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Fireside Chat Ep. 85 - Why Are There So Many Mass Shootings?

2019-06-09 | 🔗
During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis talks about mass shootings and why they have drastically increased since the 1950s. There are four reasons we can point to that link to why there are so many mass shootings today, and access to guns is not it. Dennis continues to answer your questions. Have a question for Dennis? Submit it here: https://www.prageru.com/fireside-chats/#ask-dennis
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Irene body I'm Dennis Prager- and this is my home- is you know if you ve watched any of my fireside chats my fire, my dog Otto, whom many of you as for when you meet me- and I want you to know both ATO and I are touched, this is completely non scripted, even though I have a couple, a note which I rarely do, but there are statistics, my brain, stability there memorize statistics is zero drop above zero I remember concepts really well, but not not names and and statistics everybody's given gifts iota talk about that once you know that it's very important thing to know. We're all given gifts and we're all give in not much the opposite of a gift. Philosophers were on give a gift, talks about that. Oh you been given quite a number of gifts. Floods as well, but it's true, we
We all do and you have the you need to know both equally well. If you only know you're flaws, you you won't get ahead, you won't be a productive citizen. If you only know your flaws, said that flows Gilman or your gift. Also, because It's like saying, I know that my car has a fantastic engine, but I didn't know it. Breaks out with our that's, not good. You can't go on just a good engine anyway. I do want to give you that talk is we're gonna. Do that another time show very serious topic, as it turns out is it it's on my mind because it just happen again. Another shooting a mass shooting in the United States course we avert. Vast numbers of people shot to death without mass shootings, just one by one by one by one, it's
a horrible horrible fact of american life. Bothers me. A tremendous amount life being precious as it is human life in particular. So the question I think people do ask and should ask, is why Are there so many mass shootings mass shootings? I think there's a definition actually, where its more people prepared I one person within a twenty four hour period. I think that that's that's how it works. Something like that may be certainly get the gist weep. Also we're not talking about. Let's say if it's done within a family, let's say or a gang about gang shooting, not talking about interests. Emily violence, all of which are horrible you talking about random shooting of innocence of strangers as it were, that takes place and
you know it, you know what happens a lot cause. I was when I prepared my column on this subject. There on a column comes out every Tuesday and I realized I could name three mass shootings of last. Ear and people wouldn't remember them, that shows you how many there are if kiss, You know, if I say nine eleven: it stands out, as you know, when, when his lamas terrorist attack, the United States and three thousand Americans were killed, but there's no I'll bet you that the great majority of people could not name totally understandable, could not name the the school in Connecticut Whereabout, twenty children between six and seven of years of age were killed and some teachers, that's how many we have
This is a very big problem and people always ask why so the left, which dominates colleges and high schools in elementary schools and newspapers and news media and Ghek and news on tv, and the arts and Hollywood all have one answer guns to the extent that the President for President Obama was just in Brazil and he said, which is a little scary. He we have them courting he said to a brazilian audience. Our gum, was in the United States. Dont make make much sense anybody can buy he weapon any time without much of any regulation. That none of that is true story said that he said those things. Then he said they can buy guns over the internet. They can buy machine guns, but that's not true. Either.
But anyway, aside from the the truthfulness or lack of it, this as he was talking about the murders of those kids in that school, Connecticut and then spoke Gun laws another time and at all, Cuba guns gun laws and what to do about guns, but one thing I I am certain of is guns is not the reason for this and number of mass shootings that take place If, if, if people stab, we wouldn't say knives, were the issue, Let us say there was mass stabbings taking place or bombings would So the problem is that the people that the bombs are available- I don't deny obviously if, if no one could get any gun, you couldn't kill with a gun
I fully recognise that, but there are so many millions of guns out their hundreds of millions that unless you had a giant magnet come from outer space, you can't get rid of them, so we have to figure out what to do. The question therefore, is not guns. Or the answer was not guns. The answer has to be what is changed. Guns were always available in America, but Didn't always have this number of shootings lemme give you data, and this is from a criminologists. This is not that liberal or conserve. It This is from a Professor of criminology granted do a deal w E. Is it the Minnesota Department of corrections? gathered data going back a hundred years, so listen to this in the twentieth century. Every decade. For the nineteen seven these had fewer than ten mass public shootings.
In the nineteen fifties, guess how many one in the night, the entire decade of the fifties there one. So you have to say wow only one in the fifties, something must have changed and it isn't the available We have guns, so something had to change other than availability of guns. It does A few left or right, if you, if you just have to think rationally something had to change if the guns didn't change. What was the next day the next decade in the sixties, there were six mass shootings six times. As many as the fifties in the seven, these thirteen fourteen times as many as in the fifties more than? double in the sixtys in the nineteen eightys, the number increased two and a half times from this. These two thirty two mass shootings in.
Nineteen eighties and then the ninety nine- these it went to forty two from one Forty two from the fifty to the nineties. You gonna tell me the availability of guns. If you say that it means you, pair to lie to yourself and that's not a good trade. Ok, I may not have the answer. You may not know the answer, but its clearly not availability of guns, something or some things else must have changed. And as regards the two thousands, The New York Times reported in twenty fourteen twelve. The FBI report quote: mass shootings have risen drastically in the past half dozen years, that's between two hundred and twenty eight tour, two thousand and eight and two thousand and fourteen so it just keeps going up and up and up and up why.
Well, let's figure out what changed in the Sixtys and Seventys? Well, I was a kid, but I can tell you you don't have to have lived through it. Listen. Let me tell you some is very important. That's why we study history. If you have to lives through anything. In order to understand that nobody will ever understand anything that ever happened to a lot of things you can understand. The feudal lived through. I D lived through world war. Two, I understand world war, two you have to which Europe is obligates that's why? I think we really morally obligated to study history, but in any event, what changed. So I tell you one obvious change: America, Became far far less religious now you may not want to hear this. There's a guy. I was reading an article that is a website variant. You guys an atheist says, I'm an atheist but there's
doubt in my mind that the demise of Christianity in the United States is a factor in the shootings, because it do two things at a church and I think they would Judaism, obviously but Christianity's dominant religion. So talk about Christianity, the an essentially christian population, which is what Amerika was throughout its history. Had two things going forth- one One is a a biblical that is a divine what they believe. What I believe is a divine code of behaviour So if you raised a whole generation our generation after generation to believe God himself, the creator you said, do not murder, that's not insignificant, it is significant. Does it work perfectly nuts
works perfectly. Human nature is so awful they have even with God, it doesn't always work. I fully granted, but you have a better chance, of raising a person who won't do certain things? If they think God says don't do it? That's that's just common sense. It is all just common sense. The other thing Christianity, religion, gives people side from a moral code stemming from God is community. All of these murderers have no community every single. One, not only no community. In ninety nine percent of the cases I recall they were described as loners.
Religious people are not loners actively. Religious people are actively religious with others. They got a Bible places, they go to events together, they gonna lectures together and course. They pray together. That's true for juice, over Christians too, for any religion. This all gone, it's not disappeared, obviously, it's going going on. None and o n S are among the biggest communities now in the United States. There are more nonsense than there are Presbyterians or or or Methodist or whatever was, as is its an incredible number young people, you been deprived
What are the keys to a happy and meaningful life? You've been deprived of a lot of fury young person in this country. The left is, forgive me screwed around with you and they don't stop. Now they telling you you're, not really a man or a woman hearing you just decide cuz they not real terms. I mean it's endless, that's an talked about that another time we'll talk about it again, this terrible loss, even if you're an atheist like this guy who wrote this thing, I was just coding, he says, emanate Yes, but I understand that this tragedy, the demise of Christiana amadou- and I understand how tragic the demise of Christianity is. Okay, so good example, I have asked ever since this started. I've been broadcasting thirty five years, so I've been broadcasting through the hay Dave of shootings. I've always asked the question:
I make an assertion? Here's my assertion, if the number, if the percentage of people in prison for murder, equals the percent, if the, if that percentage and pray, contains the same percentage of church goers as exists in the society. Then I'm wrong I'm giving you away to refute my argument, in other words, Fifty percent of Americans attend churches, synagogue regularly, approximately, if, if fifty percent of the murderers attend the church or synagogue regularly. Then I'm wrong Giving you away to science typically refute what I've set you, if you make it assertion you have to offer. What would refuted. I just gave it to you. But Let's just say five percent
The five percent of murderers we're not churchgoers. Why wouldn't that make an impression upon you. So this this is one huge change. Another huge change- virtually three murderer and certainly mass murderer, is not only a male, is a single male married men, don't say, honey. I'll see you I just got a murder a couple of dozen people I'll be right back. It doesn't happen. On occasion on rare rare occasion, the person was married, it's very very rare and I don't know of any of the Mass Killers war itself- man I'm sure some war, but its exceedingly rare, but another terrible. Since the sixties. The number of people marrying is is diminishing. That's a very that's! It
that's a tragedy for the society. I think it's a tragedy for the individual, but it's definitely us Societal tragedy see we live in it. I Lee Leftism in narcissism are profoundly related. One of the reasons you get married is it's good for society, but nobody thinks that way more Not only does you fella blind people who love and they won't get married. You get me we for society sake just as much as you do for your own p, generally get better when they get married. Asked Mary people. Are you a better person having Mary? ask them for all of you know Mary people, not are you here there are unhappy marriages. I fully acknowledge that. Though about personally but better more mature. There is nobody.
Who says yeah, I got less mature because I got married it even if it was an unhappy marriage, if anything more mature, you facets and unhappy marriage. Ironically, parliament, are you faster than happy marriage so that such factor to the decline in religion, the decline in marriage, the the there huge things. Then there's the number three boys, because again almost what shooters are male boy you don't have to excuse me. Don't have male models like they used to. First of all, this is largest number in american history of boys growing up without a father and their life. I'm talking about Aristotle divorce, the Father were still in their life. Divorce doesn't mean you fathers, not in your life either.
He abandoned you, you, which is usually not the case or the mother kicked him out because she's angry at the divorce- that's very common in very, very terrible, but there are, or of course, large swathes of the camp of of of american life or american community work of society, though the women did Mary, the father of their child, to begin with, so he's done around at all a boy a father listen to Barack Obama. Ok out, I want to give you a liberal source. What Barack Obama said in two thousand when it was a: U S, senator running for president children, grow up without a father. Are fine. If at times more likely to live in poverty and commit crime five times.
Nine times more likely to drop out of school twenty times more likely to end up in prison, a boy without a father. It's like boys, Mead, men, father, died or your father. It was a mistake door or your mother kick them out. I mean this is a tragedy. Obviously the uncle can play a role. A priest administer a rabbi can play such a role, and maybe EL teacher, but you need somebody, that's ideally a father and The boys nano, we don't have a vast numb, tens of millions of boys, don't fathers in their lives. They don't even have an adult man. Life they go to school and other teachers are female, so there's no male role model for them
Boys, don't know how to be men, if there's no man to show them how to be a man, they can't you. It's not figure out. Belong your own wee wee boys are taught this by older men. That is the way it works. I get it. I get calls very off four men, men close to my age, even though so you know you're a father figure to me, and I don't think it's a beaut most beautiful thing. You can say to me I am as I always at every man to try to be the father figure to younger men that, if that is what were that's, it. Your job and it's my job. Not as a public figure is my job. In daily life, most people among public figure, your job is managed to be a role model. Not perfect is no such thing as perfect people, but to be a role model for four boys and younger men that they don't have.
These are far more important than the availability of guns which, as I said, hasn't changed all of these things. These are the variables this is what has changed That's why they're single men are not married. That's why they, I wonder how many were raised with a father, in their lives. I wonder how many of them are loners have no Maybe they have no religion that does matter and finally, as important all of these. Are here's one equal. The last fifty years have been the age of grievance in America. The left has taught people the following If you are unhappy- and you
anything, but a white christian heterosexual, male, it's because America, as it has persecuted you you're a woman, the patriarchy and misogyny and sexism. That's why you're unhappy black you're not unhappy, because life is difficult for everybody, you're unhappy, because whites are racist, Hispanics you're, not unhappy because it life's tough now
you're unhappy, because Americans xenophobic get it everybody's got a grievance every body, and you know what grievances do: grievances, dull, the conscience, that's what they do, because you get so angry at others. You think that you can hurt others. Could you ve been hurt? That's what happened so that these are that. These are the reasons to me: lack of religion, lack of fathers, lack of community and grievance. Everybody who shoots up a lot of people is filled with anger filled with grievances boy warrant. They in the fifties.
I think people didn't have a hard life in the 50s. People had a hard life in the 50s, but we didn't have the left this grievance culture that we have today, in fact was it would I think it was for a roast at a long time ago, most and on a wilder, I think, which threaten wilder one of the two said: most men lead lives of quiet, the desperation, meaning that people were. Everybody has had on happiness in history, but they were quiet. They didn't take it out on others, not anymore than not quiet. I'm angry, as I have been screwed up by this sexist, massage earnest, intolerant, homophobic, Siena, Phobic, Islamophobia, massage in this society well taken
people, that's what people do, people who think their victims take it out on others. The victim and Taliban is one of the biggest sources of human evil that exists, that these are far more telling. Then availability of guns, which hasn't changed that stuff has changed. Okay type, your questions. How much time was that came up to me, five requested that was important. That was a super duper important here we go. Fifty four flower Mount Texas Dennis. If the government should provide nothing for free, then what should we be done? What should be done about policy? Was, I never said its government.
Just for the record, I'm not saying you said I did, but I think that the implication I'd ever said the government should not supply anything. I mean supplies the armed forces. I may we do pay through taxes, but I note that so what you meant you mean giving us. Yes, we get fired upon. We police department. America is not founded with public schools. It was. With private schools, people people will teach their own children or they would hire somebody to teach their child. We found the public schools in order to american eyes, immigrant children, public schools do the opposite. Today they vulcanize Americans. They separate them by their by their background. It is the opposite of american eyes. They have lost their purpose
It would be a better America if we ended this, I'm sorry to say, and we would people would save a fortune of money, give them give them vouchers. Let them choose where they want to send their child. That's what we should do, but of the teachers. Unions run the Democratic Party and they don't care about students. They care about teachers. Tragically, it is make many teachers selfish and leftist, which has been a tragedy right, but I have given you can't reform it. People will have this home school, their kids or get vouchers form other schools, private schools, and that will be the same with colleges.
You know that you, they say all the time that the separation of church and state has been good for the church. To very common argument is truth to it. Because, because in America, religion cannot be supported by the government, the government does it give churches money right, but pay for your pass through your priests like in many european countries, they do And worse, we have stronger religion. They said it was good for religion that that the government Another religion business show us good for religion. If the government is out of the religion business, why is it good for education if the government out of the education business nobody's ever gave. Given me an answer to that, you know why they never asked the question. Levi, seventeen United Kingdom, Nottingham dear Dennis my grandparents and other extended family members were victims of the Holocaust. I want to get attached
will the star of David say never again, are you fond of this idea? I am fond of the fact that you want to do it more than I am of the idea. So one reason is you're, obviously jewish and Judaism. You may I'm sure you're, not orthodox, but still you should know that the Torah forbids Tattoos and if that matters to you, then I don't really have to add much more so you should know that The most well meaning tat too, and this is it really well meaning tattoo and believe me, I wouldn't hold it against you or judge you adversely. If he, if you did that, but it's the attacks, There are so many ways of of conveying messages. But it is a powerful one. I can't deny that I wouldn't Do it for the reason that I told you, but I can't chemic
I assumed it would be small and not conspicuous, necessarily maybe not on your arm, and you could wear long sleeve shirt to do a do. A business interview, but. Anyway. I commend you for even asking. Are we doing now? This is a person's name, Bronx ICE. I know there are people in Brooklyn. I never knew another of the five boroughs of York were named. Bronx. Ok is seventeen years old in his use of California. Identity. I've always wondered why recently, so many people have come out saying there gay I'm not that old, that's true, but I wondering if people have always been like that and just did not say anything or if it is a recent
If so, why? All of a sudden? Thank you for all you do. Thank you. The I think the percentage of people who are who are homosexual, in other words, have no desire for the opposite? Sex from a thought and bisexual was very complex question this deserves, and I will give it a whole whole talk here one day, but the number of people who, from from the beginning of their sexual awakening, have no
All desire for the opposite sex is approximately three percent. It seems to be fairly static. It was true before and it is true today. What we have today is a lot of people are just simply totally free to express that their gay and, by the way I dont than I for one second gaze- were persecuted in the past, and it is a tragedy and truth is truth, and that must be stated and there's no justification for it. But I think we have today it in its cool to be gay, the b by to be questioning to be PAN sexual, the Bee transgendered it's it's almost like. That's it. You're, just assist, gendered, female or male you're, just straight man is that you weren't dulls Ville
What I think is a sort of thee, the impression lotta. Also a lot of people think today a lot of young people in particular. I have problems. Maybe they emanate from my sexuality, so I'll try something else. I also think that we have a drink area. I also think no, I don't think I am certain. I've done a lot of work on this. I think that A lot of people are influenced by society. Think society can make you a homosexual think society can in he's a bisexual nature? I think
example. Women are far more malleable in this way. I think that women or not is hard wired in the way men are in their sexual nature, and a lot of women could bond with the women they they they were. Want to be with a man, most women or heterosexual and want to be with a man, but under certain circumstances societal circumstances they make. Can easily find themselves which attracted to loving a woman. So
that's where society comes in and I think society should foster that or sexual ideal without hurting a gay. But I believe that we have that there is an ideal. I think male female bombing is the ideal of talk about that another time. But yes, that is my belief system. It has no hate in it. I think man, I think monogamy is the ideal. I don't hate people, bond with two people, but I do believe that society has ideals. I learned this from a very simple lesson: Greece is known for vast amounts of homosexual behaviour on the part of men, a man who could afford it and in effect, bought not as a slave but but paid for
a a and adolescent boy of fifteen eighteen year old boy that was there now I can't and relate to that. I come straight, but I don't deny that if I lived increase I might have behaved just as they did. Society has a huge impact on the way people express the sexuality in aid in Greece. As a general rule, women were for baby making and boys were for love, making. The Bible came along. It said women are for love, making not just baby make. There was a radical I'll explain that when my than that volume of my Bible commentary comes out, the rational Bible, the book is called Leviticus. That's where we get these. This very huge thing. So, what's happened now is it is
society has so said, it's great to be gay or pan or just not one thing. And a lot of people find that tempting Joe society does have an impact on what has happened. To answer your question. We don't have time for more questions, obviously, by the way to live be my rational bible here just want the two were to show it end. Folks, I explain life best. In my irrational bible. The latest genesis. So here it is right. If you, if you have a year, is a clear my holding it am my holding it evenly
folks. This is meant to change your life for the better. Nobody writes Bible commentaries to become millionaires. I promise you in case you were thinking that this is just all by my book. No touch your life, that's the reason! I'm writing this. I'm in the third volume of the second just came out the rational Bible. Show. I guess that's it. For this week Otto did snore. And It is amazing. You know he's not even in the room till I show up to do. This, I think, is a win when, when my two cohorts come here from Prager, you they. He immediately knows I should go onto the set. That's what I think happened by we talk about Prager you we ve got the canvas. Owens show she's a gift to humanity, in my opinion, an incredibly
this thing that we have will wit going around the country asking people questions and giving his thoughts, so we have What's going on at Prager you, in addition to the video every week and, of course, my fireside chats one or am I do, the fireside chats are not dated in almost any instance. If you want to watch one for took two years ago, you will benefit as much as hope you, hopefully you did from today with that. Thank you for watching and I'll see you next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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