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Fireside Chat Ep. 96 - Leftism Makes Mean People

2019-08-26 | 🔗
Why does the left produce mean people? In this week's Fireside Chat, Dennis Prager discusses his son's recent encounter with a leftist. To justify their behavior towards those with different views, the left simply demonizes them as bad people.
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Hi everybody, I'm Dennis Prager. This is this week's fireside chats. You know We need a band. We gotta get. We gotta up the the anti on this thing right, don't We agree like Rome, you know one night, I'm tv, I would love that have a band here, just a drummer now, but trumpet by irrigate something we do have. Otto, though, and I'll tell you this I took a vote with you, folks, Otto. A ban would win Otto all well, when we see how Bubu you, should you good all right everybody, so this is my home. This is my everything. This is Beazley
favorite room in the house by the way, does it look messy? I dont know it doesn't cost your facing the meat side. Behind this camera are a thousand books I have about seven thousand books by the way. Let me offer you a thought that probably hasn't been off most of you. There is something beautiful and meaningful in entering a home and seen books. So, look, I read a lot on Kindle. I riddle. I read most now on audible, but it doesn't matter. It is a. It is a statement that you take ideas seriously having books and that's also beautiful, bookcases input
I mean it's just. This is cosmetically nice, but I'm just offering you a thought, and you know what happens when people visit my proof. Is they walk over the books? people, show curious. What is this person reed. And it is sort of like an advertisement for your mind in your heart to people see you should day you should buy books and and and have a bookcase or too if it is of her people. The first thing people do when they come in to this room is, is just. Wow look at how many books- and I it's more than the norm even for my generation, but it was- it- was common in the past too. To have books in the house could do that was the only option about how to read, but people don't believe as much anyway to enable that's another issue.
What to tell you a story and those of you new to the fireside chat? Please! No, nothing is rehearsed. It's completely spontaneous it's my way of really getting. You didn't know me better as a person and no scripted, even though none of my speech is a scripted, but still there was speech and I get to know you cuz, I get feedback with your questions and and your emails, which Appreciate and red okay, so here this literally happened five minutes ago, but I'm about to tell you happened five minutes ago I was speaking to I've two sons, speaking to my younger son, who works in India Rehab World, and he told me that he he works. He works with high school kids he's very effect.
If with young people and so for whatever reason nor. Molly they just no. He said there your first name but his s name was apparently visible as well, and some kid then said: Prager Dennis Prager Prager, you, and my son said yeah and usually Oh, really, wow! That's a kick! That's your dad and this kid goes. Your your father is effing retard using the F word. And and and and said something else I remembered effing retard, so my son had my son dealt with them. Well, I am happy to say why and why my telling you this
story, and I said this to my son: it's the effect that those things have on me is never personal. I don't it. It doesn't matter to me it matters to the it matters to be only in that what it says. About those that I fight the other side. Is it nice and I don't mean people I differ with bread. Stevens is a columnists at the New York Times. I I adore him he's never tramper. We completely for on Donald Trump, we debated it on the New York Times. Facebook page he wrote a column. Criticising me. I wrote a column criticising him. I adore the guy is a wonderful human being especial man
so the fact that I differ with you doesn't make you bed the left, though he's not he's not left us. The left, as opposed to liberals, their wonderful liberals in this world than I differ with on many things, but the left creates mean people. I am certain of this. How could it not if you believe that everyone you differ with is? Is racist, massage earnest, Haider Xenophobe NEO Nazi than then of course, you'll take. This this kid was brainwashed into believing Dennis Prager is, if it is a fascist. That's that's how sick it is also we don't. We don't do that, Sweden, we don't go to the tables of
Democrats who were having dinner and start screaming at them, but they they. That side does it through Republicans who were having dinner. Am I I sit on my show this week, something which sort of went viral, and it is this. Those of us who are attached to traditional western judeo christian principles- we we know the great biblical first love your as yourself witches from the third book of the Bible, the old test, but the Torah. Leviticus love your neighbour as yourself as probably most famous phrase in the Bible, and I I am writing a bible common
three, the rational bible. When that volume comes out, I will it's not out yet that that particular volume Leviticus, but when I explained that I wish we did a genius that law. It doesn't say, love every one as yourself it doesn't say, love the whole world, as yourself doesn't say, love humanity as yourself. Just your deeper. The left lobes humanity, but their awful to their neighbour. That's that I learned when I was in college. It was one of the great epiphanes of my life. It was
a tremendous realisation. These kids, in specifically my graduate school of Colombia, the they were tearing down the college in opposition to the war in Vietnam, and they will think they ve. I remember they. They ruined a professors, whole life. There were no computers, then his whole life was on paper. All of his work was on the way they ruined all of his life's work because he said
What are the war in Vietnam, and that said wow, so here they are marching for love and peace and ruining people's lives, and I put two and two together that they never translated their highfalutin love of peace and love. Love was a big word most misused word. Probably there is and they they were pretty awful to people. They certainly didn't treat the in the year in the moon in their movement, particularly well that that came out later show. I look This is a lesson.
I have only one question in the final analysis about any ideology: does it make people kinder finer, more decent, more just human beings or not? That's all that matters. Not your rhetoric or you a finer kinder, more just more decent person because of your ideology with its religious or secular. That's my only question, I'm not a more right. Obviously I my case, I am a religious Jew. But I got to say I am very impressed with what L B S, the latter day, Saints Church has produced in most of its adherents. Obviously not nobody bats. A thousand. But they were very high, batting average, and I met a lot of Mormons. In fact, just a few, weeks ago. I had a sob,
I made a Sabbath dinner, at a Mormons home, and they invited about five Mormon couples just to have Sabbath dinner with me. And it was it- was a terrific evening. These people were just just terrific and my variance with Mormons over lifetime. Is Miss agonies, lotta, really, wonderful Mormons. So why, I have to say that something right about Mormonism you, you can't deny it. I don't care what you think the illogically. That's your business! I care. I care what you produce What is what is the fruit of your tree? The fruit of the left. This tree stinks. The fruit of the Mormon trees. Quite nice its? That's. That's what I know man. I get my bottom line. You producing. The people, or not.
I got a question: was there last last fireside chats think somebody s in a waterway do I'm just maybe was on the Europe is all my radio shore, the fireside chats. So Dennis you know, I'm not a powerful port person in I don't like reform like you do. What do I do to make a better world? I sit there been an american and judeo Christian answer through all our history. The answer is you get married and you make good kids That's how you make a better world, that's how ninety nine percent of humanity can make a better world Right Europe, most people who are not going to find a cure for cancer. Most people are not going to solve the great those of society. You, better world make good people. That's what I stand. That's the essence of everything I believe make good people.
Because we don't start out good mother, another moronic, secular, left belief. The people are basically good. That's why they don't bother making good people. Why make good people already? good human nature to amazing how many racist, sexist and xenophobia and miss today. There are given that human nature is good, but they don't think things through. So they don't they don't deal with that puzzle. Are you making good people? That's that's! That's the question when now, when conservatives rallied in India in Washington the the tea party, they have massive numbers of people in the early years of the Obama administration and they had gigantic there Installations and at the in Washington I don't mean many hundreds of thousands, maybe a million. I don't know what number onawandah exaggerate. What is gigantic and
service noted the It was clean when they left. You can't say the same after leftists have their demonstrations. I that's that's not inconsequential. So if you judge, if you judge things by their fruit left, fails produce the kid like the one that I spoke to my son. The way you did, I mean it's mind boggling there is, if I met the worst human beings child. It, wouldn't speak to him like if I may thickness child. If Hitler had a child, I wouldn't I would not address the child like that, but does their their excused
The reason they have to up the rhetoric about how bad we were all races, role, racist role, races, role, race role, white supremacist, white supremacist, its think it's the biggest life my lifetime. It's one of the biggest lies in human history that the Trump supporters races, the gigantic a lie, but they repeated the love than they start to believe it, but they have to believe it in order to justify how despicably they act. They won't even go to a parents. Thanksgiving dinner. All my parents are trump supporters in in the half posts there was just there was just now an article by a woman saying well, I'm thinking of choose me I'm thinking of after allowing my inward was to visit, my children, that is their grandchildren is there that they support the trump. I don't wanna Onawandah bring hate into our family to queue, met.
The conservative. You know my mother in law, supporter supported, Obama, Mckenna, let them meet their grandchildren. Conservatives would say what are you, what are your mind? You you're evil. Further there, therefore, that's their grandchildren. So this is important too. If you care about goodness, if you don't care about goodness nothing, I had to say now will matter to you. If you care about income inequality more than goodness what I just said doesn't matter. So that's a income. Inequality is not evil by the way. Just to forestall a question well, but that's a bad thing. Why is it a bad thing? talk about that. Wise income, inequality, a bad thing nobody's ever actually answered the question. It's only a bad thing if you think equality, equal income,
is an ideal want, widen the whites and ideal every shortstop in the major leagues makes more money than I do. So what And, to be honest, I think I do more good for the world than short stops, but I haven't zero issue with short stops making many times more than I do. It's not it's a non issue, It's in a free society, people will earn money based on one of the people want to pay people. People pay a great deal of money. That too. What sport so sports, when you make money, that's ok with me, Robert any roaming, more money than I he's a fool said: enormous fool. In the book of foods is like his pictures on the front, but I don't. I don't resent the fact that he makes more money than I.
He's not he's, didn't rob anybody. You don't have to see his movie people voluntarily watch movies. Ok, you got that out of my system, goodness folks, that's what that's what counts, I should mention of the speech now worse, and I mentioned that the end. So to me, I hate that answer. Ok, that was good your higher All right, I we haven't seen any of these. Ok, that's ok, I may above weeks, Autonoe Robert Fiftieth remount Ayesha, if that's pronounced greatly Australia, high Robert and Australia, high Dennis love to hear your thoughts on what the Bible has to say about generosity, towards the poor and needy and about gods expectations? the rich for the poor and needy. Well, that that really, oh, it's almost ties in with what I was just saying.
The Bible has a very simple formula. You tie your income and give it to the poor. That's it. That's that's the biblical you should give ten percent of what you have to And by the way, and in the Torah Butchers my expertise, the first five books we get almost every law in the Bible is from the first five. They have to also then give charity you have to give from even the poor have to give, because the biblical morality his obligations. Oriented secular morality is rights, oriented make you make a bet, but I believe the biblical morality works better. You get better people when they think what do I have to do, rather than what
Others have to do for me anyway. So yes, of course, that's the expectation we take care of them. The widow. The orphanage. In fact it's very powerful. It says you take care of the world the often- and you shall fear the Lord. Why? Because the widow an orphan have nobody to protect them. Only God does not will certainly not the government. Well, what's what we ve done? We we have shifted. That's why Europe people give much less charity than Americans, and I'm talking saying income. They give much less because under socialism your raised to believe the government will take care of everybody. Not you. Under the american Judeo Christian, slash capitalist system Am I obligated to take care of me? I am obligated to take care of my family and I am obligated to take care of my community.
Under secular and socialist ideals, the government takes care of me, government takes care of my family and the government takes care of my community, which do, you think, will produce a better society. In a nutshell, that's a big difference between Judeo, christian and socialist view, whose of society o k can sixty five today's not teenage day cancer. The five can alone New Jersey. U S, hello Dennis alone. Can most parents a strong instinct to help their children succeed. When better to let our children fail on their own. What is the benefit of failure? Thanks for educating? The ignorant on truth, justice and the american way of life that was Superman, keep up the good work. Thank you care.
Yes, and if you have a strong instinct to help your child succeed, you must allow them to fail. That's exactly right, So much so I remember when I attended my kids baseball games. I I was very torn my heart blunted there, to win and my brain wanted their team to lose totally because a based on this, you learned nothing from success. What's not true that I take that back there was. There is one thing you you should learn from success: how to handle it and not let it not let it go to your head, but you learn a lot more from failure
And it's a very important thing to do this notion of never fail. Even you give you kids trophies, even if they d comes and less place, is a disaster and in its it it's also its fraudulent you get trophies for winning it'll, get trophies for participating the benefit failure is awesome. You look at your own life. Your fifty three look at your own life. It see what you learn from. Mason nineteen, there we are back to Teens Dallas Texas. Do you think there is hope from Democratic Party to move.
Away from their far left ideologies, a k, a socialism also who is your favorite democratic candidate? I don't have a favorite democratic candidate. I wish I did. I was democrat till the Reagan error by the way there is is their hope of Democratic Party and move away from the far left ideologies. There was no hope. The whole centre is taken up by contrary to what you will hear it is taken up by conservatives. Conservatives dominate the centre, so they have to move left to oppose.
Conservatives they have to go or a Republicans. They have to go very, very far left and they already have everything they want. They already got a gigantic government, that's the biggest desire of the left authority enormous, but it's never enormous enough. Whenever the left makes it demand, please no, it never will end with that demand. All liberal demands have already been met, so the only thing left his leftism there's nothing left. Emmy. Now take the social issue of same sex, marriage. Nobody would have predicted the rapidity with which the country redefine marriage for the first time in history to be between members of the same sex. Barack Obama spoke out against it, that's how recent
The opposition was so well, you know, as a christian I can. I can. I can support same sex. Marriage should give rights within a day of getting same sex marriage. The next thing was oh well. The transgender are should be allowed to work compete against women, transgender women. Male body should be able to run in races and lift waits against female weightlifter is and female track track. Athletes date that doesn't stop leftism is constantly moving the goalposts. There is no left. Goalposts left, goalposts. Chaos, that's the left. Go post Taylor Nineteenth century ago. What towards our time factor table
nineteen semi goes. A young woman starting university. You see lay in the fall. Do you think that's so adorable? I am not a young woman starting in New Zealand, the full but its grammatically. It suggests that I am. It's adorable people do that all the time, but I'm a stickler for good grammar. If you say as a young woman starting university in the fall than the subject, is you not me so the next they would be is it necessary for me, I totally get why you did this, but I love correcting people in a loving way, but anyway, this this young Nor do. I think it may be necessary to lie about my conservative values to others in a leftist environment if it means that I can get ahead in my career.
Well. It's interesting bench appear when I have a difference of opinion on this. We debated this and I respect that. A great deal Ben thinks not lie, but he thinks you should there's no reason for you to be outspoken in any way and if you have to cover it up in an exam, you should do so. It's not worth it and he wants conservatives to end up going to Harvard and Yale and Prince than at Stanford, and that's so that's his I'm giving his argument. I have a different argument My argument is because I've been asked this by a lot of parents on my radio show, and this is what I have always said. I can't tell you what to tell your child, but I'll tell you what I would tell my child or what I think about any
old. If you learn to compromise your values to get ahead in college, when will you stop simple as that and if you don't get it through a great graduate school? So what Mica twelve. Twelve at a record. The airfield Illinois originally from Texas that it's hilarious wants a Texan, always Texas,
Does the radical left realise how illogical some of their statements really are, or they, blinded by the fact that the statements imply goodness but don't know that they do more harm? The left is based on. The heart is on feelings. Therefore, logic is not critical, and and and and and that's editing, it's not reason when they it it's all. It's all passion in that there is no. The intellectual basis is, is non existent, even though intellectual support it, but it's not done intellectually. That you can defend male biological males who identify females, running against females and and and beat
Them in the races, the feeding them you can defend. That is that logical course that there is no logic to that. And my in my recent How am I wrote about this. In the year in one of the international competitions, a new Zealand by law Chicle male, who says, he's a female and I and I am I correct that you ought to say your female fine. I am not going to fight you on that. If you look like a fool hell of a female lame dress like a female, I would regard you was a female, but not for the sake of sports where biology counts, not want not feelings Few women sports are gradually just being destroyed. And the feminist groups are saying nothing, nothing because I've
always said. All left wing groups use a group to further their agenda, but they don't care about their group. Feminist groups, don't care about women. They care about leftism algae BT, key group still care about algae BT. They care about leftism, the Communist Party. All communist movements spoke in the name of the worker. They don't give a damn about workers. This is this is all leftist history. Donald Trump has done more for blacks in in in in three years in the United States in the n, double ACP has done in the last twenty. What's our timing? Okay! Well I'll, take one more crystal twenty, eight in West Covina,
California, then it's what advice. Would you give a first time? Parent boy? Do I have a lot in a nutshell? Assuming you're married, your husband comes before your child. That's advice, number one putting the child before the spouse, but for either spouse is the road to a damaged marriage. Number two self control is infinitely more important than self esteem. Those are my two first pieces of advice to a first time, parent. By the way I will be-
speaking major evening with one of the great the christian spokesmen of our time, Robbie sucker eyes. We will be speaking in Colorado springs, we got the date. I think it's thief, I think, is the first Saturday night in September. So anyway is our right. Yeah, ok, so go to Dennis Prager dot com, where's Dennis that's the partly of seeing the listing of my speeches. You should all have in any way to know we're all be weren't. Prager use doing a lot of things with the with them summit ministries and though there are hosting this, it's so be a very powerful evening and what we have done. Events together
Atlanta and allay and now Colorado and ISA he's he's a good man, though it'll be it'll, be a special evening. All right, then we good. Thank you. My friends want to remind you that much of what I say is contained in my Bible commentary, the rational Bible That would be a nice book to start with the put by the way that will really blow people's minds to walk into your house and see a Bible, that's a real statement. Then you are really in the counter culture. Ok, everybody c and next week, thanks for watching, thank you for watching. If you'd like to keep these fireside chats free, please do by donating to Prager you.
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