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Fireside Chat Ep. 89 –America: The Greatest Nation on Earth

2019-07-08 | 🔗
Happy 4th of July! This week’s Fireside Chat is all about America. The left wants to push the narrative that America is a racist nation, but the question is raised: If that is true, then why the need to make up racist hoaxes? Dennis also discusses Antifa and the lack of meaning in their lives. He continues on with your questions. • Dennis’s Love For America, Article Referenced: https://www.dennisprager.com/when-i-first-realized-america-is-exceptional/
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Hi, everybody Dennis Prager indented Dennis House. That is progress. Fireplace than is progress. Bull dog and the only reason I mentioned in my name so often is to reassure you. This really is my house. It's amazing. People? Ask me such interesting question, because there I think people are used to being fool the lot and I don't fool people at all So they go, I got so often go. Is that really is that really? Is that really or people will ask two people, people who work with me? Will often say they will other road, it shows you really. What did you really like and they The general answer, which I'm very touched by is exactly what you see. That's him that that is a lie. Real, and Oh, this is really my house. Somebody just said to me last week, so I really, like your set said who would make just sloppy set believe me
This would look a lot better filled with set. I love that said, how could we make a place where the books are upside down? or whatever is going on at books are upside down now would be a bad sign. It means that in reading but Demi That is really my house. It is really. This is the place My writing and my cigar smoking. In my pipe smoking and my wife sits with me the whole I'm not I'm smoking, and you know what I'm going to talk about one time about the the issue of wanting to be with your spouse, very interesting and very sensitive subject as I I I personally like to be with her all the time. But a lot of, spouses and I'm not to stop. Judgment is just a fact there are a lot of men and a lot of women who, like their space and I've, done a man.
A male female our on that I I have a radio show for those you who know every day three hours is easily found on the internet and his prey your or on a local station. If you're in the United States and I've done for us, but ten years of male female, our every wednesday- and I have done this jack. That's very interesting about people who want their space, but listen people have different natures, I'm not a space man. I don't want my speech I am I do. Is I married her to be with her not to have my own space, but I respect those who want it that list my view is if it works for your marriage, you have my love and affection and keep it up. So I acknowledge that, but I am happy that she sits would be all night
that she endorse. She doesn't even endure it. She doesn't mind the cigar smoke cigarettes smoke. That would be a no, no, that would be cause for era, space, big space and on a blame, Ronald, cigarettes smoked either anyway welcome. This was just along hello from my study in my home. I appreciate all your kind comments about Otto. I often note that he is perhaps the best known organ America at this time and uneven internationally and I am proud to tell you I mention this often cause. I admit I have some pride Those I raised him well, it has not gone to his head whatsoever. All the fame means nothing to Otto. Nothing! That's right! You think he viewed other dogs and new methods or you He doesn't ok happy for
worth to you, Americans? this is seen all over the world. So if you're, not american, the snow find this of interest, this very important subject, because a man Is the Euro or not, and I hope you like it, but I know many don't the most important country in the world. I would A since since world war, one and that's a hundred years ago, so it it's? It's a significant subject. America. I want to talk to you about my own feelings about this country. And I I actually didn't realize it was a very interesting development in my life. I didn't realize how much I I use the word I I love this country. Mean I love every American, I'm not a fool with every country has good and bad people. The fact the worst countries have had good people. The best countries have had bad people. We re.
But all things considered, I like alike the american people. I think that there are a lot of problems in that. Americans used to appreciate what they had much more than they do today so July. Fourth, is the american Independence Day Whether you're, watching this in July, on the day that have even July fourth actual or in the middle of December sometime it doesn't matter these all of the Fireside chats are relevant, hopefully for the foreseeable future. The ideas that I talk about are not time but anyway a happy forth to you with your American and, if you're, not. Let me talk to you a little bit about my love of this country.
I actually realized it when I I I didn't realize it growing up. To be honest, I took it for granted. It's a free country. Free, and I also realized how rare it was as a Jew who, in a jewish family. I realized it so rare in jewish story- and I taught you wish history on the college level of Brooklyn College. I realized I, how rare it was for Jews to feel so secure an end non self conscious I wrote a peace which you should take a look at it's on the internet. It's what I into a column every week and I wrote a piece joining the Semi Valley, rotary club. Did I ever talk about that that you recall no good so The road club is an international organization and I in my twenties From New York to California and I've been in California ever since and I joined a this
Valley rotary club me Valley is located about thirty miles North West, I think that's about right of of LOS Angeles and at the time it was it was deserted. They were too restaurants the entire city. Today, it is a booming city, but I was and it was empty, but I lived there for three years, because I was brought to it to happen educational institute in me valley a gigantic jewish retreats enter, and so I lived there for Rears am I joined the rotary club that was the we do in the club and when I wrote in my article was what dawned upon me was. This is the beauty. This is the beauty, and this is Quintessential America. It didn't matter, that's the key it meant. Essentially
then to the other guys. I say guys because at that time rotary was all male. They. Why was it you? I was the head of the jewish Institute located at city, but it didn't matter. I had a zero self consciousness. I did they need work on eggshells. I didn't work on eggshells. I was Dennis not diminish the Jew Dennis and had I been, black it wouldn't have been Dennis the Black and I've been latino? It wouldn't have been Dennis the Latino and I've been Armenian, because a lot of Armenians here in southern California wouldn't be Dennis the Armenian. Where is almost Replace else in the world, even nice countries it would have been Dennis and then you fill in the that the ethnic or national or religious identity. That's the thing about America, it doesn't matter.
Now did it did it always not matter? No, obviously, because look. We had so much racism in american history. That is true. It mattered. If you were black in much of american history tragically. But not not already by the time I had moved in anti seventies. By that time, race meant nothing to the vast majority of of non men are majority american, the majority, meaning it white meant nothing. Unfortunately, we have today is a movement backwards by people call progressives or the left who think you should honour race. What but that's a racist idea, I don't wanna race. Why would I I'm a race eye. People I don't want a race. Monitoring race is raises its too.
The essence of racism- it's still remarkable, This is one of the reasons that I love America, because it handles all the various Nick and national identities are religiously daddy's. Mercosur beautifully yours. Or another rotarian or another member of the Lions Club or the Kiwanis Club or or the book club, or that sure or wherever it would be see. That's that so what was so remarkable and is remarkable the group The greatest lies in history. Is that America's racist? It's a lie, its just a lie, this great place by the way. An interesting proof of how Non Racist America really is. There was an article recently and I thought about it,
air and I may write about it, but we should put it up or even Prager you but it'll, be it Dennis Prager, dot com and it if it is just a hand, full of the incredibly the large number of racist hoaxes that have been. Created in this country that have been in this. Be aided by by blacks, who especially stew This black students on campuses, where they told you you did your hated your hated every white is raised. Every every white is a racist. And so a swastika on a black kids dormitory a door or a noose. Representing hanging blacks from the terrible, you're, a win, win, win, blacks were in fact lynched and the vast majority of them were not true. They they were actually purpose It is by a black drawing to show how racist things were, the most
Spinning Jesse is a Jesse smile, but the Jesse Small at the who who work. Created this all- I was attacked by two racists shit. Putting us a racist epithets at me, and he made up the whole. He was what he hired to guys to do it. We got the video. Guys buying the rope Betty interruption. Into the policemen. Are you see? Look they put this rope yet, but you bought the rope so that's a little suspect, it's called a hoax. There were so many of these hoaxes. So here is my point: the country were really racist, would need a hoax. The Jews in Germany in the thirty's ever make up that they were attacked by an anti semite know. There were no hoaxes cos, who was the real deal there he was a lot of anti Semitism. There wasn't one,
No you made up all look at that. I was attacked by people calling me bad names as a Jew. Unfortunately, juice didn't need hoaxes. There was the real deal. The very existence of all these hoaxes proves the point about how little racism there is. America is just smeared constantly people have to make up stuff too, to tiptoe to tell how bad it is. I was just I just saw an article three and in some music website that Western. Classical music is for whites separate the killers Beethoven is for white. Mozart is for white.
You know that all over the place where classical music proportionately is probably the most listen to Japan, there not white, they just love great music. There's no such thing as white music. The the ideas, preposterous Shakespeare is great. For whites. Mozart is great for whites, their grief for people unless you think that people are intrinsically different because of their skin pigment. That's just drive me crazy. If these are bad bad stuff, I am a theory, a lot of talk about boredom one another one is, I think a lot of people are border. They need causes is a very big factor on the left in America. They need
was his custom. They they there, they don't have religion, they don't have a patriot as they don't have a strong, patriotic sense about the country, so nothing gives them meaning, so they have to create meanings and the way they do like, like that. The worst example is as anti for crowd, which beat up they just be people up wearing man. That there they are, I shut on the radio. They are the closest to the Hitler. Youth that I have seen in my life in America is very scary. Crowd there empty. This gives and being people up in the name of anti racism gives them meaning.
I wonder how many of them are married and have children I'll bet you? The proportion is tiny, because marriage and children gives people stability and meaning it was George Guilder who wrote a brilliant book that I read in college. One of the great thinkers he's gonna Prager you, of course, by the way at least I think two courses, and when I was in college, I read his book. Naked nomads about single men made a proud profound point. He said you ever noticed so commit most violent crimes. Forget color, forget nationality, forget ethnicity, single men, it a big impact on me.
Men, men as a rule get better when they marry by the way, showed a women both equally but would manage more dramatic because the much less likely to commit crimes if they marry and then, if they have children certain.
So twice. I wonder how many of these anti for go home to a wife and children or or a husband and children? There are women and in the two anyway, it's a very bad thing when, when bad is called good, that's terrible and when good is called bad, that it's terrible is a biblical verse on that. For my say, oh I want to those or Jose remember Jose our Hosea Mozilla's get mixed up and it is wont to those who call good evil and evil good. When you break the moral compass, your society is doomed. Although much here Otto for a moment he got self conscious. Guy was snoring till I said
Cyrano for a moment, many shuts up. Ok, that's my man. I'd say I find that so calming it's a danger, I'll start snoring. He does that it mighty sleeps in our room amatory. It's actually very, very relaxing. Thought it is. Apparently they see dogs ed. Here's to your life. Friends, religion. I'm doing well got all that nice anyway. To call this, treat evil racist, sexist, massage earnest. All these terms, when I speak of colleges, they do a lot of kids line up and I always say: if you disagree with me, your first you get the chance to ask me questions. First,
Some young women get up and then say how oppressed g is cause she's, a female. I don't believe you are oppressed, I'm sorry It was probably among the luckiest females to ever exist in history to be an american female at a college pampered at college and your oppressed. I guess it's just staggering naive, tee and ignorance about what the world is like the coal, America, bad, it's it's it's it bothers me because symbols Action is fragile. You can lose it in a generation, nobody knows this better than Jews. Germany was the most advanced culture in the world. Musically artists. The key literally scientifically, and then
In in a generation it became the most barbaric country on earth. Things can flip very quickly because the human being is not necessarily good. Human nature is not good, not only bad, but not good, so things can happen, and I worry about it. I don't I don't. I don't want to mess around with this fundamentally good place that I live in cold America. One final word. Miracle was founded on the idea of liberty. Let people be free, let the government get other people's lives, no more king and no more government. Of course we have government will not for anarchy, but
Let the government be limited, limited government, the only country in the world founded on the concept of limited government. That is huge that its huge, those of us called conservative, have ever motto. If you will, please leave us alone, that's it! That's what I ask please, I love my family. I love my friends. I love my religion. I love my god. I love my work. I have so many loves in my life leave me alone. Obviously I need you to protect my country. We need, we need a millet hurry we need police, we need firemen. I stand all that and the and the people who are not helped by private me by charities they made. The government is as a as a secure. Place the fought in a way you. What does it do net safety net?
Thanks to you. We all agree that every conservative does, but it's soul, asked: resort, not first resort limited government than and again please to leaving us alone. We ve we ve, created something beautifully. That's why the world so much of the world wants to move here. There's no place of opportunity like America. Its is remarkable. I was with a woman from Sri Lanka. She was my goober driver recently and I wish I could put her on the radio show. So grateful said this. I came to America this now Should that America's racist on Brown she said, I never experienced the races minute in my life here the day I arrived.
So what about your mother, she she an aberration. Like my grandfather came from Austria, my gravel was witches were hit working from he's, he saw a lot of anthem, Emmett in Austria, so he thought every non jus essentially was an anti semite because he t brought european sensibilities to America, so he would drive a car. I would be their little kid. His grandson Annie be cut off. By a driver, and you know what he would say: Anti Semite. I remember thinking at about eight years of age, Papa, just curious, honey party. No, it wasn't. If I show me how to do, you know even know your renew maybe cut you off because he's a lousy driver so people see what they want to see. You wanna see racism you'll, see races, but but you ve made it up like
grandfather did about the driver you made it up does exist. Of course it exists at all everything bad exists, but it's like saying. If somebody has a bad cold and you say how are you so? It could say fine, but I got a cold or oh, my god, I am just a sickly person is a big difference. Yes, America has a cold, but it's just
all it's not it's it we're not. Morally sick. That's that's! That's what I hear it's what I appreciate this place immensely and I hope that the left doesn't the doesn't tear down these this. This great idea of of a free people, because people don't you are to be free- that Europe to be taken care of. That's what I told the European Parliament a couple of weeks ago in Brussels. They asked me to speak on freedom, and that was that was the key point I made people yearn to be taken care of. They don't yearn to be free with freedom. Comes responsibility. Take being taken care of you. Don't have to do anything happy. Fourth alrighty. How are we doing on time that I take a lot?
were. I did take a lot all right here we go Bryce Eighteen. Let's see, we welcome your questions. What people lose out of the Prager You d come on. What are they doing to send me? Questions Fireside jack, I'm sorry, Prager, outcome at the fireside chats page okey, dokey, bright Just nineteen years old in Hudson, Villa Michigan, Russa, USA, hi Dennis. I I have noticed My small christian universities beginning to push cliche left wing propaganda, as some who enjoys politics and debate. I would like to fight back, but I feel I can't be quote two controversial, because my dad used to attend and work there. So many current staff members are close family friends. How can I make change without
hurting relationships, boy that look. This question applies to so many people. If the left didn't label, everybody they differ with as six her sexist intolerance, xenophobic, homophobic gracious than bigoted, then would be a non issue? You just civilly debate or discuss or the a longer even argue and then go to lunch together, but they don't do that because for the most part they dismiss us as evil, which is disgusting. I've devoted my life, it's goodness it's it's, Smearing is not arguing; there should be no issue with you taking taking issue with what's happening. You obviously do civilly and they should responsibly
But I am more and more of the opinion that you can't let people believe you and that's what happened. People are just so afraid to express themselves. People come to me and airports in the United States and they'll whisper that their conservative at that's ridiculous or email alot of my people. My friends were my colleagues at work. Don't know it Dennis, but I'm conservative from Republican. Even that's what they But the EU, if you can't get afraid, that's very important thing when I am- I spoke in San Francisco but half a year ago,
and six members of the San Francisco Symphony orchestra came to have dinner with me and since some into classical music and conductor reality I was. I was really honoured, its a great orchestra and I really wanted to meet these people and an end San Francisco, so very left wing city. But the members of the orchestra know these people or conservative may get along fine because they're not intimidated, That's all you can't be intimidated. I know it's easy for me to say to you, but hey. I got attacked the one. I live. I walk the walk in this case and sleep better anywhere have the answer to God and my conscience and my wife, a mature, which order.
Ok, Sarah thirty, eight Saint George, you tell my sister is transitioning now into a man self. He's thirty eight. I guess her sisters in her thirty's or forties, my husband I have decided that my three youngest children are too young to have this discussion with, but I do think that I need to. Splendid, someway, eleven and a half year old son. My quest How do I? How do I explain to him that his auntie Ella is now Uncle Ezra in an age of appropriate manner book? It isn't easy, but I'm a I'm, a big believer. In truth, there are people who are trouble. Trouble does not an insult trouble. There's not an attack. Trouble is not a moral judgment. I mean please. If you are thirty five and you now believe or you believe,
the time for you now or finally acknowledging it. Whatever the issue is, you are not your sex, I mean, let's, let's be honest, there are only two sexes. Whenever nonsense, you will hear at the university there are only two sexes. It is binary. Ok, of course it is its chromosome Ali bright, but binary in a tiny fraction of humanity. There are people with both the genitalia I will leave that aside, and this is a trouble. Persons called gender this for you, where you do not identify with your gender.
I dont know why. That is the case with your sister. Obviously, I'm not sure your sister knows. I accept it as true. This is what your sister fields, but here's, the irony, even your sister, doesn't than either to genders. Your sister simply says I am a mail. I am male gender, so that the joke about this whole thing is, if there really are to gender, is what what is stated transition to the Euro. Fact that that she's transitioning to a man mean cheese acknowledged these one other gender she's. Not- Transitioning did nothing she's! Not! transitioning too, with third gender. Of course, there are only two genders. That's what the doll Trans Movement is based on that not notion. So you could say to your eleven and a half. You know, and anti Ella is, is it
Troubled in this way, we love, we love Anthea Ella who who will now act to us and we will be kind and respond to uncle leisure. That's what are you going to say? That's the decent thing to do, but none of this denies that there are two genders. At the Ella may in fact be happy as Uncle Ezra and may not be. The the Doktor Johns Hopkins University, who pioneered transition surgery gave it up and these written about it. You can read it. He wrote years ago why he stopped doing it. He said because
The suicide rate after after transitioning was even greater than than before that the the issues that people most people have some people transition and and and it works, and I respect that. But for a lot of people, the issues are not gender related. They may manifest themselves engendered this forum, but there are many other issues that are deeper than that and if they're not resolved the transition won't help, and there are people who regret they transition. You can read about it. Usa today had an article by a member of it, Sir Editorial Board
Actually who wrote I transition to woman, and I realized after I remember how many years it was a big mistake. I like I brought We me all the problems that I had prior to the transitioning All those years to develop is what I really am a man it, sir, it's worth reading. We need compassion and we need standards. Both are important and I feel bad for your kids because it is, it is disorienting. It is true and people who transition meet understand in all the world You want the world to say no problem. Now you're, a man, that's that's that's a little narcissistic. It's not easy.
The rest of us who love you who have known you as as a woman, your whole life to go up now, you're a man. She does exist anymore. It's. Asking a lot. I think we should try to accommodate you, but you have to understand you're asking a lot and we do it makes one was from Norway trying to do next time. These are important subjects. They need to be seriously addressed. Calling people names is not seriously addressing that's one of the things we tried it. They would prefer you.
Call anybody names. We try to address the stuff seriously. So, on behalf of Otto and everybody in my home, I look forward to being with you next week. Don't forget trouble of things that we come out with a video every week. Prager. You is a very touching one now with Deal Ferguson, professor major major world historian, and it's perfectly appropriate to the subject on his experience on becoming an American. It's very touching, hope, you'll watch. It hope you will get my my book, the rational Bible, that's the source of my insight,
to life. It's meant to change your life. First, two volumes came out cold, the rational Bible, so until next week. Thank you so much for being with me, I'm Dennis Prager planned see that thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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