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Fireside Chat Ep. 94 – On Being Called A Nazi

2019-08-11 | 🔗
On this Fireside Chat, Dennis answers a frequently-asked question: How do you deal with all the hate and name-calling? It's a fact that if you disagree with the left, they will hit you with SIXHIRB: sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, and bigoted.
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I everybody, I'm Dennis Prager fascinating to me, how often People will say still to this day It doesn't matter how often I deny it. It's not a set This really is my home. It really is my study even man cave and happily may have a woman in my man came almost all the time, I actually like being with my wife, and this is not holier than thou. Now I have not we had of easy, the and the marital realm. I I have been divorced, and I know that it's blessing and lucky if you ve got a good mate, whether man or woman, and so I don't take that for granted, but I'm just noting that by lumping with her she loves being with me even when I spoke my cigar here, which I nor We do by the way I used to do it all the time and then Facebook started to work.
Allow it is that it because it's amazing what you can show kids today Perceptual lies at such an early age and public schools, but to see an adult smoking a cigar- that's corrupting it's part of the side down nature of of our moral compass, which is a real problem, real real big problem, any I'm Dennis Prager. This is my home. Is my fireplaces, my dog Otto, the bull dog who, is I I do believe them off. Mr Morgan, America at this time, and I do not often and has not gone too my wife and I monitor this very frequently that he doesn't get conceded orse. Think too highly of self. But I will say this: it just occurred to me that maybe we should
make available to you autographed photos of of Otto. I never crack puns, simum cracking myself up now, because I dont crack bonds, but that came to me an autograph. So if this sub groundswell of yearning for out of graft photos If you will love, maybe we'll figure something out. What else did I want to tell you? Oh yes, it was very funny. I was in Nashville recently, and I knew it was a record number of people who came over old, all young except the except one. And it's very touching to me by the way, if you do see me- and you want to get a selfie, though, though, must be self conscious. I dont Cinderella disturbance some honoured by the requests. I really do want you to know that a so feel free.
But it is amazing how in one case, for example, the person didn't even say: oh Dennis Prager, they said how's Otto. That was the first. I took me a second to Real House Otto. Yes, that's true, ok, anyway, I want to talk to you about something at the. Jimmy. I do this almost every far such out. I offer you some thoughts about something in life and then I take your questions we do people send questions in what are they do? Prageru dot com, simple as that and oh yes, by the way you'll see on the screen now Michaud Use was sent to us. This is a picture. Of a lay goes built thing by a six year. Old boy named won his mom Ali assented in and they had. Made a fireside out of Lagos, and then he said, Fireside chats Dennis Prager, so he may me and ATO so.
She sent the to us are very touched by my thought. You would be too so there it is. Two year old going it's the fireside chats, that is a good sign, there's no reason a six year old couldn't watch, I would say ninety five percent of these. Sometimes we talk about adult themes that that the event which assail over kids head, because we don't get Rancheria. Obviously, but there are still things. That are, I mean I do addressing in adult way, adult issues I wanted to to you today about a personal, a personal issue and the
The only reason I'm raising it is not because I have no desire to talk about me, but it is relevant to everybody and what I've worked out is relevant to everybody. Obviously, the the the subject that cause that is not related to everybody. Most of you do not get the amount of of hate that I get. For example, I mean most recently it came out. There was a picture of an email,
described the bench Shapiro Jordan Petersen, Prager you as Nazis, an internal email act at the Google. Was a google or you to buy me. Google owns you tube. It was Google yeah, it's it's, so it so interesting that people would do that too. To call bench appear, liar Jews and committed Jews notches born Jews and and Jordan Peters,
is is one of the most kind human beings. I've ever had the honour of meeting an end to label us with the worst label that that really human language provides to us in terms of evil. This. This is what is done routinely routinely on the left, not by liberals, but by left US liberals don't fight it, but they don't do it. This is done by people on the left. That's always been done that way: stolen cultural, ski, a fascist than I always use that as an example. If you don't know who Stalin Trotzky as well,
because american education doesn't teach much history, but you should know about that in any event that that is their modus operandi. Iver theories to why I've a theory. Why would they call good people nazis? So One reason is because they can't debate us. I I would give serious amount of money as a charitable contribution. If the head of google- or you too, wants to debate me, we could even debate is Dennis Prager Nazi, you, you choose the topic, but they never debate. You have no idea how many people on the left don't won't come on. My radio show- and I am I
always treat people. I differ with with respect when fact, one professor, who would not play with the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, when I conducted the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, conduct periodically it's my vocation, so to speak of the love of mine. In the end, I have an ability to conduct, so I conducted a heightened symphony at the at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, in LOS Angeles, years ago and several of the seventy musicians would not play for me because they believed that this the lies that have been told. And I had I had the man on the show. You see a way, professor, who said I was a big it and all these other things and I brought his wife could somehow we knew. I wasn't going to humiliate him or even try to add. I never do, but they still do come. He was a rare exception. Madame
for an hour it's worth hearing by the way, it's really really worth hearing. So they don't debate what they do. Instead is they malign they call you all these six serve as I've made an acronym about for many years ago, sexist intolerance, xenophobic homophobic Islamophobia, races, bigoted, whoever recording of Hillary Clinton actually using those words, racism, intolerance exactly in that order This is its I roderick, so I want to talk to you about. How do I deal with that? Just a cute little common, anecdotal people who come over to me do not come over and cursing person on the internet, but but not in love and not in life as it were.
People say very beautiful things to me and so, for example, someone will say that an international. I love you by the way I get that for men just as much as from women and I'm very moved by that, and I I e they did. They then immediately add almost all the time or you hear that all the time and then I say well, actually I don't hear it all the time just go my name and then any expletive like a whole and you'll get three thousand minutes and their shocked because they have this wonderful feeling about me and what people call you such horrible things. But they do at an end. This latest the Nazi one is just the most of the most recent in any parliamentary prominent
hurry now. So what I want to talk to you about is how do you deal with being hated or in origin, massively insulted and so on and I'll tell you exactly how I deal with it, and I think it is something that you would want to incorporate into your own life. You don't have to be a public figure to be insulted right people- people are hurtful, things are said, the people or about people in every arena of life. So this is what I I this is the audits. Who did that? I adopted internal attitude, at a very young age, because I've been doing public things. I've been publicly speaking since the age of twenty one, my entire life I have, I have as it were been in public life. So am I got to feed back very early on both sides, positive and negative.
So this is what this is that the phrase that I developed, that has really stood me. Well, I I I do not let the insults go to my heart and I do not let the compliments go to my head and that has been exactly what I've done. If you let, the compliments and of your life go to your head than the insults, will in fact go to your heart. They come together. You can't just take one and have an effect you If one effect you, the other will affect you. So you you, the person has to deal with the look up, I am mind, centred the personnel to deal with. Through their mind. If you
through your heart, you'll kill, you'll, just being a permanent hurt and you won't think killer. Clearly, it's great to feel robots, don't feel humans, feel feelings are beautiful, but they can't be guides. That's me, I should do. I should if I haven't done one, I should talk about feelings and the heart and how You can't let that guide you in life, but that is what I have done and it is worth. Compliments don't go to my head and everybody who knows me knows this: it's not you, it's not even an issue we haven't. Even then we have to fight it. I am touched by it. I am touched by the kindness of people to say kind things, but it doesn't go to my. And likewise the the insults they they don't. They they bounce off me. They don't go to my heart I know what I am I and that those things they no problem
by the way for the record, there is only one thing that does bother me not being although not seen all that, that that is a statement about those people how awful those human beings are sort of statement about me. But the thing that I do love is when I'm misquoted that where people say Prager said, and I never said it and that that does happen. The New York Times that it to me and I wrote a whole article about their article on me, which you can also find on the year on the internet. There was one of my columns a couple of years ago on this, so called controversy. Of the musicians who wouldn't play for me is only seven out of seventy. The story should have been sixty three musicians of the Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra, Symphony orchestra of one of the most liberal left sitting.
In the country is playing for a conservative who came to conduct. That was the beautiful story that they like like me. They, like I For that music transcend politics. That's one of the reasons I did it was to make that statement. Beautiful music does not know, left and right that this there did. This is beautiful space for beauty. So sixty three of the seven they musicians played that should have been the same Instead, the New York Times speaks big controversy on the West Coast. There wasn't a bit controversy. Seven people is nothing anyway, That's critical, you can't let them affect you. You can't let that the good stuff go to your head, the candle at the best of go to your heart, that's true for Everybody, you don't have to be a public figure to adopt that attitude and what you are Do you have to know yourself and so
Are you avoid? Let's take the first water, you avoid not letting compliments go to your head because you have to have a very realistic view of yourself and I will, if I will acknowledge, that being religious has been very helpful in this way, we're all children of God and that's it. That's the end of the That gives me my worth and it gives me my my in both directions makes me infinitely precious and in in ITALY, not special. I M one of God's bill Of children and then that That's what I believe, I'm just I feel very lucky, and I am very lucky. I mean it's not that Feel it I know I am I I know I have been given gifts and I'm very lucky to have them human health and I'm lucky to have that. Given a wonderful family, great friends, I mean my cup runneth over the sought to say haven't had very difficult challenges in life. I've had, I don't know anymore
You hasn't, so you don't you. If you have a very strong sense of hay. When I, when I see when I see people or in terrible Straits physical mental, I always think there, but for the grace of God, go I. That that I'm lucky- I don't have that issue- I mean We know a family, an unbelievably beautiful family and one of whose children has schizophrenia. I mean that that's it's just that it's very share them. It's bad luck! It's it's! Not! It's not! A comment on anybody am I It just water run, think boy, my lucky, if you think you're lucky, you don't think you're great, that's that's! That's. A really important thing
in in combating letting the stuff go to your head and asked for it not letting the stuff go to your heart. Why? What Why would I let it you you make up terrible? things about me that our true, I know they're, not true, so I will sleep very well at night. They reflect on you. They don't reflect on me any I thought that might be of help that that little model why I developed? I don't let the compliments go to my head and I don't let the insults go to my heart. It's a it's, a good attitude to have. Let's see your questions here, Oh boy, ok, let's see this California, what he thought about the eighty three twenty nine law by the way is not rehearsed. Sometimes I have to think these things through gender. Density. Insects, Ed for children affect their story.
The school year, its that's in California, and what do you think is the best way to oppose it? What do you recommend parents concerned adults due to fight back I don't know the law off hand. I know I know certain things about it. I know I ve talked about it on the radio, for exam I mean they're gonna start talking about transgender two kids age, five, and sexuality and heterosexuality the though the left doesn't believe that protecting children's innocence is a beautiful thing. Remember my motto and I I hate to say this concept painfully true, but everything the left touches. It poisons whether its sports is a recent example. Sport was one of the last remaining areas where people can go and enough and not have politics thrust in their face, but then they not standing for the flag started in that that ended that late night.
My vision, the universities, the high schools now the elementary schools. Well, why don't you just leave this alone business? Isn't this indoctrination, let alone the robbing children of innocence. Also, this notion. You know that in California, textbooks have to have a certain number of pages or words device. To all the various groups So now there's a new one. There has to be in California textbooks or textbooks user. California. There has to be a certain amount of space devoted to the transgendered contribution to history. Why or the gay contribution why?
Yet many people- I am an m in music, as in every case, and many people play I copy and and love his works, which are magnificent, they'll, know he's gay. What if, if you write a biography of like ASCII, of course you would include that. But if you talk about my Copses contribution to music why's, that relevant, though, do we name. Heterosexuals Beethoven was ahead or sexual nappy bit odd. To note that before we discuss the key of sea minor and Beethoven's fifth, let's discuss heterosexuality before we discuss such like asking Symphony foreign and F minor: let's talk about his homosexuality. Why an and transgender I mean do we really know most of the time
doesn't even know what I mean: people successfully transition to the other sex, their known as the other sex. I met a young. I met a transgender woman, was actually a member of the arc of one of the orchestra is that I conducted many years ago ass. She was the tempest and their very rarely, heavily? Certainly then very timpanists, the drummers, those big gigantic drums that you see in orchestras, and so I mentioned to the cook the conductor that allow we have a female timpanists and then he mentioned to me. Well, yes, but as it happens in her case, she she's, transgender or transsexual, like I was a term which was much more accurate in any event that was used them. Regarded. This person is a woman because
He looked like a woman talk like a woman and a woman's name. So, of course I will address, or as a woman it's when people try to combine the two, that there is a great deal of confusion and its deliberate. And that that's that's another issue, so I dont want. What does it mean to have textbooks talk about the transgendered contribution in in California or american history? And then they yell at the right for being divisive, they divine Americans into straight and gay and transgendered entrenched, sexual and bisexual and black and latino an Asian. When I grow up, everybody was just an American. That's it that's the way. That's the only way Amerika will survive. It's called a Pluribus unum from many one. How should we deal with it? I have sort of
up on most urban schools in America today, not all but most private or public, since they, I think you should find it. But of course you eat you eat. You then we'll be called a hater because they know they never argue they the they malign, as I said earlier, and what you should then do we just take it out of school. I think that if enough people actually did take their kids out of schools, the message would be me gotten, because that is how the schools are funded by the number of kids who are enrolled. I'm sorry to say this: it bit pains me terribly, but I'd I'd. I at this point I, if you can't beat him join them. I think, if you can't beat him leave him, you know Wanna join up then this. So you can have.
Holmes coolly. You can have go, go to another school that doesn't talk about transgender and heterosexuality homosexuality and the like two to seven year old. Okay, so Wesley fourteen years old, West Valley City, you talk to your Dennis. My question is: what do you say to a friend who says you are too closed minded to listen to another idea. I ask this because I have my values set and what I believe to be but I dont want to risk my said values to be subjected to change. Thank you. Well the truth, as you should, in fact I use it sounds to a certain extent, look you're. Forty. But let's say you were eighteen or over,
certainly say you owe it to yourself to be to confront ideas. You own agree with, When I was in high school, I started learning russian. I started teaching myself russian. The reason was, I want that to be able to read Soviet Union newspapers communist newspapers in there in their language problems specifically- and I did- I ended up being able to read- proved in Russian. I couldn't order from a menu, but I could written Prob. And I I I've always wanted to know what the about others think and so that your friendship I'm just riper your your challenge is to your friend is well that all you need to confront right ideas and you need to know the answers that people like myself give that's why the region's Prager. You was out there to give you answers and intellect will ammunition, honest,
intellectual ammunition, one of the reasons I know I am effective, I'm this one, a a big reason. I am effective when I, when I make the case for my I use is that I am totally aware of all all the opposing arguments. All of them. If anybody's closed minded today, it's the fox on the left because remember it's impossible not to be exposed to the left. You'd have to live in a cave. The teachers are teaching from the left in elementary high school and and and colleges in graduate school, the movies are saturated with television is saturated, late night tv saturated with it at all, but you can avoid it most therapist unfortunately, are around the left, which is another story for another time and it is a story. I would like to talk about the whole therapy problem and there are some wonderful therapists, but it's the operative word. There is some.
But they don't hear us, they don't read us. They don't study under us there. The closed minded, that's the reason they don't. They want us to be heard. Whether it is on the internet or visiting at colleges. Ok, let's see here. All right, here's another one is a long one, but I'll read it to you, William Thirty, Columbus, Ohio, christian conservative white male to hear the lowest of the low man, whew white male, even mention heterosexual, but I'm sure that's true f from you would have made mention it the why so christian conservative white male, music and affluent and progressive school most teachers, and
Students are very vocal in forthcoming about their left, leaning views on abortion, hate in quotes, speech, pro algae, BT, related topics. I have been relatively quiet about my beliefs for fear of retaliation and even being fired. If I don't referred, was student by their preferred pronoun. I have my first transgender no my known for over years, is a female and is now identifying as a male. How can I survived circumstance? as preserving my own values and importing wisdom? on others for the next twenty years, without losing my job. I don't know how you do it without losing your job, that you could be the kindest person at the sky.
And then, as soon as you would say, for example, as I do of utterly publicly, and we have a there's, a gay member of the Board of directors of Prager, you, my wife, and I are God, parents to a gay couples, children, but I am opposed to same sex. Marriage has only with hate nothing's zero. If I hated what I would I have a gay as a member of the board of directors of of Prager you. What would I be the God, a godfather to the children living a couple of theirs and issue scintilla of aid in me for gay people, it's disgusting again maligned accusation. I am for same sex marriage because I do believe that the that the ideal is for a man and a woman to marry. That's that's my belief is what what is it something through with hate
My I hear it's my ideal that a child should be raised by mother and father, so is that it- Hatred for single mothers, raising children or single fathers the honest, if I have an ideal and you dont measure it my hating, you it's the ideology. You married once a merry more than once I didn't live up to an ideal life did while Ford, for whatever reason I understand that, but don't drop the ideal. The fact There are people who don't live by an ideal, assuming you drop the ideal to make them feel good. You still love them, but I'm not going. Drop the ideal. The ideal is that a man and a woman bond. That's my that's my value. That's your value!. But if you say that you would be fired, I believe if you said that you believe that marriage should be defined as a man and a woman, you would be fired from a description.
You gave me and then they will use up Vel fire you and yet you for eight. That's the amazing thing della you from being closed, minded. Ok, let's see. Are we doing on time perfect? like fifteen years old, Boston Massachusetts good evening. Why do we begin good evening? I guess he wrote it. Wally or is the fireside suggests evening, ok good evening. My summer started about a week ago, and I have been thinking of things to do. I start an exercise plan, and I am looking for a summer job. However, I try it's a look for something meaningful to duty of any recommendations. I do action
they have a recommendation, anything that might that is you you, you wrote it yourself right. I am something. That's it. That is, that is the ideal, something that will be Snoopy coming in very rarely makes an appearance and he may mouth he may not. And, ladies and gentlemen, a rare moment here, you can't put abbess basket home that they're they're more stubborn than the chair. Okay. Well, if he comes by will have him say hello to you, what do you think prompted is coming, and I guess I know why cause his mom is in here. Snoopy. The other dog. He is a little camera shy and aunt em. He helps Otto maintain as humility to beautiful thing. All right, you're trying to look at areas. Ladies and gentlemen, the least is backside unity. Is he now,
looking as he looking Otto that it's hilarious. I think this this would go on all night. Actually, this is he cleaning his ear yeah, I don't get actually infected ears from this cleaning process. I think he rubbed his ear skin off after with time, but it is very beautiful. They do groom each other a greatly Anyway, if you can concentrate on what I have to say, while this goes on your better than me, but this is a really important question and my last one you're, looking your fifteen. Years old and you're looking for something meaningful to do in the summer, there many meaningful jobs for fifteen year olds? That's just the way it is. You know my first job was shovelling snow. Do you know what it was meaningful, as anything I've done in my life, because I worked for a living that's meaningful,
and my job. I would take if you end up Atta Mcdonald's, that's meaningful because you will learn the meaning of work. You will learn the discipline of work. You will learn how to interact with people you may not all of all of whom you may not like that's in credibly, meaningful IRA. Other you you, you were you work at Mcdonald's, then get a job in a law firm You will learn much more about life at the Mcdonald, so do anything legit and that will be meaningful. That's the me I gotta get up and I gotta do a great job and whatever you do, do it the best. That's the key. Dear friend of mine is a rabbi. Michael got leap. He's How long is Michael Godly Mary now about thirty years, yet more than thirty years,
I've known them their whole life, I've known not their whole life, but I'm on them since before they were married, terrific couple Michael and Jill got leave, so The issue arose at a recent dinner and he he mentioned that he once asked her. What You would you love me if I weren't to reply wishes, which is a prominent position and she said absolutely said, will want. If I were a milk man, she said absolutely providing you with the best milkman. That's the key in life to be the best you can be at that job. So if you went up at Mcdonald's, I want you to serve with a smile to work with your co workers, with a smile to prepare everything as fast and as well as possible
That is a meaningful job, good great to be with you. I will be with you, God willing next week. And would like to remind you to send in questions watch the Prager videos, videos, let people watch the fireside chats there very human and wonderful and their more than human, as you can see as well see next week. Thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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