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Fireside Chat Ep. 91 – Dennis Testifies Before the Senate

2019-07-22 | 🔗
This week Dennis talks about his Senate Judiciary hearing testimony on Big Tech censorship on behalf of PragerU. Why has Google/YouTube placed so many PragerU videos on its restricted list? A Google representative gives a baffling, comedic answer. Watch our video on The Ten Commandments and see how “dangerous” it is: https://www.prageru.com/video/the-ten-commandments-what-you-should-know/
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Hello, my friends, I'm Dennis Prager. Welcome to my home. I always emphasise it is my home for our unscriptural completely spontaneous weekly fireside chat. I just I mean just flew in from Washington DC, I'm in love, I'm an illusion jewels and I was in Washington to testify. In the U S: Senate, invited by Senator TED cruised testified his The committee on the judiciary, about the subject of what is happening there bigger university videos at the Google Slash Youtube. Google owns Youtube, fifty six of our three hundred and twenty five minute videos or on the restricted list. I'll explain that animal, went and other videos as well, including some fireside chats for that matter will win
Stuff is canvas, Owen, stuff is not not just the the videos that we put out, that's a lot and they have a restricted list for people who are filters. Many homes filter out, you have. You have if you do on your computer, you filter out pornography in violence. That's what they're made for, and when that happens, the family, the home or any one with the filter cannot see a restricted. Video So that means they can't see dozens of Or videos, because Google, you tube, has decided that they are to be lump with pornography and violence. That's what I was called to Washington to testing.
By with regard to, and it is in the larger issue. Obviously I wasn't the only a witness, but I was there were there were just five of us and I was the one to speak about obviously, pray Are you and what is happening in the larger issue was well. There was a representative from Google. I will talk about that, because This entered the realm of the twilight zone. What actually went on in the United States Senate Chambers yesterday or one which is when I, when I did this but in your time it'll be the next day, and but it doesn't matter because if you watch if you're watching this a year from now, it's completely relevant while I hope it will be relevant, but I suspect that will be anyway. That's what that's what happened? so they had the one of the heads of of Google testify and be questioned
and they asked him. Senator crews to his great credit by the way, is gutsy for doing this. Unease helping America. So senator crews, asked him why? Why did you put the prick university. Video. The ten commandments on the restricted list. It almost sounds crazy. Doesn't it a video that I made as it happens, and I think it's crazy, how could that be lumped with pain? ruffian violence. Then the man actually answered. May you can watch this? You can see it and here it at Prager, you'd outcome. We have put it up. Social with them is Prager. Dotcom and you can you can see this the actual answer, and my reaction to it, but the actual
ensure that this man from Google gave well. It speaks about on paraphrase but it speaks about murder being cut. To let you digest what I just said. Do you understand how ludicrous that is the ten km Edmunds does in fact have a commandment against murder, but no one outside of the left, and that's it I'm sorry, I'm trying Sorry. This is not a liberal conservative issue. It is eight. It is a left, conservative and left liberal issue. No one outside of the left with think even. To say: well, it has murder in it. We don't want young people or we don't want people with filth is our schools or libraries to see this? So
It's either a y or or an absurdity or both. I think it's both course. It's a lie. You're not gonna have a video on the ten commandments, because the ten commandments is do not murder. Thou shall not murder. I'm please you might as well say. Well, we not have it. It says there shall not commit adultery. We don't want the word adultery and for filters Or stealing, why is stealing ok but you but murder risen in in terms of a word to be mentioned, its. The reason, of course is they don't have an answer it's because, they want to hurt. Any effective conservative voice in the world that Google's job.
We have a picture of an email it within Google, an email said between people. If Google that says that Ben Shapiro, Jordan, Petersen and Prager. You are nazis, never mind that Shapiro and I are jewish and committed Jews were spent good part of our lives fight. Anti Semitism Jordan Petersen is is such a moral giant. The idea that the EU would be Call him a nazi: it is so despicable the people who do that are so they're evil. I mean it lets. Let's call it by its correct name, so
Their answer was a lie, is just the guy took it under oath he eats you know we all take an oath before we testify my eight, I dont quite get how he or how weak about we lives with himself. We don't. We have restricted a video on ten commandments because it contains murder. Anyway, everybody knows I mean that the number of videos up without restriction that have the word murder is in the tens of thousands and that's an absurdity, so you can watch it. You could see gotta Prager you, which is at the top right all uptown right, including that you'll go man on Facebook.
I sat there, I couldn't believe it, but he was matched by the senator who said well. There's another reason that it sir this is restricted. Because it shows the swastika. So I didn't remember actual remember every video. I do every illustration, so I checked it out in the Senate chamber itself and yes, direct and what it is. As I say when describing the commandment against murder that there were people even in our modern period, who didn't think murder was wrong and I have a picture of a swastika and a picture of a
marine sickle, the two greatest murderous movements of the modern era, communism that eighty eight hundred million people of course, not ism tens of millions, including the holocaust? So do you understand? I do. I think I do understand If this senator watch this video, I will buy her a house in the Virgin Islands or Hawaii River. She would like a dream. Mouse cheapen watch the video some aid did. The aid was a fool. The aid just wanted to see try to find a swastika in a pre university. Video and lets say they did.
But of course the point that I am making is how murderous the swastika is. Do you not want people we was so see the swastika with murder. That's what we do at Prager you it's it's! It's quite something the sick. It's that pervades the left, this the senators, not a liberal the Senate, I'm not even mentioning the senators name, because I have no desire to humiliate and individual. I'm even mentioned to you, the Google person's name, because these But were generic, whether rich left the senator or this left this Google person it's irrelevant, Here is a lot of you were wondering. Where was Otto? Otto out? I was so excited. Tat have well at least my wife back on my much carries out excited have me back home, but he, I think, he's become aware,
the fact that we are shooting the video shooting the fireside chat and he's not present, Sir he's he's meditating. Does he go to his position or does he continue to work? get rub by my wife. You know we should all have such difficult. The questions to pose, as fishes in our lives. So this This is what goes on my friends. This is There is. No reason why our our Prager, you, videos, Aurora censored by Google, Youtube, sometimes Facebook, sometimes Twitter, there's no way, nowhere reason the reason is: while there is a reason, but it's never one that is valid the reason is because, where the most effective conservative it your voice in the world with a
million views a year, most of them under thirty five years of age. Somebody should follow me in an airport, with a with a video camera, see all the young people who walk over think I mentioned the national seven seven in an amount even on the radio and national who were touching lived or not.
Watching enough lives that sir, that's the frustrating pride I never. I must. I will be totally open with you. I do not think of how successful we are, I think, of how much we have new and haven't succeeded in doing if people understood what is going on at the universities and in the big Tec to suppress conservative voices they would be alarmed. This is alarming. Is the greatest threat to free speech in american history free speeches, one America's known for that's, why we got the statue of liberty and no other country? Did France gave it to one country, and it was us because we have more liberty to this day, but the left has always opposed liberty. Liberals have always been for liberty. Conservatives have always been for liberty, and the left has always been opposed to it. There is no exception to that. I have just said.
Liberty is not a left wing value. Norris truth. You saw them both in display in the U S Senate and you should look. You should also look at my opening statement. We're all allowed five minutes to make a statement. I gave a great To that. I'm not sure I ever read a speech in my life that might have been the first time I ever read a speech. I I knew the amount of words that I would be allowed. If, because I know what five minutes takes and I I chose I think wisely. I I want you to to view and or hear that five minutes statement that I made in the: U S Senate it, sir,
I think an important one. So that's the state wherein- and I just want to remind you if you can now support Prager you, then you are supporting freedom. That's that's a simple as that is there or is there a banner upper where one people is gonna Prager, you don't take it and if you're an American, its attacks, free donation to mount an American. It isn't. Obviously, unless your country allows forth, but the reason to give as not to give a tax reduction, the priest to give is because were fighting the good fight if they could. Google- and you too, but shut us down by the way some people ask us an odd question of surprise. We get it. Why don't we open up our own browser or six? Its use me search engine and just get in ignore you tube and Google that is sort of like saying one.
You start your own airline. If you dont like the airline of your country, it's it's exactly life, it's because of it How am I going to start a new airline and it's actually It's actually easier to start a new air airline, because if I started a new, a new search engine? Let's say we would call it open to all views that come right search engine. It wouldn't matter, because still people will still be using Google and still be watching things on you too our two and we get a lot of people who agree with us to use that search engine, but our task is to. Change minds much I want to give the
Intellectual ammunition to the people who agree with us two very important that people who agree with us here what we have to say, but we So I want to touch people who don't agree with us that other otherwise we can We might as well say we give up. We have lost the battle for western civilization, which is what this is about. So Yes, of course we could start a search engine for people who agree with us, but we we want to get out there. The real world and mix it up, so that's the reason it's it's. It's not feasible stuff. Our own. Of course you can go to Prager you and watch our stuff directly. You write your mother, they withdrew Youtube, but more people watch us through Facebook and end Youtube them directly and even directly. We use the form of of Youtube. Even if you do go to Prager you video now we have to do. We have the winds,
battle so anyway help us out. I will tell you my theory may have heard it about good people. There are three types of good people, those who fight those who helped the fighters and those who do nothing. The first two are equally valuable if you help the fighters you're just as valuable as the fighters, but if you don't do anything, you don't. Do anything for good things, goodness more prevail, all right, so watch out watch my statement and watch the Google statement at our website. So It is only through Facebook, it's not through Prager you directly. Jordan beyond Prego, you directly, yeah, ok, well,.
So. The first question is: is about this. What is the best way from William twenty seven in Minneapolis best way to combat censorship of free speech and de Facebook? Twitter? You, Legislation use other platforms while the S, if you could use other platforms, if some obviously serious number people did, but it would take a vast number for them to feel it. The answer is help us up the only answer, but it's a big one hears what were the biggest thing that they that they fear because we're nice were rational, were truthful? You know many things come with Prig EU belies the unit you, if you put it, do you know if you put in Prager in Google Prager, you is, do it right now, Well, it's like do on your phone cause. I checked on mine my browser on my.
My wife checked on hers. She what comes up typing Prager you is and what it does it get is lying. Is that one of the is biased, not a university dangerous lying. Ok does at the pretty much I'll tell you a lot. Doesn't it. You everything, but it that tell you a lot Prager. You is an, and everyone that came up was was a real hit on us. How about Prager, you is opening mines, I'll think that comes up. So lying, that's the one gets me the most that everyone who claims this never gives an example. Do you know columnist? I've been economist for twenty years every? I make a generalization. I always back it up with facts.
If I say so, and so lies that I say here is an example were here are three examples so, but they don't have an example, because we don't lie, and I would never let it go. Because lying is evil, and I don't like evil twenty six LOS Angeles it is it. Is it ok to tell your spouse, slash partner, you want them to lose weight order In better shape, of course, it is the problem, because it's very hard, especially for a man to tell that to his wife or his partner. He, because the ease of ISA is afraid of hurting her feelings, but now, like everything else, context matters. The very long issue I talk about male female matters, a great deal if, if your spouse
Has led him or herself go and it matters to you most of the time and matters much more to men, because in the human species, as opposed to peacocks the female is visual rouser, is it fair? It's not fair. Is it true? Yes, it's true right, so the way the female looks is generally more important. What what excites? but women about a man at least one. If the woman is over. Twenty five at the very very most maybe even over twenty is ie is a funny. Is he ambitious? Is he Strong is a masculine, that's what is he smart? We fall in love with brains, not that Mendel love brains. I love Britain's, but obviously the bans. Reigns as any Roderick charge for women for
men, the visual, is exceedingly important and am it's not fair? It's not fair, actually, not even fair to men, but it is true, so More more often than not, this issue arises with regard to. Will the man tell the woman my general belief is. If she's trying you got a lover, for I mean that's, but if she doesn't try if she, if she just sheep when she married you, she really care to look good and then fifteen years later. She couldn't care less, how she looks, how she dresses, how much watching each and so on. That's that's unfair to you, because you, you sort of you, you married he'll. We all marry a deal with if the man was a hard worker and then fifteen years later is a couch potato. You, you gotta, you got a right to be unhappy to stop this
This is truly the most unspoken significant issue, I think in many marriages, but the to be confronted in a loving way, but nevertheless it should be. T o sixteen years old, Hong Kong. My dear MR pray, here I am young black conservative am. I am struggling to properly present my political beliefs to my mom believe she has failed to properly raised me because of this I tried discussions regarding abortion, illegal immigration or even whether capitalism is the best economic sis. Currently in the world. I don't matter Baker understand that conservatives are even America, for that matter are in full of racist and big its best wishes. I don't think you can.
Everything you said is rational people who deny this are not gonna, be persuaded by the rational My my my instinctive recommendation is just be loving and respect full and say my there is really nothing. I can say it. It's either true or not true, that only capitalism has lifted or from poverty. If you say it is in true- and I say it is true- I don't know what what there is to talk about America is, the is the least racist place on on earth where there are many, ethnic and racial groups, and for that matter, where there are many ethic and racial groups.
Asian countries are so much more racist than Americans you. If you're, not you, Benita can become a citizen of Japan. For all intents and purposes, the trouble is Americans haven't lived there experienced foreign societies, they don't realize how much ray Matters elsewhere and doesn't matter in America, America, as produced to stay
growing number of naive people and their role on the left, because the moment you shed knives day you'll leave the left. You have to be nice to be on the left, about real evil, about racism, etc, etc. I feel bad for you. Just love your mother up and, and give up is not. I don't know what else you can do. Ironically, I think your mother produce the great son. That's the irony! What's our time frame? Yes, ok! Fine! Let's do one more here! Erin thirty, three Houston: what do you think of a married couple choosing to have no children? Well, I would like to ask them why they made their choice to me. You live once, I believe, in an after life, but you live here once that's my belief.
So. I have always thought I want to maximize rich, except three in life. I don't want to miss out. I dont know why people We want to miss out if they could be parents, why they would want to miss out on that opportunity. The RO the experience, the love, the anguish, the everything why why would to say, I want to take the easy way out at all the visits generally, the easy way out the easy way out, and perhaps not even to get married. But you're married anyone like to know if you're not having children because of global warming, then I I salute you. I think all those who think that the world will go extinct because of carbon emissions should not have children. I think it's a blessing that many of them have decided not to have children if you there.
Foolish. You shouldn't have children, but otherwise I I don't know why anybody would make that option and it so said the so many couples want children who can have children. I wish they could swap, but it doesn't work that way. Why would you want to forsake one of the most rich experiences? A human could have to be apparent, so you can go to restaurants. More often take more trips, Ok, please help us Prager. You please watch those videos about my son in appearance and I will see you next week from my home to yours, God bless you thanks for watching I'm Dennis Prager. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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