nursing home. She ran a nursing home and I would go every Christmas. To take pictures of the patients or the the residents. If you will, the residents of the nursing home and I took slides a lot of you, don't even know what slides are all but the day you know. What's lines are well, you too would, but I don't think, would you say, Most of your generation would know what a slow they wouldn't know. So slides were you would take a picture and then it would come back to you in a little cardboard, tiny, thin cardboard put it in the projector and projected on a wall or screen so
you saw a big picture. Instead of just a little one in your head, you saw very very big picture, filled the whole screen, so I only looks like that's what I did color slide show. I would take pictures. Mothers, nursing home of the residence there, and then I come back the next Christmas and I would show the people the pictures from last Christmas and I remember it was really area a little bit v com. I guess that's the best word with which they would react to seeing people from the previous year who had I'd it during that year and they all yeah, there's harry. I died in April and It was so it was. It was More disconcerting for this, this kid that I was the matter of fact this with which they regarded death,
or at least in the way they described it. But but anyway, it was a very wonderful thing. I felt good that I brought them joy. They loved that they would. They just went crazy, looking at pictures of themselves and of each so that's what I did every year Christmas time for from my mother's nursing home, and I really got into taking to taking these pictures and I'm glad I did because, as I said, I wouldn't have pictures of of many of the relatives that I that I took pictures of at the time. And I got into everything you know to learn about expo. You're and speed and what we a cool I show was then a essay speed of film. So why
I want to tell you so I got a new camera I this is what I have done. My whole life. I would, I always bought the best camera available at the time for the money that I had and then a new model come out, which was better, I would trade in the previous one. I would keep the box and I get you know, look really great shape and that's what I have done. My home, I've just traded in almost every year, almost every two years for a new camera that was a little boy better than the previous one, and because I just like the variety of it, so I I I love it now Tell you a little bit before I gave it. The cameras want to tell you a little bit about my happiness theory, one of my many happiness theories case. You didn't Why did write a book on happiness emmets? I am told that it is. It helped a lot of people.
A letter from a chinese woman in China, China, a chinese women in China, not of chinese American, who reads English, read the book and I was told by her friend that I no who married an american lives and in America that it prevented her from committing suicide. I was I was really overwhelmed and and and obviously happy So the book is called happiness, is a serious problem. I'm not trying to sell you a book, but I'd be a little silly. If I didn't tell you about it, especially since I do think it can help you a lot so in it, I I note that the more passions you have the happier person you will be- and I worry about the lack of Hobbes compared to when I was a kid
when you know they were kids, who made model planes and model boats, and then they were others who had got a well you ve, gotta yeah. There was wash your way, but who got a broadcasting licence? Then you'd have to learn Morse Code and then you could talk into a microphone and you could then speak to people all over the world people, love that I was a sure wave radio listener. I didn't bother learning Morse Code, so I didn't broadcast, which is ironic since I've been broadcasting much of my life, but I didn't anyway. The number of Hobbes was was your kid. The kids would build electronic stuff, they bill radios and other electronic things, but today, because it's all partially it's all like
made it she even now how many young people have a photography is a hobby see it's not a hobby to take a picture where the phone? You think picture with with your phone, because you want to snapshot of totally. Understandably of you know the friends you whether a selfie of yourself and somebody else. When I time I take thousands and thousands of selfies a year with other people's cameras, you know other people's phones, Ahuja meet me at airports or it's peaches. So I am well aware of the selfie phenomenon and I have nothing against it. I'm not anti! I take pictures with my phone to if I, if I don't, have a camera with me, but it's not a hobby, you, you just look and you press a button and it's over. But when
the hobby used to create something particularly beautiful, for example, a portrait of somebody where you zoom in with your lens, and you make the background blurry so that the person stands out. That's that's a port of photography that that is, that is the art of it. That's fun! That's exciting! That's creative, though, that the cap, the phone, is in creative, the phone registers, a phenomenon and Emmett, and they they ve, take often very beautiful pictures. There is no question about that, but it's not comparable, what you could do with a camera, so I just got one in the past two weeks I traded in a Fuji. I got a cannon I this is I'm in love with this camera that the results were show you what we'll see some of the results and I'm I'm I'm not even adept at this. Carry it. I'm still learning it, but the little give you an idea of what you can do
with with a camera, and you can't do any of that. You can't do that wit with ache with a phone. Obviously, and certainly you can't do anything- you can bring people in closer. You can with a telephoto resume lens where it's like a telescope on your camera. So you bring in things three times closer five times closer even ten times closer. If you go to waste there's no comparison, what you will get with your phone or what you would get with a telephoto lens. You can get a close up of a lion. It's it's very different from the lion you know and then- and you know, the lion takes up a little part of the pig and the rest is it over the cage or Allworthy the the tree?
is that surround the lie in it. It there's no comparison, so I I recommend to you strongly to take up hobby and a hobby, you see it's, you can't say video games. I know video games. Video games are a pastime but they're, not a hobby, at least not in my view, because it it's a game thou. What is the difference between a game and a hobby? Obviously you no one could debate this. I guess forever, but the creativity that is available in a hobby is not the same as the creativity I mean taking you're too hobby to play a musical instrument. That's another thing: be invisible for my generation, even every american home from much of american history that could have any money at all have a piano because first of all, people could listen to music. They had to play it see. What's happened, is.
With with automation, people stopped having Hobbes. Why do people have pianos? Because if they didn't have a piano, there was no music in the home but of course, this music in the home. Now this music, you put in ear- and you can hear anything any type of music from anywhere on earth- and that's great- I do that too, but whose making music it's very big difference between the listening and making and every school I taught our almost every school would teach musical instruments or had an orchestra. I know when
I was a kid. You know older people would say well when I was a kid and you know you think I'll k or you were a kid. I know you won't five miles. The school barefoot in the snow is like a sort of a joke. How we hadn't really tough. My point is not that we had a tough. My point is that inevitably out inventions have made Hobbes sort of extinct. Made. These passions extinct saw the room for your creativity is just it's just been minimized and I I feel better actually, because the joy that you get the joint, I get a joy with a new camera,
or that the same camera taking pictures out, just like I did, I have to admit when I was fifteen to be excited about good stuff, is a blessing to your happiness. But you need to work on what excites you. You can't wait for life to excite you, you have to start things to excite. Youth would cite yourself, and that makes for a happier person. I am convinced that part of the reason there were many gets very complex. I know, but part of the reason for the the appeal of drugs is that people are an excited by life, if your excited by life, you you don't mean to escape it, you don't want to escape it.
Life itself is so exciting, but a lot of people can't say life is exciting and for those of you who were raised in homes- and I know parents are well meaning here, but they make a terrible error where everything is school. Everything is cool. You don't get great grades again to a great college, but I already did one of these fireside chats on it doesn't matter where you go to school. This is one of the worst destructive beliefs that you devote your holy youth to getting into a good college. So what so? Even if you are a great student does that? Does that mean you're excited about anything other than getting good great, but I mean you're even excited by the subjects. Even when I was a kid, I remember where kids with the study very hard, but they didn't we
outside of school. They weren't excited by the subject their excited by getting a great grade, but that's not the same, excited by learning, learning in school, Mark TWAIN in the nineteenth century, the great brilliant american humorous than than the novelist Mark TWAIN said. I never let school interfere with my education, what a great line, I'd love! That is a kid cassettes. How I felt about schools. I never did any organised school, it drove my parents, crazy I've met but instead of homework, I took a musical instrument. I even told myself how to reach scores, and I ended up conducting orchestras in adult it's on my profession, but it, but I'm good enough for it to be a passion and and and and be the orchestras, think I'm good enough. That's why they bring me and I do fun razors as a conductor for the orchestras, so
What has happened is technology. That's the word. Not invention. Technology has killed passion in so many arenas as killed creativity and it's! It's not make people happier, I mean. Obviously it's made us happier in the sense that life is so much more convenient. I thank God for technology among among the cunning. You bet. I follow what I I I I love it without the internet. You wouldn't see me if it weren't for technology. I talk to people around the world thanks to technology. I love technology, but that's not the same as a hobby or a passion. Nor something to excite you, so I invite you to take up one, including getting a camera and learning it, but who reads instruction manual right, but you don't even after anymore. You go on Youtube and you watch
But he teach you how to use that camera. I do. I do of the manual and I watch people and it's a lot of fun, and I I I fear there leaving the camera will go only the professionals and everybody also just use their phone and it's it's a loss. So, whether it's a musical instrument or it's a camera. One time I'll talk to you about fountain pens, I mean I'm lucky, I'm a happy guy and a big part of my happiness. Is that I get excited about a lot of stuff, but I tell you you could teach yourself to get excited comes naturally at I'm lucky, that's my nature, but it's also some I pursued so watching move
he's watching videos watching watching. The very word watching- and I understand the appeal of watching but watching isn't the same- is creating that's the difference, so I invite you to consider it so thick. A picture of me right now made out of focus and he got a creative me. I know what you want to focus its fun okey dokey. Time, for you, too, for your questions rose in thirty one years old, Sophia, Bulgaria, hello from Bulgaria, aided I have I ever mention how much I like Bulgarians on the on on this
Mcdonald's on the fireside chat. Well, I I've been two hundred and thirty countries. Bulgarians remain one of my favorite people. Interesting ly enough. I found them to be a front of you folks to be a lot of nice lot of nice. Folks in Bulgaria I mean every country is nice people and bad people just that's the way it is, but I think some countries have more people than others How could it not be? Culture is very important anyway. I'm very warm feeling towards hello from Bulgaria Dennis. How do you explain the consequences of socialism communism to people from an Ex communist state like Bulgaria, they're supposed to know it's bad, but they like it. I am stymied by this too, just as you are.
In Russia. They actually are are telling pollsters how much they like stolen, stolen, murdered tens of millions of their fellow citizens. Innocent people
murdered. It almost doesn't mean anything. It's a tragedy, if I say so, sweet one person is murdered and you know them your heartbreak, so say ten million. In fact they attributed to Stalin. We know Novi actually said it, but it's attributed them. What is it one? Death is a tragedy. A million is a statistic: that's what happens so when I tell you tens of millions, you know it doesn't, doesn't do much, which is frightening thing when you think about it, but that number doesn't do much. You know many people, many families overrun ruined by that man and yet folks he is considered the most popular russian. He was actually georgian
There's a countryman, Georgia, Russia, but he became the russian and or soviet leader Slovenian, contain Russia and many other countries like the russian Empire, but you in Bulgaria, the terrible communist dictatorship people had no no freedom. I was there then I was there when it was communist and and- and I find it amazing- the people of Bulgaria the question. People in Bulgaria not know their own history, about total our chief coffin and, in the end, the rest of those guys dmitri the nature of its. You know what I'm starting to realize. This is a dark view, I admit, but there's a lot of darkness in the world. I have a feeling that God looks on earth and sort of says, you know what I'm really living Groundhog day.
Every generation does the same stupid thing. The previous one did, and I wonder if God, at a given point made us make up, maybe he takes up some Hobbes does, if maybe get boring watching us. People do the same thing: every generation. How do people not learn about socialism and communism from the past? I don't understand it's mine blowing its ignorance, it's gotta, be they don't know or they think o will do it right this time there is no right socialism or right communism. Its devastating individual liberty is the is the best idea. That's the quaint descent
american. I be it's. Why I'm in love with the american idea and aids good for the whole world Jerome another book still the best hope the Moroccan left this them Islam Estate is so it's it's amazing that you would write to me from Bulgaria at thirty one g, the people don't know what how bad socialism and communism are well. You know why, because people don't yearn to be free, that's why they are to be taken. Care of freedom is of value instinct, okey dokey. Ah, if that is pronounced correctly age, why seventeen years old, Dorset, England, high Dennis notice, allow These are from around the world and this is watching around the world and then why shouldn't be I've always said if
I have to say is relevant. Its relevance to everybody can just be relevant to Americans. By do you think Islam can undergo way reformation under the work of your Mama Hamath till he D and others thanks Tennyson God bless.
Well, I think that that imam and Zuhdi Jasser, another great Muslim in Arizona Doctor think that some particularly american Muslims is America's the land of the free until the wife takes over, and I don't mean that is a cute. It's just true. Leftism is never value. Freedom, values, equality and when you enforce equality, you and freedom by quality, I mean, of course, equality of result is what they want goal all be equal. Nobody should have a bigger house, and somebody else anyway, yes. This is what I believe is possible and it's very simple. This is what is: theirs won welding thing necessary in Islam for people to drop the idea
that society should be governed by Sharia law. Sharia is islamic, religious law. If you which to govern your life by Sharia. That's fine, that's that's your business, but that society is not compatible with liberty, it just can't be. Can you can't have that? Then there could be a reformation That would happen, but we are a long way away from them just when nine induce Zealand high Dennis in fire
Site chat episode, seventy nine! I love that they have numbers. That's great. You gave the opinion that that the love of your spouse should be earned, but as a christian husbands are to love their wives as Christ, loved the church, Ephesians. Five hundred and twenty five isn't God's love for the church and the world. John three hundred and sixteen unconditional. You know what to do. An opening on unconditional love II, don't believe in unconditional love and I think it's a bad idea. In fact, I'll tell you in a nutshell why unconditional love means no matter how much bed you do. I will love you. That means that love is the one thing We have separated from morality which is Don't bizarre to me and let's just take thee
the husband and wife first of all, by the way gods. Love is not unconditionally. Ok homage you, your christian fine, but I know Christianity fairly well, and I know the Bible fairly well and God The clear the essential christian doctrine is that your saved, if you believe in Christ, correct silk so many Chris most Christians have always believed. If you don't believe in Christ, you're not say so got his. A condition. The condition is acceptance of Christ how's that unconditional out a fair question, just that alone, just basic christian doctrine.
Obviates the notion of unconditional love, God is making a condition, accept bigger, except my son, or accept the trinity or accept Christ. However, you wish to put it. There is a condition, and even then let's say you do accept Christ, but you ve got you go on murdering then the new testament itself says you know what is it faith without works is dead, so ay ay. There is some sort of of condition involved here and out about husband, wife. Well, if they, if one commits adults, a divorce is allowed correct. So that unconditional love, divorces allowed under that circumstance. Other say as well. If somebody ceases
to believe, then you could divorce them as well, but I tell you now taking it out of religion. Why such a bad idea? If I think, My wife will love me, no matter how I act. Let's say I just decided to become a lazy. You know I'm really not in the mood to work any more shoe. I'm I'm just gonna intimate stay in bed till noon and then me and I'll do my bees and have fun and you know, go golfing with the guys in yes I'll see you tonight, a midnight. You know spend day with the guys and go to a movie or bar, and do that regularly? That's that's! Why should she continued to love me? I don't mind wondered what is that a love about me or want to fight of worse what a fight treatment, if I mistreated,
Why should she continued to love me lobby? Should a battered spouse continued love, his or her spouse? I don't like the eye. That you can never be fired in work if you could never be fired would you do a good job as if you know you might be fired? If you don't do a good job, of course, not everybody does a better job, knowing they could be fired, that's the way and that's the way it should be. That does a football player. One of you said to a football player. You know up no matter how you play You're on the team need get a salary. Think this guy's gonna play is hard, of course, not what animates him among
Other things like desire to win his is, you know his rudeness, teammates HO ho ego is also. I don't want to get fired. I wanna be rehired and and play on this team. So if you can never be fired his a spouse. That's my case, my moral case for divorce divorces being fired as it were, no matter what I will stay with you, How lovely you act wisely moral? Why use that loving? Why use that productive? Ok, people don't talk like this, because the people have what I without I'm cobra views of life, no matter what will stick together yet, but, ironically, doesn't producer romantic relationship. That's the irony.
I need to earn my wife's love every single day. I believe that I truly truly believe that I wake up and I want to treat my wife is best as possible. Could by golly I wanted to continue developing why's that bad. That worse than a sheet me no matter how I act. I don't see it. What's our timeframe, do I know my mental club these are really important things. I should talk about divorce, talk about unconditional love again and again,.
You know what my favorite verb is not love my favorite verb and I love love. Let me tell you, I got kids, I got grandkids, I got friends, I got a lot of love in my life and I give a lot of love in my life, but my favorite verb is Sad part is a lotta languages. Do not have a verb earn. Another thing I look. Let me talk about my favorite verb, one time Well, anyway, so how is Otto today by the way? I want you to know, we're all touched and how many of you ask about? Not only be I mean people at the airport. Can I have a cell in the I say, hello to Otto Joe Otto- oh my god, not looking great today, not a distinguished look, but even snore then store why he all hidden
nor loudly good, all right anyway, I'm Dennis Prager and from maybe you, oh, you know up by the way. I feel I need to tell you, because this is the this is my passion, so just came out the rational Bible volume to genesis- and I got my wisdom from this book. This explains most important book ever written, even if you're an atheist. I promise little change your life, the rational Bible, if you're in America, by the way it's a cassio- and I want to thank them for ordering It's not often that you get a bible commentary at a Costco and for those of you around the world, that's easy to order, of course, online anyway, again, thanks a lot, see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prageru.
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