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Fireside Chat Ep. 90 – Profiting From Other People's Illness

2019-07-15 | 🔗
During this week’s Fireside Chat, Dennis talks about the phrase he hears all the time: “People shouldn’t profit from other people’s illness.” Dennis’s response: Why not? Profit incentivizes great and valuable work. Ask Dennis a question here. https://www.prageru.com/fireside-chats/#ask-dennis
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Hello, everybody I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home really It's not a set. Recently I mentioned that is people set some interest set? You have it's, it's not a said. This is really where I do in fact, almost all my work at least one I'm home on the road a great deal speaking and it's completely rehearsed completely, so this spontaneity is. Is it one of its virtues? I just get the talk from my heart and my mind to you. You get to hear me. You ve got to ask questions and it's a wonderful thing. In an obvious, Thank God. A lot of people feel that way. So, wherever you are literally in the world, because people are watching everywhere, high welcome to my home, my fireplace and my dog Otto we have another dog, my wife and I Snoopy Snoopy, for whatever reason is tired of hearing me speak
and leaves as soon as I started out, a woman. The other hand is not tired of my speaking because it puts him to sleep, and I worked as a very effective sleeping pill for our bull dog. I am going to talk to you today about an issue that I hear. A phrase that I hear constantly in one of our. Parties? It is constantly mentioned the Democratic Party in America, but its mentioned all over the world where people want, a nationalized or socialized medical system and the argument is, I remember, seeing it on a bus and an add on a bus in Australia. So this is it's pretty universal, something to the effect, people shouldn't make money off of others sickness that
to think or or as I hear it again or people shouldn't profit from other people's illness. So almost like all of these phrases, they haven't been Or through- and I love clarity- and I love serious thought, so, let's think that through people shouldn't proof from my illness from my being sick. So Here is a really interesting question. Why not? I would love to hear somebody because it's not right, people were making money off of your being sick, but
My answer to that is: that's the thing I most want them to make money from. Why is it great to make Twenty million dollars playing football, but not twenty billion dollars from conquering people's cancer, it so Nor did me it's like its upside down. I would love people to make money of getting me better. I'm not getting there making money off of by sickness there King Mummy off of getting me out of my sickness. It's not a true statement. People really made money well, Dennis Prager got sick, that's another. Three thousand dollars for us, no Dennis Prager six. So we'll get a hundred thousand dollars to make him better. That's terrific I want That's a big money making me better and making you better and making your loved ones better. I can't think of a better way for people to make money, you're
Kay people make money from pizza from foot for movies, but not from people better why's that my pisar I'll tell you why? Because people haven't thought it's one of the most widely used lines. That means, nothing we don't want people to Profit off your sickness, I won't why don't we would drop sickness about food would anybody say, look folks. Let's be honest, You need food even more than you mean Healthcare, it doesn't take long, for you it'll take a long time to most of you, get really sick and die from that sickness. But it's not doesn't take long to starve to death. So we need food even more than we need healthcare, so one
we just sake. It is wrong for people a profit from food, really isn't the fact that people profit from food, the single biggest reason that there is less hunger today than at any time in the history of the human race? Why else do you think that is because people made money feeding, others. And of course, new farming techniques are being a whole host of reasons, but it's all related to the farmer, ain't gonna, use new farming techniques if he isn't paid, if he doesn't make a profit, profit means being paid for. That's where profit means. You don't work. If you don't make a profit correct, that's what it means. You worked harder, the big the profit. I have often said when I go to a hospital. Well. I've had a number back surgeries and I'm fine- and I, like I guy, bless the surgeons and I hope they made a lot of money because they
They worked very, very hard to very hard to perform surgery and it take. Long time of investment in your life to learn how to be a surgeon. What would you prefer the people did it from the goodness of their hearts. Not a little a little unrealistic people are gonna, go are going to go to medical school and university for ten years. Fifteen years were worked incredibly hard and end, then, get get as much as as a milk delivery service for for their work is, is that is that is that a realistic vision I care about. More than anything else in the world, I care about increasing goodness on earth. That's my preoccupy! Ever since I was in high school, I wrote it in my diary and high school. That's what animates me increasing goodness So the question is, I never worked on the question of how do you
increase people's good heart. I am interested in people's good deeds. Good hearts have led to a lot of bad deeds. And shellfish hearts of often lead to good deed. Let's say that would seem, let's say out there there. People who want to win a Nobel Prize in medicine for conquered pancreatic cancer and they major reason their working day and night to find a cure four pancreatic cancer is they. The Nobel Prize for for medicine, do I care. I'm thrilled, there's a Nobel Prize for medicine, then because then ah, your loved ones or you won't die of pancreas. Cancer. That's a great thing! That's what matters increasing goodness, not romantic visions of the human heart does not it's not particularly significant when it
I'm still increasing goodness so back to our thing, making profit off people's sickness, no they're, making profit of people's wellness that some people make money by getting you well, If there were a hospital known for fifty percent of the people, The ring drop dead within a week. It would close right, the hospital that will make the most money theoretically is just like anything else. They did the best job. What is the best mean in healthcare. The best job means You're, the most people is not wonderful It's like I hear another thing. I hear these romantic notions why? Romantic, by the way I mean loving romantic, I mean unreal Ballistic sounds nice for example, this. Hee hee hee. Ten million dollars, so that this hospital,
It is just named after him and I'm thinking. Ok, that's fine with me. If I have to go to a hospital I'll bless this guy. What what? What Why care? If the guy that much aid, though what takes somebody said, I will only give ten twenty three. Three hundred million dollars for this, hospital. If my name goes on the building, what would you say? I'm sorry, sir? You have to give it for really idealistic reasons not for a desire. Have your name known. We are not going to take that money if there is not one of you watching. That would ever say that right and, of course, not If that's the condition of this guy helping so many people bravo awhile put its name and gigantic me I'm light, but why care it's helping more people.
But again I go back to the food issue. Why don't we apply the exacting thing if, if, if health care- should be nationalized and free for everyone? Why shouldn't food? Why should we have to pay for food if we don't have to pay for health care and of course we pay for its call taxes, but if we don't have to pay for health care, why should we have to pay for I never got an answer. I mean ammunition, not questions on coming up with right. Now I have done it. Talk show for thirty. Five years I have talked to people, we will agree with me a good chunk of my life. So these ideas are the product of a lot of interaction with people who long agree with me, and I never got an answer. Why should people not get food free? because you and I know what will happen food deteriorate, that's why people won't work merely is hard to produce excellent food and you won't have supermarkets like we have in the western world which are staggering, unbelievable and invent
If somebody from a hundred years ago, let alone five hundred years ago, a thousand or fifteen hundred to two thousand, to a western supermarket. They would think they would think they had died and gone to Heaven. In a supermarket where I live, you can get there new berries all year, because if you don't get, blueberries from where you live, in my case western United States, where we do it, blueberries, but don't grow all year, so we get the blueberries from Chile in South America. Do you know how about that? How Dick blueberries for Chile get to my supermarket too, It's for my house, in LOS Angeles. California, USA. How did this happen? Somebody had to make money growing the blueberries somebody
to make money, picking the blueberries somebody had to make money packing the blueberries somebody had to make money shipping the blueberries somebody had to make money delivering they blueberries, free, the ship or the airplane somebody had to make money selling The blue berries in a supermarket starting. It doesn't cost a thousand dollars for a box of blueberries, but everyone in the involved in it had to make money I can then eat a very nice healthy fruit. Berries are quite good for you with their antioxidants. I could eat blueberries twelve months a year as a result of that solely because we'll make profits if blueberries we're nationalized. It wouldn't happen. Because there's no incentive
people need incentives to work hard and and and correctly so My first job in my life I was about to I don't know I guess, fourteen years old, shoveling snow. I grew up in a cold climate in New York City and I shovelled snow, in a why you shovel people snow cuz. They pay me. That's why. It was an incentive looking all this money I'll get for shoveling snow. Then I could buy whatever I want that and get very big allowance at the time for my parents, which is a good thing because of my parents gave me a big allowance, I won the shovel snow. That's it that's it! other thing by the way: that's why benefits may people lazy? Of course they do, they would have made me lazy If my father gave me the equivalent of shoveling snow money, then I would shovels. No, I We have the money. Why should I worked so hard and it is hard to shovels, though, for the
have you any more climate snow ways. A lot believe me You pick a shovel one shot, full of it. You'll know. This is real life. It's not make believe stuff. Of course, you're going to have more excellence. Now that doesn't mean that we don't have said theme it in health? Just we are safety nets in food. We should Safety net for the visa handful of people, at least in our cultures and in India, develop cultures that cannot afford a meal that's very small number of people, but where they exist Of course, we help them out with food banks, and by the way, ideally, they should be helped by fellow citizens by church the synagogues, clubs, food banks, food for the poor, and so on, I mean that's the ideal, I think the last should be the government
because it's one to one limits done in a private charity and that's it that's a much bigger difference when somebody gives you food than the state gives you food. So all of this use tremendously. Morally, I'm talking morally here talking about poor politics is not. Politics is morality. People make money from doing good is a wonderful thing. It's astonishing to me. The people are so people making money for doing nothing. I mean it's fun, no problem by the way, but football players making ten million dollars, not naive, none whatsoever, that's what it's called a free market. If people want to pay a lot to watch sports people, athletes play they should be allowed to match. Fine, but I mean, let's be honest: nobody in his right mind thinks football players due for society. What surgeons do orphan?
that matter what the guy, who pledge blueberries, does the blueberry play. There are in Chile does a lot more for the world than any football player living, but we have The problem with the football player making money, but we have a big problem with the person who who provide sir, we or the pharmaceutical companies. That's that's really. My blowing. Everyone. I know not everyone. Lot of people. I know I'm always liked to be precise, many people, I know and there was no one watching their region. I don't where you are on earth or what your age every one of you as people in your life. Who are alive thanks to drug companies, research and development budgets, billions of dollars, overt overtime, why
they spend all of that money, to figure out what sort of drug to produce for diabetes or or for a form of chemotherapy. Against cancer or against pneumonia. Or what have you why? Because they there was a profit in that's why wow? If we come up with it there were four x y rosy disease. We're gonna make a lot of money. That's right! You don't! You knew well and that's great. I want you to make a lot of money because that's the greatest incentive, That's what incentivize is places to spend vast a sums of money to research and develop drugs that he'll millions, hundreds of millions of people. Do they engage and practices that are often unsavory or whatever? Of course they do. The human condition is very, very complex, but this
total of of the prophet based drug industry. Is that hundreds of millions of people lived long. Then they would have without those drugs lived in far less pain thanks to those drugs. Girl. Let's nationalize it. Let's, let's, let's pay the price that we want to pay. You have you paid the price you want to pay. That is you will the government? Then? Then the drug company doesn't make the the money that it needs to have a prophet to find another cure in the form of a of a
So, the next time you hear people over profit profiteering, that's the term they used in a recent democratic party debate in the United States, people of profiteering from people sickness and all their profiteering for making people. Well, that's a good thing or it time for your questions. They're on their way, it's on their way, all right, I'll, be ok,. You know what I know a great. I want to know how much time that I just take up, we have done so. Let's see. Ok, they has arisen David, twenty three in LOS Angeles, I Dave what a three things you cannot live without, so I have to be
legally open. Here when I say that this is completely unrehearsed, it's true, except that I do see some of the questions in advance, because sometimes I think it's not a question that will be general safety choose, but I think of my answers, but I saw I heard of this and then I thought for a minute. Three things I cannot live without is an interesting question by the way, I never thought of it believe it or not, when people say I get this a lot from coal. To my radio show so name three people, if you could have dinner with me. People who ever lived in history, who would they be, and I never think of that acceptance. Somebody will be on the radio forward and then they think something wrong with me, because I don't have an immediate answer and, and the truth is I don't have an immediate. I don't even have a non immediate answer.
Who do I have dinner with? I feel I feel like. I know a lot of these people. I think I feel, like I know Churchill I feel like I know most So what I like dinner with them, the abbot aids it doesn't it doesn't if it doesnt, preoccupy me for whatever maybe there's something wrong with me. I rather have dinner with my best friends that, to be honest, I ve never been a celebrity fan Or famous person fed, I love having I love having meals with my friends in my wife and my kids. To be honest, that's really that's a big high for me. So anyway, three things I can't live without were obviously that sorting physically rightly, and we can't live without oxygen and nitrogen in food.
So three things I can't live without the the it would be very. It would be extremely hard for me to live without friends and my wife. I'm a people person by the way, my motto on this- which I probably should talk about a lot of time, because this is really gonna provoke reaction. I have, I have contempt for humanity and I love people K. That's that's my it's always been my always. In my view, anyway. So I am a people person and I am free. And my wife, I it's hard for me to imagine living without them. That's that's! The first thing I mean a god If it, if I, if somehow I woke up convinced there was no God, I would of course understand for some very intellectual,
and rational. I would understand that if there is no God everything's a coincidence, that means there's no meaning this, ultimately, no meaning to this existence. It's a fluke just happened on one planet at one time and history: it's a fluke we die and for each Many were oblivion were nothing that would bother me. I would like. I would like to believe there's something beyond this and that I will be re connected with the people I love someone, God is a- is a also I through just to discuss. I want. I want there to be a ultimate justice. I want the really bad to be punished than about the really good to be rewarded.
And if you don't feel that way, there's something wrong with you. You really don't want the really bad punishing. You know what the really good rewarded. I don't have to defend my warning that you have to defend why you wouldn't want that. So God is, is clearly a would be up there Things I can live without, but I have a feeling that the question is about less lofty things. So, but I I'm all somewhat of a literalist, because I like precision, so I gave you the. That the truest answer that I could think of. However, having said that,
There are things that it would be hard for me to live without would be hard for me to live without a classical music. I would I would, I can't say, just music. I like a lot of types of music, but I have I fell in love with classical music in high school. I conduct orchestras periodically. I am crazy about it. It touches my it touches the two most powerful things, my mind and my heart. Very often I have tears at the end of a great symphony. I'm amazed myself that I have tears. I get chills like a tears their times I attended classical music concerts and, at the end I I couldn't even applaud. I was sort of paralyzed by the emotional power of one at what just happened, and I admit that some of us are built this way in summer night, I'm very close friends in size,
was a very deep person. Very deep, worry, wonderful person to him. Classical music is a sort of background noise and end to me. I'm getting children and tears welled up in my. So I understand it somewhat built in. But anyway I'm answering you. That would be something it would be hard for me to what to live without. That's why? I think every kid at some point asked well, would you rather be blind or death right, it's sort of high school question that sort of stupid question. It's really asking: what do you think is more important site or or or hearing site is, of course,
more important to get along on a daily basis to avoid bump into things like you can't do, on the other hand, without without hearing how do you communicate and communication is everything talking to people getting getting their feedback and, of course, hearing music? It's a very tough call, I feel for people in both cases can't see or can here, but I have a lot of a blind people who listen to my radio show, because, obviously they just have to hear it and they they call up and tell me they. They leave the very productive life and they do we say I don't get the thought, the deaf people, I had a deaf grandmother. She read my lips. She was amazing. She could read your lives from the other side of the room
You really do have to be careful what you said, but but I saw how it isolated her. It's a very painful, it's a very painful thing how we do and on time oh good, didn't give a third things much. I don't give a third thing, the other one was God and man friends. So I didn't art so cigars, yeah so cigars, its love in my life. I admitted it it's a joy of addicted people. Oh you're, addicted, like they. They don't even know anything about cigars, nobody's addicted to cigars costs. We don't inhale. So you, the nicotine, is not the element. The reason people like cigarettes for the taste. I like the taste of tobacco like cigarettes, people people don't smoke cigarettes for tobacco smoke, cigarettes for nicotine.
But they get a lot of junk with it like tar. So I'm sure if somebody would remind me, I could come up with others, but that that I'll leave it at that. Ok, let's see. If, finally, I know this one from Norway been waiting to answer, Julie, twenty three in Norway. By the way my fur. Visit to Norway, I was in my twenties. I had no money. So how do I go up the norwegian coast I went? I went from, I think, from Bergen all the way up to North CUP, the very top of Norway in the arctic opacity, Arctic. I went on a male boat, it was delivering. U S, mail, you silly was
delivering norwegian mail, and I had so little money. I slept in the bar night after night. I would sleep on the floor in the bar, and I was one of the great trips of my life got off at the top of Norway when around Evelyn took the finnish railway down. I actually saw reindeer in the wild. In fact, I was beast boy, a male reindeer cuz. I took a picture of him meeting with his wife or girlfriend. I'm not, I don't know if they were married and he didn't. He didn't like my intrusion and I'll. Never forget people will laughing themselves silly watching this american kid running away from a reindeer one of the sites. I wish I had a video of butt. You didn't have cell phones than to think video of everything happening anyway, and I was my first trip to Norway been there and quite a number of times here comes
question all the way from the cold north. That is you speak about. Kids not want anything to do with their pets for Chile and valid reasons, and I agree, but what about parents, not wanting anything to do with their kids for civil. Valid reasons in Norway, it seems to be an issue of fathers. Justly Being their wife and children capitalized and meaning that they just their bags and get a divorce but abandoned their children leaving them at their moms care, as they started with someone else. Any thoughts on that this. Now, to say it, so I so I could not this one I'll say this is hardly unique: the Norway, unfortunately, fathers and sometimes mothers fathers who just move on as it were, an end just stop contact with their kids and make a new family or just one a new life. I don't get it. I have no export
It is like telling me that somebody what we would like to collect beasts things: It makes no sense to me I'm a father. I mean it is so beyond my under. Me I can I get bad things. I understand that I have a human nature that is flawed as everybody else's, so why We stand bad behavior. I dont understand that behaviour. How do you love your kids and then say? Bye, bye on your own. I don't have an answer for you. It's a full, from of nurses and that I I find inscrutable a cat. I can't explain it so this. I can't give you much much intelligent reaction. I it makes no sense to me
Far more common, I think in the United States- is kid stopping speaking to parents. Not. I have a lot of full time, but this one makes a truly makes no sense. The human, the human species is complex. All I can say the the natural love of your children that I think built into most people. The seems to violate one of the most basic instincts of the human being is loving your children. So I don't I don't know it would be very interesting. I will I wish I could interview them as bizarre. That sounds. I wouldn't give them a hard time. I would just I just want to understand.
How could you do this? I did you love your children before you abandon them now they say no well then at least I'll understand they don't love children even their own, but it's hard to imagine even that's hard to imagine Anyway, I want, I don't know how come it is it's an interesting question: how common is it now verses, let's see fifty years ago a hundred years ago, and I don't have an answer: All right, my friends, another intense and fun fireside chats these mean a lot to me. That's why do doom? Every week I have a very, very wonderfully blessing visit busy life, but I just do everything possible not to miss this,
So I just want to remind you that you could watch any of the fireside chats and they will be relevant. It doesn't have to be recent. I talk about big issues almost in every case of those. When you listen and share them with others. Besides, I would like to double the number of people watching. There's no money in it. For me, it's not for those of you who worry about profits. I make no money on the fireside chats just for them, record. I do it because I want to touch people's lives, so if you can forward this to others, that's a great thing. I think it's important subjects that are being discussed. Thank you for being with me and thought next week by thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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